Ramadan 2010 Schedule

1. First day to fast Ramadan is on Wednesday 8/11 2. First night for tarawih is Tuesday 8/10.
(Taraweeh & Witr)

We will pray 23 rakats

3. After 8 rakats: 10minute break (restrooms) 4. Community Iftars: Saturday & Sunday nights with 10 minute lesson in the gym during dessert 5. Iqamah times during Ramadan:  Fajr- 20 minutes after adhan  Maghrib- 10 minutes after adhan (15 min on wknds)  Isha will be prayed: 1st week 9:30pm, 2nd week 9:30pm 3rd week 9:20pm, 4th week 9:20pm 6. Itikaf: during last 10 nights/days (21st – 30th of Ramadan, 8/31 - 9/9) 7. Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of Decree): will be observed on Sunday night, the 27th of Ramadan (9/5) Labor Day wknd 8. Khatmul-Quran (completing Quran Recitation): will be on Tuesday night, the 29th of Ramadan (9/7) 9. Inter-Faith Iftar: Friday 8/20 10. Eidul-Fitr: will be on Jumuah -Friday 9/10 11. Zakatul-Fitr: $8 per person

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