Pastor Ken and Tonja Peters

357 North Sheridan Street, Suite 127, Corona, CA 92880

August 21,2007

Dearest Family of God, Greetings, in the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Never in a pastor's life does he anticipate the need to communicate through a letter such as this. Many of you are aware of what transpired last Wednesday night, August 15, 2007. However, several have not heard from their pastor in regard to that evening. I believe it is fitting in the Lord and completely biblical to speak the truth in love, for you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Freedom from the devil's deception and lies is what the Lord was communicating to us through His word. Two elders, along with three leaders from the the Southern California district of Assembly of God demanded my resignation.. No vote was taken to allow the other elders present to voice their position. The outcome was the district illegally and unethically seized possession of New Hope Family Worship Center and all of it's assets. This all was based on my returning my covenant pastor partner agreement, which was never considered a binding or legal document, such as an ordination or credentials of licensing papers. Never was I told by the Assemblies' leadership on Wednesday night that my pastorship was based upon this agreement, nor did Pastor David Tanner ever explain to me that this covenant agreement was the basis for my position at New Hope Family Worship Center or his choice of my leadership. I want you all to know that I did not resign the pastorship of New Hope Family Worship Center, nor were you allowed as the voting membership to give your position on this matter. The church was simply commandeered away from it's Godgiven leadership. No Assembly of God bylaw states their position as being correct or biblical. Our articles of incorporation, give directives to insure these types of situations are honorably handled. The deed of your church property is held in New Hope Family Worship Center's name not the Assemblies of God. This is ail stated to reveal the truth. These two wonderful brothers in Christ held different points of view and exercised a false authority creating a betrayal and offense before the Lord. I forgive them completely and see this as a sign from the Lord that we must not be under such false, unbiblical authority. You, the congregation, were not considered in this process, and Jesus did lay down His life for His flock just as we so will. An institution of man has succeeded in acquiring a building and a bank account; however heaven will continue to direct the church into kingdom purpose and never shall any institution of man control the true flock of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen! Please pray for these elders and these men and the organization they lead. Pray as Jesus did, love as Jesus did, seek the Lord for His righteous judgment. As the Psalmist declared, strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. Yes, this has occurred, but we are praying, interceding, and seeking out the sheep of His pasture. We will continue to lead in our God-given calling and continue to build in our God-given mandate. The Holy Spirit of truth shall reveal all things and lead His people correctly. Let us not usurp His authority, and allow Him to guide His people. We love you and pray the very wisdom and guidance of the Lord for you during this time. As always, we will continue to be a leadership that is reachable and touchable and always available. Mayjjjs peace guard your hearts and minds,

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NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER FACTS REGARDING THE RETURN OF SENIOR PASTOR KEN PETERS COVENANT PASTOR AGREEMENT TO ASSEMBLIES OF GOD SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DISTRICT NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER IS AN ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH AFFILIATED WITH THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DISTRICT COUNCIL Source: New Hope Family Worship Center (First Assembly of God of Corona) Articles of Incorporation, June 15,1969 PASTORS OF NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER SHALL AT ALL TIMES BE A CREDENTIALED MINISTER OF THE GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD, OR HAVE THE EXPRESS WRITTEN APPROVAL OF THE EXECUTIVE PRESBYTERY OF THE SOUTHERN CAULFORNAI DISTRICT COUNCIL OF THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD , INC. (Covenant Pastor Agreement) Source: Bylaws for Assemblies of God Churches NOTE: Pastor Ken Peters signed a Covenant Pastor Agreement on March 14,2005, which allowed him to receive approval from the Assemblies of God Southern California District to serve as Senior Pastor of New Hope Family Worship Center PASTOR KEN PETERS RETURNED / ANNULLED HIS COVENANT PASTOR AGREEMENT WITH THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD ON AUGUST 9,2007 Source: Letter from Senior Pastor Ken Peters dated August 9, 2007, to Rev. Ray Rachels, District Superintendent, Assemblies of God, and Southern California District Council NOTE: THIS LETTER WAS SENT WITHOUT ANY REVIEW, DISCUSSION, OR ADVANCE NOTICE TO THE NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER APOSTOLIC ELDERSHIP ELDERSHIP MEETING - AUGUST 15,2007, CALLED BY SENIOR PASTOR KEN PETERS BY E-MAIL ON AUGUST 6,2007, "FOR A BRIEF MEETING ON SOME NECESSARY TOPICS OF DECISION" Source: E-mail from Debbie Cram to Elders on August 6, 2007, 5:33:47 PM NOTE: NO RESIGNATION WAS DEMANDED BY ANY ELDER - Pastor Ken freely returned / annulled his Covenant Pastor Agreement with the Assemblies of God on AUGUST 9TH, 2007, SIX DAYS prior to the scheduled August 15 Elders meeting. According to the Bylaws of the Assemblies of God, his letter and the return / annulment of his Covenant Pastor Agreement served as his resignation from New Hope Family Worship Center.

