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Binder 1950

Binder 1950

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Bound volume of the camp newspaper issued. weekly during the camp season




Joseph Kruger, Director, 375 Osborne Terrace, Newark 8, N.] .

. '

I~ "' •• -- !!~ • ~f.:~ ... .. .... "'. :""", •• ".' <'- •• j!I~"'" ... - ,";. •

Al though Karl cloel not have a bunk to teke care ot he stays in B\ink 7 in the senlor oamp.

We know both men wIll carry Gut their jobs wi th great effiolenoy in the

coming seas,o,n., 1, l ~

__ -1\_1, I~ J

... ~n ).....__~ 1:\

, "'tf'" ~' ... ~ '~-~;:: \.

'~/"~"" ~ " .~.' '\: \,.,,r "ft ,t ... _r ~ 1, t

. ",,,._,' ,...;iI," . .,.

~ .. f' .7

----- ,---""'----;:.(


q.M J3~

at .l~1'tIn1 Mau.


• by Marty Schwartz,·

Praniaes were made at the eDdof year and allot 'thElll were fulfillJ1rat we were promised a DeW rifle

• Now at the old oampf1re 81te we a new rifle ranr;e.

We now havee. new ,senior baaket. court. Teree seniorbunklS have moved fran thetront of the tennis s to the lett of'the' tents. In bWlka ba'tJ,wooms hav.e been added. In 'the jW110r camp a brand new ln, Cabin 2. has taken 1 t& place. A and better path un to the mess he.+l ad;ded to the beauty at J.:!Dh-¥~6-H~e. All DOW ~aa ranc.;es have been added the l~i tcheL in ,laoe of tl18 old coal.


The cmp81's of gn~-Kce-Uuo have been vided into six teaos. composed of senand juniors,' to eneaae in several ~~.~~~,~ events dur1~~ the summer.

These events will include a see-veng .. , hul1t, a hare-end.hound raoe, 8 qUiZ, . other speoial cont'ests.

Tho six teems, eaoh havine; about 24 J)oys, w1,ll rE£l8in the s~e thrOUf',hout the ,season.

---...::..-- _.- --- -. '

~--. _.____. -




Loo Kornhauser and Knrl P~!Araon, heV8 adjusted themselves very rapidly to their MW jobs as assiatants to Dr.nn.

Lqo, wheD."aaked why he thousht Kr-.rl ~. h1J1\self were, appointed to, this specUle job, replied: HMfll:be 1 t 's ~awiIe or our pot bellles.. We '~_.C4I. ",11\ oam.p who have' tham."

Leo llaa been a counaellor tor nearl¥ 30 Jeers, 1.6 at Mah-Kee-N~c. '?!hen he $,6 Dot at c_p he teaches at Bn"in HI('h,

a Gul'a h1~ school in EllZ$beib. He

\'!aa, at one t:lJ!:l.8, the director ot all the playgrounds of New Brwunr1ck.He 115 president of the Men IS A.ssociation in l!:l1za .. beth, president of the N.Y, State Coll.ege AJ,umnl Association. and· chairman of the Busi'nessDepar1ment of' Battin.

Donn's other asSistant, Karl, has been w1 th Mah-Kee-Nac tor two' years a8 riflery counsellor. When Karl i8 DOt at c~p ·.he teaohes Uu1ted 'Statea History and Prob;a.ams of Democracy at Haverhill High Sohoolin Haverhill, Mua.



. . .

. '.'


--, /1 ,_,

_~ ,\..._..;o


(--._ ~.- .r:

. - / E./"', C t:



'l'h11:v-r there .... UI bOJ'8 lA. ~u.e:ool'IllG. ~ thea 1A 8IIJ' other ,.111" tile osap'. 28 78tn' hiltQr7. T'le _ •• t. 03D1P8r. eaa tbe1r oouuel.lor. an

below. Thfoy are 1il!ted by Tribe br Cab,. D.. Tart, or BUIlk. Also iD- 11 each boy'. haae ton.


: CowuI811or. - Sol Fe1DHrc and Gerala Abrah_

iIImIll'B - Rickie F1rtel (8. OrtUlge), :rOD (llYC) I .r 8rry Dreak1n (113wark) , iier Sklf.eBa(Mail18WOOd), MiChael 8t1&iiI: tF.l.izabctll), l!11ton Rel1maa (~lfft ~) .• Riohard .u1llan (Mapleyoo4).

It12: eouue1l.ol"ll- Shermllll Kron1I1Oh ad. George Lta

im'nll!l)OA - Carl Ho_uerg (PoVgllkeepsle'. ~mNY H1rloh (Bell Harbor), Gary S11- (BrooklYJi)" stuanFalk (N1C), KlebtDOtt (Millburn) ,Rlo1d.e I.amer ..................... ,- ..... ), Bobb, Stram 0/00_81'8). LeWi. (a.GraDSe).

: OowaIeUor - Will Me1oae,. ImDelra - Dat4 1.1 tw1D ('_'lewoo4). BobKrunat (E.o1"8llge) ~ Jettre,. G1Ddlil.

). AJadre1r sSmoJl (~).

GraB. (Pi ttatield) • Fred Krlaer, 1814).

#5:. CoUD88l1or .. Walter BeJar

RoM (\1. O:r~e). :r.tt:re'1 O.en .01'811&8), Stuart Hollancler 'S.Oras8) Allison (Brookl7nl, Martin Gold. (Poughkeepsie) •

#&: OoUD8eUor ... Phl1Uelaon 1m'Olars .. '1'cIID1 LitlllD4 (S.or8DCe). Alail ~UOIallIID' (Milburn). George Wohl.:reich (S~ ). DaD.D7 St8illll8DZl(\1oodmere). Bob ( Ne.BruDn1.ok). Jetfrey Wet_

CoUDHUors - David Grei t ... and lflohael Spicer ""tra- Utohael Aug\lII.t(Mlllbun). LeWi • .. -_&¥U,L ...... v.&.I;~) ,Robert Rau.r(HoHlle. ). Miohael 0014bel'8 (Eltzabeth). 1l1- Cho4oroott (tl. Orase). Peaal 0014-. ~B1.).

THE mJD!~:..- __!.es. I

('1AH -KEE-'~AC

c.bta #1: OIIINellor - BDwar4 Fruoht C&pere - SteYo Gol4r1D1 (Greemrlah)Bo1t ~(RYO), lI1oba.1 Markeuohn(S.Or8Dp) Chuok Salriu(li..Arl1ngton). Alex Slepl. (StmIrd! t 1.,. Ro't31·t Oolcitarb ,nillburn).

Cabin #3: Counee11or:- Neil Ha.ndelaaa Cs:~perB - Leo:u,,·::rd Levitt (Oedarhurat). Qhe.rlfJ8 Salt~J:o. ,NYC), Da'{td J,t{;iherman Ronn:'..e Ncriim'!.lU1, Boub,. Kle~.nwsks ,Billi Roae.abaum (all traa S. Or8lJS9).


C'e:.in #7: OoUDlleUor.. leonard Znlg CIIl&p9ra - 11DDy EiaeDberg ,Donald 118laoh J'OM Litle.nd,Dee18 TeppemaD (alltraa S. Or8D6") , Stephen Mauahel (fl. Or .... e) Roger Seaaomreln (N1C) .•

cabin t,l8: CouUellor - laak Brooks EdnrdAah(BloaBtie14),Bruce Soott (a. Draaae). Alan Ro .. (Newuk) .Phtllp 7AIaaulq (lJ1C). :r1Dlll7 Bor1BD4 (Haplewoo4).

Cabin j;'I: CouaaeUor - Hal leWi. Caape1'8 - Richerd BmI. ()We-t BiUI) Bobby Mark (Porest Hilla). Fred Siegal Peter Goertzel. outd \Vartel.,George :ran: (ell traa N!O).

0eI)1J1 i110: Co\m.8.Uor ... Btll Ia4aer

aD4 Dollllld Brier CaapeH . - lIo1'll8ll )~ua. (Newark) .01_ riohlreioh (8. Or8l28e) , RogerSohwartz. tPl-Wield). Maxson GruZ81l (Maplewood) Richard Gold1teln (Maplewood). J'87 Gerber (Newark).

5 E I~ lOR CAr'l P


BuDk i'Iti: COuaaellor .. She! GrebetelJ1 C-.para .. K8JI.IQ' 3'aoobecm (JIapl.ewood) Barry S11",ezau. (s, Oruae). AD4T Te_a- 1er' (Uapl"'Ood) ~ Steve SohoeDholz tN,.ark). Robert JloguU (Hepatead).

SUlIk #6 t eowu..Uor - SJr;tPP1 BJ'OutoD dampers. DaDal4 Lt-ia (New Rochelle'. Steve n.1n. Richard PIlOt_I, Ralpll !Alakat ~(all trClllS. Or&ll8e. LeoDSrd faIOre (BrooklJD). SIma7 Rettler (Poughkeepsie)

:BuDk i'fl: Cowusellor - BOwd P0110ak C_pera .. Mark LarDer.Dan RattlDeJ"(M1llbUD} • Ira Sdalca (lener 01 tJ'). AlaD SUb_ (w. Oz'uge). Paul lAIopol.4 (NtC), ,... RNBIMr& (P0u8hkeep.i.).

(ODA'iDUad oa pep S)

1------"' .. 1------------ .. _,,~TO'l'l!:M . ~_. 3",--_

WHO'S wm Dl MlIlItiKEE-RAC? (oont1mied traa page - 2) Ie: .Counaellor - Rod Coler

pars - DonaldRCKInOl' (Woodmere) t ~~ Berkley (Millburn) ".Alan Donn (Newark) nal4Greenf'leld. Hank G1"eaDf':I.elct, Don n.ah1 t Bob FreUnd (aU trQ1'1 Maplewood) •


Ulk #1: Counsellor ~ Richard Walker

pers - Alan l"rt adman (NYC), Ni chael

er (Ple.1nf'1eld), Ralph Felgin (NYC). die Goldberg (Poughkeepsie), Char-lee elDan (Kearny).

#2: - Counsellor - Noman Finer

pers- David Manischawi.tz (8. OrBD8s) , rchard Ehrenberg, (Larchmont) , Andrew (BY (NYC), Pater Ste1DmBM (1Joodma·re), I"ul Kisel1k (W. Orange).

fIt #3: Counsellor - Lea Barad

Fpers - BIlly Fried (Forest Hills), ~ Mosooe (E. OrSDge) , Mike Bra110ve ~ddy Goldberg, Mike ~pl1n (ell trem rzabeth. )

~ #4: Counsellor - Jerry Brooks

pers - John Rose (S. Orange), Jeffrey (w. Orange), Ben Jay Flusser (Or-

) t Mike Makowsky (J,'Aillburn) t Lee Met-

rndort. (Pe.rth ll1Jlboy). .


rnt ;11: Counsellor - Dick Savage Fpers- Robert Rosanber:~ (Poughkeep-

Ie) , Stephen Deeter (Ma.p1ewood), Roger


Manshel (W. Orange), Robert Peters ('Newark), Eddie Bendet (Newark).

Tent #2: Counsellor - Morton Slegel Campers .. Skippy Feller (5. ·Orange), Lew is Krieger (E. Orange) I' Stephen Weis8, Irvington.), Gerald Mo·ress (E1ll8ide, Roger KEpler (a. O·range>.

Tent #3:: Oounsellor - Paul Lippe

Oampera - Martin Schwartz (Plainfield), Ned Finkel, (Elizabeth) t Michael Sachs (NYC) ,BIUy Fried (S. Ora.nge) t Harold

'Gibber (Kiamesha !.eke).

=P'counsallor- Harold Brown Oampers- R~ond.Eps.te1n (Great Neeld. loUis Binder (Newark) , Carl Denbol tz ,. (Newark), Rioherd Lowenstein (S. Orange) Oounsellors-in-residence - Frank Maze

and Bill Koch.

Tent #5: Counsellor ~ Les Purvere Cmpere - Rusty Goldstein (Elizabeth) , I..a.rry Kobre (Brooklyn). Billy Joseph (NYC) , joseph HoroWitz (Highland Park), Peter .Friedman .(E .• Orange).


Cabin l43 .. Myron HBrkavy (Newark) Cabin 114 - John Steinbach (IT. Orange) Cabin j~5 - Paul Forman (Newark)

Cabin tf6 - Michael Wellins (W. Orange)


Thirteen herd-f'ought bouts marked ':::_~"' .. '~~ ... vA .. ~".\~.:~{ ~..--

e first junior camp bOxing matohes on . ~~~ f'

esday night in the boat houae, Six of ~' g §. ...

e fights ended in draws and no direct Mike Gol,dberg. 8. ,scrappy bo~er fran

lOckouts were scored I so evenly matohed Eliza.beth, won a close, hard fought bat ... Ire the contestants,. tIe fran !nchael Ch6dorcoff.. Bobby Levy

The Tonmy Lifland-Denny Steimnan outpOinted Steve Goldring, and Billy ,ut was extended to an unprecedented two· Rosenbaum. a slugger f'rem S. Orange, took ,unds when the eager fight fans Called 8. close o~ from Ronnie Nordmann.

Ir the spectacular slugfeet to be cont~ Donald Gross right-hooked his way to

lued. A1'ter the second round the judges e. victory over dangerous Jeffrey Gwen, leided the fight was a draw. and Ed .Ash won over Philip ZElnaDaky ip

Other draws were fought between Gary the tina! oontest.

~lverste1n and Riekie Iarner I Richard In a spec1.al inter-tribe match, Dontiman and Peter Spiess,. Mike August and ald Welsoh. a Mohican, and. George WohlIWis Friedman. Jobn,ny Lifland end J"J.lII!1Y reich., an Apaclle, Jut on a bo,xing exhibit ... lae.nberg, aM Rob~ Kruve.nt,an4 An4y ion. Steve Map.ahel also ga1ned a split

~~ BY 'C!J.IPEnS

- 'bJDoDnld RoaIor-

~ ,~II/,/. €.~


<...~~;;~ -:)

Csnp Mah-Kee-Nnc \1010ClllOS JUas BeatMargolis. tl'ho tor throe \18eka Will diet! tlon. Miall MQrgol18 noeiv-

her traln1ag o.t C\>11l!l.ble. Univerlllt7 18 dletl Usn at the Evender OlU.lda Sohool 1n NowYcrk.

Miss 'MergollB plans her .meals on the that the tood8 necessary tor growth

foods children like to eat.

:,ftor her three Tleek .'tiny t!1BB »8-

ll1U do one at two thlDgs. She either go on 0. trlp to MaiDe, Nell • end Vel'1llODt.f or go to Florida. Margoli. doesn't like to plan trips tar in advance. She- says that when

plan a trip In advance you build it much andwhan you make the trip 1. t i,",~L.L.Y a let down.

Ue already have had good ,samples at

Uc.rgo.l1e t menus. .

~ <Y'

o 0

The boys had beon in camp tor tea .• In the cabin \"Iero J'nok (ClElll) loh, Muson. Gruzen, NOl"mBD Mea., Schwartz, Jay Gerber., and myaeU', (Dlek) Goldsteln.

DonBrlet and B1ll Ladner. our two llora" t'leretalklng to Jaok Brook. front at Ocilln '1. It flU \} a • clock: the boys were in bed.

.All at a euclden we heard anol,ae ana 's pocket watch 8lld bed roU aeemed rise right through the oeiling. Clarl on his tlaahl.1ght an4 we saw a . pulling up Bill'. equlpnent. The opened up and the equlpnent went

W. baa1'4.&tl ~ Boream. ,.-. ood~4}

-by DoZUlld WelsCh -

On SuncJQ' night, lull' 2. we had our tiret council tite otthe 8UlIIIler tor both the jUnior a.D4l1!1eD1or campa.

The juniors met at the to,. pole near the basebell dianond betore th& fire began. too iave the word tor the juniors to start toward the se!d.or camp end. toJ d them·.DOt to make any notae atter they reaohed ~e birch trees at the entrance to the path.

Tall-tclms were heard in the distance as M10hael Wo.:·.11.:1. gave entrance to each ot the ereat tribe. at 08:-p Mnl:l~Go-Nac. Den they approacheclthe council ring.

The tan-tans were boaten b7 Ohl.et Skippy Bronston.

Slowly the juniors tlled Into the woods apd aroUDd the ring followed olose. ly by the ,seD.1ors. When aU the braves

11 ~

were g;athered Myron Harkavy weloamedthEI:I all, and ottered prayer.

The great council tire waB then lighted by 10hn Steinbach end Paul lOlDan who brouaht tl8llling torches to the center ot the CO\1D.cil ring.

Uncle .Leo told all the braves ot tho tradl t:loM attached to the Mah.Kee-Nac council tires, atter Which DaTe led the assembled tribes in the weicane SOng_ Bill Koch told the ,great legend ot the Fl ve IndlanNat.1ona rtb.o were onoe powerful, but bec_e weak and powerless when the7began. to tight one another.

Itort told the braves the story of' a man wbo cmly hunted other men. This general. lived on a loDe1y i,sland in the Caribbean and met his end when he tried to huIlt down Mr. RalDStord, the hero at the awry, •

After thesto17, Mrron Harlmvy again ottered prayer tor the happiness and 800d health at ~l the braves and Ohiets duriDg the rest ot the summar.

The. juniors lett at this point an.cl Karl conducted the rest at the oouncll _eeUDg. The sentors made a silent exit at the close at the a.ve1l1ng.

«t u.re. IYcws qf tie First Week

- by B8Dk GreeDtie14 8Dd,. J's-y BorlaD4 •



The White 1I10uae 111 the nature eabin to Philip zemanalq. The 'mouse's 18 Uoua1e. The 1lOU.. 1. ill a speo. oage whioh baa an 8X81"01s1DS 1dlHl. eats ~11k BODl" 40S blsOUits~st wtUeatllo'th pl.a.ta aDd adnal.8 they like ... eds aDd gntn Hat.

Dick Walker aDd Ned F1Dkel· caught tirst red back salllllander.The Al_aDder .. haTe 1s big aD4 and the red baak aalemanc1er we 18 1D8lle:. ,BDCl, 1.t, has a. 8trlpe don

baok. The J'etterson 18 tound in the and near the water. The red back

found under logs and rocks.

In the oabin Is astuttedbol:. a deer I and a lot ot Det" to catch AnnT.__ There are also charts ot weath.

e .tufted flah, and a alug. A slUS, 11ke a 8Dal1 but 1 t has .DO 8hell. It ~ept in an aquari\D 8Dd eat" 1I10S8 8Dd

plants. ,

While I was gett!.Dg this story,. I a little wren came out ot a hole 1n of the log,8 that was h.oldlng up oab-

7. I looked in and saw thope was a bird ill 1 t. I told. Rod about it

he looked too"; Ret'o'lnd a Dklst 111 top ot the ,cabin and t!J.eJ1 IOQ,ked at hole 1n the lOb. There was only one I S'lW 1 t so the other two must have away because the wren always 18.11 eggs instead ot one.

NATURE 'COUNSElJJ)R 1OFOfln OIDBS Roderiok Ooler. our nature ocnma.l...-~ ....... ""s fran New York City and ia stumedlcine.

The 'ttrst thing :h.e plana 'to do Is tom these olubs: ~tro~ Club, InC:a,ub. An1n:a Club, Plant Club, Blr4

• and weather Bureau. The olubs ... speoial hikea to the Bird. Suoaa4 to Cotter's Beach.

811"4 hUt.. Will be trail 5:~ to l& tile morn1Dg. The _ather ~ ... ~_tIdae a _.


The two duok. we have at the Nature oablnbelcmgto Roger K_pler, 'l'ba duck. are t.d two ttmes a 4ar. and they eat bread ancl craoked oorn.

The tour rabbits .e have belong· to Ben Flu .... r and ~oe scott. They each own two. The rabbits are ted two t:llnes a d~ and they .. t·.le'tuoe U4'carrot tops.

We have ttve toad. at the Nature cabin. The toada are ve17bllDPl' and dry. We ,haTe· tlve trogs at the, nature Cabi.n. 'The7muat haTe wet akill because tb"1 breathe through their ak1n. We have green frog ••

The toad~CanDOt give warts. :The b~s OD their backs have a bitter tastlag tlUid In'thaR so snakes W111 DOt eat the. The frogs Ja.ave DO· protection. and. are good meals tor aDake". The toad. can be s.en at the Nature Worlcsb.op eat- 1~ insects. They catch the insects wttl!. 'thelr long. sticky tongues. Stop in and watch thaa.

- _,. Fred S1ecal and Peter Goertzel -

On Sun4aymorniDg Cabin g dlsoovered that a hamster belonging to Freddy Siegal bad dlsappeare~ trcm the porch. 1behllmatU' '8 nane was Herman.

OIL SaturdSJ night Hal leWis le1't lISa out 011 the porch and the lext m01'ntng he vu golUte We 40 DDt know it .ha 1s dead or all".. It you a.e a haD.ter, please bring h1Jl to cabln 9.

It ftS bad enouc..h to 10le one haa .. atar, but 011 Uonda3 IlOrD1us another hl!lllstar 4i84. The boys ot cabin 9 hope that DO other en1mal. 4ie 41lrSIIS tILe JaDala1J18 peri ~ tile .'.08r'

------~ag. &


- by Bobby Mark ..

!be jUDior campgov8rmn8nt Will ,start BOOn. Each aJbiD has • 4e,leawho W111represent hiB cabin a' tM


Representative 8 tor the tir,.t meet. are 88 t'ollow.;

'Cab,in 1 .. Jltcbael ~~Ult QabiA 2 ~ Robert Gol4t&rb Cabin 3 - Btlly Rosenbaum CabIn " .. George ,\lohlre1,ch ,Ce.b1n 5 .. DoUGlas Gross CU1l:L 6 .. Robert lU"Ul'aAt CablA '1 • St.iJhen )lanilhel CablD. 8 .. lil:iJq Horlaw:l cab1n 9 .. Robert MerIt

0ab1D 10 .. Richard Goldstein Oabin 11 .. lI1abul Stl~;li tz Cab1D. 1.2... lPred !avis

'Dle repreHJ1tatlTea tor each cab111 . ba chosen at dit/erent times 4UriAl NIIIl8r 10 that each bo)' .W111b. a 1I.L."al~ once durlDg the 8UlIIIIler.

A oha1man tor the goverJlll8nt w111 choien atthetlr8t "8t1D& •.


• b~ BeDkGreeDtleld ~

OUr fir,t DOVie ,l\1ghtwu held is boat hoUN ltoD4q. It.811 8A e:qer_4. ao '.-t •• oout4 Btvt HOner it .e ha4 it in the ... s ball r beth. we1 tere would haTe to al.aD the hall table. 8114 .. t up the oba1:ra.

TlIa aatn teature ot the eTeD1D& •• Wore A YaUew Ribbon. It... all the U. s. caT&b7. 'l'lIe.tar was Vl8IM who pl.eled Copt. Br1~tlea.

'ae pal"ta 1 liked be.t .ere whelP. the 1'UDD81"8 .ere tbro1lll lAto the tire "7 IlI41au. aDd When the Caval.r,y Dl14ed hosUle 1D41_' oaap. Tbe%e .... IVplaUM when the movie ... over. 1&\lH1al IIOte: "She Wore A Yello. ~ __ n ilOA tlIe :uNQ. t eel .. AI"'M4 ,_



• by C1tr::rle. Ltm4e1D8l1 -

rus 1'.,ar t;iE'lWl'~ tmProvameD.te haTe , .. ~ aa4e at the :::amp's waterfront.

All can.o.;s(lJ'7.daailbo8ts have beeD. pUnted. ~~;(), tile fell 'r.v~ 'chat pasaed their beglnr.e~·s tes~, last 7ear Will DOt baV'8 "IiO~liake i"t~a111, but "ill .have 'to re!>&8~ t~~ lae't test ·they took.

All'J ~he::, i':npr,)ve:.nent is that a great deal more p.mihaa:ts 11'111 be placed OD tODlBr.LmniDg ar.d the Amerioan crawl.

A few Lew ad~l1 t~_OD:.a have been made to the we.te~fro~t t: tfl,l'r this year. Paul Lippe is the r.sw s&'iliI!,g counsellor, and Dick S8~I88e, who was here in 1948. I. beck as a BW1Dlnlng counsellor.

The counsellors O.D. this year'. wat-

erfront.tat!' and the,ir posl ti.oD.s are:

Prank Kaze - head ot Watertront Will Meloney .. Canoeing

'Dick Sauce .. SW1nmll18

IIOrt 81epl .. SWiJllllID8

lack Brook. .. SWiJlmlng

Jer1:J ~ok. • Boattug

Paul Lipp. - Sal11QB

DoDD. .. 8Peofal duties eaA Aqua-


- b.)' ste.... Goldrl_ ..

