Lady Mandrax

Copyright: David William Kirby:2012
The Dogbreaths Publishing

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As storm clouds gathered high in the pale Carolina sky, she was thrust into this world through
a dent in her mother’s pride. Eyes rolling and bewildered, her small limbs reached out for a
father who was unknown and a mother still cursing the child’s conception.

The mother sighed, suppressing a groan for fear of being heard and snipped the umbilical
cord with a pair of rusted scissors. Then, cradling the baby in her teenage arms she looked up
at the storm clouds overhead and praised Jesus.
“Thank you...” she whispered softly as a spot of rain fell on her upturned face.

“...thank you lord for giving me my baby healthy.”

Knowing in her heart that this child would make a hard life harder; still, she was glad the
ordeal of birth was over and now she had to find them both somewhere to live.

From that day the young girl became a woman. Aware that her life was no longer her own but
the child’s also. Being black in Southern America, what with the Jim Crow laws and
entrenched racism, was one thing but being black with an illegitimate child was quite another.
As 1948 spilt into 1949 the woman thought about crushing a stone into the child’s head or
throwing themselves under the wheels of an unforgiving train; but the faith in the hereafter
prevented these thoughts progressing.

One look into those bright green eyes set within that pale brown skin made her depression
disappear. The child may be a problem but it also gave her the strength to fight on; that baby
had all the confidence in the world beaming through her eyes and her mother gained
confidence from them too.

In January 1949 the woman walked to the rear door of a big old house down a clear Carolina
lane. It was a whitewashed old plantation house and she knocked hard after opening the
screen door. She knew here she would be expected to scrub floors, clean windows, do
laundry, ironing and cooking; but it would be a home for them both.

Presently the door was opened by an old white man who was dressed in grey overalls. He
looked the girl and baby up and down with an inquisitive eye before pulling the door wide
and allowing them entry.
“You ain’t no whore are you?” he spat as the woman entered; gesturing toward the child in
her arms.

“Listen mister.” She said with a firm look. “I may have a baby but I ain’t no whore. This
beautiful child was the result of an act of violence; you hear that, an act of violence by a
selfish brute. But they say, every cloud has a silver lining and this ray of sunshine is mine.”
“Like that, is it?” the old man said rubbing his bristling chin.
“Yes...” She said confidently ,with her bright eyes wide and shoulders held proudly back.
“...It’s like that.”
“I’ll take you to your room.”

He led the way through the kitchen and scullery and down a long dark hall.
“The master isn’t here today but he knew you were coming. Old Mrs Jones worked for him
all her life till the cancer took her last month. He’d had that card in the shop only a few days
when you phoned him. I guess he’ll want me to tell him if you’re any good when he gets
back; I suppose you’ll meet him then.

Until that time you make yourself comfortable, when you ready, come back to the kitchen; I
want my food before it gets dark. Of course, I’ll do it myself tonight, rest for now and
tomorrow you can start working.”

She looked at his old back as she dragged her suitcase in one hand and the baby in the other
and pulled a face.
“And who are you?” she asked as he opened a door which led into a side room containing a
sink, bed and sideboard.

“My name is Jed.” The old man replied handing over a key.
“I’m the master’s farmhand. This is you an’ the baby’s room. I sleep over there.”

He indicated a door on the other side of the hall before walking back towards the scullery.
“When you’re ready I’ll have some eggs and coffee waiting for you.”
“Thank you.” She replied hesitantly.
She watched him go to the end of the hall and walked into her new home. The bed was
simple but soft and the window overlooked the sweeping hills beyond. It was a view she
would get used to watching, as the green grass slowly dried out to a brown mat over the
summer and the parched ground split; thirsty for rain.

Then the winters would strip the trees of their leaves and the ground would turn to mud as the
wind and rain battered her window. It was a view she would watch as each night the sun set
over the far off hills and every morning the shadows would grow and the sky light up with
every colour of the rainbow. From that day her life would not be her own and, although
slavery was a long time past, she would be a willing slave to that house and its master until
the child grew up.

Still, she was still grateful for what the lord had provided considering the last few nights had
been spent sleeping in cornfields. She laid the baby on the bed and got on her knees to thank
Jesus for her good fortune and as the whispered prayer was uttered the first ray of strong
sunshine came through the thin curtain and bathed her and the baby in the warm and divine
light of the morning sun.

The baby grew while her mother polished furniture and swept passages until her arms ached
and broom-heads wore down to their base. The young girl, Mandy, sat on a rug in the
kitchen while her mother scrubbed pans and cooked food. Over the winter months the old
stove would keep them warm and in the summer she’d sit in the yard while her mother
scrubbed clothes and hung the bed sheets on the line.

Yet every Sunday morning the woman would dress the child in her best threadbare clothes
and lead her down the lane to church. They always sat at the back trying to ignore the cupped
hands and gossiping mouths of other parishioners. She never even tried to form relationships
with them; they shared the church but nothing else.

She knew they were talking about her and that bastard child when the service was over; but it
would not stop her going. The experience made her and the young girl stronger. She may
have been a nigger with a half-breed bastard to them, words she heard regularly outside the
building, but in the eyes of God she was a saint and her child a little angel.

As Mandy grew older her beauty became apparent, she had long legs and long curly hair,
long eyelashes and the kind of hips that make men melt. About the time of her fourteenth
birthday the master took an un-natural interest in her.

“Come here Girl.” He said as she passed the door to his day room. She looked in and saw the
fat, lazy white man that owned the house leering at her. He’d never spoken to her before
although she had noticed that he’d been watching her grow for some time. His eyes followed
her about the room if he could find a reason to visit the scullery or her mother sent her into
his room for something.

Beside. not in my house. Mandy thought as she stamped ahead with clenched teeth. “. Now keep still. not a god whitey would want to worship. She stepped toward him and looked hard into his eyes confidently. “What do you think you are doing?” “Don’t be like that girl.. It wasn’t what she wanted from her life and her mother always said she was a clever girl and she was going to use her head to get on. a little too close.The man never smiled.. never said anything kind or interesting. because if you do he’ll screw you in the butt... “You’re at the right age to find out what your pussy’s for. a Grateful nigger. Later that day she packed a small bag.” Bullshit. girl?” She turned and sniffed loudly.. Occasionally she would turn and find him behind her.” “If your fingers move one more inch mister. “. like a nigger without a care in the world. “You have grown some. scrub his floors and clean up like a Good nigger. He started to stroke further upward and as his fingers touched the bottom of her skirt she snapped.“…but you can’t hide. that smell of sweat and bad tobacco lingering in her nose long after he was gone. the religious hypocrisy. She was sick of it all. “Come a little closer and let me see you properly. She was tired of seeing her mother sweat over his stove. “Keep in touch. girl. with her mother or without. Don’t turn your back on the lord.” He said patting the sweat from his brow with a stained hankie.” She did as he asked and snarled as his thick fingers reached out and touched her between her knees. You may think you can tell my mother to do your bidding but I don’t work for you or anyone. wanting her to approach him when no one else was in the room. You got that?” “Ha. kissed her mother on the cheek and walked from that house never to look back.. “.” He drawled.. baby…” her mother had shouted as the girl headed out the gate into the lane yonder. Each step was taking her further away from it all. and the racist attitudes.”He chuckled.” She said placing her hands on her hips. a smile cracked his fat face as more sweat wet his brow.. Now he had called her. He just chewed on a long cigar and let his eyes eat her up. That’s what white people are like and God had to be white otherwise he wouldn’t be god.. “You wanted me?” He looked at her and she saw his gaze fall to her breasts and down to her legs just barely covered in the short denim skirt she was wearing. the days of ...” the fat white man shouted after her.and never turn your back on the Lord. deciding to leave that house as soon as possible. “You can’ll find out what my fist is for. she thought. as he was always reminding her. Well. when I find a use for my pussy it will be on a day I decide and with a person whose dick isn’t buried in five layers of gut fat.You think you gonna play hard to get with me.” “We’ll see about that!” Mandy cursed under her breath.

“You got family in Los Angeles?” “Nope.” The driver said anxiously looking back to the road and gripping the wheel with his fat hairy fingers. “. she noticed the furtive glance occasionally. “Nope. Mandy turned her attention to the window again and hoped that he would lose interest. there was something in his tone that made her glance at him quickly. He was going all the way to California.” she replied. Still..” she replied abruptly. He was just like all the other white men she had known. What a sight. to Los Angeles and so this became her destination too. Chapter One Mandy hiked a lift out of Carolina along the main interstate heading west. “You’re a big girl for sixteen. There was a long pause before he said anything further. Just in time to see that he had been leering at her intently. “.” She huffed. “You’re a little young to be making this journey on your own aren’t you?” The driver said eventually breaking the awkward silence.. The wheat was growing tall and they fields seemed to stretch to the horizon in every direction... but his eyes had a look of humour in them but when he smiled he exposed a mouth full of green teeth. “How old are you Girl?” the driver asked making casual conversation. “You got friends down there?” He continued trying to get her to least we’ll have the pleasure of dyeing together. He was keeping them on the road most of the time although she could tell he was interested in them. “You have the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen. It was an overcast day and yet the man was sweating profusely as the corner of his eyes surveyed her legs.” . “Sixteen.servitude to a big.” she added with a wry smile. She told the driver that she was going wherever he was heading.” She lied looking away from him and out the side window at the farmland that was shooting past. “I guess you’re one of these people that can walk into a town like Los Angeles. “I was only admiring your legs.” He replied. they would call her a nigger in front of their friends then try to fuck her when she was alone. with no family and settle down like they’ve lived there all their life?” “That’s right.” He said softly.. Your fat gut spread over the tarmac and my face splattered against the windscreen.” “I’m looking at the road.” “You need to get out more. “If you don’t keep your eyes on the road mister…” she snapped. white lord was over and she would do all she could to make sure they never came back. “You sure don’t say much do you?” he said with a breathless sigh. He was another fat white man who had a thick growth of beard and sleep in his eyes.I might never see my seventeenth birthday. not knowing a soul.

” “So you’d do anything for cash. he was sure to have continued trying to get into her panties and it was better to nip things in the bud by removing the temptation. She thought too about the big old boss that owned the house and if he had taken his anger out on the old woman. “A maid. She was thinking about her mother and wondering if she was sitting by the old stove quietly crying for her. Could you work in a store?” “I don’t know. I’ve not ruled anything out just yet. “That’s better.A?” the driver said eventually as he flicked a switch and the road ahead was flooded with headlight. the last thing she wanted was to be put out in the dark in the middle of nowhere. She knew she had upset him but perhaps she had done the only thing to make things better. “Truly. “You look much better with a smile on that face of yours. earn a little money. I’m sure I have the goods men want.” She laughed looking out the window into the darkness. better than what?” “A maid. “Don’t be shy. now young lady. you’ve ruled out being a maid and.” The driver gasped.” He gave her a dumb smile that made her giggle.” He said making the chins wobble. what you are hoping to do in the big city.” the driver said with a beefy smile. “You know.They drove for a further few kilometres and the sun got low on the horizon as they journeyed on. She could see him reflected in the mirror looking around at her and although he was disgusting to look at it made her feel powerful. “Is that what you’ve been doing lately?” “My mother. be something better than a…” She stopped in mid sentence and looked away.” She said eventually. “Well. I just meant I’d never be a maid.” Don’t knock being a maid girl. It’s only a way of paying the rent after all. he sensed that he shouldn’t have mentioned his mother’s profession to the young girl and tried another tract. She was a good old girl and she had some mighty fine friends. I’m not going to judge you. I guess I never really ruled out being a whore. er.” She said softly. Mandy faced him and wondered if she should stop being so defensive. my mother’s profession. stop messing. eh?” the driver said looking away from the road and at her legs again. So your mother earns money scrubbing floors. “My momma warned me about girls like you. “I hope to find a job. “My mother was a whore and she’d given her eyeteeth to have been a maid. “You got a job fixed up in L.” She said with an air of depression. looking out through the side window at the bleak dark landscape beyond only visible when moon light broke through the clouds in silvery shafts. little miss.” “Oh. . the fat from his chin collected up on his shirt collar in great folds giving the impression of several chins. I guess not. I’ve been living with her. would you have been happier if she’d earned rent on her back?” “No. “Better than a what?” The driver asked.” She replied with a small smile.

It was then she noticed just how small he was.” She smiled tucking it into her blouse. “. you’re going to need money for a place to stay when you get there. “Well. “I’ve checked us in as Mr Farley and his daughter. Mandy watched him waddle away and wondered what she was letting herself in for.” “Well. “I am underage. “Now what did you have to say that for?” He said with a deep sigh and then stared at her nervously. “Making it out like I’m a paedophile or something. “That okay with you?” “Sure. about twenty times so far. “You have ruined it now. it was like crank. “For what?” she asked with a confused smile. you can let me have a wank while I look at those legs. “If I can’t fuck you. Perhaps..” “S’pose you want your money back?” she asked hoping that he wouldn’t. she thought. Now how you gonna fuck me again?” “Nah. “Don’t you spend it all at once..” she said pushing him down on the bed. “Not without giving me my fifty dollars first. you’re not..” “You got me!” he laughed taking out a battered wallet and passing over a crisp new note. “All I did was lay there. “Look. He tugged at her legs until she was laying with her panties facing him and she was staring up at the ceiling. Constance..” He said after a long pause. “. right?” She smiled seeing his hands get white as their grip on the steering wheel tightened.” Once inside the room he tugged the blinds down and pulled her towards him whispering in her ear that he was going to fuck her bad.” He stuttered.” He said pulling the truck door open and up at her.” he sniffed looking up at her with a frown. anyone ever told you that?” “Yha.” she sneered looking at him.” “Neither am I...I’m not used to this.. “We’re in N0 5” he said leading around the building to where the rooms were situated.” “Sorry.” .” “Whatever.I guess that would mean letting you fuck me. She heard a grunt and then he sat up.only If you say so..” He said breathlessly.” She said sliding out of the truck and standing beside him. you have. He pulled the truck into the car park behind the rooms and went to check.“How would you like to earn fifty buck right now?” He said cautiously. “A girl like you could go a long way with fifty bucks in her pocket book. “Thank you.” Farley replied nervously. so I guess you are.” “Oh yha.. she’d never heard the word before. Especially in a city like L.” She replied not understanding what a wank was. “You are a beauty. or thank. “. Well whatever he was getting at she decided just to let him get on with it.” “I’ll keep it to buy me a new school uniform..A...” They drove on a little further until the lights of a small motel drew along beside them.

let’s play an adult game he said. “Have I upset you?” “No. She was tempted to take the money and run away but the thought of being a whore was one thing.“Oh. He didn’t say much during the first part of their journey and eventually she broke the silence. “Why do you ask?” “You’ve not said anything since we got going. in his lair.” The man said after a long pause.” They both fell to sleep on the bed fully dressed and she had a strange dream. being a thief something quite different. There was an old fashioned oil lamp in what looked like an old cellar. . “Did you? I didn’t notice. They were a little hostile at first but the colour of her money helped them get over the colour of her skin. His wallet had just a couple of hundred dollar bills and a faded photograph of a woman.” he replied shooting her an awkward look.” “You know what I mean. She replaced the money and the wallet and then adjusted her hair in the mirror before going out on the veranda. you got me.” “It’s not you girl. She awoke as the fist beams of dawn were bursting through the windows. It was as though it was a memory stored in her mind like a faded photograph.” He tutted and looked back towards the road. The driver was still asleep and he was sucking air through his nostrils and then blowing warms gusts against her face. She could see shadows cast upon the bare brick walls and the painted faces of china dolls.” He laughed doing up his fly and throwing a towel across the room. “I wondered if I’d done something wrong. Mandy took her to be his wife. didn’t I” He shook his head and glanced away from the road towards her. When she woke him the driver didn’t even wash before getting dressed. She had felt safe and warm there. There was a diner opposite the room block that advertised all day breakfast and so she crossed the road and bought some coffee for them both. drinking the coffee and going out to see if his truck was okay. “I feel like I took advantage last night.” “But I forced you to have sex. He’d paid for the room in advance so there was nothing left to do except visit the bathroom and get going. I’m not like that really. “You sure got me there.” “How did you take advantage?” she laughed.” She replied with a slight smile. She saw that there were tears welling up in his eyes and she started to feel guilty. After taking a shower she went through the still sleeping man’s trouser pockets. “You didn’t rape me or nothing. “Yes…” she said as the old master touched the place dollies never had. One of his great arms was over her shoulder and she pushed it aside and stepped off the bed towards the window.

I was away with the fairies. “Why not. I felt safe with you. If a man took advantage of her I’d find him and I’d kill him. “That’s made me feel a whole lot better about things. you could tell me to mind my own business if you want. “No. I’d be one happy little girl. She thought about them both sitting there just as she and her new friend were. “Do you watch football?” the driver asked as he dipped a slice of toast into a soggy egg yolk. I mean you could have. “In fact. He looked up at her with his mouth half open and an awkward silence descended between them both before his face broke into a craggy smile. The noise in the diner seemed to slip away as her thoughts returned to her mother.I’m Just trying to make conversation. I thought it was better to ask that than…” “Than what?” she asked looking at him intently.” “Okay…” she laughed.. wide eyed. “I don’t want to pry.” She smiled reaching out and touching his arm gently. I guess. usually came in from the garden to grab a bite to eat. “I thought you’d been through my pockets. “I got a daughter who is a little older then you.” There was another thick silence between them until he eventually took a bite from the last piece of toast and pushed the plate away. “Why do you ask?” “Aw.” “Thank you.” she replied with a smile..” A few hours later they were in a diner eating a brunch of eggs. At that time of the day Jed.” “If I had a pappy like you. even though I’m old enough to be your father..” She replied before looking out the window longingly.” She said softly gazing out the window wistfully. you were the perfect gentleman. .” “You didn’t take advantage.” “I was going to. “Thanks. “Who’s the woman in the photograph?” she asked before realising that he’d know she’d been down his pockets. for what?” “For not ripping me off and running.” He shrugged and continued to eat in silence for a while until she ate the last of her eggs. You put the wallet back in the wrong one. “Then asking what you were running away from?” He looked down at his food and acted as if the question wasn’t nosey.” “I’m not like that. “. Wondering if her momma was sitting beside the stove darning or working out in the yard. bacon and coffee. “Mind your own business. “That was frugging delicious.” She said biting her lower lip. best sleep I’d had for ages. she had never spent a whole night away from her in the past and she wondered if she was also thinking about her. Thanks” “Thanks.” He said flashing his yellow teeth towards her.” He replied taking a sniff and gulp of coffee.. I mean.

like I said... who was she?” She asked looking back toward him and regretting that she’d been through his pockets in the first place. I’m going to the freight terminal.” “.” “I’m so sorry. boring drive to Los Angeles.” he said realising that he had pried enough and that it really wasn’t any of his business. it was a long journey. “You said your mother was a maid?” he said after a while.” “It’s me who should say sorry.” He laughed. shit every time it happens you’ll be’ll recover. There was a small amount of polite small-talk of course. “But bright as a button.” . It was hot and bright and she had to shield her eyes from the glare of the sun as she looked up at him. “I’m sorry to hear that. It wasn’t necessary and they both felt as if they’d said enough.Were they passing the morning with a little superficial small talk. But they gradually developed that mutual understanding which is indispensable when in such close quarters ..” He said as the truck rattled out of gear.this is the furthest I’ve ever been from home and my confidence is pretty shallow. I’m frightened I’ll make a mistake and screw things up. “I thought she was your wife.” Nothing more than chit-chat passed between them for the rest of their journey. “She’s been dead ten years now.” “Yha.. but I will never go home again.. never. “The photo?” “Yes. “What about your father?” “He’s dead.” He said. “. the sort of respectful relationship that only exists under circumstances such as during that long.” Mandy replied softly. I am wound up like a spring. No matter what!” “Oh. the cancer took her. Then he looked serious and flashed her a nod.” the man chuckled making those chins wobble like jelly... before adding.. She was asleep when the sudden motion of the truck stopped and the lack of engine noise pulled her from her dreams. Luckily enough. She reached out a hand and touched his shaking fist on the tabletop. you’ll make mistakes girl. how old was he…” “Can we change the subject?” she snapped throwing him a stern glair. quiz of the week or something?” “Sorry.” She smiled. “What is it with you. whoppers.” “You are. about those who they loved? Did she miss her? Mandy certainly missed her mother and if she dwelt on it any further she knew she would begin to cry. “it’s true. her companion seemed to guess this and pulled her from the daydream with a simple question. “This is as far as I go Honey. thinking about the past. “You sure are wound up tight.” She lied thinking this lie was much better than the truth. he adopted the fatherly role and she his compliant daughter. “You can catch a bus down there and it’ll take you right into town. and get over it. seriously. trying to relax as best she could. sorry..

The bright summer sun and the smell of lilac brought it all back vividly. “If you do go there. cursing the cars and the road.“Right. He was cursing the sun. stained and threadbare almost bumped her into the .” She opened the truck door and jumped down onto the road.” She replied looking at the address . long ago as a child she used to watch her mother hang the washing. Okay?” “Thank you. in steamy cars at the side of the road. she thought. She noticed a faint smell on the wind and then the scent of lilac reached her nose and it reminded her of home. She folded the paper note carefully and placed it in her breast pocket before picking up her battered carpetbag and heading towards the bus stop. they must all be actors. “Hay bud. She saw a huge woman with bright red hair scratching her fat butt while puffing on a cigarette. “See you later Tom Farley. Chapter two People were everywhere. The child was screaming and the woman could be heard saying. A dazed woman in a faded dress. She called out to a passing car shining in the mid-morning heat.” He said handing her another twenty dollars and a piece of paper with an address scrawled on it. some had nothing and some looked like they had everything. this is where the Hollywood films are made. thin.” She said sitting up and wiping the sleep from her eyes. want some business?” Mandy saw another fat woman who had a child in her arms. “Take this. Clark Gable. ask for Ruby and you might land yourself a job or somewhere to stay. Big people.” He smiled. she’ll look after you.” She shouted slamming the truck door. beautiful people. she didn’t recognize any of them and wondered why they should be honoured like that. “Thanks for being so good to me.” “It was a pleasure. there were so many of them. standing on street corners looking around expectantly. Of course. okay.” “Okay. “I’ll feed you when I get some money. ugly people. on the sidewalk. “Perhaps I’ll run into you again?” He nodded and she heard that familiar laugh as the truck burst into motion before disappearing in a cloud of dust. fat. Then she saw a name she did recognise. cursing Him under his breath. people in cafes and bars. Mandy saw a man in rags talking to god. “Tell Ruby Tom Farley sent you. damning them all. Within each brass star was a name. small people. This thought disappeared as the rank stench of stale urine and musty armpits flooded her senses. the sky.” Mandy looked down at the sidewalk and saw inlaid stars on every other paving stone. This made her smile. The sun hung in the air like a big yellow balloon and its veins of light were fluted through the towering palm trees that edged the road. Oh.

The woman cradled a plastic bag filled with tin cans to her breast and softly mumbled something about god. They both faced her with hardened looks.” Mandy asked as she reached them. The number she wanted were only a few steps from the junction.” “Left down Vine.” One of the strangers replied defensively.” Mandy replied indignantly. Unaware of which direction to take she checked the nearest buildings and saw that the numbers went up on her left and down on her right. .” Mandy repeated. then right?” “That’s it Honey. “It’s along that way miss. There were two people standing in the square that the theatre edged chatting about nothing in particular. She took a deep breath when she reached the tall and wide iron gates that were set into a hedge.” The boy’s mother said examining the piece of paper with a squint. “Excuse me. “I’m not begging. this is a high number so that’s right at Sunset.” the woman said after a long pause. You can’t miss it. The smell faded as Mandy strode away towards and old theatre set back from the road.” “Really.” The boy said nodding along the road. Sunset intersects it.. “I can read it mother.until Sunset intersects it. There was a schoolyard on her left and a group of small children played with a ball in it. The path that led from the gate to the front porch seemed to go on for two or three hundred yards and was framed on either side by a colourful array of bedding plants and shrubs. High lighting towers stood to attention every hundred yards or so while traffic idled at the intersection. “If you go left there...road. “My reading ain’t as good as it used to be…” “Oh really?” Mandy said as the other stranger took the piece of paper and examined it. etched into a brass plate. It really was a huge place and imposing. “Oh. “. as the one Farley had given her and she peered through the gates at the house beyond. “We ain’t got no money. “Go left at that junction.” Mandy thanked them and walked to the junction they’d indicated and found herself walking away from the Chinese Theatre.. good luck yaw. that’s Vine…” “Vine?” Mandy replied looking in the direction he had indicated. The gate upright had the same number on it. It was a wide.” The stranger said looking up with a smile. At the bottom of Vine Street she found Sunset Strip cutting across. busy road that seemed to stretch as far as her eyes could see in either direction. “It’s an address along the strip there. “I’m new to town and I wondered if you knew where this address was?” She held the piece of paper Tom Farley had given to her up so the pair could read it and one of the strangers looked at it intently.

“Wow. The image made her smile. yep!” “And Tom Farley sent you?” . After an immeasurable period of time the door was opened slightly and the face of an old black woman in a traditional maid’s uniform peered out. She had to say under her breath. if anything? The only way to find out would be to press that button. “I’d like to speak to your master. This woman certainly didn’t get on her knees and do the sort of jobs her mother performed every day of her life. “You either got the wrong house. “Tom Farley sent me. “I have the right address. even for rich folks like these. So what would they be able to do for her..” She mused..” The old woman spat closing the door sharply. “.. “Oh. or something. Her finger pressed hard and she stood back. Farley wouldn’t have given her this address if he didn’t think they’d help her? She didn’t think that she’d be able to rent a room in such a mansion and he was aware that she did not intend becoming a maid.” She stuttered as the old women inspected her through the glass. or someone that did dirty work. Surely. would you?” The maid replied with a laugh.” “Wait. said I could find work here. “And what can I do for you?” the woman in the maid’s costume asked sarcastically. you would. Mandy could see by the cleanliness of the apron the woman wore that she wasn’t a maid of all work. “You want work?” “Ah ha. She looked through the glass and saw the old woman begin to walk away and so she pressed the doorbell again until she saw her turn and come to the door again. get you. Perhaps it was lack of confidence.” The old woman stared through the stained glass for a moment before cautiously opening the door.” Mandy replied desperately trying to sound confident. “Just look at that.” “Would he be available?” Mandy stuttered. “. It was a picture of a nude girl holding a ball.. before another step forwards could be taken. The art-deco stained glass that was fitted in the door she reached fascinated her.” There was a brass bell push set into the wooden frame and she carefully touched the button without pressing it as thoughts rushed through her mind.Mandy pushed open the gate and stepped onto the gravel path towards the huge white porch that framed the sturdy stained-glass panelled front door. up right with her chin proud. eyeing Mandy from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. come on girl. There was a small flight of steps. get a grip. all picked out in different coloured glass. “Well.. and look…” she held out the piece of paper he had scrawled the address upon. The imposing nature of the building filled her with anxiety for some reason.” Mandy said as the door was closed.or you got a death wish. she wondered. The sort of work white women never did. perhaps it was fear of the unknown but something held her there rooted to the spot. which she found unable to climb. astonished by the woman’s attitude.he wrote it in his own hand.

“I’ll tell you once…” the old woman snapped. Wait there and I’ll tell her you here. reclining temptingly on a bed of roses. “… There ain’t no master in this house.” “I’m sorry.. “I was told to ask for Mr Ruby. It was bright with windows all around. Got that?” The maid walked off leaving the girl standing next to the stairs facing the picture of the naked girl. wide eyed she thought about the house she had left her mother cleaning. I’m confused. The fittings of brass and chrome sparkled in the morning sunshine and a sweeping staircase of stained wood and brass swept up to another floor to her right. painted woodwork and stained dark floorboards.” she sniffed.” “There isn’t?” Mandy replied. The heels of her patient leather shoes being at least nine inches high if not more. she remembered him speaking about Picasso once and saying that it was an affront to people’s intelligence.” Mandy said softly clutching her bag to her waist nervously.. look at those heels. you say. “Well. The opulence amazed the country girl and her eyes darted everywhere before coming to rest upon a painting that hung on the far wall. and she ain’t no lady.” Mandy replied. how high. Anyway you can call her Miss. showing a set of white teeth with the odd gap here and there. the madam? “You’re confused. She recalled that there was no art in the old house. you could say that. others appeared more modern with stark colours and brittle images. “Lordy.” Being further inside the house the girl could see that there were other oil paintings decorating the rest of the wall space. The old woman opened the door wider and looked over the girl’s shoulder down the path towards the gate. “You had better come in then.“That’s right. the white master hated art.” The maid replied shaking her head and laughing loudly.. Mandy raised an eyebrow. make no mistake about it. One was of the rear end of a well proportioned lady dressed in tight plastic shorts and fishnet stockings bending over.” Mandy stepped through the door and into the hall that lay beyond. They were all of naked girls. Her long red hair curled down across ivory shoulders and the intense auburn was picked up again in the fold of her exposed pubis. is she a lady?” “Well. It was of a naked girl. some were dark and brooding with plump ladies posing seductively. “Ruby is the mistress.” Mandy said under her breath. especially modern art. “Is Ruby the boss. “There’s only one boss in this house. . or Madame and watch your lip because if you gonna work for Ruby Valentine then if she says jump.” The old woman laughed again. “. “She’ll have to see you.” Mandy replied staring at the old woman anxiously. it had always seemed like a palace to her but compared to this place it was really one up from a shack. you can bet your life on that..if you stay confused you’ll get on fine here.

The smell of rose blooms filled the air as a breeze floated into the hall from the garden. mahogany chairs upholstered in pink satin stood at intervals around the room and here and there arrangements of roses and pink carnations flushed from bright vases. Her light pink dress shone in the sunlight that entered through a window behind the desk. The woman had bright auburn hair and Mandy realised the picture in the hall was of this woman in her youth. She smiled at the realisation. Mam. She looked at the white woman. “Madam will see you now. the index finger of her left hand having one of the biggest Ruby’s Mandy had ever seen. She did not want to appear frightened. not young but very beautiful. “Mandy. “What’s your name?” The woman asked softly before taking a cigarette from the silver container on the desk.” “I see?” Mandy replied not really seeing at all. Both women eyed the young girl intently which made Mandy very uncomfortable. The room was huge and expensively furnished in red and pink. She was led into a side room and the door closed briskly behind her. “We are looking at you. There was a large mahogany desk in the centre of the room behind which sat two women. “Just stay where you are. She looked up and hanging above her head was a vast crystal chandelier. “Shall I stand or sit?” Mandy asked breaking the silence. “Come. It caught the light and shimmered like water if she moved her head from side to side. “My name is Mandy. Red carpet swept from wall to wall.” The black woman snapped filling the young country girl with fear. another hushed giggle echoed down the stairs. There was a tall. Girl!” The maid said abruptly. who stood just beside the other. She found it mesmerising. She was normally very confident meeting new people but this situation was unlike any other she had ever been in. The black woman’s eyes were piercing and Mandy could hardly look at her without feeling guilty for some reason. She just caught a glimpse of another young girl who darted away quickly when she looked up. Mandy heard the rustle of taffeta and a small giggle above her on the second floor and she peered up towards the sound. She had long fingers and each one was decorated with jewels. she smiled softly sucking the aroma in. one white. it was evidently silk or satin.” . long case clock further down the hall and the steady clicking of its movement ticked the seconds by.Mandy didn’t know what he meant at the time and still didn’t understand fully but seeing these glorious images surrounding her just made her think that he was wrong. she thought. She shuffled from one foot to the other and bit her lip. middle aged and seated and one black.” She replied softly.” Mandy placed her shoulders back and held her bag slightly behind her as she followed the maid down the hall. It shone like fire on the band of glittering gold. The black woman leant forwards and lit the cigarette with gold lighter.

.” Mandy said putting on her best smile.” “Tell me dear?” the white woman enquired taking another puff on her cigarette. he played with himself.” Mandy said hesitantly.” Mandy replied leaning her head to one side.You’ll get full board and residence plus a clothing allowance.” Mandy replied looking the woman directly in the eyes...” Mandy said with a blush.” the white woman smiled... “I haven’t come here to be a maid. Both women looked at her in silence and with stony faces. “Sounds like Tom?” the white woman laughed..” “Really? she asked suspiciously before taking another puff on the cigarette. Ruby.. She wondered if they were estimating Tom Farley’s talent for spotting a young beauty or if they were horrified by the condition of her old leather sandals.. hail from?” “I’m from Carolina. sorry I’m a little nervous.. “....“Mandy.” “Thank you madam.. “Do you want the job?” the black woman asked. other black people were far less formal. “. “That would be a yes?” The black woman asked through pursed lips. “I know you said full board and all that.” “Well then.” The white woman added with a solemn frown ..” “Wow. but he got his rocks off anyway.. “. “Or did he just try?” “I said no. “Is that where you know Tom Farley? “No.. “Where does Mandy.. My name is Ruby. “No.” She wanted to jump in the air and shout aloud in celebration but was content to smile sweetly and thank the women. can calm down. “What sort of work did you think you could get here?” The white woman asked with a smug smile.” She continued throwing her colleague a knowing nod. that’s what men do isn’t it?” “Some men.” Mandy smiled relaxing for the first time since entering that room. This was a little difficult because it appeared as if both had equal power and where she had come from only white people got treated like they were in charge.but will I be getting any hard cash? I have to send money to my mother. “Did Tom manage to get it up?” “Did he what?” “Did he actually fuck you?” the woman said abruptly. I think you have yourself a job here. “I only asked because I needed to ascertain if you were still a virgin.. thank you madam. “. “That’s provided you drop the madam bullshit. hmm?” the woman drawled in a haze of cigarette smoke. “Well.” “Ah ha. It was just the sort of response Mandy hoped for. not really. “Yes. I’d consider anything else. “.” Mandy beamed. “He said you may be able to offer me some work.” .it’s just that he tried to fuck me on the way down here. “He raped you?” the black woman asked with an astonished expression. little miss country girl.” The two women laughed out loud.” Mandy nodded shyly.Er.

