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Sharing the World's Resources

Sharing the World's Resources

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From Benjamin Creme
From Benjamin Creme

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Published by: empressruler on Jul 29, 2010
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Exu TEnnoRrsM

A Spiritual Perspective
fbrrorism exists the midst of hunger,poverry, in desperation and despair in the Middle East and throughoutthe rvorld.

Sharing the world's food and resources more equally is the way to justice and Peace.
More than B0o/oof the world's food and resources usedand wirsted only 20o/o rhe is by oF mainly those in the world's population 'l-his inequaliry forms the developedworld. degradation, basisof terrorism,environmental T'he greedof a few has crime, arrdsocialLrnrcst. plirced entireplanctat risk. the

"'l'he on/y war ruorth figltting is the uar oil pouerq)." - JanTir-rbcrgen, Nobel Prizc-winning cconornist


are not alone in our efforts

Living together as one human family
food, FJtrmaniryis one fanrily, and tl're earth'.s raw materials, cnergy, and technological not just to resources equally, belongto everyone those individuals who can afford to buy these resources, and those nations who control the global economy. For the survival of present and future generations, we must call for a just reso distribution of the world's resources, that all of may have the basic necessities life: food, heaithcareand education. shelter,

fhroughout history,especially timesof crisis, ar great spiritual teachershave emergedto show humaniry the next stcp forward. \We know some oF these teachers as Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed. According to futurist Benjamin Creme, a group of such is spiritual teachers living now in the modern world. Maitreya, the \World ftacher, and his are group of wise teachers, here,not as religious leaders, but to inspire all people,religiousand non-religiousalike, to createa civilizationbased justice,and peace. on sharing, "Takeyour brother\ needas the meautre lour for tbe actiln art,i solue problems the world." of - Maitreva

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Questions asked of futurist Benjamin Creme
Q Since the pouer in the uorld remains uith the rich and tbe poweful, is it up to the restof us to tuait until they changetheir mind? A. No; we will wait forever for that ro happen. Few rich and powerful people will they have eive up their power or richesunless to. The mechanicsof the changeis a world stock market crash.This stock market crash will end the present distorted and unjust economicstrllctures. ended. It is a decaying,corrupt, crystallized fbrm which does good to a few and to the many a greatdeal of harm. Of courseit also doesharm to the few to whom it seems be to doing good. It is poisoning, dividing, and threateningthe world, so it has to so. All of this ivill be spelledout by Maitreya. If that doesnot inspireus with the ideaof sharing, then nothingwill.

Maitreya will also releasehis cnergy - the ClhristPrinciple- in rremendous As potency. Q. It Maitreya going to inspire us to ttt'tion, 'lt sucltas ruith sharing, based an experience on he Maitreyahinrselfhas said: will be as if I u.,ill giue us of our oneness? Otherwise, will embracethe rvorld. Peoplewill Feelir even bumani4' be motiuatedto share? If physically.' that energyflowing through us, -fhe A. answerto that is yesand no. Maitreya pltrs the rvords of Maitreyt analyzing the i.snot going to force anyoneto share,but he cconornic sittration and the l.rarm which it is i.s going to talk about the necessiry sharing doirrg to pl:rnetaryli[e, do not nrotivateus to of as the only way to produce a rational share,then nothing elsewill. If it does not justice.It economicsystem which will create motivarehun-r:rniry, then we will not learn to is the injustice o[the present system which is shareand we will destroythe world. \7e have bringing it to its knees.It is ending bccatrse it in our own hands. the age which brought it ir-rtobeing has

Words from world leaders
"Is the tinre not upon us when we should cease treat tyranny,instabiliry and poverry to anywhereon our globe as being peripheralto our interests and to our future?" - Nelson Mandela,former President South Alrica of "UnlessAmerica finds a way to help more of the impoverished peopleof the world sharein its economicprosperiryand teachthem how to help themselves, attackslike 11 September will alwaysremain a threat." - Bill Clinton, former U.S. President "Nl humaniry is one undivided and indivisiblefamily, and eachone of us is responsible for the misdeeds all the others." of - Mahatma Gandhi

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