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KCI 101 Feb 2009

KCI 101 Feb 2009

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Published by: Daniel Medina on Jul 29, 2010
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Developing leaders through service since 1925.

Service Leadership Program

Founded in 1925 in Sacramento, California.

Key Club mission and vision
Mission: An international, student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. Vision: To develop competent, capable, caring leaders through the vehicle of service.

Key Club core values
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Caring Character building Inclusiveness Leadership

Key Club is reaching out
‡ 5,000 Clubs ‡ 250,000 members ‡ 30 countries ‡ 12 million hours of service each year

Student-led organization
Key Club members decide how: ‡ Club will function ‡ Budget will be administered ‡ Issues will be addressed From the club to the international board young men and women are leading their organization.



Key Club structure
Club board of directors

District boards


33 districts

International council: board and governors

International board of trustees

Club board of directors
‡ Includes officers and class directors ‡ Meet outside of club meeting ‡ Administration and planning of club ‡ Business of club ‡ Club meeting should focus on education and service

Who is on the district board?
‡ Governor ‡ Lieutenant governor for each division ‡ Secretary ‡ Treasurer ‡ Bulletin editor ‡ Webmaster ‡ Additional committee chairs as needed

What do they do?
‡ Direct link to clubs ‡ Provides mentoring, education and knowledge of service opportunities ‡ Holds divisional council meetings ‡ Provides training for club officers and personal development ‡ Coordinates district convention

International Board of Trustees
‡ Represents all members ‡ Defines policies and has administrative authority ‡ Research and determine service opportunities and partnerships ‡ Develops and selects member resources

Key Club dues
‡ International dues: US$6.50 ‡ District dues: average US$4.50-6.50
Not to exceed international dues

‡ Club: average US$6.50

Key Club dues support
‡ Club mailings ‡ Member communication & administration ‡ Leadership development resources ‡ Major Emphasis Program ‡ Materials about service partners ‡ Convention planning and promotion

Key Club dues support
‡ Youth Opportunities Fund service grants ‡ Member scholarships ‡ Board, Governor and Administrator Training and meetings ‡ Support to district boards ‡ Club and member recognition and awards ‡ KEY CLUB magazine and video magazine


global service

what is the Key Club

Major Emphasis Program?
A service program to bring together all Key Club members to focus energies on making an international impact benefiting children.

Major Emphasis Program

1. 2. 3.

The Service Initiative Service partnerships Participation in the program can be fulfilled when serving children by any means

Key Club service partners
‡ UNICEF ‡ March of Dimes ‡ Children·s Miracle Network

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF
Operation Uruguay: Protecting the Rights of Children

Fundraising and education will provide health services, meals, and care to street children in Uruguay. Members raised over US$2 million for HIV/AIDS education in Kenya and Swaziland. www.unicefusa.org/keyclub

March of Dimes
‡ Mission is to improve the health of babies. ‡ Key Club members raised over US$90,000 last year: March for Babies and other fundraising.


Children·s Miracle Network
‡ Network of hospitals providing healthcare for children whose parents aren·t able to pay ‡ Dance marathon, Telethons, Trauma dolls, serve meals at the Ronald McDonald House


what is the Key Club

Service Initiative?
‡ Hands on service focusing on children ‡ Changes every two years ‡ Determined by community and global needs ‡ Allows clubs of all sizes and from any country to participate

2008-10 Service Initiative
‡ Assisting five to nine year olds to overcome learning obstacles ‡ Enabling these students to be successful and give back to their community

Live to Learn focus
Key Club members are serving primary school children in three areas: 1. Improving grades 2. Giving back 3. Growing together

Improving grades
Mentoring, tutoring and developing reading improvement programs.

Giving back
Work with primary schools to coordinate service projects for young students.

Growing together
Stimulating imagination and learning through creative crafts and drama



Key Club Week
‡ Each day places an emphasis on service; including a Key Club Week fundraising project ‡ Objective is to promote Key Club and seek media coverage, to make Key Club a household name

Key Club

Youth Opportunities Fund
‡ Fifty cents of every members annual dues goes to this fund ‡ Service grants for US$200-$2,000 ‡ Any active club may apply for the October deadline



Member resources
‡ Officer planners ‡ Guidebook ‡ Major Emphasis Program CD ‡ Graphic standards CD ‡ Marketing materials, posters and brochures. ‡ Make your Meetings Move ‡ Key Solutions: online resources

Key Club video magazine
‡ New videos every month ‡ Current and engaging video stories about the members and clubs

View at www.keyclub.org

Online resources
‡ Video magazine ‡ Update club roster ‡ Project ideas ‡ Leadership resources ‡ Officer resources ‡ Kiwanis family store ‡ Submit questions www.keyclub.org


adult support

Support to clubs
‡ International office staff ‡ District office staff ‡ District volunteers: district administrators,
assistant administrators, zone/division advisors

‡ Club volunteers: Kiwanis advisor, faculty
advisor, sponsoring Kiwanis club

Local Kiwanis support
‡ Secure a trained Kiwanis and faculty advisor ‡ Attend Key Club meetings ‡ Provide financial assistance for club ‡ Ensure annual fees are paid ‡ Ensure officers receive training ‡ Provide personal development opportunities ‡ Planning session with both clubs ‡ Joint fellowship/service

Developing leaders through service since 1925.


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