” The black woman added. Sam?” she said nodding towards her partner who picked up the telephone and pressed a button. “. in the lounge.” “Yes. “You think I’d let anyone touch you without paying hard cash? Not on your Nelly. would be the use of an animal in an establishment like this? I guess.go buy yourself some new underwear and something nice for your first night. “Right then. “Any tips are yours although they come to me first. I’ll pass them on at the end of the week. I’ll get someone to show you around. you work. Virgins don’t just walk through the door every day. “First things first. she’ll find out later. “Ruby said standing up. you know a customer.although we don’t do animals. “. Her smile was broad and friendly. Off you go.You have to be on duty every night at six o’clock. “That’s a john. I’ll get it back from your first month’s earnings.they pay me and I’ll pay you at the end of each week. that will get you sacked.” “Okay boss. “. “Any questions?” Ruby asked. You do get time off but that will be allocated in future.” Ruby smiled..” “You’ll get ten dollars for each and every punter..” “What?” Mandy said confused by the remark.. The punter pays me and I give him a ticket like this.. What. a mark. okay?” “Yes.” “A punter?” Mandy replied with raised eyebrows. “Each girl has to do at least one punter a night.” The black woman said straight faced...” Mandy said taking the five notes and clutching them tightly. “This is an advance. “You’d better get that mad bitch Liz to move Velta from the white room. is that clear. “Normally. full of light and knowing beauty... a deep fruity laugh that relaxed Mandy even further.” Ruby smiled pushing the notes across the desk.. this is Sam.” Mandy replied turning to see Ruby staring at her intently. “So you want to join our madhouse?” Ruby asked again. “. Sam give the girl fifty dollars. Is that clear?” “Yes. if that’s your thing you may as well walk away now. kids or dead bodies..” She approached Mandy and walked slowly around her inspecting her bottom closely.” Mandy replied without hesitation.. thank you. my foreman...” Sam replied looking at Mandy with an intense expression. “I’ll get one of the girls to go with you so you don’t get lost.” The white woman laughed again. she thought. You’ll have your own room although you may work in any of the fantasy rooms we have and I’ll tell you about them in time.” “Fifty dollars?” Mandy said confused.“Of course you will. “A man?” Mandy asked with a frown. She counted five ten dollar notes and placed them on the desk. Sam opened the desk drawer and withdrew a wad of banknotes. Mandy shrugged and shook her head making her curls flop into her green eyes.. “Well then. girl.” she held up a blue slip of paper for Mandy to see. she mused. but anything goes here. In the meantime. Money never changes hands in the rooms. .” Sam said businesslike. It made her feel happy just to look at the woman.

“Just make yourself at home.” The old woman interjected throwing the dressing gown at Velta’s head. you unnerstand?” “I am sorry. “I’m to tell mad bitch Liz to move Velta from the …” “The White room. Once outside the room the maid gave a small hoot and winked at Mandy. There was a young woman inside sitting upon a big brass bed in bra. which was opened.” Mandy stepped out of their way as the maid took the girl past the door and into the hall..” The maid replied taking the girl by the arm and dragging her to the door. she was painting her nails a deep red.” “You were listening?” “Put her in the white room. country girl. “Velta. country girl. I’ll introduce you to the others soon enough.Chapter Three Mandy looked at both women and understood that she was being told to leave the room.. “The boss.” The old woman interjected. “So you got to go in the white room.” Velta stuttered. knickers and nothing else. They said…” “I know what THEY said. just hang on a minute.” Mandy said embarrassed by her comment. The maid opened the first door and Mandy looked in. “My name’s Man…” “Don’t worry bout her. “An who are you?” Velta demanded to know as the two girls met. She smiled and walked to the door. “But there might be for Velta?” “Velta?” Mandy asked.. in the white room.” Velta stamped her foot and stormed off down the hall. “Were you listening at the key hole?” Mandy asked with a smile. “Yes!” Liz said at the top of the stairs before taking a deep breath and screaming “VELTA!” as loud as she could. I’m Lizzy and I ain’t no mad bitch. She was led down another wide and well lit hall decorated in the finest furniture with paintings every few feet. by the maid. on cue.How am I gonna do that?” “Is there a problem?” Mandy asked trying to keep up with Liz as she shuffled down the hall toward the staircase mumbling. “. “Not for you.. “I like this room. “I didn’t mean to be rude.. I ask you.. “.” Mandy laughed.. “Hay. it looks like you’re moving. She picked up a dressing gown that was strewn across the floor and threw it at the woman.” The old woman interjected pulling an extraordinary face.” She replied throwing Mandy a snarl before leading the girl up the stairs. “What if I was?” the old woman croaked placing her hands on her hips defiantly.. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?” the maid asked abruptly.” the old woman mumbled. . “You’re a strange one.” “Who said I was moving?” Velta replied with a sneer.well.

six people could quite comfortably sleep side by side on it and their shoulders would never touch.“Change the bed clothes and leave the old ones in the hall for me. She was still holding the fifty dollars that Sam had given her and so she left her bag on the bed and walked down to the staircase where she found Liz standing. “I need something to wear. country girl. But on the way. the bed spread and curtains were all picked out in different shades of white. Mandy realised It had been a long day and she could do with a bath and some rest. Mandy had seen a shop that stocked nothing but forty dollar frocks.” The old woman stomped off after Velta leaving Mandy to look about her. She stood and looked at herself in the reflection of a full length mirror that hung on the wall opposite the bed. Chapter 4 AS the grandfather clock in the downstairs hall struck six pm Mandy was waiting in her room. at six o’clock without getting something to wear but then she didn’t want to go out shopping without having a bath. The walls and soft furnishings. she could see why this was called ‘The White Room.” She said as the two women met by the stained glass porch. making the room bright and antiseptic looking. It was a big bed. The bed beckoned her tired body to lay and rest. She turned and looked at it. “It ain’t far from here. She was feeling nervous and continually looked in the full length mirror at her reflection.” “Okay. “I mean a dress shop. the new ones are in the cupboards over there. to sleep and dream of strolling through those summer fields under the warm summer sky. not even a queen size. She had sorted through the rails as the sound of loud rock music filtered through the shop from hidden speakers. Mandy had left the building and was almost skipping away down the gravel path.” Mandy smiled brushing past the woman and heading through the front door. in fact she wondered whether these beds were made off the shelf at all. Johnson hanging . they were probably ordered. “I want to find a shop. as they called it. The white quilt was covered in delicate designs of summer flowers and drifting clouds picked out in cream thread. just as Liz had said. There was a picture of Lyndon B. would that do?” She sniggered gently and her tongue poked around the few teeth that were still left in the old woman’s mouth. She knew that she couldn’t go on duty. close to Hollywood Boulevard. any ideas?” “Well. It was no use. “There’s a pet shop down the road that do a nice line in Dog-coats and flea collars.” “Well the mall’s just down the road. then her eyes fell upon the gleaming brass bed that was reflected in the mirror behind her. She placed her long curly hair behind one ear and pinned it into place with a flower hair-pin she purchased earlier.” Liz drawled nodding in the direction of the road. “But Sam wanted someone to go with you!” Liz shouted.” Mandy replied looking confused by the comment. When she had gone out she hadn’t found a Shopping Mall. “Not really. not a king size.” Liz replied thinking hard for a moment. just up that hill yonder.

one black and another who looked Greek or Italian. some of them wore tight white trousers and floral shirts which made her curious. “. In Carolina all the men had short hair and anyone that differed from this norm would have been an outcast. “If you want to make good money round here you have to learn to slow down a little.” “That’s a nice name. As she looked at herself in the mirror she felt glamorous for the first time in her life. “. “You had better slow down.” the black girl whispered shyly. in a forty dollar dress.on the wall upon which someone had drawn a moustache and a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. Then there was Velta who looked at Mandy like the cat had dragged her in before turning to do her lipstick reflected in mirror on the wall.. She had never seen men dressed like that in her life before and she liked it.. “They’re like that. it makes them feel competitive so don’t take it personally. But there were even long haired men working in this dress shop. Here she fell in an undignified heap on the floor. “I’m Jo. She ran from the room and past the startled maid. Have you have done this type of work before?” . “Get you bitch!” the maid huffed.” “Hi Jo. “If you don’t get your skinny ass downstairs now. “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” Mandy replied with a snarl. “Get her a cola. Mandy.” She smiled watching Mandy drag herself up.” Liz said as Mandy rushed past her towards the stairs.” Mandy replied sitting on a stool beside her.. “Are you deaf or something.. even though she thought it was important to do the right thing in the beginning. She had forgotten what the time was. I’ll be knocking on your head.. “This Girls…” Ruby announced with flair. It had amused her also that most of the men she had seen in the street had grown their hair mostly down to their earlobes but some had hair that went down their backs. She had found a pretty dress amongst those on the rails and it fitted her perfectly.. country girl. The black girl walked up to her and smiled before taking a stool beside the bar. Girl?” the maid said sticking her head around the door and giving Mandy a fright. She had laughed at that. The room had half a dozen other girls there who she took to be her workmates. Two were white. The room was large and well lit with a long bar down one wall and several small love chairs at locations throughout. She looked behind the bar at Sam and saw only open hostility staring’s this time of night. The others turned and looked at her briefly before turning back to what they were doing.” She said under her breath as the maid left her and stomped down the hall. That had made her turn and shake her head. like a Hollywood star.” Mandy lost her footing at the bottom of the stairs and stumbled forwards straight through the double doors and into the lounge. Mandy could only look up from her position and smile as Ruby turned to the bar and ordered Sam to pour the girl a drink. “What an entrance!” Ruby said holding a drink to her lips.” “Oh God.” Jo our newest member.

Sam. you ain’t. . “So get used to it.” “She’s in the white room tonight. Both girls giggled.. “When you finish that cola I’ll let you have one drink of something stronger. “Tell me. It was a Marvin Gaye song and the music changed the mood instantly.. “This is my first time. “Keep your big mouth shut. Mandy..” Ruby suddenly shouted over the top of the music.” “When you been at it as long as some of us.” She said taking a sip from her new glass.” Jo said nodding her head in time with the beat. He used to drive to the next town and stock up on Bud occasionally while nodding at the minister’s anti booze sermons in church on Sundays. The. so I remember.” Ruby replied as she rapped her painted nails upon the bar.. “I’m glad to hear it. She moved closer towards Mandy and Jo.she doesn’t mean any need a drink to forget it. Mandy glanced at Jo for a second and caught her making a mime of someone drinking from a bottle.” Sam said sternly.” “That’s funny..” Mandy replied with a small smile. “You’ll get used to Velta. “Enough!” Sam said sternly slamming her palm down on the bar.” “Ladies. If I want to hear from you.” Jo said firmly. correcting her and giving the woman a frosty stare. Sam placed a record on a deck behind the bar and adjusted the lights. I like showers.” Mandy replied sliding her stool up closer beside her new found friend.” Jo replied with a smile.. so-called. “Give me another Gin.” Velta snarled. “.” “She’s just plain rude.. She thought back to Carolina and the fact that the town was dry and had been since prohibition.. “... you’ll know about it.the cola’s fine.” Roared Ruby as she howled and hooted.. so stop whinging. lit a cigarette and downed the last of her drink. have you never drunk?” “Of course. If Ruby knows you’re new to the game she always looks out for you.. Roman Room.” Ruby said with a half smile.” “ Really?” Mandy replied. “I just want a clear head the first time. “I’ve been moved into that shit hole with no shower.” She shouted. “My girls like to laugh... “Do you hear that Velta?” “Sure. what do you want?” “Sorry Mam.” Velta cursed under her breath.” Ruby interjected..” “Let’s hope the little country girl knows how to suck cock. Then she said to Mandy. slapping her hands together.” “There’s a bath in there. I don’t drink alcohol. “I don’t like baths. “. The only person she ever met who smelt of booze when she was growing up was the old white master. “.” “Thank you Sam.” Sam said. but I ain’t got no choice have I?” “That’s right.” “I love this tune.“No.You’ll be okay. “Oh. you’ll get used to her.. “We’re one big happy family really.” She said eventually after her throaty chuckles subsided.” She gulped back her drink and gave the empty glass to Sam to re-fill.” Mandy lied. She then coughed loudly. it’s just her way.

The girl in the nurse’s uniform smiled too.. you know.” “You look very pretty. For those with specialised tastes.” “What on earth is a colon. The gasbag at the back is Velta of course. “You look nice. “She’ll get that back and more beside.” Jo smiled.” Jo added with a sneer.” Ruby continued taking another glass from Sam.” Carol said with a smile.” Jo looked at Mandy intently and noted that she seemed unsure of herself and nervous. Grandpa’s love her and she loves them. she’s my deputy around here.” “We’ve met.. “Well. er?” Mandy sputtered. “…you have met Sam. She remembered the first time she had sex for money and how terrible the experience had been. “That’s Jayne. “Colonic irrigation. very popular.” Jo replied with a hint of cynicism. She lowered her voice and leant forwards saying solemnly.. “She’s a nice girl.. shall I give her the change?” “Don’t worry. If you treat them like your sisters they’ll treat you like a sister in return. the ones I had were old and worn. what she can do with her body would make your eyes water.” Jayne quipped. I’ll introduce you to your sisters here. “If we’re relaxed the punters relax.. The girl sitting near Velta who was wearing a red gown with a matching hat put down the magazine she was reading and looked up. “Did you buy this today?” “Forty dollars.” “I love their money. colonic irrigation and that. and more. “She does our big babies.” Ruby continued. enemas.” Mandy replied “You’ve met Jo?” Ruby continued before turning towards the room to introduce the other four girls.” “That’s Carol. “That’s Roma?” Ruby said turning to face Mandy..” Jo replied. “You do not want to know. I’m right eh...” Ruby said as Sam got her a drink.“I like to hear laughter at work. “. Jo?” “Yes Ruby. very popular with the oldies.” Mandy replied hesitantly. “She’s one of my best girls. the whole situation had nearly put her off men for good. water sports. “Carol was a contortionist when she was younger. okay Hon?” “Right. “Give me that silver dollar any time you like. “Mandy.” “I got some new knickers and stockings with the ten dollars change.Just make sure she washes her hands before taking a sandwich from her.” Jo smiled taking a sip from her glass. lacking feeling with absolutely no tenderness. any problems you take them to Sam.” Mandy said softly.” Ruby continued pointing towards one of the other girls who was sitting on a love seat next to another girl dressed in a nursemaid’s uniform.” “I can do any position in the Karma Sutra. “I guess you’re feeling nervous?” .” Ruby corrected her. she looked at Ruby who was talking to Sam and bit her bottom lip anxiously. “She gave me fifty dollars.

“What.” .” “I never knew my father. old master and he was just awful to her. He would go to work each day and earn the money while the mother stayed at home looking after the kids and doing housework.It’s just that people from farming communities always have great complexions. Mandy thought. You’re not local are you.. “It’s none of my business. She could see that Jo was black but she didn’t have a southern accent like the other black girls she’d met. Ruby’s good though. are you from Los Angeles?” Mandy asked.” Mandy replied bravely.” “I didn’t mean it like that. The only significant male role model in her childhood was the fat. “He could have been white. Having a father around to look out for the family was natural. “Go and relax for a while with the other girls.. “I don’t care who you are.” “Right!” Ruby suddenly announced.” Jo said defensively.I’ll make sure you get a nice man to break you in tonight. “. In fact. when that door closes and you’re alone with that first punter you’re nerves go.” She lifted herself unsteadily from her stool and straightened out the creases in her dress before heading towards the door.” She said to Mandy as she wobbled past.” “No.. she’ll make sure the first one will look out for you.” “Mixed?” Mandy asked.” “Really?” “Yha. “Well.A three years ago.” Mandy replied with a beaming smile.. she tucked her hair behind her ear and flashed those green eyes at her new friend. smiling when really she felt like crying. I think my great. mixed up?” “Mixed race?” Jo laughed aloud.. A soft smile formed on her face before she added thoughtfully. but I was brought up here.” Jo giggled. She looked into her cool drink and thought for a moment.” She said softly. “I’m sorry..” Mandy said after a long pause. Jo recognised that this was a touchy subject and felt guilty for raising the issue. “My parents come from Mexico City. I’m just a dumb country girl in the big city. “.. she sounded Latino. it’s me. At night he’d take his daughter to bed and read her a story before kissing her gently and reminding her that daddies loved their little girls. “It’s time to get that door open.” Jo replied. “You have beautiful coffee coloured skin babe. She always did when she thought about having a father.unless you want to chat with the others?” “There’ll be time to do that. “.” Jo said looking directly at Mandy.. I moved to L. red or green for all I know. nothing too heavy. in Seattle really. “Although my family are Mexicans I have some Negro in there somewhere. he was a fucking asshole.” Mandy said softly. “. She often saw other young girls with their fathers out in the street or church and she envied them.” Jo replied nodding. that’s what I was told anyway.” “It’s always nerve racking the first time.” “Thank you. but your eyes are pure bred white boy. “You’re mixed aren’t you?” Jo asked. I’d say you’re from a farming community somewhere on the East Coast?” “Is it that obvious?” Mandy replied.“A little.. great granddaddy was from Saint Lucia... “I shit myself that first time. yellow. “My mother never talked about him....” “She’s okay with me here.yha. and boy.

“.” Velta sniffed. Fucking junkie. they’re two peas in a pod. a two faced bitch... sarcastic bitch. “She’s a devious. I’m proud of my fro.. Mandy turned and was faced by Velta who placed a glass on the bar and looked at Sam briefly. “Because I know..” Jo smiled flashing her strong white teeth and giggled.” Jo interjected. them two. If you mix it up with Jayne you got to mix it with Carol. “Let the girl make her own impressions. filling her head up with crap on the girl’s first night. “. “All these bitches hate me. country girl.” She whispered. “I’ve been here ever since. black woman.” “How are you liking my room?” a voice said from behind. I thought…” Mandy said as Sam passed Velta a glass of brandy.afro is the way to go.and that curly hair must be so manageable..”Jo said with a frown. “The girl needs work.” Jo said reassuringly. “They all hate me.” “Oh..“Well he sure gave you a beautiful pair of eyes. Jesus.. “Normally people try to get to know the place before starting.. Carol’s another one.” Mandy giggled. “You get used to being moved without notice round here. how about you?” “Let’s just say I met Ruby through a friend of a friend. it makes me a beautiful. She looked at Mandy from head to toe and half smiled. please. “. “I don’t know anyone in this town so I guess I thought I was lucky to land on my feet. much to my disgust.” “What do you know?” Mandy enquired further as Jo shrugged and looked away.” Velta interjected. “I can’t imagine you bald.. Velta rubbed her fingers in her scalp and lowered her voice for a moment.. I’m sorry to put you out.. Jo was looking more and more uncomfortable as the seconds ticked by. don’t we all?” “I met a guy on the way over and he gave me the address..” “It’s okay. all her life.” “But I like the way you wear your hair now..” “What do you mean?” Mandy asked a little confused by the remark. as if she was telling her not to pry too much.” Velta replied looking over her shoulder at Sam and lowering her voice further.” “Yes baby.I saw my mother torture herself with wigs and weaves and whatnot. and real. I’m growing it as big as it will get..” . “We women of colour have a thing about our hair. trying to deny her race.” Mandy was puzzled by this comment and wondered if she should enquire more. I was bald for two years but now I’m digging my fro. She picked up a signal from Jo which made her feel uncomfortable. “See that one there?” Velta replied nodding towards Jayne.” Jo said casually.” Mandy replied making space for the woman to get closer to the bar and turning to face her. it was a teenage reaction to weaves and wigs. “Leave her alone. a cross between a frown and a snarl. coming today and starting the very same evening.” Mandy continued..” “So you’re not happy?” Mandy asked trying to sound interesting. “I know all about them and they hate me for it..” Velta replied. “Why would you think such a thing?” Mandy asked innocently seeing Jo shake her head behind Velta. “Same again. As soon as I left home I shaved my head.” “Leave it out Velta. “. I shaved the whole lot.You’re a fast mover.

she’s weird with a capital W. “They never argue. She looked about the room and its features seemed different somehow. in that room up there. Lorri got involved with the two of them.” Jo continued. “Who was Lorri?” Mandy asked her friend as Velta returned to the mirror on the opposite wall. seriously weird. in the middle of the night?” “Wow. in that room…” “I’m intrigued now.” “Come on. they have a very intense thing going on. It was fucking awful. “What makes you think they cut her up?” she asked innocently.” Velta interjected picking up her drink. to get rid of the body more easily?” “You know what I think?” Jo replied. . I mean. Nothing unusual but then there was this awful scream and this smell that made you feel sick.” Jo said taking a gulp from her glass.” “What about Lorri?” “I don’t know.” She said looking across the bar quickly and talking in a very low voice. “Then. he’s English and he comes here a lot. Carter’s shouting about pigs and dogs and shit. just Sam.” “What’s going on here?” Sam said stepping over to the group and examining the three women. “Just chewing the fat. Ruby really lost it and punched her flat in the face.” Mandy said softly. We all do. in front of all of us. He is weird. very unusual.” Jo looked behind her to make sure they were not being overheard before continuing. “Then there’s Sam. These two women are close like this. Ruby just flashes Sam a cold look and comes out with some bullshit about her leaving.” She laughed loudly.“I’m Just putting her right. “That’s enough. “Nothing.” Velta replied before strolling away. “The next day she was gone and we haven’t seen her since. but that night Ruby kicked her arse.” Sam walked away and Mandy looked at Jo who was trying to look cool but was obviously very wound up. “She’s a bit strict but…” “You’ll see what I mean eventually. after we closed I heard Ruby and Sam arguing which was unusual. “I caught Lizzy burning a load of clothing a few days later. “What.” Mandy said softly. I mean.” Mandy replied taking a quick look at Sam. unless you want to end up like Lorri. “What room?” “Sam’s got her own room. like her view of the place had changed in that instant.” Mandy said hushing her voice too.” Jo made a sign of two crossed fingers. I think they murdered Lorri. “Sam has a john called Carter. and cut her body into little pieces. “What?” “I think Carter ate her. He doesn’t do any other girl normally. “Don’t get mixed up with her. ” The boss’s girl. you’ll find out about that. If anyone asks. “One night the three of them were in there together and I’m with a punter in the room below I could hear all this noise.” “Velta!” Jo said firmly.” Velta snapped.” “That’s really scary. Later.

. he was a tall white man with blond flecked dark hair.” Mandy said flattered by the man’s attention. Sam was pouring him a drink. a delicate child untouched by human hand. wide shouldered with a pale pretty pace and blond hair that curled down over one eye.” “Thank you. Mandy wrinkled her face with a coy expression. baby. Jo got off her stool smiled briefly and strolled towards the man. really beautiful. She failed on both accounts. no he’s no more than a boy.” Max hissed like a snake taking Mandy’s hand as she met him and kissing it gently. “This is Max. “Come join us. She was thinking about what Jo had said and wondered how much was true.. “These girls have got vivid imaginations. “. a clean antiseptic smile with perfectly straight and white teeth. then she would know. A boy who steals flowers from a garden but gives them to his mother..” Ruby said as if she was trying to sell a new motorcar. He smiled again. she thought. This was Max..” Ruby beamed.” Ruby said taking a drink from Sam who had joined them both. Mandy felt the roughness of his chin touch her skin and a shock of electricity shot up her spine. thin. okay kid?” Mandy nodded and went to stand nearer the two girls on the love seat. she thought.. .. This.” Mandy looked over and saw Ruby smiling and waving for her to join them. She’s lovely wouldn’t you agree?” “Yes. “.. and it was spreading quickly.” Max replied raising an eyebrow and drinking the girl in. the type who breaks school windows at midnight and gets away with a smile at the headmistress. “Lovely. if anything. She was holding a glass of gin and a wisp of stray red hair had fallen across her drunken face. “Just don’t believe everything you hear in this place. “Yes?” “When I told you to go mix with the girls I didn’t mean for you to sit here exchanging horror stories with Jo. “This is Mandy. “Mandy?” Ruby said through pursed lips. Sam did look strange but a murderer. perhaps not.” “Delighted.our newest girl. was the smile of a quiet schoolboy. As Mandy went to join her she saw a man standing next to Ruby. Dressed neatly in a suit and tie the man smiled a full set of gleaming white teeth at the girl as she joined them. She decided to not make her mind up about any of it until she had been there a little longer.. “If you two have finished Jawing.” Ruby said abruptly. and until she had met this person called Carter. a middle aged spread..A shadow fell across the two women and Mandy looked up to see Ruby standing over them with a stone cold expression on her face. Mandy noticed for the first time that Ruby had a slight bulge across her waist. “Mandy Honey. tall.” She nodded to the other end of the bar towards a man who had entered the room.” Ruby called from the bar. “Mandy. understand?” “Horror stories?” Mandy said trying to look confused and innocent. Was he a man.Perhaps Jo could get to work and entertain Mr Walsh.

” She replied taking the strap from her dress and letting it fall from her shoulder.” She turned to Mandy and winked.this girl’s a treasure.” Ruby said as Sam filled her glass again.” Mandy took Max’s arm and while he sank the last of his drink led him to the door and on to her room. kidnapped as a small babe by a wicked witchdoctor.”Max whispered as he pushed the hair from her eyes. you’re in good hands..” Ruby said to him swigging more gin. “. “. “.” Max interrupted.. J’pan. a room with a view. “That’s right..” Max laughed.” Max said softly as his fingers stroked the white quilt.slow down a little. “And impotent. “Ah. “I always thought Peking was in China. “Well dear. you know. She stood and removed it together with her panties and lay back on the bed smiling at him.. “Hay.” Ruby announced so that all could hear but it was intended for Max’s ears especially... she could feel the blood filling her crotch and the heat was unbearable.. She looked at the huge long lump throbbing through his pants and laughed. “I didn’t think there were any left.. where was I. Oh yes. She reached over and touched his groin.. “I can see you two are going to get on like a house on fire. His eyes drank her in from the green of her eyes to the small mound of black hair between her legs.but a view to what?” “To sex of course. He cast a knowing smile at Mandy who listened with quiet amazement to Ruby’s fantastic tale.S Navy. . princess. It was the first time she had held a man’s penis and the thought of seeing it made her wild with excitement. The daughter of an African queen. “Take the man to your room dear.” He reached over and let her other strap fall down and this made the dress slip from her body exposing her small plump breasts. A smile crossed her lips and her eyes met Max’s gaze for a brief moment as a flash of heat rippled through her body. during the Jap revolution she was smuggled out in the back of a truck full of bibles and taken to America by a God fearing member of the U. what’s going on here?” “He was important. “. “Your mother’s not really an African queen I take it?” He asked with a crooked smile.” Max said with a knowing smile. She could feel his cock was already hard and it throbbed gently in her hand.” “No dear.. “What about the nuns and Peking?” “Whatever you want baby. “Oh yes. “Yes…” Ruby continued...” “Really?” Max laughed.“She’s really a virgin... Anyone with half a brain knows there are two of them. Anyway.” “Jesus. “What’s funny?” he asked taking off his shirt and exposing his smooth white chest.” She replied joining him on the bed.” Max quipped flashing that wide bright smile.taken by the beast to J’pan where she escaped and found safety in a nunnery in Peking. “Hmm. “. “If you want.. dear.” Ruby sniffed knocking back another gin.and she’s still a virgin. “Peking. I guess.” She purred trying to not look too nervous.” Ruby slurred with a wry smile.. “So this is it?” Max asked sitting on the bed as she followed him in.. He stood and started to undress..” Mandy replied coyly.

He was breathing in her ear and she couldn’t contain herself as a cry left her lips that made him look in her eyes and ask if she was okay. Later at the bar she looked across the room and saw Max talking to Jayne and Carol. They were laughing at his jokes and playing with each other to get his hand back in his pocket and .. “.Slowly. perhaps she had upset him. Then he collapsed upon her and she felt a strange spurting deep inside her. He reached out and played with it for a moment before licking his own come up with his tongue. He pulled her knees open and his fingers reached out to stroke her crotch. not a relationship. “. “Masturbate for me. “Touch yourself. She couldn’t speak only push her groin into him.“I just wondered what my mother would think if she saw me now?” “The African queen?” he smiled taking down his pants.. Then he was in a bit further and she could feel her juices run warm down there. feeling his cock throb again and again and again as he quivered and sighed loudly. His cock bounced up like a rod and as she looked it moved with a life of its own in gentle throbs.” Max smiled. She felt a ripping inside her that hurt just a little but it was a nice hurt.. rolling from her. She beat the mattress with her fists and cried out aloud as her body exploded with sensation. She could have spent a night in that room with him and wondered why he dressed so quickly. in silence. Mandy though that was slightly strange but she smiled anyway.” “Really?” Mandy asked.” “What?” she replied breathlessly. His head went down and she felt his tongue eating her up and sucking it all out of her until she could take it no longer. taking him deeper into her body and reaching down towards his soft buttocks. “Thank you. It left her feeling cold and unsatisfied. “That’s the one.. It was something she had not even considered being asked but thought.” “She would be very proud of you. as if the whole scene hand never happened. a hurt that made her sigh loudly. please.. he said.. Then.” she moaned feeling it probe her hymen. “Go on.” She gasped as he thrust it between her legs. he was paying for the time. but it was business after you would in private.. so why not. She did as he wanted and looked across as he furiously beat on his penis with a clenched fist.” “It is?” She said confused. The sight made her more and more excited and again she shook with orgasmic passion just as his penis exploded with come..” He said softly. it shot through the air and splashed across her breasts. Then he was dressing and they were both heading back to the bar. lubricating the smooth action as he thrust further and deeper into her body.” He said softly after an immeasurable period of time laying on her with his breath in her ear.” He did as she asked and pushed a little more gently. “Now it’s your turn. I want to look at you. She felt them touching her intimately and stroking her so softly she that she melted like chocolate. “Ah.

the eyes of mystery. Sam just snarled and turned away toward Ruby “I thought we were all sisters round here?” Mandy said softly annoyed by the rebuttal “Sisters?” Sam replied looking towards her. “Hi. She shook her head and turned towards the bar and saw that Sam was staring at her. Those cold black eyes were as mysterious as death itself. they’re my favourite past-time. Mandy noticed at once that Sam’s expression changed. She could have been the scarlet women from the bible. she didn’t smile but her eyes creased in the corners as if she wanted to but couldn’t drop the pretence in front of the staff.” he snarled. trying to see if she could break that cold stare. Carter.” Ruby sniffed pushing the girl forwards closer towards him.she’s my newest Girl. Everyone loves a Mandy in the morning.” Chapter 5 All three women turned to see a man enter the room and join them. “Do you want one?” . “Good evening to you.. “Good evening. Babylonia the great mother of whores and abominations. Mandy looked at this man she had heard was a killer. “This is Mandy. you got that whore?” “You fucking bitch!” Mandy spat.. Ruby was just about to add something else when the door opened and a voice resounded around the room. She acted like she was used to clearing up after Sam. her face was red and swollen and her eye makeup had run a little. red and slippery. “I was only trying…” “Hay. she was named. rotten yet seductive. “Bullshit. she felt like she was being picked out by bright searchlights and every fault would be illuminated brightly. glassy.. What’s going on here?” Ruby shouted abruptly slapping hand down hard on the bar and looking away from her male friend.” “Yes. her name written in sparkling spangles upon the beast’s out more cash.” He smiled broadly and then leant forwards digging in his pocket and pulling out a bag of pills. Mandy could feel Sam’s eyes burning into her and it made her feel uneasy. Mystery. “Who is this beauty?” he said with a fake smile turning his gaze upon Mandy. He had dark purple lines under his eyes and his blue lips appeared dry and cracked. hay. “.” Mandy smiled. His tongue darted in and out of his mouth like a serpent. ain’t that right? Although I love Mandies at anytime of the day. I’m the boss and you’re just a whore.. you’ll love her.” Ruby drooled. “I have a thing for Mandies. Ruby was now very drunk and talking to another man. riding on a many headed beast. he certainly looked deathly white and his pupils were the size of large saucepan lids.

“One what?” he laughed seemingly mimicking her country accent.. “Are you starting to feel that Quaalude?” . you wait and see. She relented and opened her mouth to take the pill. The punter she’d been with was putting his coat on and leaving. “Ohh.“One what?” Mandy replied confused by the man’s animation.” Mandy replied looking across the room towards him and Carol. They had all known each other for a long time before she came along. sneering at her amongst the smiling faces. “Remember. She looked at the bag and screwed her nose up. my dear. Bitch.” Mandy said firmly.. “What are you. these men are controlled by their dicks.. “. “How was he?” Mandy asked casually. my little pill.this one’s got balls.. She was doing her party trick of placing both ankles behind her head..” He said taking a pill out of the bag and holding it to her mouth..” Ruby snivelled unconvincingly as one of her false eye lashes came unstuck and fluttered in her eye like a lost blue-bottle. fucking stupid or what?” “She’s new here.” Jo replied with a smile. “It seems I didn’t interest him for too long.” Mandy suddenly started to feel dies-associated. “From today.” he laughed aloud. “. All their motivation’s down in their pants.” Sam then appeared at the bar beside him like a bad smell and offered Carter a drink which he greedily took. “I’d better keep an eye on you.” Carter screamed pulling a really vile face that instantly frightened her. Carter. “Big mouth. “.. and she realised it would take time before she would get it..your name will be Lady Mandrax. The others all cheered while Mandy looked around to see Sam...” Jo asked leaning on the bar between Carter and Mandy. “Try one. Come on woman.” Carter announced to the room. “I’m not your bitch. Just one little old pill isn’t gonna do much is it?” he squealed in that thick British accent. “. The other’s laughed with him like they knew the joke and she didn’t.” Jo smiled.. my newest girl isn’t used to our what? A fucking Mandrax of course. I hear Max is quite the ladies man?” “It was okay. try it. Carter’s vile expression melted into a sycophantic smile and Carter nodded at Ruby like he was doing a small bow. Mandy turned and found Jo standing beside her. they don’t have brains in their heads. you’ll remember me saying that one day..” A voice said from behind. She actually looked jealous because Carter was giving his attention to her rather than the Bosses foreman. I’m only pulling your leg.” “What’s a Mandrax?” Mandy smiled trying to get with the joke but failing. “What’s a fucking Mandrax.” “Don’t let that bother you girl. it was her way of getting his attention. The room appeared further away in her vision and Jo’s voice started to come and go in waves. “Did you hear that…” he screamed.. Just think about the cash.. go easy on her. “How was it for you. small dick.