!'our coWlSellon have retu..rud to CII*p Iltll..ace .... aa attar beiDa away tor ODe or two roan. Kar~ Peanoll.. aaeiatant ,h.a4 aO\llL8eUor 1- the "~lo1"o_p ,wea hen tIL 1 .. 4:6 and 194'1. Sol FelDberg ... here .t. i.48 8D4 1M'1,.

Di'ak savage u4 phs.i Nelso.1l were at

IIalWC Naa lA 1948, aacl haTe r.turu.ed

thf, OD. attar a year' •• beenoe.

A purple Fluh. sald by Rod Ooler to be a .,.ry rue bird, ... ezh1bl ted to the juldora aa4 HIliors on Thure4ey.

!'he bl:rc1 RII MUSht ill cabin 'I by l., ..... 1'1 u4 gtTen· wRed. lAwt. KrieS.l' oarrlec1 the bird In a oap aro_ '*be.sa hall to each ot the table_ ..

The Purple J'S.DDh .sa let 100.. aft"'! or ~ bour. ill the oas. bee... It. t ...... __ o_.., .,JIb.q, t.t tlaW-..4.

tALM' l1 ~l ~ . .' "~II- mw- j~, E

. : "t' .;. ,. •.. " ®.' \ ',i.' I

, ' '.' , .' - ..... ' ',I ," ~.

~04 BrNfd-

at .lenM-, Mau.

~ .. XXLL ... Ne. 2 J'tUy 15. 1950

enlor (Oli.Yl.t:iJ Votes Comtl\ttltit\IChest

.. b)fDonaW Yoa:nere

T~e lian10r camp counCil met in two &esS10l18 on M~ndaY' and Tl'esday-. Tr.o rep..

Tes at the meeting were as tOllows:' Bll.Dk 1 - Alr-:.n Friedman, Bunk a. Stelm"anni B\Ulk ~ ... lUJte B:.:>a!love; Bunk 4. - Ben Jc,y Flusaerj Bunk 5- S'ev8n. sDholzi. Bunk 6 ... RaJ'-f)h U::.slmt; Bunk 7 ... Alnn S1lber; BWllc 8 - Peter Be.rkl~1 It 1 - E'ddle B9.'1det; T~nt 2 - Ro,:,sr ICOl1pls:t'. Tont. 3 - NcO. F1Zlke~; Tent 4 • Diolt. " .,', T:~mt5 - Bnl~r Jr:seuh •.

Theoo~U f'irstdecideCi to meet aepa:ratelytranthe ,Junior OQuncil 'exce'Pt spec,tal oooaaiona. They also dec$,ded that Joe 1~Q" should be chaiman inof one of the campers. All th1ngs Toted, Oil, and passed t.n the council ve not until the Whole senior camp votes and passes on them.

The council voted unanimously in

ta.vor ot having c.andy passed out three or tour times a week. This was the only item that action was taken on .not put up betore the' whole eeniorcEIIlp'. Also voted onunanlmously was, a mot1.on to set up ,8 camp camnunitl' chest tor good: caueea f su,ch as the pollof'und and United ,.Tewtsh Appeal. They also approved having 8. C8rllival to help raise money tor the chest. These 1 tams Were passed by a vote ot the whole senior canp.,

Some other i tema passed in both the council and the sentoreemp' Inelude the, :followillg: a pencil sharp ... .aner and a bottle' of ink i.n each camp. A cafeteria night onoe 8. week, end

movie shQrts 1n CeBG tt a sudden rain

sane night activl t.y has been planned tor outdoors. The council also de-

to have ne mayor of Mah-Ite.-Nac this year.

One of' the representatives broUght Up the Bubjectot nttel"noon aotivitles. He d that his bunk would like to have its choice ot afternooll acttvi ty.. ThiS was, 1A the QO\U1Cil and in the aen10r csnp.

(conti.nued:, on next page)

- by Richard Baum and Fred Slegel -

The rir~t all-day art trip sterted fran cara.p last Monday at junior t~e With Hal lead1~~ the group. OBme back late1n the afternoon. lots of pictures and sketohes.

The boll'S took along With them an lunoh t consisting of three sand-

t trui t, dessert, end milk •

. Hal took the group to the Chenault about 1'1 ve miles trom cemp. ~

firBt hour the oampers eXplored the

t observing the cows, pigs,ducks, ohickens. Dave C"eneult, who was a lor at ~ea .. Nac years ago. 81- d th8 boys to. handle the little 1"'- ......... 00.... explore - the ram. and play

his dog C:~8.

Dave also Showed tbeboys the· traps sets for wild antmels.

Hal 881d tne tr1~ was very successful. Moat 01' the sketches and pictures are DOW hanging as an eUibi t outside tl;le art stud10. Alltheb.oys 88idthe,y wanted to go on more 01' such trips.

The piotures on exhibit, ,drawn OD the trip, are by ~ Rattiner, Robert lIc:8ul.l. I.c:iuts Blnder, Peter Rosenberg, ' Paul. IeoDQld. Alan Donn, Billy Fried. U1kft C09lin. and Robert .RoseJll)8rg.

Attar draWing their pictures, the boys w.:~re taken to vis! t a waterfall and powerplant, and the largest oovered 'bri'dge in M~se.ohusetts.

Hnl pl:ms more trips in the vs.ry near t'uture ana. many interesting places will be visited. Pictures done on these trIps rli1l also be exhibited on the art cBblnts outside bulletin board.

~IOR COUHCIL VOTES CAMP ~ITY OHEST (continued trom pege 1)

The biggest item was rainy day activity •. ' In the co.unoi1 there were three stions - 1. bunk gBlles all the time, 2. assigned aotivi ty. and ,3,. choice 'of ty. The ti:rst one was deteated. and the counOil Vias split evenly on the two. The sentor camp cHar1ed only the last one.

Another 1 tem brought up ~as that .sane bunks would like a longer rest period. was even in the councd l,; but the senior camp defeated the idea. Every perin each bunk and tent will get a chance to be a representeti ve Inthe cmaper


II. .1,1 •• ~.. ••


. .. by Hank Greenfield -

Lest ThursdSJ I11gbt we had. a SO&Thunt wt th 40 thiBgs to colleo"t. 81x teems organized J.a.st week tried colleot the most It_a. Tea 4 WOn 34 and '!'elm 5 was right behind w1 th Te8II. 1 oane in thirdwtth 51 1teme.

Team 3 tiD1ahed tourth With 30. Teall was in fifth place With 28 collected, Team 6 finished last With 27.

Balle of the things which had to be illc;luded then\lllber ot painted te rocks tn the counoil (~are i, aDd. the aem • .o:t·'~Uort, Siegel's girl name Is Natalie.

Number 8 on the list 11'88 to get 's autograph., and we toUl)d out Helmut is the seoond cook. Then had to get a baseball autographed by , the canpdlet1tian.

SSIIDY Reitler was looking tor e. and feU into the water up to his the list sald we needed

- by Eddte Bendet -

On: ·Thursde.y night ·teans 1., 2, and 3 met in the boathouse tor the tirst round ot the canp quiz gane, While teans 4, .5, and 6 me,t in the dining h.aJ.l.

,.~1na .• w8~t well in the dl.n1,ng hall, as tean 4 swept both -gemes. But thing. were ditf'erent in the boathouse. Unlike their tellow campers on the other teams, the maDbera of the tlrst three had no electriC 11ghts to see by atter the gane had started.

Finally the day was saved as Nell end Bl11 brought bright lanterns to the rescue. Then the quiz got under way With tean 1 Winning over team 2. But their joy was short lived 8S team 3 scored en eaay victory.

Now team 4 is in first placet teem 3 r8Jlka s800nd, tefa 1 18 thlrd,and the others are tied tor tourth. All team. are awai ting the next round ot the osnp quiz.


- by Oharles LeDdeamsn -

Riohard Ehrenberg, MUce CopliA, and Fried were involved in a horseback accident Wednesday morntng at the academy in Lenox. ThiS i8 how accident 'occurred.

The three boys canp·letedtheir and were right at the barn. When a 1n the pasture bolted and trightd the three horses which B~11y, Mike, R1chard were riding.

B111y j\Dllped oft end 58S unhurt.

I\jU~U-U and Mike tell off and were hUl1:.

MlkehaB 8 broken lett forearm and at the hospItal overnight. He back to osnp Wi th a cast on. Riohar4 has a headout and bruises. '. aUll in the hOBplte.1 but the camp

him a ~1ckreoovery and hopes he will ocme back to camp BOOn. .


- b; Peter Berkley -

Ourtlrstfather-counsellor arrl.ved. at csp on Frida,y t July 14. H1s name 18 Louis Klein.aks. loUis 1s the father ot Boob~ Klolnwaks in cabin 3.

IA>uw.l11be counsellor ot cab1.n 6 for one week and 11'111 have regul.ar cam.p duties.

He "nO counsellor tor Joe 1n MehKee-Nac's first two years.


- by J1r.In¥ Berland. -

The canpts first birth4ar tell on J'ulyll When' Corl Roaenberg, .• Ihootaw, 1n oabin 12, celebra.ted his seventh birth· day. He had ab1rthday cate with aevan candles. ETeryone sang "Hap~y Blrthdar'.

'!he other two birthdays in e amp , were fkiz,Pl' Feller's. AI14 Lea U.baD4el':t'6 ••


Chief Joe has reoeiveda message fran our Indian friend GRAY WOLF, who 1s to spend two weeks With the tribes of MBh-Kee-Nac starting july 21. Here is Gray Wolt's message -----

Greetings, Braves 01' the M8h-Kee-Nao Nation:

The trail takes me tor bOW to the land East ot your

hunting grounds Where once lived the H.AMPAI.~OAG Tribe. ThiS >; . .-

land is called by thePal~taces, Cape Cod. ~or/" ~

. x v,

Soon, however,. my moccasins will bend the grasses in ' , 'j " the direction of the lodges of the great v'11lage of the It~

Mah ... Kee.,Nac • . '}"

Where today your Village stands there once ro(ID.ed the mighty warriors of' the: MOHICAN (wol1'). 'TRmE who were ot the WAPPINGER group. Part, ot this band, the S'lOCKBRIDGE. now live in Wl.sconsin •

. For many years Morning Star and I have tollowed the c~p trails, (but this year I am. coming alone) .here we have visited With the aempers and spoken to them in Oouncil.

That you may know a Ii ttle about me before I enter your I

_ village, I wIsh to tell you that my name is GRAY-WOLF. and _, that I am. 8. Blood Brother of the OJIBWAY mmE in Minnesota.

, \ Where I spent three years. ~' , ~

\ . ~ ~;!:.;, \

I I I ., '..Tr./ )

1 11 the ~I~:ea:~80~:egimi:m~~:: ~~~!!~ ~~1;:: ~~:' \~~ .... ,,:r.,,)j\

the IDPI and the NAVAJ'O. '


I -

\! I have been an instructor of Indian lA:)re at, several ~

. ~ colleges, been on the Stege, in Motion Pictures, on Radio \ A and lately on TV.

V \ Your CHIEF has in vi ted me to ccme and spend some time

wi th you that we may rev! ve the ,old Indl an .spirt t ot Cmp Mab. ... Kee-Nac. and to spend many good times together in Singing, DanCing, S1gn-Talk and .... - - but HoI Let us wait. Soon I will be there, and we shall all work together to make GOOD H.EDICnm.


I an 100k1ngtorward to meeting )Oa, 80 until th_.

GRAY v()Ll!'.

THE TO~ . __ " ......... __ ~p::.;f~~tol:';e::_.;.6 _

SUnday morn! I!g at 5: 30 Peter BerkDon Green:f>ield. Alan Dor.jj, Bob

, and Rmlk Grecnt'i aId ~,,~t iJf and . on a bit:1 hike under th9 e"merq1- of Rod Coler, our couns~lo~ and teache:r-'.

;;{e went over to the natu.re oabin heard 8 Song Spar-rou. A ';7r~:a. flew mesa holl and we follof~e,d i",~ Wa 1,ts nest up in a "i;!'ea and we looked 1 i;. 'Two of the ba:b i as were there

000 must have, flown out because a a:"'ways lays three eggs.

Then we went to the s'iYamp and saw a sher. He is a very big bird and

taU sticks out When he t11.es. Ue a Robi n btL the fence by the Choctaw thl"oug.~ the field 'glasses. We see h1lnvery clearly,. even, the on' his breast.

i,Va then saw 8 male Goldtinoh and he vsry beauti:tul.. tIe also saw a lot fig Blackbirds at the swmnp7

On the way back W~ hear6. a Veery and one ot the birds saw it ·;;hrough

bi.noculars. tfe saw a CuimHey Swift now I know why they are~8.1:i.ede'1!ri1't : suse .thiS one was very sWift. - 'r'.aere ~ also a Bate

Another bird, we saw was a Woodpecker in the middle ota rotten tree stump. On the w~y ~aok we stopped at the bunk and soma of "the boys stayed there, but O'D the a:i:'charyfield we saws Bluebird end he was the l,ast bird we saw that mornill8.


- by Donald Roemer - night was. as usual, movie eomethillg unusual h"appened. were too many shorts 01;1 I.Ionday to show the feature BO it was all Tuesday morning wh.en rain canoutdo'll' aotivities.

shorts was 8 hilarioUS r;d.!lac. ifpn,ony Oronies". There

S(l!n.3 cartoon:;; alld other sn(rts.

The ferltu:re was a musieal ccmedy "Show :rJus;1ne8s". Ede.io:; Cantor tbest::lr. It was about burl~sque " ilia, and ot course, the "Old PaltI •. The sODga in the picture were "It to be yourt • "Dinah" , tiAlab8l1y Sound",

Want a Gil"l" t and many others.

MEET THE "000".

- by Peter .Berkley -

The C8IIlP welcomes 1 ts ~lrst female doctor this surmner. Her none 1s Dr. Paula Pieket·~.

Dr. Ft~ke'1;t was born in Dallas, Texas. She waEr hrollght up .in ColoradO. Her pe:rmalle-:;t rblslCl.ence is now ttl Alhmnbra, Oal~::·(Jl·!l;l.a.,

She :re(")l-~'ed her med1cal degree from +he tJa~v3_"'5i ty of Colorado Medical Sehoo.L, ;';1;', }J:,ckc.t'U did post-graduate and S\!l"'Scl":r wo:r:i-;:e.t ~'l:)we:r Fifth Avenue HospitaJ. ill Hew tnk Li~.v.

t:'1he l.S .I'!.OW ini,.e:cni:lg at lang's County Ho3p"~" t.s!l in Brooklyn. Dr. Pi.okett Will go back to Hew York atter the JItlID-


Camp WiShes Dr. Piokett the best of luok in the tuture.


- bl Uu Silber and Ira S&lcimoD -

The 0_» orohestra ana choir, or ... ized by David, have been rehears1DC ee last week. The oholr l184e it. at .appearance at last Friday night'. ices.

In the orchestra there are 15 08Dp~ • Fullowingere their names and in. enta,

Tl."Ul;},ets. - Ben Flust1lJl'. BQbert Mos- 1,. Don Dcneh1. llL\r~' Rt..ttincr. )like oc..orcott, Alan Dcnn;

Clarinets - Petel.' Berkley, Bob Ros-

erg, Mark Lerner;

Trcr.bone - Bobb:! Freund;

Flute. - Stevo ·,101.s.S. Joe Hc:cc,:ltzj DI(U,"El - Lol:ic Binda:;:;

Cornet - Peter Rose,)")ol'S Acoord1on- Il'C:! Salanon.

'Members otthe cmnp choir' Include tel' StetlQann, Michael Coplin. Ml.chael llova, Bob Goldberg, Barry Silverman, ert Hogull, Andy Tessler, Steve Scholz, and Bobby Freund. Others in the ir are Roger Manshel t U1ke Goldberg. nny Jacobson, Charles Landesman, Lewis 1eaman.

A mUSic play. "Y/e've 'Came From the r', Will be presented :tn about ~ the Volunteers for s11lg1ng and speskparts should see DaVid in Cabin 1.


- by Charles Landesman -

OUr DeW archery counsellor t Dick -er, .has planned an interesting profD, tor archery this year.

Xhere Will be several types of pot1ng sUch as regulation target shoot .. ~ and cloud shoooting. There alao U be distance contests r.en4 ~8}JooA .~

A. reI' 1JIl,PrOVSlenta have been macle. ,areUe new target covers and same J18W rowa. The bows have also been fixed • There Will be.1fl:I.:l.to ,gu.i-4e l1Ae. ~and 00\106 boua.

• 6


- by J81 Gerber -

.Iit was very hot when we left Grand Oentral Stattoll to came to canp, but It was cool When we got oft the train.

When we got to c_p 1 t wun' t the way I pictured it to be. We made our _ads and took a dip in the lake.

When we played basketball the rules ot the gsme cae back to m... On the nature hikes Rod taught me things I never knew before. 1 learned how to play tennis and played it right.

Int1shiDg, I caUSht 10 t1 sh in one day-. and that' B good tor a newcamner.

I em having a g()Od tiJDe and learn .. 111& new things every time. This is my first ye$r in any camp.

WHO plJ N ,-r?


,,0 a o.(J


(continued tram laat week)

- by Richard Goldstein ~

We were scared, .awful soared. Bi.ll thCugh t we had taken hi s things • He. ea1d,"Dcmit' tell .me any of those balon .. ey stories".

'llhen we woke up in the morning. we headed tor the woods. We found tootprInts there. After awhile the footprInts vanished.

We tound parts ot a out-up rope and we saw a treshly broken branch of a tree.Then we heard first o all tor break .. fast, 80 we went back to the cabin.

We went through the rest at the day.

Wondering about the disappearance of Btll's things. Then I go.t an idea.

Bill was O.D. and Don, our other oounsellor, was in ano"ther cabin, so our plans were perfect. That n.18ht we sneaked into the nature cabin. We found what we needed, and Were about to go out to ~ oa.bin, wh.en we suddenly ..riOpped. .

(00,.0 tillWHl. JMXt week)


-byStephel1 l!aDahel - IAat Frldq night, My 'I, we luI4 tlret Semce of the 81DDer •. The . . CID» 8Iaanble4 in the me.. hall

11D1ug up on the beleball t1e14.

Uncl. loe read· the Service and RObRosenberg 11t the oandles u loe ot the 81gD1floanae of eaoh one.' DaTtd p1.,e4 the piano tor alns1DS ledtb.e ohoir in 1 t8 fir.t appeU'~

• He alec, told the CODgreption a about • Rabbt ia Europe "bo .. au.bled. h1Jll to kDoW what... hapto a poor maD in 8 town near hileo read the MourBer's Pl'S18r. Those III the ohoir Friday I11ght ~ S1IIlOn t StepheD. He.nahal. David Donal4 Welsch J Phil ZemaDalQr.

Gluokmaa, Fred lewls,., Douala ,Peter Goertzel, O)larle8 lande_an, Eisenberg, Bobby ~fark. George Miohael Goldberg. Bobby Kl'\l-


bJ' steve' Goldring ,and George P'alk - SuD4ay I11gbt each cabin in the junoamp put on 8 skit tor the whole

Thes. are the names ot the Skit.

the Cabl118 whioh put t~ on.

Oabin 1 . - "Gl.ve I t To Ue •. " cabin 2 - "Aqua Putrtd."

Oabln 3 - "The Doctor'. ~." O~lll 4 .. "Atter Tap ....

Cabin 5 - "The First Client" Cabin 6 - .A Pu\")pet Show and AMy

SJaoD plartng the accordian.

Oabin '1 - ·CoUDSeUor' 8 De.y Off." Oabin 8 - tlA Vtl1ain'SV8Dgeance.", a pantantme nth mU81c.

eabtn 9 - ".How Time Flt ••• "

o.btn 10 - "Oam!) I",pre.e1on" In

10118 u.4 poet1'l'. .

OablA U N4 Oab~ 12- "0Uey at the Bat."


- by Alan Silber ..

. Cep MaJ1."l{ee.Nao h8.a a 12 ,.ear 014 'bueball tea tha~ ,ill a week "i11 pl.l¥ ~ep T~.KeDD7 laoo'b.OD. i8 the , •• oaptain.

In practioe a bo7 hi ta fUe. to the outtield an4 grounder. 1;0 the lntie14. J{8~ ... the teE to tea the fie14 tor praotice. ScDet1JU. there 81'8 praotioe ohoQ .. -up ...... CeDd.ida~e. tor te. an: Pitcher, lett Hare; Catoher Ral.~ laleen and MIlr8 MIJrowIllq, 'Mike BraUCW8 aDd Diok E.~~ •.

Infleld ou41de:tea,8ftl lB, Bea lay P'luu8ri fB,. X.e Uetau4ort; 38, Ken IncobllOn; SS,. Peter St8illll&IID., In the outfield lohDnJ Ro .. 18 a oandidate tor tbe letttlald 8pot,. and Alan S11be~ aDd Bu44J" Goldberg $1'e trnng tor the right f1814 poai tion.. Alan :h'ledman, Billy Ftt.d" Paul Klaa11k, aDd Andy P'r87 are tmag tor the oelltertialdera aDd rov .. iDS oenter'. pOlitlona.

KonlW urse. all .. 12.ya8r old boys to try o~t for the team.


, ,

-, ~


A new rifle rimee Us been added to Cap Mah...Kee-Nao's taol11tl" thi. 8U1D..er., Thi8 18 the tU'8t rttle ruge Wi th a root )OOl...Kea-Nao has ever had.

T'r18 makes ritlery DOW another

ra1ar daractlvlty.

OUl" ~ttl.a this year oonstat ot two filuM.tara, three Sevll&e8. eDd ODe Ste.,.na. Gru. has been planted in tront ot the t1r111g line. The &J'U., When It 0CIIl8. up, Will ad4 to. ~e beau't7 ot the rBIIge.


q(JlJ, Brup

at .lenn, A1a~j,.

xttI • No.3

July 22, 1950

.. / 4.,


l/kCt_-· jti/

:Tellll 2. ",ept into the lead ot theUah-Kae-Nao 1'ilater Carnival OD SatUrdBy atterno.on. aB1n1ns a ODe point lead in the aquatio events over· R'8I1 4. 33 ... 32. The soore announced at thesWUJm1ng meet was a 32 - 32 tie between. T8fID. 2 and Teem 4-, but a further . check of the sooriDl revealea. a. mistake that gave Tee 2 one more point to take the lead.

Seriral. events we" not run ott Saturday attermon but they Will be held as L400n as further arrangements can bamade. Thus, Team. 2's lead W111 tiavij to bede1'ended in Canoe Hand Paddling ,Rowboat H8.Dd Pac14 ... ling. and Towel Rel8,1 events.Temn 2pl,aoed .tlmers in U ot tbe 14 "1.'aoes beld, Team 4, the, runner-up. plaoedln 10.

Te. 5 waa third wi th 27 pOints; Teem e ended. up in tourth Wi th 21, TfiItt e acored 16 points to gain titth spot; and Te~ 1 1- tral11.ag Wi th l.a points.


AI O'ClIIlplete resume 'ot the sooriDg in each event Will 1'0110 ••


, .

(Po1Ata were .awarded in team events OD. a. 7-4-22 'basis. BJld 5-3-1 single man events.)


lat .Huaty Goldateln 2nd BO'beDeI'f3: • 31"4 Peter Friedman


(Team 4) :('1', .. 5) (TMl\ 2)

Diok Lo~enstein (1) larry Kobre (3)' oarl ne'Dholtz(e)

CHBRotol:ES :

let Steve Wal86 2D4 lfarty Sohwartz K4 Sill.J J'rled

('1' .... 2) (Tot.l!l 6) (Team 1)

Other Entries: ·Roger MC".:nshe1 (3)

lItka Bachs (4)

Sk1pFeUer (5)

(oont1lW.ed on Dext peae)

(oontinued trca page 1)

Pajana Race

('Team 5) Bud Goldberg (Tean 2) Charles La"Ade8lllBn (Team 4)'

. •

Bob Yot:;ull

Hank' GreeAtleld StePhen .KleilL


Spoon Retrieving

Other Entries: Ed Goldberg (1) Ralph Fe1Gen (5) John RUH (6)

(Tem 2) (T~ 4) (TeWl 6)

O'U~Entries: Al Silber (·S)

Don Donchl (1)

Pete Rosenberg(5)


J'ollA Litland (TeQPl e) ,

lhm Wobll'eich (T~em 1)

Roger Season.etn (Tctlm 2)

St~ Fulk Riukle Fl1'W !'ruG. Low1a

Other Entries: Bruoe Scott, (~)

Phil Zemanalq ,(4) J'tm Hor1aAd (5)

('Tean l,~ '(To:'r.l. 4) (TDQn 3)

Other' Entries: Mike Gcld'bere 1(2) Bob Kle1ll11'aks (s) Bobby !Dry I(ti}

(TOeM 4) (Toom ',5,) (Team 2)

Other Entries: D~T. L1 tn1n (1) StuortHoll;-..Jlder (5)

Fred lU~~mer (0)

Other E!ltr1ea: Bob Strc.0k8 (1)

Milt Reiman (2,)

Ricki. Lnrner (O)

'(T,"'- I~)

I .... '-i!.'; ...

