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Tuesday, 27th of January.

21:49:01 @Networking_Lady Sigi I'm doing 2 studies with student teachers using PebblePad - would be
glad to share results once the pilot is completed  By:timbuckteeth

Friday, 30th of January.

08:24:27 IT In Education - In corporate u throw money at problems till they go away. In education you
throw problems until the money goes away. :D  By:moodleman

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Sunday, 1st of February.

15:06:12 nach @mschiefner zweiter Blogbeitrag von @mkerres über twitter. Das Tool scheint das
"professionelle Interesse" zu wecken:  By:scheppler
15:49:41 Prof. Kruse in kleinen Haeppchen #dna_d  By:ulrike_reinhard

Wednesday, 11th of February.

12:53:09 Watching 'One of the best visual presentations I’ve ever seen » Moving at the Speed of ...' at
Vodpod  By:e_trude
19:19:33 Videosearch Engine:  By:e_trude

Thursday, 12th of February.

22:10:05 My Twitter video is now up on the Times site:  By:Pogue

Friday, 13th of February.

16:06:08 A class VoiceThread by one of our teachers: What does Peace mean
to you?  By:justinreeve

Monday, 16th of February.

09:49:13 Moodlesysteme bitte updaten  By:ralfh

Tuesday, 17th of February.

09:52:54 elearningpost » History of the Internet: Ein Dank an eLearningpostmore about "elearningpost »
History of th..  By:e_trude

Thursday, 19th of February.

20:45:35 #moodlemootbb Die Band kommt am Abend.  By:ralfh

Monday, 23rd of February.

14:18:18 The blackout is over - can return to my old pirateish self...calls for a celebration - maybe a new
picture?  By:GrahamAttwell

Wednesday, 25th of February.

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20:25:50 Just published a new video called "Computer Hardware in Plain English" Part of a "Computer
Basics" series.  By:leelefever

Thursday, 26th of February.

10:17:30 I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think - Socrates - Ain't that the truth? I
just love this thought!  By:cristinacost

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Sunday, 8th of March.

12:26:27 nur eine Landestrasse." (NZZ am Sonntag, Gesellschaft, von Carole Koch)  By:mwoodtli
23:27:03 great news #mahara fans. Export should be included in the next release (1.2) due June-ish  By:

Monday, 9th of March.

04:55:47 RT @mguhlin: Moodle Tip - Embedding Video Playlists in your Moodle Sidebar #moodle -  By:moodleman

Tuesday, 10th of March.

11:43:53 my perfect world would have #Drupal as a CMS, #Alfresco as a DMS and #Moodle as an LMS
all working together. And dont forget #Mahara as well  By:moodleman

Thursday, 26th of March.

12:08:22 How do people work on trains? even with enough space -rare- there are too many voices, too
much activity.  By:PatParslow

Monday, 30th of March.

21:19:54 Something as intermediate! :-) Never thought the other songs from bjorg would sound similar ;-)
♫  By:andreasauwaerte

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Wednesday, 15th of April.

13:30:11 This is a very creative use of twitter:  By:mkalz

Thursday, 30th of April.

21:05:06 Reading: "Future Learning Environments: Key Trends And Highlights From George Siemens' ( )  By:lutzland
21:11:59 Reading: "an unschooling manifesto" ( )  By:lutzland

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Friday, 1st of May.

11:04:25 Resize your image online - It's easy, it's free!  By:mwoodtli
11:04:28 - Post your photos on Flickr and announce them on Twitter right away  By:mwoodtli

Tuesday, 12th of May.

15:08:30 23 uses of Twitter in the classroom:  By:timbuckteeth
15:10:29 Goes with my 'Teaching with Twitter' blogspost: Any more bright ideas for
Twitter in teaching, anyone?  By:timbuckteeth

Wednesday, 13th of May.

21:07:07 Weiterer Workshop online: Rolf-Dieter Preller LdL in der bundesopolitischen Zerreißprobe  By:lutzland

Sunday, 17th of May.

16:28:44 neuer Blog von mir über Educational Pattern. Gerade
gestartet  By:ralfh
22:19:33 neu in delicious: Individualisieren mit E-Learning  By:mwoodtli

Monday, 18th of May.

06:07:19 wer immer nur in die fußstapfen anderer tritt, wird nie überholen. sind zwei immer einer
meinung, ist einer überflüssig.  By:MartinLennartz
09:37:50 25 ways to keep your EFL students motivated  By:wagjuer
19:34:13 Beispielaufgabe Dresden/Einführung – DSD-Wiki  By:h1moodle

Tuesday, 19th of May.

07:49:51 Gebt den Ertrinkenden Wasser: Wieder eine nette Anekdote vom teacher -
#digitalnatives #shifthappens  By:retemirabile
08:15:07 RT @jalam1001: 6 Google Docs Features to Make Collaboration More Productive  By:timbuckteeth
09:18:59 Tagung Netzwerk Schulentwicklung im September 2009  By:giesebrecht
19:05:40 wow!  By:John_Pallister

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Sunday, 24th of May.

12:51:23 Loving the Coffee Break podcast series for learning languages,  By:
19:41:13 E-learning, work based learning, e-portfolios, mobile devices and more - the podcasts (2): Here
are the remainin..  By:GrahamAttwell

Monday, 25th of May.

23:05:32 Tetris spielen mit dem eigenen Wohnungsinventar:  By:mwoodtli

Tuesday, 26th of May.

07:22:04 Powerpoints for Teachers: #teachertuesday  By:msjuanta

Wednesday, 27th of May.

10:55:09 Excellent resource! Just bookmarked! RT @paulawhite: RT @russeltarr Excellent Teacher
Training Videos! via@nharm  By:ShellTerrell

Thursday, 28th of May.

09:34:44 neu in delicious: lexiCan Wissensdatenbank: Genial einfach, genial vielseitig  By:mwoodtli

Friday, 29th of May.

07:15:10 if anyone is interested in my (german) vodcast (Technology Enhanced Learning in future) - now
online  By:mebner
07:42:03 @giesebrecht da hab ich eine empfehlung ......  By:MartinLennartz

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Monday, 1st of June.

09:51:13 Tim OReilly summarizes Google Wave ideas  By:ralfh
10:12:17 Schreibt "Wiki-Mindmap "Was ist Schule 2.0?" @ Mindmeister" @  By:
16:27:40 Dossier zu E-Portfolios im Unterricht  By:
23:02:01 Lese: Evaluation von E-Portfolio-Software - Abschlussbericht :  By:

Tuesday, 2nd of June.

08:09:44 Watching "SchoolTube - A Brief History of Technology in Education" at Vodpod  By:e_trude
22:42:54 Great self-pacing interactive site for ELLs wanting to learn English online. Has various levels,  By:ShellTerrell

Monday, 8th of June.

16:53:54 Wenn die Zeit über das Internet schreibt, ist's wie wenn ein Vegetarier eine Metzgerei besucht.
17:01:44 Sir Ken on creativity in schools Inspiring, entertaining and unfortunately
true  By:stephanrinke

Wednesday, 10th of June.

22:32:29 Erster und letzter Tweet heute: Neuer Beitrag - It's not about the technology:
23:51:51 For #teachers this may be helpful for 1to1sessions online, get free Elluminate classroom w/
whiteboard, #edtech  By:ShellTerrell

Thursday, 11th of June.

04:24:38 Teacher Training Videos  By:wagjuer
09:18:24 * 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom (and many Twitter tools and tips)  By:h1moodle

Friday, 12th of June.

07:39:28 How do we convince educators to support digital competency? A techie's view
#edtech  By:ShellTerrell

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Sunday, 14th of June.

