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The Dark side of the Moon

The Egyptian Magic Box

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The Hallowed Genie


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Copyright held by B. B. Crouch.

A Personal Genie


The Hallowed Genie

A Powerful Source of Good Luck

This is a Book of Magic Powers, giving You the ReadeT Power over your Destiny. a Power than can and wilt change your life giving you all the things you have always longed for. providing they are within reason.

In this· book we Me n01 concerned with Religion as such and yet a religion has sprung from the ov-erwhelming data that has been collected over the years, I speak of the Spiritualist Religion, that has misused the power and belittled it by turning it into little else than a means of fortune telling?

Whereas we are calling on the Spirit World we definifely are not calling on any wayward spirit entity that may be listening to our prayers, we are concerned solefy with the Spirit of our Ancestors and one Ancestor in particular,

The Choice of Genie

. n would be a good idea if you started right now to think back to one at your ancestors, one you can look up to, one that maybe had your special love, or one that gave you special love,


Think loog a d

remember that n . hard about this and

world parallel toY~~r ances!ors stm live and Please: do your IS World In whi h . move '" a

and a~n:;~",;; f~~~';,":~ ~"'aek • b~t =~ ~::r O:;a~eyi:gu'

e contact.

The Genie & Religion

ancesC: :hei~ ~~u c: . decided on which of your purchase a Doll that y~u then go OUlshopping and chosen ancestor and find can. make fe.semble your to place G ~ a specla,1 place 10 your home

your eDie for that is what

become • a Genie that will '. Y_0Uf Doll will

grant your prayers. rn a short time start to

In every r'

relglon since the dawn of Ii th .

always been two 'd .. me. ere has

the Priests Who s~e:: ~r parts of the worship. one for

who's gifts made· thg p. nch and one for the followers

e nests rich. -

G .}n ev .. ery religion the. re has always bee~ a HO'll

eme to pray too Ch' ti . . U'

thAU i... Iw: .' .. os ans may not like this but

-, "raVe a ays made a Ge' f '

'lis Mother the Mary. th Vi . me 0 Ule Nazarine. and e Irg'n.





Seeina is Believina

Go into any church and look at the effigies of the Saints. stand there a while and look at the dozy ones lighting candles to the Saints? How much better would it be to right a candle 10 your favourite ancestor.

There is an old adage 'Seeing is believing • well in this book I cannot actuaJly SHOW you, but I can do the next best thing. I can present to you facts that can be checked and proved of what some people have achieved through working with the ancestors.

The names wiD have to be fictitious but the stories win be factual, so as not to involve the families of those I write I must use false names but the deeds will be truth and will reveal the amazing results of praying to the spirits of the ancestors.

Nothing ever dies, there is no death only change _


This fluidised world which we speak of as looming

beyond our'. normal vision, Has many surprises and discoveries in storetor future scientists: .

, #- ... 'Ii

Many observers are already conscious of the fact that beyond our perceptions beyond our limited gross constitution, beyond the opaque veil which surrounds us like a fog. another world exists.


No longer are We bound b "

we can enter a fI 'do. ~ this little earth world

enfolds us and which :'~Sed . ~m~er~e which actually rms w.th mVlsjble multitudes.-

Super Beings

. Beings that are Superhum .. .

bve eVer near Us dumb ' an. but nof supernatural

can they make themselvwltness?f our dOings, se'do~ Within determined conditi es m~Jfest save under and natural. precise and' ons whIch are the actions of

ngorous laws.

Facts not Fiction

This Our generation is w ..,.

theories. and systems th t eary 01 Villn Imaginations,

sceptical of aU those whoa nev~r work, Sickened and w~ now ask for proof tor r;,~mlse m~ch but give little. gam all we wish no r assertions that We can most logical reaso'ning. onger are We satisfied by the

. We demand facts sensibl. :.

ca. n be verified th· • d e and direct; facts that

- • en an only then can ,-

our dIsbelief and get . . We relinquish

fictions and erroneous a:ay ,fromth,: multiplicity of foisted Upon us . octrines which have been

So now we will consider f

pe.opre Who thr.ough ~cts. ea .. se after case of

, & 'conversatio ' .

therr ancestors h n With the spirits of

ave develoPed .

powers that have brough.t ~ . , simply amazing

. rame and nches


Your personal Genie

you should now have your Genie Doll. set It in the place where you can daily see and speak to it.

Now you must name your doll. it can be any person that you can look up to with respect, use one of your ancestors Jor preference. but failing that look for a person who was important even great when on earth.

This doll must be insulated from earthly vibrations so must stand on a insulated base, you can make this base by using cardboard covered with Cling Aim Wrap.


You will need several bases, now this is not magic or ..any thing to do with magic but a practice based on pure ; psychological grounds. so cut out several cardboard circles about 7 inches in Dia_

Rrst cover them with White Paper then draw the coloured triangles ( see illustration ) then coyer with the Cling Alm~ Note the use of colours are for the various subject of your petitions _

It is well known that certain colours attract certain emotions. or psychic auras and are recognised in the spirit realms.


A List of Colours and their Psychic Influences

Gold .•. When seeking luck. or asking for financial gains, or trying for a higher position in IHe.