(Tew- 3) ('Foam 5)

(oontinued on next page)

'1'_ 2 - Roger Kempler, Steve Weiss,Mlke }~ako.alq T6~ e .. Mart;,1 S~h'N'artz, Bnb Pei'tier'., I.ewia Kr1~er Ta6t1l " .. I!:l~& Sauhs"Rusty Qoldstein, LouiS Btnder


T&1!II:.l3 .. Ed Bendet. J'oe ,Horowitz, Larl"yKob:re

~'8sr. 5 .. Dave Manisehewt'liz, j'aul K1Be11k,Bl111 Fried r.L'eam 1 - l~ed Finkel. Ray Epstein. Dick Iowenstein


'!'",a.n 5 .. Bob Rosenberg. Gerald Hore... Skipp)' Feller Tde;'il II - Bud Go11berg, UiJ.::e Eber. Bob Mogull

Te~.J1 3 - P,aullfotJooe. Hol:~\h Feisen, Leo !,fetv..ell4ort


Team, 1 - Don Donohl, Eddie Golabera. Ken .1acobsoll Tea 4 .. Pete Steimnann, Alan Fr1eam.an, Andrew Ere}' Team 6 ... lUke Bra:Uove, John Rose, Bob Freund.


Gerald Morea. (T,8111 5) Rust;y Goldstein ,('I'e~, 4) Steve,leiBB ' (Team 2)

Other Entrle': Bill Fried Roger Manahel Hike Bral10ve

T:"" L~!'J.::: :'e~ U", ·,",';;,·d Bow. l' :.:~ L1 :~).; nd

(T ,",',' .~),

. ,.~ ..

(M. ,_ ''C)

"L, .. "

(T.:-~·t:: .1)


Other Entries: JSID. ,Et. aenberg (1)

Diok Goldstein (8) Fred Slegel (5)


Te-. 3 (atok,l. Flrtel, laok1e Grubtn

'1'1. be.een Te_ 5 and '1'.. 2 (Tea 5 - Fred aUla, .Gery Sllveratein)

• Team 2. - Carl Rosenberg,· ~Ul t Rei1man)

Entrie.: Tee 1 ... }fike Stiglitz, Bob Stracks

118_ " - StuartFalk. Don GreeDe

Tea 6 -tll.ohal'd Al1man, lerr:{ Dreekin


TeIII e .. .1ohn L1tlnnd, Stephell !fBA.l. Donald lAtw!a, Doawld BollDlltr Te_ 1 - lack i7oblre1oh. Don Donchi, 11m Eisenberg. Ken 3'acOb8011 '1'e_ 2 - Bob l~Oo:JU,ll1 Hager Seucu",e1n. Pe'ter Friedman. ~k LaDer


Tea 8 • BI'ua. SOott, Riohard. B_. I:r~ SalcIDon, AndreW '1'es81er TMI " - Phil Zeaulq. Hobert Uazi;. SIIn Bettler. Bonk G:reeDtleld ,,_ 5 - Alan Bo .. , z.tn ZIllIon, Eddie AM, Rall'h ~fuata'



The tile quoat101l 111. Oen!, lIoh.zc:o·o. la, v1hat 11 the G:nm4 QpeIl1I11'l

All around oamp there are.1IM "WelOClll. to tl1e Grand OpentDlit• JOUr A11I at the 'Grand Open1Dg". BDY' ot you )mo. What the 'GraDd OpeDlS? It l'OU don't know. by the t1me

get till1ahed rea41Dg thie article ~ll.

Your reporter has gone enoopiDg to the dltterent counseUors' ·8a ..

tlIertJJl hints here and there. u4 finallr I haft discovered What it 1 ••

It 18 the towel bin town at the bo.thouH.

M8D¥ ot 70U have been woDderiDS what Gunther has been doing doq there~ treU. DOW }'OU know. In.tead o't piling the tow.la on the floor JOu throw thai

clown the chute. .

It 1& a big help becauae there will be more roaD. and Will improve JOUr stll.


- by Tot_ aDd J'1m Borland -

The junior oamp 'B aecoM boZiDg ; held in the outdoor arena, gave a crowd 15actlon-paoked, DO-decBion bouta.

No knookouta were Boored 88 the diSPlayed equal abll1 ty both. pUDOhlng apd detensive taotio ••

Ip. the firBt tight on \1ec1naadq ningM1ke Sttgli tz Bquared ott again- 10n Greene. In a tlU1T1 ot u:cite-

• 10n ruahed into the ring With hiB still wrapped around hie neck. The was delayed long enough to thrOW towel out ot the ring.

In other one-rounders TCIIIIlY L1tland Bob Kruvant put on a aluggtDg match brought photographers to their teet action shotB, 8.D4 Paul Golc!berg took M1ke Auguat. Andy SimOn met ;rett t" .............. in a OM round bout.

In the fifth tight Doug Gro.s 8001"Wi th a right that sent Richard Roae hi. kDHs. but Richard was back up tn t.DataD.t. to tiAt_ 1;he ... ~ .... Dly.

Mike Goldberg aDd t.wtl J'r1ect.aan were paIred ott iJl an even matoh, 8Dd Ed. Aah 'a toot1rork earned him everatlD8 ..alD8tthe power of George Wohlrelcb.

. In other bouta HoIl. Nordmann tought

Bobby Jleinwaka and .Rlohard Allison toOt on J'Q~ Grosa.

The atmi-tlne1 attraction pi ttad DoD8ld ITelsch, sub.,ti tutl.ag for Phil zemanalc:y, who wa.a out Wi th a sore wrist. &ga1ll1t Mauon GruzeD., the battler ot Cabin 10. This one - rouncler p:roYtdec1 fUll measure of thrilla as both boya showed great boxlngtalents.

butch between 1m HorlBD4 BD4 .AlaD Rose turned lnw a sl~eat that waa extended to two roUDda. Both bo.ya are 1Jl Cabin 8.Bobby Le~ aDd .Alan S1eslll eDgeseel in another one-rounder. u 41d '~il ton Reitman ad Fred Iewta. Rickie Lamer aid Rlchard Altmaa tlnl8he4 the lut of the Choctaw tlghta. and J'ack \lohlreloh tpqht Steve )lan-hel 1A tb.e t;Iro-rouDd .,.1o.-r.


- by Eddie BeDdet -

DOt only did we get moVi •• on Mon-

lutweak, but a reel of' ahorta aD too. .Due to the rain .n s~ Jia:rnDt!JD~ both juD1or8 and aemora were to tour abort length 0.841"

a hilarious Laurel aD4 Harq

on Mon48f we ,aU' a Marx Bros. OeD-

_t1 tle4 "BOCJIlServloe" • It WGa t three, men who wanted to put all a • oDl.J they didn't have the moDel' to


To oanpl1.oate matters thq owed te a sum of mOD81 to 8 hotel OWD81". they were toroed to remaln in his

.Hcpo. lID.used everyone, With hiB can-

antioa. and Grouoho 88 usual had W1aeora0k8. Except for the tact the sound. track wasn't Quite a1eart. ot the oanpera anjoyed the movie.

• by HaDk Greenfield - Tuead81 mornlng at 6 o'clock W8 went our seoond bird bike wl th :aod.Shortatter we started out we saw a house

Then 'fa went down the road and saw a "that 18 very rare ar0UD4 here--the 8Dd White i1arbler. It uaual.l.JiS in Oanada. Rod said 1t was probOD a trip and not maklDg a neat.

Tho people that went on the trip Mark Laroor, Dtumy Rot'\;lDC', In Paul LeoPOld. Pete Rosenberg,

lfaDk ~1el4. '

~1fI)DONIT ? ? ?


- blRlohar4 Goldstein •

(The .a~ .0 tar: Obapt6r I·, we had been in orap ten da7a when Bill t. equlpnent went through the oe·l11Dg In the 1I14dle of' the I11sht. Tho:-. was a aoreem. CJIAPIl'm n • We tleund out a plan u4 ane8ked lnto the Datum cabin.)

Click, oliok. The door locked' We looked out ad .. Rod walk1ag to the senlor camp. Be 8Q:t'l.d, walked back to tbenature oabin, and ploked up the teleacope. We ma4e a break: tor 1 t. We beard a voiee 8Sf "Swp t ."

(to be oontlnued)


- by Ohuck Salata

r . - and Robert Ooldtarb

"\V~ !j.1~7.7'1;J~'1J.' II;"

, •. 1.,,;\ ... ,.(.t, ,.~'IiJf~ ~:m '/,"/ ...

The 1rcx1uo18 Tribe took a ldke up MonUl'lent Mountain laat Tueada,y.. No gen transported to, the mountain and we cl~bed up.

It 0Dl..y took us an hour and a halt to get up the mountain which 1. 1,710 teet high. When we 60t to the top the Wind started to blow. \70 bed our lunoh and picked berries tor dessert.

Atter that we returned down the mountain. Then we ba41ce 01'91111. We tiere playing around when suddenly. It atartedto rain. v1etound ahel ter under the table, but the raiD leaked through.

Wa ;!ere aoalclnc wet. Thc.:1 \":e found shelter In the rooka. We, I'I~de ·11 big 1'11"8 aDd stood near it to warm up.

Then the truck orae and took UI back to camp. On the truck we dried ourselvea ott. Uta!· that Tie Dl:UJg 80DgS and when we ,got to camp. we chmJsed our olothes.


Lut... the boy. otoabtn 9 an4 1. 10 went, on aoaa.btD84 Datura hDil. art trip. Wi th ROd. Coler aDd Ba'1 . I the proup ot 12 b07l vial tea the S8.DOtuarJ and the BeaverDall.

While there molt ot :the boJ8 went OD . ke. TIley .ere Rioherd Baa. Peter Mul. DeY14 Wartsl. Geo1"S8 Falk. Stegel, Bobby Mark, Nomen JIM •• ,er SChwartz, MaxIoD GruHn, 8D4 1111


1aGk \1ohlre1chu4 R10llard Goldstein d ezoellant work at the Sanotuary.

__ .


U8D¥ pioture. are DOW on ezb1bt tl011 the Art Oabln on the outSide bulle Un .

ards. Q

On ODe atde 1a aD exillbl t ocmpletely e bl the Ohoctaw.. The draw1Di8 are . Jon Greena,Pete Spe188,Mllton R,Uman. ~hQ\\ Al1mau.:GalT Silversteln, Stuart

"., Rlokte Wner. BobbyStracka, and d leWls.

On the other· 8148 ot the board are ture. by other o8llper8. They llLClu4e

"Tot. Pole" by Dan4 Ueb.man. Alea eta "'.rhe Oloan I done on 8oretohboard. • EDglaod laJm" by DaJm¥ RattlD8r.8D4 rd BaDctUU'1" drawn by Rl0har4 (]OldIn OD. hi8 trtpthere leat week.


- by S'teTe MaDahel ...

Sentoe. t~ the put two hiclll,J" ta haft beeA :a.e4 by Noa liDir 8D4 laolu4ec1 JUD¥ .. 1ea1;10_ by tile 08IIP

. 11" UD4el" Da114·. 41notlon. .

Lut uHk .1P11, Feller 1'U4 tbe in_tiOD and Boeer It_pl. r..a the 8ft ..

.' .U .• lH1. Diesel" It.te4 the 0_I. Jl8rtln ,SOh1f81ttz aII4 a.~ Il0l' ...

. as l'MIleN ad Steve Wet •• ned

~ I.' .

Dand told the a1;ol"1 ot two b1"Othere t> "ere juclpa In a 01 t7. 0. .tuok ta • letter ot the law and It.te .. 4 o~

taot., while the other brother ... too 114-beerte4 8114 lUll. deol1110u on th. 118 ot 11884. .A.tterat!aethey were 1NN1D& each o1iher'. 4eolatou. 'lb., I1Il4 th8Il the, • OCIIlP1'QI1,ae between taot

I t"'iaI aut M made.

Philip Zeueq AIlC •• 010 With tile choir 4UJ"lDg 0 .. of their l'U41t1o.u.

'l'h111 1'88t Fzic1q 101018t. With the ohoir 180luc1e4 Charl_ La4e __ • 1~

Ellenberg, Doul4 VelHh. aD4 PhUlp z.- 1IQIIJq, aDd Bobb7 lferk.

PanlO1p81l_ in thtt •• rno., "eft ., BeD4et, who 1"884 PI8lm as" Bob Ro ...... 8M,.. Dec,tar. Robert PeteI'll. ua Ropr.

Melwhel. .

BIU 1MDel' 4eU .. re4 a _.. tell- 1111 the ato1'7 of BEl who pI"oft4 btpMlt III laattle apl·Nt the e .. l •• et Ianel, ..a Who save o:re41 t to 00c1 tor W11Ul1D8 -.h. ware. Saul led hill people to prQV Den the battI. bad bea... Bill a14 the ollllpel"ll that :the,. too Aaal4.NalI" _hat a Y101io1:7 in .... ,. the IIOlit of .... th& 0_ 'boy.

CHOCTAWS - Top row - Counselors: George Lim, Sherm.an Kronisch, Gerald Abraham, Sol Feinberg. Center row - Peter Spies, Gary Silverstein, Bobby Stracks, Rickie Lamer, Michael Stiglitz, Richard Altman, Stuart llalk. Bottom row - Cad Rosenberg, Rickie Firtel, Jerry Dreskin, Milton Reitman, Jackie Grubia, JeHrey Hirsch, Fred Lewis, Jonathan Greene.

APACI:lES- Top row - Counselors: Walter Behr, Phil Nelson, Will Maloney. Third row - Jeffrey Weiss, Richard Allison, Smart Hollander, !Bobby Eber, Alan Gluckman, Jeffrey Gindin. Second row - Douglas Gross, Martin Goldberg, George Woh[reich, David Litwin, Andrew Simon, Fred Kramer. First row - Jeffrey Owen, Danny Steinmann, Richard Rose, Tommy Lifland, Robert Kruvant, Jon. Gross.

IROQUOIS - Top row - Counselors: Neil Handelman, Michael Spicer, David Greiner, Howard .Frucht. Third row _Chuck Saleean, Ronald Nordmann, Alex Siegel, Bobby Levy, Lewis Friedman. Second row - Bobby Kleinwaks, Michael Goldberg, Charles Salfeld, Robert Ratner, Paul Goldberg, Steve Goldring, Michael Markensohn. First row - Michael 'August, Billy Rosenbaum, Leonard Levin, David Lieberman, Robert GOldfarb, Michael Chodorcoff.

MOHICANS - Top row - Counselors: JaP< Brooks, Harold Lewis, Donald Brief, Leonard Zweig, Bill Ladner. Third row - Richard Goldstein, Norman Mass, George Falk, Clem Wohlreich, Donald Welsch, Dennis Tepperman, Maxson Gruzen, Second row - David Wartels, Fred Siegal, Richard Baum, Broce Scott, John Lifland, JilllJIlie Eisenberg, Philip Zemansky, Stephen Manshel, First row - Roger Schwanz, Peter Goertzel, Roger Seasonwein, .Bobby Mark, Eddie Ash, Jimmy Horland, Alan Rose, Jay Gerber.

NAVAJOS - Top row - Counselors: Frank Maze, Slgppy Bronston, Howard Pollock, Rod Coler, Sheldon Grebstein. Third liOW - Leonard Zamore, Steve Shoenholz, Donald Lewis, Andy Tessler, Peter Berkley, Barry Silverman, Sammy Reifler. Second row- Steve Klein, Donald Roemer, Paul Leopold, Danny Rartiaer, Peter Rosenberg, Mark Lamer, Ira Salomon, Bobby Mogull, Ralph Muskat. First row ~. Bobby. Freund, Donald Greenfield, Don Donehi, Alan: SilDer, Kenneth. Jacobson, Hank Greenfield.

CHEYENNES - Top row ~ Counselors: Dick Walker. Les Barad, Jerry Brooks, Norman .Finer. Third row - David Manischewitz" Peter Steinmann, Lee Metzendorf. Michael Eber, jonny Rose, Billy Fried, Andy Frey. Second row - Jeffrey Hare, Ben Jay Flusser, Charles Landesman, .Buddy Goldberg, Paul Klselik, Eddie Goldberg. First row - Michael Brailove, ·RaIph Feigin, Alan Friedman, Michael Makowsky, Paul Moscoe, Richard Ehrenberg.

CHEROKEES - Top row- Counselors: Mort Siegel. Paul Lippe, Dick Savage. Third row - Bill Fried, Michael Sachs, Harold Gibber, Martin Schwartz. Second row - Robert Rosenberg, Steve Deeter, Robert Peters, Roger Manshel, Eddie Bendec, First row - Gerald Moress, Skippy Feller, Lewis Krieger, Roger Kempler, Steve Weiss.


at .!UI/J;K" A1rJM..

Jul, 29. 1950

llII - No. 4:

1l1nr~e .,' ({)dlI--

. r:CO!fJ.lffJlECiiO.J.i !JRoP/err·

- by Edd1eBendet ..

011 Wednesday. July 26, seTan Ch~rokeest Edd1e Bendet, Steve :peotar, ROGer iManshel, Bob Peters. Bob Rosenbe·rgt Ned Ft~el,and Mar\y ~chwartz, lett With two counseUors, F.:ank lfAa,e and Diok savage,on a three-day Connectiout trip.

VIe got our canoes and equiIJllent ready and packed them on the trailor. Vie st8l'tedout at 10,:46 in the oemp truck. DeNe drove us to South Deerfield' on the Connectioutalver where we had our lunch. We ~en carrted our supplies and canoes down the bank ot the 1"1 ver and prepared to dlsembark.

, After Dave .had lett we, found that we had been l.et ott a 'few miles ahead at the starting point. Dick and Frank ,deCided that we should paddle upstream to our tlrstn1ghtts campingSi te.Butaftar gOl,Dg upstream a little, they decided that the idea was not too wise.

,Since everybody wanted to take ,8 dip we stopped on a rock. beach, got into our SW1lI1 trunks. end went in. Attar a refreshing SWiJn we reversed our oourse and went o'n dOwnstrean. Atter travelling down the river about another 2-1/2 hours .e reached North Hadley. At the time,

, O'e dian 't. kDow it was that town because all we could see was a barn.

But hank saw a group ot flat rooks and suggested we eat there. He $hen ,Spotted salle houses, and 81110e we were huDgry and in need ot water, we beaohed o\,1rcanaes and thtee ot us went With Frank io,get

water an;...:..0da., r...J1 /"\_

{ y~\. ~ 1::'-1 ' '\.,_ n '

___.r-;..,- ~ • =---- ~

, (Collt.1nued OD. peg8 5)

" ,


._--_.,,-- ---.------~--. -" - " ..

,,,~ .. _ .. _" ". " ~". L 000



- bl Patel' Earkle:r and Donald ROMer - CB!1p Mah~8-Nac \'7eloCllle's Robert BOt.1Ada, better known to the CBUlpers 88 Chief Grey Wolt.

Grey Wolt has oome to teaoh the bOJ8 Ind1GA !Dre.

Gray "lolt was born. Robert Hot.1Ade in Cop~en. Demerk. no 8~ud1ed art at the Royal Ar~ AcadaQ' in Copenhagen and oame to this country in 1922.

Be -&8 ottered, aDd acoepted, a job at the tTJ'liv8rs1 t7 ot' Minneaota to make researoh draWings.

Attert1n1eh1~ this .8Se1ganent. he moved to a log cabin in the north woods, to trap end do same painting.

,. o •. dny while trap~lDg he found a

young ID4t·a.n, boy Who had fallen into a pi t. T"ru:t Indi~.n had brokeA his leg and Grey Wolt took the chance at ,setting it.

After baDCleglDe;, i.t" he 'brou,ghtthe bo, baokto, the O~lppa1!l8.f Yillage 'aoross thei lake. Than Gl'ey Wolt M»tt for a doctor trca theD88Hs,t town. Grey Vlolf. upon re(!uest"stayed With the. boy until he was able to 1I8lk again •

.A8 Grey Wo~ was about to leave ,two :Iru1i.o.u lntull regalla oeme and brought hiJll Into the Indian c.ounc1l where he sat in the place ot honor. The ne4101ne maD oall. h1Dl up and than the ceranoW" began. The. MediCine man cut a .li t in his own am and one in Grey Wolf'·.. Then 8IJ, IndIan cane forward With 0. bowl ot ashea. A tew drops ot blood dripped in tram the medio1'ne man aDd fran Grey i1olf.

The blooe). and the ash •• were· stirred ~ether. Then it was teJcentothe top' of a hi.ll where 1 t wu soattered to the four winde a8 • sl'tlbol that what had been done would never be changed. This was the adoption ceranony.

, . ~.~

That n1sht they had another cere .... <::- ~..!- ~

DlOd7 where he reoeived his name • GreT'~ - ~_J

Walt - or in Indian,. MaheeD-Gon. o' .o_ z:~J.I ~7D.

Grey Wolf spent three years With;Z I " \'")

the." 0 '0 ChiPP. awaya, and two years atte. rthat £, A. .' -tvj

Wi th the Blackfeet. He spent 16 years . Iti" . •. -;

wnh mu,ydifferent tribes. i/...... ,._y

While he wee With the Indians, he 'fio',..

pe1nted many piotures ot Indian li.fe. He ;") '. •

has alllO written articles on Indiana in l~'

national magazines. L.... ~. o •• _

Grey Wolf and hls Wit'e Morning Star ('-. ~ ~t3oo .

. have 11 Ted in New York tor seveD. years. ~~

They bue appeare4 on IIlIm¥ radio and r ,- - 0 0

~3~lP= P.:r~ ~.=. ./ ... ~. f ~JI1\ ~.

Grey Wolf" Will be .~ CBPlP untll . IlIiUI

August 6th •.

. .

.,_ -_._.__;__ __ .... __ ~. !Jl!.1'~ ._


-by Stephen Manshel -

"w. 've CCXIlBFrcm the 01 ty". a mus1c teaturiDg the most talented actors singel's tn Camp Mah ... KeE:t"';N~ is now the !"ehearsal atages. i'rodu:led under d's direction the play is tenta.tiveset for pt9rtomance on August 12. Principals in the play include E4 et as Mr. Cory. Oharles LeJ'\deaman as rge Edson, a tarmer, Br:b Rose.nberg as on, a rebel tarmer t and RUf;er l!aa-. 1 as a construotion engineer.

iOthe1'8 Son the cast include Doaald soh. Mike Goldberg.J'tr.lII\Y Hor4D4, liP Ze-'u.uaky. Peter Goertzel, AD4f n, George T:lohlre1ch; Robert Xruvent, hen Manshel, J!rmIy Eisenberg, !)eDDie

pexman, and Bobb, Uo.rk.


- b'f Say Garber - .

(The stolT so far: Ohapter I '!'" '-i/.

In csnp 10 d~8 when Bill' 8 equip.. t went through the oetllng in the cUe . ot the night. Cha·tlter II - \ie

acme clueB and sneaked into the ;',:1.'8 Cabin to·,~t, iaane th1nes we needChapter III .. ',Ie aa~: Ro4 comtn.; and e a break tor it, J, 1'010e oalled !" )1

It was sur, He "88 O.D. Vie told that the radl0 in th$ help's oabin _ too loud and we .ere try1D& to tlnd so he could uk thE to lower 'the o.

Lucky tor us the 1"8.(\1<0 was goiD6loud.

WheD W8 ;sot back to the cabin 1r8 pt the mouae, traps ott the tln-oan ap. w. had taken tran the Nature Cab-


We toUDd a .trtJlg lea4tug traD r·s bed to the oe111ng. We planted ~ in. .la¥'_ 'bedroll.

AzroUDd S A.M. we ~d _thiDa em 18 root.

(to H oonal»4ed DOt we.)


... by Hank Greenfteld - Tu.esd~ night the Moh1oe.n tribe at the J'unior Canp Vistted the Seniors at their weekly cookout.

