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‡ It¶s a Customer Loyalty Program ‡ Navratna scheme started two and half year ago. ‡ Duration of Navratna is of 3month (Quarter). ‡ Retailers are categories in 3 slab ‡ Best retailers are given a chance to win Gold and Silver Coin ‡ Grand party at the end of Navratna.

‡ Base on fowling.
± Connection retailer sold. ± Recharge from lapu. ± Points retailer score in last quarter

‡ Company automatically select retailer who is eligible for Navratna according to its last quarter performance. ‡ Also company itself assign the category for retailer. ‡ TM of company inform retailers about there target. ‡ Company also inform retailers about there target through SMS. ‡ Company provide book to retailer which contain all the details about Navratna.

Category Platinum Gold Silver


Condition 60000 recharge / month 90000 recharge / month 150000 recharge / month

Silver Category

100 Activation / month

Gold Category

200 Activation / month

Platinum Category

500 Activation / month

Target is effected by: 1. Activation 2. Revenue (recharge)

Example:- Silver
1st month (April)

Category retailer

‡ 100 activation

2nd month (May)

‡ 110 activation ‡ 121 activation

3rd month (June)

Example:- Silver
1st month (April)

Category retailer

‡ Rs 60000

2nd month (May)

‡ Rs 66000 ‡ Rs 72600

3rd month (June)

Every day balance in lapu is more than:
Silver Category

‡ Rs 2000 ‡ Rs 3000 ‡ Rs 5000

Gold Category

Platinum Category

Privileges Dealer Helpdesk

Platinum Priority helpline for quicker response

Gold Priority helpline for quicker response

Silver Priority helpline for quicker response

Business Card Free Golden Numbers Airport & Railway Station Transfers

Platinum Business Card 5 per half 10 drops per half

Gold Business Card 3 per half 6 drops per half

Silver Business Card 1 per half NA

Discounts at VLCC Discounts at Fems µN¶ Petals

Up to 30% Discount Up to 15% Discount

Up to 30% Discount Up to 15% Discount

Up to 30% Discount Up to 15% Discount

‡ Only for Platinum and Gold members. ‡ Points to be keep in mind
‡ Valid in selected cities* ‡ Complimentary transfers will be provided as per the membership level ‡ Booking should be done at least 2 working days in advance

*Cities:- Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Coimbatore, Cochin, Chandigarh & Jaipur For booking retailers have to contact Navratna¶s program cell at 0124 4222393


‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

30% off on Slimming packages 30% off on Beauty Packages 15% off on Regular Salon Service Body Composition Analysis worth Rs 500/Skin & Hair Analysis Worth Rs 500/-

Benefits can be avail by showing Navaratna membership card at VLCC outlet or by just messing µVLCC Airtel¶ to 55050.

‡ This offer cannot be combine with any ongoing offer, promotions & discounts ‡ Discount is valid at all VLCC outlets across India* ‡ Valid on prior appointments only ‡ Offer are not applicable on International lines & Dermatological procedures ‡ Discounts are applicable on MRP
*except the VLCC Spa at Vasant Vihar and Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

By showing Navratna Membership card retailer can get discount up to 15%. Here¶s a simple breakdown of the offers that retailers get ‡ 10% discount for shopping up to Rs 1000/‡ 12.5% discount for shopping up to Rs 1001 to 1500/‡ 15% discount for shopping of Rs 1501/- and above

‡ The program aims to recognize and reward partners keeping in mind their incremental growth achieved ‡ These reward will be duly presented to the respective members at he end of each half, in presence of all the members of that particular category.

‡ In every half, the standing of members in their respective categories be determined ‡ Rank will be based on calculations of retailer percentage growth of performance points in the program period ‡ Retailers must manage a minimum of 5% growth over the base performance points, to be eligible for rewards

‡Top 30% retailers in each category will be rewarded

For instance, if the Gold category has 100 members, the top 30 with the highest growth rate in that particular half, will be selected and rewarded.

‡ Only applicable for the second half ‡ Top 10% rankers, for just the second half, in each category will also be rewarded. For instance, in the second half, in a Gold category with 100 members, not only the top 30 rankers throughout the program period, but even the top 10 rankers for only the second half will also be rewarded.
* Both category are non-overlapping rewards




To: ³51619´

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Visiting Card Letter pad Momentous Other stationary etc..

Condition 1 Prepaid connection On recharge of Rs 5000 from lapu 1 Postpaid connection Display audit Mystery audit

Points 1 point 1 point 2 point By displaying Airtel holding at retail outlet, he can get up to 100 points For motivating the customer to purchase Airtel connection, he can get up to 100 points

According to points top retailers of each Category are given extra benefit Performance points (PP) will be calculated at end of every half

Points Table

1st month

2nd month

3rd month

1 2 3 4 T 1 2 3 4 T 1 2 3 4 T Total Points Prepaid Activation* Postpaid Activation** Recharge Sold*** Display Audit Mystery Audit Grand Total
*Act with PEF within TAT and Decr > 5 within 7 days **Process for registering postpaid sale to be followed ***Recharge sold via LAPU only

1 point/act 2 point/act 1 point/ 5000lapu 0-100 points 0-100 points Once in three month Once in three month

Example: Calculation at the end of

First Half

Second Half 200 250 300 100 * 100 200 = 50%

Performance points at the beginning of program: 200 Performance points at the end of first half: 250 Performance points at the end of second half: Incremental Sales Growth %: 50 * 100 200 = 25%

‡ Every Quarter Navaratna Party at 5star Hotel.
( last time- March 27, 2010 Hotel Le Meridian, Jaipur)

‡ In party retailers have the chances to meetZSM , ZBM & other known persons of AIRTEL. ‡ Cultural program during the event. ‡ Talk show, about the company performance. ‡ Drink & Dinner also their.

‡ Best 3retailers of every ZSM are also awarded. ‡ Surprise prices during the event. ‡ Only Qualified retailers are invited in the party
(approx 400-500).

Only one pass for one retailer. Pass for the party is given by TM to retailer. Retailer has to come by its own. Retailer have to bring pass, otherwise he will not allow. ‡ Retailers can get other information about party from TM. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