The room took on a blurred shape and the music echoed into silence. Baby Love. Mandy saw her mother briefly riding the clouds on wings of fire. For some reason she felt fearful but could not understand why. I need you. she found herself laying on her bed and the night had gone by in a flash. “Praise the Lord. Her head ached and her mouth was dry and something bothered her. The room was quiet and empty and a small breeze blew through the grey chintz curtain. she was unsure what.” “They always are the first time. She felt a hundred feet high in that moment and nothing could touch her. Bloodied and thick with gristle Carter was eating her.“I can feel something. She sat up and gasped. .. which in turn made her laugh. The music was a soul track that was played on the radio all the time in Carolina. who me?” Mandy replied as Jo took her by the hand. That’s what she’d call the thin branches that grew in the garden of the old house. “It’s weird. fractured visions invaded her mind and then were gone like the buzzing of a night mosquito. Detroit. “Yha. Oh Baby love.” “Dance. that’s so cool. Mandy felt good shaking her body to the sound and facing Jo who was smiling and throwing her hair about. If ever Mandy had misbehaved her mother would get angry and get herself armed with a switch. That night the air was thick and warm as she lay in her bed sleeping. Then she’d use it to beat her. some girl group out of Motor city.” Mandy replied reaching out for the bar and holding on tightly. Dreams came and went.” Her mother screamed as that switch cracked the air and swooped down. The sound of the thin branch swooping through the air was more terrifying then the sting it left in her buttocks. In her hand was a long black switch. she tried to remember her dream but it was gone.. A cold sweat dripped down her spine and covered her face in a thin film. Mandy opened her tightly clenched eyes and looked down between her legs to see a vision of horror there. it’ll make you feel better.” Max shouted seeing the two women moving together. “I like this track. “Yha!” she shouted as the beat drummed into her dizzy mind. come dance. Mandy rolled her hair and rocked her head and thrust her groin in time to the beat. Oh I need your love When you’re far away from me Why do you do me like you do When I been true to you Loving through all these years. Then Jo had her arms around her hips and was swinging her around and around and around. Their shrill voices appeared to filled the room as the beat thumped on relentlessly.” Jo replied.

” .. the switch. If she treats everyone like that it’s a wonder no one has given her a slap.” she announced breathing out a cloud of cigarette smoke. Mandy quickly washed her private parts and then her face. “Don’t you ever knock?” she said abruptly. “Well. There was an old razor on the floor of the shower which she brushed over her legs and under her arms before rinsing it and placing it back where she found it. no sir. “I hope you slept well?” She fumbled around for a cigarette and then looked for a lighter which Mandy saw on the table behind a lamp. it was bliss.” Liz called from the doorway snapping Mandy from her thoughts. Really animated like he was high as a kite. and to have a shower in her room was heavenly. she concluded. Then she returned to her room and turned on the shower Velta was whinging about missing. “Enter. “I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve called you down here so early?” Ruby asked with a wry grin. the pain. “I got the feeling that you felt a little persecuted by Sam last night.She got out of bed and pulled on a dressing gown before going to the door and peering out.. Mandy entered the room and closed the door behind her. “.Miss Ruby don’t like being kept waiting. Running the steaming water over her body.. “Miss Ruby wants to see you. There were rings below them like she had seen around Carter’s the previous evening. It felt good to have the water rushing over her body.. Mandy raised an expectant eyebrow and took a seat facing the woman.” “I don’t like being called a fucking whore or a bitch. flashing her that toothless grin.” A horse voice crocked from within. she thought. “You’d better put some clothes on instead of catching flies with that big mouth of yours. something she wanted to experience again. Then she tried to remove the film of sweat that covered her body from the humid night in that huge bed. Girl. Carter’s eyes. it was a memory of last night’s dream. before using a bottle of shampoo to clean her hair. Carter. Not by any country girl anyhow. It was a nice pain.” Mandy did as she was told and a few minutes later was tapping on Ruby’s office door. she ran her fingers through her curly hair and looked into her green eyes.” Ruby smiled brightly. The hall was empty and she saw the bathroom door open so she ran quickly to it and stepped inside having her morning toilet. Mandy realised why Velta had moaned so much. I wanted a quiet word just to put your mind at ease. the screams of delight from her mother’s mouth... She picked it up and lit Ruby’s cigarette. All the images seemed to roll up and get jumbled in her brain until all she could think of was that pain she got when Max had thrust his cock into her. Then another thought occurred to her..” Mandy replied confidently. “. She was startled at first and then angry. Mandy then wrapped a towel around herself and sat on the only chair in the room.” Liz replied. Situated by the dressing table it allowed her to gaze into huge mirror above it. he probably was. “Morning Dear.. he was a strange one.

.” Mandy replied realising that she was being told that she was the hired help and Sam was in charge. young lady…” Liz drawled putting down her duster and turning to face the young girl. Her hands scrubbed at the banister forcefully as if she had become tense all of a sudden.. I think we understand each other.. She’s very protective of me and my business. “Tonight. There. “Do you understand?” “I guess so. “There’s only two rooms up there and they are no business of yours. well.. “Can I go up there?” Mandy persisted.” Liz snapped back.” She paused for a moment before sucking hard on her cigarette and breaking into a soft smile. “You’re telling me to cool it with Sam until I’ve got to know her better. Mandy didn’t have to be told so she turned to go.” Ruby huffed.” Ruby shrugged and frowned. “What’s up there?” Mandy asked pointing to the flight of stairs that led to the next floor. country girl. “.. Now. how are you getting on with the other girls?” “They seem a nice bunch..” Ruby smiled again before picking up some papers and inspecting them. Deary?” “Yes Ruby?” Mandy replied as she stepped to the door... “Oh. If you want to keep your job that is. “How was it with Max?” “Okay.” Chapter 6 Liz was cleaning the stairs as Mandy climbed to the top. “Why’s that?” Mandy asked knowing that Liz didn’t want to explain why and this made her all the more inquisitive.whatever Velta comes out with you have to take with a pinch of salt.” . “. She was going to have to get to know the entire house and so far the next level was the only floor she’d not seen. The old woman gave her a toothless grin before turning back to her cleaning. any offence she felt had to be swallowed. “. okay love?” “ you run along and I’ll see you at six. “..As you are new around here I didn’t want our relationship to end so soon after it had begun. just go along with whatever I say.just don’t take it personally. but I…” “Good girl. that goes for most of these girls. my dear.” Ruby interjected again.“People have tried. at least for the time being.. but it’s just Sam’s way.. she says it’s having boundaries. “Nope!” Liz replied without turning.” She smiled like a tiger about to eat a chicken. “Nothing of interest to you. “I abhor physical violence personally. making it clear she wasn’t really interested in anything Mandy had to say. “Look.” “Even if she calls me names?” “Sticks and stones and all that…” Ruby smiled.. Velta can be a handful but…” “Now listen here… “Ruby interrupted her with a cloud of smoke filling the space between them.” “That’s it Dear.

. “.” Mandy smiled back. “How about…” Liz said hushing her voice and leaning forwards slightly. If you knew what you was saying you wouldn’t want to go near the place either.” “What’s Sam go to do with it?” Mandy replied peering up the stairs. Ha!” Liz pursed her lips and squinted her eyes before looking the girl up and down saying. “Has Velta been talking to you about what goes on up there?” The old woman screwed up her face and paused for a moment looking deep into Mandy’s eyes. “Ah.imagine me in black leather? I’d look like a garbage bag with legs.. “I wonder if I’ll get a chance to work there?” Mandy said casually.She won’t let you work the black room. “. “I like the colour Black.” “Like black shoes?” Liz smiled.” Mandy laughed out loud and went to her room.. “I just like the colour Black.” “You like the colour? “Yes. Chapter 7 Max sat back in his chair and put his feet up on the desk. “Why should they?” “Oh. “No. “Well?” “The other is the Black Room. “One is Sam’s bedroom and the other is…” The old woman broke off and looked over her shoulder.. that’s all.” Liz picked up her duster and carried on scrubbing at the woodwork. at the . “…How about black leather?” “Black leather. “She won’t let you do that?” “Who won’t let me do what?” Mandy asked. Looking around the office. How about you? I can just see you in a pair of tight leather pants.” Mandy replied. what a sight.” Mandy replied..” “Shut up!” The old woman snapped before shuffling off towards the bottom of the stairs cursing under her breath.” Mandy replied.” “Then Jo..“Who’s rooms are they?” Mandy persisted. “. “Why not?” The old woman’s expression turned hard and she looked at Mandy intensely for a few moments before adding.” “You won’t want to work in that room?” Liz said peering over her shoulder.I love black leather.” Liz replied placing her duster back in the box she used to carry it and the other cleaning stuffs around in. “You like the colour black? Liz repeated firmly.. “That’s right. “Black shirts?” “Them too.” She mumbled with a hoot. no reason. “You just like the colour black?” “That’s right. ” Get that bitch.” Mandy repeated. she’s been talking?” “No.. “Sam…” Liz sneered.

” The woman replied with a wide smile and southern drawl. Slipping on a pair of open toes sandals and checking her appearance in the mirror she dashed out the room and bumped into Jayne in the hall. Looking at the static telephone and wondering if it was ever going to ring before the rental became due again he felt slightly depressed. I guess you could say that. He set out into the bright light and wished he’d worn a hat as the sun glinted off passing traffic almost blinding him.” The old man replied passing the bunch to Max as he pulled a handful of change out for inspection. he saw her green eyes shining like comets in a black sky. go on then. I guess I’ve not been here long enough to make any real impressions…” “Going through your honeymoon period?” Jayne smiled. After only a few steps he could feel the back of his collar become wet and his feet felt moist tight within his shoes.” Jayne frowned. “How about 96 cents?” “Ah. “How much for a bunch?” Max asked while secretly counting the change in his pant’s pocket.” The old man sniffed taking the handful of change and giving over the bunch of blooms. Max glanced at his old Rolex watch and saw it was about time for some lunch. Mandy looked from her window at the bright summer day and thought that she’d like to go and have a look around her new neighbourhood.threadbare carpet. I thought why not. It was sticky and humid and it made him realise just how good the air conditioning was in that battered old office. Then. He lit a cigarette and closed his eyes. he could reach out his fingers and find her there. “It’s a nice day.” “A Dollar. Mac?” A bent and wrinkled old man asked holding up a bunch of roses as Max approached.” “Well you take care now. “Hello. why no one was buying any. more importantly. he pondered. edging past the woman. the un-shaded light bulb which hung limply from the dusty ceiling and the battered and cluttered desk. As she left the building the heat from the sun struck her face like a hot rod. Perhaps if he took a stroll down Sunset Avenue he might catch a sight of her. Her eyes creased up in the corners like she was examining something awful and this made Mandy feel uncomfortable .” Mandy replied. The warm sun shone gently upon his face and bare arms as he stepped into the street. like a light in the midst of his depression. “It’s Jayne isn’t it?” “That’s right Honey. “You going out for a walk?” “That’s right.” Mandy smiled.” she smiled. He imagined her soft curls falling upon her delicate shoulders and her glowing face so full of youthful optimism. If only.“Yes. “Flowers. he pondered the state of insurance and. She took a deep . “So how you finding it so far?” “Last night was okay. He swung his feet off the desk and stood up.

” She turned and continued to walk. “I thought we could…” “I’m not working right now. “No. Then a wide smile broke out on his face and he ran to catch her up. He was shocked by her language and looked at her storm away like he had lost the fight for a moment. “I don’t work till tonight. he was the last person she expected to run into. “Can’t I just walk with you?” “Let go of my arm Max.” He whispered.breath before going down the gravel path towards the gate at the end and didn’t notice the chintz curtain of the main downstairs room twitch as a cold pair of eyes watched her go.” “Oh Max.. the smile had gone and her expression was now sterner and more intense.. “Well.If you can afford to waste money on flowers. “Insurance is a bit quiet today. “Five minutes. “I was going to pop them into you.Just fuck off.” He continued.” He replied looking over her shoulder at the house.” She repeated as she started to walk away from him.. “Wait a minute.” She struggled to pull free. “Okay. “I just thought that…” “What Max?” She snapped. “What are you doing here?” “Oh. hello.” A voice said softly.” Mandy replied somewhat awkwardly. “.” She spat pulling her arm from his grip. I just fancied a walk and I was going this way and…” “You thought I’d like some flowers?” “I bought them for you. “I was just going somewhere.” He said grabbing on to her arm and stopping her.” She said.” He pleaded holding her tighter..” “Well. as you’re not working we could get to know one another better.” . “. Shall I see you later?” “Don’t be like that. “You thought what?” “I thought. you know. as friends.” “Not if they are for you.” “Insurance can’t be that slow…” she laughed. Mandy stopped and turned to face him.” She laughed remembering how he had gone and spent the rest of the previous night with Carol and Jayne. thank you.” She looked at him and raised her eyebrows before saying awkwardly.” Max whined.” she smiled back. “When I get back I’ll put them in water. She looked up and saw Max smiling at her with those perfect teeth.” “I’m not here for that. “Oh. She closed the gate behind her and was deciding which way to go when a bunch of roses appeared under her nose.” He said with a stutter. “Hi.. “Give me five minutes.

was situated just behind the seated Ruby almost silhouetted against the huge bay window.” He lied hoping to put that argument to bed. “.. Sam’s hair was pulled back into a tight bun as brutal as the look she was giving Mandy. “Can’t we be friends?” He asked after a short pause.” she sighed looking at him briefly. “Out of work hours?” “Oh come on Max.. Her legs emerged from the top of her boots like fish-net clad pillars. The glare was so intense the young girl looked away to avoid its cut. toned but not too muscular. “.. “ . They grew outside the old master’s bedroom window and when she was a girl she would get that scent every time she was passing there. Sam.” She said smelling the flowers and thinking of the last time she had the scent of roses in her nose.” “My mother’s dead. feeling like a dear in headlights or timid prey caught in the crosshairs of the sniper’s rifle. a shiny black shadow caught in a bright halo of sunlight.they want to speak to you. Perhaps she had done something else wrong. together.” She spat. “Mandy?” he shouted... The sleeves were fastened with cord and the sides decorated with silver studs. “Miss Ruby wants you. A small black leather skirt clung to her hips and a black leather bodice flowed from it perfectly holding her shape. “It wouldn’t work.and anyway. as usual.” “Well let me in then. She prepared herself for another lecture and followed Liz through the hall towards Ruby’s office once more but now with some trepidation. As she returned to the house and pushed open the street door Mandy found Liz waiting inside the porch for her. “Now I know you’re full of crap. “Come in Mandy.” “Bullshit.. “Sam’s in there with her…” Liz said softly blocking the door.” She turned to face him and sighed as a curl of hair fell into her eyes she pushed it behind her ear and caught him in her emerald gaze. Max was desperately trying to think of something to say that would catch her interest.” Mandy replied with a huff.” “What again?” Mandy replied with a loud sigh. toned and strong. I think I love you. “I’ll see you tonight then?” She did not look back and as she continued to walk Mandy couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Because what?” Max asked with a puppy dog smile.” “Why?” “Because. Mandy took in the tall black leather boots Sam wore and particularly the six inch heels that looked sharper then a pencil tip. That scent had a meaning all of its own and she was not sure if she liked it. Surely Ruby didn’t question all the girls on a twice daily basis.She continued to walk and as he stepped beside her.. that was the funniest thing she’d ever heard. “I’m not the sort of girl you’d take home to your mother.” She shook her head and walked away from him secretly smiling to herself.. . As she got to the end of the road she heard him calling her name.Because I’m not good for you.. dear…” Ruby smiled in a haze of cigarette smoke as Mandy closed the door behind her.

“Well,” Ruby said confidently. “You seem to be settling in okay?”
It was more of an observation then a question.
“Okay.” Mandy replied wondering what they really wanted. She felt like she had done
something wrong and was about to be asked to leave but then, Sam had a habit of making her
feel like that whenever they were in the same room, so they could be giving her a promotion.
Mandy guessed Sam’s expression would always be the same.

“It’s just that…” Ruby continued. She paused and sucked on the cigarette for a moment
thoughtfully, then glancing at Sam momentarily, she continued.
“...Liz mentioned that you might be interested in some of the more specialised work we
provide here.”
“Did she?” Mandy replied puzzled by the remark. She thought back to her conversation with
the maid earlier and wondered what, exactly, she did say.

“Yes...” Ruby said in another cloud of smoke. “...she said you thought you might like to try it
in the Black Room?”
“Oh, that?” Mandy enthused remembering the casual comment she had made earlier. “Yes,
the thought did cross my mind…”
“What do you know of Role Play?” Sam butted in. She cut across Ruby and demanded to
know several things Mandy had never heard of.
“…what do you know of Role Play? What do you know of domination and Sadism?
Mandy looked at her and pulled a puzzled expression, she knew the words and had an idea of
their meaning but didn’t know how to express herself for fear of looking stupid.
“Are you talking about those tie me up and kiss me games?” she replied softly. “When I was
at school they took us to a library at one time and I saw a book by Masters and Johnson; I
read a little about it there.”
“What about tie me up and beat me games...”Sam smiled. “ where you inflict real
“Real pain?” Mandy replied
“Yes, pain.” Sam reiterated.

“Well,” the young girl replied slowly, picking her words carefully. “Pain doesn’t have to be a
bad thing, in moderation it can add to situations. I like the idea of role playing; a dominant
Mistress perhaps, you know, the one who has to smack the naughty schoolboy.”
She thought for a moment and continued.

“I could do that, I could enjoy doing that provided it wasn’t serious. I guess I could also role
play the naughty schoolgirl, you know, who has to be smacked by teacher. It sounds like fun
to me.”

“What about bondage?” Sam asked. Her smile had gone and her expression was blank and
taut once again.
“Tell me, what do you know about that?”

Mandy thought for a moment, in fact she had little idea about the subject. She recalled seeing,
as a small child, a book the old master had in his study. It contained photographs of a woman
in various poses and states of undress. Each one had been bound with rope, sometimes just a
close-up of her bound wrists, sometimes the photos were full length. Pictures of the models
wrapped from heel to head in knots. The black and white pictures fascinated her although in
her small mind their meaning was lost.

“If you tie them up…” she replied after a moment of tense silence. “…You can beat them

This made Ruby smile. She nodded her head and glanced around at Sam as if to get her
approval but none was forthcoming. Sam just stared ahead deep in thought.
“Humiliation?” Sam asked eventually. “What do you know, tell me?”

“Hum, humilli, humilliwhat?” Mandy stuttered. She had heard the word before but was now
lost in that stare struggling to for a coherent answer.
“Humiliation,” Sam said softly. “…is an art-form. It’s a role-play whereby, through the use of
words and actions, a person’s ego is reduced to a state of total obedience and service. They
become filth.
Do you understand?”

“Look.” Mandy replied confidently. “I’m just a dumb country girl who may not be very good
at long words but I know what I want and I can act hard if I want to. Role-play is just acting
in my book and that’s something I can do very well. I am prepared to give anything a go and
when I do, I’ll give one hundred per cent.”

“You have a lot to learn.” Sam replied. “Sadomasochism is an art form and, I might add, a
way of life. It’s far from a child’s dressing up game and sexual penetration is seldom
necessary. There are far more dangerous ways to get aroused; just how far are you prepared
to go?”
The two women looked at each other in the eye and for the first time since they had met
Mandy, felt like she was talking on equal terms with Sam. She pursed her lips and replied.
“All the way, boss, all the way.”

“Good.” Ruby said lighting another cigarette from the stub of the last.
“Sam will show you the room this afternoon and once you become familiar with the
equipment we’ll give you a chance to use it; you’re pay will stay the same on this trial period.
If you get on you will earn extra; but keep that to yourself.”
She looked around at Sam who just nodded in silence.
“You will be her apprentice for a while, okay, good.”

Mandy let this information sink into her head and wanted to smile but thought better of it.
She nodded at Ruby and looked one last time at her new tutor before Ruby said with a broad
smile. “You can go now, dear. I’ll send Liz for you about four o clock.”

Chapter 8
Mandy made her way back to her room feeling shell -shocked. The interview with Ruby that
morning had been draining but the one she had just left made her feel empty. The only
positive thing that had come out of it was the promise of alternative work; although she had
only fucked Max the thought of fucking a stranger every night wasn’t comforting. It was just
a means of making money.

If she could make money and not get fucked in the process, well, that seemed like a better
way to go. The only sticking point was that she’s have to work more closely with Sam and
that didn’t appeal to her at all.

Remembering her days as a young school girl a thought occurred to her. One teacher had told
her that Bullies were generally cowards who had to put on a tough act to protect themselves;
that they were really weak inside.

Perhaps this was Sam’s problem; behind that stern exterior lurked a weak and frightened little
girl. This thought made her smile. As she passed the bathroom door it opened and Jayne
stepped into the hall. She was damp and her hair was tied above her head with a towel. A
damp dressing gown slung over her shoulders hardly covered her large breasts; she
awkwardly tried to prevent them falling out.

“Hi Ya?” she smiled. Mandy looked at her and saw that the girl had a deathly complexion.
Her eyes were sunk into their sockets and ringed with purple lines. Jayne’s high cheekbones
stuck out from her face and her pale skin seemed stretched over them.
“How you getting on?”

The voice was slurred and slow like she was drugged. Mandy was unsure if she should
mention her meeting with Ruby and Sam and decided to keep it to herself for the time being.
“I’m fine, and you?”
“Ya’know how it is babe.” Jayne smiled, her teeth were white but had yellow stains in the
gaps which Mandy took for an indication of bad oral hygiene. This girl’s got problems, she
“See you later.” Jayne slurred before stumbling off to her room. Mandy watched her go and
thought that she might end up in the same way if she was not careful; tainted, used goods. It
was something she wanted to avoid.

After reaching her room Mandy lay on her bed and drifted off to sleep, it had been a busy day
and she could still feel the chemicals from the previous evening in her system. Her heavy lids
flickered and her breathing slowed as she succumbed to the world of dreams.

Her eye lids fluttered, the only outward sign of the turmoil in her head, and she slipped
further into a dream state. She could see a flapping banner, or was it the wings of a great bird
flying in an empty sky?

Vague and maddening, echoing images of flushed red faces, devils dancing in a desert scene
with wild and writhing weaving. They pranced and danced around seething, rippling waters.
Her eye-lids spasm; here comes Mother emerges from the darkness a bible held high and a
cross of gold burning in her eyes.
Sam’s six inch high heels clicking across a cold stone floor; a flickering black candle.
Carter sprinkles holy water, the colour of blood, red and thick across her beating heart;
whispering hail Mary as the wind howls.
She feels a shock of electric rush though her spine as a vision of Sam flash against a red sky;
her cigarette smoking like a viper cruciform; red liquid seeping from the palms of a Christ.


“Some of our clients like to be in there for hours.” “Of course. Attached to the grey brick walls were iron hooks that held chains of varying thickness and ropes... Beside this was a table that was laid out with a selection of chrome plated utensils reminding her of a dentist’s set of tools. of course. a rope came from this and had two clasps attached to its end.” She continued with a sneering tone.. “It’s a gimp seclusion device. The floor was a bare stone giving the room a cold ambiance like a dungeon or cellar. “Hence the shower room through there. Mandy turned to see Sam had entered the room. They can be pretty smelly when we let them out. “I just work and keep my mouth shut. “Wow!” she said stepping inside the Black Room for the first time. Hanging from a rack was a selection of beating instruments. She had met Liz at the top of the stairs with a duster in one hand and a bucket in the other.. “Piss and other things. “. The old woman turned on the lighting and began to clean as Mandy looked around..” Liz replied rubbing her duster over various objects. “It’s for sensory deprivation. She stepped to the box and looked at it with a sneer on her lips.. As she moved further into the room she saw a long low table that had leather clasps at one end and a fixed barrel at the other.” Mandy replied peering into the room.” Sam continued. a rounded rubber club. Then she turned and led her to an area towards the centre of the room. Liz looked at her momentarily and left swiftly after.” Sam’s cold voice replied. really?” Mandy replied. she shook the sleep from her eyes and went to the door arranging her hair quickly in the mirror. “Piss!” Sam said abruptly opening the door and showing the room was lined with black rubber tiles.I wouldn’t expect anyone to work in there unless they wanted to.” Sam nodded towards a door set into a far wall. “.” Mandy saw a black box on the floor beside a far wall.. it helps them to think. dragging her bucket behind her. “What’s this?” Mandy asked looking at the object.” .Mandy opened her eyes and sat up. soap and things?” Mandy asked softly.” “Water.” Sam closed the door and looked directly into Mandy’s eyes.. various canes of differing thickness and length. It was clasped shut with a thick bracket and padlock. “I guess you don’t know what this is for either?” she asked looking intently at the box. two feet wide and about a foot deep. “This is where most of the discipline takes place. “Don’t ask me girl. The clock beside the bed said it was nearly four.we also use that room for wet games. a riding crop. Dark and sinister shadows hung silently in the far off corners and Mandy caught a sight of leather straps and hoods and other garments hanging on a rail. “Roma does a lot of work in here. she ran her fingers over the cold steel top. It was four feet high. The light was subtle.” “Wow. there was no natural sunlight and green spots converged with red at random intervals from hidden lamps.

Then fingers tipped with short. “Some of our clients like this while we perform other actions. when the game begins. .. It’s important that he meets the dominatrix only. Could you show me how this works now?” Mandy looked towards the rack and gave a small smile. She opened her eyes in time to see Sam looking down at her wickedly. She could feel the cord that connected this to the barrel pull against her head and then she heard it... Mandy felt a cold draft caress her exposed pubis as her panties were pulled over her thighs. sharp nails groped and poked. Understand?” “I think so.” Mandy smiled awkwardly and lay upon the contraption allowing Sam to go to work in silence. Of course some people do not have any sense of control. Her breathing was harder and Mandy’s eye lashes fluttered as Sam lifted her skirt and pulled down Mandy’s panties. “If you tie their feet at that end. It occurred to her that she had not given a control word and she suddenly felt very vulnerable laying there unable to move.” Sam said in a matter of fact fashion. Mandy raised an eyebrow and fingered the harness.” “I see. why now?” Sam replied. “Let’s say I’m fascinated.” Mandy was then led to the bed like contraption that she had inspected earlier.” Sam paused. “…You will just interview the client prior to him entering the room.. The creaking leather echoed around the room. stretched. The clicking stopped in awful silence and her breathing became laboured. preventing its recoil under the strain of the cords connected to Mandy’s body.” Sam replied. For now…” She said simply. it is an advanced piece of kit. Mandy closed her eyes as Sam lent over her and connected the neck buckle.” “I see. If it is used properly the rack can be used for auto sexual asphyxiation. She creased her eyes in the same way Mandy had seen the previous evening when Carter had entered the room. dangerous.” “Well. “We hang them there and beat them. “What.” “And to select their control word. “This is our rack. in which case we must be careful not to permanently harm or disfigure them. “Control word?” “It’s important to never cross a person’s pain threshold. Her hands were pulled through the two clasps at one end of the bed and the buckles pulled tightly. “If you want. “.” “Strangulation?” Mandy said under her breath. a slow clicking that ticked in her ears. The barrel turned and a ratchet caught. She could feel the constriction pulling on her wrists and ankles and particularly around her neck as the leather strap tightened with each click. enquiring and frantic. they are pulled.. I will show you one day how to use it.” Sam said softly. of course we must always interview a client prior to their session to find out what their preferences are..If they say their control word we know they have had enough. get on.She said nodding towards a leather harness hanging from the ceiling. Mandy could feel the blood in her head pumping hard and the veins in her forehead felt like they were going to explode as small vessels in her face pumped under pressure. Sam then went to the other end and connected the buckles there to Mandy’s ankles.

There was a tray of sandwiches on the bar which Mandy dived into.. . Sam silently undid the straps and buckles before walking to the door. or blue. “You liked that?” Sam said releasing the ratchet and allowing the cords holding her to slacken. “No girl.. “Hero worship.” Jo laughed. “Max was waiting outside when I went for a walk. dizzy and blissfully abused.You do get around.” “Okay.” Mandy replied sitting up on her elbows. Mandy opened her eyes and saw Sam lower her head and felt the caress of her tongue warm upon her skin. I guess we’re all perverted in the eyes of somebody. Stroking sluggishly. maybe it’s that lipstick.” Mandy just sucked air into her lungs and looked at her teacher in astonishment. Come to my room one day and I’ll show you.” “Then. dumb with it.” “Really. “I knew you would. this afternoon. adoring it.” Jo sniffed.” Jo looked at Mandy’s face and her eyebrows pinched slightly. “How was your day?” Jo said as Mandy slithered up to the bar just after six.” Mandy smiled.” Jo smiled sipping an orange drink. Her breathing loud and laboured. probing and pushing into her. “Be in the bar at six as usual. She had showered again and done her make up before changing the bed sheets and making her way down. “.. that looks so cool on a dark skin.. “You’ll get used to that.” Mandy said munching through a quarter of a cheese and tomato sandwich. It was uncontrollable and spurting.” Sam turned and left the room. I wear gold a lot. She was already drunk and talking to a fat Texan with a beer belly and bald head. “I’m famished. kissing it. “You look tired. who was that with?” “Later. Jesus.Her labia was pulled. “You can be so green and. pinched and examined until a gush of lubrication enabled the probing to become slower and more thoughtful... She quivered under its spell. but then you’re as savvy as any one of us. “I can’t wait. I had dirty. “. lingering upon her clitoris Sam’s fingers manipulated and stimulated the young girl there. “I’ll give you further instruction over the weekend.” Jo smiled. making her feel faint.” Mandy replied taking another sandwich and tucking into it.. breathing deeply and riveted to the sensation. she sighed an exquisite gasp.” “I thought deep red suited me. Ruby wants you to stay in the white room and be a virgin for another couple of nights.” Mandy sighed under her breath.” “Go girl.We women of colour need to be a little adventurous.. “That’s what I like about you girl. Then from the centre of her being she felt a rush of blood burst through her spine as she felt her groin spasm with the most delicious orgasm. Ruby was behind her. some of these punters just don’t know when to stop. perverted sex with someone. Before she left the room she turned and faced Mandy still reclining on the machine.” Jo giggled.

“That fat dick is deep inside my tight cunt. “So I get to break in a black mare tonight?” “She might be a bucking bronco for all you know. “Is it in there yet?” Smith asked as he pushed his fat gut on her reclining body. soon a gush of sticky come filled her fist and he fell forwards like he was having a cardiac arrest. It didn’t take much. but dark like.” Smith drooled unbuckling his belt. She didn’t want to look at him because she was sure it would make the act even more hideous so she looked at the ceiling and hoped it would be over soon.” He missed the sarcasm and he did as he was told dropping his Y. “Your pussy’s just like a white woman’s. “Yes.” Mandy smirked sarcastically. She stood nearby as if listening for a moment and Mandy looked at her coyly before saying. haven’t you cowboy. “I never tasted no nigger juice before. “Now then. make up just for beautiful black women. Ruby looked over her shoulder and grabbed the arm of the fat Texan she had been talking to.” Mandy saw Sam approach across the bar looking stern as usual. Mandy lifted up her skirt and revealed her black pubic hair and reclined on the bed as he turned.” Ruby smiled facing Mandy..” Ruby laughed. He giggled all the way and rubbed his fat crotch with a sick grin.” He tried to look but she had already wiped her fingers with a tissue. “Look at that blood from my pussy. Smith waddled towards her and she could smell the stench of stale tobacco mixed with sweat coming from his clothing as his breathless body touched hers. friend in Europe sends me stuff you just can’t get here.” she lied.” .” She lied. “. she could feel the tip of his dick in the crease between her thigh and her pubic bone as he tried to get a little friction going.” He laughed showing a set of ivory dentures. “You got a treat in store for you.” “Really?” The Texan sniffed looking at Mandy’s breasts. She looked at his sagging butt and gagged. “Well then.fronts to his ankles.” she said pushing herself between Jo and Mandy. Jo sneered and raised her eyebrows before turning and leaving them to it.You were a teetotal virgin last night and tonight you’re a lush.” She thought he might come more quickly if she gave him something to think about.. Smith stood up and she glanced at his groin for a second wishing immediately that she had not. “This is my new Girl. you broke me in good. “Could I have a gin please?” “See. as she closed the door behind them he slapped her backside hard. Just wash your fat dick in that sink over there and I might just let you stick it in me. “She’s untouched by any man. You know. “Ain’t that funny?” Smith smiled after pulling his trousers up.. “Why don’t you take Mr Smith to your room and let him get a ride?” Mandy smiled as best she could and led the man up to her room.. She spat on her fingers and placed her hand between her legs to stimulate him a little. “That’ll do for me honey. “Oh.” Both women burst into laughter as Sam pushed a glass across the bar.” Jo giggled.

“Well.” Jo replied. “You pay Ruby. They all turned to see a little old man presenting her with a small blue box. “You should get out more.” “Oh Jimmy.” “It’s probably the only one he’s had in years. “Guess I can’t be one hundred per cent nigger.” She smiled standing and tossing the tissue in the bin. you know.” “Well cowboy. “His name is Joe and this is his nineteenth birthday.” Joe said believing every word. “Anything for my baby. “. as if it were a matter of fact.” He reached into his wallet and withdrew a ten dollar note and offering it to her. “I should start using my teeth more often.” He huffed. untouched by human hand. “Come. “Not with those eyes. “It’s beautiful. “Which one of these ladies would you like to take care of you?” Ruby asked the boy. . She laughed and pushed his hand away. “This young lady is Josephine…” Ruby slurred nodding at Jo drunkenly. “Perhaps she’s with Carter or someone.” “Why do you say that?” Mandy laughed.” Jo whispered to Mandy as she joined her at the bar.” “Fantastic. the drinks were being served by Liz who busied herself behind the bar. I never seen a Negro with green eyes before. He did not need to be asked twice stepping towards Mandy and taking her by the arm. put your money away. he had been there before and may have been testing her.” “Really.I must be sucking dick badly or something. no one ever bought me a gold band.. He was aged about 19 and had a clear complexion.” Jo whispered as the old man wrapped the bracelet around Jayne’s wrist and did up the clasp. Mandy looked at him and tried to look coy and his eyes darted between hers and her chest. Jo winced behind his back and stepped aside allowing the boy to take her place. draw a little blood now and then. Jayne opened it and a glittering gold bracelet sparkled in the light of the bar. perhaps those big white dicks are turning my race.” he laughed.” She sneered. “I hope my little virgin looked after you Mr Smith.” Ruby smiled as the two entered the bar. “Best fuck I’ve ever had. “I don’t know.“Well whoopee. after all.” “That was quick.” Jayne whined making sure everyone else in the room could hear.” The old man smiled.. Perhaps…” she mused sipping from her glass.” She smiled drunkenly. I’ll take you to her.” Both girls smiled. honey child. “This is a friend of mine.” “Happy birthday. still a virgin. the newest girl in the house. What do you think cowboy?” “Yha. “Where’s Sam?” Mandy asked casually looking about the room.” Mandy said. Mandy looked but could not see Sam. “…and this is Mandy. “It must have cost a fortune.” “Perks of the job. “Anything for my baby…” Jo mimicked.” Ruby stepped up to the women with a young man on her arm. Joe.” Jayne cried from across the room.

