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Charisma Cost Control

Charisma Cost Control

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Charisma Cost Control defines, tracks, checks, approves and centralizes the internal purchasing processes. The product optimizes the purchasing flows, from structuring the budget, managing the expense requests, managing and developing the relationships with suppliers to tracking the contracts and their completion under the best terms. Charisma Cost Control has adapted over time to meet the specific needs of companies in various business fields.
Charisma Cost Control defines, tracks, checks, approves and centralizes the internal purchasing processes. The product optimizes the purchasing flows, from structuring the budget, managing the expense requests, managing and developing the relationships with suppliers to tracking the contracts and their completion under the best terms. Charisma Cost Control has adapted over time to meet the specific needs of companies in various business fields.

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Published by: Total Soft on Jul 30, 2010
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Cost Control

Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete

Main value
Ability to simplify and automate complex processes and workflows; Cross departmental automation and organizational processes that touch multiple departments; Dramatically decrease the operational costs; Improves employees’ efficiency and customer loyalty; 360 view over the performance indicators; It increases the company’s agility and competitiveness; Collaborative working environment, focused on satisfying business partners’ needs.

Management value
Provides key reports for executives to run business; Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail; Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems; Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.

Employee’s value
Clean and easy to use interface; Commonly performed tasks can be automated; Can provide data from other applications and sources; Can access various reports from the same interface; Support – Users have access to training and support.

Cost value - Minimal IT requirements
Workflow modifications can be made without additional code writing development; Easy to upgrade and to upscale the entire system; Ability to support all business units with different attributes, user views and rules; Personalized training and support access to all stakeholders.

Cost Control
Charisma Cost Control defines, tracks, checks, approves and centralizes the internal purchasing processes. The product optimizes the purchasing flows, from structuring the budget, managing the expense requests, managing and developing the relationships with suppliers to tracking the contracts and their completion under the best terms. . Charisma Cost Control helps the companies that want to have an actual control of the purchasing process, as well as the management flow of operational costs and contracts with the suppliers.

The product includes a suite of standalone applications (eExpense Approval, eProcurement, Supplier Contract Management), perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP or with any other ERP system.

eExpense Approval
Defining budget Approval Expense Request Stock check

Supplier data base Purchasing processes (RFP, RFQ, RFX) Bids Contract completion

Supplier Contract Management
Track contract execution Payment schedule Delinquency Management Payment Approval

eExpense Approval

Financial and Operational Benefits
Diminishes the financial risk The system controls each acquisition (stopping / limiting / identifying), by enforcing an automatic validation process. Thus the company's budget exceeding is prevented, ensuring the permanent framing within the planned and validated budget. User transparency The system provides quick access for all the company's employees by posting the occurred expense orders and their centralization into a single location. The products eliminates the human resources allocation for this process, therefore significantly reducing the time for routine activities and operational costs. Controls and reduces the operational and data migration costs Connecting and synchronizing with any other ERP system allows the automation and streamline of purchasing management, based on an unique database. Reduces the time required for building the expense budget The user friendly interface and/or the integration with the already configured ERP system allow quick building of the expense budget, without any special training.

eExpense Approval module is a software product especially designed for tracking, controlling and increasing the efficiency of the expenses within a company. The main tools used are the expense budgets, order cards, approval flow for the expense requests and the possibility to query the internal inventor in real time. The products includes the processes specific to each business field, easy to adapt to the specific needs of any company.

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The budget is the organizations' n structure required for defining, planning and controlling the costs over time periods. Either we talk about expenses for electricity, water, gas, office supplies, hardware equipment, telephony and Internet, or about the expenses with the employees, operational departments, marketing, all can be grouped, restricted and tracked in detail by means of defining cost centers and budget lines, on distinct time periods, at the organization level. Regardless they are defined within n eExpense Approval application or externally configured in other ERP system, each budget line is assigned a budget owner. He/she manages all the expense requests posted by order cards, including the amount, the cost center related to the requested expense and its type. The expense approval flow is flexible n and can be tailored to any type of organization, and the actual approval is done in three steps: n Each employee is assigned to a manager who approves the expense opportunity.
n Each budget line is assigned to an

owner who will confirm the cost or the value of the expense. n Each budget is assigned an owner who will approve the expense amount. Charging n the expense into the budget account can be done either when the request is initiated, or on its approval, manually or automatically, depending on the company's approaching. The application has the option to access n the internal material or stockable items inventory, being managed and stored within the company. The system provides a series of n specialized preconfigured reports, as well as performance indicators, to allow the quick tracking of the company's expense and money allocation process. eExpense Approval module can be n directly integrated with Contract Management module when the selection of the service and equipment providers is agreed, and the process does not need any prospection, tracking the purchasing and/or bidding processes.

eProcurement module optimizes and simplifies the planning, the execution, the assessment and the improvement of purchasing, contracting and renegotiating processes with various partners. This module includes the politics and practices used by the largest companies in Romania, in various business fields.