15:53:06 RT @rmbyrne Seth Godin says the textbook industry deserves to die I agree.
Although die isn't the word I'd use.  By:Shookspeare
20:32:23 Mit Web 2.0 das Internet aktiv mitgestalten. Ein Arbeitsbuch für das Erstellen von
Lernumgebungen...  By:mwoodtli

Monday, 15th of June.

19:57:34 Cool Web 2.0 Organizational Tools that Could be Used in Schools - Part I via  By:e_trude

Wednesday, 17th of June.

15:35:11 nice comic strip creator that lets you mix your own photos with graphics and produce comic slide
shows:  By:NikPeachey

Thursday, 18th of June.

20:04:55 Sarah Milstein on Iranian Protests and Twitter  By:radar

Friday, 19th of June.

08:54:57 New Post: Ein excellenter Überblick über Social Media: In der Tat: "10 superb social media
presentation..  By:e_trude
12:58:27 Twiddla: Online-Whiteboard mit Gruppenfunktion  By:saschakaiser
16:40:15 neu in delicious: Twitter Video Tutorials - Sieben auf einen Streich - Webworker Blog - Social ..  By:mwoodtli

Saturday, 20th of June.

02:50:51 3 great #iranelection blogs: Nico Pitney (HuffPo) Andrew Sullivan & The Lede  By:leelefever

Sunday, 21st of June.

20:55:48 klasse Vortrag INTEl symposium 09 dillingen: Ende der Kreidezeit #intel09
Olaf Kleinschmidt  By:h1moodle

Monday, 22nd of June.

09:53:51 handy tool for adding captions / subtitles to Youtube videos  By:
13:19:07 MS Journal oder MS OneNote als Ersatz für Powerpoint? - Jakobs Blog

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22:19:38 Just a reminder! 50GB version of me still up for grabs!  By:

Thursday, 25th of June.

07:21:29 RT @derekeb [blog] News Flash: Teens Don't Give a Twit about Twitter  By:
09:50:38 "Why Some Elearning Isn't Working" restates Ofsted report, not much analysis, states the
obvious, isn't spell checked...  By:iusher
10:13:32 Another nail on the coffin? Death of the VLE  By:timbuckteeth
10:37:22 Useful post: Adding mutiple images to forum posts?- by Jon Witts We had our A Level
Photography class use forums to...  By:moodle
21:10:32 wieder Posts zum Blog Carnival verlinkt: Wer will noch etwas über Twitter loswerden? Oder ist
schon alles gesagt?  By:jrobes
21:18:37 PDF-Import: Fünf Lösungen um PDFs zu bearbeiten @

Tuesday, 30th of June.

08:46:00 video des 10. heidelberger stadtgespräch auf dem neckar:  By:
09:20:36 Stunning. Look at these! RT @filmutopia RT @sillysushi Beautiful pictures taken from the
International Space Station  By:AlexanderChow
09:49:01 RT @thbernhardt: Watching "Us Now" - a film about the web connecting people and let them
collaborate - #socialweb  By:mebner

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Wednesday, 1st of July.

18:34:20 looks like a nice collaborative flashcard creator:  By:NikPeachey

Monday, 6th of July.

20:08:40 RT @Zerlinna RT @AngelaMaiers Fantastic! 15 new classroom rules for 21st century learning.  By:scheppler
21:37:45 "Before you can take advantage of the technology you have to change the pedagogy” Mark
Prensky - IATEFL 2009 via  By:e_trude

Tuesday, 7th of July.

05:21:56 Education Innovation: New Classroom Rules  By:h1moodle

Wednesday, 8th of July.

19:04:46 hm, die Desktop-Applikation von TwitDoc gefällt: Schlank und
einfach (Adobe Air)  By:scheppler

Thursday, 9th of July.

09:46:40 Moodle-Demonstration:  By:netexplorer

Friday, 10th of July.

04:14:57 Learn English - Learn English - Podcast: BEP 22 - Telephoning: Handling Enquiries and
Technical P..  By:learn_english

Saturday, 11th of July.

14:35:43 Social Media in Germany: 5 Years Behind - Still Lots to Learn  By:

Sunday, 12th of July.

01:43:18 Screenrecording - actually just saving Screenjelly in my Bookmarks and Blog :)  By:zoernert
12:37:38 Gr8 SlideShare Presentation : Using #e-Learning To Facilitate 21st Century
21:36:43 Telephone English: Getting Practice: Teaching telephone English can be

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frustr..  By:learn_english

Monday, 13th of July.

07:40:23 RT @burcuakyol: Great post! RT @TheEngTeacher: RT @barbsaka:Agree or Disagree?
Posted:Why Every Language Teacher Needs a (Second) Life. ...  By:ShellTerrell
08:42:33 Check out this Brilliant (as awlays) video from @iAlja explaining what is #moodle and be sure to
RT -  By:moodleman
10:35:08 Social Network Design: Examples and Best Practices  By:schulezweinull
22:08:21 Why teens aren't using Twitter: It doesn't feel 'safe'  By:timbuckteeth
22:08:34 RT @jshe: RT @mashable: 30+ More Ways to Create Twitter Groups -  By:
23:41:29 15 Year Old Says Teens Are Abandoning Twitter: Where’s the Proof?  By:MatthiasHeil

Tuesday, 14th of July.

00:03:43 Using Twitter to improve Teacher/ Parent communications? --Share: --Share:  By:mwoodtli
06:57:11 #elearning Wiggio - Makes it easy to work in groups.  By:eDCSD
08:44:56 An Interview With Queen Rania of Jordan On How Twitter Can Help Change The World via  By:cristinacost
17:01:40 #elearning Five Ways to Run a Deadly Online Seminar » CogDogBlog: Like a horrendously
designed PowerPo..  By:eDCSD
17:13:51 Beyond the Bullet Point for the Classroom, effective use of PPT RT
@hrheingold @JessieNYC  By:schulezweinull

Wednesday, 15th of July.

14:06:28 Chirbit: Is a free online tool for audio sharing. It enables users to record, upload, listen to and
share sound bi..  By:zaidlearn
20:07:53 Classroom 2025: The Future of Education #edtech #onecomment Can also
leave a voicethread comment.  By:ShellTerrell

Sunday, 19th of July.

21:09:52 Google Apps for ePortfolios  By:h1moodle

Wednesday, 22nd of July.

16:58:22 John Pallister: Thinking about Learning  By:h1moodle

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Sunday, 2nd of August.

19:12:33 Manchmal sind die Schweizer schon sehr eigen :-):  By:
20:39:52 Neu in meinem Blog: Medienpädagogisches Manifest  By:

Monday, 3rd of August.

07:11:55 RT @tomwhitby: RT @amyhopkins: Free Video Resources for Geography teachers -
Geography At The Movies  By:retemirabile

Tuesday, 4th of August.

10:06:54 > @mahara_project: Videos from Mahara UK '09 are up: #mauk09  By:

Wednesday, 5th of August.

08:43:21 some fantastic panoramas linked to googlemaps  By:NikPeachey
10:16:40 10 Thesen zum eLernen in der Schule - das ist schneller Realität als in 20years:  By:lisawa

Monday, 10th of August.

14:48:48 RT @Larryferlazzo: "Social networking has hidden dangers for teens" lead story in today's SF
Chronicle  By:MatthiasHeil

Friday, 14th of August.

22:18:10 RT @feedtheteacher @russeltarr - Convert PowerPoint into Flash with one click and embed it
online:  By:MatthiasHeil

Monday, 17th of August.

09:21:16 Download YouTube Videos: Download YouTube Videos ist eine aktuelle, kommentierte Liste,
über die diversen Möglic..  By:retemirabile

Tuesday, 25th of August.

21:02:51 Screenr - a free web-based tool that lets you create screencasts
#TheRapideLearningBlog  By:netexplorer

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Tuesday, 1st of September.

23:18:18 Hotpotatoes-Software jetzt Freeware: (via @ralfh)  By:mwoodtli

Monday, 7th of September.

