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Wausau School District/Superintendent Online Application

Williams, Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/18/2010

~ersonal Data


Williams (Last)

DR Kathleen (First)


(Middle Initial)


Other name(s) under which transcripts, certificates, and former applications may be listed:

Meinzer Kathleen G

(Last) (First) (Middle Initial)

Email Address:


Postal Address

Permanent Address Number & Street:



Zip Code:

Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Cell Number:

Work Address Number & Street:



Zip Code:

Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Where would you prefer to be contacted: Home

Current Personal Data

Current Emnlover: Retired
Current Position:
Years In Position: ,_
Number of Staff:
Annual Budaeti
Current Gross Income:
I Tvne of District:
Most Recent Degree From: Northern Illinois University
Decree Earned: ED.D. Ad .. t tl E

mrms ra rve xpenence
Employer and Position Title Location: Dates: Primary Supervisor/Board Pres.
Citv. State From -To
East Maine S.D, #63 Des Plaines, IL 07/00 ~k
Superintendent 06/09
Significant accomplishments in this position:
During nine years in District 63, I was successful in working with the Board of Education to develop a strategic vision focused on student
and school improvement through board governance. Consequently, a major emphasis was placed on rigorous staff development
programs (to better use data, research-based lstructlonal practices, use of 21st century technology, and to meet the needs of diverse
learners) resulting in increased student achievement for all schools, Our district was highlighted by the ISBE for achievement gains.
After 37 years our district successfully passed an education rate increase via a tax referendum during the November 2004 general
election. We were only one of six districts to do so statewide. Further, the Mayor of Niles wrote a letter of support to the community to
vote "yes". This was the first time in his 44 years in office to endorse a school referendum,
A Strategic Direction and Design was developed through my initiative and with the collaboration of the Board, administration, teachers,
staff, parents, students, and business/community members. This design and its visions have been used to drive all decisions in the district
and was recently updated in the spring of 2009,
School Leadership/School Improvement Teams have been implemented at each school and embrace the concepts of a "Professional
Learning Community" (DuFour model),
All sunervision and evaluation processes/documents have been reviewed and redevelQll'ed Qyrespective stakeholders following: a Generated at 7nonOl 0 11 :32:02 AM Central

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Wausau School Dlstrict/Superintendeht Online Application

Williams, Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/18/2010

Experience Continued

comprehensive review of the literature and research.

All policies and administrative guidelines have been rewritten, and now, reflect the strategic direction of the district.

The Board of Education meetings have been reformatted and are more orderly and efficient. In fact, our current board president was named by the Illinois Association of School Boards "Board President of the Year" several years ago. Three of the seven board members have received and maintained "Master Board Member" status.

All seven schools have received new boiler, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting systems, and new windows. Four elementary schools currently are undergoing construction of security vestibules and office additions. Our jr. high school also underwent a major renovation including the addition of 15 classrooms, science labs, a new gym, stage, and multi-purpose rooms. The administrative center also was remodeled (utilizing only in-house staff) to project a more professional and welcoming appearance, as well as to provide a conducive work environment for staff.

Four association contracts have been negotiated successfully utilizing an Interest Based Bargaining process.

The entire district's curriculum, instructional ,staff development, and assessment programs have been reviewed and revised to reflect current research, best practice, and the Illinois State Learning Standards. Benchmarks for each grade level have been developed, as well. Our students' achievement scores have exceeded anticipated scores (based on aptitude scores). Further, new programs, such as Project Prevent and an expanded ESL kindergarten program have been developed to support at risk learners. Internal Audits of Control have been conducted within the business, personnel, and special education departments, Recommendations that were developed have been implemented and/or are in the process of being implemented.

The Technology Department was reorganized completely and is operating in a more efficient and effective manner. A focus on becoming more aligned with the needs of the 21st century learner is apparent in both acquisition of hardware and information (through wikis, podcasts, etc.).

Emergency Management Plans have been developed and disseminated to all district staff. In addition District and School Crisis Management Teams have been created and in-serviced.

Our district received a 21st Century Learning Community federal grant in the amount of $2.4 million. That program recently won an award from a private organization for being the best after school program in the nation. In 2004 AASA recognized the program as being the most outstanding in the state ofI1linois.

Prior to the passage of the referendum, reductions of $6 mi1lion dollars were made to the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 budgets through the utilization of recommendation received from a Financial Task Force and public forum focus group.

Our kinetic wellness program was named best in the state by the IAPEHRD in 2004.

Numerous staff members have received local and state awards of excellence, as well.

PBIS and RTI initiatives are operating successfully.