Preparat1oD.B started in the afternoon when the Seniors changed their oa:nptire places to a new 81 te because every ttme It rained the ttres would flood. So we had to bUild De. ones and move all the tables.

Atter that we had 'to Iget enough WOOd to last tor a longtime.

I/hell the cookout started we .got .hecburgers. potatoes, oD.iOJ1S r milk" cake and bread., The JIoh1c&ns. o0ll8ist1ng of Oabtns 'I t 8, 9, and 10" ate With the older Sentora.

fr/Y P'

Atter e",:ryone waa tlnfahed eatlDg we got around a biS oampfire and Rod COler oonducted the progran.. We, .tarted oft by u.V1ug the "Tin Can \1arbler." sll1gillg. They were the tollowlbg oounseUors: .Nom l'iner. Yort Siegel, J'err'1' Brooke, Jack BroOks. ten zweig t Sh8ll,. G~eb8tetn. Bowle Pollaok. Don'· Brief, Dick Walker, and Bill Iadner.

Tben we hacl a conteat to 8.e, no coUld. 81.t ona 1'0\1114 0811 Wi thone heel on the ground,and the other toot orossed o:t'er. and 111'1 te "Mah-Ke8-NaC" on a pad.

Atter that we had a ao-oalled"bor88 race". Two .triD&8 1r81"e stretched out and paper CODeS placed on thG. '!'he .. bo7a had to orawl &loDS behind the co~/" and blowthlm aor088 the tintah 11118. 11~ • ... tl lot of tun.

Grel' Wolt o aile to the tire draa." iD ID4!.&n 00'_. and told u. a .to" about· a tox aZi4 au .I.a4iaa. ~

&-- .. _,, .. 9 TO'l'1!M

____ lYe 4

Ta.k e All ]JCf..j Art Trt'p

T.h~ tirst ~a1 art trip, tor jun- 1n the history of Meh..&ae-Nac was las,t Monday when a group of 14 visited the' Chene.ul tf81'm With


They also Visited the covered bridge the Housatonic Ri var near t7est lae, loagest oovered bridge tn MaasaohU• Several drawings of' the bridge made.

At the tam theboY8 made draWiDg8 watohed while the cows were milked. ,also ted the pigs.,

The boys on the trip were Philip snaky. Noman Mass, Donald Welsch, Saletan, Mike Chodorcot't. Stephen • John L1f'lend, Denn1sTeppeman.

boys fran Oabin 9 tl'eZ"e also on the' • They werEP David Vfartels t Bobby , Peter QQertzel, Fred Siegal, R1chBaum, and 'George Falk.


B,lll Kooh, our eampora1't oounsellor 8, ye8l".haa rea1~ br1glltened up our activities. The QaIlp Sl,te year Is to the upper right 01' the riDg_

Places bave been sst up tor prapar~ tood and keeping equipaent. 11ft,: ~l8Ces are set up tor cooking aDd p tents are to '1ib.e lett 01' the area 1n ~oh the boys sleep.

. Ti. boys learn to sharpen, axe. aod ~ve. ,aDd to' use than With great _bll .. r. U8l1Jteats have to be puaed be· re the boys are allow.d to UN their :l~s_a:a4 ....


Several new pictures b,y tIfth-Kee-Nac oampers are now on exhibition on the bulletin board outside the Art Oahtn.

They include the following:

"Cook Fight" by DaVid '.fortele

"Prair1e Sce.ne" by Fred Kraner "Indian Le.ndscape" by OllUok Saletan

"Old log C.~tbtD Town" by D:lve Litwin

John L1tland' 8 "A..hstraotton" oan be seen on the wall ot the building near the entrance to the cab In.

- by LeWis Krieger -

. When the boys go up to the B1 te tor sleepIng out. wood is gathered tor the meal. Atter the meal stort.e are told and later oocoa and marshmallow8 are eaten.

When the boys c(IIle back -they know they have been given a al1ght taste ot what they Will meet on tuture trip ••

·h 'r .. ~

THE '1OTDl 'Paw. 5

______________ ..:=_- ..... :;w ..... r.;;;;e...;- ='- __

I" _North JJe41q ill right., But 1 tWUD' t lJluoA like we upeeted. The 1cnm oOnsisted ot about tive store., ODe churoh, and 50 or more house.. W. ware surprised to 88e our water obtained trc:a a pump lnatead ot • faucet.

BeiUrDi%16 to our cap 81te .1 cooked our 8UpJler which DOnalsted of 8teek,Io4a,oll10,Il8,and potatoe.. Atwr eatiDg a good supper lQlder a beautiful setting DUn _nahed our equipaent a.u4 shoved ott. We tlGnt a 11 tt18 waye upstreaa 1;0 a II8Dd)" beaoh whue .e disembarked and set "clap. We eaob maD-pd to ria up 8CIIIl8 shel tar. JIarty and Ned ·e.t up • pUp tent sa did Fra:ak &Do. Diok. The relt of us put .up a oanvaa contraption. USiJ3g our oanoes as a tOUD4atlon.

Fzenk distributed lI(IIle peen to us, and atter a storr tl'Qll Dick .e climbed lnto our sleepiJlg bess u4 went to a1 .. P. It was a good thins there was a full. moon out or .e J18Y8Ir would han aocanpllahect

that muoh.

Moat ot us won up about "I o'oloCk to f'inda ~aVl' tog. Diok 8Jld F.rank wok. up about eto find a Walm sun. After getting our wood and bu11diDg our tires \7e ate a good breektut consisting 01' aranaaa, baa. on, egg8, toast, and ececa, W. then cleaned the area. put our sleeping b8i8 in the sun to afr out, and went tn the rlve,r for a dtp. Atter hav!Zlg 8CII1e water fights, 8D4 playing sane gemel! in the water. we au oem the Wldth of the river"

