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Name: Dhora Jignasha B. Email : Telephone no: (R) 0265-2410174


Information of the Participant:

(M) 9925221128

Department: : Department of commerce including business administration
Course: Post graduation diploma in marketing management

Information about the Project:
Project title: Customers’ Preference and Satisfaction towards Men’s Readymade
Garment Retail Formats

Project description:
Introduction: The Indian retail industry is on the verge of a revolution with savvy apparel businesses in line for anywhere up to $250m - $500m in sales according to a report published by leading consultancy McKinsey. India is lagging behind other developing economies, said the report. In many of these countries, the organised retail segment (including apparel and food) already has a 40 per cent share of the market compared with India's two per cent. But the situation is already beginning to change. Men's clothing and sportswear look to be the most profitable sectors. They have already begun to take off in the past few years, with men's clothing accounting for 70 per cent of branded goods sales compared with 22 per cent for children's wear and just eight per cent for women’s wear. This trend is expected to continue, with men's branded apparel anticipated to increase by 30 per cent a year against 10 per cent each for women's and children's clothing.

Research methodology: Objectives of study:  The overall purpose of this endeavor is to investigate empirically customers’ preference towards exclusive and multi brand retail outlets of men’s readymade garments and to determine the factors that influence the satisfaction level of customers’ in retail sector especially in Vadodara city.  This study is also aimed at finding out the relation between major demographic variables and satisfaction level of customers’ and preference of retail formats.  To study the preference given by consumers in term of quality, ambience, service, scheme and location for retail purchase.  What are the factors affects for the purchase? Research Design: Descriptive research design will be used.  Type : Descriptive Study  Scope : combination of theoretical study as well as Statistical Study  Environment : Field Research Data Sources: 1. Primary Data ~ Survey of Customers in Baroda. It will be collected with the help of Questionnaire Method and Survey Research. As well as unstructured observation will also come in use at some part (topic) of study. 2. Secondary Data ~ It will be collected with the help of books, journals, articles of newspapers & magazines and research papers related to booming organised retail sector, specially in subject of men’s readymade garment and latest Data Analysis: Data will be analyzed with the help of certain statistical tools. 1. Questionnaire method

2. Method of observation Sampling Design:  Population : Consumers of Baroda city  Survey area : Consumer located in different area of Baroda city  Sampling method : Non-Probability Convenient sampling plan  Sample size : 100 consumers from Baroda city Significance of the Study:  To know the awareness of people about different brands of readymade garment, even their preference and loyalty toward their selected brand.  Result will be the knowledge about customer’s preference towards exclusive and multi-brand retail outlet of men’s readymade garments which will be helpful to find out the factors that influence the satisfaction level of customer.  It will be helpful to know the connection between demographic factors of consumer like age, income, education and choice of people for above type of product. Limitations of the Study:  The present study is limited to the readymade garments only in men’s section.  The bias of respondents while responding cannot be eliminated.  The study was limited to only in baroda city.  Only two demographic variables have been considered for the study.

Delivery Method: Three hard copies in form of booklets and three softcopies in form
of CDs. I. First copy of project report will be submitted to the related department office. II. Second copy of project report will be submitted to project guide. III. Third copy is participant’s own copy.

Information about the Project Guide:
Name: Prof. Bijal N. Zaveri Dept. of Commerce incl. Bus. Admn. Email: Contact No.:(M) 98982 78991 Education Qualification: 1. Bachelor of Science(Chemistry) 2. Master in Business Administration (Marketing) 3. Doctor of Philosophy(Commerce including Business Administration)

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