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Project on Entrepreneurship Management

Business: Snooker Club

This project is based on: entrepreneurship management

This project is presented to: Prof. Samir Charania

This project is presented by: Jason Amaral – 01

Anand Surve – 22
Karl Fernandes – 05
Introduction to entrepreneurship
Setting up the enterprise
Name of the club
Location of the club
Sources of funds
Legal formalities and documentation
Human resources
Internal economies and diseconomies of scale
External economies and diseconomies of scale
Many definitions of entrepreneurship can be found in the literature describing
business processes. The earliest definition of entrepreneurship, dating from the
eighteenth century, used it as an economic term describing the process of bearing
the risk of buying at certain prices and selling at uncertain prices. Other, later
commentators broadened the definition to include the concept of bringing together
the factors of production. This definition led others to question whether there was
any unique entrepreneurial function or whether it was simply a form of
management. Early this century, the concept of innovation was added to the
definition of entrepreneur-ship. This innovation could be process innovation,
market innovation, product innovation, factor innovation, and even organisational
innovation. Later definitions described entrepreneurship as involving the creation
of new enterprises and that the entrepreneur is the founder.

An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or

idea, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.
He or she is an ambitious leader who combines land, labor, and capital to often
create and market new goods or services. ... The term is a loanword from French
and was first defined by the Irish economist Richard Cantillon. Entrepreneur in
English is a term applied to the type of personality who is willing to take upon
herself or himself a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the
outcome. Jean-Baptiste Say, a French economist, is believed to have coined the
word Entrepreneur first in about at 1800. He said an entrepreneur is "one who
undertakes an enterprise, especially a contractor, acting as intermediatory between
capital and labour".

Entrepreneurship is often difficult and tricky, resulting in many new ventures

failing. The word entrepreneur is often synonymous with founder. Most
commonly, the term entrepreneur applies to someone who creates value by
offering a product or service, by carving out a niche in the market that may not
exist currently. Entrepreneurs tend to identify a market opportunity and exploit it
by organizing their resources effectively to accomplish an outcome that changes
existing interactions within a given sector.


This business is a snooker club started by three friends who are working in a call
center and are good snooker players. A good study has been done about the game,
the tables, the que sticks and the balls used in snooker. The initial funding of the
project will be done by the three partners and a small amount of loan will be taken
from SBI (State Bank of India).



Planning is deciding in advance what to do, when to do, how to do & who is to
do it.

Management planning involves development of objectives ,policies, procedures for

a systematic functioning within the organization.

What is planning?

It is deciding things in advance. It is very important in our day to day to life. It is

even important before starting up a business because if u plan before hand it
minimises the risk in the business. The other advantage is that, it helps in optimum
utilization of resources. It also focuses on future goals.
Steps involved in planning:

 Analyzing of internal environment.

 Analyzing of external environment.

 Setting up of objectives.

 Framing of alternative plans.

 Studying the alternative plans.

 Selecting the best plan.

 Establishing the sequence of activities.

 Implementation

 Review & Feedback.

Planning is repetitive process. It should not stop but go on. So before

starting up our Snooker business all the three partners should come together
for brain storming i.e. each partner will lay down his ideas & the best ideas
will be selected for the welfare of the business. A proper strategy will be
implied by us for growth of our business.


The naming of the club is important as it will have its own identity. The name of
the club is JAK SNOOKER AND POOL CLUB. The name is derived from the
initials of the three partners i.e. Jason, Anand and Karl.
The club will be located at Vasai since the craze for snooker is very high in Vasai
and the surrounding areas. The starting location of the club will be a rented
warehouse of 500 sq.ft. in the market area at Vasai west. A deposit of Rs. 1,50,000
will be paid initially and a rent of Rs. 10,000 will be paid every month.

The location of the snooker club is very important for the success of your business.
You have to find a place which is accessible to all people easily. It would be great
if you can start a snooker club at a popular place like near a shopping mall, Movie
Theater or a college, as it would attract lot of people. However, buying a place at a
popular area can be very expensive.


1. Step 1

Put together a business plan so you are sure you have everything you need to
start your business. This is essential especially if you need backing for your
business. A business plan will make a bank take you more seriously than if
you just approach them asking to borrow money for a business.
2. Step 2

Find a place to open your snooker club. A good location can make or break
your business. You may know there is a need for a snooker club in your
neighborhood, so look for a vacant place there to start your business.

3. Step 3

Look for a supplier for your snooker club. This is another important factor
for the success of your snooker club. You need to make comparisons of
different suppliers so you get the best deal for your snooker club. The lower
the cost is to you the better, since this will enable you to keep your prices
low but still make a profit.

4. Step 4

Decide on a catchy name for your snooker club, since this is a big draw to
your new business . Select something memorable because word of mouth is
important and you want something that people won't forget.

