Khasi Language is spoken by people group living in the State of Meghalaya in the North Eastern Part of India. It is in their place that Sohra (Cherrapunjee), the place renowned for heaviest rainfall situated. If you would like to visit this place, it will be a joy if you can speak at least some of their Language.

ENGLISH 1. How are you? Fee) long? 2. How far is Sohra from here? katno nangne? 3. I am hungry. 4. My name is John. John. 5. Please give me water? ïa(pronounce Ya) nga. 6. Give me rice with Chicken. 7. How much?

KHASI 1. Kumno phi (pronounce 2. Ka Sohra ka jngai sa 3. Nga thngan. 4. Ka kyrteng jong nga ka long, u 5. Sngewbha ai um

6. Ai ja bad dohsyiar ïa nga. 7. Katno? 8. Na kano ka lynti

8. Which way should we go to cave? ngin leit sha krem pubon? 9. From which month does it rain here? ba ka sdang slap

9. Naduh u bnai aïu

hangne? 10. Thank you. We shall meet again. Ngin sa ïashem biang. 10. Khublei Shibun.

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