Kabale District Data Profile of the FAITH Project (Prepared Thu. 25-Mar-2010) Sub-Counties with Couple Clubs 1. Bubale 2. Kabale Municipality (KMC) 3. Kaharo 4. Maziba 5. Northern Division Grand Total Fig: List of sub-counties with FAITH couple club members. Total Number of people in clubs 30 2 20 4 6 62

Number of people Fidelity Couple Club Names 1. Bubaale Fidelity Club 2. Kaharo Fidelity Couple Club (KFCC) 3. Rugarama Fidelity Couple Club (RFCC) Grand Total Fig: List of couple clubs formed under the FAITH Project Female 12 12 12 36 Male 12 12 12 36 Total 24 24 24 72

Fig: List of sub-counties containing FAITH Fidelity Clubs in Wakiso District. Services Offered to people 1. Training in inter-personal communication 2. Training in reproductive health and family planning 3. Couple counselling and social support 4. HIV counselling and referral services 5. Information and education communication materials on marital Faithfulness Humanitarian Care Uganda, e-mail:

Fig: List of sub-counties with FAITH couple club members.


Location Bubale Muchahi Bubaare Rwere Kirwa Rwere St. Peters Kijuguta Rugarama Rugarama Bugarama Rugoma Buhumuriro Burambira Kansinga Kaharo Kirandura Nyakasharara Kizinga Kiziba B Nyanja Bweyo Nyanja Kijuguta Rwakaraba L/Bugongi Kibikura Fig: Locations where FAITH Couple club members reside in Kabale District

Humanitarian Care Uganda, e-mail: