" Rage


I have gone to places you've never been. I have known evil as a friend. Have you? Seen? Done? Thought? No.... I think not. The nightmares wake me in the night. You're pretty lives unfilled with knives and blood and shame and rage. I try to walk away. But can't. I'm trapped, in my self imposed hell I gasp. Surely this won't last. But it does. You see none of you have ever vowed or sworn to do what I must. Patiently I've waited as a spider on the web. Spinning my gossamer. Silver, silent thread. I gorge myself on hate. Dreaming of the day when I stand over you dead. Freedom from the curse that you foolishly set in motion years ago. Fool. You will pay for your betrayal. Did I not swear to you a solemn oath? Do you feel no fear? You really should as I have waited many years patiently ,as a hunter for his prey. You will repay for the life you took someday. And I will go on living as I should. I will feel no guilt, shame , or remorse. I hope you live each passing day as your last. The day is drawing nigh. And I am willing to bet you feel it. Stalking you. Watching, waiting, and trembling with rage. Do I feel regret? Only that you live.......But that shall be remedied my enemy. Ah yes. Be patient. I have. And it will pay off. Wait for me there. Wait for me. I will arrive as a thief in the night. Will you know when I've arrived? I feel you will. Wait for me.

written by Phil G. Inman Sr. 2010

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