They had probably never been this close or intimate with a white boy in their entire lives.” She smiled.” She smiled leading him to the door. She could see a gradual lump forming under there and her fingers went to work. That long thin lump pressed against the inside of his shorts like a lion wanting to escape. He glanced at her and bit his lower lip as he pulled at the belt around his pants and popped the buttons of his fly. just stopping below where the shorts began. “.“Now. let’s go. slipping them under her ear lobe and along the side of her neck.Then we can take it from there. Mandy reached up and stroked his tummy softly. it’s nice. the soft bristle that covered them became electric to her touch..” Mandy giggled and looked up at the boy. you take him to your room and get him educated in the ways of the world. He stood and started to undo his shirt. Mandy pulled down her dress straps and let it fall to the floor leaving her in her silky bra and panties. He stepped towards her and she took one of his soft white hands and placed it on her breast. “Come on Joe-Boy. She leant forwards and licked it gently with her tongue. “Stop!” Joe whispered trying to catch his breath. He reached out and ran his long fingers through her hair. “I don’t know.. “Come here.” She whispered.” “Okay. Only his thighs had any muscle so to speak and she saw a thin covering of soft down over them. She didn’t want to take things too fast and wanted the boy to remember his first time with a smile on his face. or I’ll come. They were soon in the white room and she sat him on the bed. “How would you like to do this Joe?” Mandy asked softly. the boy quivered and shook catching his breath.” Joe replied. so to speak. She could see that he probably didn’t shave yet and he had that awkward look of a youth who’d grown taller than his bones could deal with. this made her smile.” He replied after a while. She tugged his shirt and pulled him towards the door.This boy’s a friend of the family..” He stuttered flicking a finger under her bra and swiping its tip across her erect nipple. She looked up from the bed as he stripped it off and hung it on the back of a chair. He swallowed hard as she ran her fingers up again only this time sweeping the tips of her fingers under his shorts and stroking his balls. She saw only a small tuff of gentle down under his armpit as he took his vest off and placed that on the chair with his shirt. with her mother. He kicked off his boots and his trousers fell to his ankles exposing a baggy pair of shorts above a pair of long. “. “Stop please.” . She looked up at his face and thought about the women in the church she used to go to every Sunday.. thin legs.. “What do you think?” “How about if we get down to out underwear. white and clear of and mark or hair.. her fingers swept lower and brushed the top of his shorts before sweeping the fingers down to his thighs and the inside of his legs.. young lady.” Ruby whispered in Mandy’s ear. “Do you like that Joe?” “Yha. he looked shy and slightly nervous. His body was thin and wiry..

Fuck me like you have fantasised.” She giggled. His cock then started to slip with ease in and out and in again. His cock was going soft inside her and although it was still pulsing the throbs were weaker now and subsiding like the ebbing tide or a sudden shower on a autumn day.” Mandy replied. “.. laying back on the bed while she looked up at him intently.” “Oh that?” she laughed almost forgetting that long tale. and all. She reached behind her and grabbed the towel she kept under the spare pillow. “Shouldn’t there be blood. It was a little dry and so he had to thrust with his hips to get the length taken in but then she groaned and a spasm released a pool of slippery juice from deep inside.” Mandy lied hoping he’d not ask too many questions. She must have been the most screwed virgin in all L.“That’s okay.” She murmured pulling him down onto her. go on Joe. Mandy took the towel and wiped between her legs briefly before slipping her bra back into place and pulling up her dress. fuck me like your life depended upon it. His breath was in her ear and running her finger along his buttock she could felt a bead of sweat roll down across the back of his scrotum. There was a hard lump of come sitting on the end of it which Joe picked at with his fingernail and examined with interest.. “Only what?” she asked with a coy look.” .” Mandy replied. She slipped off her bra and pushed her panties down to her feet. “It was fantastic. The steady pulse of hard tissue pounding deep inside her body was a sensation she had grown to enjoy. savouring it as his cock burst within her. “Fuck me Joe. or something?” Joe asked as he pulled on his pants.. “. Their eyes met and as she smiled he did also.A.So I have been led to believe.. He pulled a frown and flicked it across the room like it was something he’d salvaged from his nose. “There’s not always blood apparently.” “It’s only…” he said softly taking his weight back up by manoeuvring his arms a little.” He allowed his thighs to push her legs apart and pushed his shorts to his knees as his cock pushed into her. “Well…” he said. She thrust into him. He threw Mandy a casual look before wiping his dick carefully with the towel. Joe’s tongue swept across the top of her lower lip.. “Did I hurt you?” Joe asked after a small. proceeding to get dressed. she mused to herself. He rested his elbows on either side of her head and she clutched his buttocks to help. pushing her labia apart and her forcing clitoris into his pubic mound like a beast being fed meat for the first time. “Fuck me like you have always dreamed.You being a virgin. Falling down so that his entire weight was upon her chest Mandy could feel the hard throb intensely between her legs. “No. it was fine. Their gaze met half way between heaven and ecstasy momentarily and Mandy pushed her chin forwards so their lips brushed barely. He pulled an expectant frown and smiled at her. Then he pulled his cock from her pussy and looked around for a towel. “No Joe. You were fantastic.. breathless pause.

” The boy replied churlishly. Ruby had a habit of talking loudly especially when drunk and it made everyone in the room look in their direction. “She was great.” Carter smiled passing her a glass. They made her appear sleepy and dour although she never seemed to lose her sharp wit no matter how intoxicated she became. “Did the girl look after you?” Ruby beamed passing a drink to Joe as he came to the bar. slightly embarrassed by the attention. “Come. dear lady.” He pushed his mouth towards hers and as their lips met she felt his tongue slip onto hers. “Thank you. Joe shrugged and looked for his boots. very soon they were both dressed and Mandy checked her hair in the mirror and pulled her fringe across her eyes in a style that she thought suited her.” Carter cooed stepping towards her. His eyes were alight with the fire of desire and Mandy could sense his intentions before he actually said anything further.” Carter drooled slipping up close to Mandy. The bar was full now. “My Lady Mandrake. A small pill was deposited at the back of her throat and as he withdrew. Then she pecked the boy gently on his cheek before leading him back to the bar. red and green haze across the heads of the assembled people. She was now very drunk and Mandy recognised this at once. Mandy bit into the pill and a flush of bitter chemicals flooded over her taste buds.“Oh. “Swallow lady. It was the way in which Ruby’s eyes flickered from the effects which made it so obvious.. “What was that?” She asked gulping back the contents of the glass. let me lick you.” He replied softly. Carter winked with a beady smile. “Brandy. “Lady Mandrake. Then reaching out she took the joint from Mandy and stepped back into the crowd nodding her head in time with the beat. Jo shimmered in the light of a flashing spot which cast a blue. Mandy glanced at her and noticed a small cut under Sam’s left eye. Instead she took a deep draw on the end of the joint before looking around for someone to pass it on towards. She could smell the aroma of his cologne on his clothes and in the half-light she noticed his eyes were lined with kohl.. She had seen Sam behind the bar and just as she was about to speak to her a familiar voice whispered in her ear. “Take this!” he said passing Mandy an expertly rolled joint of grass.” Carter hissed. Sam raised an eyebrow and stepped back from the bar giving Mandy no opportunity to ask about the injury. there were several people standing on either side talking and listening to the loud music. swallow. He kissed the back of his fingers and exhaled a cloud of sweetly smelling smoke. Sam was already pushing another glass across the bar towards them both.” Joe said simply. “Here’s my man!” Ruby slurred loudly as they both entered the room. He cast Mandy a casual smile but her attention was elsewhere. .

.. Mandy did not reply being captivated by the apparition before her. my Lady Mandrax. silly old bean.” He said under his breath. “Just humour the old cow.” She replied at last. “. “Look at the state of her.Don’t you just love this time of the evening?” Carter asked..Anticipation. “Truthfully. She was finding out that anything was possible with Carter.” “I’m only kidding you. that has filled you with anticipation. “. playing with it on his tongue as if to act out its meaning. dozy old mare.. anyway.This did not make him look effeminate or even better looking. she’d help anyone provided they’re making her money.” “Lucky them!” Carter laughed and leant forwards as if to take her into his confidence. it made him look more sinister. I don’t like to make fun of her. She was very intoxicated and slouched from her stool towards the ashtray with a bent cigarette between her fingers.” The man wheezed giving Velta a cheesy smile. “.” Mandy giggled. how about you?” “What was it?” She managed to say again referring to the pill he had slipped into her mouth. He was huge and had a belly that hung below his shirt tails and ruffled the top of his pants. “. I only come alive when the sun goes down. “Just a gift dear lady. “Between you and me. She noticed them looking at her and smiled drunkenly. some people would be better off if they stopped using the juice and popped a few pills occasionally.. “You got the goods alright. “Drugs can be funny if you’ve never taken them before. don’t you?” He lingered on the word. She guessed it might have been another mandrax.That’s right. but was unsure. dear. You do have imagination don’t you. Lady. or qualude as they were known on the street. isn’t it exciting. ho.. it was a donkey sized vibrator.” He nodded towards Ruby who was deep in conversation with an elderly man at the end of the bar.” Carter laughed sycophantically.” “You are awful. was it now.The darkness is so full of mystery and anticipation.” Ruby shouted to Mandy across the crowded bar. Not knowing what may lay ahead and having only your imagination to prepare yourself. That vat of kindness would dry up in an instant if she couldn’t sell your ass easily. I just love anticipation.. we got you.” . “That woman has really helped me since I arrived in town.. some people get a reaction. Contrasting with his deathly pallor the darkness of his eyes gave him an alien appearance.. don’t you think...” He hissed sucking on the drink Sam had given him. she brought up the donkey not me..” Carter sighed with a broad toothy smile. ho ho-ing ike a bad Santa impersonation. “Take no notice of that man. “…a gift of mystery. “Thanks honey. “It wasn’t a donkey..” “Oh. like one of the undead..” He gave Ruby a small wave and she reciprocated.” “I like to know what goes into my body. Oh and talking of old nags…” He glanced over Mandy’s shoulder and she turned to see Velta entering the room being followed by a sweaty looking man.

” Mandy said with a cool smile.. “Just go with it. “You’ve had your fun for the evening.” He said like a small child.” He continued as the sensations grew inside her head and filtered down her spinal cord. a further wave hit her senses.” She replied superficially. “Wow. “.I bet he has a divine asshole. okay?” “Okay.” Carter replied.” She said aloud. . relax. It was a sensation that crept up like a thief in the night. “Are you busy?” Joe asked looking firstly at her and then towards Carter. strange and yet understood by no-one. way up high baby and you’re getting higher. just look at that butt wobbling away. something mystical and as she thought about it. “Why. When their eyes met he smiled and walked towards her and Carter.” Mandy smiled and blinked.” Carter smiled. “I promise I’ll give you my full attention then.” “Okay Sonny Jim.” “What?” Joe said looking bewildered. a small eruption of neurons in her brain that heightened her sense of being. now the shop’s closed and the little man has gone home. “Let the rush take you with it. It was something unexpected and yet familiar. The disassociation wrapped her up in a cocoon of warm intimacy. He glanced back once to throw a confused look at Carter. no doubt to arrange his reservation for the following evening. ride that lightening storm honey. the gate’s locked and the lights are out. Mandy saw her look about the bar for an excuse to dump the fat man and then Mandy noticed Joe trying to get her attention.” She replied gently. “Now be a good chap and toddle off. don’t fight it baby. Slip into the mainstream of imagination.” Carter beamed.. He watched the boy go and screwed up his nose. can you feel it. feel it in your blood and cruise that highway. I promise. It was the strangest feeling. “The door’s closed. “Come back tomorrow. unless…” “Unless what?” Joe asked innocently. A faint rattle behind her now echoed slightly with muffled voices and animal sounds. Joe turned and walked towards Ruby.. “…unless you fancy playing find the sausage with me sweetie?” “Find the…” Joe sputtered. No one else mattered..” Carter drooled.“I’m glad I could help.. you are popular. “Just come tomorrow honey. You’re on that high way. we can see each other again then.. Enjoy. just don’t fight it baby. Go find another little dolly to play with.. He tried to smile at Mandy but found Carter drawing his attention. his smile now twinkled in the light and she saw streams of colour fill her vision. She was a shining star about which galaxies orbit. at that precise moment in time the universe and everything in it existed for her sake only. “Why.” Carter announced with a sardonic smile. There was something going on behind her eyes that caught her off her guard. “I am right now. Can you feel it taking you higher?” Mandy could feel something. “What was that?” “Here it comes baby. rainbows of light filing the room.

That was just how she felt then. M. with Sam’s gaze baring into her head like a laser beam. Sam was looking at her. His tongue darted about his lips like a viper. a while ago. watching the liquid sparkle inside. She sighed really loudly and shook her hair. He recognised that she needed to drink and passed her his glass. all chattering voices and animal creatures. He laughed and helped her lifting the glass to her lips and tipped the liquid inside. It run down her back and into her pussy. The feeling of his fingers against her bare skin made Mandy shiver with passion. No matter what the situation.” Carter replied squeezing her neck sensitively. I can see you’re back in the land of the living again although I thought I had lost you for good. inside her. glisten with moisture. “Wow. it felt good and she saw stars falling from the tips to descend about them. “Manda. Her mouth wanted so much to taste that moisture and yet the motion was forgotten. His hair had taken on a life of its own and was dancing to the music on his head. a serpent smile across his sallow face . It was a dry. the old master could do that to her. but was it the same man. when she clenched her pelvic muscles she could almost feel his touch there. whatever she had been doing just one look from that man put her straight into a state of guilt riddled anxiety. she was not sure. Lady Mandrake. it was too intense and it penetrated into her brain making Mandy feel instantly guilty for some reason. where have I been for the past couple of hours?” “You’ve been on Planet Mandra. Mandy looked away from that stare. “Is that the time?” she said softly.” “Why’s that?” she replied looking about the bar. “Back with us again are we dear?” Carter smiled a row of flashing white teeth. “That’s it honey. Mandy opened her eyes again and the room whirled into focus. oh. She remembered that. “Get it?” he said flashing that smile again. Mandy looked at it intently. She was sure they had been there a moment ago.The centre of everything. Maaaaan-DA! That stuff takes you places only Ruby’s donkey vibrator could reach. let Daddy sock it to you. she was permeating the cosmos like a tolling bell and it felt great.” The last time she had looked at the clock on the wall it had said seven thirty and yet looking at it now it read a quarter past midnight. as a child. parched mouth that felt like a desert road.A. Mandy didn’t understand where the time had gone but as her senses came back she was aware that it had slipped by in a flicker of her eyelids. Liz was busy collecting glasses and Ruby was still chatting to the same man at the bar. . The music provided a backdrop of echoing bleeps and pulses which competed with the smell of mutated human bodies. The only thing that seemed familiar or recognisable in the chaos was Carter’s face.D. She tried to form words but their meaning became lost in her mouth. Velta was nowhere to be seen and neither was Jayne or Carol. “Open wide!” Carter said breaking into Mandy’s thoughts. riding a slip stream of emotions.

The room began to spin and they stopped still in the moment.She opened her mouth slightly and felt the touch of his soft fingers brush against her lips. “That will put the lid on your coffin. “Be careful.” He smiled turning her upon an axis.” “You should?” she replied now getting very confused.. if we are children of the night.He’s giving her those drugs and soon she will be totally addicted to him. frozen like ice statues in an arctic landscape.” “What? I don’t know if I like the sound of that” she smiled gulping back the pill.. that’s a dangerous place to be. her tongue was useless and she could just about stop it hanging from her mouth limply. “. “Excuse us.. this way and that. Instead of a nail I should have said crowbar. “. “I am going to use a crowbar to smash into the casket and release you from the chains of bondage.” She said softly as he dragged her outside the bar. “ Carter replied taking her hand and leading her across the room to a space where they could dance.” “Shut. She stumbled forwards and saw Ruby. “A mandrake for Lady Mandrax..” He hissed leaning her back and running his tongue along the tip of her shoulder. She tried to say something but only her jaw worked. “. “Now I’m lost totally. “It’s like a meteor with words. Sam and Liz staring at them both intensely.” She sighed as the sense of disassociation crept into her spine and up her Back again. the sounds. the music faded into the background and Mandy could swear she heard the sound of Sam’s breathing echoing on the air behind them.” The three women watched as he led Mandy towards the door. She stepped up to Roma and pressed her face into Roma’s nose. the fuck up.” “You are?” “Only to tie you up with the ropes. “We have work to do....Or is it an analogy. we need to emerge from our coffin- like daytime existence to sing with the wolves. “Come with me. Then her mouth filled with an acrid chemical taste which burned nicely upon the sour sensors of her tongue...” Sam shouted from behind the bar. like Jayne... Ladies. the ropes of freedom. Jo suddenly appeared from a shadow and leant forwards to whisper in Mandy’s ear.. There was a track that had a thumping tango-like beat and he led her through a dance which caught each bump and thump of the bass and each kick and snap of the drum. the colours and the people all suddenly came to life and filled her head with sensation.” He said suddenly as the room.” Roma said in her Eastern European accent as she slipped up to the bar beside Jo. . “He’s got her in his clutches. Someone should tell her what he did to Lorri before it’s too late.” “Good. got her good and proper.” Carter hissed. “Just a metaphor. “A what?” she laughed.” He giggled spinning her.or perhaps an allegory.” Carter suddenly announced leading Mandy towards the door. would you like that?” “I would.

she was doing all she could to keep her eyes focussed on Carter as he stepped around her viciously cracking the whip against his leg. “. bitch.” She slid the dress from her legs and tossed it to one side. come on. “Take it off. “From the next step. Carter removed his jacket and shirt revealing a bare chest covered in tattoos. Now. “Shut up. leave it. She was kneeling in front of him. He stepped toward Mandy. his skin tight jeans fitting snug around the top of his leather biker boots.. He struck it against the side of his leg making a sharp clap that echoed around the room.” He said softly. “Do you like that Bitch?” Mandy could not reply because the combination of drugs had by now totally overcome her.” He said with a sardonic sneer. “Say nothing.” The door opened and as they entered Carter grabbed a small horse whip that had been hanging from a hook beside the door. I don’t want to hear another bitches don’t know anything and just gossip for the sake of hearing your own voices. Once outside he turned towards her and she felt a stinging sensation across her right cheek as the flat of his hand bounced off her face.” Chapter 9 They stumbled in the half light from the dimmed hall lamps up the stairs towards the black room. Her breast became exposed and he knelt forwards and pinched the nipple. He placed the leather strap from the end of the whip under the other strap of her dress and it too fell down completely exposing her breasts.“. The markings were of birds and dragons and insects and blazoned across the back of his shoulders in three inch high letters was the motto “Bastard” written in a Germanic script... say nothing. “Come on. Awash with the chemical taste of mandrax when he carefully placed the horse whip under the strap of her dress and forced it to fall from her shoulder. Her hair was falling into her eyes and her vision was blurred a little but she could make out his vague shape as Carter marched around her.” Mandy slipped off her panties and looked up at him feeling totally vulnerable.” .You will talk only when instructed to and not before. “And the panties. faster. Mandy felt her legs go from under her as she was half led and half dragged up each step. There was a leather cap hanging from the arm of a chair which he threw on his head to complete the look.” He said sternly. “You want…” she mumbled but the words caught in her throat as the whip cracked across her face. “Lay back and open your legs. The whip cracked again.” He screamed.

placed the leather cap on the chair arm where it had lain previously and pulled his shirt over his shoulders. Bitch. taking small painful nips. Her pupils were distorted and in her field of vision Mandy saw fairy lights flickering. you fucking. You fucking cunt. “Bitch. slut. cobwebs and dust. you fucking dog. He walked about with a hammer in his belt and a screw-driver in his hand but hadn’t screwed any screws or hammered any nails for a long time.” She whimpered as his fist smashed into her face. Pushing deep inside her and probing the flesh while his arm furiously massaged his throbbing cock. Mandy looked up at him and saw that he was now furiously rubbing his crutch through his jeans. “Get dressed. A rush of sensation travelled up her spin and into her head as his boot tip rubbed against her clitoris. “Shut up.” He was mumbling the abuse over and over again like a madman. the sound of those terrible words ceased to have any meaning to her and were almost like a prayer to some perverse like god. “That hurts. He was panting like a dog and biting all over her. The ejaculation throbbed again and again as he panted and bit and pinched. Thrusting like she had never felt before. Carter lifted his head up and adjusted his weight with his arms. so hard it was pushing into her cervix deep into her womb. “Open your legs wider.” She did as she was told and heard his breathing become more laboured. It had dry rot and weeds. He just sat in that old armchair in a threadbare cotton shirt drinking malt whiskey or bud all day. He was now laying across her battered body limply. white master came back to her. She could feel the hard bristle of his unshaven chin rubbing at the soft flesh of her labia. . She could feel it penetrating her pussy. whore. Then he pushed his penis deep inside her. You fucking bitch.She lay back and moved her knees apart. slag. cold floor her mind began to wander. You fucking slut. She felt the toe of his boot push her labia apart gently and heard the sounds of his breathing. the unshaven and worn out handy man who wasn’t handy any longer. It was rough and hard and it hurt just a little but the softness of his tongue made her want him more. She could see the hardness of his cock almost bursting out from under the blue fabric and she too felt her juices start flowing. whore. Then he lifted himself up and stood pulling his pants up and did up his belt. skank-whore. Fucking Bitch Whore. Carter bit into her breast and she felt blood drip from the wound.” He spat He turned. There was Jed. of course. Like the crumpled panties at her side and the dress strewn across the flagstones faded memories were crumpled and discarded in her mind. bitch.” She felt his come shoot inside her like a warm burst from a pistol. Laying on that stone. you fucking bitch. Then without another word he left the room. there was always somewhere that needed attention but he was too old and broke to notice. The old white house that she and mom shared with the old. He removed his boot and she heard the sound of his belt buckle undoing and then he was eating her madly.

“I didn’t want you to go with him alone tonight. Putting her shoulders back her defensiveness went up like a shield. There was a red mark that looked swollen.They made him appear busy. She couldn’t wait for her Momma to return so that she could get off his lap and go to her.” Mandy replied sitting up and reaching out for her panties. They never said thank you. windows and work tops. She closed it softly behind her and walked to where Mandy was sprawled. like he had a purpose in his pitiful life. “I’m so high. “Are you okay?” Mandy looked towards the door and saw Sam entering the room. She cooked and cleaned and washed and ironed and did all the jobs the two old men needed if they were going to get by.” She said nodding towards the rack. un-shaved chin quiver and that dry old tongue dart between those cracked lips.” Sam said abruptly. Only her mother worked in that house. She pulled them on and looked for her dress.” “Is it that bad?” Mandy said pulling her dress over her shoulder.” She said softly. Old Jed just ate the food. Mandy recalled how Jed’s eyes would follow her across the room when she’d come in from school. “Did he do that?” Sam asked touching Mandy’s cheek. “He really has done a number on you girl. She helped Mandy up and placed her fingers under her chin to examine the wound more closely. but they both looked at her daughter. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her butt as his hand pushed the pencil across the paper. never even smiled when she presented those meals she cooked for them. They didn’t even look at her. Sam looked at her and resumed her normal attitude. She saw that old. The handle that controlled the ratchet was stuck into the air and Mandy could see how it would bruise if you fell against it. “It matches yours. but her momma knew the truth. “I fell against that thing. “He can get carried away sometimes.” Sam added with a wry frown. Did he do that to you?” Mandy asked with a vague smile. . I didn’t feel a thing. She remembered asking innocently if Jed could help her paint a picture for her Momma and he lifted her up and placed her on his lap. He was moving gently this way and that and his breathing was long and laboured. never asked if she was okay. Just enough to make it look like he was earning his keep. “You had better put some ice on it otherwise it may bruise. He helped himself to the old master’s whiskey and gin and every now and then would chop some wood. It was an experience she never wanted to have again even if that little picture became her momma’s favourite treasure. Her mother scrubbed floors.” “Those pills he hands out are dangerous. The smell of tobacco and sweat hit her tender little nose as he touched her little hand and held a pencil in it for her.” “I’m okay. almost tenderly if you ignored her natural hardness. kept himself warm in winter and cool in the summer.

” Sam added..give me a rum and black and a vodka and orange for the lady.“Ruby wants you to go to your room and relax for the rest of the night. the red lights burned dimly in the bar room.” Mandy bit her lip and walked to the door. She was glad that she didn’t have to go back downstairs again even though she could still hear the dull thud of music coming from the bar. back then. The thick smell lingered uneasily with the smell of roses set in a vase on the bar. Carol sat on a stool by the bar sipping orange juice while she talked to a fat. balding New Yorker who was puffing on a cigar. “Hmm baby. Mandy sat nearby sipping lemonade and trying to control the butterflies in her stomach. at six pm. She then continued her discussion with the man in soft whispers about how she looked when she was younger. “Hay. not till I think you’re ready. The following evening. . never missing anything. “Can’t you see I’m busy down here?” She prepared his a rum and black-current and poured orange juice for Carol placing the money for the vodka in her tips jar. “.” Sam said as she stood and looked over the room. anything was possible.” Mandy replied. understood. “I want to finish my drink..” “Okay. The grey haired man nodded politely and looked around the room for a girl to take upstairs.. after all it cost me five dollars. The sailor groped at her crutch and belched loudly before collapsing in a fit of giggles.” She whispered with a slur.” “In a moment. How she was the toast of this city in her twentieth year. “Don’t ever come here again with him alone. She sucked in a lungful of the refreshing night air and made her way unsteadily to her room. tender and untouched.” Velta strolled across the room in the arm of a young sailor boy. she mused. sitting at the bar beside a smartly dressed gentleman raised her eyebrows and sneered. Jayne sat across one of the sofas balancing her head on the arm of a tall Italian while the dirty fingers of his hand groped at her breast through her pale dress.” She said opening up the door and left.” She announced to no one in particular.” “Hang on mister. “Max called. It was so long ago. He wiped the sweat from the back of his thick neck and tugged at his shirt collar with his free stubby hand waving a fifty dollar bill with the other. The hallway was cool and airy compared to the dark and dank room she had been in. “I’d better get some sleep then.. Transparent wafts of cigar smoke drifted through the air like ghostly apparitions.” He cried across the bar towards a harassed looking Liz.” Liz shouted from the other end of the bar. “I can’t stand it when they can’t hold their liquor. Sam stood nearby watching everything. her dark eyes darting here and there.” He replied enjoying the sensation of her nipple while the others in the bar ignored them. Ruby. “Let’s go and fuck upstairs. “Really?” “He’s booked you for tomorrow at six. Waving a bottle of rum in the air and trying to prevent the boy from falling was all she could do as they flopped into a chair.

“Fifty.“Hello!” said a loud voice as the clock struck 6. well. “You don’t look very pleased to see me. Upon entering the black room and walking to the box she was surprised to find a black latex jump suit folded on its top. She tapped him on the shoulder and said.15. choose someone else.” Mandy replied simply. as long as I pay.” “Okay. and come back tomorrow.” “I don’t want Jo. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you tonight.” “Fuck you!” he snapped thrusting the notes into his jacket again. “Fuck you and fuck her. “You will have to calm down. “How much did she say when I booked her?. “This one’s taken for tonight. She looked away and at Liz behind the bar. “Choose another girl. Mandy didn’t bother to ask anything else she just did as she was told. “I got money. Jo is free. I’ll get her.” Mandy said softly. His smile melted into a frown when she turned to face him.” Sam then stood between them both.” She replied.” Mandy looked away and saw Sam approaching.” Sam replied still concentrating on the door. It should fit.” Sam said softly. I have someone we should both deal with coming in a while.” “I don’t understand.” “What do you mean?” Max said loudly. . isn’t my money any good round here?” “Not with her.” “Tough. not tonight. “Thanks. I want this girl. “Hay sweetheart.” “Is that what you think?” She replied giving him a sharp look before turning away again. “I fell.” He said defiantly as Sam stood behind him. sixty.” He turned and walked from the room slamming the door behind him. “Go to the black room and put on the uniform I’ve arranged by the box. a crisp white shirt with a matching blue tie. “I’m talking to you. “What happened to you?” he asked looking at the bruise on her cheek.” Sam said abruptly. relaxed and ultimately menacing tone. I called yesterday. His eyebrows pinched together and he gazed at her suspiciously. “I have money so I guess it don’t matter if you don’t want to see me. “She’s already taken. Max fumbled inside his pocket and withdrew a wad of notes.” Max whined.” Sam said firmly pushing her face close to his. I don’t need this shit.” He started to raise his voice making all the others looks at them. Fuck Jo. The heels were so stacked she was almost standing on the tips of her toes when she tried them on. “Go and choose another girl. Max grabbed her shoulder and turned her to face him again.” Sam replied with a cool. “Already taken. how much?” “If you want this girl.” “I mean. She looked up and saw Max standing beside her dressed in a smart blue suit.” he snapped. There was a pair of long black rubber gloves that went with it and a pair of impossibly high heels.” Max said defensively. “Don’t thank me.

Just then the door opened. what does he want?” “He wants you to humiliate and abuse him. She waited in silence feeling and hearing her hot breath come from her nose and rebound on the leather hood. He was stripped naked except for a pair of see through plastic shorts. “I’m ready.” She repeated before leaving the room. Using a couple of pins she tied it into a tight bun at the back of her head and then squeezed into the high shoes.” “Foot worship?” “You’ll get it…” Sam continued. you’ll enjoy it after last night. an elderly gentleman with a baldhead and blindfold. giggling or talking out of character.” “Who does?” Mandy asked pulling the hood over her eyes. “The man will answer to the name “DOG!” Sam said abruptly. “Be in character. Then the door opened sharply and a fan of light shot across the stone floor.” Sam said with a tone of reassurance. “Just take all your frustrations out on him. He is a very well paying client so I am relying on you not to let me down.” “Thank you mistress. you know. do you understand?” “I think so.” Sam shouted. She applied an extra thick coat to her lips and sucked air through her nose to relax.” Mandy replied anxiously biting her lip . he likes that. “Wear a bright red lipstick. “Kneel here. Mandy opened the bag and withdrew a black leather hood that just had slits of the eyes and pulled down from the back of her neck. . Each buckle pulled the leg tighter in increments down to the smallest buckle at the ankle.” “Okay.” Sam said walking into the room with a small black bag in her hand. in that moment Mandy discovered a sense of overpowering exhilaration. “Madame will join you shortly. The anticipation was all consuming as she waited like a black widow spider for her prey to enter. imagine he’s Max. coming over her head to stop at the tip of her nose at the front. “Good. I will lead him in and place him on the floor. Then just play with the role a little. “Wear this. he won’t mind.” “Fine. In the silence of that room. “His code word is ICE. “I know you can do this. it’s what he wants. There were smaller buckles down the outside of each leg which pulled straps that were attached to the inside of the leg seam.” She pulled on the gloves and teetered over to the array of whips and paddles that hung from the rail in the shadow. She looked at herself in the mirror and decided that her hair would look better pulled away from her face. Sam left the room and closed the door. Mandy saw a tube of bright red lipstick on the side next to the bag which the hood was in. “…Then a little corporal punishment.” She said passing the bag to Mandy.” The man snivelled. No laughter. Start off with some foot worship. The crack of light filled with the shape of two humans as Sam entered the room dragging a small figure behind her.” Mandy replied uneasily. nothing too strong perhaps some spanking. You must be in character from the moment I leave.The jump suit fitted like a glove and she enjoyed doing the small silver buckles up that closed the collar around her neck.

” He replied furtively. “S and M.After the door closed Mandy stood in the shadows looking at the man for a moment.” “What are you?” she screamed striking the leather tip against the man’s skin leaving another red welt on his back.” He said abruptly. fondled a short riding crop tipped with a thin strip of braided black leather. Mandy placed her foot by his crutch and took her time to apply more lipstick. “Yes. a thin film of greasy sweat over his bare torso. before she drew it slowly around the man’s neck.” He replied softly. wearing tight. He seemed to enjoy watching her do this so she put much more on then would usually be necessary. miserable. she thought It was if he were in prayer waiting for the benediction of the leather studded Madonna. miserable. through the thick panes of glass of his spectacles at the goddess before him.” She whispered. He looked scared and insignificant as he knelt in silence in the centre of the room. Mistress. She caught his glare and her eyes blazed back. His eyes stared. “Tell me?” Mandy hissed “What are you bothering me for? “S. Her rubberised chest panted and a delicate hand. “A filthy. She reached down and removed his blindfold and the man placed a pair of thick spectacles on to better see his tormentor. disgusting little dog turd. What?” she demanded once more. Looking down at her prey. his head stooped lower. What?” she demanded as her bright-red lipstick glistening in the faint light. In the semi-darkened room the man knelt.” “Yes mistress. Mistress!” the man replied breathlessly. “S. She leaned forwards and the rubber suit she was wearing squeaked gently in the shadows. “anything you say mistress. disgusting little dog turd. She paused and gently stroked the crop against the man’s trembling shoulders. The man looked up at her approaching and his nose tweaked as he listened to her breathing. “You are a filthy. “Mistress. miserable. Her fingers flicked and the crop left another red stripe across the man’s back causing a groan to echo about them.” . Mistress. Mandy stepped from the shadows as firmly as she could balancing on her tip-toes. “I am a filthy. disgusting little dog turd. “S and M. “S and M. The hood Mandy wore. “Shut up!” she snapped.” “Shut up.” He grovelled. “What are you?” She screamed. “Speak when I tell you too.” He quivered through trembling lips. is that you?” he said meekly. Her question punctuated by the crack of crop against his bare skin. His shocking blue eyes dared peer up to glance furtively at his tormenter.” “Sorry. below a set of eyes which pierced through the leather mask. being tied with tight laces behind her head felt hot and uncomfortable so she wondered how long this had to continue. black rubber gloves.

from the tip of the toes to the bottom of her delicate calves. his tongue vibrating just a little as his body filled with lusty hormones. you filthy dog.” Mandy snarled towards the man prostrate before her and glanced quickly at her watch. The woman hissed through those bright red lips. She heard him groan very gently and felt a little excited by the sound.“Yes. you dirty dog. “Praise indeed. The man slowly swept his tongue up and down the black sole of her shoe. “Oh. Sam was on the other side with a small smirk on her face. She saw the excitement rise within him as he greedily leant towards her.” The man said as she opened the door and stepped outside. filthy animal. patient-leather shoes. She had teased him enough and slowly moved her other foot within his reach allowing his nose to smell the scent of the leather and her silk fishnets. Laced. “Yes Mistress?” He asked. confidently down the shaft toward the pin-point tip.” Mandy stood and walked to the door. teasing him with it. . She violently flicked the crop against his face and the man bit his tongue. This was too much she thought and so she allowed him to gently lick the sole of her shoe. she thought. The rubber clad woman paused and slowly drew the riding crop against his bare flesh again. “Clean them.” She whispered presenting the second tightly laced foot for his attention. “Stop. “That’s your lot. His tongue furtively touched the tip of her toes and slowly ran down the side of the heel. “Clean my shoes with your tongue. She looked down again at her punter and tapped him on the head with her riding crop.” She shouted pulling her foot away. His breathing became laboured and intense. “Yes?” “You were truly wonderful. “Now the heel!” She whispered watching intently as his tongue slowly circled the base of her eight inch heels and then swept gradually. then she’d have to get back downstairs and see if any other guests had arrived. “Clean my other heel. He felt the constraint of the handcuffs that locked his hands behind his bare back and pushed his tongue towards the shoe she presented to him. “Clean my shoes. very tightly laced she twisted them for his delight.” She hissed softly.” She replied softly.” She said showing that she had been listening to every word between them. “You disgusting. intently. leaving a thin film of saliva in its wake.” She hissed as the man’s head fell forwards and his tongue swept across his dry lips.” The woman smiled wickedly as she saw his tongue almost brush against the side of her sole which she kept just out of reach. sitting herself down upon the gimp box. “You are making my floor dirty and your dirt has made my shoes unclean.” His piercing blue eyes examined her thin legs covered in rubber and then lingered over her black. Five more minutes of this. “Lick the dirt from the soles of my shoes. Mistress?” The old man said. The woman cracked the riding crop against the man’s back and he lowered his head instantly in obedience. You dog. She pulled them away and smiled.

