Sake I sit in a sushi bar an empty cup of sake the measure of my life so far a half full glass of beer

holds the hopes of the future Rainy day outside as even the sun hides behind the reality of clouded skies and an appalling gray world The tears from the heavens mix with the tears of the downtrodden human doormats, shoes wiped clean on the fallen waiting, hoping for a release Many never find it while searching in bottles instead hiding behind the unreality and fantasy The rainbow and its pot of gold the hidden form in a cloud a coming storm in the shape of a teddy bear The solace we find in a cup of spirits replaces the spirit we lost through living our soul devoured and regurgitated by a grinding stone of deadlines and alarm clocks business meetings and junk mail We crumple among it all held up only by our hope for a better tomorrow to see the sun breaking through the cloud covering our souls I seek enlightenment in a roll of rice and fish and a small stone-wear cup I find only food and a drunken buzz accompanied by profound loneliness

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