City Life By Jimmy Twoskulls

And what sort of question is Why , anyhow? What possessed you to presume such a word could in any way suffice? One additional word-- why, the answer would have been inherent in the in the question, itself! Ah; but I think you know it, and are trying to trick us. I m no mind-reader, though, and the world is far too busy passing you by to help you figure this shit out. Were you to flip a coin on this, it might have fallen through your fingers; You re so nervous, these days! You don t sleep well, I know. Perhaps you should sleep even less. After all, what s insanity with nothing to compare it too? Business as usual. I need to be getting on, now, but I m sure we ll see each other again; That is, if one of us doesn t die first. Well, have a good evening!

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