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Praise of Tareekh Baghdad of Khateeb Baghdadi rahimaullah

The People of Desires and Muqallideen (and even some scholarly Talaf1i people) tend to refute the book of MuhaddithKhateeb Baghdadi rahimullah with futile arguments.Hence,we bring forward this short praise of the book by a leading preacher of our time.The People of Knowledge from the past and present have known the credibility of the author and his book,which cannot be overshadowed by the ignorance of the masses about the Shaikh and Great Muhaddith. The following is taken from Dr.AbuAmeenah Bilal Philips sUsoolulHadeeth,Pg 144: Al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee, whose full name was AbooBakr Ahmad ibn Alee, was the son of khateeb of a village near Baghdad. He was born in the year 392AH/1002, and began the study of hadeeth at the age of 11, which took him to the variouscentres of learning in Mesopotamia, Syria, Arabia, and Persia. Al-Khateeb excelled in the various Islaamic sciences, particularly, the field of Asmaaar-Rijaal and hadeeth. He delivered lectures on hadeeth in Damascus, Baghdad and other centers of learning, and some of his own teachers (e.g. al-Azharee and al-Barqaanee) accepted him as an authority on traditions, and received them from him. Finally, he settled down in Baghdad, where his authority on hadeeth was recognized by the Caliph al-Qaa im and his minister IbnMaslamah (d. 1058), who had ordered that no preacher should narrate in his sermon any tradition that was not approved by al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee. Here he read out almost all his books to his students, and here he died in 463/1071. Al-Khateeb compiled 56 large and small books and treatises a list of which is given by Yaaqoot in his Mu jam al-Udabaa. The most important of these works is his TaareekhBaghdaad. In this monumental work, which he dictated to his students in the year 461AH, having given the topography of Baghdad, Rusaafah, and al-Madaa in (Ptesiphon), al-Khateeb compiled the biographies of 7,831 eminent men and women (chiefly, traditionists) who were either born in Baghdad, or who came to it from other places and delivered lectures on traditions. He has also described some important visitors to the city. He gives their names, kunyah, dates of death, and certain other biographical matters, and the opinions of important traditionists about their reliability. In the arrangement of the various articles, al-Khateeb gave the pride of place to the Companions. They are followed by those having the name Muhammad. In the other articles alphabetical order has been followed. The articles on those who are known by their kunyah, and on women, are put at the end. In this book al-Khateeb has shown his vast knowledge of hadeeth and Asmaaar-Rihaal, and has also demonstrated his impartiality and critical acumen. He, always gives the source of his information, and very often discusses (in his notes) the reliability of the traditions quoted, and of the reports received by him; he tries to determine the facts without prejudice or partiality. 2 The beginning of our treatise Abu Hanifa Rediscovered follows:

Fake Salafis,Salafis having a Murji bent of mind.SuchSalafis are known by their fatwas of A Kalma Reciter can never be a mushrik etc .Refuge in Allah is sought. 2 TabaqaatIbnSa d, vol. 1, p. 224; vol. 2, p. 521; vol. 4, p. 176; vol. 6, p. 101.