I’m all for civil rights but I don’t want to be discussing it when I’m fucking my man. Back there if you are black you’re treated worse than a dog. “Look at this one. I bet they have never even heard of Dr King. man. “I find most white guys don’t know how to talk to black people in this town. can I come in?” “Please. . She reached out and took her dressing gown from bed stand and pulled it over her shoulders as Jo closed the bed room door.. She came and sat on the bed. “Wow.” “What colour is that one?” “It’s freaky man.” “Good. she was a single parent see. “. Back there even other black people looked down on me and my momma.” Jo hummed an agreement.” Jo replied opening another stick.that’s a really cool shop in London. that’s really groovy.I got this down town here in L.” “Gold. “Who is it?” “Only me. It’s really trippy. I believe we’re all created equal in the eyes of God. I went to a couple of parties and hung out but being a black chick can be a drag with all those white dudes. they’re butter in your hands. I bet. It’s blue in normal light but glows black in ultra-violet.” Chapter 10 The following morning Mandy lay in bed in the white room as sunlight began to stream in through the crack in the curtain.. they either think you’ve just come off the cotton plantation or that you’re on some civil rights trip. “I’ve seen you with the white dudes that come here. in a small boutique. “. that don’t sit well with church people. that was some speech. “Good job..” “I wish.” Jo said opening the door and peering in. “I’ve brought the lipsticks I was telling you about.. “A friend of mine hangs out with the Grateful Dead in their house.“I must get these heels off. It was going to be a hot day and she wondered if she had a top that would cover it and still be cool... Don’t get me wrong. I’ll be in my room.” “You got it.” Mandy replied with a smile. before I break my ankle. although…” Mandy paused and looked at her friend.” “I guess you know all about that?” “What trips?” Jo replied wide eyed.” Sam said as she stumbled down the hall. There was a small tap on her door and she sat up in bed covering the breast. a friend sent it from London.A.” “You can handle them.” Mandy said twisting the bottom of the stick and allowing the lip covering to emerge. “…someone should tell the folks in the town where I was brought up.” Jo giggled.” “It’s Biba…” Jo replied.” Mandy laughed. they’re all into acid there. yha. What was it he said. You know what I mean sister? It was cool hearing Dr King speaking to all those people in Washington last March. She had woken with a dull throb in her left breast and upon inspection noticed that the bite she had got from Carter two nights ago was now a large and ugly bruise.

” Mandy replied cagily. Both women looked at each other and smirked behind the door at the incongruity of the vision in pink.” Liz said trying to split the pair. “If I wanted jewels I’d at least make sure they were real.” Jayne shouted pulling Velta’s hair. “I been an told Miss Sammy and she’s mad as hell getting her out of bed this early.” “Give it back!” Jayne screamed.” “But you are working in that room upstairs?” “It’s just work. “There’s nothing to say.” “Yes Miss. Velta’s hand pulled a lump of hair from Jayne’s head and her fist caught Liz square in the face on the recoil.” .” Liz said still holding her eye. “Ah.” Mandy said with a cool smile. Suddenly there was a loud commotion in the hall outside the door and both women looked at each other. “You’re the only person I’ve seen get close to her in the whole time I been here. “Look what you bitches done now.” Just at that moment Liz appeared and she also started screaming. spill the beans. Jo stood and went to the door. “You fucking bitch.” Jayne screamed. let me listen. you fucking whores. shit. I want this house searched from top to bottom.” “Oh. “Give it back to me. Now stop your bitching and go to your rooms. “What the fuck is going on here?” “She’s taken my bracelet. barbi-doll nightdress and pink furry slippers. “Go back to your rooms and I’ll deal with you later.“You and Samantha are getting along. Velta had her hair between her fingers and both women rolled across the floor forcing Liz to jump out the way. “Enough!” Sam screamed throwing both girls against opposite sides of the hall. “Why would I touch that cheap trash? Velta shouted as she tried to kick out at Jayne. “The one Johnny bought for me.” “Let me go…” Velta screamed scratching Jayne’s face. Both women opened it a little and peered outside to find Velta and Jayne rolling about on the floor just outside.” Then Mandy and Jo heard a rumbling sound that came closer and closer. and the less I have to fuck the better. they hate each other.” Mandy got off the bed and crept to the door.” “Have you?” Sam demanded to know pushing her face into Velta’s.” Jo laughed prodding her friend with a long manicured fingernail. Liz. She’s taken it from my room and I want it back. “She’s going to batter you’re asses if you don’t stop.” Liz shouted holding her eye.” Jayne shouted kicking out at Velta.” Sam shouted pulling both girls apart by the hair. Mandy gave a shrug hearing a loud bang and more screaming. “It’s Velta and Jayne.” “They were real. Eventually Sam appeared dressed in a pink chiffon. “Right.” “We have an understanding. “I haven’t got your stupid bracelet.” Jo said after a pause.” “Come on. “I guess.

The TV burst into life. The shooting happened as the President’s motorcade drove through Dee lie Plaza in the centre of Dallas earlier today and as we have just heard.” Liz shouted through the door. “He was shot. “It must be about what happened earlier…” She said as Liz banged on her door again.” Jo and Mandy stepped to the door and opened it in time to see a bruised Velta walk past.” Mandy replied. President Kennedy. “But something else has come up. “Can you make your way to the bar.V on the bar. Sam was carrying a large television set while Ruby carried the wires and plug and Liz the aerial. we can confirm. the thirty fifth president of the united states. Carol followed her and Roma came after her.” Liz held up the TV aerial and the black and white picture lost its fuzzy lines.” Jo said looking at Mandy who had now dressed and was trying on the make-up Jo had brought. Jayne was already there looking very angry and sporting a large scratch across her face. Ruby looked for a electrical socket and pushed the plug into it. They both withdrew into Mandy’s room and closed the door before collapsing on the floor in a fit of laughter. She was banging on every door as she went.” Ruby said as Sam placed the T. “Friday November 22 1963…” he said in an even and flat tone which had an element of suppressed emotion. The group of women sat in silence for a few moments before hearing a bang and a crash.” “Oh. She looked away as Velta walked into the room. The women walked down the stairs and entered the bar. died of his injuries a few moments ago. “It’s not ten am yet. “Everyone into the lounge!” Liz called as she made her way through the house a little later in the morning. “A date that will live on forever. “What is it?” Roma asked as she walked past the two women. once again.” Ruby announced to no-one in particular. “We’re not sure. that President John F Kennedy is dead. “How?” Jo whispered. Walter Cronkite sat behind a desk solemnly and removed his thick framed eye glasses before addressing the television audience. my God!” Roma shrieked. Miss Ruby wants ya’all. “I was going to give you lot a right mouthful.“Haven’t you two got anything better to do?” Sam said towards Jo and Mandy as she spied them peering from the door.” A shriek rang out in the room and Carol burst into tears while the other women examined the screen in silence. . “We’ll shortly cross to Dallas once again to hear about the condition of Governor Connelly who was also injured in this incident. “Put down what you doing. The door flew open and Sam entered followed by Ruby and Liz.

” Jayne sneered.” Carol whispered. “Outside this house black people are treated like crapola. Kennedy was actually in dialogue with Martin Luther King and trying to push through laws that would protect us. turn it off. the Viet Cong. Remember we have just got over the missile crisis. .” Jo whispered. “I’ve just about had enough of this.” Carol said looking at Sam wide eyed.” “Someone who’s money you care about. is it?” Jo replied.” “I don’t know why.” “Stop it.” Liz nodded and left the room. “Go and have a look in every room and see if you can find it. “Don’t you think we have more important things to worry about?” “It may not seem important to you. understand?” “It’s not me.” “The Vietnamese?” Carol laughed.” Carol said under her breath. “But it’s important to me. That’s how it should be everywhere. “He was going to support it and now he’s dead. “This country has too many guns and some nutcase has probably got a hard-on over something stupid and decided to wipe Kennedy out because of it. We have all their refugees turning up in boats wanting to stay here…” “It’s probable some nut.” “Don’t forget. “I don’t think so. “In this house everyone has civil rights no matter who they are.” “While you all here.” The room fell silent before Liz looked up and shouted. “Who needs civil rights legislation?” Ruby said looking around at the women. you two!” Sam said slamming her hand down on the bar. “Can we talk about the thief who stole my bracelet now?” “Do we have to?” Carol replied raising her eyebrows. it’s more likely to have something to do with the Cubans. “It was only a bit of cheep tat.“There goes the civil rights movement. I’ll go and look. “This country is at war in Vietnam. Now.” Roma said in her thick European brogue.” Ruby said as Sam flicked the switch on the television and the picture disappeared into a small white dot in the centre of the screen.” “It’s not though.” Liz said. if you can’t work together then you must both go.” Sam said loudly. Now they’ve killed him for it.” “No it wasn’t. “That was 18 caret gold and it was brought by someone who I care about.” Mandy replied. It could be them who have killed him.” “They probably killed him because of that. “Can I put this aerial down now?” “Yes. “You fucking bitch!” Jayne shouted.” Ruby said looking across to Liz. “You’re only jealous. “It’s little Miss Gold finger here. They hung their heads and frowned thinking about the news they’d heard until Jayne said bluntly. “That’s a good idea.” Jayne said loudly.

“You’ve found it?” She asked with a breathless sigh. Every now and then this fact would be given away as she peered up suspiciously. If that bracelet is found in any room it shouldn’t be in. she . face to face. down the road and out of here. Velta stared ahead with a stern frown etched upon her over made-up face. her gaze met Sam’s. When. “Where was it?” Ruby asked loudly causing a frightening silence to descend upon the room “Stop playing and tell us.” “I didn’t…” Velta protested shaking her head from side to side. Liz entered with a half frown. Jayne’s eyes darted here and there.” Liz replied turning to look at Jayne. “Velta had it?” Jayne said with a smug tone in her voice. sipped from a long glass of ice and whiskey that Sam topped up occasionally. avoiding contact with Velta in case it should lead to another confrontation. at last.” Sam interjected. go on.” Ruby continued. Jayne stood and clutched her hands under her breast. Each woman sat on the edge of her seat as Liz looked from eye to eye. Mandy and Jo sat together opposite Ruby who. indeed?” Velta sneered. half scowl etched upon her lined and sharp-featured face. “Didn’t she. her face turned into a wicked grimace. It sparkled in the light from the low lamps and all the women stared at it as the chain swung from Liz’s thin fingers. grand clock in the hall. ticked by every second. Mandy realised that the people made it so and that it was a room that could feel cheery or dull dependent on the people congregating within it. unable to stand the tension for a moment longer. “Did she. The tension was palpable. Carol read another magazine although her concentration was poor. “I want you all to know that one thing I can’t abide is a thief. “Guess?” Liz smiled.” “I found it…” Liz smiled looking about the room. “In…” “Well?” Jayne said expectantly. at the bar.“In the meantime. “Let’s just play nice till we hear if Liz finds anything.” Velta said picking a magazine up from a nearby rack and reading it. Roma filed at her fingernails with a long emery board. As the clock in the hall chimed the five o’clock the door opened sharply. That room which normally appeared bright and airy felt hot and oppressive. “Did you find anything?” “Yes. “Where was it?” Sam said as Liz pulled the long gold chain from a pocket in her apron. “Well?” Sam asked. Looking down towards where Velta was sitting.” The minutes passed slowly as the old.”You got that Velta?” “She’s probably sold it. “Enough!” Sam said firmly. The room heated up and the atmosphere grew thick and heavy while the small group contemplate the outcome. someone’s head is going to roll.” “Good. The seconds became minutes and the minutes became hours. It will roll all the way down the front path. admit it.

you owe Velta an apology. “Where was it?” “It was in your basket.” “That’s right. “…the laundry basket.” Liz smiled.” “I owe that bitch.30pm Carter walked into the dimly lit bar. all the action and occupants were taken in with a sweeping. It sat in the palm of her hand and caught the light in every facet. “I’ll wear my mourning jewellery.” Velta announced standing on her feet and heading to the door. and I’m sorry for hitting you. “We will still be opening those doors in an hour or so.” Sam answered with what passed for a smile in her litany of scowls. “In your laundry basket. how does that sound?” “Classy. “Velta. nothing. .” “What?” Jayne protested reaching out for the chain.” “And the rest.” Liz said to Ruby as she passed the chain to Jayne. Those cold. “Jayne. I am sorry for accusing you. “The laundry basket in her room. “Velta. black eyes considered what was going on in the room. “I looked in there and saw it attached to your jersey sleeve. She looked around the room at the other girls while they in turn looked towards Ruby and Sam for guidance.” Jayne said with a sniff. possible for threats. diamonds on black silk. Get yourself ready and wear something respectable. Carter assured himself that only one madman was in that room at that particular moment and he was it. honey. if you have it. Painful past experiences had taught him how to read a room.” “Or when a punter ripped her clothes off. the deep and dark shadows of his paranoia? A madman with a knife could be hidden under a table or a policeman with a gun. “Ladies!” Sam said walking to address the women in front of the bar. The words catching in her throat like poison. The eyes were searching. he could now relax.” Liz replied shaking her head. “I looked in your room last after checking everywhere else. must have caught it taking the jersey off. What lurked in the shadows. Like a cockroach he scuttled across the room to the bar. suspicious glance from a tilted head. no drug squad or drug rip offs. how to work people out in an instant and tonight he was reassured that no threats existed. sat behind a sofa.” Velta sneered. perhaps. “Okay. Jayne understood this look at once and guessed it was wise not to ignore it. “That’s it ladies. “Get your facts right next time.” Chapter 11 At 9.” “Will black do?” Roma asked softly. possible dangers or impossible menace.” Sam said clapping her hands together.” Sam said prodding the young woman with her index finger. “Black will be fine.” She opened the door and left the room cursing under her breath.” Jayne replied looking around to face Velta. “Jayne!” Ruby said with a firm voice and sharp look. “Very classy.” “Yes?” Jayne remarked holding her hand out. Wearing a pale blue suit and fedora hat he stood like a ghost for a moment in the doorway.flicked the chain into a small pile of sparkling gold.” Ruby answered.

She opened a bottle of beer from the bar and took a swig from the bottle. my dear. “..He caught sight of Mandy and Sam standing under a pale red light on the other side of the L shaped bar.” Carter replied drinking Mandy in with his eyes.. Mr Carter.” He hissed licking his lips slowly with that thin red tongue. the only outward sign of his bombed out status. The bar room fell into silence and everyone turned to look in their direction making Mandy feel distinctly uncomfortable.I’m sure you are trying to embarrass me.” He leant forwards and whispered in her ear out of earshot of everyone else..” Carter replied taking a deep breath and facing her “I am truly flattered. “Why Carter. he was fucking her brain with his thoughts. The question was loaded with innuendo and accompanied with that look in his eyes it could have been an invitation to murder. every inch a sophisticated gentleman.” The others in the room knew that when this man asked them to do something it would be better for them to do it.” Ruby laughed girlishly throwing him a confused look. “You are a card.” “Thank you Madame.” He hissed in his clipped British accent.. “Sorry everyone..” “Oh. She gave him a coy look and saw it reflected back in those huge black pupils of his. Insanity. Just carry on as if I wasn’t here. Is it not strange that a rather well then less known writer once observed that one can not acquire style. even though it was subtle and oblique. “..” He replied rubbing his nose with his index finger while staring into Ruby’s eyes. “Tonight I’m going to eat your cunt till you cry for mercy. good enough to eat. pleasant evening on a bad day?” “Evening!” Sam replied with no hint of emotion in her voice. .” Carter announced bowing humbly towards the room. “Whiskey chaser. A telepathic message that she could just about make out. “What would you like?” he asked Mandy. Sam looked at Liz who had heard the order and went off to pour a whiskey into a short glass for him. I most certainly must have been because the only virtue I was taught as a child was that to be dressed was itself decent and whether you are decently dressed or not was beside the point. “Good evening. He looked dangerous.” Ruby drooled as she joined them clutching the bar for support.or should I say...” “Most certainly Madame. Like diamonds glittering on black velvet those eyes sparkled at her unnaturally. But what else could be expected from a family whose motto was Sodomy.. dear ladies.. He raised two fingers to the brim of his fedora to acknowledge them before sliding across the room to join them.. “Such a nice girl. one has to be born with it. Incest and Lies?” “Oh. Mandy thought Carter was sending her messages through the ether.. Mr Carter. “I didn’t mean to raise my look wonderful tonight.” He said softly. “. even from a distance.” “For MERCY!” he shouted as the whiskey chaser was placed in his fist. “You look. “What would you like?” “Hmmm.” She giggled.

rocking the USSR. the Beatles. “I just send up the old bag because she’s making so much ciggy and chocci dough on your backsides. Still. The music in the background phased in and out of the conversation. She felt the pill pop in and she closed her mouth to suck on it. “Silly old cow.” Mandy replied closing her eyes and opening her mouth slightly.. “.. Mandy laughed aloud watching the woman turn on her heels and head back to her stool on the end of the bar. a stunning starlet whose glowing radiance outshines even the brightest sunburst. “Lighten up girl. “.” He smiled showing a full set of white teeth. The bitterness almost made her throw up immediately but then she relished the sensation on her tongue. You are positive purity and…” “Pissed as a judge. “Shall we proceed?” Carter suggested placing his empty glass on the bar and smiling moodily. I thought he was doing the best he can. .” Carter replied firmly...” With that he removed a small pill bottle from his jacket pocket and flipped the lid off.look at the size of that arse. and all that stuff with Cuba was worrying.. He poured three white tablets into the palm of his hand and threw two into his mouth.” Carter shouted after her but the old woman could only turn her head and wave benignly. “I shouldn’t be so flippant. filled in the spaces between his words and gave his voice a sing-song tone. I was disappointed that the War in Vietnam has gone on so long.but not so pissed to be outdone by a little course flattery. she felt dizzy momentarily and her vision blurred.” He said to Mandy as soon as she was out of earshot. “I didn’t know much about him but he was young and he said the right things.” She laughed.” “You are right. Everyone was busy in their own little groups except for Sam who was just looking at her and Carter. “Fancy one?” “Go on.“And you my dear.” Mandy replied.” Ruby interjected with a giggle. Mandy gave her a nod and gestured for Carter to lead the way. while sitting upon it. Sorry for not being sensitive to your loss. a vision of voluptuousness. “Your honesty belittles me madam. Perhaps I’m too cynical but I know one thing. As they climbed the staircase leading to the top of the house Mandy felt a strange numbness overcome her. Mandy gulped back the last of her drink and looked about quickly. A women could only grow such an appendage by spending every hour God sends eating chocolate and smoking.” Carter said after a long pause.. “Kennedy’s death has got everyone uptight. are a picture of beauty.” “Thank you. I need a pick me up. “I’m only having a laugh.” “But at whose expense?” she sniffed.” “Are you as two faced with everyone?” Mandy asked seriously. It felt like her ears had become blocked and sounds were dampened.

in unison. the huge polished black door that was the access to a dreamland or just a place of nightmares. higher into the void. from hell to high heaven and beyond. toward desolation. . They walked further. A smile of tormented agony etched like a mask on her face. she was looking through a spy-hole into the private world of strangers. Mandy was alone in the plump white bedding in that white room which she had made her own. The staircase went on forever. at the foot of a bloodstained altar he stood dressed in Bird of Paradise feathers. inexperienced and shy. She shivered slightly and wondered. Like an outsider. toward the fleeting swoop of the priest’s dagger and the rescue of her still beating heart. Then it was baring down upon them. Then. She was marching at the helm of a party of savages towards oblivion. towards the inevitable slice of the dagger. They climbed like animal savages. a hunting party in quest of themselves. His cold marble eyes. “Are you okay?” Carter said passing in and out of focus. she thought. The small red lamps that protruded from the walls burned too dimly for their purpose. did she really sign up for this? What great illusion the night held. A thick stream of translucent sun light beamed through a crack in the curtain and stretched across the room like a laser.” She replied holding tightly to the stair rail. black and empty called her on. it was wrapped up in a shroud of tension. his eyes flash with fire and fury. an experienced Angel of Death. climbing the steps to the temple at the top of the world where a ceremonial dagger waited in the hands of the Prince of death. That door could have been a coffin lid. those savage eyes turned all to stone that dare look into them. a puzzle in an enigma. “Dizzy. Mandy felt detached and cocooned from what was going on. It was claustrophobic and tense. Carter. again she moaned almost a whimper. in a graveyard of lost souls. When at last they reached the top of the stairs the hall seemed colder than usual. There. It was all she could say although Mandy wanted to say much more the words could not form in her mouth. she sat up.A vague sensation of apprehension came over her and each step was filled with a mounting dread. lay a grave. She was curled up on the bed like a twisted rag doll curled around the duvet and pillows that kept most of the light from her sleepy eyes. Mandy moaned softly and turned upon her side. Mystery. Upon her sacrifice she would rise again. because beyond it. turning again in a restless half-sleep. was she ready for what he had in store for her. yet she climbed higher into the dark shadows. The apprehension was growing inside her whole body making her shake violently. in time as if dancing to a unheard tempo they marched towards destiny. toward passion. a gradual feeling of being suffocated with a wet blanket. with a wincing gasp. Behind him walks death’s sickly friend. Leading her. victims of Inca blood sacrifice. the mother of whores whose abominations marked her forehead.

“Ouch, that smarts.” Mandy whispered to herself as she rubbed sleepily the bruise on her
breast. She dragged her exhausted body off the bed and sat at the dressing table opposite the
large mirror that sat on its top.

Mandy examined the bruise he’d given her, it resembled exactly the one on her other breast
and when she looked closely she could see the teeth marks that fitted his smile perfectly, even
down to the gap between his two front teeth. A screwed up smile swept across her face as she
remembered getting that bite during the previous evening.

She went through her drawers and pulled out a thick black bra that covered her breasts
modestly and looked in the mirror again; it covered the bruises completely. Getting up she
pulled back the curtains and flooded the room in electric white light.

A bead of sweat ran down her forehead and onto her lips tasting salty on her tongue. Picking
up a brush as Mandy began to comb her thick curly hair as she heard a slight tapping on the
“Who could that be?” she whispered looking towards the door. The gentle tapping came
“I’m coming.” Mandy called; approaching the door.

“Hi!” Carol smiled as Mandy pulled the door to one side. Carol walked past her and into the
room giving its contents a casual inspection.
“I wondered if you’d be up.”

“It is early.” Mandy replied looking for her dressing gown briefly and pulling it on. “Is there
anything I can do for you?”
“Oh...” Carol smiled limply. “...I just thought I’d knock to see if you were still alive.”
“You’ve been listening to Velta too much.” Mandy said sarcastically and she began to apply
some thick mascara.
“I don’t think so.” Carol replied sitting upon the bed and looking around the room.
“Me and Velta don’t talk.”

Mandy continued to build up her already excessive mascara and looked at Carol’s reflection
in the mirror.
“If you not talking about the bullshit Velta’s been coming out with, what exactly do you
“You know.” Carol smiled. Her eyes were glassy and hard and her expression void of feeling.
“I heard the sounds coming from upstairs last night.”
“You did?” Mandy said cautiously.

“I’m just concerned, that’s all, you’re so young and pretty. I just don’t want you to take any
un-necessary risks.”
“Look honey.” Mandy replied as she applied some of the pale pink lipstick Jo had given her.
“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about me; I’m a big girl now.”

“I don’t want to gossip but…” Carol said softly.
“If you don’t want to gossip…” Mandy interjected. “...Don’t!”
“But I worry about you.” Carol sighed.
“Thank you for the concern.” Mandy said turning to face her. “But don’t waste it on me, after
all, we don’t even know each other, do we?”

Carol was silent for a while as Mandy continued to apply her makeup.
“We may not know each other well, yet.” Carol said thoughtfully. “But I like you and thought
that perhaps we could become good friends. Especially as you have to work up in that room
now, with…” she paused and lowered her breath before saying softly.
“...Sam and that Carter fellow.”

“Look Honey.” Mandy said with a slight irritation in her tone. “Carol, I appreciate the
concern and all that, I really do. But I am okay and there’s no reason for you to worry. It’s
not like I’m being forced to do anything I don’t want to do.”
“Sure.” Carol said with a small frown before adding. “Just be careful babes. Please; you don’t
know what he’s capable of.”
The door opened suddenly without a knock and a mop of damp blond hair appeared closely
followed by Jayne’s face.

“Is Carol in here?” Jayne mumbled. She saw Carol sitting on the bed and her eyes darted
towards Mandy who was turning away from the mirror to see who had come into the room.
Jayne threw Mandy a cold glance and turned to face Carol. Are you coming, or what?” she
demanded with a icy tone.

“Didn’t you learn to knock before entering a room? Mandy said to no one in particular. “Or
were you brought up in a barn.”
Jayne did not reply she just threw Mandy a colder glance and said.
“Come on…” Before sniffing. “...unless you want to talk to this dumb nigger.”

“What did you say, bitch?” Mandy said rising from her chair. Carol also stood and rushed
towards the door.
“It’s time that I went...” She said giving Mandy a smile. “...It’s been great talking to you.”
“You don’t have to go.” Mandy replied looking at Jayne intently. “Not if you don’t want to.”
“Fuck that black bitch.” Jayne snarled.

“Why you…” Mandy screamed throwing herself towards the door. Carol stood in her path
and pushed Jayne out of the room before gritting her teeth and nodding goodbye.
“Take no notice…” Carol said softly as she left the room
“She’s like it with everyone.”

Mandy was fuming with anger and kicked the door closed behind them. She had decided a
long time ago that if she ever got called a black bitch the comment would be written in her
imaginary book of revenge.

Beside it would be added the perpetrator’s name and what torturous activity awaited them in
the not to distant future. It could be consistent rudeness, occasional sabotage of food or
clothing. Pins stuck in fruit and razor blades in soap were other ideas she would furnish that
torture chamber that she constructed in her imagination.
Mandy sat at the dressing table and cursed under her breath.
“Black bitch, eh....” She whispered. “...I’ll show that white trash what sort of black bitch I
can be.”

She snapped the eyebrow pencil she was holding in two accidentally. Shaking her head
Mandy did what she could to her brow with what was left of the pencil and got dressed. As

the Old clock in the hall struck One O’clock midday Mandy stepped slowly down the stairs
and secretly out the front door. The warm sun was at its apex in the afternoon sky and the
street shimmered in bright white light.

The avenue sweated in the heat and a woman pushed a small child in a buggy along the
sidewalk as Mandy closed the gate behind her.
“Afternoon.” The woman smiled. Mandy nodded and smiled back. Pulling her shoulders back
she headed towards the main street.

Across the road a man glanced anxiously at his watch and tugged at his damp shirt collar. His
face was bloated and red in the midday sun. Cursing under his breath the man made his way
to the nearest telephone booth and sheltered from the blistering sun for a moment. Two lovers
walked past Mandy, hand in hand. The young girl sucked seductively on an ice-pole and the
boy placed his hand in the back pocket of her jeans.
“Fancy meeting you here?”

Mandy looked up and saw Max standing beside her. She smiled and greeted him in a
cautious, almost guilty tone that relayed her guilt about their last encounter.
“Max, how lovely to see you.”
“I thought you hated me.” He replied glancing at the floor briefly.
“Come on. I was at work.” She sighed referring to the way Sam had talked to him that
“I just do what I’m told in that house.”

“Yha, sorry.” He smiled. “Going my way?”
“I was so hot in my room; so I fancied a walk.”
“Well,” he bowed and stretched out a hand, “Lead the way, pretty lady. In fact, there’s a
small park nearby with a paddling pool.”
“If you could handle getting your feet wet, we could…”
“That sounds great.”

A few moments later they were splashing about in the park with a group of kids and a few
lost dogs. Everyone was cooling off in the hot sun and the splashes of water soon got into
Mandy’s thin dress making it cling to her slender body.

Max looked at her when her attention was elsewhere and took in the shape of her breasts and
butt with a lingering gaze. She turned and caught him staring.
“Does this look obscene?” she asked referring to the dress.
“It looks fantastic?” he replied with a smile.
“Obscene, but fantastic.”

After a while they sat on the grass and Max brought them both ice cream. it was while she
sucked on the cold cone of ice that he noticed the bruise under the neckline of her dress.
“How did you get that?”
“Oh, it’s nothing…”
“Mandy!” he replied loudly. Max leant closer and pulled the neckline down a little revealing
the bite marks clearly imprinted on her flesh in blue bruises.
“That’s not nothing. Who did this to you?”

That’s nice.” Max said running his fingers down the side of Mandy’s leather knee length boots.“..” .” “Do you want to make it as well Mister?” Liz replied sarcastically as she poured the tequila on top of the bright orange grenadine. “I just worry about you.” Max called to Liz.” “I’ll have a sunrise..” Max looked at her go into the shimmering distance and kicked out at a tuff of grass in desperate frustration for messing it up again. Hold off with the orange.” He shouted after her.” Max said slamming a ten dollar note on the bar. lost in her thoughts. “I love the kinky footwear.” Mandy smiled back.“No one Max. something expensive. Ruby sat at the bar on her usual stool and Sam lingered nearby.” Max laughed tickling her gently.” she said pulling her top up and away from him..” she stood and looked down at him.” “Sorry. Mandy looked at him and noticed that his loudness was probably an act to cover his nervousness. “I am coming tonight. Thank you for the ice cream. “It’s nothing. “The fucking bitch. “We’ve been through this before. babe. who was behind the bar serving drinks glanced over Mandy’s shoulder and snarled.” “You enjoy being beaten and fucked. Carol and Jayne were occupying one of the sofas while they entertained a fat Texan while Velta stood near the door with a middle aged Italian who was wearing a well cut suit. “What do you want. I wish you didn’t have to work in that place with those freaks. Liz. vodka. in the flea market.” He snapped referring to Sam. At six thirty she was sitting on a stool in the bar watching the fat punters arrive with their pocket books full of dough and their balls full of spunk.” “Max. “Hay you. “Don’t scrimp on the tequila.” “Well don’t.” Max smiled slipping up to the bar and joining her.” “Max. Sam looked up cautiously.” she said firmly.” “Don’t be like that Mandy.” Liz asked impatiently. “Hi baby. Please. “Tell that fucking bitch that I’m coming tonight. It’s a job and a job that I enjoy.” Mandy whispered. Only Roma sat alone. “Are they new?” “I got them today. “Don’t ruin this afternoon. “Tonight I’m flush and tomorrow your tips jar will be showing a profit. “I’ve got to go now..” she said pulling her hand away. “Tequila for both of us. Her friend was on her way up to the rooms with a man a little for the worse due to alcohol and she just whispered a howdy as they passed each other. He withdrew a wad of notes from his pocket.” Max said as she turned and began to walk away. She looked at Sam quickly and was relieved to see that she was talking to Ruby quietly.” “She did it. keeping a secret eye on them both.” He said softly standing and taking her hand in his. Mandy had passed Jo as she entered the bar. brandy or a beer?” “I’ll have a lemonade. Order something nice.scotch. “I hope you hadn’t forgotten our date?” Mandy half smiled and looked towards Liz who was pursing her lips and giving Max the once over. “Come on.

She did not want to tell him that Mr Dog.” He insisted as Liz left a dollar next to a glass full of orange liquid. They sent me to a psychiatrist like I was mentally defective.” “Oh. another tequila sunrise. I had such a crush on that girl that I used to wait outside her school yard at lunch times just hoping that I’d get a small look at her. It was the kind of information that Max would get angry about so she told a lie to save the aggravation of being truthful.“Fab. “When I was younger.” Max belched after gulping the drink Liz had served.. black and white. There I was standing outside the cinema all suited and booted..You know princess. “Give me another. Mandy reached out and touched his hand... “.” She giggled with a soft smile. she was so gorgeous.” He said abruptly.” He paused for a while and played with the glass on the bar seemingly deep in thought. there was this girl. “So did you see her again?” .” “What?” she giggled. you know. Can you believe that? There I was being nice and they thought I was going to rob her or something. Mandy took her hair from her eyes and looked at him while she tucked it behind her ear. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” She laughed. Jesus.” “They were right there. the man she had whipped so expertly a couple of nights ago and bought them for her. One night I asked if I could carry her books home but her brothers thought I was giving her a hard time. you look so cool. “I was stood up. “So what happened?” “I eventually asked her to go on a date.” Liz placed four dollars in change by his empty glass and threw Max another snarl. “Shit.” “Come on. “So?” Mandy asked. “They beat you up?” “They kicked my ass good..” He flashed her a wide smile boyish smile and she realised just how young he was. Not just boys and girls but colour.” Max continued.. “But you are.” Mandy smiled sipping her drink slowly. when I was at school. “I tried to explain to my parents but they were horrified that I was interested in a black girl.” He said softly. “You know.” Max said turning to face Mandy. did she show or what?” “No. exquisite. I wanted to take her to see a movie with Marlon Brando in it. shame. “If that had any tequila in it I’m a monkey’s uncle.” He said looking at the drink and placing the dollar in his pocket. She went to a black girl’s school that was run by Baptists or something. In those days schools around where I lived were segregated. she had long black hair like yours and dark brown eyes that were so clear they were like pools of water.. did they give me a thrashing. “What happened. Just like a movie star. Max had suddenly become quite morose and she started to feel very soft for him. boy.

