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Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 021 Anbiya

Tafsir Ibn Kathir - 021 Anbiya

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Published by Salahuddin Musliim

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Published by: Salahuddin Musliim on Jul 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revealed in Makkah
The Virtues of Surat Al-Anbiya'
Al-Bukhari recorded that Abdur-Rahman bin Yazid said thatAbdullah said,"
Banu Isra'il
Ta Ha
- they are among the earliest and mostbeautiful
and they are my treasure.''
ِا ِَـْا ِّا ِْِ 
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the MostMerciful.
َنُِْﻡ ٍَْَ ِ ْُهَو ْُُـَِ ِسِ َبََْا
21:1 Draws near for mankind their reckoning, whilethey turn away in heedlessness.
ْَی َﻡ ْُهَو ُُََْﺱا ِإ ٍثَْﻡ ْِر ﻡ ٍْآِذ ﻡ ْِِﺕ  َنُَْَی 
21:2 Comes not unto them an admonition from theirLord as a recent revelation but they listen to itwhile they play.
ْُُُُ ًَِهَ
21:3 With their hearts occupied.
ْُُْﻡ ٌََ ِإ َـَه ْَه ْاُََ َیِا ىَْا ْاوَﺱَأَو  َنوُِْُﺕ ْُﻥَأَو َْا َنُﺕْَََأ
Those who do wrong, conceal their privatecounsels, (saying): "Is this more than a humanbeing like you! Will you submit to magic while yousee it!''
ُِا َُهَو ِضْراَو ِءَا ِ َلْَْا ُَْَی َر َلَ  ُِَْا
21:4 He said: "My Lord knows what is said in theheavens and on earth. And He is the All-Hearer, theAll-Knower.''
َأ ُـَْَأ ْاُَ ْَ ٍمَْ 
21:5 Nay, they say: "These are mixed up falsedreams!
َنُوا َِﺱْرُأ ََآ ٍَیَـِ َِﺕْَْَ ٌِَﺵ َُه ْَ ُاََْا ِَ 
Nay, he has invented it! -- Nay, he is a poet! Let himthen bring us an Ayah like the ones that were sentbefore!''
َنُِﻡْُی ْُََأ َـَْَْهَأ ٍَیْَ ﻡ ْُَْَ ْََﻡاَء َﻡ 
21:6 Not one of the towns of those which Wedestroyed, believed before them; will they thenbelieve.
The Hour is at hand but People are heedless
Allah says:
َْاَنُِْﻡ ٍَْَ ِ ْُهَو ْُُَِ ِسِ َبَ 
Draws near for mankind their reckoning, while they turnaway in heedlessness.
This is a warning from Allah of the approach of the Hour, and that people are heedless of it, i.e.,they are not working for it or preparing for it.An-Nasa'i recorded that Abu Sa`id reported from theProphet:
...َنُِْﻡ ٍَْَ ِ 
(while they turn away in heedlessness), he said,
َْا ِ 
(in this world).
Allah says:
ْَﺕ ََ ِا ُْﻡَأ َﺕَأُُِْَ 
The Event ordained by Allah will come to pass, soseek not to hasten it. (16:1)
ُََْا َﻥاَو ُَا ِَََْا ْاُِْُی ًَیاَء ْاْوََی نِإَو 
The Hour has drawn near, and the moon has beencleft asunder. And if they see a sign, they turnaway.

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