Green... MasUy connected with Health. or success in gaining material things.

pm~,. should be used when love is the problem.

Vellow ... when trying to influence others to your way of thinking. orin matters of urgent change.

Purple .. _ Known as the Divination Angel use it to ward off evil thoughts.

Red~ .. is the colour of passions • any sexual problems

or ftir gaining vitarlty. ... ~


White is forpurTtyand prayer. These are the main

coldurs~ J'here are others but .you should not need .,

1h.~ • .r. 1


Your Doll should stand in the centre of the biangle.

You ~ it you wish light a candle when speaking to your genie. but it is not a necessity.


IllUstration 1


The Prayer

Having got this far. now let us look at a suitable prayer to start each day with.

You have made a cup of Tea or whatever is your morning drink. now before even tasting it pour about a Table Spoonful down the- Sink or if you can take it outside, pour a table Spoonful on to Grass or a Flower bed saying 'To you my friend. be ever near me" . Now drink the remainder

Stand in front of your Genie with clenched hand on Heart in the Egyptian salute. and recite this prayer.

Into thy hands 01 protection I commend my Mind and Body with all my faculties powers and actions of

them both.. .; l


I jlsk you to be ever near me Dareel me and keep me in~the ways of prosperity grant to me my requests, my immediate needs are for ...••

" II

, Here state WHY you need the things askec( for .... it is important to state Why.

Watch over me and shield me from all danger, save me from making mistakes and make this my day a happy one, I thank you for being with me and for all the things you have made possible for me . So let it Be.


Go through this slmpte ritual every day and in about ten days you should begin to notice a change coming into your life.

This is about the only way to ask for money without attracting the opposite, so often do I hear. ' Since I have started in-the occult the reverse seems to happen

Of course it does because asking for something is admitting want and aU you will ever receive is WANT. In the prayer you are stating a NEED not a WANT start asking for things you don't need and you will get the reverse, so be warned. and if things are going wrong. Go back and read this again. and realise your mistake.

The Genie in Action

It is now time to look at what the Spirit Genie has done for others.

A man prayed to.his Genie for money to settle his roany debts, he dreamt of the numbers 3.6.8. and- 4.' A voice told him to get the lottery ticket bearing those numbers.

Twice he awoke, thought about it and went back to s.leep onJy to have the same dream. he obtained the tiCket bearing that number and he won more than enough to settle his debts.


A girl living at Bergamo a few years back, asked her g.en.ie for money to buy things for her parents who were living in poverty.

She dreamt she was on her way to buy a lottery ticket carrying a box full of jewelsa.nd a bundle 01 gold rods, She heard a voice and turning round she saw and spoke to a certain Canon Who had died a year before. he took away from her twogoldrads sa.ying in 19/~ these rods were worth 41. minion li~e?

She told her parents and the story spread and the peop.leof Bergamo bought lottery tickets 2 4 f and 90, at Genoa andwon 25 million lire? they ohoseGenoa because the Canons name began with the Letters GEN.

At Maoerataa lady had for her genie her dead father" she dreamt her father was_ discussing the harvest standing on his threshing machin.e. he said. Theorop. is bener this year. it is 70 quintals instead of '_ ~e normal 60. we have harvested 66 tha.t leaves 4 more to harvesL

She bought a lottery ticket next day the numbers chosen were 70.60.4. She wonoy,er16 mimon lire. ·that is just 3 of many such cases, shOWing that your ,'genie often speaks with you in dreams.

In ancient times dreams were beld in reverence they were taken as the way the spititschose to ,communicate with human minds and relay instructions to them.

Marcus Aurelius. urged men to be thankful t? lh

•• :ts. . f·o. r the aid received.,. in d. re. am ... S. •.. I. a .. · mb .. '.1.0. _. h. U

spin ..... . .. . . ~ .

wrote, An invisible SPirit watches ove~ sleeping. men to

·rotectthem from mental a~d b~IIY suffenngand :Ometime they---Qear a faint VOice telling them how tfley

should act.

Genie gives Warning

October 19/61. A student aged 18 years awoke 5 in the morning bya voice repeating Help Help I H got tJpwalkedabout the house but could find n explanation. he thought of gOing back to bed" b something told him not too.

Finally' he lay down on the settee in the next roo .. suddenly Ihere came a crash, thecei'ing in the ne room fell down burying the bed and furniture unde.r ~ .heapo' rubble, had he.:been in bed he would ha.v~ been kined f

_ Faith. Hope. Cbarity.


The Genie as inventer's best Friend

Elias Howe the inventor of the sewing machine had a problem he could not solve, then he dreamt ilhat he was being chased and in his path preventing him from escape stood a large needle upright in the ground.

. He. could not remove it then suddenly came the .dea. dnll a hole in it. put a piece of string in it and pull, in the morning he thought of the dream and his spirit ge~ie suggested the principle of a moving needle. With a hole near the paint into which the thread should be pJaced~

Help from- Spirit World

And What are we to make of this.

A famous person Iwlng in London in 18/97 wrote in her book • Shadow land • at the age of 13 she was set an essay to Write.