Teachers of Imam Abu Hanifa

Those who taught Abu Hanifa were considered to be Kazzab(a liar) and Murji by AhlusSunnah.The names of the teachers of Abu Hanifa are taken from Ibnu Al Qayyim Al Jauzi s(rahimaullah)Jami alMasanid and IbnuHajar al-'Asqalani s(rahimaullah) Tahdzib alTahdzibamong other books.The following are the references from the popular book of Imam Dhahabi(rahimaullah), Mizan al-Itidal fi Naqd Al Rijal(The Scale of Justice in critically examining the reporters).The book deals with a large number of reporters both the authenticated and reliable ,and the criticized and unreliable.Dhahabi deems those who taught Abu Hanifa to be Kazzab. y Hammad bin Sulaiman Muammar bin Rashid AjdiBasri told Hammad bin Sulaiman that Earlier, you were on the path of AhlusSunnah but now you have become murjiah .Hammad replied that he likes to be an imam of bad things rather than good things.3 Abu NageemFazl bin Wakeen said that Hammad was a murjia.4 y Aban bin AbiAyashMutwaffi5 Imam Shayba and IbnMayeen(rahimaullah) considered him a Kazzaab.6 y y Jabir bin YazeedJafi7 Abu AtoofJarah bin Minhal 8 He was a drunkard,kazzaab and was considered ghairthiqa.9 y Nasr bin Tareef bin Jaza10 Imam Yahya has said that this person was infamous in the field of Hadeeth.ImamFlas had said, It is the ijma of Ahl-e-Ilmthat he was a kazzaab .11 y Amru bin Ubaid12 Imam IbnHibban(rahimaullah),Ayub,Yunus and Hameed considered him kazzab.(He was a
TarikhAbi Zara Pg 275 Vol.21 TarikhAbi Zara Pg 295 Vol.1 5 Jami alMasanid by Ibnu Al Qayyim Al Jauzi Pg.273 Vol.2 6 Tahdzib al-Tahdzib by IbnuHajar al-Asqalani Pg.99-101 Vol.1,Mizan al-Itidal by Shamsuddin Al Dhahabi Pg6-9 Vol.1 7 Jami alMasanid Pg.304-305 Vol.1 8 Al Muwafiq Pg.42 Vol.1 9 Mizan al-ItidalPg 180-181 Vol.1 10 Jami alMasanid Pg.562 Vol 2 11 Mizan al-Itidal Pg.232 Vol 3 12 Jami alMasanid Pg.294
4 3

gustakh of Sahaba and one of first ones to endorse the Mutazila)13.

Ata bin ajlanBaeri 14 He was considered a kazzab by IbnMayeen and Flaas and others.

Muhammad bin AsaidKalbi15 It has been said in MeezanwaTareebthat he was a kazzab and Rafidhi. [Minhumbilkazzabwa rani birrafaz]

Muhammad bin Zubair16 It is known about him that he was a kazzab.17 [MarabahRajalanfaftarialayhefaultuhaza min maslakkaseer]

13 14

Mizan al-Itidal Pg.294 Vol 2 Jami alMasanid Pg.502 Vol 2 15 Jami alMasanid Pg.35 VolVol 2 16 Jami alMasanid Pg.250 Vol 2 17 Mizan al-Itidal Pg.57 Vol 3

Abu Hanifa: Quran is created (Naudubillah)

[Nakal e Kufr:KufrNabashak] y HafidhIbnHibban (rahimaullah)said, Abu Yusuf said that the very first one to hold the belief of createdness of The Qur an was Abu Hanifa .18 Hasan bin Abi Malik said , I questioned Abu Yusuf regarding Abu Hanifa s view on The Quran.He said that he used to say Quran is created. 19 AbulQasimBaghui said that when he narrated what Abu Yusuf had said, to QaziBarqi ,he confirmed that Abu Hanifa used to say that the Quran is created.Rather,he used to say: The Quran is even more created than me .20 Hafidh Abu Zara said, Qadhi Salma bin Amrustood upon the pulpit and said that Abu Hanifa was the first one to hold that The Quran is created .21 Sayeed bin Muslim Bahli narrated that I asked Qazi Abu Yusuf, Why don t you narrate hadith from Abu Hanifa? Abu Yusuf replied in negative and said he had the aqeedah of Khalq e Qur an till his deathbed .22 Salim bin EesaKaarinarrated that Hammad told SufyanThawri(rahimaullah) that if abuhanifa doesn t leave his belief of Khalq e Qur an he will continue to distance himself from him.23

TarikhKhateebby Abu Bakr Al Khateeb BaghdadiPg.378,Vol.13 Ibid 20 Ibid 21 TarikhAbi Zara Pg.506 Vol.1 TarikhKhateeb Pg.378 Vol.13 22 TarikhKhateeb Page 379 Vol.13 23 TarikhKhateebPg 370 Vol.13


Al Quran is Revealed,Uncreated
The Qur an is the Speech of Allah Allah (swt) says in the Holy Qur an,

And if anyone of the Mushrikun (polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the Word of Allah (the Qur'an), and then escort him to where he can be secure, that is because they are men who know not. [Surah TawbaAyaah 6] " Do you not see those who claim that they believe in what was revealed to you and to those before you? They wish to resort to At-Taaghoot for judgement" [Surah NisaAyaah 60]