5. Step 5

Make sure you advertise your snooker club. You can start with flyers and
signs in the window of your store. If you are in a high traffic area, people
will see that you are opening and spread the word. Newspaper
advertisements are also a good bet, especially ones in a small paper that is
exclusive to your area.

6. Step 6

Set up your snooker club and prepare to open on the date you've advertised
the opening to be. Hire any staff you may need, open your snooker club sand
enjoy your business.
The competition would be from other snooker and pool clubs in the surrounding
areas. The other competition would be from play station parlor and other gaming

The total cost of starting the project is Rs. 6,30,000. The three partners would
invest Rs 1,50,000 each and a loan of Rs. 1,80,000 would be taken from SBI (State
Bank of India) @ 10% interest.

Owned funds Amount Borrowed funds Amount

(Rs) (Rs)
Jason Amaral 1,50,000 Loan from SBI (State Bank 1,80,000
of India
Anand Surve 1,50,000
Karl Fernandes 1,50,000
Total 4,50,000


Starting a snooker club needs finance more than what would be sufficient for other
business plans. To start a gym business, you would have buy or rent a place, do up
the interiors and also buy exercise equipment. According to the business plan you
make, you have to work out on how much money you would need. To help out in
starting a snooker club, you can either take a loan from the bank or find a person
who is interested in becoming your business partner.

Total budget:

Fixed cost:

1. Two tables 1,00,000 each =200000

2. Land on rent (deposit) (800 sq.ft) =150000

3. Furniture, AC’s, coffee machine=150000

4. Que-sticks=15000

5. Music system=5000

6. Coloring of the warehouse, repairing =100000

7. Govt.license for shop & police clearance=10000

8. TOTAL=630000.

After expenses:

1. Per game=rs.70
2. Minimum games in a day 40 on both tables=70*40=2800 in a day.

3. In a month=2800*30=84000

4. Monthly rent=10000(bal.74000)

5. Electricity bill=5000(bal.69000)

6. Salary to receptionist & house keeping will be 4000+1000


7. Remaining BAL=Rs.64000.

8. Entertainment charges for both tables 2000*2=4000(bal.60000)


10.60000*10.5 months=Rs.630000

11. Break even point after 10 months & 15 days.

12. Total earnings after,





13.90000 profit after a year.

14.1st year rs.2500 per partner per month.

15. Next year per partner rs.20000 per month.

-Government License/ municipal permission

-NOC (No Objection Certificate) society & neighbouring societies.

-Police clearance from local police.

-Entertainment Taxes.

A government license/ municipal permission is required to start a business so that

the government is aware of the business being carried out in the particular area.

An NOC (No Objection Certificate) has to be acquired if the warehouse is situated

in a residential apartment and also from the neighbouring apartments.

A police clearance is required from the local police to set up this club since it is
important for the police to know the past of the people involved in the business.

A certain amount of tax has to be paid at the start of the business as it is an

entertainment to the masses.
The club would be mainly marketed to the youth and the working class people.
Since college youth are more fascinated by games like snooker and pool a lot of
advertising would be done near and outside the colleges in Vasai and the
neighbouring areas.

-Advertisements by local newspapers, cables & by brochures.

-A tournament will be organized for all snooker players through which the club
will get promoted among the different people who would participate in the


-Advertising face to face.

-If both tables are busy then other games like chess & carom will be available for
waiting customers.

-There would also be refreshment like a coffee machine or a juice machine.

In this business a lot man power is not required since it is not a big place. Any one
of the three partners will be present in the club.

-One receptionist to handle the front desk and give information to the customers.

-One person to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the place.


• They are benefits that accrue to A SINGLE FIRM as it expands.

• They cause a reduction in the firm’s average cost of production as output



• They are problems which are experienced by A SINGLE FIRM as it

expands production beyond a particular limit.

• The over-expansion of a firm’s output would lead to rise in costs and thus
covert economies into diseconomies.

• This occurs due to factors like:

• fixed factor fatigue and / or breakdown; and

• possible use of inferior or less efficient inputs, due to a lack of

sufficient better quality inputs

• They are those advantages which accrue to each member-firm as THE


• They accrue due to factors outside the influence of a single firm.

• They lead to decreasing long run average costs for firms within the industry.


• They are those disadvantages which accrue to each member-firm as THE


• They accrue due to factors outside the influence of a single firm.

• They lead to increasing long run average costs for firms within the industry
The world won’t conform to your business plan, but you still need one. The more
prepared you are, the better equipped you’ll be to deal with random things

Setting up a business needs time, effort and capital. A business should be set up
with long term goals in mind.

Profit making should be one of the top priorities because the more revenue that is
earned just proves how successful the business is.

Get your nearest and dearest onside. My family knew that starting my own firm
was what I really wanted to do. Their emotional support was absolutely crucial.
My dad’s assistance with the accounting was also very useful.