!he other children of her age found it easy to write but .t prOVed beyond her POwer to write, the evening before the essay had to be handed in she scribbled in despair a few sentences in her exercise book then weeping she went to bed.


She slept weJl and when awaken was utter'y amazed to find the book was filled with an essay in her own handwriting which was far above anything she could have composed from her own knowledge.

Her teachers were very suspicious when she handed it in, thinking she must have copied from some source- There are many such examples, of problems being solved in dreams and in dream like states.

These dream states have never been fully explained but scientists !ike Klei.tman, have COnl~ to the conclusion that dunng the day our CO~SCIOUS awareness relaxes at the same lntervals as It does when we are asleep.

Some even state that we are fully conscious for not more than two minutes in every hour? Well we are an familiar with waking states When we seem to switch off from this world and enter a world of fantasy. at these times our genie can communicate with us.

Napoleon was in conference with General Bertrand on the morning of March 13. 1814. for no apparent reason he suddenly burst into tears to the amazement of those around him.

It was found later that at that very moment Josephine de Beauharnais was dying ~t ~he Malmaison there are many instances of thiS kind Where the spirits relay to the mind warnings and premonitions.


Christmas Eve 1955 the place Salerno a woman named R.P: suddenly dropped what she was doing went out, hired a car. and drove ta T eggiqano. where she found her son lying dead in the gutter.

His mother had had a waking dream, she heard her son pleading for help. he Was in an accident his motor bi~ in collision with a car, he was crying for help telling her where the accident had occurred.

In other cases on record : state that people have had these waking dreams, and acting on them lives have been saved, we should regard Durselvesvery thankful that we have beside us such wonderful friends.

A Prayer

To my Ancestor

From thee I come from as Ulee t go All day long like a fountain I flow ~ From thy handou~.swaYed ~ut '. Mote Uke in thy pe":ect IJlow •.

What I know of thee I bless

As acknQwledging thy stress

On my being and as seeing Something of thy holiness


~ ,


Once I. turned fronr1Aee and hid Bound on what 1hou would forbid Sow the wind I Ylould; I sinned Now I repent of what I did.

Bad I am yet I am thy child Father be thou reconciled Spare thou me. since now' see With all1hy power. thou art mild.

I have my life before me still

And thy purpose I wish to fulfil; Yes many a debt to pay thee yet; So help me sir, and so 1 will.

Taken from an un-finished poem by Gerard Manley HopkIDS with apologies for the aHerations.

Genie our Secret Self

I W'e have·.~"Seen h~ our secret ~~fis in . ti n witb our Genie when we are engaged

commun'C8 0.' ',' • t.;" . ~Ie are

: in other pursuits~ and we know tha . many 1"'--1'" r

"made aware of f~rth coming aCCIdents and othe


One of .modem day students of dialogue betw-:~ the genie and self was Maetertinc He descnbed 111 r genie as a guide and counsellor who among h-~:n functions could protect the waking self from I

dangers and disaster.


Is it not a curious and constant fact that when great calamities fall upon us there are generally far fewer people killed than can be expected ?

Before a collision or other devastating train accidentwefrnd that just before the happening far fewer people are travelling by train ?

Before an ocean going liner catches fire, sinks. there are far fewer people on board for that trip? Why is it that trains ships, and in times of floods. far more people stay a1 home?

Is it just precognition. or is it that whether or not ,!e believe in the spirit world the Ancestors are watchmg over us and that in times of disaster they are able to contact our inner self. 'spirit. or soul and without our knowledge so influence our mind that we make a sudden decision that saves our lives?

On October 7.1965, on the quay at Charlottetown stood Queen Elizabeth 10. She was about to board the RoyaJ Yacht Bnttania • just as she was $t~pi~g .on to the gang way she suddenly drew back saYing It IS not


A moment Jater to the confuslon of the sailors it collapsed, now did she see the danger or was she warned of the danger?



How many times have you hea.rd faint voices tha' are not your own I maldng suggestions and prompting and how often have they proved true.

Some few years ago I was attending a VaoDoe session. there was a young girl sitting at a table. ShE had in front of her a metal tray covered with fine sand.

I sat beside her. she looked at me and said ·Ho~ are you Basil ? I As I had only arrived that morning ir Sao Paulo and had never met or even heard of this gir -w now. I asked her how come she knew m.y name I

Smiling she said. "Watch the tray· she shook it ane to my surprise there in front of mv eyes the sane formed the name Basil Le Croix I surprised, amazed like an old time Indian I. said -HOW ._

- .

With an impish grin she replied, _·0 my guarcfial1

Angel told me you were coming to see me. and told me I was to be rriee to you as you were a good magician ir1 your own right ".

Well nothjng that happens in Brazil surprises me any more. and I only mention this to show thal contacting your ancestors can often enlighten you to future events"


Leo Talarnonn writing in his book -Forbidden Universe", tells this story.

- In March 1961. I met for the first time Dr G AdoHo Bol, I arrived in Turin on a Thursday afternoon checked in a Hotel chosen at random, when to my surprise the phone rang. it was Dr Ral suggesting I should call and see him that evening.·

"But how did you know I had arrived in Turin. and how did you know where I was staying: He answered "' was doing a charcoal drawing when my hand wr-D~ your name of irs own accord then underneath it wrote P. Hotel room 92 I"

o Sacred Ancestor who from end to end Strongly and nobly movest: shall I write

And not ,of thee. through whom my fingers bend

To hold nJypen, shan they not do thee right

Of all the creatures both in sea and land Only to Man thou hast made known thy days

And put the pen alone into his hand

And made him secretary to unknown events and days.

There is the story of a Policeman in TUrin who being a Spiritist and daily calling on his Genie. an ancestor long passed over is able to solve many mystery crimes.

. , I

Genie helps Police

One time he was asked by his superiors to find a suspected criminal. He consulted his ancestor then r:~lied. it is not a man as you think but a woman in disguise.

She left Turin a few days ago with two accomplices .. she is in hiding near the bend of a river in a wooden bUilding with oveTlapping planks in the town of .....•. ?. Sure enough they were found there and arrested.

The Italian Police also consult a Spiritist medium who helps them sohfecrimes. even giving then the name of a certain murderer and teUing them where he was hiding~

There are records by the thousand telling of these things. every country of the World is full of recorded facts bearing out the solid truth that the Spirits are alive and ever,' willing to: help us in' our present life counselling and assisting us in obtaining the best

1fdnas of life. . -

Extracts from.Letters

It was a wet miserable day when I met Tony, he WIa.s sheltering from the -raln in a subway. begging tor coppers to buy a cup of tea.


I have his letter before me as 1 writer' Basil if only you could see me now,1 am smartly dressed have silver rings on my fingers like you, I have a good well paid jobJ and irs all due to you for showing me the way.

Dear Basil. Miracles do happen. through you my boy friend came back to me and we are shortly to be married, how can I thank you? You are WONDERFUL

Hi Basil,beam using that marvellous talisman you made for me, twice lat.ely I have won over £16000. how can I thank you.

WOW I just won over £2D00 on litUewoods all through using your spirit method. thanks a lot, and so it goes on, money won, boy friends brought back, straying husbands are persuaded to return, wishes are being granted, and all this for just saying thank you to the spirils of y.our ancestors.

LO Basil, Thought I must write telling you how pleased I am. People say to me. "its all right for you money seems to fall out of the sky for you '. ,Well it does thanks to you ..

So why not you, if others are using these methods and gaining the things they have aJways longed for why nat you ?


You now have the secret, keep it secret and practice the rituals and enjoy the remarkable results.

I have said this is NOT a BOOk about magic and the following although it may seem as though we are using invocation, we are going to use a mental device Which your Genie will understand perfectly.

Your Personal Genie

But first a few words about your Genie. a genie being in the Spirit World is in constant touch with Universal or Divine Mind. therefore it can work onders.

Now your Sub-conscious Mind also can link with Universal or Divine Mind. and the reason why you 'cannot link with your Sub-conscious Mind is because you also have a reasoning Mind.

Just as soon as you try to do something which for want Df a better word wecaJl Super Natural your reasoning ~nd says ·0 NO YOU CAN'T ._ but your sub-conscious Mind COULD do iL

Now the problem is HOW CAN we link with our SUb-conscious MindJ well thTough our Genie. now just thInk about what I have said about the two ways, they have s'omething in common don"tfhey ?


They are both in touch with Super Mind, now try to remember this, your sub-conscious Mind cannot reason and it cannot think it can only SEE your thoughts if given 10 it in pictures.

No r am NOT going to give you the old run-a-round abau~ visualization, I have a much better way. and that way IS to act out the thing we seek. that is where Rituals. com~ in. now a Ritual is something you do many times. (t has nothing to do with magic but those who use magic have sort of stolen the meaning ot Ritual.

Now our rituals are a method of telling our Genie in actions the things we need. so if we are in need of money we must start acting on some thing that will convey to our Genie the idea we need money,

. In ma~ic parlance this is known as sympathetic magIc the- Idea being that what you enact will come true, or ~appen. so if you playa sort _of money game

money will come to you_ .

If you doubt this it win not work. but if you- believe God's word taken from the Holy Bible then our example will be given fram the Holy Bible.


So get out your Bible open it at Genesis Cha~ter 30 and read the story of how Jacob became nch by making the Sheep and Cattle that belonged t~ laban Oduce spotted Calves and lambs by makmg sure :ey daUy looked upon poles that he had peeled to make them streaked white and green.

He knew that what you continually look at y~u will be in danger of changing into. Take note here. If yo.u continually worry about having no ~oney you w~1I NEVER have any because you are telhng your Geme you .WANT for Monex. again take a close look at your Ashmonger does he not look similar to a COO, does

not his face look like a Fish Head?

Medical Evidence

Now there are lots of evidence in m~~1 history. of women being frightened by some animal ~h~lst canying a baby in their womb and subs~ently giVing bIrth to a monster half human and half animal.

Again it i~ on record that if a woman wh.o is w·th child continually longs for ~or some kin~ of. frUit. or fDa: and that longing is not satisfied she Will give birth to

child that is deformed in some way-


. Again we are shown here that if the 'ongingis not :absfied the woman will carry the thought or image of hat ~he 'ongs for and her subconscious will pick up :~,!tPlcture and cause the deformity in her unborn

Medical Curiosity

So we have plenty of evidence that if in SORle way ~~ ~ny the thought of money to our Genie we shall

ab1n ent mone. y from some source we must not worry.

out wher 't j' • • I

. ~ e I s coming from Just rest assured it win

matenahse sooner or. Iater,


Making a Start

Those who have a strong imagination will reap rewards soon. very soon those with little imagination will have to persevere with the rituals given until their needs are supplied.


Now I know some of my readers will be anxious to make start. so ( will start by suggesting a way that could help you with the Lottery.

The first think you are going to need is a way to teU your Genie you are thinking about the Lottery. and secondly you are thinking that should you win a BIG sum of money you will be rich.

So now you must start with some work to show your Genie you mean business. Stan right NOW I


You will need some thin cardboard. the Packet you Cereals come in win do fine, and a pair of scissors am a good pen.

You will need 4 White Candles and a box. c Matches and some Kitchen Fall.


Practical Work ..

Stand your G.enie on the lable so he/she can see what you doing. Open up the Cereal box and CUI from it 49 small pieces about 1 inch square ..

Also at this time cut. out 4 small cirelesabout 3 'Inches in Diameter and cover them with iKitchenFoil. these are for standing your Candles on ..

Having got your squares cut out. on the plajn side you must.p.rint these letters.

The :Ietter L (2) the letter Y (2) the letter 0 (4) the letler T(12) the leU.erE (8) the letter R (4) the letter W (5) the letter A (4) the leH.er H (4 )

45 letters in an. these ;Ietters must be placed in the rormofarough square shape

The SetUP ...

Start with the top Une and 1onow 1I1e i,nstruclions given.

Step 1

Step 2









Step 3






Y R. B T T 0 L

Step 4

L 0 T T B' R Y
0 R
g T
R 0 Y R B T T 0 L

Step 5

L 0 T T B R Y
0 W B A L T R
T '1" B' " B A T
B L T D If B T
R A L T B W 0
Y R B T T 0 L Now stand your Genie in the centre of the Square and place a Candle, at each comer. Do not' let the . Kitchen foil' covered circles touch the letters, now light the Candles. you can light them in any order .:

( See illustration .)

Sit looking into the Candle flame ( any Candle) for at least 5 minutes thinking about entering the Lottery numbers.


0 T.~ E R Y
. ,. :..-;-
0 W 'I L T R
T '1
H wi J: A L E
T T 4f!' o(~.~
1 .~ E .. ~ A T
r ~
l~. E L T H W
. ~E
R E T T 0 30


Illustration 2


Now read aloud the 23rd Psalm.

For those who do not have a Bible I will write out the psalm.

The Lord is my shepherd I. shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down green pastures; he leadeth me beside still waters.

He restoreth my soul; he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake .

Yea, though I walk thr\ "gh the valley of theshadoYl of death. I will fear no evil~ for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointest my head wilh oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my .Iife; and I wor dwell in the house af the .lord for ever.

Repeat this Psalm 3 times,now blow out the Candles. ( again in any order J, and 'eave every thing just as it is for at least 1 Hour. then. place all in a box and hide from the sight of other people. but place your Genie in hislher normal place.

The best time for this ritual is after 10 O"Clockat night. it is a good sign if you dream about this ritual or money_


Another Ritual

We will now consider yet another rinral fhat you can perform that will impress on your Genie that you need some extra cash.

You will need several £10 Notes. a Red Candle and 8 White Candles • a piece of White paper on which you must draw a large circle. Place a dinner plate on the paper and use it to inscribe your circle

Pla.ce the notes in a rough circul'ar shape ( See

illustration ). Place your Genie in the centre of the notes ( as in the illustration) cut a hole in the centre of the paper and place over your Genie after drawing the symbols on the paper.

. ow place the Red Candle at the 12 O'Clock position, then a White Candle at 3 O'Clock and one at the 9 O'Clock position. now hatf way between ,~those

Candles place the remaining 4 Candles. ~

Ught the Red candle then the others starting with the one that is between 12 'Clock and 3 O·Clock. continue until all the Candles are (iL

Now sit and think why you need this money. after about 3 minutes tell your Genie why you need the money.


1 "

9 1·
+ 6


Now say the 4th Psalm.


Hear me when I call. 0 God of my righteousness; thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.

. 0 ye sons 01 men. how long will ye tum my glory Into shame? how long will ye love vanity. and seek after leasing? Selah.

But know that the Lord hath set apart hjm that is godly for himself; the Lord win hear when I call unto hIm.

Stand in awe. and sin not; Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be sU11. Selah~

~ ,?ffer the sacrifices of righteousness~ and put YOUI

trust In the LOrd.

, .; - .Jhere be many that say, i.Who will, show uS any good; Lord lift thou up the light of thy-:countenance upon me.

!h0U hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their com and their wine increasedl..

1 will lay me down in peace. ands eep; for thoU, Lord only maketh me dwell in safety.


Repeat this psalm 4 times

Now if it is possible walk around your table saying' From somewhere and some how Money will flow to me, Money is coming to me,'

tau should repeat those words at least 10 times while walking around your Table 7 times.