Financial and Operational Benefits
Quick decisions in choosing the offers Thanks to the transparency of the purchasing process, eExpense Approval module reduces the time needed for managing the process of choosing the favorable offer. Reduces the operational costs Thanks to the automation of the entire purchasing flow and integration with other information systems used by the purchasing or financial-accounting departments, eExpense Approval solution dramatically reduces the downtime and routine tasks, streamlining and facilitating the purchasing process. Increases the efficiency of quoting and ordering process eExpense Approval solution improves the capacity to turn the opportunities to value, reducing the company's expenses by choosing the best offer that meets the specified selection criteria.

It is the moment to renegotiate a series of contracts with the traditional suppliers. Therefore, the contracts of utilities, preferential interest rates in the contracts with the banks or financing institutions, or the contracts with the retailers related to purchasing the office supplies, hardware equipment or software can be reviewed and improved for cutting the operational costs. Also a helpful solution for lowering the costs is to totally or partially outsource the payroll or personnel management, the activities related to transportation, infrastructure and IT management, financial and accounting services, equipment maintenance, legal advisory, etc.

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n quick access to the potential or Provides

current suppliers by managing and querying a partner database. Provides an efficient management of n purchasing processes, capturing the entire process, from the occurrence and defining of a company's need to contracting and actual fulfillment of the request (the approved expense request). The best platform for: n n management of RFPs / RFQs (Requests For Proposal / Quotation) or any other type of requests to the candidate partners, n recording and comparing the

quotations directly posted by suppliers or imported from external sources, n reviewing, selecting and approving the favorable offers, n bids on determined period, opening by inviting the suppliers with the best offers to compete for the final selection, n concluding the contract with the supplier Provides n complete information and history of suppliers, existing offers, signed contracts, invoices.

Supplier Contract Management

Financial and Operational Benefits
Reduces the costs allocated for managing contracts The module eliminates the medieval practices and provides a modern method of contract management by centralizing data, eliminating the redundancy of manual work, automating and eliminating some steps (for example, the contracts with a value lower than a given threshold do not pass through the legal department). The exceptional configurability of the solution allows defining approval flows according to the specific of each single company. Increases conformity and eliminates financial risks Includes a tool for storing the "lessons learned" over time, helping the company to define and comply with a series of company politics and rules. Reduces operational risks The module ensures an efficient control for running the contracted projects, including alerts for the required tasks, as well as notifications for the risks associated with each task. Thus, any failure to comply with the company policies is notified immediately to the decision persons, who can proactively intercede in the process, cutting the operational risks. Improves the financial management The module provides total transparency of contracts on their entire effective period, being of a real support in the strategic decisions of the company.

Supplier Contract Management module within Charisma Cost Control solution is the solution you need for tracking the entire lifecycle of a purchasing contract, from its preparation to its signing and termination. Supplier Contract Management module is a requisite component for supporting the strategies of the companies running large purchasing projects, becoming a requisite both by its features, and by its capabilities of integration with any other ERP, project management, human resources, etc. business software solutions.

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Tracking n the contracts and the related information. Managing the commercial and financial n issues related to the contracts, such as: suppliers' invoices, the agreed payment schedule, advance payments, securities, bank trust letters, outstanding amounts or debts situation by period, penalties. Controlling the investment analysis and n planning process: financing scenarios, budgeting / business plan, cash flow or balance sheet. Management of delinquencies and n events occurring during the contract (ticket management). Management of approval the supplier n invoice payment („ePayment”) by configuring and tracking "to be paid" approval flows, by defining the roles involved in the approval process and payment terms. Matching the invoices with the n payments made and budget cells. Document management - supporting n the work with documents and physical files assigned to workflows or to the execution of a contract with the supplier. A high n performance search engine for quick finding the data related to suppliers, contracts, current stages in contract execution. The history of contractual relationships n with various suppliers, helping the company in the decisional process.

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