“I mean. “What’s the problem?” Sam hissed softly taking Max in that gaze. Both women knew each other so well that this one small gesture conveyed a message which they both understood. . I thought you knew…” “You what?” he stuttered. The other people in the bar heard his voice and looked around to see what the commotion was about.” He said. I was so shaken up by that I stayed away from girls for a while. that’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard. “I guess we should go upstairs.. Sam nodded back and turned to Mandy.” Max laughed. “She was on her way to see me when a truck hit her and killed her instantly.” Max continued. “Now you’re acting up to it.. Max. Feelings I thought I’d pushed deep inside me.” He said firmly. Ruby looked at Sam and raised her eyebrow and in that instant a whole conversation flowed between her and Sam.” “No!” “Seriously.” Mandy sighed with a faint nervous smile.” “Really?” Mandy said wondering what happened. “What the fuck do you want?” “She works with me. “You know how to put me in my place. “If you’re in a different room. “I had no idea. “I thought that’s what you wanted?” Mandy said looking between Max and Sam in succession.” She giggled.“I saw her brother.” Mandy said softly.” “Well then. “When I saw you all sorts of feelings came up. Do you understand now?” “Of course. “What’s going on here?” Sam stood next to Mandy and looked at him with that expression on her face that made others feel uncomfortable.” “We come together. “Hay.” Max smiled and raised his eyebrows as if to say. He looked up and saw her walking towards them. “So why didn’t she turn up?” “She was run over by a truck.” Mandy said softly but as she did so they heard Ruby clearing her throat above the sound of the music and they turned to see if she was okay. hang on!” Max exclaimed loudly.” “It’s okay. “We work the black room.” Max said perking up a little. Anyway she rushed from the house so she wouldn’t be too late.” “Don’t get embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you or make you depressed. He hardly noticed the quick look Mandy gave to Sam as she observed them from her corner. “Well you thought wrong. She looked about to see it they were being overheard.” She replied.” “That’s why when I saw you…” He looked around and deep into her eyes. that’s cool with me but I’m paying for your company not hers. “Apparently she was excited about meeting me and spent a long time getting ready for the night.” “Max.” “That’s what I like about you. “I’m so sorry.” Max growled.” Mandy replied standing and looking into his eyes. feelings I couldn’t explain to you or anyone. now you’re talking.

a thing.” Max whispered as they climbed the last stairs. what is she? What is SHE. “You were quite rude. The smell of alcohol swept across the space between them and was almost intoxicating as it hit Mandy’s nose. a creature.” . forgotten.. they’re all bloody perverted the guys into this shit. isn’t it?” “It’s where I work now.” Mandy replied leading him into the room and pushing him onto the gimp box. “..” He said mimicking her. “Beside. “Really Princess and don’t you ever doubt it. eh babe? This is a torture chamber. are okay. I’m busy.” “What are you going on about?” Max asked with an astonished look on his face. “Phew. “You are so much better than her.. If I wanted to fuck a pig ugly whore I’d gone to a fucking pig ugly whorehouse…” Max realised what he had said and started to laugh out loud.” she about nightmares.” She said anxiously. you can’t blame me for that. “Now you have me all to yourself. “A place where dreams come true.. show him the ropes on your own. don’t you? Perverts. it was a statement and it was made in a drunken rant that would be forgotten in the morning.“It’s okay. “She acts all big but she’s just a pig ugly whore like everyone else in this shithole. “.” “Fuck her. “We provide a specialist service to particular clients who require more than just straight sex. “I don’t need anyone to hold my dick.” She replied placing a hand upon her bony hip and throwing back her head proudly. the girls.” She said as they reached the landing. Mandy tried to shush him and waved her hands bedside his face quickly. Mandy grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the last flight of stairs towards the hall outside the Black Room. that’s what. “Keep your voice down.” She pulled him across the small landing and to the door of the Black Room and propped him up as the door swung open mean peculiar clients. He paused by a set of chains that hung from a hook in the ceiling and reached out to rattle them. Mandy raised her eyebrows with surprise as Sam left them and she turned to Max. “Well. I didn’t want her around me because she makes my skin crawl. can you?” It was not a question. but only by Max. that’s all. “Just what is this place?” “The Black Room.” Mandy reached out to Max as they climbed the stairs. “I mean a cheaper whorehouse…” Max laughed in a hush.” Max threw her a bewildered glance and stood unsteadily to walk around the room examining every object and piece of furnishing like relics in a museum.. “Particular clients...” Then she bent her lips up slightly in what could almost be a smile had it not been laced with menace.” Max whistled. Princess.” he said softly. “Sam only wants to make sure we. “Somewhere that dreams can come true.” Max replied.” He slurred propping himself up on the banister..

. I want to love you. He wasn’t interested in what she did or who she was... “Jesus. I want to go to your old room and be intimate.especially when it’s costing 40 dollars an hour.” “I don’t play games. It’s just that I want you so badly. I want to hold you in my arms and smell your hair in my nose. “Oh. I worry about you.. That thought made her feel very depressed.” He snapped.” “Don’t Max.” “You enjoy violence?” “It’s not violence.” He reached out and put his arms around Mandy’s shoulders and pulled her towards him gently. this is just a job Max. It’s what I have chosen to do and I enjoy it. Mandy.” “Please Max..” she sighed. not just a fucking playmate.. that’s all. “I’m sorry. “Proceed with what. “It’s work.” she sighed taking him by the arm and turning him to face her. a role play..I can’t stand to see you doing this to yourself. “Shall we proceed?” “Proceed?” Max laughed as he did a bad impression of Mandy’s do you think it makes me feel?” “Look. no-one forces me to do anything I don’t want to do. do you want to chain me up and swing me from the ceiling?” “Shut up!” she said firmly.” she said feeling a warm tear fall down onto her shoulder.” He said softly and she felt his breathing shudder gently and realised that he was weeping. “Fuck you.” she replied laying her head upon his shoulder. She felt like such a fool to believe that he was actually interested in her. Mandy. “Please don’t do this to yourself. what are you doing?” “Fuck you.. I want to feel your skin against mine. “. It felt safe in his arms and she let herself go. She shook her head and caught up with him. “I worry that I’ll lose you. With that in mind she spoke firmly trying to sound as dominant as Sam had the first time Mandy had visited that room. or that girl who was run over?” “Don’t say that.” He said softly into her ear.” He replied pulling away and avoiding her gaze.” Mandy let go of his arm and her whole manner changed as she realised that he was only interested in screwing her and going. It’s like dressing up..” He sighed realising just what he had said and more importantly how it was interpreted. . “I want to be with you forever. it’s role play.. “. not as a gimp whore. feeling all the tension in her body leave her and they became so close it was like they were joined. you know. are you weeping for me. It was just about the sex and nothing else. “Max. “Max. “.. I didn’t mean to hurt you. “I was in character.” He slurred before turning to make his way to the door. ask yourself.” She explained trying to put the right words together so that he would understand it.Mandy looked at him without an expression and decided to carry on as if he were a normal Black Room customer..” He replied. that’s all.

” Max shook his head and walked back inside the room to take a seat on the rack. It had been a beautiful experience and all he wanted to do was go there once more.” He replied standing and heading for the door.“Haven’t you ever heard of pleasure through pain? Anyway. “It’s not too late to repair what we had. “You can get your money back from Ruby. I might be a pervert in your eyes but hay. “Where’s home?” she said catching him on the landing. right. “Where are you going?” “Home. I enjoyed it. yha?” He sneered.” He turned and was gone. “I’ve discovered that I can only really enjoy sex if it done like this.” Max went quiet for a moment as he recollected that first night in the White Room. “Tell me and I’ll meet you away from here.” He thought about her body and they way she had quivered in his hands as they made love. “Why is that exactly?” “Because I’m not fucking anyone.” “Not here. the other way was awful.” “Oh. It was nice having someone care about her but this was the first time in her life that she felt in control of things. “If you want the truth I’ll give it to you. “We can stay and work things out. Mandy watching him disappear down the stairs and bit her lip thinking about what he had said. I’ll make sure she pays you. “We had fun. “And you just said. His brain was so full of ideas.” “So I guess that means that we are through?” Max said quietly.” He spat at her with an air of desperation in his voice.” she called after him. “It was awful. “I want you. we just don’t need all these props. . thoughts and feelings that it felt like it was going to explode. “No Max.” “Yes?” He replied looking up at her. okay? It can be anything you want it to be.” He shouted as he began that long and lonely descent down the stairs.” She paused and thought for a moment. Mandy rubbed her fingers through his thick mop of hair and smiled gently. “I want you like the first time we were together.” She said looking away from him and playing with the chains suspended from the ceiling.” she replied walking to him.” she replied softly. all sex could be distasteful if it’s not your thing.” “I don’t want the money.” “You got me Max.” He replied avoiding eye contact. but if you want to do it then it has to be away from this fucking house. you should be pleased that I’m doing this. “It’s not about penetrative sex.” she sighed pulling away from him. didn’t you?” “Max. It was the first time that she had only herself to answer too.” “I live in Glendale. Our time can be different. He was deep in thought when she added. If you can’t get your head around it you might as well walk right now.” “Max. “You enjoyed it too.

“What’s up. “Do you need a hand?” “No. She had always been so abrupt before. Why now. Mandy became a much sought after commodity as the news of her stunning beauty spread through the grapevine. Ruby did not worry as those that were willing to play the adult games in that chamber paid highly for the privilege. “But I think he couldn’t hold it any longer.” Velta said as she squeezed past pulling the man behind her. “We were going to use the splash room. did she really want a man interfering in it? For some reason she felt a tear roll down her face and she sat on the stairs. “We’re going to have a little clean up and Momma’s going to empty baby’s diaper then she’s going to empty his wallet for him. thanks. she thought? Why now. really. “I’m okay?” Mandy lied. babe?” Mandy looked up and found Velta looking down at her. very bloated red-faced man who was obviously the worst for drink. She managed to keep her nightly quota of johns and Ruby was happy with the money this brought into her coffers. “Man trouble eh?” “Yes. The experience had made her grow up quickly and she liked being in charge of her own life. she was working for Ruby but even that relationship wasn’t like anything she had experienced before.Okay. Each week Ruby would set up the desk in her private office and the girls would enter one by one to receive their wages. the extra profits being passed on to Mandy.” Mandy replied surprised that Velta had spoken to her in such a civil way. laughing like a carefree child.” Chapter 12.” Velta said kicking the door closed.” “Come on buster. “I’m okay. The long hot summer wore on and the steamy days seemed to last forever.” Mandy said. Eh buster?” She held his chin and nodded the man’s head up and down. . She pulled a face and stood to one side. “Go and get yourself a drink. “Let Momma get those pants off. when everything seemed to be going her way did a serious relationship come along that just wanted to take it away from her? It wasn’t fair.” Velta said nodding towards the man she was supporting.” Mandy replied pulling herself together and standing. of course.” “I will. “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” Mandy looked down and saw a wet patch on the man’s groin area. Mandy would have done far more business if she was not solely attached to the Black Room. Supported on her arm was a very fat.” Velta replied pulling the man’s cheek and talking in a babyish voice. “I will. Many men wanted to use her but most were unwilling to be abused by her in that manner. Jo’s in the bar.

sat the elderly man who often accompanied her at the bar in the evenings. madly in love with Ruby. Pops had fought in the Second World War and had been given several medals for valour which he wore on special occasions. Beside Ruby. so Mandy had been told. on her left hand side. The seating was always arranged by Ruby with the most important diners nearest her end of the table. So. in the spring of 1965. This meant that while the rest of the house was quiet and the girls were sleeping money was still coming into Ruby’s bank account and into the girl’s pay packet. The dancers earned forty dollars a day and they worked a hour on and two hours off sharing the time with two other girls each day. A punter could place a silver dollar in a slot and allowed to view a naked girl dancing on the other side of the shutter until their time ran out and they put more money in the slot. Christmas and Thanksgiving were two of these. His name was McIntyre although they all called him Pops. This part of the house had its own entrance and was open 24 hours a day with the girls taking turns to dance in the area surrounded by the cubicles. This was half her weekly pay and the other two hundred would go into an envelope and get posted off to her mother.Mandy opened her first banking account and passed herself off as a beauty consultant. well built and very wealthy. He was in his late sixties. He was a man who had known her since she was a young girl and had paid for her company since then. This allowed her to deposit two hundred dollars a week into it. This was the only day of the year that the basement was locked up and the house opened later in the evening so the residents could come together for a lunch around a beautifully decorated table. This gave Mandy an idea and on her return to the house she suggested to Ruby that the cellar be split into partitioned areas which could be fitted with shutters on a timer. America’s first peep-show opened in the basement of Rose House. After this time a shutter would come down and more money would have to be deposited before the view could be seen again. Within weeks each cubicle was making between ten and fifty dollars a day. They were the original “Star Crossed Lovers”. As the year marched on and Thanksgiving came and went soon the feast of Christmas came around again. He had used his powers to get her off the hook and keep her in business ever since and so she could run a business with impunity from the law. Ruby liked the idea and so did the girls because they only had to dance rather than have sex with the punters. Mandy was walking through the park one day near the observatory when she saw a telescope that had a slot to accept five-cent pieces. After leaving the army Pops had become a high ranking police officer and it was in this role that he first met Ruby. . This payment allowed the viewer to look and see the view across the San Fernando valley for about three minutes. He was.

On Sam’s right sat Carter.”Carter quipped. His wide mouth flashed those flashing white teeth as one jocular remark followed another. Carol took the seat to Mandy’s left and she was very drunk. As the clock in the hall struck nine a loud knock echoed down the hall from the street door.. Each of his thick stubby fingers were decorated with ugly gold rings which caught the light as he shovelled huge forkfuls of food into his mouth. She wore large silver rings on each of her delicate fingers and around her neck was a bright green jade neck-lace. Velta sat next to this setting and on her right was a young man with long black hair called Marlon. If looks could kill Carol would have died the instant Ruby had first looked at her.. He was drinking wine and made a point of holding the glass in such a way that the diamond ring that decorated his pinkie sparkled in the candle-light.Sam always sat on Ruby’s right hand side. “.how very interesting. Mandy shimmered in a crimson and yellow taffeta gown that was decorated with a bright orchid.. dressed. dressed in a stiff black suit with a silk white shirt and tie. He had been introduced earlier as Christos. “I wonder who that could be. an endless stream of filth and fun. Beside Sage sat a tall. For some reason unknown to Mandy the place setting next to her was unoccupied and she guessed that perhaps Liz was going to sit there for the main course. Jayne sat next to her and next Roma sat with a young man who was introduced as Edward. “. Her head slumped forwards for most of the meal much to Ruby’s distaste and occasionally Carol mumbled something unintelligible.” . well dressed man in his fifties. unless there are any children here that have been exceptionally good this year. Sitting directly opposite Carter. They both looked longingly into each other’s eyes for most of the meal and only joined in the conversation when the meat was being carved by Pops.” Carol replied wiping fruit salad from her chin.” He looked about the table and added. Spending most of the day dancing kept her body in exceptional shape. She was tall.. the stones matched perfectly the green in her almond shaped eyes. “Perhaps Santa’s got lost. Mandy had never seen him before and he said very little except the occasional whisper to Velta. This was a young Indian girl called Sage.” Ruby giggled looking around the room at the assembled guests. she was busy at present serving the starters. She didn’t notice a piece of chopped pear that was caught in her hair and it sagged there like an unconvincing decoration until her eye lids sagged again and she fell forwards mumbling something else. slim and exceptionally beautiful. Everyone was listening to Carter’s repartee. who’s been an exceptionally good child?” “I have. “Yes dear…” Carter laughed. as usual in black with a seasonal red ribbon holding her hair from her face. fruit salad.. Slightly overweight his jowl sagged slightly over the top of his shirt collar and his thinning hair was flecked with grey. a friend of Jayne’s.. The next place setting was occupied by one of the new dancers from the peep-show. “Well.

“I hung up my Stetson years ago. look at you.” Liz said sternly pulling Carol’s head up from the table and removing the fruit salad from under it.” “I can’t tell you anything about what I’ve been up to. “So I should take it all with a pinch of salt?” “Or a dollop of mustard.The whole group laughed as he pulled a face at the woman. “Ladies and Gentlemen.” Mandy stuttered.. “I believe our mystery guest has arrived. “Oooh. what a difference.” Tom said adjusting himself into his seat. poor love.” Tom replied nodding towards Pops.” She remarked as she let go of Carol’s hair and the girl’s head banged down hard on to the table.” “Look at you babe. “Who else gonna skivvy around you folks if it ain’t me?” “Or even…” Mandy started to say before deciding to keep that thought to herself. face first. “Why is that?” Ruby asked as Pops began to carve the joint.” Carter announced poking around in his starter.” “It’s not like that. Another knock came from the street door and Liz disappeared to answer it.” “Don’t take the piss.” Mandy screamed getting up from her seat and running around the table to hold him in her arms. “I give you…” Ruby said proudly.” Liz entered the room again and threw Mandy strange look.” “That’ll be the day.” Mandy said guiding Tom Farley to the empty seat.” “The ex-sheriff. “Someone’s got a secret man.” “Oh yha?” Marlon whispered. “My point exactly. “You old fox.” Ruby announced hearing the street door close and the sound of footfalls approaching. Wow. “It’s done a bunk with the grapefruit.Tom Farley. “She’s looking for the pineapple. mister. “Come on Tom.. She gasped with excitement as the man flung back the spray of flowers and threw her a wide smile.” Liz huffed collecting the first course dishes. “I left a young country girl and you’ve turned into a city honey. halfway between joy and foreboding. what have you been up to since we last met?” “He’s a very good story teller. “With a good imagination. “.” .” Carter replied with a bow. The door opened wider and a tall hunk of a man entered holding a bouquet of roses that hid his face.” Jayne sneered.” he replied smiling broadly.” “Tom. As Mandy had got used to Liz’s array of strange grimaces she did not find this unusual.” Velta whispered to Marlon as Liz placed a huge joint of beef on the centre of the table. “There ain’t no pineapple. “If I did.” Pops replied.” “It never crossed my mind. Mandy screwed her nose up wondering what was going on and she leant forwards as the man entered the room to a round of applause. “I thought the place setting was for Liz. “The sheriff there would want to run me out of town.

and at the end of the journey I pointed her in this direction. can I have the beef. “Although my family are originally Greek. He looked across the table and snorted loudly before saying firmly. “I pulled my truck over.” Jayne asked as she poured gravy over her food.” “Are you local?” Velta asked the fat man as he stuffed food into his mouth.” Velta replied with a lusty smile.” “We’re famous for our FOOD!” he shrieked as Carter stroked the inside of his leg. Carter.” Carter laughed.” “How nice.” Sage replied looking around the table.” “Oh. “YES!” Cristos replied with a shock. “I’ve heard Greek food is wonderful. “There I was thinking we were getting on so well. . Sam shot him a sharp look and he looked down at his food trying not to laugh. “I don’t like game poultry. “He’s a very good friend of mine. “So you’ve stuffed your goose?” Carter laughed.The table exploded with laughter but through her laughter Mandy looked across the table and saw that Sam’s face was icy and her expression harder than usual.” “Sage?” Velta asked passing the vegetables along the table. “Hmm.” “Mr Farley. Now that little duckling has grown into the most beautiful swan I’ve ever seen.” Farley coughed.” “Swan?” Carol mumbled trying to lift her head from the table. “Now you’re going to get stuck into some beef flaps. please?” This was all she could muster before her head dropped onto the table once more. “One big happy family. Pops placed some sliced beef on the plate and Tom poured over it some thick brown sauce.just to give that little duckling a lift down the road.” Carter sighed. On the way we had some good old tender love. “I don’t know about that young lady. You gotta love those beef flaps. “Well I would have just driven straight on if I saw your sour face at the side of the road. His eyes darted across the table toward Velta who smiled and nodded in his direction. She was watching Tom Farley with a distinctly cool air as if she expected trouble.” He replied looking at Velta anxiously.” Carter heard this and thought he’d have some fun so he reached out his foot and gently stroked the inside of Farley’s leg in a direction that he’d believe was coming from Jayne. Tom reached out and took Mandy’s hand in his and squeezed it tenderly. I’m fine.. “Who is your friend?” “This is Mr Cristos.. “. “Do you always fuck your hitch-hikers or only the black ones?” “Hmm.” Farley coughed.” Tom continued.” “I love going Greek. I can’t stand rudeness in any form especially when it comes from someone who should know better.” “I’d love to eat something Greek.” “Are you okay?” Sage asked her friend. “All I have to say is that a couple of years ago I was driving a truck load of whiskey across the country when just outside Carolina I spotted an ugly duckling at the side of the road.” Jayne replied. “The food you know.” He paused as Liz piled his plate with roast potato’s and green vegetables. smiling like a mischievous child bent his leg to touch Cristos on the ankle. “Fine.

” She replied.” Jayne snorted.” Tom smiled leering at the girl across the table thinking it had been her playing secretly with his foot. “.” Marlon replied.” Ruby cursed as Liz stepped up behind the woman and pushed her face back down into the table cloth. “Well. Carter laughed under his breath and nearly choked on a piece of meat.. I have to visit the small room.I can’t wear it... anything else you’d like?” Edward asked with a smile. “Go on try it on. Farley took a small box from his inside pocket and passed it to Mandy. “Rolled gold. Marlon winked excitedly at Edward who looked down at his food and tried not to notice.” She sighed. “. oh. I owe it all to you.” Farley announced looking around at Mandy. “Oh.” “So will I.” Tom replied between gulps of meat.” He smiled.. “It’s beautiful. “Would anyone like some of this?” Edward asked holding up a bowel of sprouts. “Over here please. “Last night I was in a hotel not far from here. I have a bank account.” . “You shouldn’t have. “Perhaps later. “Oh.. a wardrobe full of pretty dresses and some good friends.” “That’s a shame.. it makes your fingers go green. Tom.I’m no longer a naive country girl who don’t know anything. “Perhaps later. no. she opened the wrapping and looked at the small gold ring that lay inside.” Sage replied as Carter reached out and touched Farley’s thigh. which he could just about reach with his toe. “You could have seen my show.. I don’t suppose that would notice on black skin. “Is it desert time?” Carol asked lifting her head off the table and letting everyone see a potato stuck firmly to her forehead.” She smiled...” The old man replied. “Here you are. someone shut her up. “Excuse me. and Ruby. “Are you okay?” Sam asked looking at him intently. Carter smiled to himself and stretched his foot over to Marlon’s crutch.” “Really. “Am I missing something here?” Sam asked looking around the table. The other’s looked across the table either expectantly or in fear of what would happen next. “Oh. “No. good.” Ruby cooed. “Farley said to no one in particular then throwing Jayne a freezing grimace he turned to Mandy and smiled.” He replied leaving the table and exiting the room in a fit of laughter.It’s eighteen caret gold.. “.” Carter pushed his foot into Farley’s groin as Sage replied “I’ll look forwards to that. how you been doing since I see you last?” “Oh.“Have you travelled far?” Sage asked Tom across the table. I have a surprise..” “It’s not rolled gold.” Marlon replied rubbing Carter’s foot in return. I love surprises.” “Happy Christmas. just like my Baby..” Mandy did as she was told and looked at the ring with amazement.

our boys are dying out there and these commie bastards are protesting about it. “What gives.. He held it up to Jayne’s nose and she sniffed it in with a loud suck. little teeth. Kent State.” he smiled gently.” . a friend of mine brought it back after doing some reporting on the war.” “I support our boys..” “Dropping napalm will not make them think differently about the war.” She sniffed. “I have some naughty.” She said with a huff looking at the floor. you and Little Miss Carolina are tight. “.. “It’ll just make them think differently about us. “Just ignore her.” Edward said timidly.” She snarled.” Farley said in a stone cold voice.” Carter took a small paper wrap from his waistcoat pocket and a credit card which he used to take a small pile of white powder from the packet.” “During the second world war we had to bomb civilians…” Pops replied before Ruby cut him short.” she said rubbing the side of her nose. I bet you don’t even like yourself very much. a group of commie. “. I’ve had enough. “Am I?” he smiled leaning forwards and whispering softly in Jayne’s ear.” “What are you like?” Carter smiled.” “I’m sick of the bloody war.“Please.” Pops added. “Perhaps you’re jealous of the fact that she’s half your age and twice as pretty?” “You cunt. nice-nice. “That’s the stuff.” Mandy replied with a scowl.I was watching TV the other day and I saw a group of you’re talking. “.. any more of this shit and I’m going to puke.” Pops announced sipping his wine gracefully.” “Do you know what..excuse me. just a little nose candy. “What’s up with her?” Farley asked watching the woman leave the room. “Let’s not talk about war. yha?” Jayne said looking at Carter with a half smile..” “Is that what she’s on.. we should pull out and let the chinks get on with it.” “It’s from Burma...” “You hate everyone. I hate the bitch personally.” She spat.. Why.... everyone else does.” Carter replied. hit me brother. “I was just having some brandy..” “You have to bomb civilians. “So.” She got up and left the table.” Jayne smiled.I gave Carol a toot earlier and it’s gone straight to her head. “.” He replied flashing her those sharp. I think it was.. “. “Happy Christmas.. asshole..Want a toot?” “I don’t like cocaine. getting them to think differently about the war.. “It’s all you ever hear about these days...” “You’re wrong. “. it’s Christmas.” Jayne gagged. “It’s a way of grinding the population down. Imagine. “What’s that you’re up to?” Jayne said catching Carter in the bar. “Fuck you. “She’s just jealous. “That’s really hit the spot. Ruby doesn’t mind..” They all said raising their glasses. long haired layabouts actually protesting about the war.. “But I don’t agree with the indiscriminate bombing of civilians.” She raised her glass and smiled broadly. “What else?” “Oh.” He said with a smile.

” Mandy smiled coyly.” She laughed.. Am I right?” “No. “I’d still be earning a dollar an hour as a waitress in a diner. “Of course.” Sage remarked across the table. Talking amongst themselves and being entertaining for their guests. “The same colour of your eyes?” “Nope. “It must be the Brown room because there’s only one room left and it can’t be that one.” he smiled as she slammed the door behind her.” Mandy replied.” he smiled.” Tom mused looking Mandy in the eyes.” “Well. baby. only one pair of eyes watched and one pair of ears listened over the backdrop of chatter. “Please come again.” “I bet you can’t guess.” “That’s right. she smiled broadly and raised a glass to him. “That you don’t have to work one of the rooms these days?” “Oh.” Tom said giving Ruby a wink.” She sniffed.” She smiled stroking his hand gently. you’re a sweetie. “Does that mean. “If it wasn’t for her.” She shouted walking to the door.” Farley said rubbing his chin.“Oh.” “Then it’s the Brown Room?” he said with an air of satisfaction.” “So. “No.” He stuttered turning a puce colour with anger.” she said softly.” he sighed sipping from his glass again. “A man of my age sees things like that.” Farley said as his expression became confused. “You must be getting closer now. “I’m working in the Black…” Farley’s hand slapped her cheek hard punctuating the word with a dull thud that echoed around the room and caught everyone’s attention.” Mandy smiled.” “You noticed?” Mandy laughed.” He said wide-eyed.” Mandy replied sheepishly.” “Well. here’s the real Jayne talking. “It must be the red room. “You suggested the peep show downstairs and it’s earning loads of money?” “That’s right. is that right?” Tom Farley asked with a chuckle. No wonder you got attitude problems.” “The Green Room. “To match your beautiful skin?” “Nope. “Let me see.” he continued.” “And you’re a middle aged slut with a face like a dried prune and a pussy like a bucket. The others around the table were not paying too much attention to Mandy and Farley’s game.” “That’s the thing with people like you.” “Well I hope Ruby there appreciates you good. “Let me guess what room you’re in. “Are you telling me you are working in That Black Room?” . “And thank you.” “Fuck you with tits on.” “Oh. “You’re full of shit. “You’re telling me. “Not the red room.” she shouted. “But it’s not the White Room. “I suppose it must be the white room that matches your pure heart. that being the colour of your underwear tonight. Sam was aware of the path this game was taking and all her senses were heightened because of it. “I still gotta earn my keep.

” He pulled on his jacket and walked out the door.” “It’s true. then around the table and then back at Farley. “I sent this girl here to be looked after by you. what would her mother say if she knew the perversions that go on in that room?” “Your swan has become a goose. “Well I do and it turns my stomach.” Ruby answered softly. “Let it out.” Farley said shaking his head. Christ. Are you saying she asked to work in there with that. she bit her lip and shook her head from side to side as her mind worked out what her reaction should be. with that thing?” he threw a hard look at Sam.” He shouted. slamming his fist hard on the table. “No!” Tom stuttered. “You think I don’t know what goes on in that room?” Farley hissed towards Sam. “You all disgust me. “That’s it babe. “You put this young girl in the Black Room?” Farley demanded to know from Ruby.” She said firmly. “If she wants to play those sick.” He whispered under his breath. “You disgust me. You have corrupted this girl. Ruby.”” “Is this true?” he said turning to Mandy with tears welling up in his eyes. corrupted her. she nodded gently.” The others around the table looked amongst themselves awkwardly and pulled strained faces before their drunken conversations picked up again. Go on fucker. placing her fists on the table and leering across at him. you’ve turned her into another freak. “Is it true you asked to work with that monster?” Mandy smiled softly and looked firstly at Sam. “Let him go. perverted games.” Farley shouted breathlessly. “She asked to work there.” Sam said loudly. “She’s sitting right next to you. Farley stood and threw his napkin across the table. “Jesus.” “Stop being so dramatic.” Pops said staunchly. “I don’t believe it. ask her yourself.” “What?” she said softly. “Ask her. he’ll destroy your confidence otherwise.” Sam replied nodding towards Liz as if to instruct her to see if Farley had left the building.” Pops said knocking back a drink. “And you have abused her. She was amazed by his reaction and looked speechlessly back at him. another monster. Liz darted from the room as Ruby stood and placed Mandy’s head upon her shoulder.The assembled company looked at the pair in shocked silence. hear that? Jesus.” Sam replied standing. “If I was ten years younger I’d knocked the bastard out. “Fucking commie bastard.” She said motherly. but I want no part of it.” Chapter 13 . Only Sam wasn’t shocked and had secretly expected the reaction from Farley. “Hang on fella. she held her as a flood of tears came. eh?” Sam laughed. Tom. “Go on laugh. H. Mandy stood with tears in her eyes and ran after him but Ruby grabbed her arm. so be it. let it all out. “You have to let him go babe.

” Mandy sighed.” A few moments later Liz entered the room again carrying another spray of roses. The door way filled with a massive spray of pink roses followed by Liz who was awkwardly carrying them.” She made her way to the window and shielded her eyes from the daylight as she threw back the curtains. “They’re beautiful. Looking at the bare tree branches Mandy frowned. Miss Mandy. all gone until the next birth of spring. The sun was shining but it was a thin. “Don’t they smell fine. The passing of time was marked by the destruction of all that beauty. diluted heat and a poor impersonation of its usual self. why?” “You won’t believe what I got here…” Liz announced opening the door. “But who has sent them?” “There’s a card here somewhere. Please marry me Or let me take you to dinner . Looking now the trees and ground were naked and brown.” she said. the singing of the birds.” She spat realising that she was shivering. Just then a tap rang out as someone knocked gently on her door. She tried to cheer herself up by remembering the garden as it was. having folded back the bed sheets she hurled herself in one leap from the bed and towards her dressing gown and carpet slippers. are you decent honey?” a soft voice called. immovable in the face of harsh eastern winds. “It’s cold in here. honey?” the maid said as she laid the second spray alongside the first and sucked in the scent through flared nostrils. I told you so. I can’t stop thinking about you. “There’s more. It read.The room was strangely dark for 8. “Yes Liz. “I’m decent.30 in the morning.” Liz replied looking among the flower heads and pulling out a small white envelope. “Wait. She immediately turned and headed towards the door again.” She handed the card to Mandy who screwed her nose up and squinted her eyes wondering who had sent them. Very sorry about what happened.” Mandy replied turning to look in that direction.” she moaned seeing her breath condensate into a white cloud. “Jesus. “Wow!” Mandy whistled. Mandy Darling. how during the summer the eucalyptus tree outside her window smelt and how the flower beds were full of blooms and sweetly smelling scents. “Are you awake. Looking outside she saw it was raining and grey outside. She viewed the destruction of winter in all its unsubtle motions with a sigh. these were white and green and were wrapped with a bright red ribbon. “God damn. “Here he is. she opened the envelope and removed the card. the fullness of the trees. “Are they for me?” “Ain’t they beautiful?” Liz mumbled walking to the bed and laying the spray upon the sheets. Mandy sat up and looked at the clock beside her bed for a long time. Those luscious green leaves and confusing sprays of fauna that filler her room with the most wonderful aroma of summer heat no matter the time of day. Then.