ALL ELDERS WERE SURPRISED AND SHOCKED BY PASTOR KEN'S RETURN / ANNULMENT OF HIS COVENANT!! According to the Assemblies of God Bylaws, our church was effectively without a credentialed Pastor as of the receipt of the return / annulment of his Covenant Pastor Agreement on August 13,2007 NOTE: Pastor Ken's August 6,2007, voluntary annulment of his covenant was made without New Hope Apostolic Eldership notification or consultation: this "preempted" any vote by the Eldership or the New Hope congregation. „ '

Pastor Ken did not advise the New Hope congregation / membership of his plan / intent to return his covenant: he kept his action a secret from everyone EXCEPT the church staff... Source: AG - New Hope staff meeting in the Sanctuary, August 16, 2007 New Hope Elders Scott Allen and Jack Wvatt first learned of Pastor Ken's broken covenant during a meeting with the AG District staff on the morning of August 15.2007. This was a complete surprise to both Elders.

Elders Allen and Wyatt had made an appointment with the AG Superintendent to learn the details about the difficulties the District was supposedly causing for New Hope that had been reported by Pastor Ken to the congregation. The meeting was an effort to resolve those concerns expressed by Pastor Ken to the satisfaction of both the District and New Hope leadership and membership. NO difficulties between New Hope and the Assemblies District were ever found to exist. Elders Allen and Wyatt invited the AG Superintendent and staff to the August 15,2007 meeting - due to Pastor Ken's Annulment, he was no longer considered the Senior Pastor of New Hope, so the meeting could not "officially" be called under the AG Bylaws. This was the first opportunity after Pastor Ken's Annulment for the AG District leadership to meet with the New Hope leadership on this subject The appearance of Superintendent Ray Rachels and his staff at the August 15,2007 Eldership meeting was to determine Senior Pastor Ken's intent and commitment to annul his Assemblies of God Covenant Pastor Agreement; (Pastor Ken did confirm his intent in the meeting); once this had been confirmed, the AG District assumed administrative leadership of New Hope since it did not have a credentiated Assemblies of God Pastor on staff to assume leadership. PASTOR KEN AGREED TO STEP DOWN AS SENIOR PASTOR AND STATED IN THE MEETING TO ALL PRESENT. THAT "HE WOULD LEAVE QUIETLY. NOT CAUSE ANY TROUBLE. AND NOT CREATE A SPLIT IN THE CHURCH"... NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER IS STILL AN ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH; IT IS NOW AN "AFFILIATED" CHURCH, WITH LOCAL LEADERSHIP UNDER THE INTERIM SUPERVISION OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DISTRICT COUNCIL OF THE ASSEMBLIES OF GOD PASTOR EMERITUS DAVE TANNER HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AS THE "INTERIM PASTOR" FOR NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER; AND A NEW BOARD OF ELDERS HAS BEEN APPOINTED WHICH INCLUDES FORMER NEW HOPE WORSHIP CENTER ELDERS, AND ASSEMBLIES OF GOD DISTRICT PASTORAL STAFF AND PASTORS FROM NEIGHBORING ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCHES. ALL PROPERTIES AND FINANCES REMAIN UNDER THE TITLE OF NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER, BUT ARE UNDER THE INTERIM SUPERVISON OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DISTRICT COUNCIL ASSEMBLIES OF GOD. Reference: New Hope Family Worship Center Articles of Incorporation. Dated June 15,1969; Assemblies of God Bylaws, revised January 2002 A NEW SENIOR PASTOR WILL BE SELECTED AND AFFIRMED BY THE NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER MEMBERSHIP UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DISTRICT COUNCIL OF ASSEMBLIES OF GOD ONCE THE NEW SENIOR PASTOR HAS BEEN AFFIRMED, AUTONOMOUS LEADERSHIP WILL BE RETURNED TO NEW HOPE FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER


Scott Allen Elder, NHFWC

Jessie Srrmn Elder, NHFWC Elder, NHFWC

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