20:57:37 Ich habe gerade das Angebot für Mediendidaktik in der Lehrerbildung HH entdeckt, klasse
Angebot:  By:mschiefner
22:19:40 Dossier Medienkompetenz: Zürich  By:h1moodle

Tuesday, 15th of September.

21:11:50 nicht nur für Journalisten interessant: "Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency" (42 Seiten)  By:jrobes
22:48:02 RT @russeltarr: 30 Places To Find Creative Commons Media:
#education  By:jbrogley

Thursday, 17th of September.

10:28:04 RT @tombarrett: 10 Interesting Ways to Use a Wiki in the Classroom can
anyone add some new ideas?  By:timbuckteeth
11:42:00 get 50 free Moo cards via the Flickr Blog: only 10,000 available! Cards have
adverts on, like  By:iusher

Friday, 18th of September.

14:50:50 The best #Apple #keynote ever. #SteveJobs  By:schulezweinull
17:13:07 Over 30 Nifty Ways to use Wordle...  By:web20classroom

Monday, 21st of September.

01:15:53 RT @pmacoun: 10 tips for teaching technology to teachers  By:
08:14:46 Excellent commentary on the fastest growing Facebook game: 10 Lessons I learnt from
Farmville:  By:timbuckteeth

Tuesday, 22nd of September.

10:27:03 new on delicious: 2 Minute Moodles on Vimeo  By:stephanrinke
17:11:01 Buchtipp: MiniMax für Lehrer: 16 Kommunikationsstrategien mit maximaler Wirkung:  By:lerncoaching

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Thursday, 24th of September.

20:08:11 wachtes "VLE is dead" movie from ALT-C : (via @just4you)  By:mkerres

Friday, 25th of September.

16:55:35 Blogpost: Lehrer und Facebook - schulinterne Lehrerfortbildung in der Berufsschule (inkl.
Seminarkonzept)  By:prueher

Saturday, 26th of September.

21:16:45 RT @mccab99 Wer Bildung verändern will, der macht es am besten selbst. (via @geistesblitz)

Monday, 28th of September.

08:06:32 Toller Beitrag von Wolfgang Neuhaus zu GMW09 und Mediendidaktik. Fast zu schade für einen
Blogpost ;-)  By:jrobes
21:20:49 Super Vergleich: Lehrer backen Brötchen #schule  By:prueher

Tuesday, 29th of September.

08:14:55 lesenswert: "Die Lehrer sind zum großen Teil überfordert, weil sie nur noch die Rücklichter des
Zugs sehen" #Web 2.0  By:janschuette
15:01:39 Experten erklären Klimawandel  By:retemirabile
15:13:59 Fundstück: Arbeiten, lernen, vernetzen  By:MatthiasHeil

Wednesday, 30th of September.

20:57:18 Jugendmedienschutz  By:maschendraht

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Thursday, 1st of October.

13:37:27 Great database of #smartboard Lessons...  By:web20classroom

Friday, 2nd of October.

17:30:43 RT @web20classroom: Worth the 7 Mins....3 Phases of #edtech...  By:

Monday, 5th of October.

22:58:02 Finally published! "Insidious Pedagogy: How Course Management Systems Impact Teaching"  By:LisaMLane

Wednesday, 7th of October.

16:37:40 RT @web20classroom: RT @AngelaMaiers: 30 Twitter Tips for Teachers:
17:01:40 RT @NMHS_Principal: This week is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Week.; find
resources here  By:web20classroom
17:34:17 Frisch gebloggt: Digitale Fenster öffnen: Whiteboards elektrisieren Schulen  By:MatthiasHeil
22:10:59 Voicethread now has a built in media library from the NY Public Library and you can import your
own media from FB and flicker. WOW.  By:jbrogley

Friday, 9th of October.

11:37:29 Teachersnews: "Gemeinsam lernen mit Wikis, Weblogs und Twitter - e-Vortrag von Christian
Spannagl"  By:initiatived21
15:01:54 A Teacher's Guide to Digital Rights  By:ShellTerrell

Saturday, 10th of October.

08:44:43 Fundstück: Cartoon: Peace Prize?  By:MatthiasHeil
09:44:13 RT @DigitalStoryNEd The Old Man & The Sea Animated | Open Culture
fantastic story and animation #efl #esl #literacy  By:NikPeachey
09:48:20 RT @tamaslorincz: Radically Student-Driven Learning: A great initiative to stay relevant. Great
post. #ocp great!  By:MissShonah
09:50:12 I favorited a YouTube video -- Interview about the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
10:19:19 RT @ZUMWiki: #Obama #Friedensnobelpreis Unterrichtsideen.  By:

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10:32:41 Frisch notiert: Nobel Prize To Obama Defended  By:MatthiasHeil
21:08:48 GREAT @Worldclass52 Awesome updated list of Links 4 Educators who want2 integrate
Technology in2 classroom. #edtech  By:SimpleK12

Sunday, 11th of October.

07:35:48 280 Slides - Create & Share Presentations Online  By:

Monday, 12th of October.

09:08:08 Obama and his Nobel - for #esl #efl lesson on real, relevant topic, click:  By:
09:13:21 RT @CotterHUE Obama and his Nobel - for #esl #efl lesson on real, relevant topic, click:  By:esolcourses
09:54:33 RT @tamaslorincz: High Quality Legal Images for your blog @Bon_Education introduces
PicApp great for WordPress, FF add-on  By:ShellTerrell
22:14:38 RT @ShellTerrell: Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter by @EdTechSandyK Great post!  By:web20classroom

Tuesday, 13th of October.

00:09:43 RT @oliverpollak @QueenRania Pls watch film we made about one of the organizations u
support.  By:exploreteam

Wednesday, 14th of October.

10:42:41 wozu wikis? hübshcer anfängerkurs für büroarbeiter (slideshare) von @MatthiasSchwenk -
genau das hab ich gebraucht  By:martinlindner

Thursday, 15th of October.

09:27:10 Ein paar Kommentare von mir zur "E-Learning Abschaffen!"-Diskussion: Le e-roi est mort, vive
le e-roi…  By:kadewe

Friday, 16th of October.

09:50:54 .@lisarosa My Class Blogs (some are a little old):  By:MatthiasHeil
10:13:30 Das es das immer noch gibt!! "LOGICITY" - A real-life climate change game... Einziger
unterstützter Browser: IE  By:netexplorer

Saturday, 17th of October.

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

15:12:52 From adding Web2.0 tools to riding the Wave - RT: @kalinagoenglish RT @GuyKawasaki:
Google Wave explained  By:MsBisOnline
15:24:45 How to Give a Lousy Presentation  By:Larryferlazzo
20:38:13 Sehr zu empfehlen! RT @ralfh: Urheberrechtsfibel launige Kommentierung
des Urheberrechts und Plädoyer für Open Access  By:stephanrinke

Thursday, 22nd of October.

05:25:42 Fundstück: Reshaping Learning from the Ground Up  By:MatthiasHeil

Friday, 23rd of October.

15:08:11 Hey, this is an extremely cool shortcut to a lot of very good and free (mostly
Open Source) software!  By:MatthiasHeil
16:00:04 [news] Spielend energiebewusst leben - Launch Stromzukunft  By:liip

Saturday, 24th of October.

17:49:52 This is a great site for English Teachers, but I almost wish Stdts do not discover it The 60 second recap of Lit  By:tomwhitby

Sunday, 25th of October.