. “Considering how shit you treated him. you got a problem?” Jayne shouted back from a few feet away. or was that the postman?” she tapped her chin in confusion. she had expected them to have been from Tom and this news had thrown her for a moment. who brought them?” “Oh.” Mandy screamed tearing her nails into Jayne’s face. You need to tell on that bitch. Meet me tomorrow The 18th at midday Junction of Sunset and Vine. “You fucking bitch.”. “…Not again.” Mandy snarled towards Liz.. you better get yourself up here before one these girls tear an eye out.” The old woman answered.” Thumbs were now sinking into Jayne’s throat and although her hands were pulling great lumps of hair from Mandy’s head her face had a shocked expression across it. . what the fuck has it got to do with you?” “I only said you get a pretty face.” “That woman.” Mandy and Liz turned to see Jayne standing in the doorway.for a dumb nigger. “What did you call me.” she said with a smirk. Suddenly her grip became limp and she began to let out a throaty gasp as Mandy’s thumbs became white with the strain. so I’m black. just a delivery boy. “Please Miss. A vein on Jayne’s forehead started to throb relentlessly in time with the pulse that Mandy could feel though her thumbs. “Liz.” Mandy pounced and both women began to grapple on the floor..” Suddenly Jayne turned and headed back towards Mandy’s room.” Jayne shouted from the other side. leave it.” “Can I help you?” Mandy said firmly.I’m crazy about you. a delivery boy. “I was only saying…” “I heard what you said.”She’ll be the death of me.” Mandy spat pushing the door closed.” Then she turned and opened the door. bitch?” she shouted down the hall. “Leave it. Dressed in a blue dressing gown with a toothbrush in one hand she stood with a hand on her hip and looked in. “It’s amazing he can even say your name. “Whoever he was he must think a lot of you..” Liz threatened. “I was just saying…” Jayne replied with a half smile. “Excuse me. “Oh no…” Liz screamed. Her face became a pale shade of pink and Mandy pushed harder into the fleshy parts of the woman’s throat.s Insurance bus is looking up. “Why. “Yes. Miss Sammy. if the boss heard her talk like that she’d bounce her white ass all the way down Vine. “I hate that fucking black bitch. “MAX!” Mandy gasped.” Jayne smile sarcastically. “. “Well mind your own business. MAX p.

” “So you thought you’d strangle her for it. “What?” “A fucking nigger. “I’ve had that all my life and I’m not going to take it anymore. that could have meant the chair.As Jayne’s eyes began to protrude from their sockets Mandy saw the woman’s tongue swell and poke out through those thin lips. “She…” “Enough. After a few moments Jayne was breathing on her own and Liz returned with a pillow and blanket. you fucking whore. You don’t have to descend to their level. “You have to rise above it.. “Mandy!” Sam shouted. “Don’t you think I’ve had to put up with despicable cunts like her too?” “I guess so.” “You’re just lucky that stupid bitch didn’t die today..” . ” Silence filled the room for a moment as both women looked at each other.” Sam said again pulling Mandy up and shaking her. “That’s enough.” “She…” Mandy stuttered. If you do then you become a nigger. “Die. go and call Doctor Morgan.” She said abruptly shaking her head. “You don’t understand. “What about me.” Liz scuttled off again and Sam looked down at the lifeless body that lay stretched out on the floor. Think about that next time one of these whitey’s try to get your goat. that’s madness. “She called me a…” “Enough girl!” Sam said.” She spat feeling the pulse get slower and more pronounced. “She’s had enough.” “Well I have. Do you understand what I’m telling you?” “I think so. “Let it go now. that’s what they do.” Mandy said looking up towards Sam.” “You’ve had it.” Sam said softly.” Sam said again. “What the fuck was all that about!” Sam shouted a short while later towards Mandy who was sitting on her bed still shaking. Jayne let out one final gasp when a voice boomed out behind them.” she continued. a stupid nigger at that. You are better than that. and Jo and what about Liz? Don’t you think we have all had to deal with that sort of mindless nonsense all our lives? But we don’t resort to violence every time we hear it. blowing air into the woman’s lungs and then pumping on her chest frantically.” Sam shouted. remember white people are bred to hate.” Sam said shaking her head. “She called me a…” “Yes?” “A fucking…” Mandy said softly. “Go to your room and leave this to me. “Liz. “Fuck. “She…” Mandy tried to speak but the words stuck in her dry throat.” As Mandy went into her room Sam dropped to her knees and started to give Jayne the kiss of life.” Upon hearing Sam”s voice Mandy loosened her grip and dropped Jayne’s head upon the wooden floor where it landed with a thump. She had deep scratches across her forehead and cheek and blood was clotted on her lip. you stupid bitch. “What about me.

. I have seen hundreds of bright eyed hopefuls like you lot come and go in that time. “But No! The reason is you’re probably just as much in the dark as I am. carry on Jayne. Someone’s had a party and we didn’t get an invite. back stabbing and general hateful behaviour before from any of them. “Well!” Ruby screamed lighting a cigarette.” Ruby said. cut the bullshit. “You’ll get your turn. “Would someone kindly let me know what’s been going on round here?” She was sitting behind her desk in the Pink Office and in front of her the women stood in a semicircle Velta. So. going on about my RACE and my COLOUR. I can’t take it no more..” “She’s a lying bitch.. your period pains. “.. You’re now on warning. do I punch your faces in? No. Carol. “Jesus. I was there so I know. “I’ve never had so much fighting. “I’m not even mad. BUT!” she slammed her fist down hard upon her desk making everyone in the room except Sam jump. hell I’m the nearest to a mother some of you have ever had and all I get in return is grey hairs. You all come to me in a mess and I feed you.” Carol huffed. “We could go on all day like this. she called the girl a black bitch and a nigger.” Ruby said firmly.“Now. unwanted pregnancies and all that other shit.” Ruby said looking about the room.” “She got these flowers and I was just saying how nice they were when she attacked me.” Mandy spat. this is the second time you have been found fighting and I’ve had enough. “Can you expand on that?” Ruby asked.” “Liar!” Jayne shouted.. what the fuck is going on in this house?” “Can I say something?” Velta said helpfully.” Mandy said softly.don’t involved me in this little war. “Am I talking to myself?” She glanced over at Mandy’s scratches and then at Jayne’s black eye and red neck before exhaling a cloud of tobacco smoke. “Jayne. do I throw you out.” Ruby announced after a while. “This has been going on since I got here…” Mandy continued. “She was with her a couple of nights ago when she started on at me. “I’m not angry. Sam. bitching. “Shut it you..” Liz interjected confidently. “Ask Carol. I’ve been in this business for too long. put up with your man problems.” She said softly. anymore and you’re out. “Thank you Velta. “Little digs here and there. Liz and Mandy all looked back with blank expressions.” Mandy interjected. Let’s start from the beginning. clothe you. As for the rest of you I expect a little peace from now on or people are going . I want some answers.” Jayne said softly nodding towards Mandy.I’m not afraid to say what she said either .” “I heard the foul mouthed bitch.” “Please ladies.” “You fucking liar. “She tried to strangle me. Do I moan.. “. the last thing I want to do is scream and shout at you all like a bunch of naughty school kids.” “Is this true?” Ruby asked looking directly at Jayne. Not a card on my birthday or even a random thank you. Jayne. All I want is some answers.” She sighed taking a thoughtful moment to suck on her cigarette . Now. I’ve had this house longer than most of you have been alive.. Jayne how did you get the black eye?” “It was her.

but that this made her feel disappointed. The breeze carried a sharp chill that made her raise her deep fox fur collar against it and peer over the fur. or end it. “Way to go Max. “Sam. Now. we need to speak. “Max. eventually leading to the desert and what became a dirt road.” Max said as he pushed his foot hard on the gas. ruffled by a slight breeze was pinned loosely behind her left ear by a brightly coloured flower broach. climbed in and with a loud screech of rubber against tarmac they were off.” Ruby said with a slight hint of annoyance. Soon the wheels were kicking up a dust cloud in their wake and the car slowly came to a halt in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.” Everyone stood and walked sheepishly towards the door. where did you get the wheels?” “Jump in Baby. Mandy looked around and saw Max smiling from the driver’s seat of a vintage white convertible he’d parked twenty feet away.” He shouted back taking his eyes from the road for a second. Mandy looked down the empty expanse of Vine St and saw a man approaching.” Chapter 14 The clock above the town hall struck the last stroke of twelve noon. get out the lot of you.” .” “Relax. Mandy stood in its shadow anxiously counting the twelve strokes on the corner of Sunset and Vine. She was wearing a beige fox fur jacket over a twenties style salmon pink dress. “That motherfucker’s not going to show.” The car flew through the city on the main drag out of town. on an uncomfortable day for an uncomfortable guy. After all. “Hay Baby. “This baby really moves.” Mandy said above the noise of the engine. “Just enjoy the sensation of speed. Her long curly hair. “I’ll tell you all about it.” He replied flashing that dazzling smile at her.” She cursed under her breath. She wondered if she was doing the right thing.” He called. a crocodile skin purse. she was confused as to what exactly her feelings were toward him and guessed that this would be his last chance to bolster their relationship. “Pease. “Shit. she had not looked forwards to the meeting. I can’t have all this shit it’s bad for business. not because it was not him. slow down or you’ll kill us both. in one hand. “Slow down. but now she was here.” She turned around and began to walk briskly down Sunset when she heard the toot of a car horn.” Mandy beamed turning and approaching him unsteadily on her 6 inch high stiletto heels.” Mandy run to the other side of the car. holding. she guessed that it would be an anticlimax if he failed to turn up. the indicator quickly tore through 60 mph. Waiting. as the man got closer she was surprised to find that it was not Max. “Not start to look for work elsewhere. she was sinking her fingernails into the car seat as the scenery ahead flew by in a dusty blur. She was surprised.

or say. “I used to come here with my Pa as a kid.” He laughed. in the soil. “I guess so.” She replied looked about and not seeing a person or a house in any direction. He turned to look at her with a serious expression. “We can eat later.“Where the fuck are we max?” Mandy asked looking around unimpressed. “You have to admit. it was a view that was hostile and fascinating at the same time. “What do you expect. I shouldn’t have bothered. The place reminds me of him and being a kid at the same time.” He continued. This. please don’t do. I just thought you’d enjoy a ride outside town for a while. Max looked thoughtfully towards the sky before taking a cigarette from his jacket pocket and lighting it.” “You sure have a way with words.” “Yes?” Mandy replied guessing what he was going to say before he’d actually said it.” Max said thoughtfully.” He said with tears welling up in his eyes. sometimes we’d come in the middle of the night. “You asked me out for a meal and I took a lot of time getting ready. “I’ve got dressed up for nothing. I’ve been out here without him since he died. was typical of Max. The rough flat countryside seemed so desolate and totally deserted. beside the view and all. somewhere he could go and think through a problem. “Did you come here after she died?” “You know me so well.” she said softly. If ever life got too difficult then he’d stick me and the dog in the car and we’d head out here. Some people have a room in their house or a special part of the garden. he had a habit of doing this so she prepared herself for the worst. If I come here at night I can sometimes hear his voice on the wind. “I’m sorry. Max pressed a button and the front seats began to recline.” She replied looking about briefly . “This is one beautiful place?” “If you say so. Does that sound mad?” “Not at all Max. . in the country. she thought. “This was his quiet place. Please. “Don’t you like the car?” he asked.” He replied with a smile. juvenile and self centred.” Mandy pursed her lips remembering that she hated the country having spent most of her life in it. All those miles away from the people and places she was familiar with made her feel vulnerable too and this vulnerability made her feel closer to him.” she smiled laying back and looking at him.” “Don’t be like that. Mandy thought to herself.” She was touched by his display of tenderness and appreciated that he’s brought her somewhere that had so much meaning for him. when I’ve needed to think. blabbing like a baby. “There was another reason I brought you out her. on the air. well Dad had this place. just look at me. something to spoil the moment. “What’s that?” she asked nervously. like he is still out here somewhere. you know.

” “No. “Mandy. As long as you leave it in that house and came home to me each day I could handle it.” “Oh. “I’m not a secretary I’m a hooker.. I can’t get you out of my head and it’s killing me not seeing you regularly.” She suddenly felt very anxious and isolated out there. Just hear me out for a moment. “When I was a kid.” “So you think that you could handle me doing what I do every day.” Mandy sighed loudly. It was like living on Mars.” He said slowly.” Max looked at the sky again and collected his thoughts before turning to face her again and looking at her with an intensely personal stare. What do you think?” “You are joking?” she replied with a frowning grin.we had dry desert landscape all around our house just like this. What are you getting at?” “Oh.. like I was some sort of secretary?” “As long as you came home each night.” “Okay.. “If you’ve driven me out here to give me another lecture Max. I can see your bruises today and that hurts me a lot. “What’s all this about?” “A deal. and then coming home in the evening and doing supper. and you’re saying you could handle that?” “It would be hard. It felt like the world had ended and they were the only two people that were left on this Earth. forget it. I could turn a blind eye to your work. “But if it meant being with you. quite flabbergasted by the suggestion.” She said. at least you’d get out of that house each evening.” Max replied with an earnest tone in his voice “Max.” He said slamming his fist down on the steering wheel to punctuate the sentence.” He said after a long smoke filled pause. “I want you so much I have decided that if you married to me.” Max said trying to assert himself.” he replied squeezing his eyebrows together and frowning. As the wind kicked up a cloud of dust she looked out at the barren landscape in silence. “I know what you do in that room and you know I’m not happy about it. you enjoy your work which is not something most people can say.” He interjected. “I know.” She sighed. then yes.Max sucked in a lung full of smoke and was silent for a moment contemplating the right words to say. be straight with me. yes. I had no friends and my life was so boring.” He smiled..” . “.. “Well?” he said pausing again. Just try it out for a while and see how it went. alone with Max in that car in the middle of nowhere.” She said at last. “I know that’s what you want to do and it’s how you earn your money. Can you understand that?” “We’ve been here before. “I’m deadly serious. “Do you still work in that room?” Mandy sighed loudly and shot a firm look in his direction. I fucking love you. the feeling wasn’t a pleasant one. calm down. “You’re talking in riddles Max. for Christ’s sake. not that I do anymore. I could get fucked by a different man every day. if you became my wife. “Honest. there’ll be no lectures. It could become just like a nine to five job. Blowing you a kiss in the morning before spending eight hours blowing off guys in the office. these were…” “It’s not important. “No.. I’m nuts about you. please.

“I’m sorry. people who value me and respect my decision making. placing the seats in their upright position. it was the demand of a fully formed adult and had to be heeded.not here. “. she wanted to shout about it out the car window and have it printed in the newspapers. Leaving that empty. Shall we head back now?” “If that’s what you want?” he replied pressing his hand into her leg. I don’t know what to say to you” “Say yes?” he replied. “Let me think about what you’ve said and we can talk again tomorrow. They both stared into each other’s eyes for a moment as his fingers gently stroked the inside of her thigh. just experiencing skin against skin was enough.” Mandy felt the hardness of his cock beneath his thin pants. “Don’t be. Of course. For the time being she was going to enjoy that elusive happiness and keep her fears hidden. placing a gentle kiss on his iips.” They never did make it to a restaurant that afternoon. . anything. anyway Max..” He smiled looking disappointed but smiling anyhow. The journey back to the city..” he replied stroking his fingers through her hair. not the suggestion of an unbalanced fool or wayward child. “I love where I am living at the moment.” She whispered. people who care about me. “Max. They had formed a special understanding that did not require small talk to give it validation. stop.I will do whatever you want. You’re offer is very nice Max but I’m not ready to walk away and become your wife. she also had a feeling that perhaps it wouldn’t last.” She said confidently. “. part of her had wanted to scream YES to Max’s proposal. and Rose Avenue. Their tongues met as his hand felt under her dress and touched the soft parts beneath her panties. Mandy felt happy as the desert faded into the distance and the thick dust was replaced with street –signs and tarmac. scream yes at the top of her voice. He coughed and sat up. desolate place Mandy placed her head in Max’s lap and he gently stroked her ear as he drove. “Please Max.. Her eyes appeared to hypnotize him and he could feel her pulling him closer and closer. Max’s hand reached out and cupped the back of her head and their lips brushed against each other momentarily and she bit him softly. “I have to think about your proposal.She turned to look at him and strained her face to emphasise her point. It was not the request of an unsure schoolgirl.. was done in silence. it was like a warm...” she whispered softly.” “I understand. it’s the first time in my life I’ve had people around me.. “I couldn’t rush into something like that..” she said. pulsating throb begging for attention as he pressed his groin against her thigh. “If that’s what you want Mandy?” Max replied.

They both fell into an awkward silence as he tapped louder and louder on the steering wheel. Something else worried her. you’re home. she thought. you know. It was the knowledge that she didn’t love Max. She felt like she needed more than just someone’s devotion. someone’s support and gentleness. But the sensible part of her make-up held her back. but something gave her grave reservations. “Thanks Max. slowly taking grip until it exploded in a fit of violence. the company of other men that she kept but in the long term it would slowly eat away at him.” “Don’t thank me. “Well.” “Don’t be silly. but I feel we are made for each other. was there to make sure she was safe. some desire but this wouldn’t be enough to hold them together. except with Carter. He may start understanding.” “Oh yah. This could be the case. But at those times he. Somewhere in the back of his mind a festering abscess of anger would grow. I never thought you’d speak to me again.” She lied. it was something she could never risk. He would never accept her coming home smelling of another man’s sexual fluids or the small bruises and that smell of lust. would spread like a cancer. perhaps it was the realisation that the relationship would be built on unsound soil and would eventually come crashing down. we are soul mates. That frustration. there was some physical attraction. I really enjoyed this afternoon. “Where did you get that from?” . because she had never been that reckless or impulsive to take a risk regardless of the outcome. Carter.” He replied nervously. before smiling and trying to lighten the situation.She wanted to believe that it would be possible to live with Max as his wife and not have to lie to him. of course.” he smiled tapping on the steering wheel with his fingers. perhaps it was just the fear of the unknown. not minding the long nights she would spend away.” he said at last with a gasp. It was that something else that Max could never give her. giving some insight into his inner turmoil. hidden in the dark corners of his ego. “Well.” “Soul mates?” she laughed. One day it would erupt into a torrent of frustration and hate. “Okay you think about it. it was nothing.” Mandy looked anxiously at her feet for a moment before saying softly. The car eventually pulled up outside the house and he turned to looked at her. “I should be thanking you after what happened last time when I was drunk. This would eventually either destroy him or her or perhaps the both of them. She also felt that no matter how much Max said he would accept her work in the long run this would be untrue. “Have you thought any more about what I said earlier?” “You were going to allow me to think about it.

yes.” Mr.. they’re called soul mates. Mr Dog’s already in the bar waiting. her voice echoing up the stairwell from the office. She smiled and watched him go.. She pulled the gate open and looked behind with a smile just as he was about to pull away and their eyes met briefly.. “Crazy bastard. “Sure was..Sam’s left your costume laid out up there for you.only now I’m his fiancé. Mandy then crossed her arms while she watched the little man proceed with his ritual of undressing.” “Jesus. It’s reincarnation and all that shit... metamorphosing into his alter-ego.” He shouted as he pulled the door closed behind her and watched Mandy walk to the gate of the house.. “. “I hope you’re not going to spend a whole lot of time dithering like some teenager in love because I got a whorehouse to run and it’s opening in fifteen minutes. “.” Mandy spat impatiently pointing toward a corner of the room with her cane. Dog replied coyly with a pronounced nervous stutter. I thought you two were spitting blood at each other?” “That was then. come on.” She said under her breath.Is there.” Mandy was almost at the top of the stairs when Ruby called up to her from the bottom of the” Mandy shook her head and went past her room toward the attic and the Black room where she prepared herself for work..” Mandy called back cheerily. Watching the stick insect of a man undress filled her with both disgust and curiosity.” He leant forwards and whispered. “Young people these days change their minds faster than an actress with her clothes on fire.” she said abruptly bending a cane in her hands.” “I’ll hold you to that.” Ruby called back.” “You are funny. shut the door.” “Fiancé?” Ruby exclaimed.” “I’ll be there.. “I will pro.” Mandy called back as she made her way upstairs. where you always leave it.” She indicated towards a threadbare holdall that hung from a hook..” She smiled pulling her coat on and getting out the car. The ritual was like a slow tango that got faster with the excited removal of each piece of clothing. . “Hi Mandy” Ruby called from the office as the young woman walked into the house.. “Just go straight to your room honey and get ready for Mr Dog. Sometime later she heard the door handle turn and a shadow appeared in the open doorway. come on!” “Yes. “Come now. “Was that the elusive Max I saw driving that motorcar?” “Yep!” Mandy replied with a coy frown. “. The ritual had four definite stages. The man grinned and pulled his face into a pathetic…ba…” “Your bag. proceed to change if you’d kindly get my ba. “Come in. “Lovers from another time separated by death always manage to meet again.. “I’ll see you tomorrow. The first began with the removal of his thick spectacles which were placed on a nearby shelf and this was followed by the removal of his worn jacket. don’t be shy.“I read about it in a book.

“Come now. He would begin by unzipping the holdall slowly. Blowing two hundred dollars in one night would be beyond most people. Madame. This left him standing in his patterned socks.Then one by one the buttons of his crumpled shirt were undone and the shirt removed. as part of a role-play but purely because she resented having to entertain him at all. or couldn’t spend much on clothing. How she wished she were now being lavished by the boring and predictable love of Max or succumbing to the vicious attentions of Carter. ready to perform the final stage of the ritual. metamorphism complete the man had become a monster. Then the dog pulled on a pair of fishermen’s waders that were made of black plastic before topping the ensemble with a head-covering. He dressed like a tramp. thermal vest and underpants. Instead of being brutally aroused she was watching this snail squeeze himself into a pair of transparent plastic hot pants. . you are boring me now. as if he’d worn them for decades. smelt like a pig looked like a fish and. who may have been visiting and if she was wanted by anyone? “Faster. “Hurry now. he then popped his fly buttons. Silently Mandy wondered if she was missing anything down at the bar. “How do I look.” “Almost there.” she spat with increased impatience and abruptness. not even underwear.” He replied breathlessly. had the brain of a bird. in Mandy’s opinion. She could only go through this charade with a stupid. Madame?” he asked as she faced him flexing the thin bamboo switch. dirty moronic idiot if she contemplated the money it was making her. She pulled back the rubber sleeve of the rubber dress she wore to glance at her wristwatch and hoped this pantomime would end soon. being neatly folded upon a nearby stool. leather hood which had zippers over the eyes. The shorts he wore under his pants were stained and threadbare. She listened to his breathing as it was constricted by the tightness of the hood before walking around him slowly. Not because this was what she was being paid to do. slid his trousers over his socked feet and neatly folded them upon his shirt. Mandy pondered how he could afford to spend so much on this type of hobby when he obviously didn’t. Mandy was slapping the cane against her rubberised thigh with each step and genuinely wanted to beat this dog into a pulp.” She said slapping the cane against her rubber-clad leg. Just one look from Carter did more than all the fingers and tongues in the world. Now they were men who could make a woman come in their panties. “You are beginning to irritate me. Her mind wandered to her bank account and she wondered how much money she had made this month and what the interest rate was on her savings-account. The next stage of the Dog’s ritual consisted of the removal of his stained suede shoes and the belt from his trousers.” Mandy sighed loudly. but the Dog was unlike most people.

” She shouted back angrily slapping the dog across his hooded face with the back of her leather clad hand. slowly swinging from side to side in the shadows. “Beautifully painful. leaving a thick red line of pin pricks in the flesh. .” “Right. “You dog.” Mandy walked to the array of switches.” He was swinging back and forth and his shadow projected upon one wall increased in size and shrunk with every cycle.. “Sorry Madame.” Mandy shouted bringing the cane down across his bare thigh. He made a strange sight hanging there. canes and paddles that hung nearby and surveyed them with interest.I should have waited until spoken to. so that Mandy could almost forget that inside the layers of rubber. She played with them while he looked on.” Mandy smashed the paddle across his chest as hard as she could.” He replied as he swung away again.” She noticed that he was looking over her shoulder at the full length mirror that hung on the wall behind them.” “That’s right madam. “I am just a filthy worm and you are my glorious mistress. When this was done she turned a huge handle and raised him off the ground a few inches. “These look painful. madam. now. She lifted her stiletto heel and pushed him in the harness so that he swung a little. “You are an insect who deserves no mercy. awkward and silly. She selected a couple of items that interested her. “Over to the harness.. thicker red welt that the cane had left. please. “Are they painful?” “Oh. salty streaks before cascading into his rubber waders. Madam.” he murmured. almost admiring his reflection.” He stuttered rubbing the new . quickly. When she had grown tired of hearing his breath being sucked into his lungs she whacked him again. A long leather whip which had small sharp points inserted in its end and a long flat leather paddle that was studded with chrome pins.” She sneered. He enjoyed the time she took totally securing him to the ropes and leather straps. I haven’t got all day.” She whispered slowly before cracking the whip against his plastic clad butt. plastic and leather a little man lived and breathed. “Yes madam. “Now.” She spat with real meaning.” He turned and squelched and plodded his way to the parachute harness that hung from the ceiling and once there she proceeded to ritually connect him to it via several straps. slapping his bare flesh with the cane as he swung towards her. clips and harness clasps.. quickly. Suspended like an evil puppet she realised that she hated this man.. almost but not quite. “.” she shouted.” He replied. His hot hood shed droplets of sweat that trickled down his chest in long. “You really are a filthy maggot. “Do I have your attention?” “Yes.” He stuttered. it left a red welt in its wake.“Like shit. “Totally.” “That’s right.” He sighed in excited anticipation. “No mercy. “Give it to me Mistress. “Are they?” she shouted.

“You deserve no mercy. that’s all. standing there with the front door ajar.” Mandy replied heading for the street door.” CRACK “You are the bile in my vomit. “You are the vilest animal that ever ate excrement. “Well bless my soul.” CRACK Mandy’s face was now flushed red and still she wanted to crash the paddle against his face but instead stood back and cracked the whip against his butt again. She crushed the idea once and for all and went to their pre arranged meeting point..” He replied softly. I thought you girls would have had enough of men without seeing them in your spare time. girl. “Well yes…” she looked at the street and then towards Liz.I got a man to meet... wondering if she had said too much already. wide-eyed. harder and harder until he was bleeding from the wounds and blood mixed with sweat dripped to a crimson puddle below him. “. She felt like turning and going back to have it out with the old cow but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. house on fire or something?” “No Liz. “No mercy.” Mandy replied with a knowing grin. either that or your man’s getting some ass for free.Again she struck out at him and again. Standing on the cold doorstep Liz’s words rang in Mandy’s ears. . shit is too good for you. understand? You are shit. “. eh?” Liz smiled..” She spat. “You filthy scum. “You fucking shit.I did meet him here but…” “Oh get on…” Liz said seeing the girl’s anticipation. in almost a whimper. “You sure are full of beans for 12 midday.” CRACK “The stench in the sewer. “You are the filth in my toilet. do you?” “No madam.” “Not this man.” CRACK. worse than shit.” “You mean you didn’t meet him here?” Mandy thought for a moment before answering.” She shouted striking him again. She had been dusting and doing her morning chores and was surprised to see anyone up so early. Was it Max’s plan to enjoy her company for nothing and all this talk of love and marriage was just bullshit... you revolting animal. causing him to shudder violently like he’s been electrocuted. she wondered. “He ain’t like the fuckers you get in this place... What’s up.” Mandy threw her a puzzled look and then left the building shaking her head. working after hours and giving Max a free service. Was that all she was doing.” “A date. She pushed the thought out of her head but it lingered there like a nagging’re just working off the books ain’t cha.” She shouted. “. you are not fit to be called a man.” Chapter 15 “Yessiree!” Liz exclaimed as Mandy brushed past her on the stairwell. “You disgusting bastard.

His smile fell from his face and he put the wine glass down abruptly.They live in Montana. “What dark secrets does your past hold?” “Nothing to tell really. “I’m so sorry. just a stupid country girl trying to be sophisticated. “Oh. What was that smile about. far too boring to discuss in such beautiful company. Looking at that flame made her realise that she didn’t really want to explain anything. “She’s dead too.” Mandy lied again. Mandy refused the offer and looked about the room briefly. “Tell me a little about yourself.. rich an’ all with a big old house in Florida?” “Not quite. she was a different person. as the master had always called her. So she tried to keep that particular door locked. “It was a long time ago. back then she was just a bare footed country girl who knew nothing. on a farm. Whereas now she had money.” “Shit!” she laughed.” He said with a fork in his hand.Later that afternoon.. and looked across the table in a quiet restaurant on the other side of town.” She lied. did he realise that there was nothing of substance under her seventy dollar frock. She looked at that twinkle in his eyes and wondered if it would still be there if her knew her father had raped her mother. just the illegitimate daughter of a country house maid? Just a whore who’d made a pile of cash fucking every pervert who could afford it. I shouldn’t have…” “Don’t worry. That she was the product of that violence and that her mother scrubbed floors like a happy nigger. it doesn’t matter to me. “You’re just a low born country boy like myself. the past was something that should be forgotten. She looked up at him and forced a smile.” . he smiled blowing cigarette smoke across the room. places like this had a habit of disempowering her. not there and then..”. clothes. He noticed her pensive look and smiled quizzically.” Max replied pushing his eyebrows together as he wondered where she had got that idea.. “Are your parents still alive?” he enquired lifting a wine glass to his lips elegantly. was that what the smile was about? “My father’s dead. She was a different person now. She could see how at ease he felt in this place and although she felt different to the girl who she was.” she replied looking at the candle burning brightly in the centre of the table. friends. Sometimes she worried its contents would jump out and expose her as a fraud. The past lurked like an uncomfortable cupboard that she only wanted to reach into occasionally.. “How about you... she pondered. she pushed the half eaten meal away from her. “. a professional woman.” “What about your mother?” Max asked offering her a cigarette. “.” She asked enthusiastically. a woman about town.. The place was empty except for a couple of business people having some lunch. “My family are very boring.” She said slowly.I bet you have some real fine folks.

“It’s throbbing like a jackhammer. baby. a sticky fluid. they danced together. oozing lubrication.” “No. She was being flattened by him and gently eased him to one side waiting for his fingers to reach down and take her to orgasm.” “If you knew how hard my cock was right now.” He replied pulling his hand back. The come was leaking from the bottom of her labia and she felt it drip. pinched his nipples between her thumb and forefinger and looked up into his bloated face. He watched her take a sip from her glass and sweep a stray lock of hair from her eyes and tuck it behind her ear. Then looking into his face she saw he was in a deep and sudden sleep. They looked intently at one another and she wondered if his past had been as frightening as her own. “Hay. She pursed her lips and shook her head realising just how selfish men could be. “I want to get you alone and suck your pussy till you come hard.” He laughed back. their groins slippery and shiny.” She said pulling his hand over and placing it on an erect nipple. Arching her back to receive him as deeply as she could Mandy bit her bottom lip and felt a giddiness rising within her body. She was pouting those ruby red lips and he realised he loved the little bump that she had where her top lip met the bottom of her nose. “Ouch!” He said momentarily stopping in mid action.” “What are you like?” She laughed. He craned his neck and leant forwards to brush his lips against hers. “Go on. Max fell on top of her and breathed into her ear. pinch me. still and floppy.” “Pinch mine. like pistons on a well-oiled machine.“You got me.” A man behind the restaurant’s counter shouted. thumping at the groin.” He said softly. across her butt hole. He began thrusting again and together they moved like savages on Vaseline. “That hurts honey. “I can’t get enough of you. panting with each push. “Behave yourself.” They both laughed aloud and later that afternoon they lay together naked in a nearby hotel room.” He whispered in the ear she had tucked a loose curl behind. would you enjoy that?” “Max. like his dick. She reached out for his hand and placed it upon her clitoris hoping that this would be all the encouragement he would need but it just lay there. Then thrusting his hard cock inside her pussy. go get a room. “You two. they’d .” she whispered back. Perhaps that’s why he didn’t want to discuss it. She pushed up and he beat down. taking time to touch that small bump with the tip of his tongue. Then breathless and panting he pushed one last time and she felt him throbbing deep inside her. “Max?” she said softly. She reached up. He rolled upon Mandy and pulled her legs apart by placing his forearms under her calves and lifting. The sheets had seen better days and still bore the stains of previous guests and a symphony of worn springs had creaked along to their love making. she banged closed fists upon the bed and moaned loudly.

Then he did the same to her right breast nipple and the other side of her pussy. Then he started. bitch!” he said slapping her clitoris with the tips of one hand. slowly entering her system. He came back to her and she saw in his hands a couple of lengths of long elastic that had crocodile clips attached to the ends. lifting her nipples into the air and crating cones of her breasts.tell you anything to get into your knickers but as soon as they’d shot their load it was all forgotten. The loud clicking filled the otherwise silent room and she felt all the clasps tense. He tightened the cord clasp around her neck and started to turn the ratchet.” He said pushing his fingers into her pussy. It was so exciting she could feel her juices flowing with anticipation. He clipped one onto her left nipple and pulled the elastic down before clipping the other end onto the left Labia minor . “Someone’s been fucking you. His tattoos glistened in the half light and his thick black hair hung down into his eyes. Taking a pen and pad from the side table she looked at him before writing in big letters across the face of the pad a message that she hoped he’d see when he woke. He was looking for something and began tossing items over his shoulder as he searched frantically. The answer is NO! Later that night she was prostrate on the rack in the black room. She felt his hot breath inside her and the stubble on his chin rub against her thighs as he leant in to inspect her properly. A few minutes later she was dressed and slipping on her shoes. “I can see you’ve been fucked today. . naked and securely bound. Carter was busy connecting her to the clasps ensuring that her hands were tied at her side and her feet connected securely to the end of the contraption.” “Hmmm. Mx. she could feel the clips digging into her flesh and pinching her tightly. sticky buzz that made her feel drowsy.” Mandy opened her eyes to see him go to the table that lay under the shelves of paddles and whips.” He sighed taking a good look into her vagina. The message said simply. “I need to get a better view here.” She moaned. “This will do. Now being with Carter. When Carter pulled the elastic her pussy lips parted and lifted her nipples into points at the same time. it was a hot. Carter pulled the elastic cords as hard as they could extend. When she was fully extended and utterly defenceless he leered at her naked body. made her feel incredibly vulnerable and perhaps slightly scared. “That’s better. “Shut up.” Carter said at last. Then she left the room and caught a cab back to the house. with his eyes boring into her across that dark room. She could feel the pills she had taken earlier that night.