Now sit quietly for a few minutes then blowout the Candles and say -Let it Be' .

Now put all the things away out of sight but place your Genie in hiS/her normaJplace..

The Candles can be blown out in any order.

From Brazil comes a very powerful ritual which if performed with faith .in YOUI Genie will produce wonders beyo"!d belief.

.It has been designed to bring you almost any thing you need, the choice is yodrS' but do' plea~e be !-easonabl~ ~ut it, don' ask for' the impossible.the Spirits take 'a dim view of those who ask for foolish 1hings.


You are going to need 14 Candles. 4 Red ones and 10 White ones. these must be placed in the form of the Cross of the Cruclfwon .:


~ 0"
..... ~ c:
'" -t ~
0 (.)
...... ....

o C2


The Cross Ritual

Illustration 6

. .

i •



Start with a White Candle which will be the top of the Cross below it place a White Candle, now place your Genie and then below your Genie place 5 White candles and finish with a Red Candle.

Next farm the cross arm Start on your left with a Red Candle then a White Candle to the right of your Genie place a White Candle and finish with the remaining Red Candle, ( See illustration) .

Ught the Candles starting with the Red one at top of cross continue to the Red one at bottom of the cross, now light the Red' one on the left and continue along the arm finishing with the Red one on your right.

Sit quiet for a few minutes until you are really relaxed, then say these words from the 23rd Psalm.

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He causeth me to lie down in green, pastures.

Now read PsalmB.

o lord our lord, how excellent is the name in all the earth I who hast thy glory above the heaven.

Out of the mouth of babies and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and avenger.


When I consider thy heavens. the work of thy fingers. the moon and the stars. which thou hast ordained;

What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

for thou hast made him a little lower that the angels. and hast crowned him with glory and honour.

Thou madest him to have dominion over 1he works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under rus feel.

All sheep and oxen. yea. and the- beasts of the field;

The fowl of 1he air. and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas.

o Lord our Lord. how excellent is they name in all the earth,

Pause for a few minutes., then. read this psa:Jm again then read from Proverbs Chapter 2..

My son. if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments willi thee;

So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom. and apply thine heart to understanding;


Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding;

If thou seekest her as silver, and search est for her as for hid treasures;

Then sha" thou understand the fear of the lord, and find the knowledge of God.

For the lord giveth wisdom; out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.


Now Is a good time for asking favours of all kinds.

be it wealth love or peace. -

Just ask tor me things you need. the things yau wish "to h~n.: ask lor them in' your own words and

- -' \ - -

fate will smile Oil- you. .

tt l best to pe.. rform thismual late at night, - t!'.::n

IS ... thing as It rs

blow 'out aJi the Candles and leave every .

until the -morning, take a last look at the arran~ement

on your table and go to bed.

lay tl1inking of the things you have asked tor until you drop off to sleep.


The Story of John X

It was one of those cold dreary days in November with overcast. sky and a cold wind howling down the street, from time to time a smattering of rain.

Our story concerns a young man whose name does not matter much so le-r-s call him John X. and we find him wandering disconso'ately down the street, shoulders hunched against the cold wet wind

Last week he had a job. working long hours far peanuts. but that was last week now even that job had petered out and John had just signed on the dole and was walking home.

For some unknown reason as hepassed a church I he noticed the door was open and a couple had just gone in. a strange whim caused him to follow them?

.?~ Now John was not a religious sort of person. (i). yes as a lad he had gone- to Sunday School and had heard the. Old, Old. Story. but that was about his lot as far as religion went

He sat himseH down and began to think of his past life. what had he got? what had he achieved ? the answer was nowt !


After a time he noticed people were fighting candles to the figures that represent the saints,and he wondered, if he was to light a candle, but to whom? that was the rub. to whom?


Them he remembered, one evening in a Cafe had been a chap talking about Genies now what was it that chap had said? - The North American Indians used a carved pole as a Genie and p.ainted sand pictures of What they wanted and the Genie gave them what they painted I


Was there something in that story could it be true ?

That evening ·John began the construction of a powerful Genie. ( I have described the making 01 a Genie in my book (- Shoon .) but a Genie can be any object that appeals 10 you. but it MUST NOT be a Photo of either a living or dead person.

Constructing a genie

Modem Genies


i The shape of your proposed Genie is a matter of C.tlOice, it can be in a human or animal $hape. it Can be

beautiful or like some monster from space. . ,

~ ,t can be solid or hollow or just a cut out shape, but a cUI out shape will not have much power, for the power of a Genie comes from the Spirit Force that takes up resideneeln your Genie._


To make a Head shape you need a lot of paper, make it wet. squeeze out an the water, ca.rry on until you have a ball of wet paper the size of a cocoa nut or larger_now cut more paper in smalt scraps and coat then with wall paper paste and continue to form the features of the head.

You will need quite a large supply of paper, and you win have to buy a cheap wig ( these can otten be had at a Jumble sale) when your head is dry paste on the wig and get some Eyes from a model shop.

You must then mount the head on a base. wood will do or better on an up turned plate or saucer. paint the head in a natural colour to suit you.