10:47:17 "Computer & Web 2.0 passen nicht in d. alten Unterricht. Sie erzwingen ein neues,
partizipatives Lernen"  By:schb
14:32:36 The Best Sites Where Students Can Learn About Inventions  By:
14:53:22 "Obama Declares H1N1 National Emergency" My latest BreakingNewsEnglish #esl lesson  By:SeanBanville
16:39:33 RT @datruss: 10 facts about learning that are scientifically proven and interesting for teachers  By:Larryferlazzo
21:40:14 Learners´ Garden  By:h1moodle
22:34:41 Start zur Moodle Konferenz in Berlin: März 2010: Call for Paper  By:ralfh
22:39:31 Learntec: wir suchen noch Referenten für Moodle-Workshop am 3. Februar 2010.  By:ralfh

Monday, 26th of October.

17:14:04 Enter your moodle course in the Cool Course Competition and win a moodle t-shirt or hoodie!  By:moodle
22:04:27 Fundstück: How I create and publish podcasts  By:MatthiasHeil

Tuesday, 27th of October.

14:41:41 Big wiki on copyright free media for your blog/website:  By:jbrogley

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16:10:48 Great list of creative commons media sites  By:GrahamAttwell

16:44:29 40 Interesting Ways to Use Use Wordle in the Classroom #edtech  By:
16:48:08 Mahara Eportfolios - WikiEducator  By:h1moodle

Wednesday, 28th of October.

15:21:22 Enter our Cool Course Competition and win a Flip MinoHD  By:
16:08:40 RT @coletteamber: "Comicbrush" - create comics using your own pictures and
drawings along with their artwork  By:timbuckteeth
18:31:00 "Der Lehrer der Zukunft bereitet seinen Unterricht im Internet vor"
#pilotprojekt #sachsenAnhalt  By:watueueh
18:34:03 #moodle "Plattform für kompetenzorientiertes eLearning"
#pilotprojekt  By:watueueh

Thursday, 29th of October.

14:26:09 The rebroadcast of the U2 concert is finally online #youtube  By:
15:58:09 I favorited a YouTube video -- Google Wave Made Simple  By:MatthiasHeil
17:59:34 Podcast mit Horst Niesyto zu den Intentionen des "Medienpädagogischen Manifests"  By:initiatived21

Friday, 30th of October.

08:54:32 Great little tool , works like post-its but does much more too.  By:russell1955
08:55:38 T Great presentation tool. It's called Bubblr and so easy to use. Takes
pictures from Flickr #elt #esl #tefl  By:russell1955
09:40:22 Lehrer-Online - Fall des Monats: Kopien, analog und digital - was ist erlaubt?
09:52:18 delicious link: Teacher Training Videos Free on-line training in using technology in teaching: T..  By:retemirabile
22:18:58 Nice, simple presentation by @sachachua explaining "Why Social Networks Matter" (via @adamclyde)  By:CommonCraft

Saturday, 31st of October.

08:57:33 These videos help you to use Word Press  By:russell1955
09:29:47 Fundstück: Powerpointpräsentation mit Drag&Drop im Präsentationsmodus
09:39:34 ECDL - Übungen:  By:lisawa
10:14:41 McDonald's exits Iceland - New lesson from (My
site is 5 years old tomorrow) #esl  By:SeanBanville

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

14:51:01 RT @kjarrett: RT @educause EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Releases 7 Things You Should
Know About Google Wave.  By:Larryferlazzo
16:53:46 Fundstück: Google Wave Complete Guide  By:MatthiasHeil
18:26:16 delibar - air-app um seine delicious komfortabel zu verwalten und mit ihnen zu arbeiten gerade im test, looks great  By:lutzland

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook


Sunday, 1st of November.

18:15:19 RT @ozge: Have been reading this a bit this morning: (via
@speters)  By:SeanBanville
20:56:32 Interessante Lösung mit Online-Speicherplatz. "Zeigt her eure Ordner" #D21-Projektblog  By:netexplorer

Monday, 2nd of November.

15:44:43 RT @web20classroom: Great ideas on Getting Started With Student Blogging from @plugusin...  By:tomwhitby
17:22:17 RT @er_pearson: Ideas for using blogs or wikis in your course:  By:

Tuesday, 3rd of November.

05:13:19 Fundstück: Tabus über den Lehrerberuf  By:MatthiasHeil
16:07:57 RT @amersch: 5 Elemente von Steve Jobs Präsentationen  By:schulezweinull
20:30:01 Teste jetzt mal wagemutig #doodle, um die Termine für den Elternsprechtag abzusprechen. Mal
sehen, wie das Feedback sein wird. #schule  By:schb

Wednesday, 4th of November.

11:21:47 Future of the Web - via Twine  By:John_Pallister
17:27:27 This shows you how to use silliest and coolest site on the web For teaching
ANY LANGUAGE  By:russell1955
21:00:25 Why Stories are an Effective Communication Tool for Your Blog  By:
21:05:36 "YouTube - TED-Talk - Stefana Broadbent: How the Internet enables intimacy"  By:scheppler
21:10:13 Examples of mini movies made using the Bollywood site. Great fun  By:
22:44:18 Useful post: Message Module Improvement- by Martin Lukas Hi all.We (TFH Bochum,
Germany) have developed a little me...  By:moodle
22:44:19 Useful post: Allowing update after marking- by Gergely Tamási Hello Bob, Unfortunately, the
"advanced uploading of...  By:moodle

Thursday, 5th of November.

14:29:51 RT @Larryferlazzo: The Best News/Current Events Websites For English Language Learners
— 2009  By:SeanBanville

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

20:02:32 Fundstück: Chat robots - practising conversation  By:MatthiasHeil

22:43:01 YouTube blocked in your school? Try this - all legally and morally okay:  By:

Friday, 6th of November.

04:24:11 Tips on Converting your documents to PDF and back again RT
@stacybodin: @Pags21 @NMHS_Principal:  By:MsBisOnline
05:26:21 New post "The Best Tools For Making Screencasts"  By:Larryferlazzo
05:38:46 Web 2.0 Literacy Tools Master List Fall - (via - really good
list, thanks!  By:MatthiasHeil
17:41:55 PLN: BOOKMARK This Link if you do not have 15 minutes for this video now. If you have time
watch it! Education Panel  By:tomwhitby
19:28:41 10 Educational Uses for Flip Video....  By:web20classroom
22:47:28 PLN: In case you missed it-This was our LA presentation. Pls feel free to comment "Twitter &
Education" #140conf panel  By:tomwhitby
22:57:12 RT @web20classroom: The Twitter In Edu Panel Discussion at the #140Conf is now available
at the EDU PLN Ning.....  By:tomwhitby
23:30:13 Soziale Netzwerke im Klassenraum  By:scheppler

Saturday, 7th of November.

16:31:57 Habe meinen freien #Moodle Kurs zum Download gepackt (ganz unten im Kurs): IT-Unterr. für Jhrg. 7-9. (via @martinkurz)  By:schb
18:23:24 Methodensammlung NRW für einen abwechselungsreichen Unterricht:  By:lisawa

Sunday, 8th of November.

18:54:47 RT @tomwhitby: RT @stacybodin @kathleensorrell: Bullying - FREE
powerpoints, interactive activities games, lessons  By:ShellTerrell

Monday, 9th of November.

19:32:27 Internet Safety Online Curriculum  By:SimpleK12
20:25:48 New post "A Few Simple Ways To Introduce Reluctant Colleagues To Technology"  By:Larryferlazzo
21:52:22 .@crafty184 Gimp is a great tool! Very similar to Photoshop, easy to use, and FREE! :) Have fun
editing!  By:SimpleK12

Tuesday, 10th of November.

17:33:10 RT @stacybodin: ESL and World Language Resources  By:tomwhitby
19:47:03 All you Lang. Arts and English need to check out 60 Sec Recap

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook
10-November-2009  By:web20classroom

Thursday, 12th of November.

