Genetic engineering Chemical engineering Bioprocess engineering Nanotechnology Food technology Bioinformatics Enzyme technology Plant Biotechnology Animal Biotechnology Environmental Biotechnology • • • Participants are requested to send their abstracts on or before August 12th,2010. A team may contain a maximum of two members. The abstract should be in the following format: o Title of the paper o Authors(names of those who wish to present it) o The abstract in not more than 15 lines o Key words o Email address. Your abstracts should be mailed to or You will receive intimation by august 13th. (any delay in giving intimation will be informed) Do send the full length paper if asked. o The full paper should be sent in Microsoft word with Arial font, font size 12 (title can be of font size upto 20 and bold, italicized or underlined.) o Specify your name/names (if 2 participants), name of the college, e-mail id and contact number on top of the paper, below the title. o If it is a review article, please mention the name of the journal it had been originally published, authors, issue, volume and the page numbers. o The full paper should not exceed 20 pages. References should be included if you have referred more than one paper. The powerpoint presentation should not exceed 21 slides. It is compulsory to include references in the presentation after the last slide of content. The time provided for your presentation will be 12 minutes in total which includes the query session. Participants are thereby asked to conclude their presentations within 10 minutes.

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Note: Other necessary information ( venue, slot no.,time,etc.) will be informed subsequently. Request to participants: Please check your email regularly because we shall pass on all relevant information only through email. In case of any ambiguity, participants can contact N.Aishwarya +91-98941-81656.

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