Ecosystems Ecology

From the top of Mt. Everest to the Philippine Deep there is life. The inexorable laws of Nature ensure life-form relationships-that are extremely liferelationshipscomplex, balanced and beautiful.

Biotic Components and Relationship 

Producers - autotrophic organisms using solar or chemical energy to produce all the organic nutrients for an ecosystem.

CO2 + H2O C6H12O6 + 6O2 

Consumers - heterotrophic organisms that cannot make their own food. They get energy from the chemical bonds in the nutrients they eat.    

Primary consumers (herbivores) - eat primary producers (plants). Secondary consumers (carnivores) - eat primary consumers (herbivores). Tertiary consumers (carnivores) - eat secondary consumers (carnivores). Omnivores - eat both plants and animals. Decomposers - break down dead tissues and wastes.

Biogeochemical Cycle



Phosphorus Cycle

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