11:00:01 A new way of doing things is possible. Check it out at this incredible youtube video  By:michaelgross
11:00:10 IMapping : A technique for visually structuring information objects
#SemanticWeb #KnowledgeManagement #VisualData  By:schulezweinull
22:36:46 RT @prueher: Revolution in Dänemark: Schüler dürfen bei Schularbeiten das Internet benützen #schule #zukunft  By:janschuette
23:04:31 Great stuff from @olliebray on Internet safety [inludes slideshow]  By:

Saturday, 14th of November.

20:56:11 The problem with PowerPoint, from the BBC  By:Larryferlazzo

Sunday, 15th of November.

17:35:51 'Scientists say an extra cheeseburger a day is OK' My latest offering from  By:SeanBanville

Tuesday, 17th of November.

18:59:09 Video: "Did you know?" - Perspectives of the changing media landscape  By:
23:37:57 RT @web20classroom: K-12 Smartboard Templates.... (via @cindybrock)
23:38:49 Girls addicted to social networking:  By:

Saturday, 21st of November.

03:20:23 RT @keisawilliams: Make all kinds of foldable books ][ Really cute ideas
for students here  By:SeanBanville
10:23:18 How to use Survey Monkey. training videos from @russell1955 useful tool
10:24:09 Reading "The complete guide to Google Wave" #googlewave  By:prueher
14:14:38 @cspannagel Urheberrecht war nur Teil unsere Info für die 5-ten Klassen zum Thema
Gefahren des Internets:  By:mariaeirich
22:18:36 Hey not bad a free Power Mind Mapping course! If its from the feather of
@gideonking - it is unseen good stuff.  By:andreasauwaerte

Sunday, 22nd of November.

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

17:02:47 5 Good Image Search Engines Apart From Google Image Search...  By:

Monday, 23rd of November.

10:45:10 More Sites For Copyright or Royalty-Free Photos  By:web20classroom
10:45:56 12 Ways for Students to Publish Slideshows Online  By:web20classroom

Thursday, 26th of November.

07:25:37 RT @schb "Jauch & Schirrmacher über das Web&Co" #beckmann ---
irgendwie wirken beide Einstellungen etwas fossil...  By:MatthiasHeil
08:02:59 Create an Advent Calendar in Flash - part 1 - student how-to guide  By:

Friday, 27th of November.

00:02:40 Fundstück: Death By PowerPoint Comprehension Questions  By:

Saturday, 28th of November.

14:44:54 RT @dianadell: The Twitter Times personalized newspaper generated from
your Twitter account <--Can't wait to read mine...  By:web20classroom
15:02:57 Reports from a Warming Planet: Compelling site with reports on the crisis from around the
world.  By:TheTeacherPage
18:20:34 E-learning and Web 2.0 tools for schools:  By:h1moodle
21:03:20 RT @tombarrett: 10 Digital Writing Opportunities You Probably Know and 10 You Probably
Don't  By:Larryferlazzo
23:01:35 lohnenswerte Lektüre für alle, die E-Learning entwickeln: "Why you want to use scenarios in
your elearning"  By:jrobes

Sunday, 29th of November.

01:32:42 Working on part II of Creating an Advent calendar in Flash - need to get it done before Advent ;)  By:andyfield
12:32:03 Flinke Finger - Maschinenschreiben mit Spaß  By:scheppler
22:48:23 Just updated my blog post on Campus Innovation 2009 Track E-Portfolio
#ci09  By:mediendidaktik

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook


Tuesday, 1st of December.

08:46:03 Have you heard of Animoto? It's a free tool which lets you make videos with your photos. Get a
free education account -  By:TeachingIdeas
09:37:25 You can find many of Marc Rosenberg's slides to today's presentation here  By:zaidlearn
13:53:34 New competition entry Climate Change on Remember to enter
your cool course!  By:moodle

Friday, 4th of December.

17:11:07 #OEB2009 The changing role of the trainer - Gilly Salmon speaks to TJ about collaborative
learning  By:TrainingJournal
17:59:22 Climate change leads to wars in Africa  By:algore

Monday, 7th of December.

10:06:52 RT @MatthiasHeil: Fundstück: Abschied vom Frontalunterricht  By:

Saturday, 12th of December.

10:19:30 Toller Vortrag: Die Zukunft des Buches von @leanderwattig /via @gutjahr  By:

Sunday, 13th of December.

17:34:36 interessant: RT @martinkurz: Blog eröffnet rund um #Moodle. Ich hoffe natürlich auf Leser :-)  By:prueher

Monday, 14th of December.

23:20:06 I'm amazed at how many people are reading Web 2.0 Wonderland. Glad people like it!  By:timbuckteeth

Wednesday, 16th of December.

18:42:11 Unterrichtstipp zum Klimawandel (Game based Learning): RT @lisawa: Keep Cool - das online
Planspiel zum Klimawandel  By:prueher

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

Friday, 18th of December.

01:43:40 Plight of the Polar Bear in 32 Pictures  By:Larryferlazzo

Saturday, 19th of December.

23:57:53 Neu im D21-Blog: Moodle vs. Web 2.0 (  By:scheppler

Sunday, 20th of December.

11:31:17 BRILLIANT vocabulary site and for all languages..really well done.  By:

Wednesday, 23rd of December.

09:00:26 je planmäßiger wir vorgehen, desto wirksamer trifft uns der zufall.  By:MartinLennartz
23:54:03 RT @corinnew 2010: Year of digital distraction?  By:timbuckteeth

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Friday, 15th of January.

11:56:32 Check out this SlideShare Presentation : New Smart Devices for Learning  By:Networking_Lady

Sunday, 17th of January.

17:46:44 Today's 5 new listening lessons on my site: Mobile Phones, Models,
Modern Living, Monarchy & Money -  By:SeanBanville

Thursday, 28th of January.

18:33:59 Lehrer-Online - Mustertexte:  By:h1moodle
18:34:51 [CoboCards] Freie Lernkarten zum Thema Moodle Blöcke:  By:saschakaiser
19:54:00 Last night, Obama called for a comprehensive #climate & #cleanenergy bill. See
@RepowerAmerica’s #SOTU vid:  By:algore

Saturday, 30th of January.

14:07:45 Paris fights binge-drinking (la biture express) (Charles Bremner at TimesOnline) - video and
poster campaign  By:englishblog

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook


Tuesday, 2nd of February.

22:06:33 ENA European Navigator zur Geschichte Europas  By:Networking_Lady

Thursday, 4th of February.

06:18:19  By:h1moodle
06:18:20 Free screencasting easy:  By:h1moodle
08:37:01 Fundstück: Kostenloses Desktop-Sharing Tool als E-Learning Plattform nutzen  By:MatthiasHeil

Sunday, 14th of February.

17:17:40 Fundstück: TeleKast (Open Source Teleprompter App) --- I'm *definitely*
going to use it in class this week!-)  By:MatthiasHeil
22:36:05 Dossier «Handy im Schulalltag»  By:mschiefner

Tuesday, 16th of February.

08:06:57 Great guest post by @petesharma 6 best movie-clips NEVER to use in language teaching: - a must!!!  By:lclandfield
08:31:51 RT @ggrosseck: We are the World after 25 years, #helphaiti  By:cristinacost

Wednesday, 17th of February.

08:53:25 5 Fresh and Extreme Useful #Fonts for #Logos #Woorkup  By:
14:36:46 This Is How We Should Be Using Skype.... (Thanks @langwitches and
@concretekax for sharing!)  By:web20classroom
14:39:48 RT @evmaiden: Good food for thought - Sir Ken Robinson on the Power of the Imaginative
Mind via @edutopia  By:web20classroom

Thursday, 18th of February.

00:44:22 A Big List of Sites That Teach You How To Do Stuff -  By:TheTeacherPage
03:33:35 RT @GOOD: Contest: Create an ideal student lunch, photograph it and submit it -  By:Larryferlazzo
09:25:53 RT @skepp: #digitalnatives bei 3sat: | auch @cervus ist mit drin :-)

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

22:48:44 Oh yes! RT @mudrd8mz: great screencast by @moodlefairy on #moodle 2.0 workshop module  By:stephanrinke

Friday, 19th of February.

