Business Ethics : Bribery Case

Case at

the owner of PT Direct Vision) at Aryaduta Hotel. 16 2008 Iqbal arrested after he received a bag that contain Rp 500 million from Billy Sindoro (one of key man from Lippo Group. Jakarta. M Iqbal and Benny Pasaribu. . they are Anna Tri Anggraeni. In September.Case This case started when Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU) investigated monopoly case at Premier League broadcasting by Astro This investigation lead by KPPU members.

offering.Theory of bribery Bribery is giving. or asking something that valued with the goal of influencing a public official to do something or don¶t do something. . receiving.

Causes of bribery Economic causes Institutional causes Law causes Social and ethical causes .

.SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Bribery can increase people¶s income and company¶s revenue. Bribery can be a way to solve company¶s problems.

Bribery leads to the collapse of justice and ethics. Bribery diminishing quality of public administration.Weakness Bribery can cause deficiency and generate cost of company¶s operation. . Bribery alters the quality of public services offered.

Illegal charge by police. Business regulations can create a path way to do the bribery activities. and labor. so it creates an easier way to the corruptor. Low regulations and lack of law enforcement.Opportunities Bribery had already become a culture. Procurement of governmental services and goods that can create a path way to do the bribery activities. immigration. Taxation .

Threats People do bribery activities mostly because of lack of law enforcement. .

SWOT Graphic S ± W = 2 .4 = -2 O±T =6±1=5 O W T S .

to obey the rules and don¶t try to bribe public official To reduce bribery. Give education to society.Recommendation The law enforcement must be a priority for the govt. must cutting down the business regulations that make private sector difficult . the govt.