By<ihe "t!llle we shoved ott tt wu12:30, a l1ttle later~th8n we

~~~~:O:';~::·lwiCh "t'~;;"~~" on • ~.- _.. . f Y' " -

':i:D~~:'~=':~!": ::p:;:".~, ,~ --:=:~ -:

tn, It· ... ,. a .tough j()bi ga'ttlng out •• yieJ -. ""';\~ I t, ~--,. -. _;:f=

rUli!:l.l~ 'reaohell··,·Nol"thailptoil "where ,·:."e·. '. ~~: -~~ : ~l;:,l'~ .. ~~

le~4' <th~t ' w~ h,mt. ~pl,. paddled·:,thr8 •. :~ i.~ :', -': <'·':1 '.j .. 'f,;', l.c __ t:-r:·

mUeS'all .. day., .- '. ".', ." .~ _ .J~1>,.C', \t . <L~ _, ~ .. _'. ,

J1ral\k ~ tWo ot··the boys then,.nt '_k, . 7~'':' '-1.-\;;-' •• , ... '"

l1ntcf ;:to1m:. - to: S&t SCIIl6.t~d. 'When,th87: . " .,' <~ ( r

ire~a,) we· ata:r:ted ·ott- down&tree· agMi1 .' . (j" 2'~'~

but::' '1118 time ,we', lIIBde' good tfJU; ~1f1.. '- ...... '.. ,;'" '," ",: :~,.~. ~ S

paddled. two 111188, in ."halt hour.,' w.!,;·~ ;.-. ~~ - '.; ~'"

. .-~ " ~

f'ouDct ., a sandy beach nelll" .Mt.:" Taa.' Where· ; »: ,:'" . ',~. _:- n ~. ~~

... - be.abhed our " . QaDOe8. \l:hlOaded th •. l,· ..•..... ~ '!.. ---

and. stu.ted to 'make bur oamp. ~'. '., ~ . ." -' .. ':,', : . "J' +o:» r...:-: ,,:

~ ""J 1(..;...1. e 'L~ ...- j_ .. -I,.j ... '... .• t. ~~ .... , ." \... ,.,.'~ !". ~ ·:h ....... ' II> ...... ~ 'I,. r- I~ .... ~ ,:~

"'" _ ,TIlt: ... pqW18ellors '~rp;J1,oted"ll' 'oll tb-ert'911.ow,..;g·,m9rnlng p-y ~§ill8 .aii-:: O~f us. However, we had bre8k1'ast, broke canp, and ware on our ..., .~~ 10;30. ,],ater., "'_1_8tQpptdj.l~t M1;. ~ tor wat.er· ~ ~4l .-;1. pacWl"~' d01lJl8t~.· ~to:,~ 1~h1118. IJPO:~ nee.r.ow 'desti~'tiloD. ... -~1yokef. ~ll' tP1Ul4: •. flf't.eran ,bQur ot,htmt,' OQnsU~tQ;D;~_.pe.d9J.1ng·.;. ·t~t ,elb,ad ~e .-.,very . good, t:lme.";:.,A_f·,,,r ~~c.e~o~t~.d," to· He~19P ~herJt ...,e ~ ..s.~lng f'Qr 'lUI Wi.th t"~ :t11lolt~ __ i;', r i '1 " : " , ' '""' .-;' ~. ': ~ ' .. ::

... , ••.• I I, ~ 1 •• ,,~. !.......!: -" - ,,".,;~1"'1t ~ r:..~.l

_ • e" At~er'l unJ..Qadia.s :tJle: "aDDS. aDd paok1Jlg aU our equipnent in ·the tratw "n w~re, dnvtA ·.~.clc·~ 8·trtP:~t:·wU.l:.1Sv:'.·1.o~::1Jl the ~ P.1'·t~ wno W$r8 on it •

. J.., .. ' I

, '-..,.


... . ~.'.

. .

.. \' .' I "It' , .. '" ,..", ~i~ ...... , ..... '... ... Ii· •

....... - _ . .J.!!t_..;:'.l'O;;:.;TIV==-=- , --:;P!P.,;;M.;;_,6--_

I A \-~ - ~.I~ f~ - J,t I-\C~

"i 0 T E 5

... '"

Fomer Mah-Xee.:Nac, osnpera haTe: been ,drOPPing in to V'i81 t trail t1JDeto ttme., ... Thea.1Delul. Robert Klein ot South ,~., LeDD1'8 ;-_ lacoba of West ~e. aDd Bareld Goldbers of South orange ••• iBro14 started at osnp When he wu tour yeUs old, in 1931, and has spent maJll' years 111 th us •••• He stopped by With hi,ftancee, Mia. loan Pollook •••• ADother t011l1er o_per to vial t tll1. week Is BobbY' Abelson of South Orange. no o_e Wi thhia parents ••• .Bobby and his brother Art. DOW a mecl10al student In Clevel8D4. spent eight year. at 08llp.

Donald Bronston, brother of our counsellor Bk1PPJ' Bronston, i. uotl).er tomer oanper apending a .e.k-elld ,aot oaRp.

SkiPPY Bro118ton and Mike Spicer are two tomer l'ah-Kee .. Nao CIlllP.rs. Who are 'on 0\11" .tatt this year., ••• This ta SkiPP,." 8 fourth year as a counsellor, and Mike's tirst )'8ar •••• Mike wu soamper tor eight lI1IIIIIlera.

We have just received a postoard 'Iran Nyl •• BarDert who Is IIlissing his 1'1rst s1l1Dll8r at cap atter s1X years •••• Nyles .1"1 tes tran los Angele. whe:ae he 1. Vist ting with his t8ll111.1' •••• He haa been to Oataltna talanda, to nexioo 8lld to the Grand Canyon.

B.sides twin oounsellors jerry an4 J',aok Brooks, the Apache. boast 3'on aDd Doug Gross o.t P! ttstield - .. 11_ght-hear-old twins.

Bobby Mark, of Cabin g8ll4 Jerry DreBkin ot Cabin U, each haa a twiD stater at 8. 181.r1s, 1 oemp •••• The· toUO.iag oanpers ~ back at Mah., Kee~ac this S\IIII1er atter 1Ii8$1Dg ODe or more s1lllle1"8: Rusty Gold.taiD, Ed Bendet, Steve Heiss u4 Paul Ki1811k.

Steve Goldr111S t Oabin 2. spent last .e. at the Pi ttatleldGeneral Hospital, .henhe had hiS appendix 1WlOved •••• Steve recover. ed nicely aDd 1rtll return to oap this CCIIliDg .eak,and his oabin JIUlte8 looktorward to his return •••• The "t7elccme" sign was out tor :TeUrey Hirsch this week •••• Jett 18 a Ohoota. who 0_ to oaap late beoause ot chloken pox.

Bea Margoli_, our 41.t1 tiall,lett oemp on F.I1.day atter extendtag her st87 one week •••• The counsellors' sta:rt gave her .... na-ou party ThuradBJ Il1ght. Though Baa 18 sona, her menu8 remain.


• by Lewis Kriepr ..

Thi8year the boY'S ot Hah-Kee .. Nao e seen SCIIle ot the best mov!es shown o .. p. Monday' D1ght. a Ye17 clever ,"'!'he: Bachelor aDd the Bobby-SOxer". ~ Myrna Loy. Shir.ley 'repl.. BD4 Cary

Qlt. was shown. _

It was anemuaillg sto17 about,.a ~r who alwqs get8 into troUble in ~ta aDd Is sent.Deed by a WCIII8Il judge .r ODe ot thaD. The judee t. YOUDg ~oe talla 1n love Wi til the bachelor l Il8.DY interes'tIJJS aDd OCIIlical events 1.10 ••

... by Marty Schwartz -

On Tuesday a group ot boys went to P1ttst'ield to Bee the Genarallllectrl,O exhibit of high voltage engineering.

The tlrst dllllOu,trat:toa WU a bolt ot ligbtD1Dg jumpfllg 50 feet. Another d_onstration abowedthe naedot light. Ding !Ods.

Thi8 building oo.t $2 millioD. to bUild. '1'ha two geD8retor8 frcm Which the 11ghtJliDS jumpe4are 5100 kilowatt tmpula. generators.

'D:d8 i8 the lars.at .... e4e light.. niDgOenta7 tn the world.



- by Peter Berkley -

O'n Sundey .• August 13, Camp Hah .. KeeWill have its 1'irst Carnival s1noe

'The idea of having a Carn.ival was brought up by the Camper Council early July. It wa.s paased unantmous1y it was also decided that ell money ted Will go to worthy chari.ties.

The money Will be spl1 t up a:fter Carnival BllODg the chari ties chosen.

In the Oarnival of 1'947:-; wh1ch was t successJ. the money was given to

o. s,

Each cabin, bunk. and tent w111 be charge of B booth.

Tll1s year Hal LeWis is in charge ot 'Carni val. He says it will be the ggest and best Carnival Hah-Kee-Uao ever had.

The Carnival Will start off with a

parade.. We Will have a. band, clowns. ~ ....... g, ponies and gay costumes. Tentative plana are tor an outdoor booth, refreshment stands, games skill andchanoe, a photography booth

a booth Where portraIts Will be drawn.

All campers will have a certain ot money taken from. their store tor tickets to the boo,ths.

All signs point to th1 s being the Carnival. yet at ~'(,~h-ICoe .. Nac. Re- .. it 'a fo.r a great cause. Parare most wslcane to the Carnival.

S· ( • l'" D·A" Y

V I~' -'-,' I


- by Hank Greeni'ield ...

Last Saturday night we had a. special Indian Council Fire conducted by

Ch.lef Grey 7!ol:t. .

Member,s of bunks 7 and ,8 took part in two Ind1 an dances, the rain dance end the enake dance. The boys were Paul Lao~old, Alan S1.lber, Mr..rk Lamer, Peter Berkley t .Don Donch! J Donald Roemer J Don Greenfield, Alan Donn, Hank Greenfield.

Bob Freund practiced just as much as anyone else , but at the last minute he went to the Infirmary.

The fire started out When the tire~ lighters set the logs ablaze wi th tlfll1- il:lg torches.

Then the boys came in dressed 8S Indians and they danced 8.l"Oundthetire until one by one they dropped to the ground. The medicine man then danced in end as he danced around the braves. he cured each 'one.

Grey i701f showed us a tanahawk.On the tomahawk were halrlocks he said he took tram every camp he Visited.

He' d ~.d ~ dance around the counot.l ring and scared everyone, but he did DOt take any scalps.

Attar that he told the story ot bow the pinto pony got his name. Grey Walt also told the story of the Ii ttlemeasUring wom, and how he bee Blle a hero by rescuiug two I-:~~ian ohildren that all the big animals could DOt save.

I--------~...,..-.-, _ ~ ,_. ~,_.~- '1p~ .. _._..__ .___ _ ... _- __,;Pc~;e;~ • ....;2~_

$ltu(Qlr~ Jilli~-fr(()8"LlB 1 MA~ - ~EE - NAC

!n 19291, • .Joe Kru~,ar, aycung man juat three years out ot oollege decided he wanted to start a camp. Td8 camp was going to be tor boys during the ,SlDIIIlsr months ot J"Jl;r and .A.uf;llst.

The first . camp lne established was located in Becbet. l.haaaahulletta, 15 miles !ran the present ,8,1 te. joa origInally had 16 boys. Tho fIrst oampers to sign up were the O'B:'1en brothers, FraDk. Ted, EU1d Jack. They were fran Plnlntleld. Jaak and FraDlt are now lawy,ers, end Tea 18 a doctor.

I. u~,@ 'Thnt t:J.rst year loe hI,red lou Kl&1nwaks aaa coun-

sellor. Lou 'a BOA, Bcj,by t 1& now a oanpar at M~::. ....

N-~c. and Lou h:l11lselt was a father o0\U18811or two weeks ago.

In December ot 1929, Joe and Frances were marrted and b'an then on, Frances sted in dIrec,t1ng the cemp.

In 1936 Joe bought our present site "hieh had tonnerly been a girls,' canp. that ye81', and for the tolloWiDg two years. the present lodge was used as a ,ning hall. The kitchen was t'he,n located bahlndthe .lodge.. The door that DOW out toward~ the ball1'ield used to be the door leadiDgtO the ki tahen. In

the .newdin1ng hall and kitohen were built. .

On the spot where we now have our beach, there was a two.story building used a social hall upstairs and as e sWimmers' dressing room downatairs. 111 1948 B building was torn down and the present boathouse and beach were bUilt.

In the beginning ot Hah-Kee-1Tac. our present ball t1eld W88 only a th1ckl,.

rrlJ,,'~a'u. area.

Ever stnce 1941 the oamp haa had a ritle renge. This year a neVlritle range

replaced the old one.

There are many people who have been at Camp Mah..Kee-N~c t:or a long time, ther as empere, oounsellors t or lIletlbers otthe camp statf .. - ...

Lolly SnIth, our present nur,se. has been here ever since 1935., except when studdied to be a nurse-and when she was in the l~avy Nurse Corp,s. For six

to the present ttme. she has been our nurse. .

Leo Kornhauser I' .now the junior camp leader. and v"l1llie. the Chet, have been th the oamp tor 16 years. Henry Donn, known to the boys as Donn, has been Wl th canp tor 11 years. In his first years ,he was head 01' the ws.ter:front. He is spending his ninth year as head oounsellor' of the canp.

r ;'~27. L7t".-v ~ ............. " I ~ \ I -'-,-'(- ~~

'ie-~~iS .: i1;~. -

------. ~I' r ~

.. ~-~jJ

~ .. ~:i~~-_-

y;t-;' .r..

~=:::~~ &;1

Boys such as Paul Fomen. and ~on HarkaYy are now tn their 10th year. Several others spent that l!IJ1Ount o:ttime here ascl!ID.pers.

Skippy Bronston has one ot the long recorda., He was 8. camper tor 81x years, watter tor two. and i8 now in his tU'th year 8.8 a cOUDBel ... lor.

Most allot the boys who spend thelrsUIIIIle.rs here t1nd canpMehKee-N80 a very enjoyable pl.aoe to


- -


• by Richard Goldstein - CBAPl'ERV (oonolu81 all)'

. (The story so tar: We hUbee. tn 10 days when Bill' 8 equlpn8nt van• The nert night we sneaked into nature oabin and got sane mousetraps, we put in Jay'a bedroll. 'l'hat about 1 o'oloak we heard a notse root'. )

We 8811 'the oe1liDg open. We:put on shoes and waited.

J81'. bedroll started to 80 up

the ceiling.

SnapZ I The mousetraps were, sprung. ot painZl and two thuda, on the

dS OU;s1do. A AI""'1 A

J l~ \t,

'~I rtA~~~ ~

··1 Ii r)

l.- -_ ~ ,()3

""~ ",.1 j "".. ,./ •• /-., •• ,_" ,NN"

We daShed out at the oabin aDd be. ohas:[JIg the two men. Sane boya had . up the old bear trap in back at IDt'11'1Q.ary. The two men tall 1n and kDocked out by hi tUng their' heads

We tOUDd out that the two man were and weretry1Dg to acar. the oem}) 80 tha1 oould get sane gold that had stolen.

HoW did they st.u Bill's pocket andbedroU?They cut a hale in catl1D6 and put a .strtng throUgh the to theththga when we: Were DO,t 1n cabin. Then theY-B,mply pulled It in the middle at the, night to soere

We got a big 01.,000 reward. There a large reward ·otl,ered tor ,each 01' m.en and we BiLLl t ~ tup.

ODe ot the m.en allIloB,t tell off 'he and he raIled,. '!'hat was the UDacr81!1m we, had !leard.

Now we :coula spend tl1e re~tot the season having, tun.

(Note tran the author: This storJ' pure17 fiotional except. tor names aDd

.) .


- by Charles LaD488D8D -

On Thursdey J'uly29. • miD!. ature goltcoure8' was opened by BUnk I. The money which the boys are colleoting tran the tellows w110 play the Igame 1s going to the· United JeWish Appeal.

Si8M have been put ~ around the camp telling about the golt'oourae.

The rates 81"8 3~to:r 9 holea and 5; tor- 18 hole. '.

On the course there arem8D)" trapa BUoh as sand trap. and water traps. There are alao other types 01' t3:'ap8.

Eve170D8 IS welcCIIle to plaJ on the ,golt course. The boys in BUDlc I who set up the oourse are Al8J1 Friedmu., :Eddie Goldberg, Mike Eber t Ralph Feigen, and Oharles Landesman.

Other boys who are helping are Paul Klselik. Buddy Goldberg, Billy Frted, au.d Bob Rosenberg·.




Laat Friday nl8ht. In the absence . of Norm Filler, the boys ot Tent 4 were in oharge or the we.ekly camp ,881"9'lce"

,The boys wtIo oonducted the servioe were UtW18B1nder. Ra;y Ep.teln, Dl·ok lowenateiDt and Carl DeDholtz. They wer·essalsted by Stephen Manahel who lit the candles.

.1inmy Eisenberg end DoD8l.d 71elaah Bang sol.o8 11'1 th t.be osp ohoir. A recording ot "SholCJll Aleichan"", by Edgar Mills, a Newark cantor, wsa included 1n theServioe.

Dick Savage told a 8to1'1 about a sheepherder 111 the mountains ot 0010ra40. tor -hem a radiO network iDterrupted ita progrl!lm to strike a chord and allow the aheepherl.\8r to get hiB guitar 1n tuDe. Dick .uuested that ali oaa.pers pause trail tfJD.e 'to t11he to getbaok in tuDe Wi tb the rest at the oamp.

Rck lJerr/es - See Mi5S/~Yl.

Blmty POND

- by HaDk Greenfield -

friday morning. a gro1l:P of Ml110n to the t:~lck and started oft tor stookbr1dge H1sa:.on HO!.1se.

When we got "here, roe got. a guide' atstea. otf thro\l8h· the llDuse.. _ room tie oame to we.~ the 11 vilIS

• in whiohwe aawa lo:tot :lntera.tthings. Every thing in the 1"0_ back to bet~re 1776.

Vie saw a very old ohair aDd SCIIlI old ohina.

'lhe house was owned by John Sergent w.. born in NerTark. He atteDded Univera1t,. and then went to the saion HDuae in Stookbridge.

The aeoond.roCIIl we oane to was the Dg l'OCIIl. In 1 t l'as a table Wi th plata8 and over the fireplaca W88

gun. It .88 aD. old lIlUaket. aDd the de a814 he went duck huntlDg O1IOe. whan he pulled the trigger the slug dropped to the ground.

Next, .. e 0 ... to the be4roau. !Ill. bedroe "a well't into \IU Jo1m Serf.. There .. as a -11 baA and a 81iu4y a lot ot book. in 1 t. In the DDt , there 1fU a bed aD4 a bab,. .. alker. b~,. 1_ put in the walker and olslp-

:In. It moTe. When the bab,.1ffllka aDd OeD't get out.

Up_tetra .. a. the att10 Where there a lot ot.P1AD1Dg l.ocaa. The other h84 IUIDJ 014 thiD88 atoH4 ...,.. OUtside ... a b1g well ma4a of. a that t1 ttad iato a hole 1. the

There was aleo an ID41an oraft l'OCIIt. wu full of .14 IDcllu. thlDg_.Lt1ter •• nt to the Stookbr:lcJge 1lbrar.v aa4 also nat tecl a INH1D.

T.beD the truck. Ollila aA4 bl'OUght our aD4 we had a ploD1O. Then ... IIt:RPt.!u!'l oa. hike to S1iookbr:lds. beach we RAt RSIIDtDg tor about !50 min-

WhU. we •• re 'there we _ ....

M.oi!'t:w 811-1&. Then we 8tarted tor haIle .•

'1'Aa bop Who .. eat •• re S~ Kleln, Lwt., Diok P.nt_l. ler1 zaaon. sa t-,a._ ....... BalpJa .... at. Don "_'r. Peter pw.I:a.4IIIr~. DoD Qneatlel4.BaaIt GftI8II1'lel4. DIU'i .... ~ ... .AMa Dcma.

- by Oharl •• !.aDde_an •

Oa Thursdar, August ~. a1ght b07. aDd two counsellors took the first Berr.r Pond trip this year. It "a8 an overnight tr1P.

" ,!t.be - ~Ol'A .. ,,- were Charlss· Landesman, Mike 'Ebar. Eddie Goldberg, Ralph .Feigen, Alan Friedman, .2eter Stell'11lanr...,Andy .7rfq and David M8llischew1tz. The two COUD.. 11or8 were Bill Koch aDd Bod Coler.

We lett late in the morntDg and .. e .. ere dn ven by Do;m. "!hen we got there we ate lunch and pitched our tent •• .Aner that we went au.t and picked blue - berries.

There were ao mBDY berr:l.. J'Ou oould stap on them.

After ~rr.r plok1Dg w. ate aupper.

For ' supper we had ka-bob.. For c1e8sert Bill took 8ame of the berrias aDdmiXBd tham with pears ~ bananas.

Atter supper we took a hike on the mount81n and theD c •• back tor a OIlllPtire. At the c_tire .e hed oocoa aDd, JIlarabmall ow.. Bill told u. a .to17 aDd thea we pla,.e4 a gBD8.

Atter that we had more oocoa ad .ent to bed. In the 1IorntDC, atter breakfast, _ packed u.p aDd then ... at

berl'7 P1ck1Jtg.

Th .. , attar a 11 ttle n1le. Daft 0" With the truok 8D4 took us back to oap.

• llJ Peter Berkl.y -

MOYie. ..re _bon twioe l .. t week.

On. ~. beGause 1t .88 ra1D1D8 •• e .- a Reel Oro •• fU. on boatll18 ad 0 .... oelag Whlch ... ".1'1 lat.matl ....

On ~ D1sht we had. our regul.u teatun, "Step Uft17". a 1I~loal o~ .tarnnc J'raak S1Aft'.N. 08 ...... _ .,. .....

out ~ 'io1la. --s.e._

~. BfJ1!4

at .lenn, A1au.

XXII No. &

Aupet 10. 1950


rue yeuta taDDle toUl'DSl.nt. uaAtha 41rectiol1 ot llU1tl"Uctor to. Bara4 UD.Cle1' W8J. '

So tu. •• haD two but chlaplOM three teat chflllP101U1. '!'her ezoe: Ken Buak 6., JollAIll' Ro ... BUDk 4, M~..ub.l. Ten, II Oarl ~iDeN01.i .; 1U4 .Hal. O1.blJ.r, ~nt a. ..

Paaal K1NlSk Will pl8J Puul Masco. the Bwak 3 t1Aal8. In ''!'ent a Lcml.

Will ... 10 Skye rial... aDd III Teat D tiD8la Inl"r1 Kobre plap loe

ta. .

SO ter thl. :8ar 23 bo,.. baT.e paaa-

their HAtor taJUds teat which con. ot mulD1l'cNr out of 81XH"8.,



• W' bJ Chulta L8D4e8Dall •

At '1IDD4Ir mom:tDS the .iSht Allett Wi til Doim. Bill Kooh. BD4 ~a. on 8 tive cla7 081108 trip to

On the tlrat 4a7 they made a brief

at Nt. VI ublnston aDd .1_ "The 014 of the !ioU_De," !!ben theY •• llt to 1iIIrf',"'..... Notol1. .All the.. plac.a are in .H_pabire.

MoD4., Dipt they reached CIIIlp Takat Naple •• Matne" TUeadq. i'le4U.- 8D4 'Daun4. they will apeD4 em a

trip u4 they Will oflllP out at FreftlLt ai te.. .

, TILe bop 011 the trtp· are, louie Bin. • Rut,. OGaateiD.. Dick Low.Detetn,

!pa,teiD. Oarl ~ltz. tarr:r Koltre. ,1oHplL. ... Horowitz 8D4 P8ter

ral.l11111. aD4 .ooftDl. g... The 007. are Rea 18OGb8Gll. .._,. Te •• ler, Bob Mor.un. S;eft KleiA. M!U'k ~rAOl'. AlftD S11- ber, D~ ,Ra'tlner. Bu44l' Goldberg, John Roaa, Jett Ht1n, Ben :rlu ... r. Mike. Ullkonlq. Steve Docter. Bot,Ol' JllWIlJ.el. SkiP FeUer ,leWS. Kl'tee;er ,Ro6er KelIq) ... 181"" Nod. FiDkol.Ste •• Wei.a. Huo14 Gibber. lfar..,. SOhwartz, Deny 811v.num. aDd lAt. Metzen40rf.

TbHe boy. h.a pus.4 their d.-ance4 .. or "at: Ken laaobeoll. x.wt..

Kriecer. anc1 aopr l!BD8I1el. '",

x.. urses QU bo,.a' to tint.h up thel~ leW 80 we CaD crown a senior oamp champion.


- 'bJ' Ed Bend.t •

At tbebealM1DS ot the' aeuon Shel Orel)steln ol'8ani~ an Arta 8D4 Orett • clUb tor the JNJ'PO" ot worki_ OIL p'ro j. ota tor 1;Iut. asap.

"'lber bImI· al1'eadJ ,atlllple,~ a beau. tlN1 aiP.' t,or tbe rttla NI38-. Plana h •• eleo b8en o_plAtted tor a ~t1c bridge lea4iDg to th_ ntle rage. Work on ~ bric!&- Will get ua4er 1fIIJ 8OO1L.

The olub also pIau a lectera t07 outdoor aervloe,.

Maabe~. ot ~ Or_t. Olub are Bap rr 811ft=an, AII4:T Teuler, steve Xlein, Oharlu Iaa4e1llUm, PIIUl lC1ae11lt, .. lolUm1' 110 ...


" 6



DoDald Welsch and Steve Goldring ...

On the ef'ternoon of Aug. G" a group bOya trom both the juntor and aen!o,r went to TaDslewood to beer the s,.phol'l1 Ol"Oheltra pl.a¥.,

'!'he juniora W6I'e H1cbael Cbo4orooft t Goldfarb, Steve Golch1JJgt Alex ,1eft GlndeD, 10D Gro8a, Fred KraIAndyS:lmon. Doug Grosa,TaI LiflaDd, ,stelmann. Dennis Teppe1'lll8A 8D4

,L1nand. Others jUD1on, lDOl.u4e4: 1!8Dahel, Dcmald rrelsah,Phl11P ~BkY, Peter Goertzel. Bob Mark. MaxGrIl_D .No1m MUs. and Roger Schwartz.

The seDlora who atteDded.ereDon 8 t Ralph Muskat. Sam Relflert IBDD.Y Paul leopold, IraSalamon,HaDk • and Donald Roemer.

When we got to 'l'anglewood .8 tound out ot the rain which laated a while. The aounae'llor.. that "ent Paul Lippe, Leonerd ZWeig, Sherman t)llt80B'. BDd David arel tzer. Fr8DCe.: too.

We lett aemp at .bout 2:45 8Dcl ,a!lll& at about 8.

Leonard Bernsteln aonducted three, 'by Ravel, 6D4 excerpts traa: Bert '''Raneo u4 1uliet It. He also' waaa aol018t.


- by Ed BeDdet ~ On MoDdaJ n1sht the: camp movte W88

Pla:1DIID8D", starring Gary COOper. ,monewas 8boWa with the ccmplfJaaDta DaTtd 14ebeman's father who ooUeot. ae a hobby. Davi,d t,. birthday W88 TuelldaJ.

'l'he ,movie .asprimar1l,. about W1ld BiolcocJc. Buttalo Bill, and Cal_itt

were also prinaipal characters.

Gen. Cuater, Chief Yellow BaD4.aD4 SI ttillS Bull, the movie 1fU .qUl te •• 1t1116 OM.



- b7 DoJ1l'1l.d Roemer -

last Saturd~ Dight there. was another of the weekly clll1pf'lrea. It W88 the last tire of' which G"J l10lf had ohers·'.

G1"87 Wolt asked WakaDda to l1gbt the tire it GreJ Wolf'. m.cUata.e had been good. The flre 01111 aDOked 80 Grey Wolf' Uked Bill Koch ,to llght '1 t W1'th "the White man'smatoh".

'l'h8 f1r,at· danae w. done byR87 .Ep .. stein, IDuis BiDder, 081"1 DeDho1tz. Rlch l..CIIrenateiD,Rusty Gold.teln, Larr, Kobre. Billy 10seph, loa Horowitz.; 8D4Peter hiean.. It waa a Oanoe Danae,telltll8 the 8to1'7 ot Iml1ana jaddl1DS down a lake and battllD8 l"tU'td8. The In41ana portage BD4 oarry their a8D08. to the

, torest.

Then GreT Wolt told 8D Indian leg-


After the legend Uark LarDer, DaJ1JQ' Rattlner • Ira SeJ.cmo.D., Alan' Silber. Paul Iaopold,Peter Roaenberl. Peter BerkleJ , Donald Roeur, Donald Greenfield, Hank Greeutt.ld, Don Doncb1, en4 Bob FreUD4 d14 a WoltDaDce.

Next, Grey t10lt did a .010 - - the Hopt Eagle, Dance. He had on oloth.iags aDd t811a.

The, laat 4anoe "88 dona bJ the bo" Who did the Canoe DaDa.. This daDo. wu aalled the 'l'aIlehawk DaDae In whloh each Indian trte. to outdo the other ••

Grey 110lt s8Dg the oloatng prayer.


Four fathers of lfah-Kee-Nao· oem.p.r. have been at Cu • .p thi. past week I ,aemDg'

as tather-cowiaellors. -

Nat Owen, tatber ot 1ett 'OWen ot Cabin :;.8D4 Frfmk SlIoeDholz ,Steve Sho.abolz • father, each spent 0_ "eekhere.

J'eok ,Sp18.8, Whose son Peter Splese 18 1n Oabla 11, spent three clap here, Bloas With JUlius l!'r1ea. father ot StIlT Fried ot B\mk 3.

{~ODVlfHJ D f"Ff i' .. T~ (Vil1tH:Ef-tJ4 c .

