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Fault Analysis Revision

Fault Analysis Revision

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Published by: j0r3lm on Jul 29, 2010
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Figure 1


Figure 2

3. An interconnected generator-reactor system is shown in Fig. 3. The base values for the given percent reactance are the ratings of the individual pieces of equipment. A three-phase short-circuit occurs at point F. Determine the fault current and the fault kVA if the bus bar line-to-line voltage is 11kV. Assume 50MVA as the base MVA
15MVA 10% G1 30MVA 15% G2 X1 F× X2 30MVA 15% G3

10MVA 8MVA 10% 5%

Figure 3 4. The system shown in Fig. 4 is initially on no load. Calculate the sub-transient fault current that results when a three-phase fault occurs at F, given that the transformer voltage on the high-voltage side is 66kV.

60MVA 13.8kVA Xd" = 0.25pu G1 30MVA 13.8kV Xd" = 0.25pu G2

F × ∆Y

Figure 4

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