Reason For Leaving: Retired

Last Annual Salarv: $206000.00 Last Annual Gross: $256000.00 Enrollment: 3600+ District Type: Elementary





mm xperienee ontmue
Employer and Position Title Location: Dates: Primary Supervisor/Board Pres,
CItv. State From - To
Lawrence Unified S.D. #497 Lawrence" KS 08/98 '?«
Superintendent 07/00
Significant accomplishments in this position: <,
I helped to contribute to the successful passage of a bond referendum in November of my first year as superintendent in order to
construct a new elementary school, add additions to four elementary schools, and purchase a new administrative center and warehouse. I
saw those projects through to fruition.
I assisted in the entire process of constructing a new elementary school including attendance at weekly architect/contractor meetings.
Further, I assisted with its staffing and material needs.
A Strategic Design was developed at my direction with major stakeholder groups (similar to the East Maine process). This process
helped to mend a division that existed within the community,
A Curriculum Audit was conducted by consultants of Phi Delta Kappa. Subsequent reconunendations were integrated into the Strategic
Design. Curriculum Maps were created by every teacher in the district in order to articulate programs and to analyze goals. objectives,
and assessments.
All policies and administrative guidelines were rewritten also.
At my direction a Facilities Task Force was created to studv the facility needs of the district and to explore the potential closing and Generated at 7nOnOlO 11 :32:02 AM Central

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Wausau School DistrictlSuperintendent Online Application

Williams, Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/18/2010

~x erience Continued

consolidation of several schools.

Interest Based Bargaining was utilized for the firt time to negotiate a teachers' contract.

I worked with the city government to develop an agreement whereby it agreed to build a swimming pool/natatorium for the new high school recently constructed in exchange for use of the property, parking space, and shared access to the pool and adjoining gymnasium. Additionally, following passage of the referendum,l sought another agreement with the city to contribute money to expand the size of the new elementary school's gymnasium and later to consider construction of a community center and health clinic. I also engaged the library in conversation to build a branch at the new elementary school site ..

Reason For Leaving: My husband was unable to secure employment in Kansas.I did not wish to continue a commuter marriage.

Last Annual Sala : 125000.00 Last Annual Gross: 135 000.00 Enrollment: 10200 District T : K - 12

Adm n Exper ence Continued


From ·To

Primary SupervisorlBoard Pres.

Employer and Position Title


City State


Reason For Leaving: I accepted the superintendency in Lawrence. Kansas.

Last Annual Salarv: $82 000.00 Last Annual Gross: $110 000 Enrollment: 16000 District Tvne: ElementruY

07/88 07/95


rS-i-g-ni-fi-lc-a-nt-a-c-c-om--p-li-shm--e-n-ts-i-n-t-W~s-p-o~si-ti~o-n-: --------------~--------------~ - ~

I helped to form and develop a School Leadership Team (composed of staff and parent representation)who helped develop (jointly with the remainder of the staff) a building action plan to address student needs. The objectives of the plan ultimately caused more effective and research based practices to be delivered in the classroom with resulting achievement gains being made.

Ranch View School and I were highlighted in the Chicago Tribune and on the WON "For Kids' Sake" television program, because of our successful practices in working with children with Attention Deficit Disorders and other at-risk students.

1 was named as the district's nominee for Those Who Excel in the Principal's category.

Naperville C.U.S.D. #203 Principal

Naperville, IL

Reason For Leaving: I accepted the Assistant Superintendent position in Schaumburg.

Last Annual Salarv: Last Annual Gross: Enrollment n0/17000 District 'type: K - 12

Generated at 7n012010 II :32:02 AM Central

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Wausau School District/Superintendent Online Application

Williams, Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/1812010



C t'


min xpenence on rnue
Employer and Position Title Location: Dates: Primary SupervisorlBoard Pres.
City State From -To
Mt, Morris C,U.S.D. Mt. Morris, IL 07/85 :"K
PrincipallK-12 Asst. Supt. ofCurr. and 07/88 ,
Significant accomplishments in this position:
1 developed the first monthly district newsletter for the Mt. Morris community ,
1 helped write the first State Illinois Goals for Learning for the district.
I contributed to the creation of a new supervision and evaluation tool for teachers.
With the assistance of staff we developed a new literacy program.
In partnership with our local special education cooperative, I helped create the flrst mainstream program for TMH students and our high
school program.
Reason For Leaving: My husband lost his reelection bid, and we relocated to Naperville.
Last Annual Salarv: Last Annual Gross: Enrollment: 1500 District Type: K - 12
Chadwick C.U.S.D. #399 Chadwick, IL 08178 X
TeacherfPrincipal 06/85
Significant accomplishments in this position:
Dr. Olds and I were the only two administrators in this small, rural district. I also taught half-time. Nonetheless, I created a giftedJ
mentorlng program for our jr. high and high school students with community businesses and leaders. I also developed a year-long
foreign language program for Carrol County 9, 10, and 11 year-Old elementary school students, which culminated in an overseas exchange
program. Our district received a class of French fourth grade students for three weeks, and I accompanied a multiage group of students
to a suburb of Paris for three weeks. Further, I helped write a grant for the first Illinois distance learning program (between two high
schools in order to provide Spanish language classes).
Reason For Leaving: I accepted a full-time administrative position in Mt. Morris.
Last Annual Salarv: Last Annual Gross: Enrollment: 250 District Type: K - 12 P fiE

ro essrona xpenence
Employer and Position Title Location: Dates: Primary SupervisorlBoard Pres.
City, State From - To
East Maine SD 63 Des Plaines, IL 08/09 Board of Education
Consultant 06/09
SignificantAccomplishments at this position:
Following retirement, the BoE asked that I bring to fruition a building project regarding secure and energy-efficient entranceways at
four elementary schools. I also mentored the new superintendent, ExDir. of Curriculum, Dlr, of Sp, Educ.,and Ex. Dir. of
PupilfPersonnel Services, and principal. Further, I coordinated the HINI communication and vaccination initiative, developed
framework for a Facilities Use Community Task Force, and wrote news releases, among numerous other activities.
Reason For Leaving: My work was to be completed during the 2009-2010 school year.
Last Annual Salarv: Last Annual Gross: Generated at 7120/2010 11:32:03 AM Central

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Wausau Scbool DistricUSuperintendent Online Application

Williams, Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/1812010

P f E



-. ro xperence ont nue
Employer and Position Title Location: Dates: Primary Supervisor/Board Pres.
Citv, State From -To
University of Illinois Oak Brook, n, 08/08
Champagne 12/08
Significant Accomplishments at this position:
I taught a "School Improvement" class to graduate students Working on the Type 75 Administrative Endorsement and a Master's Degree
in School Administration.
Reason For Leaving: Course ended
Last Annual Salary: Last Annual Gross:
Mt. Carroll Nursery School Mt. Carroll, IL 09177 Board of Directors
Teacher 05/78
Significant Accomplishments at this position:
I helped to create a discovery-based program for three and four-year old children.
Reason For Leaving: I accepted a third grade teaching position.
Last Annual Salary: Last Annual Gross: Oth E

er xpenence
Employer and Position Title Location: Dates: Primary Supervisor
Citv.State From -To
Latin School of Chicago Chicago,IL 08172 ~
Third Grade Teacher 06174
Significant accomplishments in this position:
I believe I developed positive relationships with the students, parents, and other staff members. 1 hope I left children with a love for
-leamlng and a desire and excitement to learn more.
Reason For Leaving: I chose to stay home with my two infant children.
Last Annual Salary: $7200 Last Annual Gross: $7200
St. Hubert's School Hoffman Estates, IL 08171 ~
Third Grade Teacher 06n2
Significant accomplishments in this position:
This was my first year of teaching. It was significant, because I had 40 students and a handful of text books and little else. Along with
all the other content areas, I also taught art and music, supervised lunch, and cleaned my room daily. The children achieved as a whole at
very high levels (mlraculouslyl).
Reason For Leaving: I was offered a position in a more progressive school.
Last Annual Salarv: $7200.00 Last Annual Gross: $7200.00 Generated at 712012010 11 :32:03 AM Central

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Wausau School DistrlctLSuperintendent Online Application

Williams, Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/18/2010


High School Attended:

Hammond High School, Hammond, Indiana

Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools Attended:

Name and location Major Degree Date Conferred
Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois Educational ED.D. 1996
Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois Educational M.S. 1982
Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana Elementary B.S. 1971
Education List honors, awards or distinctions:

2005 Distinguished Service Award of Excellence Administrator Category by the Illinois ChapterlNational School Public Relations Association

Nominee for National Superintendent of the Year 2004 Educator of the Year 2000 by the University of Kansas

Those Who Excel Award Principal Category Naperville District 203 Nominee Crystal Award of Outstanding Achievement

One of Top Ten Outstanding LU, Freshmen Women Students

Please list your professional memberships - please indicate leadership roles you may have had with any of them. lASA North Cook Division. President, Vice Pres" and Sec.

State Superintendent's Advisory Committee

ISBE RTI ASPIRE Committee, only Supt. representative Superintendents' Roundtable

Su burban Superintendents' Organization

Planning Committee for the Lake County Superintendents' Leadership Conference

Please list your community and civic memberships and participation. Niles Healthy Community Partnership and

Subcommittee- Student Assets

21 st Century Leaming Coummunity/Business Partnership Glenview Officials Committee

Morton Grove Officials Conunittee

O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission

Please list any publications you may have, including your doctoral andlor master's dissertations, if appropriate.

An Analysis of Illinois Elementary School Principals' Knowledge and Perceptions of ADDfADHD and Effective Instructional Practices Column in the Journal and Topics newspapers entitled "In the Maine Stream"

Please list major presentations made to national, state or regional audiences.

Emergency Management Planning for Schools at Regional Emergency Planning Seminar sponsored by Honeywell Southwest Region (Kansas) of Elementary School Principals' Conference

"Developing Positive Relationships Between Superintendents and Principals"

AS CD National Conference

"Meeting the Needs of the At-Risk Student in the 21st Century"

Midwest Principals' Association "The Expanding School Community"

lAPDIIPRA Annual Conference

"KASPER: A Before and After School Child Care Alternative Created and Maintained by Four Private and Governmental Entities"

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Wausau School DistricUSuperintendent Online Application

Williams, Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 711812010

Please list major presentations made 10 national, state or regional audiences. (contlnued)

ASCD National Conference

"Learning Styles. Effective Instructional Practlcc, and ADD/LD Students"

AS CD National Conference • Attention Deficit Disorder"


"Creating and Implementing a District Volunteer Program Utilizing Senior Citizens and Retirees"

Please list significant workshops Of conferences which you wonld like to highlight.

I have worked extensively with Will Richardson. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and Meg Ormiston to enhance 21st Century Learning through the use of technology. Teachers and administrators have learned the attributes to DuFour's model of Professional Learning Communities.

I have attended and worked with Bob Marzano and Doug Reeves to bring high yield instructional practices to our district.

For numerous years I have exposed teachers and administrators to staff development analyzing skillful teaching pracices (through the work of Jon Saphier) and linking them to the teaching of State standards.

Because of the popularity of the ADD/ADHD presentations at the ASCD National Conferences, I was asked to be the national facilitator for the ASeD ADD/ADHD Network. In addition, I was asked by a private company to be placed on their national speaker's list (which I declined).


Do you hold the appropriate certificate for this position?


Type State Certificate Number Exuiration Date Active?
75 _(Superintendent Endorsement) IL 1471839 06/30110 No
75 IL 1181529 06/30/10 No
03 IL 0963066 06/30flO No Please list aU of the endorsements andlor verifications documented on your teaching/administrative certificate(s):

Superintendent Endorsement

Open Ended Questions

For Wausau School District/Superintendent:

1, Please share why you are interested in this position and your unique qualifications for it.

Since my retirement. I have experienced a void unlike any other. As such I would like to resume doing that for which I have a passion and drive .. .1eading and assisting others. However, I am not interested in simply resuming my career anywhere; I want to go where my strengths, attributes, and skills can be most used and from which both the district and I can benefit, grow, and share mutual satisfaction. I truly believe Wausau could be that district.

If one was to read all of the letters of reconunendation submitted on my behalf, one should be able to note a strong similarity 10 the desired characteristics of the next superintendent in Wausau. What should be highlighted is the that all the leIters were written prior to the existence of the vacancy in Wausau. Further, the letters emphasize 1) an enthusiastic and engaging personality and collaborative leadership presence and style; 2) a strong and active presence in schools, classrooms, and community functions/activities; 3) a capacity to be highly visionary; 4) an ability to utilize successfully interest based problem solving to resolve minor and major conflicts; and 5) an unrelenting expectation to keep students at the forefront of all decision making while utilizing data and research based practices. Additionally, I have had extensive experience working in fiscally challenged districts and assisting in the passage of tax referenda. Further, I have: initiated and guided new strategic visions and subsequent implementation and alignment plans; assisted in the writing and being granted an award of $2.4 million for an after school community based program; worked with alternative school setting programs; collaborated with a major university on student and personnel programs; and made postive gains in highly volatile board-staff-community relationships while increasing student performance.

I believe I am the individual who could assist Wausau Public Schools and its Board of Education to help redefine itself-- move beyond who you are in order to realize who you can become. My former colleagues likely would tell you that I possess a fearlessness to confront the future. can instill a power and belief of collective convictions while staying the course regardless of detractors and naysayers.

I would love the onuortunitv to discuss the possibilities.

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Wausau School District/Superintendent Online Application

Williams. Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/1812010

For Wausau School District/Superintendent:

2. Please list the five accomplishments in your professional career of which you take the greatest satisfaction and why you do


For nine years as superintendent in East Maine, I (with the assistance of many others) helped to transform a dysfunctional district and low performing schools completely. A metamorphosis was experienced. By shifting the attention from teaching to learning, establishing a focus and vision through strategic direction setting and alignment, developing a collaborative culture, having the board review/rewrite all its policies (to align with the strategic plan), reinventing the curriculum and instructional programs with a focus on current research and best practice, using data regularly to guide instruction, renovating all schools, utilizing an Interest-Based Problem Solving Approach, embracing a "failure is not an option" approach, seeing achievement scores climb, AND passing an education rate increase ... life has improved significantly in District 63. During that time period I introduced successfully the concept of Professional Learning Communities into the EMSD 63 school district, thereby, effectively creating collaborative environments for learning. This vehicle has assisted in the thrust of the schools to move as state previously from teaching to learning; educating all students to high standards of learning, so that they can become contributing members of our technological society in a global economy. This was particularly challenging given the fact that 85% of our students lived in homes where English was not the first language. Further, a strong emphasis in the district has been to incorporate strategies to utilize learning technologies effectively. As such, we have worked over the years with Will Richardson, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and Meg Ormistan to stay current and "moving".

I assisted the Board of Education with the development of more effective board governance strategies through the use of the Key Works of School Boards and other NSBA resources. We routinely met and worked together as a team to connect board decisions with our strategic design and direction.

I have assisted in the passage of two referenda in highly challenging situations:

1) In Lawrence, Kansas, I assisted in the passage of a building referendum in 1998 to construct a new elementary school and four elementary school additions, as well as to purchase a new administrative and warehouse structure. 2) In Bast Maine SD 63 I assisted in the passage of an Education Rate Increase in 2004 (the flrst in 37 years). Further, I gained the support of the Mayor of Niles who had not supported a school referendum in over 40 years.

I was the catalyst behind the writing of a competitive 21st Century Learning Community Grant with the U.S. Department of Educatlon. District 63 was awarded $2.4 million. The "TLC Program" was born and has helped to serve hundreds of EMSD 63 children and families over the last eight years. The program has been honored by AASNSodexho as one of the best afterschool programs in Illinois. The Federation of Community Schools named the program as one of the best in the nation.

I developed a foreign language/cultural exchange program for 9,10, and l l-year old children in Carroll County, Illinols, The year-long program culminated in an exchange whereby the school and local communities welcomed a class of fourth grade students for three weeks. Additionally, another teacher and I accompanied a multiage group of our students to Paris, France, for three weeks. This program changed the perspectives of both the children, their parents, and our communities; they all became more globally

enlightened .. .I believe for life.

I was asked by former third grade students to be the keynote speaker for their high school graduation ceremony, because in their words, I had made the most significant and positive impact in their educational lives. Every educator wants to leave a legacy. To have students tell you that you made such a difference was the greatest honor of my life.

Language Skills

Do you know any language other than English? Yes


Oral Level:

Written Level:

French and Gennan Polite


Generated at 712012010 t I ;32:03 AM Central

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Wausau School District/Superintendent Online Application

Williams. Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7118/2010

°rofessional References

D Af'~l"~,"I'.t1 1 Reference 2
School/Ora: 53 I Boards
Current Position: an
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone: I
Mailing Address: \
Email: 'g
Relationshio to Candidate: I ltion
Years Known: I
Reference 3 ... ..._ ..... & ............ _- --.
SchoolJOrg: .~ n
Current Position:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
Mailing Address: 300
Relationshin to Candidate: in District 63
Years Known: 9+
Reference 5
Name: "- ""-
SchooVOrg: ct209 - --
Current Position: V ~
Home Phone:
Cell Phone: ~
Work Phone: -
Mailing Address: -
Email: -
Relationship to Candidate: -
""--- • ___ T_~~ __ • -
Years Known: 11+ years - (

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Wausau Schoof District/Superintendent Online AppUcation

Williams, Kathleen ~ AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/18/2010

Professional References (cont.)

Reference 7 ReferenceS
School/Ora: ~ ,
Current Position: mt:lIY_ School
Home Phone:
Cell Phone: ;
Work Phone:
Mailing Address:
EmaH: I i
Relationship to Candidate: 1 g mentored I . of Pupil and
Years Known: . (
Reference 9
Current Position: I
Home Phone: ,
CelI Phone: ,
Work Phone:
Mailing Address:
Relationship to Candidate: Inst, in
Years Known: General Information

List any additional information which will support your candidacy,

While in Lawrence, I worked extensively with a significant number of Native Americans and had a strong working relationship with the President of Haskell Indian Nations University.

D - ~ean of the School of Education at KU and current Dean of the School of Education at USC, replicated 'at

USC with great success me strategic direction setting model that I used in Lawrence.

Are you presently under contract? When does contract expire?

Have you ever failed to have your contract renewed, be rehired, been asked to resign a position, or resigned to avoid termination?

If yes, explain.

Have you ever had a credential or certificate revoked, suspended or annulled in any state, territory orforeign country?

If yes, explain.

Where did you hear of our vacancy?





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Wausau School District/Superintendent Online Application

Williams, Kathleen - AppNo: 387 Date Submitted: 7/1812010


How did you hear of our vacancy(ies)? Recruited by HY A associate

Legal Information

1. Are you eligible to work in the United States? Yes

2. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving a sex offense or a controlled substance? No If yes, explain, giving dates:

3. Have you ever had any indicated finding of child abuse filed in your name? No If yes, explain, giving dates:


I authorize the organization(s) to which I am applying and Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, Ltd. to contact my references or any other references deemed necessary to ascertain the merits of my candidacy for this position. I authorize references to discuss my application and/or release information concerning me, and agree to hold them, the District, and the consultants harmless for providing and/or utilizing any in formation requested andlor provided.

I also request that my application and interest-in the administrative position remain as confidential as possible under the applicable laws of the state. I understand that my candidacy may become a matter of public record when I am presented to the Board. I further understand that elements of my resume may be available to the public and the news media at such time. However, I request that reasonable effort be taken to maintain the confidentiality of this application and other documents and information which accompany my application for the position for which I am applying. (Note: In some states, such as Florida, there can be no confidential written correspondence, Please call HY A if interested in one of these positions.)

If you answer "yes" to any of the above questions, you must submit official copies of court records including disposition of the case(s).

I hereby affirm that there are no misrepresentations, omissions or falsifications in the foregoing statements and answers, and that the entries made by me are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I acknowledge that any misrepresentations, omissions or falsifications might be grounds for dismissal if employed for this position.

Kathleen G, Williams (agreed online)

. Generated at 1120120 I 0 II :32:03 AM Central

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East Maine School District 63

10150 Dee Road

Des Plaines, Illinois 60016

Pho: ~


January 3D, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I offer this letter of recommendation for Dr, Kathleen Williams. I have had the good fortune to work with Dr, Williams since July of 2000, first as a member of the Board of Education that hired her, then for the following eight years as President of the Board, OUf relationship continues to the present as she works In a supportive capacity to bring closure to projects initiated during her time as our superintendent.

Recognizing that one of the most important charges of a Board of Education is the hiring of the superintendent, we found ourselves both exclted and nervous as we faced the awesome task, Several candidates expressed Interest in the position. We' believe we were very fortunate

Dr. Kathleen Williams was among them.

During our initial conversations, Dr. Williams listened Intently and responded genuinely to our concerns. As she asked her own thoughtful questions, It quickly became evident to us that she seemed to understand our needs and was formulating Ideas to meet our Interests right then and there! Her Imaginative thinking, fresh perspective, and energizIng optimism quickly captured our interest. As staff and administrators shared theIr feedback after their own conversations with her, It became clear that they also believed that we had identified the person who would truly support our mission and take us into our preferred future,

Now, from the perspective of a board member nine years later, 1 can share with you that Dr. Williams is Indeed a bridge bullder, She Is a connector. She has proven herself to be "a most important part of the Board team. She has advised, encouraged, and mentored every member who has sought her out. Her support of participation in Board member development activities has greatly Increased our capacity as a Board of Education. She also has Impressed upon us the critical Importance of the use data and research to drive our dedslon makIng, Insuring we keep the big picture In focus as we seek to meet the needs of all students.

Dr. Williams Indeed understood, appreciated and acted on the Interests of the Board to Improve community relations, Her efforts to engage and help to inform stakeholders from the first strategiC direction conference to the present, has helped our residents embrace the understanding that successful schools are Indeed the responsibility of the entire community. We believe that the favorable response to our request for a tax rate increase to support the education fund is dear evidence of a community that supports its schools.

A quality that I believe further contributes to her success Is that Dr. Williams never forgets where she began her career - In the classroom. She stayed In touch with the teaching staff by stepping back Into the classroom to teach and co-teach, In an effort to understand Issues encountered by other staffl she has also been known to step into their shoes, She has been found working at the building secretary desk, taking attendance and answerIng phones. She has been found working along side a custodian for a day, sweeping and weeding, among the many tasks performed. She also made time to have lunch with both students and staff.

Dr. Williams has always demonstrated a strong Interest In identifying and encouraging new leaders, believing that improved leadership practice will lead to improved student achievement. She has brought forward aggressive and consistent professional development opportunities to Insure staff will have the tools necessary so that every student achieves to their highest ability, She was instrumental In bringing Into focus the Illinois State Learning Standards which served as the foundation for our student benchmarks at each level of learning.

Dr Williams thinks In terms of solutions. She is a firm believer In the value of the development of interest and options to collaboratively problem solve. The use of this model has helped with the successful negotiation of bargaining contracts, analysis of student data for school and district Improvement plans, along with many other Instances where several viewpoints and perspectives need to be respectfully sorted through.

Dr. Williams established and maintained open communication with our state representatives in an effort to keep them aware of the impact and implications of their decisions. With encouragement from the Board, Dr. Williams has also taken public education concerns on the road, Along with other superintendents, she regularly vlslted with the State Superintendent of Schools. In this forum/ she discussed not only the Interests of District 63, but the Interests, needs, and challenges faced by all school leaders across the state.

Anyone working along side Dr. WIlliams will surely notice her ability to maintain a high level of momentum. Her strong personal commItment and spirit of determination allows her to look beyond obstacles. Her lnner drive, ever fresh enthusiasm, and even her sense of humor helped to Insure a consistently motivating environment. So much of the needed positive change that has occurred in our district from the condition of our buildings, to staff and community relations, to student achievement Is directly attributed to her gUidance, forward thinking, her willingness to take risks, and her ability to help us as a Board to feel confident and trusting in recommendations she has brought to us for consideration. Her positive energy strengthens morale and promotes teamwork. Through her example, she has taught our Board how to ask good questions,

Dr. Williams has truly helped us to look beyond problems, focus on goals and develop ways to get there.

It Is with the utmost confidence that I say any organization that chooses to engage the services of Dr. Kathleen Williams will benefit from her extensive and impressive background In the field of education. She is an Inspiration to all who work along side her and I am certain she will exceed your expectations I


I, too, met with Dr. Williams periodically. She appreciated the candor with which I shared the history of employee relations from the employee perspective. She shared her vision of collaboration and becoming a high performing district with the notion at the forefront that all children could learn and would be successful. We quickly discovered that we were more often than not 'on the same page'; we shared many similar interests for the district, the students, and its employees. We both knew that despite the desire to create a true professional learning environment, it would be a long road to travel.

II -- ~ Illinois Educ~tion ~ss0C::iatlon-NEA

__ ..... __ l_._ .. ~-....!..... Skokie Region Office

I am pleased to submit this letter of recommendation for Dr. Kathleen Williams. I have known Dr. Williams for over nine years during which time she served as Superintendent of Schools for East Maine School District 63 from July 2000 to June 30, 2009. I served and continue to serve as a UniServ Director for Region 36 of the Illinois Education Association. My primary role is to assist and represent members of the lEA in the Chicago suburban area. At East Maine I assisted and represented the membership in four unions: EMEA (East Maine Education Association), EMESPA (East Maine Educational Support Personnel Association), EMTAA (East Maine Teachers Assistants' Association), and EMCMA (East Maine Custodial Maintenance Association).

I would like to begin by saying that currently the relationships that the EMEA, EMESPA, EMTAA, and EMCMA have with the administration and the Board of Education are 180 degrees different than what they were prior to Dr. Williams' hiring. There was much animosity, hostility, confrontational behavior, and lack of civility that existed when Dr. Williams first walked through the door. Regrettably, those sentiments had a long history of existence spanning over 25 years. Further, there even seemed to exist a desire by some (in all camps) to keep those feelings alive and active regardless of what steps might be taken to ameliorate or even lessen them. Dr. Williams faced a formidable task.

Steps to move toward a vision of collaboration were immediately taken by Dr. Williams. She met with every association president to understand their issues and concerns and offered to continue to meet with them on a regular basis, The presidents were taken aback by such an approach. She made good on her word. They met, discussed concerns, issues, complaints, and suggestions. She was a good listener and took action when and where warranted. Sometimes they agreed; sometimes they didn't, Nonetheless, they were attempting to have open communication about issues that were not discussed in the past.

On her first Convocation Day (opening day for teachers), Dr. Williams delivered a motivational message to all employees (only teachers had been invited in years past) of hope and a collaborative vision for the future. People were intrigued. At the end of her delivery, she asked attendees to look under their seats. She had taped 14 signed business

X 136

cards under the seats. Whoever received a card would have the opportunity to have Dr. Williams take over his/her job for the day. That person in turn could use the time to work on something to do with his/her job that they otherwise didn't have time to do.

Throughout the year, she taught in classrooms, served in the role of secretary, and even worked as a custodian hanging map rails, weeding gardens, and mopping lunchroom floors. People got to know her. She, too, became acquainted firsthand with staff and what was occurring in and out of classrooms and schools. For nine years seeing her in schools, in classrooms, and at varied community events was common place. She was involved and visible. (By the way, I understand the same was said of her in Lawrence, Kansas, a district four times the size of East Maine.)

Dr. Williams approached me during her first few months on the job. She knew that she had to bargain three contracts the following year and wanted to know if the unions would be willing to consider an interest-based approach. Together, we organized a two-day overview workshop of Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) that was attended by union leadership, principals, a few board members, and other administrators. Further, she was insistent that the training come from an lEA facilitator in an attempt to provide legitimacy to the process. The following year, the unions sent Dr. Williams letters asking to utilize the IBB approach when bargaining. While the IBB process wasn't perfect and took a great deal of time, each union and the board secured contracts that met each group's interests. The negotiations were done in a civil manner (a first), and fanned a more positive dynamic than had ever been experienced.


One of the new contract provisions in the teachers' contract allowed for the banking of time to provide early dismissal of students in order to provide much needed staff development. Dr. Williams was a strong proponent of research-based practices tied to State Standards and measured through multiple means. In brief, following the onset of this focused and collaborative staff development effort, student learning began to soar. Four schools with high poverty levels and large numbers of ESL and bilingual students were recognized by the state for student achievement growth. That pattern has continued.

While there are many examples I could provide regarding Dr. Williams' role as superintendent and her relationships with the unions (and would be happy to do so), I can tell you that my experience with Dr. Williams indicated that she held herself and others to high standards and expectations; she kept people focused on why they were in the district-to promote and support student learning, achievement, and success with children. She was knowledgeable, honest, ethical, fair, kept her word, and had timely followthrough. She trusted me, and I trusted her.

In summary, I fully support Dr. Kathleen Williams' pursuit of any job for which she believes she is qualified. Should you require additional information, please contact me.


letter of Recommendation Dr. Kathleen Williams

Having worked with Kathleen Williams for seven years, I am most happy to write a letter of recommendation for her. In my role first as an educational consultant and then as Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction in East Maine School District 63, I observed first hand Dr. Williams' leadership skills, deft management, and careful decision making. These skills and strengths are perhaps best articulated through the story of change and growth that occurred In District 63. In particular, four areas stand out and easily demonstrate Dr. Williams' outstanding leadership skills. They are: student learning, community relations, labor relations, and facilities.