And it is authentically narrated from Jabir ibn Abdullah radhiallahu anhu (and others)that the Messenger of Allah(saw) said: Is there any man who can take me to his people,for the Quraish have prevented me from conveying the Speech of my Lord [ alarajulunn yahmilooni ila kaumihi fa inna quraishan kad manaooni an ooballagha kalama rabbi ] [SunanTirmidhi 2925,Ibn Majah(Kitabus sunnah,Ch:Fima Ankaratil Jahmiyah,Hadith no.201) and Abu Dawood 4734.Classified as Saheeh] So,it is evident from the Quran and Sunnah that Al-Qur an revealed on Muhammad(saw),is the Speech of Allah and hence uncreated.

Whoever says Quran is created is a kaafir

Let us know look into what the classical scholars has said about the one who believes :Qur an is created(Naudubillah): y Imam Malik(rahimaullah)said, Whoever says Qur an is created ,shouldbe badly beaten as a punishment and should be jailed until he dies there.24 Imam Shafi(rahimaullah)said, Whoever says that the Qur an is created is a kaafir

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Imam Ahmad ibnHanbalsaid, Whoever says that the Qur an is created is a Jahmi,do not say salam to him,neither pray behind him nor sit with him 26 Imam Ahmad ibnHanbalsaid, Whoever says that the Qur an is created is a kaafir. Imam Abdullah bin idrees bin yazeed al kufi(rahimaullah) said, Whoever says that the Qur an is created is a kafir 28 Abu Waleedsaid, Whoever says that the Qur an is created is a kafir
29 27

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Abu Bakr bin ayaassaid, Whoever says that the Qur an is created is a kafir,zindeeq and enemy of Allah.Do not sit with him nor talk to him 30 Imam Shafi s famous student,AlBuyutisaid, Whoever says that the Qur an is created is a kafir 31 Maaz bin Maaz (rahimaullah) said, Whoever says that the Qur an is created is a kafir 32 Alhumdulillah! It now stands crystal clear that Abu Hanifa was a kaafir.Even after all this some feeble aqaid people try to prove that Abu Hanifa made tawbaah for having such a belief,a refutation of which is provided below fromImam Waqee s(rahimaullah) and IbnHibban s (rahimaullah) work.

As Shariahby Imam Abu Bakr Al IjriPg 79 Part 144,sanad is Hasan Masail Abu DawoodPg 262,sanad is Saheeh 26 Masailibn HaniPg 152 Vol.2 fekrah 1851,1853 27 Masailibn Hani Pg 154 Vol.2 fekrah 1863 28 KhalfafalulibaadPg 8 fekrah 5 saheehisnad 29 Masail Abu DawoodPg 266saheehisnad 30 Masail Abu DawoodPg 267 saheehisnad 31 Masail Abu DawoodPg 268 saheehisnad 32 Ibid


Refutation of the Tawbah

Abu Hanifa sTawbaah-Real OR Fake? y Muhammad bin khalafWakee(rahimaullah) narrates, Muhammad bin Imran bin Laila said that when abuhanifa was presented in the court of IbnAbiLaila then all of the people there bore witness that abuhanifa had the aqeedah of Khalq e Qur an and even abuhanifa agreed to this .The news reached Muhammad bin Nafe,theMuazzin of the masjid ibnmaanthrough Muhammad bin Harsi and Muhammad bin Imran.Heannounced that ibnlaila had narrated this incident to muqeemabujafar in medina,who has written to abilaila that if abuhanifa repents then leave him otherwise he would be killed and his dead body would be burnt. When Abilaila toldabuhanifaabout this verdict,AbuHanifaretracted from his position.It is narrated from AburRahmanHarsi to Muhammad bin Imran who said that Wakee bin Jara informed him that the next dayibnAbilaila asked abuhanifa, Who gave you the power of speech? he answered , Allah! .IbnLailasaid, You have self contradicted yourself ( meaning that Humans power seech is created so can we also say that Allahs power of speech is created?).Abu hanifa realized his mistake and said that he was wrong.He was asked, Now after your realization what view do you have on the Qur an? Abu hanifa said, I retract and repent from my aqeedah. After this incidentabilaila sent two people with abuhanifa and ordered the men to announce that abuhanifa has repented from his aqeedah and if they hear anything contradictory then they must inform him.TheGovernor of kufa appointed police for abuhanifa so that he couldn t give any fatwas in the masjid.Soafter abuhanifahad offered his prayer the police used to take him out of the masjid.Ifhe said that he wanted read tasbeeh then the police used to say, Go and read it at home.After the salaah you can t say a word in the masjid.Later,ameer Muhammad bin sulaiman came then abuhanifa and his collegues took the permission of sitting in the mosque.33 Hammad bin Abu Hanifa said that he use to hear his father say that the Qur an was created and he heard that he had to make tawbah in front of AbiLaila,otherwise he would have been killed and his deadbodyburned.But,after making tawba in the court when abuhanifa returned to his house hammad asked , Don t you have the aqeedah of Khalq e Quran now? . On being askedabuhanifareplied , I just did taqiyainfront of the QaziAbiLaila and outwardly showed that I have repented(but I have not). 34

33 34

AkhbarulKisnatulWaqee by Imam WaqeePg 140-141,Sharh us Sunnah Al LailakeePg 63 Vol.1 Al MahjarWaheen by Imam IbnHibbanPg 65 Vol.3 published in Beirut

TheMurjiah and the Jahmiyaa are kaafir

The Murjiah were the people who among other beliefs used to hold that theemaan is stagnant and it neither increases nor decreases.So clear is their disbelief when Allah(swt) says, The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His Verses (this Qur'an) are recited unto them, they (i.e. the Verses) increase their Faith; and they put their trust in their Lord (Alone) [Surah AnfalAyaah 2]

He it is Who sent down As-Sakinah (calmness and tranquillity) into the hearts of the believers, that they may grow more in Faith along with their (present) Faith. And to Allah belong the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is Ever All-Knower, All-Wise. [Surah Al-FathAyaah 4] Those (i.e. believers) unto whom the people (hypocrites) said, "Verily, the people (pagans) have gathered against you (a great army), therefore, fear them."But it (only) increased them in Faith, and they said: "Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us). " [Surah Al-Imran Ayaah 173]

It is authentically narrated from the Prophet(saw) that, I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion perhaps deterring a determined,wise man - than one of you. [Narrated by Bukhari(304) and Muslim(80)] Narrated by Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, Faith has over seventy branches or over sixty branches, the most excellent of which is the declaration that there is none worthy of worship (in truth) but Allaah, and the humblest of which is the, removal of what is injurious from the path: and modesty is the branch of faith. [Narrated By Muslim(56)]

Imam Bukhari(rahimullah) in his book writes, Murjiah invented the aqeedah of Jahmia and Jahmis are actuallyKuffar. 35 Masr bin Kuddaam was a murji and when he died, SufyanThawri(rahimaullah) refrained from being a part of his funeral prayer.36 Jahmees are kafir and one should not offer prayer behind them.[ al jahmiyatokuffaro la yusallikhalfahum ]37 One should not offer prayer behind the likes of Jahmiyaah and Mutazila.[ la yusallikhalfahummasaluljahmiyawalmutazila ]38 Indeed,they(the murjiah) are khabbis.[ innahum le khasba ]39 People of the Batil sects such as shia,khwarij,jahmiyaah,mutazila should not be spoken to.One should neither say salaam to nor make ties of relationship with them.40

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Messenger of Allah (saw) said, One who respects ahlulbid ah,demolishes the pillars of Islam. [ manwaqara sahib bidahfakadaanalahudamulislam ]41

Abu HanifatheJahmeeand theMurji

y Imam Bukharisays, AbuHanifa was a Murji.They left him,hisra ay and his hadith .[Sakatoo Anhuwa an Rayhiwa an hadithihi] 42 Sayeed Muslim Bahliasked Qazi Abu Yusuf, Was Abu Hanifa was a murji ? .He replied, Yes .Bahli asked again, Was he a Jahmialso? .Abu Yusuf said, Yes . Bahli asked about Abu Yusuf s condition and aqeedah to which he replied, Yes.He was my teacher and I learnt from him but whenever I found something wrong I left his sayings .43