08:09:12 Voicethread Examples in Education: (via @russeltarr)  By:
09:01:03 Storytelling With Prezi (via @Percival)  By:prezi
09:14:53 'love at first beta invite': How To Make Storytelling With Prezi Even More Social (via @filmtiki)  By:prezi

Monday, 22nd of February.

22:31:04 Ein weiterer Grund, warum ich @mccab99 folge:  By:stephanrinke

Wednesday, 24th of February.

19:56:35 Changing #education? alfie kohn live-chat verpasst? Shelley fasste zusammen: (inkl. Video) #teacher  By:prueher
21:38:44 Interesting discussion about a Canadian Olympic ad that features immigration. Could
McDonald's do it in the US?  By:leelefever

Thursday, 25th of February.

15:00:29 Video of Eric Schmidt's speech at the Mobile World Congress  By:michaelgross
17:05:39 How to use Jing in your Classroom!  By:SimpleK12
20:51:26 Hello to everyone in Kansas! Nice to see you all on Twitter.  By:timbuckteeth
21:42:42 Mein Selbstinterview: Morgen 14 Uhr: ->
und hier der Teaser #fst10  By:dieGoerelebt

Friday, 26th of February.

16:19:44 Die Aufzeichnung unserer Online-Diskussion findet ihr hier: - viel Spaß beim
Ansehen!  By:bildungsreport

Sunday, 28th of February.

02:42:37 PLN: This is a great article on Twitter and the PLN from my friend Peter Vogel, @PeterVogel .  By:tomwhitby
02:43:29 RT @Aaron_Eyler: "Transparent Technology: Using Mind Maps To Understand Complex
Questions" ( )  By:tomwhitby
02:54:57 RT @concretekax: Get an RSS feed for any website  By:web20classroom
03:12:18 Wordle Alternatives #edtech #elearning  By:ShellTerrell

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

03:19:34 RT @web20classroom: Word It Out Is A Great Alternative To Wordle...  By:

09:08:08 Kofi Annan @ #OneYoungWorld : "My generation has failed!"  By:
09:35:41 Fundstück: Wikis im Unterricht – Erfahrungsaustausch  By:MatthiasHeil
09:38:46 Fundstück: Fraunhofer präsentiert interaktive Videos  By:MatthiasHeil

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook


Thursday, 4th of March.

22:43:34 Who needs a Smart Board if your body is the touch screen- Must watch video!  By:ShellTerrell
23:00:43 Lernen braucht den Sinn, den wir in der Schule ständig aus unserer Verantwortung schieben.
Ein Plädoyer von @lisarosa :  By:schb
23:10:05 Wallwisher for assessmt vs. standardized tests! Luv it via @thenerdyteacher
#edtech  By:ShellTerrell

Friday, 5th of March.

09:16:46 Bloom Box: Alternative Energy Solution for Future  By:RichardWalthers
10:09:20 #Prezi tip of the day from @alohalavina: Prezi is great to show graphs in a presentation. Zoom
into the details and show the big picture!  By:prezi
12:50:08 Absolut sehenswert: Peter Kruse erklärt das Internet |  By:saschakaiser
20:39:01 Web 2.0 in #Moodle session all done! Knowledgeable audience! Go to the site to participate and learn #cue10  By:cytochromec

Saturday, 6th of March.

12:18:44 RT @Filterraum: @ulrike_reinhard die ist ja mal süß =) #fc_org  By:
13:40:49 Linktipp: Journey To The End Of Coal - excellent interactive video project! thanks to
@DerEnglischBlog  By:Networking_Lady

Wednesday, 10th of March.

09:32:21 Watching 'Facebook Relationship Etiquette: Timmy And Alice Explain It All (VIDEO)' at Vodpod (via webthreads)  By:e_trude
09:40:49 RT @lasic: Educator asks: 'Why should I use Moodle?' Care to add to these answers (gr8 list!),
THANK YOU  By:olafelch
09:54:26 Takes you through using JING. Great screen capture software and free
#edtech #teacher  By:russell1955
09:55:52 Training videos take you through SKYPE and using it for tutoring etc
#edtech #teacher #elt  By:russell1955
10:12:03 nice driving test game to practice directions + related lexis #elt #yl #efl #esl
10:35:32 'Avatars' - My latest listening lesson: (just uploaded) #esl  By:SeanBanville
11:37:25 The ecological case for ebooks. Should you be getting an e-reader for the planet's sake? |
Guardian #ebooks #ereaders  By:englishblog

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

14:11:24 RT @mschiefner:..Videos internat. Keynote Speaker, Tagung #medienpädagogik #dgfe (Nov

2009)  By:Networking_Lady

Thursday, 11th of March.

13:38:56 Integrating Social Networking Tools in the Foreign Language Classroom
#mahara #eportfolio  By:Networking_Lady
13:43:48 @moodler @moodleman @betchaboy excellent use of #mahara  By:
16:04:33 VIDEO: CNN Student News: Thursday 11 March US Deficit and Texting While
Driving are good for use in class. #esl #tefl  By:englishblog

Tuesday, 16th of March.

09:08:31 "New Blog Post — Tuesday Trivia" -via @prestwickhouse  By:MissShonah
09:42:24 Voicethread Library for Educators:  By:web20classroom
21:18:09 We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. DPS
(Robin Williams as inspiring teacher) #poetry  By:vilsrip

Thursday, 18th of March.

13:00:30 nur 26% der Deutschen sind Teil der digitalen Gesellschaft => Ergebnisse der Studie finden Sie
hier  By:initiatived21
14:00:03 How to use Jing in your classroom: #edtech  By:SimpleK12
14:48:38 Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo and Juliet Accessible multimedia versions of
#Shakepeare plays with audio & animation. #esl  By:englishblog

Saturday, 20th of March.

05:14:19 RT: @TIME See the cartoons of the week |  By:MsBisOnline
17:54:13 creative uses of moodle modules:  By:h1moodle

Sunday, 21st of March.

22:52:45 One-Hour Blackout to go Green: This Saturday the world goes dark to bring light to the issue of
climate change | D...  By:VOALearnEnglish
22:54:10 KLK-Musterkurs "Aktivität statt Content" #Minimalausstattung #mootde10b  By:watueueh

Friday, 26th of March.

10:15:07 Tree of life #keynote #mootDE10b  By:watueueh
15:17:28 Interessantes Modell: Online-Fortbildung "Medienpädagogik für Lehrkräfte" unter #mootde10b  By:BjoernFr

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

Saturday, 27th of March.

01:19:56 5 Min: "B. Hunt Interviews Sir Ken Robinson on education and standardized tests."  By:watueueh
11:33:17 Audacity Tip Sheet for Students  By:web20classroom

Sunday, 28th of March.

17:50:49 What to Look for in a Classroom  By:web20classroom
18:09:52 [MAMK-Live Stream] - #qik  By:MAMK

Tuesday, 30th of March.

08:22:47 Teamrollen nach Belbin - Selbsteinschätzung:  By:h1moodle

Wednesday, 31st of March.

19:40:43 Air France offers second seat free for large fliers  By:englishblog

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook


Saturday, 3rd of April.

19:11:10 Screenpresso:  By:h1moodle

Monday, 5th of April.

18:58:34  By:dieGoerelebt
20:20:28 RT @k_shelton: RT @akipta: Finally! A SAFE, easy way to show & share YouTube videos in
school!  By:eportfolios
20:32:05 Fundstück: Digital Storytelling with Animoto: My Teachmeet Presentation  By:
20:32:20 Fundstück: E-Portfolios mit Mahara und Moodle  By:MatthiasHeil
20:47:23 Englischer Sammelband zu E-Portfolio erschienen — Gedankensplitter:
21:53:42 Lernkompetenz:  By:h1moodle

Tuesday, 6th of April.

