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Market Greed or Plan

Market Greed or Plan

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Published by: nick_fredman2 on Jul 29, 2010
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Market greed or a planned economy for social need?

Is a publicly owned, democratically controlled economy actually desirable or feasible?

Our capitalist economy 

Major economic units ² factories, mines, farms, supermarkets, transport, banks ² all privately owned. Decisions by owners made solely in interests of profit. Satisfaction of social needs purely incidental, if at all.  

Capitalist anarchy
³Production for the market is production for unknown customers, in unknown quantities, and with unknown financial results.´ ² Ernest Mandel

Airbus A380  

Intense planning within the production process. But outside?

Huge waste of resources   


Whole sectors of economy exist only because of capitalism. Existing productive forces underutilised. Material resources wasted. Militarism. Consumerism & planned obsolescence.

Can capitalism be reformed?  

Can a mixture of government regulation and incentives bring about fundamental changes ² for the better? ³Regulation´ a farce. Not in the class interest of the capitalists.

Put µcommanding heights¶ of economy in public hands   

Soviet example: a contrast with 1930s Great Depression. USSR: the limits of bureaucratic planning. Was there really an alternative? Cuban example.


Modern economy too complex to plan? What replaces the profit motive? Workers¶ selfselfmanagement. Bureaucracy and corruption.

How will we get there?  

Fundamental social change needed ² a revolution to replace capitalism. Our transitional program right now: we call for public ownership of key sectors of economy.

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