KhalqAfalulIbaad by Imam BukhariPg 9 TabqaatibnSaadPg 254 Vol.6 37 Masail Ahmad narrated by Abu Dawood (pg 268) with a saheehsanad 38 Kitab us Sunnah by Abdullah bin Ahmad ibnHanbalPg 103 Vol.1 fekrah 6 39 Kitab usSunnahPg 100 123 feikrah 55 40 Kitab usShariahby Imam Abu Bakr al ijriPg 290 41 Kitab us ShariahPg 962 Part no 2040(saheehsanad)Imam Dhahabi (in Tarikhul Islam pg 479)said about this narration: wahuwalmaqboolarayto (this narration is maqbool) 42 TarikhKabeerPg 81 Vol.8 by Imam Bukhari 43 Al TashkeelPg 510 Vol.1


Saeed bin Salman said to Qadi Abu Yusuf, I heard that the people of Khurusan say Abu Hanifa is Jahimee and Murijee' .Abu Yusuf replied that this was correct.44 Khateeb Baghdadi (rahimaullah) says: AbuAwana said that Abu Hanifa was a murji .45 Ismail bin Ararah narrated that Abu Hanifa said, Jahm bin Safwan s wife teaches our women .46 ShaikhRa eesNadwi writes in his book, AbuHanifa gave forty thousand dirhams to Hammad to become a murji,after which muhaddiseen and fuqaha s broke all ties with Hammad .47 Imam Dhahabinarrates: After Ibrahim Nakhi s death five persons assembled and one of them was Umar bin Qais Maser and the second was Abu Hanifa.They presented forty thousand dirhams to Hammad to become the sardar of murjiah .48 Commenting on the views Abu Hanifa regarding emaan being stagnant SufyanThawri(rahimaullah)said, Anyone with the above faith is a kaafir .49 The Mutazala rulers were hanafis and amongst their followers was Abu Hanifa s grandson.50 Muhammad bin RoohMadani said that Moala bin Asad narrated from me that he asked Ibn Mubarak that he once followed the sayings of Abu Hanifa upon which he replied in affirmation and said, Yes.I used to follow Abu Hanifa but at that time I didn t know him but when I came to know him I declared him matrook(one who should be left) .51 Hafas bin Abdullah said that I bear witness that Abdullah ibnMubarak(rahimaullah) said to me, I left whatever I learnt from Abu Hanifa and asked for forgiveness. 52 Abdullah ibn Mubarak declared Abu Hanifa as matrook.53 Abu warai enquiredibn Mubarak about him narrating from Abu Hanifa.Upon this Abdullah became sad and displayed great regret.He began to weep and repented(Tawbah) that he ever narrated from Abu Hanifa.54

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Tarikh Baghdad by Khateeb BaghdadiPg 386 Vol.13 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 385 Vol.13 46 TarikhShageer by Imam BukhariPg 158 47 Al Lamhatby Ra eesNadwiPg 423 48 Manaqib Abu Hanifa by Imam DhahabiPg 7 49 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 376 Vol.13 50 TanibulKhateebby Khateeb BaghdadiPg 2 51 Al-Intiq' fFad'il al-Thalthatal-A'immat al-Fuqah' Mlikwal-Shfi`waAbHanfaby Ibn Abdul Barr Pg151 52 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 404 Vol.13 53 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 414 Vol.13 54 As Shikat ofIbnHibban,TankeelPg 350 Vol.1


Abdullah ibn Mubarak said that whoever gives fatwa according to Abu Hanifa s book Kitabul-Heel ,he will become an apostate(murtad).55 Hammad bin zaid said that Abu Hanifa used to debate for the Murjiah and AhlulKalam but when he feared his life, he turned to Fiqh of Ahlur Ray.56 Ishaaq bin eesaatabaa narrated he was sitting with Hammad bin zaid and Wahab bin jarir was also with us. I said something about Abu Hanifa then Hammad bin zaid told me to keep quiet and said that whoever talks about AhlulBidah in his family circle is like he slips in urine and goes understanding Haq as Batil and Al Batil as Haq and he has no respect left in the society.Hammad bin zaidthen said, Do you know who was abuhanifa? He used to debatefor theMurjia and when feared for his life he turned tofiqh of ahlur ray and began to do qiyaas with one hadith on another and this is forbidden. 57 Abu Hanifa asked Abdullah ibnyazeedto become a murji but he refused.58 Tahir bin Muhammad said: Imam Wakee narrates, one day ibnAbiLaila,ShareekThawri and abuhanifa were together and Abu Hanifa suddenly said that whosoever marries his own mother then his emaan is the same asGabriel.Wakee says that because of these incidents imam shareekthawri called all of abuhanifa s companions as mardood and he never talked to him again.59 Abu Hanifa along with Qais Maser and his son Umar accepted the madhab of Murjiah.60