I)J t~1t )EbftlLI1~j,/) V(?L Cf)/; vAL. L


'I ",f' e: I


11Iea ... __ ., the 1I8UtII. ...

..... u. :r.y_ ... · •• t. to &0 ..-.tJtC With __ Ix- 0-. !"III .... oMN:. iD i .... tTlclu.a1 poupe.

I,t. ~ .at. tail" .... C1l

... be .... ocua=u.on

• ..,.. to pZ'e tatao, • atft

..... ~, ... - __ a


DkIIllDIJI). 1I!I,.-U"" SPDS. aD GOt.mmD 1W1ViM m C.8"

Ia tile ,.... 10..,. ... __ :re1iUM4 to l-..Eee II. IItttJt ...... n - '*..,1& .... - _tna l4MI"', ........ _'_ .,... ...

s... 00l&IdItc lull lata •••• Ux .. .. l1dr18 ...... ntuM4to ...

AMI." Al80 nwas. _ ••

8pSM lett .1'Ul¥ • be •• _

lU ....

Hi.... l!:bItlBMl'8 0_ b_ - 1vl.6

• tou.b& • JoDI ....... Ill.

...... I'1IUc _taut oa 1~ 18.

TfPP!! ' .... t.w

- bJ' _ ()zreeatte14 - ....... ...atll ... '. the 0_

. ftW _t of • tut. M1l after tM

...,. • .. .tiIm41DC

1I8IIU' • l1-t ROt ot t18lll1D1 11Cht •• It .. • __ ttN ts.~ of 11M

........ uPte.

It .. .u .. .... 1RI1'»zi ... .... au _ it tint __ I" olSlla.

Won _ wat ... HI l1li --.son

toptJaw ot ..

... • la nt_lIIJ • ..1: ..


.am .. .-sttea ... eo to BOO

1IS1M eanll" RdtK. to __

,...... 'Dll. 1. aSJdl .. to '\be of

lSPt deovtottJ' t. p tIanaP

• MIOIl .

.... tile Antle Ch'o1e .. 4taplep 8ft __ .... t ..... 8114 .oloR4.

Dr lOa8O tile mat. 4111Pler .......

1Ir. _ tIN. 8111LU'" .. u.. J8Z'... fit tldPPrl'ellu.'" 81" ..... aBut.. fteI to c.p ,,-be.... 'DIe

"... .. nl'8t at .. - .. ~ bJ' 101m 14t1a1 ... no.J4 .. 1IU os the

...... of". I.

8ftoeftl. MIIh a. •• ban

~M .... ,...t ..

_Ie -.4...... 111 .. ,._ tIIeb' ..... Watt .. _ --.

oa~ •• '" _11

,... 014. 'aID ... eelebPt-

e4 on 1dr 1ft. a.u."11 _ •

Belp1a MD*at _ ... II •

.,. ..,. ~. oa ~ M, ._~ az ........ _alao

,. Mnlalap __ -w. ..... _

_ • -ftIt. ..... 14 , ..

1'-* 'lMWz 11. ... Mal KNr-

.. Id. ItIt. ~.


at .leHfn, Mau.

no. "

August' 20,1950

Mah-Kee-Ne.o's 1950 Carnival. the tlrst in three yearG, was a great sucoeS8 in two ways. Ftrst, 1t's agreed that everyone had a good time. And Second, we ra1sed $2'14 to be distributed tochar1ties by the C.per Council.

ActiVity tor t'ho~ Oarn1val started early Sa.turday lDOrn1ug when all the boys and the1r oounsellors began building the1rbooths around the baseball tield.

Work!ngWith b8llDlers. saws, knives, nail., aDd tack., the olll1,P8ra had the frames up by mld-morninc. But the Carnival looked :t8l' fran. re~ unt:llthe deoorations began going up. Then With oolored orepe paper, posters, and piC-

tures,all 'the bootha gtlineda. reel:ly sa, Oarni val appearanoe.

After rest period Saturday afternoon tiokets to attend the booths were

g!yeJ1 to, all tbe campers. The whole oamp then lined u,pat the sent or cam.p

and tamed for the grand parade. .

" I1Uh a band lead1ng the way - - dr\Ins made ot waatepaper' bBaketa:,uke-

lel.~. olar1nets t ,and· trumpets • - everrone in c~ merohe,d C\.o"ll the road . to thta Carnival fIl!ea." Ata 8tgnrU: tram Do~all, the 'boys ran trea "the' Una

"of' march to their own booths tQ begin the afternoon's tuDe

loUoW1~' is a complete list 'of all the booths at the 1950 Carnival: 'tabinIhad a geme 'oelled "Shoot Out, the;" Cudles", pleyed by shooting water guns at a line ot flaming candles. Oabin 2 set up a I-e 10. which jU!11ors had eight chances to hammer a~ D8111nto a board without bending the DJd.l', andseniora had s.i% chanCes to do the .-.a. Cabin 4'. gane ,ot skill reqUired 8WiDg1ng - e. beJ.l out on a atriIl£ .a. kDookiDg over bottles on the

returD. mDg. ' -

tab1D 3 had a gane of chance ))l.ayed by dropping a ball through a maze ,.of natl.l alld betting on the l1l111ber where the 'ball. m1ght l.and. Cabin 5 had

a bean ~toB8. and Cabin 6 bUll t a bowling game. ' ;

, ,

(cont1.DU8d Oil next, page)

~ r >




• t,

_ !1'O'DM 1'Ip: 8



(OOlLtl~4 t'1'aIl pep I)

CabiD , had "Htt tbe Couuellol"", plq.4 by thrcnrlD1 .et apoDl's at Ian, Bal., Rod, Mike, u4 FraDk. Cabin ·8, the Bar B rielere, took careolt tb8IC&rII1Yal.'8poD¥ rid.l. Cabin 91t• gaae ... "Cover the Red Spot"'. Thl. S- 00Dll1te4 ot tbrowtJ18 metal 41101 Oftl" spote painted ODa board. OablnlO, ha4 a P8DIQ' Pitoh ln which coiJl8 were pltohed at. p1a_tloat~.ng in a tre:r ot water,. The Choctaw,I,.Cablna 11 and a,had a retreebment sto.'1d.

'B\mk 1 ran a m1n1ature golt cour... Bunk 2 had a "Teat Your Stl's:cgth" booth where oampers hit a lever With a heamer 8D4 t1"1ed to send a tin can up a Wire to hit the beU. Tbe &pp8ra'tue broke dOWD UDder the atra1n.

BUDk 3 eat Iea Bared UDder a paU ot water tran whioh he was dunked n.ry tU1e a caper kDooke4 • oan ott • post w1 th teDD.18 balls. Bunk 4: 'I booth W88 Keeno, a 'pm.8 ot oh8DC.. Buak 5 butl t Happy, YapP:V, U4 SlapP7. three P8D8Uina Who were lpull 8I"OUD4 a post when hlt br a teDll1aball.

Thebo,.. ot BuDka ,were c1nIaed up .. olOWlUl duriD& tM parade and ,durtDg the CQ"D.1 val the,. 1014 rattle tioket. 'tor speolal prs. ... , 1noluC1SI11 a .oftball won by: lett B1reoh, ,e model alrpllm8 won by .ieUl Leopold, .,

puzzle won b:v Lee ~tetzendort, end several other.. .

Bunk ? had a football throw. C8mpers had to throw a football throush a auapeD4ed spare t1re in order to Win. Bunk 8 had 811 el.eatr1o petlD¥ Pitoh. mum paDll1es h1 t a Da11 on the bo8.rda buzzer would 11.Dg to 11141cate a Win-


Tant 1', gane .U pl8¥84 by oatohlDC P.fPPrail'planea 1A a buttertl¥ net. Tent a teated be.aeball throw1og skill b7 aetttD6 up .0odeD blOOD to b8 knocked ott a counter' by hard balla. Tent 3 t I booth was • sane pl8l'84 by throwiD6 .huttlecooka throUgh !lola., in a. oe.nvu tace. T_t 4 ran. "neb A Cokel"where bo18 WOA ooke. brdropP1D6 Ie. 1'1ug on a flBld.D6 pole lover the l18ok. ot the bottle,_ Tent G had a miD1e.ture hOI''' raoUag 8".

I~ the ft'ant.. atter' the 1l81D. pert ot the CarD! Yal •• over. tbe o.rperaatarted to eat a lpecial meal ot hlmburgera, ookes, Piokle., potato chIPl, 8I1d oupcakes. The tood and dri»k reqUired special t1cket ••

Atter diDD8r, at the close ot the da7. eY8r70De went back to the booth art- aDd "laD d1l11l1AtltDg.TaklDg the beoth apart fta a 1IlUQJI. tuter ana eUler job thaD. puttlD6 ~_ up. "Jhen all the booth. wen don the tleld looked as bare .. 1 t ha4 that morD1l18. except tor atrq piece. lot orepe paper,. and P11 •• of l111be1' 80attered about.

Br 'I o'olOCk, the Carnival. wsa OYer'. But It had beenawoadertul dQ' tor IlYeryone at • f8h-K.e-l~u.

•. tv··' fJ

IIi)' __ -' L, . .. I

f" utE> _- tt7l


Pese 3

~ ,,_, . .~~~~mD~·~T.EM~ ~ ~ ~ __

h .. aJl1j,~ =--

. I ,

- b,. tarrr Itobre -

0Il1lon48J mOrnlD8 "Aug. '7, the Algonqulns· ad 'three ooWU\aUorB,. Btll Koch, Donn, and 1err.v BroOks lett ~or UatD8, at '1 o· clock .. !he bo7a W8l:'8 Rfq' Epstein, Louis Binder, C8rl Denholt.. IUch Lowenstein,· Rusty Goldste:u~" Larr7 Kobre, Bl11J .Toaeph·,' JoeHorowl tz, and. Pe~er Flr1,eClman.

The trailer 111 ~hWo 08D0e8 andour ecurtpaent held been loaded up tbe day betore. When we lett lt 1mB p:rett7 breezy rld1ng. but aa the 4_ grew older it beoaJle \181m.

011 the outak1ns ot pt,ttatield we saw-a big valIer wreak, and at0ppe4to takeplQturea. As we went turthar DOrth we passed Willi" College tn Wtlltemstown. Along the rond we 18. 'theh1gh tower ot Mt. Greylock in the ,d1ate.D:08!.

At e o'o1ocSk We were at the VelmOnt .tete llD8. :In DewD6ton, Vt. t W. _. the tamous Battle !ton1ll8nt. '\7hen we reached lJosback Mounte1n, Which '822M :eee.. h1gh, we aent pos,totl1"4f andaoUT.8JL1r8 hCllle. FreD the moWl-

tfd.ll tbe'l'e t8 a 100 mile View. .

The hlshltgbt ot New _p8h1re wsa the Old ltD ot the MOunta!l18. nioh la a Il8ture1- ly carved head of a aan 8tiokiDl out of the 8ide Of a IDO\UltaiL W. al80 e. a place where then W been a laD4a114e., The treea were cleare4 trca the path ot the tilling rocks. We heard acme rooks fall1D8 and thoUGht that W8 might be having aDOther elide.

Amozsg the m&nJ ln1;e1"8s1;ID8 sight. that we aa \188, ut.. Latarettewhiob Is the largest lIOlUltaln tn that, relioD. It 18 5349' teet high. W. ... a Gable car 8t1"UJ:tg trart ODe JDOUDta1n to uother In operation.

At 11:00' we :reaohed Keen., *. we went up the lengtbof New BanpShl.n we atoppedlD O9Doord for milk.

Our t11·st misfortune was 8. flat tire 1n Marlboro and t.n order to save tfJle at. OU' lunohes while riding. At 12:40 •• :-we ... d."!J!iilBbQro:f., :.8Ial IDXNorth WOC)Q.S'1iOClI.lt at 3:15 Where we saw ,8<1118 .trained bear. perfom. At ODe point we ceme W1.thlD. five miles ot~[t. ':i1'ashlngton.

We arrived at Twin Mounta1D8 at 4:30. Bartl.tt at 0:15, and we washed up at 5,:45 In preparo.tloZl of golJJg to Cap 1'apaw'lDSO. a girls' camp. \1hen we reaohed the Me.1u state line at 6 we had gone 300 mlle8. The first 'toft we saw In Maine wu JreJburg at 6,:J~OillAt 6:$) we were at'l'apawtll8o.

After we lett we went to, Bridgeton at a o'clock to eat. There wehad.teak and loe orean. At 9:40 we were doue and we reaohe4 ~ Takajo 20 JI1!au"te8 later. Here we 81ept on 811 open deck in the wooct ••


j~ ,

(conti.ued on Pase 4)


___________________ • __ ~~c~e~4 __


....... " u 1'rcII1 page 3)

The next, morn1I1g "e weraul' at 6: 30 ,and had'breakt'aat"i ththe csnp at

30. We Blao met an old. camper. Boger Seamon. .4tte1" theo&nOes w&Nlpaeked we trcD.the dock tor an island two miles 81187. When we reaohed it W9 set CanP , le Donn .~t ahoppiIlg.

After DoDD: had cane baakB1.ll Kocb end s1z boys went out ,canoeing e.nd got on an island tor several hours. ~en we got back to our .island we ate steaks ana.ent to bed.

At6 o'clock the aounaallors and the ,cook detail, conalst1D8 'ot Rei Ep8teln

Rusty Goldstein, preparedbret1ld'alt and we ~' -

at'!. We also heard sane loons. '"¥r ? .. /


Wllen we lett our OE'IDpf.ng grounds andt ~. _ 7' ~ .. ~. ._./" »> . ~ .;-

bact to Takajo three ot the boyahad an ~ _.:~ ~~''''

dent. TIlth one In the stern .ot a cBJ;!Oe.o; (J .. - - .------£if ',,,"

... got1n and they tipped. As they went : J' . ll'7. " -. ~

, they grabbed tor BllOther canoe and tip- " 1 ",l ... ~:::-:__' r:J.' 4 l :it 'too. Luckily, 1 t happened near shore ~/I. s : ---- - (1...'''' . 0 .. , ... ·'"-

.nothing was _lost. A.:f'~er th1s aooldentwe II, ."" /.~ t \.

~"'''''''''''''' toHowar.d Johnson ~ and had ice creBD:'~ _..". ,~! j

tater lIe went up, the ''B~ ot Naples"iJ)ic!ic f J\

SoDgO' River. At rue we reaohed the 80:11- ..... _)...~. }'. /'

and ate on. one ot the shores. By 2 we -.:_ , .. ,l.. . ""'"\. ~'''1: \,.""'-..r

:done and 8."e went turtherullwe 1~pas8- " . -........ .

throUGh 8GD~e locks.As we lett the lockS we that in one direction was Crooked Rt TV.'·:

In the other waa the rest ot the Bongo !"''''~'""'I!I .. to Lo1t8 ,Sebago.

We tirst choBe to go up the Crooked Hi var end weB8"" acme deer and muskrat

• After we turned back to the locks. after gOing about two miles in eaah ,: lie met, CIIIlP PiAecrest, a :Q8IIlp tor Sirls., We had sodas and theD went rest ot the W8J down the Bongo to Sebago.

. Lake Sebago wuDDt only very lo~ butverybeautitul. We went SW1l!lll1ng at aDd: then ollila back by truck- &tt~r .gett1Dg ice cream. Our tive canoes lo.adad on the trailer and then unloaded at Tekajo. Thell we paddled back to ieland ana had one ot Donn's Italian dishes.

On Thursda1. we planned to have spaghetti tor supper, so right after 'bre8lt, DoDD, With the help ot Ray E?telll, made theeauoe. Betore the rest ot ua to go canoeing Donn told 3'_1'17 to leave them two paddle.s. Well, it turned that the paddles Jerr:r lett mystertous17 disappeared. So Donn rigged up a and aa1led to T~~jo 1n a canoa.ln the meanWhile the rest ot us went over

a beach on U>DC LPke and had: our lunch and paddled around. fJhen we got baak

~ ~ we had_our delicious spaghetti.

('~ \.. Atter dtnner •• packed ,everything up and

] , "v~~ slept at Tl".kajo on the open deck. We lett earlt Fr14q morn1Jlg. .Al.olla: the w~ we saw two k1gg birds ohaslng a :crow. \1e alao saw mles ot land that had been st:ruok by 8. ,torest tire.

As we passed through PortllllOuth ,. saw the Navy Yard and WarDer House Whioh "aa

built in 1916. ~

A.t 12:30 we ate our aandW10h lunch and .stopped tor ice cream cones. We arrived in Pittstielci at 3:30 and washed up.

Halt an hour later we were back 1n caap to end a trip that the bo,.. w111never' target.


f -. "

~ "" •• ' .. • -:"'":'M"

CHO~lQ? x j9)KP[§[i'l~~AAtW5)I(~l;liL&~

- by Charles Landeaman

On Sunday, the o~ ohoir put on a ~lcal. play entitled "W,e1ve came Fran I City."

The principal characters 1n the ~ were Charles Landesman as George lolL, Alen S1lber as Mr. Curry, Eddie ~et as Wilson. and Roger !Kanahel u , engluer.

'lhe pl.ary concerned problems ot oity end tBl1l1ers 1n buildlD6 8 4111l. "Wetve Come ,Fran the ICltY"W88 wrtt .. by Herbert Haot.I!cht,and direoted


\) I)

\\\~ __ , ... 4J ~\vv' I i

--- -_ -

at Mah-Kee":Nao by DaVid GreUzer.

Other metnbere of the cast inoluded Peter Rosenberg as Famer Pete I and a chorus ot c1 ty boys ccmpoae4 ot Mike Goldberg. Bob KI"'~vant. Fred KraDer, Bob Mark, Andy Simon, David 14. twin, Fred LeWi8, and Doug Grose.

Plsy1ng the parts as laborers were J'm~.atmberg. George Wohll'810h, Donald Welsch I Stephen Mans':lel, Pater Goertz8,l, Bob klelnw8ks, Phil Z8'08DIk¥, and Char. l1e SBlteld.

- by Peter Berkley -

'On VieCiMsday. Aug. 16,1 the boys ot ,6 and 8 weDt on an all-d8¥ C8D08 on the lake. The boys ".re Ralph t, Steve Klein. an ZemoN. stler, Donald. Isw1S, Donald No_er,

GreenfIeld, Don Greenfield, Alan • Bob FreUD4. Don Don.ohi. and Peter

We aDOount8~ct ,Sdne' dttficultie.~ &trona vttl1d ,durIng the day held ,OaDOeS v1r~ually flt& ,lt8ndatl1li. ~'hll"'., the oUoes "ere drawn baokwUd Wind.

At noon, we arriVed at Stookb11.dge where w. had lufloh. After a Ihort pertod, we had a 45-minute Pim.

Vie then had ice cream,packed up'.

and lartt-or Interlochen where the lenet ot Lake Mell-Kee-Hac beccmes astraam. Here we had ill ahort SWim and started back to 0_1"

We airived at 5 o'clock, just ahead ot a big ra1n 8tO~. It "88 a very enjoyable day tor&ll.

lIGh-Kee-Nac dropped its third gflll8 ot the season in 1nter-oanp competition b1 losing to Ta-Ho-Ne.14-3. on TUesday, August 15.

Tb8 losl was our seoond to Ta-~. --the first one br a 4-1oount.

THE TC'.s.U! 6

-~.-., ....._ :..=a: ~ ..... __


.. by Peter Rosenberg -

'On Tuesdl1, Aug. 15. a group oat Vi 151 ted the Berkehire Muse\lll 1n • The boys were Robert Relsent Alan DoDll, Peter Rosenberg, Donald Robert HO,gull. Paul toopold"

I Ralph MUsket.

The two counsellors w1 th them. Were l.eWi 8 and Ie-onard ZWeig_

7ihen we got there we started on the floor. There we sew en E'lmcat'tt'ot the workot'De.niel Cheeter French. were bronze sculpture. o~ the

)Jan,. Abrahan ,Lincoln. aDd the 'a haDd.

DfUliel Chester French is the man made the statue ot L1nooJ.n in the 1,uu'1'4,P Memorial In Washington. D.O. He

made the orlg1ual statue, of the Minute Han.

We saw many paintings including t o,t MisaBarnard, The MUBi,Q Per ..

• ~ Dutch Family-

Atter wei had, tce cre_ CODeB we on the first tloor and saw guns, • and other things used by people

early t!Jlles.

There wu also a roan 11'1 th ,etutted and animals. We elso Sd SCIIle

It 1188 a ve17 InterestiD8 morning.


- by Ed Bendet -

At the campfire, last Saturday n1.ght; was conducted by D1ck Walker end ZWeig I 8ClQ.e of the ,A.lgonquins ~ report on What they did ,and saw on the De trip they went on recently.

'!'hey were gone t;or tive daya.dur1ug ch t1me they paddled on m~ ot nat.'s .,DUring their trip theyYlai ted Takahoe ,where they met, ODe ot our Cl!ID.pers, Hoger Seaman.

Those who reported were Larry Kobre, DeDhol:tz, ~ Epstein, Bll1yJosaph..

DICk to.euetein,

Then Donn told a oounsellor's verot the Ifalm story .•

Atter a tew nature reports and 8 the aamptlr,e ended.

ffm- 001' i1ITHGREEN IIlIR"

- by Peter Berkley -

Monday ~ght was movie night and thi'Bweek. the 'feature was "ihe Boy Wi'~h Green Ii#l1r". It W1lS one. ot the b93t pi1cturea shewn 811 year.

It "ae a verY intereBting, end at t1lllee, pathetic, story of a boy nane~'Peter. whose parents. were killed in the "Blitz" in the begUmlng ot the war.

~'ha boy. played by Dean Stockwell, went to 11 va with his '''gr_p.'", played by Pat 0 'Brien. One 481' he woke up and tound .he, had green hair.

He was atraid. to &0 to school W1 th hiB hair thstcolor 80 he stayed hame tor weeks. Finally hie grandtather persuaded him to g'O to school. Vlhen he went all hi,s ,alasllllateB made tunot hun.

Peter took his belongings and ran away into the woods. There he aa.sane war. orphans f~ poeters, he had seen • They told Peter that his green hair was a Sign to show .how bad war is tor ch~ldren. They told him to go, back to town and tell everyou about this. Peter returned.

When Peter c_e back to t01fD the people 1"oread him to have his h8.1l' ott .• becausethe7 oouldn't u.ndel'staDd What had caused 1 t to turn green. Peter rJUl away and. wu taken to a ;t'011.,ce Statton.

His "Grampaft cane tor him 8l1dPetel' was detemlned to aontlnue telll~ peopleabout how bad war ls.

- by Ed Bendat -

On Wednesday night t· July 7 t Davel Greltzer. together With Bob PeterB,EZI4" Bendet, and Hoger M8D.8hel. put on a. p\1l1. pet ahow ent! tled "Cinderella" tor the Sentor CSIlp.

In one clay the boye and Dave bull t the stege, wrote the play, reoorded their parts. end put on the show. The allow went over nicely and wu preeente4 tor the ~undor Oamp this .. ek.

Dave plans to ~ut on UDther puppet show soon.

l r: r 'I ·-f· l j ~

1'lCr. rrr,


Anoth.~ of Mah..;Kea.Nac t a medatunts, Sham. Kroniach" lain hi.s a8cod er at the New York state lied1oal. Cenr at the LoDg IslBD4 College of Medic.

• An undergraduate zoology major at

e Univera1t,. of Penns-ylv,an1a, -Shelman on the Penn orew f the Daily Penns,-lan, and a member of Oaducuan. the ~ed BOciety. At oollege he was war-

and house manager ot Beta S1_ 'Rho.


Gerald Abrehan . 1s' a student at the 1m Law College where he is also ma'jo~ bg in SOCiology in the graduate school. e 1s a m.anber ot the NYU debating tee Dd i8 also acti v. 1n the dramatic 8001- ~7. Prior to his arrival at Mah-Kee.act Gerry was engaged in soclal work at

, chIldren' s helle in Hackensaok. He has ;lao been at acctal work cr:mpa. Gerald 88 'born ln GeIm8Il7, ooming here in 1935.

Sol Felnberg, now 'in his third year at Mah~e-Nao. 1s a teaoher of hlstol'Y and member of the guidance .statf at HaW' Dorp High Sehecl on Staten Is~and. Sol majored in history While at NYU and follawe4 with graduate work in education at Columbia. At heme, in Ke~ , N. 1. tran whioh he daily crosses a bridge to reaoh S.I.. Sol parttcipatesln Je.,lsh CaamW1ity Center aettvt ties.


A tellow student ot Shem. Kronisch's at .Long Island College ot Med1c1ne,~orge LiJ!l 18 president ot the Class ot 1953. George was a student at Brooklyn College and CCNY. but took his pre~d work at KIT. George has a BS degree 1n general sclence and an US degree in biology-. A one-till1e engineering student ,he waa ~ ident ot the Engineers Club, at CCNY. Beoause drawing and cartoomq are hiB main hObbies, he d06S the Totem illustrations.

-.''-:li~-.! .,~, ,... OJ

I\..\_ E:.E..~- '\.-l4..E.. CoUt\!'~E.LOt~s

- "t.Jat.er.frOf\t. 5fee"C"-

Frank. Maze, head of.ur waterfront , w11l became, head 'coach ,of Di.cklnCollege,' s 1;)aseball ·and. football teD

8.1'&11., A graduate 01' Syracuse Unity wherel be played football and stled, Frank has, heena phY·Blceled. atl.on instruotor at high. schools. in

navy., and at Vles.leyan Uni ver·sl1il t he' was football line coaoh tor

A teacher 01' social sciences 1n a

. tts1'1&14 High School during the Wint \7111 Halonay 1s the boatlDg and anoelng man. on. the 'Hab-Kee-Nac waterWill has been at cemps satmen Eagle Scout days when he had heir the top otbis head, two. He went to

Teachers t College at Bri dgewater t took graduate work in Economics and IQlOJLl~I.L Administration at Hnss. Stat ••


Dick Savage began l8W1mm1ngln his bane town at Minneapolis, a 01 t7 holding 11 lake8 Within 1ts oOnfines. ~ contin .. uedawf.nmilJg in high school, and then earned a Bach.lor's Degree in English at. North Caro11naanda Masterta, Degree at Columbia. Dick, DOW in bis seoond year at Hah-Ifee-Nac ~ has been a Red !Cros.s in- 8truotortor ten years.. He has taught in. Atlanta, Ga. high 8chools.


There t.s ,always a Ha.rvard graduate on every staft ,andMoh-Kee .. Nsc 'als Mort 61·eee1, another ot our Red, Cross 1118true. tors. Mortreoe1.ved 8lL AB in general stud1esat Oambrf.dge. end an, MAin education at, the Un!versl ty 01' Pennsylvanta. For'the pset two yee.rshe has been teach~ ins J'ournall,sm. and English at Plainfield High Sohool. Mort ,1 salso a Red Cross instructor ,who doubles in brass (trumpet) •



-----...__ --- ~ _.,

cD U l~ S·l:..LL(JL~S';

h- '.~" ffJ,)


_n.f1~ ~~

r' Y'}

t' ~. ~~."

6:~ ~ ~ \... ~

'" ~ ,t...".. Jr~,,, 1';; /4-,./4-"",/ ,1/


Bhel Greb stein canes to Mah-Kee-Nao way ot a Bachelor of Arts Qezree at Untvers1ty of' Southern California, a Me.atero! Arts degree at Columbia yeEll'., His.ork in Arts .a.;1d Crafts at a school of design in his home,of Prov1denoe. R.I. In ndd! tioll- 'to s proficiency 8S, 8 Scholar and crafts t'lW",gQ4oI.II.'.-, Shel can double as a boXing wrestllng1utructor.

Bill tadAer Is in illS second year the New York University College ot cine. He graduated tram the Uni,verot Wisconsin last year after spend,four years majoring in zoology and. ~.,.6OC courses in chemistry. . Bill has a ,general. oounsell.or for six years. 'Yiaeo·D81n he was Vice-president ot tratern1 ty, P111 SiSlJ'.Al De~ta. and 1lA"."'.,ui as house ma.nager.


Bod Ooler. in charge ot our nature progrem, has started se-vsn nature olubs, In this., his first year here. Rod Is a medlcal student at the New York College of Medioine. While at Cornel he majored in zoology end chemistry as dld his fellow counsellor, Bill Ladner. Rod has spent six years in :Soy Scoutactivtt19S. earning en Easle Scout rating, and serving as en assistant· scouimaster.,