“What was that for?” the boy whined as he rubbed the side of his face.” the seaman said rubbing a thick hand against his stained crotch. digging deep into her rectum she let out a scream as the sensation hit her.. Captain Kidd. Downstairs in the bar Sam stopped what she was doing and looked towards the ceiling and smiled for the first time that week. “I was lucky to be alive.” Mandy’s screams of ecstasy filled the room and echoed down the stairs into the house below. come good. “Deserves a kiss. “Come bitch.” The rest of the room laughed riotously seeing the sailor retch in agony. “Me and the boys went down to Mexico…” the gangster continued. “Come you fucker. “Happy Nineteen Sixty Six. no-one!” .” A tremendous roar filled the room and a chorus of Auld Lang Sine rose from the assembled gathering. The sensations were overwhelming as she tried to pull away but found the cords and clasps holding her tightly. “Forty two stitches…” the gangster shouted in a thick Chicago accent as he stuck the dead butt of a cigar between his thin lips. “What you want is a real man.” Velta was pinched on the butt by a spotty collage boy from Texas and she reacted by drunkenly slapping the boy’s face.We were supposed to collect a kilo of coke but just ended up catching crabs from a one legged whore in Tijuana. suddenly she couldn’t hold it in any longer and a gush of warm juice spurted from her cunt into his face. The harder he bit on her clit the more his chin rubbed her hole and the tighter the elastics became. “FIVE.THREE.FOUR.TWO. “He’s just a spoilt brat.. “. no-one fucks with Chico Mastranormo and lives.” He made a grab for Jayne but she laughed and ducked. She was propped up between two obese politicians both of whom had proud erections pushing their thin pants out obscenely. almost knocking him off his feet. “That’s it bitch.” He spat biting into her and stimulating with his coarse chin.ONE.” said a fat Jewish man who was decked out in fancy gold jewellery. Velta smiled before kneeing the man hard in the balls laughing. But that bastard paid in the end. you’re not him.” he spat as his teeth ate into her pussy. that was some party. flush that other man out of your system.Carters tongue shot from his mouth and entered her asshole. I’m telling you. Tonight you are mine. “Well. “A New Year. Then he licked her slowly from the bottom of her gaping pussy to the tip of her throbbing clitoris. Next to them an aging gangster entertained a group of his cronies with tales of death and money from the old country while looking intently at Carol.” A bearded sailor grinned as he grabbed Velta on the rebound and pulled her to his chest.” Liz shouted pouring drinks for everyone along the top of the bar.

He lay on the bed quietly smoking a cigarette and the smoke lit up in the thin streak of light that came through a crack in the curtain. “I just wanted to see in the New Year here. knowing how jealous he got. Sam.” Mandy looked back at him as Carter pulled her from the bar. Max stood and walked over to join them. She turned to face Max a few feet away and saw his expression change into a fit of rage and anger. The room was full of talking heads but her ears heard nothing. It wasn’t possible while they had so many other distractions. Chapter 16 A few days later she was in that same hotel room again. “I thought you were going to leave me and my work alone?” Mandy said as he slid up beside her. “. the place becomes a fucking monkey house.” In the shadows. Mandy mouthed I’ll be back shortly. a small group stood. “I’ll leave if my company is upsetting you. Mandy turned to look at him and saw a pill on his tongue. She went to him and sucked the small white chalky tablet into her mouth.” Carter whispered to Sam through the side of his mouth. Mandy nodded to a dark corner on the other side of the room and Jo saw him sitting on the edge of a sofa looking at them. that’s all. her eyes darting around the room taking in everything. . Mandy didn’t really know why she had taken up the invitation but thought perhaps she could end their relationship once and for all if they had time away from the house. Carter’s fingers gripped around her wrist and she felt him pulling her towards the door. where they could observe the room without being too noticeable. take what they like and look at what happens.” Carter called. His eyes were filling with tears and he now looked like a small child that had lost a favourite toy.” Max replied looking across at Carter. “That blade broke in his gut..” “These must be the most unsophisticated bunch of cretins I’ve ever seen in here.One night a year the girls can drink what they like. Mandy had asked her to keep an eye on the situation if he turned up. she thought. oh. “Why on earth does the old girl let them in?” “Money.” Sam said softly. “I had to stick it on the cunt. Carter.” Mandy replied taking a sip from her glass.. “Let her go. “Just don’t get in the way. “If Ruby found out you were stopping her working there’d be hell to pay. Mandy and Jo stood in silence watching what was going on cautiously. “Have you seen Max?” Jo asked Mandy during a break in the noise. she felt blind and deaf beyond the look in his eyes. expecting him to return a smile but he just frowned and shook his head as she left the room.” Jo whispered in Max’s ear. honey.“One night a year…” Ruby explained to a group of friends drunkenly. no. “Do you enjoy that man fucking you?” Max said at last.” “Do what you want Max.” The gangster shouted as his friends belched with laughter. I’m telling you.” “Lady Mandrax.

” She cried. “I’m just asking a simple question. “What guy?” “That Carter. “Oh.” “Don’t lie to me. He sat on the bed and put his head in his hands for a moment before continuing. “I’m trying to understand what you want. “Don’t.” Max replied looking at her momentarily. he fucks himself does he?” “You don’t understand.” “Oh Max. he just doesn’t want to fuck.” He shouted. long tongue hairy ass or what? What’s it like when he fucks you? It must be good because every time I’m at that house you and him are together. “You’re hurting me Max.” She said as tears began to well up in her eyes. what is it with the guy?” Max said tightening his grip with one hand and holding her chin with the other. we don’t fuck. He sucked on his cigarette and exhaled loudly. “No I don’t Max.. you might enjoy it or something.” The room fell silent.” She replied trying to pull away from him. “It’s true. I’m so confused.” “Don’t you see. “Just tell me. for me?” he said after a long pause.” Max said after a pause. “You know who I’m talking about. you’re hurting me..” “Oh. please. “Has he got a big dick. “Can’t you give it up..” “I mean. “Max. She sat up and looked at him. please do this. pulling her back down upon the bed as he tried to climb onto her. okay. so the only other reason I can think is that you wanted to tell me it was over. It is not worth all this heartache. “.why did you even come here today.. you are hurting me.” “Stop doing this to yourself.” “What’s shit?” Max replied. I want to have a relationship with you and make you happy but I just don’t know what you want. then we may as well go our separate ways. All the mixed messages are making me so confused I feel like my head is going to explode. I don’t fuck him. “I don’t believe I’m hearing this shit. fuck you. “I told you before. it’s not his style. “So. it gave them time to figure out what they needed to say to each other. “What are you on about now?” she said abruptly.” Mandy began to swing her feet off the bed and look for her shoes when he reached up and grabbed her hair. a tense and expectant silence which was both uncomfortable and necessary. “What is it?” he continued.” he said swinging his leg off the bed and allowing her to breathe at last.” “He’s got style has he?” Max replied screwing up his face. “What!” Mandy exclaimed.” “Max. “What is it then?” Max asked pushing his hand under her dress and grabbing at her panties.” He gasped eventually as his grip relaxed and he sat up.” She spat trying to pull his fist from her hair. “Does he treat you rough. “If not.” . that’s it isn’t it?” “Max.” She shouted as he pressed his face into hers. “I’m hurting you?” he laughed. you’re full of crap. I’d better not do that. why? It certainly wasn’t to make beautiful love.” she replied.” she said softly.Mandy sighed and rolled onto her belly and sighed.

” She said standing and looking down at him sitting on the bed looking truly pathetic. “It’s not that at all. just a little pain but controlled pain.“It’s my job Max. that’s all. “Fuck it. I mean black as in black girls and black men only.” “What a brothel?” he laughed sarcastically. “They call it Roie-Play because it’s PLAY. I can’t handle you sometimes.” “It’s not like that Max. “I don’t know if I could ever understand. Beside you only think they’re perverts because you don’t understand what they do. “You might enjoy it. She thought briefly about the previous evening and she felt butterflies in her belly wondering what Max would have said if he had been there. I do. if you’re frightened…” “Who said I was frightened?” He said standing and looking into her eyes.” Mandy cursed as she looked down at the ugly welts around her ankles from her session with Carter. like Ruby’s but black. lip stick smudges and that it looked decidedly filthy.” “Try it.” He replied looking at her briefly. Liz was in the hall again dusting although the house never seemed to look any cleaner. that hang-dog expression he sometimes had made her want to slap HIS face. play where roles are acted out.” she replied straightening her clothing and looking for her shoes. pushing a tangle of matted hair. but if it means seeing you for one last time. “But you’ll be lonely. It was cold in that room again and she noticed the white dresser was stained with thumb prints.” She started to pull on her shoes. “So I guess that means NO. They had turned black and red overnight and the straps from her shoes were aggravating them.” “Oh come on.” she said opening the motel room door and flooding the room with light. .” He said quietly. when you couldn’t earn a pot to piss in?” “Don’t worry about me Max. She had a shower and got dressed before going downstairs to see who was around. “Why not take a risk and try it out with me. I’m a big girl. who knows. I’ll look after you. But then.. Thinking about his face as she left him in the motel. no I don’t think so. Later she hobbled to the mirrored dressing table and sat in front of it as soon as she got home. “Fuck it. “What. “You know where I’ll be.” “Well. rubbing her sore wrists.” “You’re right there.” She said throwing him a sharp look.” She said again. I’ll be fine.” She smiled. “You’re so complicated Max..” “You’ll have a house and money. promise.” He laughed.” She closed the door behind her and had to stop after a few steps. beat you for kicks. “Catering for the perverted. where Max had grabbed her earlier. Well what happens when you’re old and grey and all your teeth have fallen out.” “Well then. out of her face. nothing too serious. The evil perverts of this world who can’t have sex unless it’s deviant sex?” “No.” “I might own my own working house.” “I’ll have to think about it. “By then I’ll have my own money and perhaps my own house.” she said heading to the door.

she wondered why she had never noticed before. “Don’t give me that shit. “You know you’ll never really have Carter. that you mean nothing to him. “How are you today?” Mandy just raised an eyebrow and sucked her teeth in an expression of discontent. “Good morning.” “It’s not like that. “I know a love triangle when I see one. Her sagging breasts jumped up and down with every cough but she appeared to solve this with another suck on her cigarette holder. leaving her to get on with her work.“Morning Miss. She then sipped some coffee from a chipped cup. bad.” Liz smiled a wide toothless grin as Mandy walked past her. noticing that her breath stank of brandy. It’s the way of the world.” Ruby said taking another puff on the cigarette “I bet half the women in this city are thinking about someone else when their husbands are fucking them.” . he’s nothing but a baby faced faggot and you’re only indulging him coz one day you hope he’ll become another Carter. thinking the old woman had been raiding the bar again. Mandy knocked on the office door and heard Ruby call from within. Mandy noticed some of the silk wallpaper was peeling from the walls and when she stopped to look at the large ornamental vase she had noted on her first day in the house. or undecided?” Ruby asked exhaling a lungful of cigarette smoke. “Don’t worry honey. She looked around the room and saw that most of the objects in it were worn and slightly tattered. Mandy said nothing and poured herself a coffee before joining the woman on the sofa. dusty cobwebs hung from the ceiling here and there. Walking down the stairs she noticed that the carpet was getting a little threadbare in places and that long.” Ruby said as she sat on a sofa with a trey of biscuits and coffee beside her. Mandy held her hand up to her face and said hello. He’s your little project. am I right or am I wrong?” Mandy thought about this and realised that everything Ruby had said was true. it was also stained with grease and had cobwebs inside. “I’ve seen the way you look at Carter.” Mandy replied making Ruby burst into laughter.” “Carter?” Mandy smiled.” Ruby interjected. A long cigarette burned in a holder between her stained fingers making the room smell musty. me and Max are…” “Max.” Ruby said suppressing her barking.” Ruby said at last breaking the awkward silence. “I’ll tell you about Max. “Does that mean you’re good. This did not mean she could agree with her and instead sat there with her jaw hanging. this caused her to cough at the same time crating a cloud of cigarette smoke and ash.” She poured more coffee while Mandy thought about this and then continued. shit. “No. “I think I know what’s bothering you. So seeing as you can’t have the real thing you’re hoping to make Max into a second rate edition of the original.

open his mind a little. I have money. She felt as if she knew what her plans were and she was going to get them done with a new enthusiasm. She thought for a while before looking into Mandy’s face and saying. Don’t let it get to you Kid. let him go. “I’m a woman with needs and although I’m getting on there’s still a fire burning in my box. “That’s the fifty four thousand dollar question. he’ll never be a Carter. “See. . Have a jolly jaunt with Max the bore and find out if he’s just a substitute for the real thing and if so.” Ruby said at last. mostly business men away from their wives for the night and the odd stranger or two looking for some excitement. but even I’m lonely. “You’re the first person I’ve ever said this too.” Mandy left her in that room a few minutes later wondering if what she had said was true but it didn’t matter. “Momma needs a fuck. I knew I could cheer you up. “What about Pops and all those other admirers?” “Look honey. “You know what? Here I am approaching my sixtieth birthday... she then realised that they all had un-for filled lives really and that the difference between her and Ruby was that she still had time to change it.” “Oh. “You know Mandy.” She sucked on her cigarette holder and then looked over Mandy’s shoulder towards a mirror that hung on the far wall. “Follow your heart. Seeing her there with no makeup and her hair undone made her realise just how old and frail she was.” “What shall I do?” Mandy asked pushing a lock of hair from her eyes.“I guess you are right.” “I thought it may be fun.” Ruby replied in her thick New York accent. “It’s like that?” “Yes sweetie.” Mandy said at last. honey…” Ruby sighed.” They both started laughing and then Ruby’s face lit up. a big old house.” Ruby said shaking her head.. “. you can’t beat a dog mean. “I guess it takes someone on the outside to see what’s really going on?” “That’s right honey. The shadows flickered like beacons upon the faces of the belching assembled. we’ve all been there in the past. perhaps it’s this fucking house. be careful. and I’m still not happy.” “You’re kidding me?” Mandy said looking at the old woman intently. desire for devotion and we end up going for the decoy rather than the real McCoy.” Ruby said with a sigh. girls and maids and all.” Ruby sighed.” “Oh. Those impotent old bastards couldn’t get it up if you tied a balloon to their dicks. Men like Carter are born mean. Men are like busses.” “Well. Chapter 17 Lights burned smoky red and cast blue shadows across the Bar room wall. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” “I’ve asked Max to try the Black Room’s toys. “I don’t know why I’m still not happy.” Mandy said after a long silence. you wait ages for one and then half a dozen arrive at once.. if you catch my drift.” Mandy smiled.” Ruby said in a whisper. “We all get confused. they’re born that way. sometimes we all mistake lust for love.” Mandy looked at her know.

” He said trying to catch the woman’s attention..” A beer gutted Italian belched into the sallow face of his Greek friend. “C’ept in dimensions I guess…” “Ay.” Ruby hissed trying to act surprised.” He replied trying not to make eye contact he guessed that if he did she would have known instantly that he was scared to death. if it isn’t Max…” Ruby drawled raising her glass and then sipping on the glass with a lipstick smudged mouth.” he asked softly.” He replied with a slur.” the Greek whispered as he looked about the room...” Mandy said softly.have you seen that cast whore in here tonight?” His friend knocked back his short and banged his glass on the table trying to get Liz’s attention.. “Gino..” He tried not to stand out too much and looked briefly at the two sleazy characters beside him before focussing his gaze back behind the bar.” The Greek smiled back and flashed a row of green teeth. the one with curly hair and green eyes. cracking the face powder into lines as she forced a smile. please... but Gino…” The Greek whispered. Ruby flashed lipstick stained teeth and added. “She did mention something.” Max opened the bar door and entered the room looking anxious.” The Greek turned to face his Italian friend. her boozed up legs rubbery and her eyes watery and panda smudged. “. “Get me another whiskey. “Hardly any of them are fuckable. “Hi. Then he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder.. He looked about and then walked to the bar taking a note from his wallet as he did so...” he stammered nervously. “.“Look at these whores.You look beautiful. “Why. He scratched his crab ridden pubic area and looked across the room at Velta’s chest as she spoke to another punter on a love seat.. Ruby swayed in her usual place at the bar. honey. “Gimmi a brandy and soda Liz. He turned to see those bright green eyes lighting up the room.this cast whore is different.. “Fancy seeing you here tonight. “Wow..” “Mandy invited me.. She looked at the fat Italian with an air of disgust before turning away to call Liz. his jaundiced eyes looked about to see what other meat was on offer in the room before swigging his drink back and farting loudly. .. “..I mean that cast bitch.” “Different?” his friend said taking his eyes from Velta’s chest for a moment. “. “One whore looks just like any other. “She’ll be down shortly.” The Greek whispered through the side of his mouth. “How different?” “She is beautiful man. “Do you mean the tall black chick?” “No man..” The Greek looked around and touched his friend’s arm as both of them stared at the vision in the high leather boots and short leather hot-pants standing next to Max.

she was the darkness that would overcome his light. “Not if you aren’t into it. for the wind to suck. Putting herself into a dominant frame of mind she imagined Max as her victim. “I’m absolutely frantic. only suffering. themes black women deal with regularly.“Here’s your drink. This seemed like the perfect occasion and Mandy hoped he would enjoy it. passionate and deadly. . Pastoral scene of the gallant South. In . The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth. for the trees to drop. Mandy glided him towards the door like a butcher leading a lamb for the slaughter. no. Blood on the leaves and blood at the root.” She said softly with a coy grin. Here is a strange and bitter crop. Mandy looked at Max quietly for a moment. Max picked it up and the ice rattled in the glass loudly as his fingers shook. all minds fixed upon their terrible hopes. “Shall we go upstairs?” She said softly. Then the sudden smell of burning flesh! Here is fruit for the crows to pluck. “What was that?” “It’ll help you relax. She looked into his eyes and she recognized no tenderness. and cope with the sensations.” Liz said placing a glass on the bar and taking the note he was offering.” “You don’t have to do this. She felt confident that tonight would be a triumph for her and for Max. She fumbled in her pocket and removed two pills and dropped one in his glass before swallowing the other.” Mandy smiled. Scent of magnolia sweet and fresh. Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Southern trees bear strange fruit. For the rain to gather. His face was frozen in a mask of fearful expectation and this delighted her.” “I’m cool. He was entering her world of slavery where she was his master. When they reached the door it appeared that all eyes were upon them. She felt like a scorpion and Max was her prey. it throbbed within her like a beating drum.” He lied. as well as she had her first time. There was a track on the record player that reminded her of the first time she had met Carter. She was once a novice but was now a teacher. Tonight seemed as good a time as any to experiment. “Nervous.” Mandy said as he swallowed the drink and pill with one gulp. “You look nervous. no longer a lover but an object who’s only purpose was to give her pleasure and obedience. no beauty only agony waiting for release. that thought excited her. Carter had given her a couple of Mandrax the previous evening and she thought they may come in handy sometime. for one night only. For the sun to rot.” Max replied trying to suppress his nerves and look confident. Black body swinging in the Southern breeze. The words seemed to resonate with her and the troubled voice of Billy Holliday felt full of sunken hopes and stifled dreams.

” Mandy whispered as she took his cold hand and led his up to the next landing. He looked at her and then the floor and then the walls and the ceiling before saying softly. While he was with her no one else would be. She tried not to answer him as this would bring her out of character and it would have spoilt the whole experience for them both.then we could change roles if you want.” She said firmly. I’ll take them. You’ll be safe with me. Sam had been watching them talk ever since he arrived. feeling the character leave her totally. “Hang on will you?” he called again. “What Max?” she said. surely that was worth some discomfort. “We’ll try a little role play. “I don’t know if I can go through with this.. She turned and led the way again and although he still felt uneasy.” He said softly.” She said sharply. it’ll be fun. If there are any risks.” “Fine. the Greek shrugged and looked around for another cunt to buy.” She huffed and turned to face him. he was prepared to give this a go.. She flicked away a loose part of her hair so it wouldn’t get in her eyes and pierced him with that bright green glair. “Don’t be like that. She looked so beautiful to Max that just standing on the stairwell. Mandy reached inside the door and flicked on the light switch flooding the room in a dim red and . away from all those people. okay?” “Okay.” He said quietly. Sam had only felt this way once before and it was the night Carter had taken Lorry to the Black Room. alone with her like that. “Let’s go back to the bar and you can go home.” “Then come with me and say nothing. reassuring smile. Sam was going to creep up to the attic after a while and keep a close eye on them. “Did you want to say something?” “Yep. you know Master and Slave.” He replied like a small child. “I don’t want to hurt you.. There was something that she couldn’t quite put a finger on that worried her about the arrangement Mandy had arranged. I promise. “Hay Mandy?” Max called when they got to the bottom of the stairs. or it may have been his reluctance which worried her.” He stuttered. “I want to say something. It may have been the way she had been talking to Max. “. Her acutely perceptive intuition aware that Mandy’s mood was somehow different to how it is generally. her expressionless face giving no indication of her inner frustration. She expected him to say something but he just looked back at her in silence.. “What’s wrong Max?” she asked tenderly breaking into a fake. “I’m not sure if I want you to hurt me either. just to spend some intimate time alone with her. “I promise not to hurt you.reality only Ruby and Sam watched them go with some reservations. Whatever it was.” As they stood outside the Black Room she felt his hesitation grip her fingers tightly. or the way she held her shoulders back too stiffly. may have been worth all the pain to come. eventually.

looking up at him.” He sighed. “What’s this?” he asked gingerly. Mandy looked at his body. “I feel really funny. nice to look at.” She whispered reaching down and unzipping his pants. “You’re not gonna come yet. completely out of her usual character.” She said abruptly. “Hmm. Good funny. he was about six feet tall with broad shoulders and a flat stomach.” She smiled. “Arms up.” “Just relax. The sight of her sucking his cock made the passion within him rise like a fire in his belly. His pubic hair was a soft light brown mound around his long thick cock and had a little path of soft down that rose up to his navel. Mandy cupped his tight scrotum and ran her fingers up and down the inside of his leg as he swayed above her slowly. Other than that Max had no hair on his body. “It would spoil things. Then she turned a lever and the crossbar lifted his . but what’s all this about?” “Put your arms up. His chest muscles were not as developed at Carter’s and he didn’t have the tattoos. I can’t hue. “I was really enjoying what you were doing. She pulled it into a proud position and rubbed it up and down gently before falling to her knees and pulling his underclothes down.” She said pushing his forearms toward the ropes that hung from the ceiling. even his legs seemed as soft as her own although she did notice that around his ankles more thick blonde down sprouted. Max reached down and pulled off her top so that she was bare from the waist up. but he was still well defined. She could feel him pushing into her now and had to stop. touching that damp patch of pubic hair at the base of his hard cock.” he sighed. “Put your feet together. she could feel his hard cock under the soft fabric bursting to be free and she rubbed the palm of her hand against it momentarily before pushing the pants to the floor. so. taking his hand in hers she led him across the room to a piece of equipment that she was familiar with. “That’s fucking beautiful. They stepped inside and she closed the door behind them. it was not the game she wanted to play but this was Max so she gave into his attentions. Like two magnet they immediately fell into each other’s arms and she felt him reach around her to hold her tightly. The Mandrax was hitting her brain now and her vision became a little unfocussed but she wanted to ensure he relaxed and enjoyed their time together. She looked up at him before slipping the tip of his cock into her mouth.” She said as he undid his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. Max did as he was told and she connected his wrists to a cross bar that hung from the ropes.” He smiled back and she stood. massaging the ridge under the glans with her tongue before sucking the whole cock deep into her throat. He kicked them off with his shoes and she slid her hand under the soft fabric of his underwear. she kissed him and thrust her tongue into his mouth. She was level with his navel and Max’s hard cock stood like a flag pole under her chin. Max placed his feet together and she strapped them with a short leather clasp.

“I was enjoying that. “Try this.” He said being perfectly level with her pussy.” He said looking up at her. “Ouch!” he shouted.” He slurped as he pushed his tongue between her lips and tasted the juices there.” Max looked at her and in the semi darkness with the chemical in his blood she appeared like someone else entirely. “I’ll lay down and you can clamp me. . It was flat leather and around four inches wide. “Go on Baby. “Do you feel scared?” she said softly giving him a fixed. “Hmm. “Fuck.” Max’s cock was shrinking away from her and she thought she was losing him. “Do you feel helpless?” she said as her nails reached down to his balls and under them.. “What are you going to do with that?” Mandy said nothing and just tapped the tip of his cock with the paddle.” “There’s plenty of time for enjoyment.” She hissed. green glow from the dim lamps. She saw his cock twitching again furiously and she placed it back in her mouth. “.” Mandy whispered as his cock rubbed against her cheek. “Very funny.” She helped hi stand and led him across the room to where the rack was situated.” She sighed. intense glair. it was a sight that filled him with passion and although he couldn’t thrust with his hips he felt his thighs go tight as she pressed a finger into his ass. He saw her turn and reach out for something laying on a nearby shelf before stepping back into the light with a paddle. Then she looked down at his face and laughed. I’m not sure if I like it. “This is more like it. okay? I will instruct you. “Okay.. She bent it between her fingers and looked at him wickedly.. “That hurt. with his feet in the air and his head almost at floor level. “Oh come on.” Just as he was about to come she reach out and pressed a small switch that automatically undid his clasps. She ran her nails down the inside of his legs and back up over his balls. “That’s better. She was someone he didn’t recognise. It stood there majestically like a well made piece of furniture in the reddish.” He shouted with a slurred smile. Max fell from the frame into a crumpled heap sprawled across the floor. “Now you do me up.” He said with a half smile.” He snapped as her fingers probed his ass.body from the floor. When he was swinging freely she walked back and started to run her nails over his chest.and what’s this supposed to do?” She wiggled her hips and unzipped her hot pants before pushing them down past her knees and then over the top of her boots. “That feels really funny. She pushed her pubis into his face and Max found that he was at just the right height to eat her..” He smiled. “You bitch. “Eat my cunt.” Max looked up and saw between the two mounds of her breasts his cock going into her mouth.” She put the paddle down and twisted the frame that he was on until he was hanging upside down. Having the chemical laden blood rushing to his head and her pussy in his face aroused him greatly. inverted. ” “Okay.

“Tighter. nothing was going to prevent him fucking her cunt until he exploded inside her. He fell forwards and his head came to rest on .” She moaned. Now that her legs were pulled so far apart he was able to really get some depth into each thrust and it felt good to push as deeply as he could. What was she saying. Touching her furtively and seeing her pussy gaping wide meant he couldn’t resist pushing his hard cock into her. to push his throbbing cock into her pussy and adjusted the leg mounts so her ankles were slowly pushed apart. Her face flushed red and sweat dripped in fine strands down her clear. frantically building up into a climax. He then strapped her wrists tightly at her side before placing the final clasp around her neck. He heard that sound again gurgle from her quivering red lips. Placing his hands behind her hips Max pulled her towards him and thrust deeper. “Feel free to enjoy yourself. a bizarre feeling which shot up and down his spine like lightening. Max was eager. She closed her eyes and sucked air into her lungs. Pulling her towards him Max felt her struggle and thought he heard her say something but he didn’t respond to it or care. was it something about a colour.” She said as he slowly adjusted the collar under her chin. He could feel her vaginal muscles clamping down on his cock and her juices flowing over his dick as he pushed in and out slowly. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” She gasped again. Max was pushing in and out and pulling her hips up to meet him. brown shin from the tips of her curls. from the other end of the table. It was impossible for him to stop as the violent chemical diversions built within his cock.” Max screamed as hot spurts of come spat from his throbbing dick like a toothpaste tube that had been stamped upon. He was lost in that divine moment of pleasure she had said he’s experience. but was unable to stop. His head was filing with the strange sensation of chemical arousal. unaware that the neck clasp had been incorrectly placed. “Turn that ratchet. Clink-clink-clink “Tighter. his cock began to get very stiff with chemical thunder. Max did as he was told and turned the handle three more times. Clink-clink-clink- The slack on the collar began to tighten as he looked at her breasts and the soft mound of pubic hair rising like an airstrip above her pussy. he could feel an explosion brewing. Max closed his eyes and felt her tight cunt grip his cock as he slid up to her pubic bone.Mandy lay on the rack bed and pulled her legs wide apart before allowing him to clasp them at the ankles in this unnatural position.” Max did as he was told and found it strangely erotic being able to look down at her strapped up like that.

In the bar Ruby stopped What she was doing and looked across at Sam.” He walked along the frame to her face and looked down. stop messing around. don’t do this to me. peering out of their respective windows in silence. like a wolf baying at the moon. glassy and empty.” He said. He was filling with terror looking at that lifeless and contorted face. “No!” Max screamed in a long emotional howl. Then he noticed that he couldn’t hear anything. A stray lock of hair was in her eyes. The driver looked ahead and paid no attention to the two soberly dressed women seated behind him. He had killed her. “. He reached out and pressed the release that made the ratchet spin freely.. better. “Baby?” he said softly. taken her life when she had so much more to do in this world.. Epilogue The long black limo rolled down the road at a slow and steady pace.. stop messing around.”Come on babe. She was lifeless and malleable to the touch as Max lifted her head and placed it on his lap.” He pulled her up and felt her still warm body press into his naked flesh as her limp arms fell at his side. “Mandy?” he said concerned by her expression.. Max thought. her eyes looked strange. if filled the hall outside the room and flooded down the stairs. slapping her face and panting in a growing sense of heightened anxiety. He really could not hear anything and he held his breath to ensure it wasn’t an illusion. “Come on baby. on top of her hot breasts for a moment panting wildly as he felt that warm liquid leak between her legs. The howl became a scream and the scream became the wail of police sirens ringing out in the night.. It was an overcast day and a veil of drizzle ran down the closed. tinted windows. It was just another day. remembering when things had been different. buckles and straps so he would be able to move her freely. “Come on baby. I’ve always loved you.her chest between her breasts. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked simply. Both women were dressed in expensive black raincoats and they wore veiled hats that covered the redness in their eyes. they had both heard similar cries before and knew it meant trouble. She crumpled as the cords and clasps slackened and he frantically began to untie the clasps. Pushing off with his hands Max stood and withdrew looking down at her face Max noticed that Mandy’s tongue was poking out of her mouth in an unnatural and odd manner which froze his blood instantly. another funeral. another hire. ..You know I love you Mandy. I never wanted to do this. I never wanted to hurt you. The room was silent but it was an un-natural silence that suddenly filled him with dread.” He whispered pulling her body towards him and holding her close. He looked up to the ceiling and a strange cry filled the room. filling the house with the sound of his grief. he pushed it to one side and stared at her speechless. It was an animal cry. He lay there.

“I’ll never love anyone else. “I don’t know Kid.” she replied wringing her leather gloved hands briefly. “You know I love you. “I’ve had it with men. it’ll never be the same. Her gaze fell on a particular passing monument and a shudder rocked her visibly.” “Friends in high places eh?” “Something like that. “You’ll come with me I hope?” They made eye contact and Sam caught sight of the driver looking at them in the rear view mirror. The coffin was carried to the grave by four unsmiling graveyard attendants and lowered into the ground slowly. with the respect and grace one expects when the promised tips are good.” Sam thought about what had happened since “the incident”. Ruby had seen the frail old woman in the church during the service but didn’t know who she was.” “I understand. incubate them a little. She even managed an expression which may have appeared like a smile from a distance.“Are you sure about selling the house?” Sam said softly without taking her gaze from the passing stone monuments that flashed past the tinted windows. Seeing that glare of hers filled him with fear and his eyes fell back on the road immediately. She was now at the graveside in a worn black coat wiping a tear from her eyes with a . I’ll pay the girls off and then sit on my rocks for a while.” Ruby replied with a small smile. “What with all the publicity. “What’s gonna happen to him?” Ruby asked after a short pause. I didn’t mean it like that. settle down and buy a small place in another town. “The chief was very sure that he didn’t want me anywhere near the court. The sight of a child’s statue atop a well maintained tomb was just too much for her. “I’m getting too old for this game. Shit. how they had been camped outside the house for days on end photographing everything and everybody. They’re not charging you with anything are they?” “No.” Sam replied. “I guess there will be a trial.” Ruby turned round and reached out to take Sam’s hand in her own. “What are you going to do now?” she asked looking at Ruby briefly. “Things like this can kill a business stone dead..” Sam whispered softly. Pop’s has asked me to marry him of course. Sam thought for a long time before answering the question Ruby had asked. All the questions from the police and the media.” The service was short and sweet only mentioning the death as a tragic accident which could not have been foreseen.” Ruby hissed.” “Don’t rush out and buy us a toaster. After a pause. “Yes. a pause in which her thoughts were filled with memories of green eyes and vivacious looks she added..” “Congratulations.” Ruby replied. Sam reached out and squeezed Ruby’s hand in her own for a moment before whispering.” Ruby nodded and looked back out her window. even the milk being delivered.

She’s in the arms of Jesus now” “Quiet.Every week a letter would arrive with a few dollars in it for me. “You must be Mandy’s mother?” Ruby said as the old woman turned her red eyes up to face her. Mandy never went anywhere without letting me know. Lord.. I was surprised. whatever was she doing for you to earn this much money?” “Oh. The old woman took it hesitantly from diamond-bejewelled hand and peered within.” The old woman laughed through her tears as she shook her head in disbelief. There’s been such a lot of evil. Goddamn maid I ever had. She studied her lined face and thick fingers with interest.” THE END © David William Kirby July 2010 . “My little girl left home and made something of herself…” the old woman continued with tears welling up in her eyes. “Holy Jesus!” The old woman exclaimed upon seeing the thick wad of notes that the envelope contained. “It belonged to your daughter and I’m sure she would want you to have it.” Ruby replied simply. Thank the Lord for that. “Don’t you worry about my little girl.” “A maid. She loved you very much. Tell me. earning all this money for being a maid. “I’ve never seen so much money before. you just have to go. she was my housekeeper. clearly worn from years of hard work. She held it out to the old woman. and I pay very well.. death waits for us all and when the lord wants you.” The woman cried clutching the envelope to her breast. my girl was a maid. She was thoughtful like that. “Such a grand lady. Thank the LORD.” Ruby replied softly as she closed the woman’s fingers around the envelope. Ruby looked at the old woman and saw herself reflected back.” “Yes…” Ruby whispered. before stepping over to the woman.” The old woman remarked looking at Ruby’s coat and shoes with interest. told me she was gone.” Ruby replied.” Ruby reached into her Hermes handbag and withdrew a thick envelope. “She was my housekeeper that’s all. “Mandy spoke about you a lot. I’m so sorry…” “Oh. viscous gossip about her and it was all wrong. “When the police came and told me. “She was the best. the terrible and inevitable scars of age and grief visible in that worn face.small white hankie.” Ruby lied. She looked into the grave and shook her head thinking of that wasted life and withered dreams. she was such a good girl. “Can you credit that.” The old woman replied dabbing the hankie against her nose.” “Oh. once she had thrown the rose she carried in on top of the coffin. did she work for you?” “Yes. “What is this?” “It’s seven thousand dollars. “. please Mam.

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