When aU is finished you must . a

any name, BUT IT MUST REPRESE~ me your Genie

who has passed over into the Spirit Wor,:.ome PERSON

In olden times all Geni God .

they tried t .k • e s were," Female form

they could. °th~; :tri~:ef;ren:rffor~s~s beautiful a~ and features. ( Look at somePof ~cti~n In body shape statues ) for in the old r e. . oman and Greek represented the Queen of Heav::.lgIOn these figures

,.· 5 , _ .• _''''''.''''.-1IIi

Illustration 8


From the Holy Bible

The book. of Jeremiah Chapter 44 Verse 15. then all the men which knew that their wives had burned incense unto other Gods. and all the women that stood by. a great multitude. even all the people that dwelt in the land of kgypt, in Path ros , answered Jeremiah. saying.

Verse 17

But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth. to burn incense unto the Queen of Heaven. and to pour out drink offerings unto her. as we have done, we. and our fathers, our kings, and our princes, in the'" cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalam; for then had we plenty of victuals, and were welJ, and saw no evil.

So even the Holy Bible Says that to prosper you need only bum incense and .. __pour out drink to your Genie and you will Pl'"ospe~ •


au _

.- _--__ -/--

Well John built his Genie and every night he talked· to it telling it of the things he would like to happen. but for a while he seemed to get nowhere.

Then one night he said to it. where am going wrong? Why is it that others can get the things they ask for. why not me ?


. . .. The . next day ~anedering down the street in ~nhappy mo~. !eehng fed up with life, shiverin' a Irlt.le rn t.h .. e, chili wind for ·00· m· f. rt h . ... . '... . h 9 a ..

libra , .. L •• .. • .... •. .• •.. 0 .. .. e entered the town's

. ry. lookin .. ga,long the shelves he seemed d. .

a 'little red book. . .. rawn 10

The book at knowhow




Illustration 9

_ It was a book thai described how to speak 10 your Inner soul'! John took out the book and that evening h~ read it through and put into practice· the advice grven.

Nowh,e began to spea'k in the correct manner to his genie. no I.onger did he saw I. want This. I want that. I Vlant money ,Iwant a job. for he now knew that to say I WANT is to ask for Want.

( Your genie will give you what you ask for"it cannot reason, so if you say I want money it tak.es it as you say it. and you have said I WANT money. so it takes it as I want 'armoney, so it makes sure you keep WANTING not having .. )

Now John started to say, "I need some cash for { Here he slated why he needed the cash > and gave the exact sum needed, at the end of speaking he thanked his Genie for helping himtog'et the money • two days later he had it I

Next he told his Genie he needed a ear and a good job, he sai& I know you can get. me a car and I am certain you will find mea good job •. and I thank you for seeing to it that I get Ih.ese things ...

John .sta;rtedcollecting pictures of cars .. he cut them, out from papers and magazines. then pasted them jntoa small SCIJ1Il' book. everY night he would stand his genie~ on the table and open the scrap book in fran!. of it an.dtalk. to it sayiny I Lock at these lovely cars, now I know you can get me one so look carefully and decide which car you are going to get for 'me'.

In less thana week begot the job and the car was part of the job, a smashing new car and free petrol.


How a Genie works

NoW' please note this, although the 'Bible' speaks 01 giving to a Genie it DOES NOT say you are to WORSHIP a genie. there is a vast difference in giving to a genie the necessary things it needs to transmute power into material objects. and bowing down and worshipping it

Bear in Mind you give certain things to your genie so that it can extract Psychic power from your gifts and words and transmute them into granting your wishes.

But times change we no longer strive for beauty. these days the opposite has gained favour, now it is the Monster form or shape that is sought for.

So make your genie as grotesque as possible, the more inhuman and ugly the betterl and paint it in vivid colours. some will make it a sexual object going back to one of the 0 des1 religions known to mao. I speak of the worship, of Priapus.


Modem Day





There is nothing in a genie that is Magic or Religious,,- but it is in contact with a higher forceo. Mind that brings about your wishes in a way that looks

like magic.

We all need some thing beyond the normal to make us happy. some need extra cash to make ends meet. some suffer from illness. and disabilities. some need to pass exams. some see others getting promotion while they are always overlooked.

It really does seem silly to endure all 1hese calamities when a simple genie can and will put an end to sorrow and want it asks so little yet will give so much.

Gaining a girl

Donald was a shy young man. hard working, non smoker. and avery light drinker. he should have been a happy young man. but he seemed to be ignored by all, and deep in his heart he longed for a girl to love •


. There is a well known and. very true saying. it goes like U1is. whether you are aware of it or not you will dra to you what ever you continually think of. and that can be good or bad and mostly it is BAD.

It was because Donald carried the thought of rov~lY girls in his Mind that he was drawn into ~ meeting -ru; a very strange woman. a woman known In the world 0

White Magic as a Cyleel.


She had slipped and hurt her Ankle, Donald went to her aid and nagged down a Taxi and helped her home. she as a reward made him sit down with her and enjoy a cup of tea.


They struck up a firm friendship and she taught Donald about the power behind the Genie, teaching him that in the invisible world around us are two types of friendly spirit forms.