18:06:00 Frisch notiert: 500 Arbeitsblätter für den Englischunterricht  By:MatthiasHeil
20:51:07 Just because some moodle users may not yet have seen this:Useful Things Teachers Can Do
With Roles  By:stephanrinke
23:18:07 A Brief Tour of Moodle 2.0 #FremdsprachenundNeueMedien  By:netexplorer
23:23:55 A cool add-in for Office that makes editing #Moodle files even easier.  By:

Wednesday, 7th of April.

22:01:55 Falsche Freunde - Top 50 der False Friends für Business English: Englisch ist in der heutigen
Geschäftswelt nicht ...  By:stephanrinke

Thursday, 8th of April.

12:43:40 The guys are showing their PLE video again at #pelc10  By:timbuckteeth

Friday, 9th of April.

09:27:11 gutes Heft vom Fluter über Medien:  By:papierland
09:40:26 Listening to @daveowhite #pelc10  By:cristinacost
17:43:58 . @russell1955 talking about using Jing to give students feedback on papers! Amazing #iatefl  By:ShellTerrell

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

17:46:23 Die Sendung mit Lobo, Sixtus & Kruse gibts jetzt schon in der Mediathek:
#zdf #information_overkill (via @lisarosa)  By:schb
17:55:17 Guter Ansatz: "Our education system _is_not_ broken, but it is becoming obsolete."
@stanforddschool (via @cervus) #schule  By:schb

Saturday, 10th of April.

13:04:02 Urhaberrecht beim eLearning. Hinweise dazu
MMKH.pdf  By:lisawa
16:47:16 RT @mjgormans: You Like Wordle? Then check out Tagxedo! Enjoy & share my post: #educatiion #edchat #teacher  By:SeanBanville
19:18:24 This is link to youTube video I showed you at start of my presentation Thanks
for so many lovely comments #iatefl  By:russell1955
21:34:37 YouTube - A Brief Tour of Moodle 2.0:  By:h1moodle
22:10:23 listening to "Kim Carnes - Betty Davis Eyes (Diplo Remix)" ♫  By:
22:13:30 6 Career-Killing Facebook Mistakes  By:Larryferlazzo

Tuesday, 13th of April.

23:48:54 Great French fries, great ideas. Education and democracy - why care? Jamie Kennedy's,
Monday April 26th 6 - 8  By:Anniekidder

Friday, 16th of April.

07:49:23 My 'Daily Paper' on Twitter is at A useful tool for catching up on
old tweets? via @GrahamAttwell  By:paulbrichardson
07:51:41 RT @ddeubel: What kind of teacher are you? My latest post.  By:

Saturday, 17th of April.

19:55:04 auch sehenswert! RT @leanderwattig "Video-Interview: Leben im Netzwerk - Prof. Kruse " #netzwerke  By:watueueh

Tuesday, 20th of April.

20:44:00 Call for Papers - #Moodle2010 in Essen - Sehen wir uns?  By:
21:59:37 Protecting Children Online - Part II: Quick Tips - O'Reilly Broadcast  By:

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Networking_Lady's Favorite Tweetbook

Sunday, 25th of April.

18:02:05 E-portfolios to support assessment #1 - #3  By:lisawa

Friday, 30th of April.

14:04:58 Thinkature - Real-time collaboration for the web #moodle #elearning  By:

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Sunday, 2nd of May.

08:08:17 Neu in der Lernwolke: : Youtube-Schmankerl - die Vierundsiebzigste  By:
10:36:38 A few people asked me recently about how I manage Twitter follow requests... Like this....  By:betchaboy
21:33:03 RE: @damianduchamps "Es gibt auch diejenigen Lehrer, die durchaus bereit wären, neue
Medien in ihren Unterricht zu int…  By:schb
21:56:56 Wandel IstEin Kriterium für kult. Zukunftsfähigkeit. WennDieserFehlt, IstEin Erstarren BisZum
Zusammenbruch vorbestimmt  By:schb
22:10:52 We are off to a slow start on the #EDCHAT poll tonight. Pls make your selection from our 5
topic questions.  By:tomwhitby
22:37:50 Character Development Using Voki Speaking Avatars #edtech #elearning
#digitalstorytelling  By:ShellTerrell

Monday, 3rd of May.

07:51:43 Moodle User Groups #moodle #elearning  By:birdy1976
08:53:23 Philosophie des eLearning: @pbaumgartner Selbstkritik hätten aber bessere andere
Vortragende geübt!!!!  By:Networking_Lady
09:07:14 'Belgium Bans the Burqa' - news lesson/listening: #esl #elt #efl #tesol  By:
09:19:55 Oil spill- BP Must Pay, Says Obama- My latest news lesson/listening -  By:
22:11:13 Lese "Leitfaden zur Leitung und Moderation virtueller Seminare - Psychodynamik/Didaktik" (pdf,
81 Seiten): #eeducation  By:prueher

Wednesday, 12th of May.

21:30:14 Food for thought about the future of Education  By:stephanrinke
21:59:55 Alan November – How Can We Make Change? #edtech  By:ShellTerrell

Monday, 17th of May.

23:28:19 Sehr informative und ergänzende #Prezi zu meinem #SessionThema Web 2.0 & Bildung von
Damian Duchamps: #saarcamp  By:andi1984

Tuesday, 18th of May.

08:44:56 What Did They Tweet? | Teacher Reboot Camp  By:ShellTerrell

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08:56:00 Free Global Lesson plan on OIl Spill in Gulf of Mexico - by Frances Watkins.  By:lclandfield
09:38:18 PrintFriendly makes printing on the web better. You'll save paper and ink, plus get great looking
documents. #cool  By:birdy1976
22:42:25 Augmented Reality Experience #AR  By:jamieai

Wednesday, 19th of May.

21:08:28 Fundstück "#Kompetenzraster - eine neue Form der Leistungsbewertung"
#BertelsmannStiftung #fb  By:watueueh
22:13:45 Neu in der Lernwolke: : Digitale Pinnwand - die Vierte  By:scheppler

Thursday, 20th of May.

08:50:31 Great tools that work with Flickr in language teaching Some real gems here.
#elt #tefl #esol #esl #edtech  By:russell1955
08:57:42 Glogster is great tool for electronic posters/blogs etc #edtech #technology
#elt #tefl  By:russell1955
17:20:06 @Networking_Lady what do u think about that ?  By:Effy_13

Sunday, 23rd of May.

09:27:50 Good site for embedding any file in your VLE, blog or website #ictteacher
#edtech #ictcurric #edchat  By:astburyp
18:31:45 Queen Rania on Social Media  By:cristinacost
19:03:32 RT @SeanBanville: My new blog post: Voki and 16 classroom uses:  By:

Monday, 24th of May.

10:10:00 RT @russell1955: Free training videos on using Voki. Really detailed #elt
#efl #tesol #esl #edtech #beltfree  By:SeanBanville
14:30:12 PLN: Looking to skype an author with your class? Here is the link to set it in motion. Skype an
Author  By:tomwhitby
17:29:51 nice - hopefully Workshop module will get there in the next
release of the sheet  By:mudrd8mz

Wednesday, 26th of May.

19:31:19 QuizPort Modul für #moodle  By:netexplorer
19:53:54 I just love the way Sir Ken Robinson makes a case for personalised learning.What a great
speaker!  By:stephanrinke
22:45:28 Electronic Portfolios with Google Apps:  By:russeltarr

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Thursday, 27th of May.

22:53:20 RT @facebook: Understanding Your Privacy Controls on Facebook:  By:

Friday, 28th of May.