Loa Barad was born in Cleveland, but received his education inNe- York City, greduatingtran CCNY ill 1947. He expects to receive his Kaster of Arts degree 1n Ph;y&1c,e,l Educatlon~a.t, NYU. His tennis planll8 began at Eastern District High Sohool 1n Broo~. where he was en tile varsity team. Las won several teeD.nia tournanen'ts while in the 811111'. and :is u 1:pa.truota.r1n ,NiP-YQ,J;Ok.

-,I \....,L ~

\' .~ . ~ ~

Y' .. ' ~;\i,~

~ .~. ~\\

r« !f-r 1\rt'L


.--__ I ~'t

Phil NeIlSOn Is a Princeton graduate majored in Econcmlcs and thenapent ot his t1mein volunteer social work such pIaoes as Stuyvesant Neighbor-

House in New York. During the war served wi ththeAmerl.can F1e;Ld Sen .. aa an ambulanoe art ver J and as a Red as field direotor. Phil was at Mahee in 1948, returnIng this sUIIII1er . 8. year"s absence.,


Dick Walker, the man With bow and , is a student at Rutgers Uni verwhere he plQ,y's in the' band. Dick had 8. dance band of his own, apd his t time piano plaYing ( ')leo tenor sax)

to the sounds otm.odern jazz. D1 ck an Eagle Scout and the assistant tBaster ot a troop in New Brunswick. Will also 1;,ake partin the campprogram.


GO U t~ stLLGL<_

,-;/ (~ J

:,-~ /' ~

David Greltzer, the camp's new mus .. iC counsellor, teaohes instrumental music in the New York City sohool systan. Dave t who haa, been bUilding school orchestras tor five yeers, and has worked with the AU-Clty band t plans to tom a Mah-Kee-Nac orchestra. Other plans inolude a music play t "We've Oane Fran the City." DaYe 1s also ill. the I>l'OCess of comp11iJlg a. canp songbook •


Paul Lippecsays he bas been sailing and racing all types ot crB1't tram canoes to 50-t,oo·tschooners-since 1930. A graduate ot New York Un! versi t:y , he is a teacher of history at Barringer High School in Newerk,and serves on th& sta1"t ot WBGO-m. 'the radio station ot Newarkts Board ot Education. Paul built hiS own sailboat whioh he launched on the .ate,rs of Mah-Kee-Nac this S'I.UlIJler.


AnOther ot M~ee:Naot,a mea stunts, Shem. Kroll1ach.,il3 in hia,BecbJ1d ar at the New York State I~d1oal Cenr at the loDg Island Colleg.e of Medic• An undergraduate zoology major at

e Univers!t7 of' Pennsylven1a, ··Sheman . on the Penn orew. tl;le J)aU.y Penn&71- an, and a melber of Caduauan, the ..med sooiety. At college he was warena house manager ot Beta Si~ Rho.


Gerald Abraban i8 a. ·student at the lu law College where he is alsomS'jof~ ~ In sociology in the graduate school. ~

re is a manber ot the NYJdebat1Dg teem

~ is also active in the dranaUe 8Oc1- ty. Prior to hiB arrival at Uah-Kee,ao. Gerry was eDgaged in sooial work at

i oh11dren'a haDe in Hackensack. He haa 180 been at sooi,a! work camps. Gerald as born in Ge~, Ooming here in 1935.


Sol Feinberg,1 now in hi8 third year at Mah.Kee-Nac, is 8 teacher !ot history 8D4 member ot the guidance statt at New Dorp High School OD Staten Island. Sol majored in history while at NYU and tolliwed with graduate work in education at Columbia. At hcae, in Kearny. N. J. trail whioh he daily crosses a bridge to reach 8.1., Sol partiOipates in Jewish O<JllllWl1 t1' Center act1vi ties.


A tellow studentot Shem!{ronlsch's at Iong Island College of Medicine.~orge Ltm is preSident ot the Class ot 1953. George was a student at Brooklyn College and CCNY, but took hiB pre-med work at MIT. Geo.rge has a BS degree in general so1ence and an MS degree 1n biology. A o~-ttme ,engineering student,he was preaident at the Engineers Olub at CCNY. Because draWing and ce.rtoonins are hiS matn hob,b18S. he does the Totem illustrations.

~----.---'-,--.- -- .-. --- - - - ~


I~ veteranathlet1c 1,nstructor a:b t Lea Pu..,---vere is basketball at Weehawken H1:'h SCI1100lwhere he a pays1cal instructor. L05 has been 'i1cehawken for 23 y'eers turni,ng ,out

te teQms including five state

1"~"'J<o'.L"'''''''''''''' ' winners., Known as"let't~c" in s college days, w::: is a graduate of - l·1n.:.l'ield Colle;,e Where he :;1layed both aseball and hockey.


'--------/ I



Norm Finer, one of several Syracuse University men at Hah-Kee-Ne.c, received his Bachelor's degree in chemistry-in lQ47 and followed with a Master's in mathematics in 1949. .'~'!1or:, three ye!'lJ'B' ptevtous to this summer he served as the camp's tennis instructor. HOlm was a varsity tennts and volleyball player at Albtmy State Teacher's College. He has been a chain store supervisor.

. - - ,_ .. _- --~--- . ,- - -,---, -----

, ~~I

~ ,~ I' ,~

'~I IC\~

<, 6l ~ r;" y


- ~ 0 ~

'_:, ...._;;:


Ho,;,;1e Pollock. ana.thlotic instructor ,at camp, is a. graduate of' H,-chiGan No::r,nl and the reo1pien.t of a Mcsterl~ de[~ree from NYU 11' 1&49. H~ has taught physical education in the M". cl".i can, H1, ",h.

. School system and played varst ty base ... ball, football, and. track in college. HOWie has also coachea high school athletia tSaIls and plsy;ed semi-pro and pro t'ootbe11.

III •• JIII l'I'I'~_llj


Scouting Commls8i.oner in P1ttsfte'ld, Walt Behr has returned to counsellor's work attar an all year break. Hie .p;oior camping includes six years in Soout camps ehd several more in privatecanps •. A native 01' Cinoinnati ;:la.lt was eennecuad With the matron homes in Berkshil'eJ CD\Ul.ty where he now lives. (felt 1. a graduate or Oberlin College t the tint coed college in Amerioa.

____ =~ m'I'EM ~ _ . __ . . , _

k~NT ~~AFF

Continue4 -



'.. Jack ana Jerry Brooks are tw1l18,

ot .such people are Mah.Kee-Nao legends born and there 'a ODe that goes like this:

Ill, l'er17's first year (1948).. laak. not yet a Mah .. Ke:e~Necer. took hiS brother's place ~or ,a .sek and remained ~.discovered •. Ot course, there 1s no offiCial verificat10n. but so the legend goes.

Jack bee_e a Red Cross instructor atM8hopac Aquatio School this year. So di .. d Jer1'7. Jerry la a graduate of Newark State Teachers' College ('50). So 1s lack ('50). Jack. outot the water. helps on camping trips and In woodcraft", So' does, Jerry., lerrr played three years, of basketball in College. Jack. was his teammate. Sack rose to junior assistant scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts. Jerry did too. Jack teec.hes shop at Caldwell lWl10rHiGlt School. Does J'erry1" No! Jerry teaches shop at, Chatham Hi~.

" With all the s1milart.,tes Jerry decided to grow a mustache at the beginning ot 'lih.seeson - .. just tor easy identification. At t~el first counsellors' meatiq. one staff mEDber turned to the Brooks boys. ~ow 1t's easy to tell the two apart. The one With the mustache i8 Jack" •






Mike ,Spicer and Don Brtethave been budd1'ea for about, aix years, ,or ever sinoe Sixth grade. They both graduated frcm Oolumbia .High School in So. O'renge this past spring, and Will head to Hanover, N.H. together, th18 tall, to enter Dartmouth College. Their counsellor dut. leIS at Mah..r<ee-Nao are made interestIng by virtue of the tact that they move fran. cabIn to cabin a8 otherstatfmembers are OD dSY8-ott. Don. was on the Colmnbiasw1mntlng BD4. baseball, teems" andwe.s &hchorman on the New Jersel ohampionship medley relay teem. IJ1ke spent eight years at Hah-Kee-Nac as a camper, returning this summer atter a iWo-year abaenoe. Though Mike i8 stlll undecldedabout his c061lag. future,Don plans. to follow ot)ler Hah-Kee-Nac statters and begin premed work.



- ,

.. --,-------_, "

( f



~.e-Nac ' 8 riflery instructor,' Hal BroD, 1S a teacher at mathematics a't UOIS Hlf:h Soboo~ tn Bath" M~ne Where

'he t,s alISO ooach qtthe rifle te.. A m_ber 0'1 the National R~:rle Aaaoolatlo.ll Hal ooaohed his tean to a reoent regional ohanpioll8h1p, Hol 18 a graduate ot the Unt versi t1 ot Maine where he majored in mathematio.. HObbies include huntlas ODd tl.hiDl.tor whioh he t1es hi. tlies.


'Bill Koch l' the sut t81'-plal"11l8 .cemporatt le-.cl.r 1'l'Om SpriDStie14. M38S_ For ~ . years Bill has beu work!Dg Wi th b01s in .uch places as St~ •• ant Ne'lghborhood Houee. ill the Hetald-TrlbUDe J,l'ftlh Ail' Fund t and in the Bli', Bro.thar mov .. nt. He was supamaor of the tratl oamp at Pal! sadea Internat. Park

at Bear MoUi:Ltaf.n. Bill teaohes square duclD8 at S,v,rlqtlel"d College. '

. I


Skip Bronston' e preaenca at ]tc.h-Kee· Nac was established back in 1935 When hi t1~.t arrtvad here a8 a camper. Now, l! years ~t8r be la1n hiS tourth 8UDIIlB1' s! a oounsellor here. Skip Leads tishiDt and oempcrett group. inaotivlttea,.aD4 1', &l1O a trip leader tor the bOJ scoutt near his Westchester hClU.Sklp bee.e r U,oeued lnsuranoe b1"Okl1' thtl ,.ar 8JlI ls tak1n& courees at NYU.

" 1 F ! -~
I \~ I- I
t. j, I
i...- i_. OUR


Henry .F. Donn :1 s in hi s eleventh

at Mah-Kee-Nao. Coming here in 39 as Waterfront Direotor, he beoame ad oounsellor in 1941. Donn tea.chos alth and PhYSioal -education at Weeguah! c High School in Newl1rk end has

een very sucoessful a.s ooaoh of the school basketball "coach team. He 'IS also one of the leading football 01'i.ciala 1,n tho ,stato, ,He has been in amp work for more than twenty yom-s.

After graduating from S11ringtiold UU_L"'O::'","~, ho oontinuod hiS studIos. gatin_g his Masters dogreo, and thon throo ago, his Doctoro.to In Snt'oty Edu-

a:t:1on at NYO. Mrs. Al.ioe Donn, Alan., a and litt10 Susen, complete the


Krtl'l PORl'son roturnod to Mah-KooUao this summer as Sonior Cmp Loador. e.tta.r an ebaencc of t\'70 YOD.I'S. Karl was our Riflery counsellor in 1946 nne: 1947. Kal'l toacher at Hp.vorhill High School in MassaohuBetts and eeaehce tho ri fIery to::ml, thorQ. Karl served in tht'! nnny dUring World W .. r 11 J and war;; discharged era a Liout. Colonel.



Loo Kornhausor i.8 in his sixtoenth ;jock on.tnH1LhQIitb~61be.q mnD.itlntOOllp:m!.e:edhB. Sboo 1935 Lao hasooon with tho Choctaws. Leo 1.6 a high sahool toneher at Bntt1n .Itigh Sahool, and ohu1l'l1lan of tho Businoss Education Dopn:ctmont. He is !lOU Wo.:ttine for his grnndsonto bacomo n ct"lllpor at Mah-Koe-Nac.

tA·~- .l . .'i~,\. ~/ ... ' ~j ! ... '(I. ~IU\ :.!!A.l. E·.·.

• ' .. ' _, I' -_ ,. r - . ' ,- \1::1. ~. t" '. , "

- !~.-:'! ! _. ' • . _ . ...~ \ i: r ; -

Q)(JIJ, BC#fd-

at .1e11M" A1aM..

Aa the ~lamea on the burning numerals "1950" faded awe.y-, the campers and counselors of Oamp Mah .. K.oe .. N'ac slo,wlyreturnad to their oabtnsand te.nts and another wonderfUl season. - climaxed by the annual Banquet - ended.

Just afetl short hour,s before ~ thososmeonmpers end counselors had.. ti,led into tho moss hall for their inst evening meal for the summer of 1950. They wore greeted by a glorious display of Banquet Night doaorati,ona ,shoV{- 1ng the highlights of the camp soeson, Ditf'ol'ont signs and posters pioturod tho various ovonts - •

Grey Wolf' s vi s1 t, tho trip to Grey-lock, Oampor-Counselor game, TracIe Meet, Bingo I' Oam:pi'ira Nie.ht, "Wo'va Oome F:;:c.m. the CHy!! f the band oonoert, Quiz Nidlt, Find the Counselor,· Scavenger liunt.

Duri.ng ovents were ending to affair.

the evening, While the BI:.w.,uot proceeded; tho memory of those sharp in each boy's memory. ThQ Bt-l1.quet itself was a "Wo'ndorf'ul tho season, and tor weeks the 'campe;rs had looked f!o.rYtard to tho

. Uncle Loo opened ',71 th the !;lvooation a:f't'or vthi en 9VOlzyOne joined. in the Singing of the Cnt'iH SCIl1g, "We'll Be Ln;1fft.l to You Mc.h~X:ee""N;).e." Then came dinner., A.b." yes, dInner - fIlet .mignon and. mashed potatoes, and topped. ott by a banana. spIt t-- With everyone mellO ... 1ed by a del1aiOue meal. the chorUB sang ''We 'va aetne From tho 01ty". a tuncf8ltL1l1.ar to B11.,

Mort Stagel and tho Doctor teamed up tor a danc€) and a song routino.

ThoywEl,ro, follOi7od by tho camp chorus who sang tho "la.boror's Song." Hal Bro\m thon read tho namos of' riflo certifioato Uinnors.. All riflory aClards and SWimming om~ds had boon givo.n out pro.viou.sly., Tho ,counsolor',s, skit" lod by Los Burad and Paul t1ppo and Co .. J 'I7(;\S fol1oued by the jingleos of every oabill. burik, and tent in oamp.

After the jinglost evoryono gavo Willio and his st::rt'"f a rousing cheer 1'orl' their work this season. Neal Hmrd1oman, Diok Vlalker a,nd Co. esmo up \11th a counselor ukololc nnd vocal r-outino \"7hioh worrcd tho cro1(ld s.t tho 13anquot. Everya,ne then sang "Till Vl0 Meot Again". TllG song wns follonodby remarks !':.nGoammonta, by Donn and Joe. Thon camo tho t1f~r(;moll Song it.

Attorthe banquet all the~·Iah,.J.{oc ... Naoors .loft the dining hall .ai,\lg!IlgU "Auld Lang Syno 4' II Thoy lined up opposite tho basketball court and 11'1950" U8S sot ablaze J to, burn in thoir momorioa. B~,nquQt Night bogan , as so many others, on a n,o,to of ga1·ot~r and oXPQct~cy... It ondod, as have othors, 'ill th scme slight sndncse thct tho seascn rraa anding,but an even strongor i'fJalilJg Of )coktng fO'I'\la:rdto 1951.

THE 'ro'1'l!M.'. _ P 2

~ ~e __

- by Donald Roe!1er ..

Wednes4By mght tTas Birthday Night. J.a 'usuDl., e8.dh. no,nth h.ttd I.U otm table, wich \'mS deoornted with thothEllla o.f smeth1ng 1D1portant ocOuring in that month.

'rho thQlllQ8 M"Je.ro deOldod upon at 1nOet1llgBOf oampars and COUllsolol'B on Tuo~ and ordors \l'oro placed tor tbonocoasary- mator1ol.a to dacorato tho tablos.

Wednoadoy aftol"Dron work bogen.. stroemors wero put up, signs- Pet nto d t and tablos docoratod. That night onchmonth's ropreaentetlToB marched to moas hall 8ing1ng ftJrappy Birthday" to tho month ahoad ot them. Evory month's boy,'- wont to tholr tablos and 8Nlg "Happy Birthday" to Unclo 3'00.

Loa sElla. ,gra.oo am\ tho J!lOe.1 bogan. Aftor tho moal, whioh includod blrthdaycako tor ovory()De, oach nonth snnsa song or put on a *It.

Hero Is a. Ua* tot tho decorations and .s,onga 0'1" Bk;t ts t,hnt each month hod:


Jnnuory had a No~: Yoar's Evo pf.\rty. toro I1IlS a. 11 ttlo countor wi th a sign ng "Uncle Joo' s T~rn." Difforent lO1'Od atrot!l!101"8 t'loro hanging fran tho terse Thoir ski t was a NOli Yeor's . party cl1J:1axod by Baby Now Year netng l!'o.thor Old 10£1_1' out 01' the door.

r::::;:ory .. thoDo qrA tho Now OrloRDB U'dl Gros_ Tho to.blo ~ma oncirclod 'by ~'aut:ltul stroeaers. '!'ho pooplo in F,eb_ --'- 'did n lfcrdi Gros pnrndc with ovory in coatuno. ''rho pnro.do ttQ8 dono

toro tho 000.1. stnrtod_

March dld tho Doath of Oaosor. po popor colunns tODmodn building, Which uoro signs Baying "Caosor 18 84." Tholr BOng roas "BO\1O.rO tho ,Idoa March." IttoldlpEl~lo who ~oro not ~mln March. to b0178r-e.

- .April's th(;Co was PaaB~vor. Bluo and lito stroanore' noro on tho ratters. atzo was st.l'Ullg trca tho ratters - and !sblo8 woro cavo;ood l1i th blue and.nhi to ropo papor. ~ EaCh boy had a ,glaasi11 th ta D;mlO on it o.nd ,8 roaJ. Candle. Thoir lDg WtlS to tho tunc, of '~J.prfl Showers. If

May t s thmo vas May Day ilrut it we.It done' in a difforent 'tlay than you ttoula. expect. -- As !lay Day has becmo fl canr..un_.. tst .llol:ld.a.y tho table una decoratod. in a Sovi,et fashion. Rea stromal's \701"13 hung ana. a cutout showod e nan makiDg(\ SIl'eech in Union Square. :D41rtaeDgorw~ .. cf4rl1mS Yo Prisoners of Starvation". the Inter ... nntlonalo.

-- Juno had n tree brnnch of o·vo17 chair end. acma hangl;Qg.fl'al tha-'.roftors. A big sign ae.la."J'\1ne Is Bust1r.g lOut All Ovo;r'" • T!!eskl t haC. the same nmno and an egg wtlSbustae!. on one boy'a hfJe.d..


June's theme was tho annual baseb.e.ll all-star gmno. it<'l-Dglng trm the X'Of'ter,B, weropicturos 01: grant playors. bote, glovos, e.nd a ,scoroboarct. Their soDg i7QS nT~o Me Out T!;the Bell G?-rne."


Au?;ust t 8 theoe wa" camp. H~.n:~lng over the table Were t~s with a camp actIvIty pr:tnted on then_ U;\'::'or oach tag was BCI!le lIqutpn.ant oonneotec! \71th the act1 vi ty. T1-.ey even had the BMahart hanging. Tho1r SODg 'fI88 how luckypo(lille are to have their birthday at ,aanp.


September'. thallle wu Harvoat T:bIle. branches were up on the rattor8. JDUt~AOIIS' trem them wasloom, barnes, aDd

Harvost Moon. . Their SODge w01'O"Sh1aD, Hane at JIooJl", and "In. tho ZVen1J8 By Moonlight." '

October'. themo was Halloweon. Tho was oovored 111 th follow cropo pap. and cardboard pJIlpk!ns. !bo)' toohe4

'I'"I"·"", .. ,"'t cO.lorcd strcomOI'8 h8Dlins down tho ratters. Thotr eong waa ~AmleX OU..l.V.LL·_ • Which told tho ato17 of the at KIng HE:lnry' 8 Wito who wnlkod "hoI' hood tuokod Wldornoath hoI'

NOYebor' 8 main themo \1tl8 footbl1ll.

Tho table was mcde like B football tleld W!th green oropo papal' and. t1hl to stripos. Goal »osts woro built on08oh ond,. StraQI up~oro ~namo. ot manJ 0Ut-

., standlD8 coUoge 'totilllfh 'Tholl' song included 1JI!portflntoTel1t. tn Noymb.or.'

DooOl!ibGr had wo thomoa, Ohr1stml'lB end Ohanukeh. ",&, Winter seeno \Tas on thl) table With mln1a:tUl'O figures slalt11l8 o.n0_ *11n«. There ~s also n Chr1stmna tro'J and ot'.ndloa. Tho songs tho poople sang vere "WhIte Chr!811!1oa" o.nd "Rt-'ok of Agos" SAOW, made ot cotton, and auapondod on .tr1D8 v.ne oyer tho table.

Tea)?1. 2

SWPt"'_n5 f --r

. .

I rack Meet


• I

Tom 8 8\10»-. 'tea II!la8hIDS Tlotor:r 1.ntho U:lh.Koo .. N:".c Track Meet on .~ Jug. 25, plao1Dg nen tn lOot the 15 events, Inalud1ng tour ftrsts. I!:'o ad-

dt tlon, Tcm a took flnt honor. 8S tho moat orderly team on the field, and toolc seoond honors as the beat appoartnato!l!1. To.e'e totel tl88 <d; . Ut,s

neo.roat opponont, TOlD 6, had n POints. f

8.Jmo of' tho OIltBtnnd1ns portomencoa ot the dey lncludod Don L:ltits' .surprise Victory in tho Navajo, 6O-yerd dash, ROGor K!r.lpler·s trmendous toss to win the bnaeball throw and Bruoe Scott's win in the J,(·)h1can 4O-yard dash.

~a Trr..ok Meat beaen ElfieI' rest period \11th a parade ot the six teEnS starting in the San10r ocnp. Tho teams. deoorn.ted in their Olin colors. tollOlled tha cm.p bane. to the1r plC'.ces noar the bell t101d.

FoUOU!JJg 18 a soorlJlg ot tho Winners 'in all evonts. ~lnt8 were 8.tlDl"ded on (\ 5-3-1 basiS tor tirst, second, end. third p1ooos. Tom D1Dbor ls tn parentheses.

CJmm!&R 85-yard dc.8h - .. 1. Fred Louis (5) a. Jf1ko Stl$l1 tz (1) 5. Carl Rosenberg (2)

.&PACBI 25-)'tU'd dash - ... 1. George Wohlro1oh '(3) 2. Andy 81J!1on C 3) 3. h'od JCrmor (6)

(continued on paso 71


1'1 SO

The Animal and iTap Club built traps its first projeot. rle had. a sucoess .. BUIIIIler cetoblcg deer mlce,t1eld mioe. Ul~aWB. and chlJ;nunka.

The 8lL1mals were kept in Dages and learnedubat they eat and how they act. interest1ng animals were Phil ZEo. .. til whl te mouse, Rager Kempler I s I and Ben 18J'Flusser's aDd Bruoe 's whl.te rabbi ta. 'rhe duoks, and were tree to roam about camp.

Many painted turtles were found in marsh.. and along it1 th a. tame garter , they made the nature cabin very ~ ...... ',u.-og.stl.Dg •

The Choctaws wrned out to be the empblb1.8Il catohers and they kept the terrar1mfiUed \V1.th frogs t toads. . salamanders.

The senfor astronamy cltibmet once week when the skies were clear e.nd used Freund ta telescope., Rod explaIned stars and p.lanets and meteors. we spent a whole evening talkIng the moon and looking at 1 t through

t~lesoope. Bob Freund explained how '- --1

telesoope worked and Ed. Bendet told

about the phases ,ot the moon.

We had 8: speotal treat When one night We saw aurora b.realis (the Dl)rthern ts ). VI., steyedup at'tertaps tor a tBlk.by Rod en thel aurora.

The Inseot Club's aotivi ty W88 mainly informal collectil3g. At one meeting Ibem.oel~a learned how to display 1.nsects anc1 made their POison jars. MJ .. che.elAug, 1eft OWen, ~f8rt1n Goldberg, and Tommy Lltland were Vitry aotive and made sCIIle lnterestUJg ooUeotions,.

Btrd hikes. on lk)nd~ mOrniDgs before breakfast, around the sentors to the of our area. VarioUS membellB of the club took tripe to the mer.sh. by boat " others .&aW duo.ks, -V.erollS, end \)1 tterns in the swamp 011 too~.

The Rook Club, had. tWomeetlng1s, to identity the rooks that the, bO)"8 had found to lefU"ll about t_he m.1nerals in the rocks around camp. Each member took hane lebeledrook collection.

The \7eather Club was organized late in the season, but \71 th brand new In. rstl'mllerlts began mek:l:og surprl.sillgly accurate pred.ict1ons., The weather toreo.ast.s 81 ven at breakfast and at supper •.

Man,- ot ue, worked en our ampereonal, na.turepro.jects. Harolcl: Gibber and Finkel built 8 ventilated weather instrument box. Hank Greenfield built a . dl'al.· The, Choctaws oolleoted mosses, and. salslumderstor a terrarium, d1spl8¥ .• Tessler canpleted a hornet diSPlay by glueing dead hornets back on their 1 ..... .,""' ... • lleet. Bob Freund's ele·ctr1·o,al aetronany same worked. tine. He drew a lot conateU:ationa and ma~e a gEllle out of neming than •

. M8l)y bOys ,collected anSlnal pets tor the nature oabin. Ira. Sal.anon, lBn ZanONI .and San Reifler oaught ohlprrunka. Steve rleis8 caught a mouse and MIke I Mal1'lQaDJlOlllD. found 18 mother mouse, ,and babt.e ••

- by HaDk G~entleld -

The nature study at Camp Mah .. Kee-Nac year was org,&n1zed throUgh several


At a special mee.ting ot the Canper CounOil, called two days betore the season e·nded, the boys deCided to' ,split up all money collected at. the 'Car~ nivalbetween tour orgenizatiou.

~terl!lUChdeb8te in whi cll. m8QY oharities were proposed, the oampers voted funds to the follOWing:

U%l1ted JeWish Appeal - ~~lOO. Polio Foundation - 100. Herald-Tribune Fresh

AJ.:D Oaps Lenox Fire Dept.

Amb\Wmoe Fund


Vthen the OanperCounoil deCided to have aC8rn1 val 1.t stipulated that all money made be turned over to oharities.


~ 0014be1'l al80 oausA' a JIOU8e. ad 'laIIIl7 L1tlad, Alaa DoD, leff net •••. Bobby Eblr, lett OWen aDC1 Jlartll1 Goldberg oaUSbt turtl.s. AU the antmala "1'8 .0.ep4 a4 oarld tor bl tbair OWDe.l"ll lDCludlngJett Wet, •• ' aartt:Jr sn~e • .1.1; the .D4ottha season Ro4 ,4eolared Antmallreedaa DlQ'end all ~~\u wars releue4.

MImJ' 'bop Who had speoial inter •• ta sot extra help by re_illS books tran

Bod's Datura llbr817. .

Several, nature 8D4 101'", t1"1PI added extra lntereet to the progre. Al1 Nay.jol. Mohioans, aDd Iroquois went to the Blrd San~tU8l7 at 41fferent t:Unes utth Rod aDd Henri' 1I'1'uoht. There we saw beaver dtlll8 and lodge •• a porcl!p1T.te •. snake., and other live .D1mIl.a in oases. 17e also took a hike up the ve,17 ,sitC'.'e,p mountain to • good lookout pleoe (tl1'8tow.r). I.e. 01'8 •. tlJUsh.4 the dq beau ... titul17.