There are the Spirits of departed humans and there are the little Folk who are servants who long for the day when they will receive 3. human Soul •. and be born into this world, until that time they must obey commands given them by a Genie. if it is backed up by pictures of what is needed.

In Donald"s case it was a girl that was needed. the Cyleel .Lady told him to find a picture of the girl he wanted so badly, then to stop WANTING and set to work. making a genie and working out the correct tommand.

IllUstration 10

. .In next to no timed Dona.1d had his genie and a few PIctures stolen from a magazine I that pictured several lovely featured girls. he set op the Ritual in this way.


He laid on his table 4 girls in the form of a crass feet to the centre (See illustration) at their feet h~ stood his genie. at their heads he placed 4 candles 1 at each girls head. lighting the candles he used this prayer,

May it please thee 0 my Lord to grant me the love a beautiful girl. one who in tum will be devoted to me. to be a constant companion. to like all the things that I like, to share in my triumphs and console me in my misfortunes.

He then recited part of the 25th Psalm.

. PSALM 25

Unto thee 0 Lor~.do I lift up my soul

o my God. I trust in thee : rer me not be ashamed. let not my enemies triumph oyer me.

Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed: let them be ashamed which transgress without cause.

Shew me thy ways, 0 lord: teach 'me thy paths.

Lead me in thy truth, and teach me : for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all day .

...... ---.... . - ~.. . .---._ ..


Gaining a Girl



The secret of 1he Lord is with them that fear him"

and he will shew them his covenant. •

Mine eyes are ever toward the lord ; for he shaH pruck my feet out of the net.

Tum thee unto me ; and have mercy upon me ; for I am desolate and afflicted.

The troubles of my heart are enlarged: 0 bring thou me out of my distresses.

Look upon mine affliction and my pain ; and forgive all my sins. Amen.

Nothing happened right away but Donald persevered performing the ritual each e.vening. then 5 days later going for a walk by a river he came across a young Jady whose car iust would not start.

No way could that car be. started for the battery was ~~.qom~letely dead. Donald' said "Oon' worry I sit tight f. will get a new battery" I and leaving her he wa~ed back into fown purchased a battery caned a Taxi and in no time was back with the young lady and the car was started.

Three evenings rater the young lady turned up on his door step to refund the money that he had spent o~ the battery, it was the beginning of a swift love affair that ended in wedding bells.


• Peter Chamm never had much in the way of schooling. just an elementary school. one of a class of

some 40 other chndren~


That was back in those good old times good for some maybe but those who. were poor in those days were really poor. and the children of the poor went to a school for the poor and were lucky in they were ~ught the 3 Rs, many left without being able to read or wnte 1 .

But Peter studied hard. where others sky larked around he tried to learn. he was known and pitied asa book worm. not for him the playing fie~. Dr other games of sport. his spare time was spent In the town's


He tett school at .the age of 14 years. got a job as a Green grocer"s boy delivering goods and ~nning errands. at 1 8 years he was in charge of a Fruit shop. but the wages were very low and he longed to better


.A book 01 power


It was around this time that one ,evening he chanced to be in the town's library and came across a very old book, opening it he was drawn to a story of a genie. it told how one could get a new job or a new house without any loss.

So a_ccording to the book. Peter could leave the job he had 11 he took a chance and threw himself on the mercy of a geniey long he pondered on the writings in that old book..

Rnally he took a chance gave up the job he had and commenced to fashion a doll and gave it a. name and prayed for a genie to enter it and look after his affairs.

One week later Peter was a manager for another shop at nearly three times the wage he had been getting. 2 years rolled by and now Peter owns his .own shop and is thinking otopeninganother shop 10 a neighbouring village_


And how did this all come about? well Peter made his doll, gave it his own name and night after ni~ht he spbke to the doll saying, • I am Pet~r. I am go~ng to land a well paid job. you my fine friend are gomg to secure me that job. I re~y on you, to contact the spirit of mylate~rand Father, and enlist his help to get me tha1 well paid jab.

After talking like this to his genie for around 10 minutes he would open his Bible and read aloud the

63rd Psalm.

Peter Charnm's Genie



o God~ thou art my God ; early win I seek thee : my soul thirsteth for thee. my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land. where no water is ;

To see thy power and thy glory. so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary.

Because thy loving kindness is better than IHe. my' lips shaD praise thee ~

'Thus will I bless thee while I five : I will lift up my hands in thy name.

My soul shall be satisfied as with marroew and fatness; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful


When t remember thee upon my bed. and meditate on thee in the night watches.

Because thou hast been my help • therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.

M.y soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand uphoJdeth me-

But those that seek my soul to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth.



They shall fall by the sword : they shall be a portion f.or foxes ..

But the- king shall rejoice in God ; every one that sweareth by him shall glory; but the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped.


I .am now closing this little book. my hope is that you will findco~fQrt in irs pages, I also hope I have shown .you a s.mple way to obtain to the things you have Wished for.

My~elf I am not a re gious man. but I do read the Holy. Bible and find therein many instances of sheer magic, and I recommend you to read it often_

The stories of those olden times WIll beat any modem fiction. and wiD give y~u many fruitful ideas.

The End and the Beginning.

The Hallowed Genie

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