Student Learning: Upon arriving in District 63 Dr. Williams quickly discovered that there was no vision for student learning and little understanding on the part of staff regarding best practice in teaching and learning, and as a result student achievement was lagging. Dr. Williams soon led district stakeholders through the process of creating a vision and mission that focused on student success and became the measuring stick for all decisions. Using that work, she led staff in their quest for strong professional development, excellent educational resources, and the Implementation of best practices in instruction. With staff members fully involved and more often than not leading the process, curriculum as aligned to state standards, special

needs and ELL student programming was enhanced, the teacher supervision and evaluation process was revised, and new and appropriate resources were selected and provide? As a result, student achievement began a steady upward climb. (It must be noted that EMSD 63 is a very diverse population---81% of the students speak one of 50+ different languages.) Individual schools, and the district were recognized for meeting and exceeding state achievement goals.

Community relations: EMSD 63 is located In unincorporated Cook County and as a I.

result encompasses part of five incorporated communities. Consequently, no one of them saw

the district as belonging to them. Recognizing this, Dr. Williams Immediately began building

relationships with the leadership and people of all five communities, She met regularly with

different governmental agencies in each of the communities as well as county governmental

agencies that impacted the district. As a result of this sincere reaching out and building of

community relationships, the district benefited in untold ways. Two Important events stand

out. One was the successful application for several hundreds of thousands of dollars for

building renovations and sound proofing from the O'Hare Airport Sound Commission. This

resulted in new windows, roof, insulation, ceilings, etc. for one of the schools, at no cost to the

district. The second was the successful passage of a referendum in support of school finances,

the first in over 30 years. This was in large part due to the relationships Dr. Williams built with

local government officials. She was able to demonstrate a clear need for the referendum and

develop a level of trust that led officials to publicly support the referendum. (During a previous

referendum one of the mayors not only publicly urged people to vote no) but also paid for

transportation to the polls so people could vote no.) Additionally, when budget cuts required

the temporary elimination of most student co-curricular activities, Dr. Williams was able to

enlist the local community Park and Recreation Depts. and other community organizations to

step in and provide support and programming ... all a result of her patient relationship building

and mutual support and respect.


• -. ,1\

labor Relations: At the onset of Dr. Williams' tenure, the district's four employee associations had very strained relationships with the administration and the Board of Education. Strong words and inappropriate behaviors often marred contract negotiations, and spilled over Into public meetings. Dr. Williams worked diligently at building trust, shared goals, and mutual respect with all employees. She was visible in buildings, visited every classroom at least once each year, exchanged jobs for a day with members of all employee groups, and was forthright in labor Issues and contract negotiations. As a result of her work, high levels of employee support and understanding were evident during times of budget cuts, a weather related crisis requiring the re-location of 700+ middle school students for six weeks, the passage of a much needed referendum, and even when a need arose to release non-performing staff. Because of Dr. Williams' commitment to treating every person with respect, dignity, and trust, a sense of loyalty and oneness In focusing on student success was achieved. To say that Dr. Williams was respected by the employees of the district is an understatement.

Facilities: At the onset of Dr. Williams' tenure in EMSD 63, the buildings were In great need of attention-failing boilers, leaky windows, poor lighting, and a look of general disrepair were pervasive and obvious. Dr. Williams initiated a careful facilities study and long range plan. This work was the basis for a thoughtful upgrading and improvement of the buildings. When she left the district all the buildings had been upgraded and improved with such things as new boilers, windows, roofs, and paint, and plans had been approved for additions to several to create a more secure and user friendly entrance. The buildings had become a source of pride in

the community. ,

Having been involved with 'Dr. Williams and EMSO 63 since Dr. Williams' second year, I not only observed but participated in this story of change. As a result of that participation, It is with great respect for her leadership, her loyalty, her true sense of what Is right, and her personal commitment to the success of students, that I am pleased to recommend Dr. Williams to any district. Should a district be in need of a strong leader who can create and maintain a high commitment to student achievement and motivate. all stakeholdersto participate in this commitment, then Dr. Kathleen Williams is the right choice.

Please feel free to contact me should you require any additional Information regarding Dr. Williams. I would be most happy to speak with you.



January 27, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure and pride that I write this letter in support of Dr. Kathleen Williams. Dr. Williams is an enthusiastic, dedicated, creative professional with whom I had the pleasure of working for 9 years. Kathleen was the superintendent of schools in East Maine School District 63 where I serve as the principal of Gemini Junior High School.

Kathleen Williams is an outstanding educator and an inspirational; visionary leader. She sets high standards for herself and others; and inspires everyone within the organization to achieve excellence.

Kathleen takes the time to show an interest in and get to know every employee. As a result, she generates unfailing support and enthusiasm from staff. She is an excellent ambassador throughout the larger community as well, and serves as an outstanding spokesperson. During her tenure, our school district made incredible strides in student achievement, curriculum and instruction, our financial status, as well as relationships with our collective bargaining groups and larger community. Kathleen Williams is largely responsible for a new enthusiasm and pride in our school district.

I consider myself fortunate to have worked with and learned from Dr. Kathleen Williams for 9 (

years. She is an inspirational leader who brings out the best in others. Our students, staff, and community benefited immeasurably from her leadership. She has my highest recommendation

and enthusiastic support.

Please, contact me ifI can provide further information about Dr. Kathleen Williams, a truly outstanding educator.


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