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Rules and Procedures Quiz

Rules and Procedures Quiz

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Published by: Joaquin on Jul 29, 2010
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Me llamo: _____________________________________________________ Fecha: _____________________________ Clase: _______ Quiz 1: Rules & Procedures for Room 218 1.

The Spanish words “Hacer Ahora” mean _____________________________ in English. ________ 2. How much of your “Hacer Ahora” must be completed in order to receive a stamp? a. the first two words c. the date in Spanish b. just the question on the board re-written d. all of it ________3. If Srta. O’Neil has passed your row to stamp your “Hacer Ahora” and you have not finished by the time her timer rings, she will come back and give you a stamp when you’re finally finished. a. TRUE b. FALSE ________ 4. The “Hacer Ahora” also has a daily box for Srta. O’Neil to stamp if you completed your homework before class. a. TRUE b. FALSE ________ 5. What day do you hand in your colored “Hacer Ahora” sheet to Srta. O’Neil’s INBOX to be graded? a. Monday c. Friday b. Tuesday d. Any day ________ 6. Srta. O’Neil will ALWAYS post an agenda on the chalkboard. a. TRUE b. FALSE ________ 7. Students will turn in homework packets on MONDAY. a. TRUE b. FALSE ________ 8. Srta. O’Neil will let you turn in your homework packet for partial credit up to one week . a. TRUE b. FALSE ________ 9. You will have a quiz once every: a. day c. month b. week d. millennium ________ 10. If you do not understand something we are working on in class, you could… (Circle ALL answers that are correct): a. See Srta. O’Neil after school or during lunch b. Close your mouth and not ask any questions c. Go home and hope your dog understands it d. Ask Srta. O’Neil for help during independent work

________ 11. A good way to get a ticket from Srta. O’Neil is to: (Circle ALL answers that are correct): a. Ask for one b. Go above and beyond with excellent participation c. Volunteer to go first in a presentation d. Help out a classmate e. Be off task and disrespectful to Srta. O’Neil and classmates ________ 12. If you do not participate in class you will receive a very high grade. a. TRUE b. FALSE 13. When you first arrive to class, what should you do first? _________________________________________________ 14. What should you begin to work on when you sit down in class? _________________________________________ _________15. A good way to get Srta. O’Neil’s attention in class is to: a. snap your fingers c. raise your hand b. call out “YO MS. O’NEIL, COME HERE!” d. start singing in Spanish 16. The class rules are listed in our course syllabus. Where else can you find our class’ rules? (Name one place) ______________________________________ _________17. Who dismisses the class at the end of the period? a. Srta. O’Neil c. the students b. the clock d. the bell _________18. What do you put in the CLASS FOLDER on the front table as you exit the class? a. My gum wrapper and trash c. Hacer Ahora sheet b. Exit Slip d. My notes and classwork _________ 19. What do you put in the INBOX on the front table as you exit the class? a. Whatever I want c. Hacer Ahora sheet b. Exit Slip d. My notes and classwork 20. If you are ever absent, where can you find the work you missed from the day before? ____________________________________________________ _________ 21. When I enter the classroom, I sign in with my name AND time on the attendance sheet. Which of the following is FALSE: a. If I sign in and there is a marker line where I signed my name, that means I am late and Srta. O’Neil will mark me tardy b. I always need to write my name AND the time c. I don’t need to sign if I don’t want to… Srta. O’Neil will mark me present

anyways d. If I make the choice to leave the room without a pass from Srta. O’Neil, Srta. O’Neil will mark me absent on the attendance sheet even if I was in the class for awhile _________22. If you come to class without a writing utensil, you should: (Circle ALL that apply): a. Shout “I NEED A PEN!” b. Politely ask your neighbor if you may borrow one for class c. Raise your hand and ask Srta. O’Neil if you may buy one from her for 25 cents d. Sit and do nothing for the whole period 23-27. List 5 of your classmates’ first names. Spelling doesn’t count! 23. ____________________________ 24. ____________________________ 25. ____________________________ 28. What do you need to complete every day before you leave Srta. O’Neil’s classroom? _______________________________________ _________ 29. You will receive a high grade even if you don’t have a cuaderno (folder OR binder) to keep your notes in. a. TRUE b. FALSE _________ 30. At least 2-3 times an advisory, Srta. O’Neil will have a pop notebook quiz. If I keep ALL of my notes, homework and quizzes in a folder or binder I’ll get an easy A! a. TRUE b. FALSE _________ 31. If I bring back both my syllabus contract AND my parent/guardian survey by next Friday, February 5th, I will get a 100% quiz grade! a. TRUE b. FALSE _________ 32. If a student gets a verbal warning and/or teacher-student conference a few days in a row for using their cell phone, sleeping or not performing to expectations in class, Srta. O’Neil will call home and/or create a behavior contract for the student. a. TRUE b. FALSE _________33. If Srta. O’Neil calls your home, you should: a. Hang up quick! It’s probably bad news. c. Say hello 26. ____________________________ 27. ____________________________

b. Tell her this is the number for Pizza Hut 34 – 38.) Please complete the following class rules: 34. Be _______________________________ 35. Be _______________________________ 36. Be _______________________________ 37. Be _______________________________ 38. Be _______________________________

d. Stop, drop and roll

_________ 39. If Srta. O’Neil permits me to go to the bathroom and I take longer than 5 minutes, I lose ALL my participation points of the day. a. TRUE b. FALSE

39. Short essay: Which rule do you feel is the most important and why? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ 40. What is your personal goal for this semester? _________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________


Which does Srta. O’Neil expect from her students? Circle all that apply: a. To act like fools b. To come in every day ready to learn Spanish! c. To treat everyone in the classroom with respect and dignity d. To put their head down and sleep e. To answer their cell phone or text during class

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