00:10:03 Dieser Lehrer hat etwas verstanden. Tolle Inspiration auch für den Musikunterricht! (via @sebnetta)  By:mwoodtli
08:55:20 RT @ggrosseck: RT @tech_vert London Museum Releases Cool Augmented Reality App |
TechVert  By:cristinacost
09:26:09 RT @Amandalanguage: RT: @ddeubel Using authentic materials. Teacher training presentation
-  By:ShellTerrell
09:30:35 more edtech reading for the weekend #TEFL #education
#edtech #elearning  By:NikPeachey
18:44:18 moved to vps host. #mahara Nigel´s cool job  By:h1moodle
21:20:35 RT @cytochromec: Blog post on eportfolio project #mahara  By:

Sunday, 30th of May.

08:56:01 RT @amateurdancer: Is #Mahara e-portfolios a good tool for teaching English EFL? YES  By:moodleman
17:52:33 new on delicious: 50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do:  By:
17:52:34 new on delicious: eHow | How To Do Just About Everything! | How To Videos & Articles: is an online commun...  By:stephanrinke

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Wednesday, 2nd of June.

20:52:59 ... and then we talked of the rain. always back to the rain.  By:martinlindner

Thursday, 3rd of June.

23:38:09 RT @web20classroom: A 21st Century Professional Development Proposal: #edchat  By:tomwhitby

Sunday, 6th of June.

20:34:31 'Without a vision the people perish!' via @efolio  By:John_Pallister

Thursday, 17th of June.

07:01:39 Deutscher Bildungsserver: "Web 2.0 und Bildung." #knuffig
#erste_orientierung  By:schb
07:23:09 Schulen, die Schülern würdig sind | Spreeblick: "Mein Interessen-Timing entsprach nur einfach
nicht dem der Schule."  By:schb
10:28:22 Gr8 post! Life After Course Books via @vickysaumell  By:ShellTerrell
11:01:06 Updated "The Best Sites To Learn About Walls That Separate Us"  By:
22:19:06 Bildungsreformen: Welche Schule ist die beste? | ZEIT ONLINE  By:schb

Friday, 18th of June.

01:40:46 I know I shouldn't laff at this. But apparently #Moodle is Borken!!! I luv the detail in the report -  By:moodleman
04:47:25 Convert PDF to Word (DOC) — 100% Free!:  By:h1moodle
05:33:10 The 10 Worst Manmade Environmental Disasters  By:Larryferlazzo
05:56:52 Interesting. Understanding what kids r doing online.  By:jbrogley
06:12:57 Nice 'lil list of web 2.0 tools.  By:jbrogley
08:51:49 LMS: A Quick SWOT Analysis Social Media ist keine Bedrohung für LMS
sondern eine Entwicklungsmöglichkeit #mashup  By:amersch
08:55:44 create a font from your own hand writing #TEFL #ESL
#elearning #edchat  By:NikPeachey
10:21:32 Neu in der Lernwolke: : The Second Digital Divide  By:scheppler

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15:35:49 @ignatia "Mobile #Moodle at #mLearnCon" recap and preso  By:
17:05:10 New on Web conferencing plugins forum #moodle  By:moodlehelen

Tuesday, 22nd of June.

13:23:25 Preisgekrönter Moodlekurs für Spanisch
l#links  By:wagjuer

Friday, 25th of June.

15:10:31 excellent list: embedding media and other stuff in #moodle  By:

Sunday, 27th of June.

19:21:32 Comment on Poodle for Moodle: a desktop Moodle install for offline testing, learning and course
constructio... #moodle  By:moodlenews

Monday, 28th of June.

14:57:30 BBC Learning English - Words in the News - The goal that wasn't Download
audio, vocab and text #elt #esl #WorldCup  By:englishblog
14:58:42 Get 600+ photos from #TEDxOilSpill expedition, all Creative Commons, free to use!  By:TEDNews
15:13:22 Thema: Vorlesungen einmal anders ... (Kerres/Reinmann/Morisse) Aufzeichnung:  By:Networking_Lady

Tuesday, 29th of June.

22:10:00, ten ways to encourage children to take responsibility for their learning.  By:

Wednesday, 30th of June.

00:54:05 Useful post Re: Adding large list of users to a Moodle Course: by Mary Cooch You can upload
them into your ... #moodle  By:moodle
01:53:57 Some nice images and resources on the #altcmu blog:  By:
02:50:44 My grand tour of Europe  By:

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Friday, 2nd of July.

10:56:04 If we develop concern for other people's welfare, share other people's suffering, and help them,
ultimately we will benefit.  By:DalaiLama

Saturday, 3rd of July.

20:00:20 RT @dmaas354: #iste10 The killer app for 21st Century learning is a good teacher  By:

Sunday, 4th of July.

10:48:05 #Lehrerrundmail neu: Smartboardsoftware ohne Smartboard  By:hodihu

Tuesday, 6th of July.

04:14:47 Totally fabulous: Internet Safety Program So interactive! Thanks for
sharing RT @kristenswanson @smack3131 #ijppss  By:MsBisOnline
08:40:52 Wenn Programme und Computer analog wären @Networking_Lady  By:
14:28:12 Schulen ans Netz: Berufswahl-Portal dreifach prämiert! #lehrer_online gratuliert:  By:lehrer_online

Monday, 12th of July.

03:04:26 #mootau10  By:moodler
05:11:19 23 sites for using audio in the classroom - #ESL  By:SeanBanville
09:52:54 Moving at the Speed of Creativity: Why email is NOT good enough for communication today RT @jrobes #fb  By:SAPlearn
11:41:55 "if someone has passion around their work… they actually are much more connected than
people who are just doing the work because it's a job"  By:cervus

Wednesday, 14th of July.

10:27:23 RT @Thanks2Teachers: "Five Minutes with Sir Ken Robinson on Standardized Testing" on The
Educator's PLN:  By:ShellTerrell
12:44:46 Thanks to those who have commented on Web 3.0: The Way Forward  By:

Thursday, 15th of July.

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08:37:14 Trends: Will the iPad revolutionize business education? Two experts...  By:BusSpot

Sunday, 18th of July.

03:24:29 "A Bacchanalian orgy of ideas." Fun write-up of last week's TEDGlobal #TED
09:35:15 Interaktiv | Deutschland - Schulstreit-Land  By:e_trude
09:42:17 5 Big Global Trends in Education  By:e_trude
12:51:22 YouTube- Is ANYONE listening to students? Students Speak Up About Education Technology  By:web20classroom
21:52:51 Die Ölpest ist nun auch im Web angelangt: (via @slist)  By:mwoodtli

Monday, 19th of July.

00:59:26 RT @MrMacnology: 7 Deadly Blog Writing Sins » (via @Tamar) Good advice
for your next blog post. #edchat  By:tomwhitby

Friday, 23rd of July.

15:12:13 Blogged: The Future of mPortfolios (m=mobile) #aaeebl (links to iWork preso)
20:51:10 Free Technology for Teachers: Ten Uses for in Education  By:

Saturday, 24th of July.

07:35:47 What Can Teachers Learn From Terrorists?  By:Larryferlazzo

Sunday, 25th of July.

23:03:57 I hope it is much more than a reform: Education: Reform or Transformation? A Report from the
#aif2010  By:ulrike_reinhard
23:57:38 RT @carlaarena: Just published Language Teaching tools worth exploring

Monday, 26th of July.

07:43:25 Xtra-normal. Brilliant 3D dialogue building tool can be used in several
languaes #french #spanish #beltfree #tesol  By:russell1955

Friday, 30th of July.

01:30:52 Google is offering educator certified apps training: #slavmsd  By:

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14:55:50 Kommunikation im Web 2.0. Twitter, Facebook & Co von Melanie Huber. Hier gratis im tollen
Buch lesen (via @paper_c)  By:birdy1976

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