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The classical scholars considered Abu Hanifa as a Kaafir

y Commenting on the views Abu Hanifa regarding emaan being stagnant SufyanThawri(rahimaullah)said, Anyone with the above faith is a kaafir .61 Imam Ahmad ibnHanbalsaid, AbuHanifa s fatwa are at par with goatsfaeces .62 Imam Shaafisaid, No one more mischievous has appeared in Islam than Abu Hanifa .63 Once Imam Malik asked Walid bin Muslim, Do people listen to Abu Hanifa in your city? .Heanswered, Yes .Imam Malik replied, It is amazing that your city has not been

y y y

Tarikh Baghdad Pg 403 Vol.13 HalyatulAwliyaby NuyamIsfhaniPg 358,359 Vol.2 57 HalyatulAwliyaby NuyamIsfhaniPg 258 & 259 Vol.2 58 KhateebPg 375 Vol.13 59 Al Kaamil of IbnAdiPg 69 Vol.3,Khateeb Pg 374 Vol.13 60 Al LamhaatPg 427 Vol.1 61 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 376 Vol.13 62 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 411 Vol.13 63 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 398 Vol.13


destroyed.AbuHanifa mocks Allah s Deen y


Someone asked Abu Hanifa, If I say that I testify that the Kaba is the truth but I dont know whether its in Makka or Madina, if someone testifies that Muhammad bin Abdullah is a Prophet but I dont know whether its that person buried in Madina or elsewhere whats my position? Abu Hanifa replied, Anyone with the above faith is a Momin. Imam BukhariShaykhHameedi said, Whoever issued this fatwa is a Kaafir! .65 Yazeed bin Haroonsaid, The companions of Abu Hanifa closely resemble the christians.

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Muhammad bin Abdullah al Maliki said, I heard Abu BakrSubjistani telling his followers that What do you say when to a Fatwa on which Imam Malik, Shaafii, Imam Auzai, Hasan bin Saleh, SafyanSuhri and their respective followers have an ijma? They [his followers] said that it must be the most correct ruling. Abu BakrSubjistani then said that these individual have an ijma that Abu Hanifa was evil and misguided 67 When the news of Abu Hanifa s death reached Sufyan al-Thawri, he praised Allah (swt) who relieved Islam from the Fitnah of Abu Hanifa. Numan weakened every page of Islam. Imam of AhlulSunnahUzay said on his death said, Numan was the most harmful thing to Islam .68 Imam Awzai said when he heard the death of imam Abu Hanifa, Glory to the one who made him dead, because he was destroying Ura of Islam, urwah by Urwah [(AlhamdulilahLaziAmatahuFaInahu Kana Yanqudhu ura Al islamiUrwatanUrwatan]69 Muhammad bin saeedsaid, I asked Abu Yusuf about Abu Hanifa in the presence of Caliph Musa bin Jarjan.Abu Yusuf replied, What concerns you about him.AbuHanifadied as a Jahmee. 70 [for more references please visit:]

Tarikh Baghdad Pg 400 Vol.13 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 370 Vol.13 66 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 310 Vol.13 67 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 383 Vol.13 68 Tarikh Baghdad Pg 398 Vol.13 69 Kitab Us SunnahPg 207 Vol.1 70 TareekhJarjaanLishahmi Pg.218-219.Full chain Narrated from Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Umar bin BakeerAl Makree,fromUsmaan bin Ahmad bin SamaanArjaaj,thatHaytham Bin Khalafsaid,fromMahmood bin Gilaan,that Muhammad bin saeed said, .. All the narrators in this chain are Thiqah (NasrusSaheefapg 393).Muhammad bin saeed is Thiqah (As Shiqaat 9/62).Also See,Tadheebul Kamal of HafidhMizzi (5819).