10e pl8DJle4 an ,xcl 'llDg trip tor the Cheyennes. AlgOl1qulXL8, and Oherokees to the aeDeral Electrio plant in Pittsfield. 'There they saw artiticial. lightning jump ~ teet throUgh the 811" With a lO\ld orash. Another triP made to the "Ice Glen" at Stookbridge 1188 adventureaana. In that rocky region ice stays in the Cavel all summer loDg. That art.moon we saw thehlstor:l.cal. Stockbridge Miasion Bouse. Boys Interested in astroDall,J' made an evening vlal t to an anateur aatroA,ClDlr'ta observatory ln Pittsfield. The story ot thiatrtpancl our "look atlUp1tal" is told iB another art1,cle :lnthla, iSsue.

1011owtDg are the 118tl ot boy,l Wboactl.,el,J partiCipated in thil ..... 1". new.olUbs.

AS'l'RONOr!Y CIm - - Bob beWld (ourator). Eddie BeD4et (curator), 3'OB Roae, DoD Donob.i. HaDk Greeat1e14, Don Gnelltie14. Pete B.r~. AleI1 DoIlD, Ohll1l1ea laDde __ , M1ke Mako1rakJ'. Roger l!8Dabel, Bob Petersj Mike Ebar. StaTe Weiaa. :ute Metzendort, Barry S11T81'1IUm, AD4l' Tessler, Ken 180obeon.

ROCK cum - - :ratt Weisl, Bob Eber, Rozmte Nordmann, Bobb,,. net_us. lay Gerber, Richard Goldstein, lU:ch8l'd B8lIIl, Fred. S.legel.

WEATHER CWB .... Ned Finkel. (chiet), Bobb:y Rosenberg, Ba:rold Gibber" "ike Saaha. Charla. LaAdeIlll8lL.

INSECT CIDB .. - Richard Baum, Hex 'Gruzen, 10= Lltland. George Falk. t(tke Au&\let. .1011 Ciieene, DeDD1S Teppem8IL. David Wart.1B, Robert Strack •• Jett o.ea Charles Salt.Id.

i-- ,..._.. --=.~ __ 'l'Oo·~· 'J.~ . _


.. by Donald Roeme,r -


On Banquet Night many boys received eryatlal'i:l,a ..

The o.Vfarda listed below are the higha~ards won by the canper whose .&me are in that section. Mal1¥ boys will o recelv'8 lower awards.

- by Peter Berkley ~

On Saturday nIght, Aug. 19, Uah-KeeNac '8 bend gave a conoerto. The b~ played two numbers,. one otthem. a ,o,smp song.

Jon Rose and Mark Lamer, two clari,netists,. played a, duet. Mike, saene played a piano, solo. De!V'id, our bru:.d leader, and Steve Weiss plqyed a flute duet.

Rose Harte, our 'camp nurse, ,senge

Marksnan_lJ.!.!!i. 9~!!!.!. Allan Donn, solo. aocompanied by a trio composed ot a tar Berkley., Don Greenfield, Alan Fried- piano. violin, and cello. ThtJ cli(,atr£s Don Donchl"Lee' Me,tzendor1', Ed ,Bendst. seleotIon was played, by the, trio", Irv,tl1e wai ter ,playing violin, Dave ,the waiter Robert Mogull J Ralph playing cello, and Dave Grel tzer t our band leader, playiQS piano.

The 'boys i'n the bend were, Jon Rose, Mark Lamer, Pete B rklwy. Maxson Gruzen, and Bob Rosenberg~ clarinets; Danny Re.ttiner, t,rumpet;Bob .Freund, trOl1lbone; lDu18 Binder,drum and bella; Steve ~Je1as, flute.

Theeven1Dg; was enjoyed b;V all.

l~~ksman: Barry Sllveman. Andrew O;>~i:>41;1"'-~ Dun ",lewis, .' Len. zamon. SBllD11 t Mazk larner, Danny Rattiner. Ira ! ...... ' ......... u'~, Alan SUber t Paul leopold t Peter ~osenl)el' E. Hank Green1'.ield t Bob Freund.

Sbarpf!!10o~ Paul Kisellk, Steve t Ken Jaoobson,. Eddie Goldberg. Mike Pete Ste,1J;msnn,Brilly Fried, Boger ~~,lI.II;'''''t Gerald Morass, Steve, \1e188, Schwartz. Ned Finkel, Dob Peters.

Bar 1: Rolph Feigen, Andy Frey,

Goldberg. Paul Moacoe, John Rose t Man180hewi tz. Mike Makowsky t Roger ~anIBhefl. Hal Gibber. Rusty Goldstein •



Bar 2: Ben Jay Flusser, Skip Feller Krieger, Carl Denhol,tz, R1cbard wVi1tJIlAlivein, ,Larry Kobre, Billt' Joseph.

_, by Peter Berkley -

On Thursday night, Aug. 17, the boys ot the Astronomy Club took a trip to Pittsfield to visit the ,observatory of ~fr. Oammell!, an amateur astroncmer., .Rod Ooler, HoWie Fruoht. Aunt Frances, Slld Dave went along with the boys,. Mr.Oamnel11 't s observato17 Is opeD. to the public on Thursday nIghts tor those interested in seeing the stars.

Mr. Cammell!. but! t the telescope himself. He showed us the quarter mooa, and We also saw Jupt ter, the evening 8t~. It was all very 1.n.terestJng.

The boys that went were Den Do,nc!:J.l., TJ18se boys will shoot fo·r HGh-Kae .. r;" Peter Berklay" Don Greenfield. Hank Greenin the Na.t1oMi Ritle Associatton tleld, Alan Donn. Bob Freund. Ira Salo-

Nmelr' 'Csp Rt.tle Ohanpionshlpa. mon,.Jeft Here,Ben. J8'1 FlulIs8.r,. Johnny HOS8, Mike Hakowsky, Lee Metzendort, M1l:e Makowsky, Iss l'ietzendort t 11ike Eber. Bob Peters. Ed Bendet, sten Vreias,.. Andy F.ray f Richerd Ehrenberg I end! Davi d Man~ laohewltz.

Be 3:- ~!11,eSt\ch81. Joe Horowl tz.

~. S:,Jet£ Hare

The Mah-Kee .. Ne.c Rifle Team is 0<111- ot Jeff H.are. Buddy Goldberg, ·John , Skip Foller, Hilte Hakowsky, LeWiS ,Steve Weiaa" Gerald !uforess. Hal ilI'lo .. ,uaJ.~1 Da,Tld Manlsohewltz.

Hal Brown. the ritle instructor, ~.a.",,,,og.... theboy:s wlththe highest averages 'the te_.

THE Wl'iiI

~-----.,-----.-----_..--.--- -- .--- .. - ......... ",..,., .. ~_........-

(OU:h sellers

Bs«: (CLm.pers) 8-4

.. by 11'4 BeDd:et •

On l!'r1day att.rDoOIl. Aug. 24, a de-

l ~ cSIlper .quad marched out aD. the

tleld to faoe the mighty oounaelor .' A8 all,the DOn,..,pla,las, a_pera their place. on the hill, and, the 1\_''''''''' teta tooklt8place on. the field, \IIlPire, Myron B.erkavy called "Pla¥ , and,thel game, we under wq.

Seven IDD1Dg8 later, the capen ,the, t1,eld and the hill o,n the tat1 01' an 8-4 deteat.

Thel cll!llrpftr8 had a good, starting attery Wi th Larry Kobre pitching and 1~1:.~1rA Deoter catching. But thiS did not the oOWlSelors. Pi tcher Mike

er led ott wl,th a 8ilJgle, but the got out 01' the inn111g as Don t,1led, out to Jon Rose in center and Wal'tBehr lined into a double


But the oempers did net have an

t1me at it at the plate, to,r the iU ... "'1'LL oounselor battery 01' IA!lo Kornhauser 1401'1"1,8 Levi t,t was gone, and 1,D 1 t8 was the old oamper star pitcher,

, Spioer w1 th Don Brief catohing.

Mike .wedthe cempera he was tougll bl str1kiug out the last 'tWo men after al.lowlng a 8ingle by Pe,t. Stelaman and a walk to Dick Lowenstein.

In the seooDd lDD1ng the oounselors threatened. Bill Ladne~ff'l"totf With Il siagle ana advanced to, 8eoond on Jaok Brooks' hi t to right field. Kobre go", past Hal ,leWiS but when, HoWle F1"\lcht tereed lackatuooD4 Bll1 raced around third and 800red on a close play at the

plate. .

In the thtrd the campera 8cored a run aD a walk to Dick Lonenste1n. and cOQBecuttv8 al~es by Carl DeDholtzand RUsty Goldstein. and a Wild throw to oatcher.om Finer at the plate.

There WY IlD aco1'1ng1n the tourth aDd tifth innings.

but the sf.rth inning waa a big one fo,r the oounsellors. Shel Grebstein lIID88hed a lopg tly to lett aD whioh Denboltz mad. a tine catch. FrankMaze hit a hot grounder through the pitcher

and •• ooDA buem8.Jl into center. Then Howie Pollock, teed ,~tt o.n l.e.rl7 Kobre tor a lo_, long S:ll8Sh to lett, (.-ver the 1'1 elder t ahead .to:<: 8 triple to soore Frank. BoWie then (leored on a niee b",lIlt bJ Skip 13ronston d,own ·.:;lle fix'at bbsse

. liDe. Donn 11.ned one to lett field. end SkiP aoored becauee ot interference by camper ooach Joe Kruger on the retuI'n tbrow 11lto thirt.,

The capers struokbaok in the second hill ot the lJlD1Dg. Wlth. men at tirst aDd second Pete StellDBJl tlied to lett. Hal. Brown tri.ed to niP the l"UIUJ(tr ocmiDg into third baae but miased on a cloae play. With the baaes 10a4ed JOIlD¥ Ito.. drove a ball deep to lett and Steve Decter Icored tram thi,rd attar the out.

Jerry Brooke. who 08ll1e into pitch tor the oounselors, tightened up and the aide, wsa retired. At the end of 81x:

Umlags .• 'the soora sto04, Counaelors '. Oampera 2.

'Then o.e the tiDal. lD.D1Dg. The oounselora, perhaps fright.lied at the closene88 of the oontest, opeD8d up on the c_per., tor tour morerune.Wtth two out Lea Purvere siDgled to right and HoWie Polloc~ Singled deep to lett. ,skip Bl"Oneton anaahed 8 hard lines to center thatboWlced 0108e to Jon Rose. ·Who oouldn't field the hard hit ball. les soared and BoWie took third.

Then DoDll got up and blQte4 a double to right.ttla:lp IIdp and, HOw!e 8001'84 Gd Donn advanced to third on the pl8¥ at thep,late. A:ttht,8 po':lnt .Sob 1k>aenberg c_ 111'0 Ofltoh tor tbe iDj .. uredDeoter.

The uen batter wu Big Karl Peeraput BI&r'i:1Xul tbjU •• 4oD.dhbD"tS~' past third end took second on alow tield~ng. .ABthe throW to thtrdwent wl1d Karl took the base steppillgsquarely on the bag,and finally legged it, beme. But because at aome~18tortune he was called out tor I10t touohJ.ug the base. HDwner, Donn soored on the pl..,..

Thel ,campers tough.t back tnth. 18811' inn1Dg. Vi! th two 8'IIfI'I Rust.J GolclsteiD.

(oont 1nued)

____ ~~.J __ .

COtJNSElO~S :Q!M:. C:J~ • 8 - 4 ,(continued t~ page 6.)

ualkod, end Skippy Fellor c11(' a grounder tosk1p at thiJ.'d base \1ho throw wild to Pollock: at second. RustysooxcC\. and Skippy took third. on tho play. Bob Roecnberg then hit a ground.orto Skip Bronston,who threu rtilc1to Las at f'1rst.Follor soorod anel Rosonberg wont to second,

But then Los, Barad, tho now oounsolor pitcher tightenod up and got Larry Kob.ro to pop out tr one: the garno,.

But that was not tho antl for thQ cmpere. 701' in theil' minds VIas tho old Brooklyn yoll, ItJust waltunUl noxt



1 2, 3 4 5 ._2 _7~_ TPTAL_

OOUNSEIORS 0 1 0 0 0 3 4 8

~ 001 001 2 4

Officials: Myron Ha:t'kavy.j Plate umpire; Paul Forman, Baao umpire.

Vlinr.ing pi tchor: J. Brooks; Losing pi tchor: i;-'Kobro

IROQODIS 40 .. yd. dash - I. !,orr! s Frlo(D:nl'\D. (3)

3. Paul.. Goldborg tr)

MOEICANS 4O ... ytl. da.sh ... 11 Pruco Scott (3)

3. Maxson Gruzon (3)

I,. Billy Fr1.od (5)

5. Fr10dman (4)

1. Donald Lc1.Jle (5)

3. Ken Ja.oobaon (1)

1. Stove Dector (1)

3. Bob Rosenborg (5)

1. Cnrl Donho1tz (6)

3. Di.'ck Lowenstein (I)

CHOCTAWS .All Fours Reee 1. Milt Rot ttlan. ( 2)

5. Froc1 lo;,riS (5)

1 .. Dan Stoiman (3)

3. Stuart Hollando~ (3) lROI/.UDIS Di.zzy Izzy Rolay 1. Toam 1, 2. Toam 2. 3. Toam 3.

mmOAN'S Ropo Skip RaJ,au 1. Tamil 2. 2. Tom S, "3. 'Team 4.

~VA.JOS Fotato R()lay 1. Team 2, 2. Toam 1, 3. Toam 6.

CHEYENNES potato .Ro,.lay 1. Tom 11 a.. To·am 6., 3. TeBt1 2.

CEEROKEES Ball Throw 1. Kamplor (2), 2. Foller (5), :3. Rosonborg (5)



CHEYENNES e:O .. yd. dash


60-ya.. d.ash

CHEHOKEES ?5-yd.dash


1. Toam. 6, 1. Toam 2,

POINT 'roT/lIS: 1. TOel!! 2 (42) 4. rroam 3, (25)1

2.. T0El!!-'2, 2. To!t1l 6.

2. Team 6 (29) 5. To!'l!l. 5 '(.22)

2. Miko Ohod.orco1'f (2)

2. JUan Roso

(6 ) (,3) (~*)

2. BO.n Fluesor

2. Rogar Kamplor

2. Billy Joseph

'2. Pat~r Spicss


2,) .Fred Kremer


3. Toam 3. 3. Team 1.

3. Toron 1 (28). 6.Temn 4 (7)'

Clork of course - Lostcr l'\l.rvero .L\nnouneer.., HOllard Pollock

starter - Los Barad

Judgos at, flnl.sh ... B111 Laftnor, HalBrown Honorary judgos .. Joe Krugor, Honry Donn

TBF -J:1·r.CM P"t·.Q 9

--.._...~~---. ---- _.._---__...,.-.-~, .. ..._"",- ----._ ..... -,~ _ .... ' ....... -,.,.- ----, --_.--- ........ ---_ .. --- .. --_._--,._. "--'.'-

S, Ci..Yn ~ BY'(J()~ ') "de ~II- S


.. by pona:ld Wals!oh,

Tho tour !!ohicRn~cab1n6 Vistted tho Berkah$ra Art Museum 1nPi ttst101d la.st Friday. Cabin ? e.nC 9 Vlent in tho morning and cabins 8 and 10 mada the 'rip that efternoon.

Dftvo ues a little lato in plcktng us up in thQ truck so wo watohed tho sen10ra pilay basobnll bo'tor.a "g(j lott on tho rtl.Orn.1ng ·trip.

Whon wc got to tho museum:wo .hea 1eo eroan. When trc wont 1nt·o tho musoum ~o found it vory nico.

On tho firat floor was nn oxhibit on stones. Thera ~oro many d1fforont klne.e.

Thon wo uont t~ tho socond floo~ whoro no sew.on, oxhlM.t by Denial Choator Fronoh, temous nrtis.t tmd sculptor. Wo saw tho original. modol of tho L1.ncoln Memorial statue wh!cl:!,ls "h!y,'Urodlhtoot tall. end tho original JUnuto Mcm.

Thon 'Wo aati all. thD tools French

used. tor soulpturing. Wo SaR BCI!10 ot

his moro ftlllous paintings.

Thon riO \lont into tho Egyptian room whoro wo s-a~ manr ogyptian ,statuos. Wo 89."1'1 a mUl!ll1Y in a onso.

Wo saw m.any statuos ot goda·and godo8sas of Rane ant1 Grocoo. In another roan: With many trunks r.nd. pa!nt!ngs \10 8a\1 an olt". harpfillohord troD tho 16th contury.

On returaing to tho first floor wo 8a\7 8ct!10 guns. Several tTere trC1!l RovolutiOnary War days i Clthors from tho C1v11 War pOl'iod, and. scmo gUI1.8 ot mod .... ern tiJnoa.

Wo elso se.lJ S(l!16 d.Ul1D:lliesot Indians in full C1rQSB. !n n(~a1 tion. YIO Sfl.W the tools ana. sleds ueodat tho North Polo .•

Thora 'il88 e vory nioo nell map ot Borkshiro Oounty that lit up in c1U':foront spots ,vhon a sot of buttons uas prossod.

All In all it \"1~" a vory nico trip.,

.. by Mert.y Schwartz -

Moh~oQ~Nnc aotoato~ tlo5 boys ~t Oanp Brooksie.o ll..:5 on Aug. 18 to take its tirst u1n of tho 1081' in inter-camp compotit10~. The gamo started at 2:50 and Gndea a.t 4.

~10 st~rting pitchers were 10n Roso ot Mah~Elo-Nao and Xi trosalor ot Brookside. K1 tJ"osalor. the lOSiJ:lg pi toher, 'i18.8 rc·!iovaet in tho fifth inning I anc: .R·ooo i10nt aU the mly' to notch tho i11n.

l!ah":Keo .. Uo.c soor.od in tho 1'1rat a.ttor rotiring - th" Bl"ookeHlo ba.ttors. NCI runs Vioro Bcol'Od by ei thor toam in the second ~d third. ,

But in the tourth inning BrooksiClo !Sano up iii th four runs Nld took a 4-1 load. .Mnh.~oe .. N ac uns put down in tho last of thG fourth as W'lS BrooksiClo in its half at tho f~ttlh

~o gat!1C b~oke wid.e opon wM·n MMKeo-Uno cemo to bat tn tho tlfth. In the bottom ot tho innl!lg attor LoUiS Kriegor and. Rf'bart IIogull, batting tor Bon ]!'lusser, 'Were out. Pato Sto1%lm.nnn 8tarte~ a 10 run rally Uith B siDBle.

Miko Ebor, pinch-hitting ·tor Roger M:::nshol,. OmlO through with a 11ne drive Single to lett that eent Pete to third.

Ton more M~.h-Kt",;e ... NBc men. CQl!leto bat that lnnlllg to drive i.n the 10 runs. All the scoring Vlae done f'i.f'tor two men ha~l been retired.

The Bl'ookside oanter f'ialC!er srnaah .. ad a home-run to center to aocountf'or anothor run in the si~h. T:l.at was the end ot tho scor1Jle; for the day. giVing Mnh~€Ie-N".o an 11-5 Vi 0 tory.


;1· 8" 4. i ,,+~.

~ .,..""""- .......... _........,.._ I - ... ' ..... - .. ,_

. .

, 5


TID.: T(\'nM

t----.- .. ----- ----.-- --.--._. _ .... -.... - .. _ .. -_ .... _.- .. - .. -- ... _ .. _.-

p:'l;I'1c.. 1·)

-- - .. --,q.. - - .. - .

Den ho/tz) GrQZell lenTIls ChCl)7,?S

- by PQt~r Barkloy - .

Botoro a. largo gnllcry on Aue. 24,

Denholtz ot Tont 4 doto~tcd Peto mann. ot Bunk 2 ftC'r tho 'pontor cmp 8 craun, '1-5 and 6 ... 3.

Donholtz's supor~.Clr sorv100 rlP-B tho o 1n .tho m~tch. BClth man shl'rI-

ronJ. ohanpionsh1p :f'om, f1no eports~",,,.LL_~~_". l"',lldl'lno cmpot1t1 V'O s!>iri t.

In th.o junior o,cmp t1nr.ls M£lXson Ilr"'-'u.z. ... ·LL t/on ovcr M1ko Chodorco1'f of C~.bln to tnke tho lea50 ti tlc. Gruzcn pro ...

ous1y doto~tud Jtm EVrlnnd. O~b1n 8, tho MoMann croun. Chodorcoff '>1".8 tops In tho Iroquo is, e.ttor bo!:t1n«O,hnrlos Belt1o~d, 6-3.

In 1IU\tohes 10('.(,111[; up to tho t1nr.ls Ip.cobsonbont Alrm Silbor 6-1 to bo@O! C{EO N."\vnjo ohmp. }?otc Stoi,m~,nn bent 10,0. ROBO. 6 .. 2 tor the Choyenne ohrr.pionship, r.nc! thon vont on to bOfit Jr.\cobson a-a to ontor tho finals.

Donholtz or--.rnod his tlny into the f1np.-l round by tnk1ng tho mor'..(IUl'O 0t Ro,gel' l{nnahol, Chorokoo ohanp t &-3.

Following. 18 n p:u-t1cl. list 01' lntltvidw:ll cohln. burut. rmc1 tontohtnps:

CI'.bln I .. Hlohr.ol Ch,-,(!.nro,.,tf Cnbin.2 - Bobby Levy

Cabin 3 - Ch".rloB Sillolc1 Ortb1n '1- Enger So".sonwo'1n C'lbin 8 - J'i,n IWr.l".nc~

C~bin g - Rl0h~ B~un

Or-.bin 10 -J~nxson Gruzon

Bunk I .. Ralph FoisOn

. Bunk 2 .. Pate Stolmn.nn Bur~ 3 - ~~l K1oo1tk Bunk: 4 - Jon R("Ise

Bunk 5 - ICon Jl\Co'bsnn Bunk 6 ... Don toi1i.s

Bunk '1- Alr.n S11bor

Bunk S - Hank Grocntlo1d

'ront I - RnGQrr Mnnshol Tont 2 - 1.0,\'<18 Kriegor Tent 3 - H~ola Gibbor Tent 4 - Cr.rl Donholtz Tent 5 - Lr.rry !Cobre


- by Ohorlos Lnndoaman ..

On MondD¥ .night 110 h~atho lp..st ca!tpflrtl of tho yo,sr. Tho tiro oponod \~th tho lighting of tho fire. It was dono by Chiaf Wnlt Bohr who up-s drosso~ in Indl~~ costuno.

After tho firo was lighted Donn prosontoe1 a rock which o~o frCl'l Hf.'I.1,ne,. It 'ilRS' g1 von to tho cmp nar. 'l!1Oll1onto of tho A1G<'Inqu'ln OM('IO trlP in }!Rino.

Attor thet wo h~d sevorRl contosts nt whioh of'..ndy \I~S gtTen out, for prizos.

Last rrook,ln ~ SPOcI~ night ~ct!v- 1 ty, tho Junior cmp sat up apo01[1~ lOCGuoB tor nIght ~Dasob(l.ll.

Tho Chootnws tormaCl. tho To:x:as Wf'.gu.o.

Wnoo played HOuston to u 3-3 tiC botoro tt.o gmo \'lns cnllod bocauso of il~knc8s.· Thero ~oro two homers.

J~ Gorbor Anet D1'ok Golc:stoin, 'i1oro (t·1't!c1nls.,

Tho Apaohos Bot up a Pr).cltlc wr>.guo t In which Call1'('Irn1a: do:f'e~tod. Orogonl4-4. 0001'60 V/ohlro1ch hit a. hano run • Officlels "/orO Ro~or Sohtmrtz and NOl!.w.n M?\ss.

Iroquoi,s tamed tho Ar.rlOr1Crul uaoelntion. In thoir twilight smo Toronto bOf\t .llbany .5-1. ...Ubany had I run. fivo hi ts. no orrol's. TorontO' had: 1'1 vo runs. Six hits", no o,~rs.

01'flo1fU.8 woro MAXson Gruzon, and Jcck Wohlrolch.

Tho V.oh1cnns vcro vis! tint~ tho Senior cookout Qll(~ omp1'lro. The SIX ot1'.1c1nls '.101'0 Moh1c~ns •.

---- .-~-~------ .. ~------,-~-,-.-~-,~--

C'her,o Ieee 5 CI,'lU6

• by Ed BondEi t -

On lIoD4ew -.lug. 81, all 14, Chorokees llBre sated 'b7 Donn it they vantod ~ take a ''''riP toMt. Greylock. All of us wanted to &0. 80 Stovo Dootor, Bob Peten,BOb ROBonborg', Edd1e Bendot. lorry !!Oro8s, stovo WelH, Skipp,. lel10r" Rogor KarlP1or, Lcn11s K.rioger, Bill 1:r.1.:ld. }llO'.rty Sch'Wart., Bal otb\)or ftSldK1ko 5nchB got thoir o~pr.1aI',t togothor, Md 8C1t Bot tc go.


Jtnal.ly, at nbout noon \'10 plnood our packs and pr01'iB1ou In tho trail-, or, and sma of UB pllod into the Caf'lp truok uhtlo tho athol'll got lnto tho Brooks' c~.r. end 110 "i7oro ot:f to Gro,y'look. 'l'ho' oounaolora who '\'lere tilth ua

on tile tnp uere Dick &"''''Vego, lorry end J~'ek Err.eke. -

A.t the sme time thnt 'r.'O ~ore 801ngon our cxpodi tlon, 'tho Algonqutna vero goll38 on tl s1n11ar trip. The,. tlere drivon to ,Jane,' lIoec, en ort~ .wop htll, whore, thoy 2lI!1Ddlntollr began to pi,ck bluobon"1os. Whon tho Cherokeos arrivod at 10no.' Nose a tow ot the boys began seazoh1ng tor bluebor1'1os, too.

11nnll7, wo lott tho AlsOllQUlns end procoedodto our Clrlptng alto tl't, Hwm1X18 Door Brook. Thoro wo motanothl3rclDp vhi.ch had takon tho ofnP8ito WQ hal! plannod to ~UIIo, so va c~ped OD. tho other s1 de ot ~o brook~ As aeon lUI vo l1ad ottton our lunch we made oEq). MoBt at us made odd contraptlons out of PIP-tont halvos, slthough two ot tho 1)07. did r18 up a pup-tont.

1:8 soon _we ho.d,sot up theoGIIIIIP.

vont OI1tto sathor tl1'Owood •. l!1or .up'th~t night. wo had cannod peachos , ~1bursc):ra, pott'itcea, oD10DS, a.nd n1lk. Attor waahtDg our !!lOIS soar, we II.lHI.:u:u,11 It01"1 t1'Cl:1 Dick ,and thon wo went bod.

'!'he' next 2JorntDS 'Ii1O _olto. s~ored • oado oar ttro, and oooked a sood ib'rI!lali:tNllt of bacon end ags. Attar aU· .. ,out 0111" alooptns bosa we got sot to on \'that ViO thousht wou.ld bo a htke up the .a1l t ot lit. Gzoylook.

Wo 8~d down tho 1l000tnln to tho .CIoI.~U¥. Attorwalktns about 8,1z l!11los rm to e. le:'ao Dodaro. tam whoro vo 1'0-, plon1ahod our _pplf of wator .and loamod that tlO ht:'.d aone about two ntloa out ('t tho ilq. &ovo out acro,88 a t8:lr.l and roached' Koxaey Brook,

Our pl.rul ns to to.llOt1 tho .VeaI! t(,1" 8tI!l& dt.teJJOo. oltlnb pert va, up 1ft. W1UiS!18. ond ttnall7 el!l'lb to tho 1RI!lmit of lit. Gl'Oylook.

We followed Mono7 Braok tratl and naohed lit. Wl111m •• Wo atoned up, but Vhon lIO woro about hQItwar to tho poak, the tre11 tadet\ out. So Dlok aDd J'aok, Who .~ 'sooa!1pe.n1edua whJ.lo lerry ROnt Into 0I!tlP tor auppl1ea. stetrtod. out '" look t,o-r tho t~l •

.After ttndi.' threo traU.. aDd ,,*-' 1.Dg tbo two wong <'DO. tlrst ,.0 prooOQdod up tlha, we thou8ht tlU· lit. WtUid!UJ. .

But attar a laDS ruagedcllttb We IdCbcc. toothe top. IID4 towI4 •• ha4 Ollmbed

the Yl'ODg JIlCIIUtalD., lit. Prospect., )bat otue .... pretty ted up by this time t em4 we ftDte4 to take the Appalachtan Trail ~1011 would lead

u. to the tb1m of Ble.ck1Jlgtoll. Bowper. Diet 8D4. Jack decided to go 4o\m the' mountain, retraoe, par path,

aDd. letart Where we mB4e our tl.l'IIt

w.roDl t1u-D. - We tinall1 reached )ft. Williamaagaln at1er " torturows return h1ke. By ,this time, most of us wore ·4ea4ttre4, 80 Dick 8D4 a tOVl

of the more rugged • bora A1tmbed 0. 11tt1o hlgl10r and tOUDd the :road up

to Gre7lock. . -

By the ,ttme they t0un4 1t wo woro' p-rettl' 'wall rested, 8Il4 lifO made it wt'thout too ma.oh trouble.

It was DCJV aboI1t 6 P.,II., ~ we hodn·t _ton 8i11OO 'b1"Oaktast at g:30 SO lIQIle ot us ··deolded .'4 hiko 'to lit. G1"O:vlock U1ib: DiCk. Whether 1t iIU the 1!le1"O thQQgb~ of tood or just the idea of oltmbfJJI tho hlghost DlOWltatn In tho Bo1'ksh1rea that '~eel ecme of 118 '011 18 DO' mystery. W1 th .... out a 4ou'Dt, ~1D8 'Ulat \1ould "got us tood was enough 1;0 make WI cl!mb. So .. lott thoso \lb." 'WOft toot1red to ol1JDb down the road tIlthJ'ack,w- 110 tie bopn our ...

~~, atter ~o wore only D1 __ ten'tha of a mtle tl"a!l the JIUEIl ... mt t ilbGn liO mot lorry. (contlnuo4)

(continued tran Page 11)

Be had two hi toh-h1ker,s w1 th him. He. was going to ~ve down to Pick up the other boys. drive hiB p.as,sengers to the summit, drive the other kids baok:. and then come back to pick us up. Ho dId all that and when we got baok to ouroanll fate, we were all happy to eat OUr menl and hit the aaok .

'attar 8. reallytll"1ng day. C

The .next' morning we got up , gathered firewood, ate our breakfast, and got ready to break camp. At about 10 0 'oloek Deve CEmewi th the camp truok to take us ba.ck.

By the ttme we lett most ot us wore glad the trip was over. Butwe wero also glad that we had gone on the trip. for 1 t w111 surely 11 ve in our

mallortes for the rest ,ot our lives. . .

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