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NDT inspection

NDT inspection

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Published by: Arun Kastwar on Jul 31, 2010
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Project No:

Prepared: D. Brighouse
Approved: C. Broussard

Global Industries A/P Pte Ltd

NDT Inspection Manual


Scour Measurement





1.0 To detect evidence of and quantify erosion of the sea floor from around near-sea
bed or sea bed penetrating components excluding pipelines.
2.0 To estimate the distance between a fixed and obvious structural datum and the sea

3.0 To describe the composition of the sea floor at the scour measurement site.
3.0 To record sufficient scour measurements to allow plotting of the scour profile
along perimeter members, or around the legs/piles of a structure.

Supporting Procedures

Section 7 Anomaly Codes & Actions


Scour Survey Procedures

Supporting Documents

Detail Sheet No. 2.4.1

Data Capture


Performed By

Diver or ROV

Personnel Qualifications

Client approval based on experience

Preparation Required


Equipment Required

DIVER : Measuring stick / tape-measure


Acoustic ranging device
Profiling sonar device

Relevant Standards

No specific standards

Task Procedure

Measure the distance between the component (either the underside of the mud mat or
underside of bottom elevation horizontal) and the seabed at the locations specified in
the work scope in sufficient detail to map abrupt changes along or around a
component. Where the component is a horizontal, record the compass direction of
the centre line.
Each site requires the capture of the seabed profile over a 6m X-section at 900

to the

site/member to indicate contour.
Report the seabed composition (e.g.) "soft sand/silt - easily stirred up"
Where the component is buried record the depth of burial.
Report all piles exposed by >1.0 m and areas of localised scouring.
Refer to previous reports to determine whether there is a significant change to the
seabed profile. If scour is determined, even if not appreciable, create a drawing using
anomaly report code "VS" - Variation to Specification.

Document No: SI-P-MA-00011

Revision: A

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