CAMP NIAH-Kft~E-IVA( Lenox Massachusett.


Bound Volume of Camp Newspaper Issued Weekly During 1951 Season

CAMP MAH-KEE-NAC Lenox, Massachusetts

Joseph Kruger, Director

375 Osborne Terrace, Newark 8, N. J.

IA~·; ~.' '. ~"VA· 00 ~~! I· r.:!;,5m' i~ .• \ E

. /,.~ • ij,.~ . ~\ ' f,;.\l0I; .. ;.,

. ~ . ,./ ~: f I: . ~ ~~ '~.-: ....... i \ i~ . ; .

tfJ-(Vt Bcup

:d.1~, MaM..

tluai Oid

llACY. P1AG Ie

.. by JIlDk Greenfield-

Magic wanda, dleappeer1ngcolu , ~anae· lookil1gboxes and tubea.BId a ~te. hag at tricks acooup.nied tbe rival of Ward tbe Wiard at Jal.h-Kee-Nac:

Monday. For one week he bae come to lIP to ententaill everyone 8124 teach ilks. to ~ lucky C41qpers.

hbndayatternooD Ward put. on a ,show r 10be .TWliOlt camp and foUowed on ~a .. 'f 111 th, ODe tor the SeD1'or~. TueaP' night he lIut Olla lJ}Jec1al pertormmce e the entire C8JII) on the porch of the age,.

Tuead87 after reat hour Waml the

at (David.ard) lI8B at tlng tor tbe tl.iors outside tbeir cabiDII. His first lck waaabout some people in the circus :> needed belts. the midsetB. tbe g1ant.~ d the eie.meee twins. They all cae to e acrobat and be split tbe belts in It for the midgets and the others.

Dave then taught the Seniors how to

this trick. For the giant I s belt t a. up ot peper with onetwiet in 1t is .. ted at the enBa. The strip w1 th the as pasted together is tben cu.t down the !dle. To make a belt tor the siamese ina theatr1p of paper is pasted togeth-

by the enits and cut down the middle.

Ala... other tricks were shown by WI. the IXIB.g.iclan. The beat one WBBthe

He t1ni.bed tbetrickby unwrapping

all the paper takIng the quarter out

of the matchbox.


~f~4~,l~2~~~1'_ T ~ftE~~To.~1EM==- • __ • ~Fa~. ~_.~

\;.,11 )


V{ho i,1

MGth- kee -~JQC

~ 1.9-i1. oamp season at YAh .. Kee-Nac Dds e. tot :J.. of 150 boys ape:>::lding their IUDlSr here. ThE. ASll'i'·c.;;1l LttllllP .is. the ~ home for ?J boy ~ eru'l 7; eme IQeJ:ll. ~a of the J'unior camp. Followiug Is a IIlRlete, list o.f all the, cabins. bunks a tenta.

PaTAWS . _

bin 11 - Sol Feinberg, Alan Ech1ka.on, uneel,ol's.. R1,cld.eF1rtel, Jack Grub,:in. ephen Bpi t~er, tarry Kantor. lUcbard ,aenblum, Evan Katz, Gereld Kallman.

bin 12 - Jerry Starr,. 131U,. Gindin. IUIlI3elora. Bruce Cohen, S9JmIlY FIDner ... ln, Peter Cossman, .Arthur F-alk. David lthen,. Peter .Nuesbaum and Iud SOlJ:ID]er.


;bfu 4 ... George Lim,David Mintz.,Coun- 1101'S. carl Rosenberg, Jeffrey H1rach lJzy Sllveratein, Alan Tessler. stuart Il'tin and Stepben.Katz .•

lbin 5- Jules FeJekt Counselor~ Milton IltlD8.l1., Michael Stigli tz. Jon Greene. U'JrYDreekin. Victor GOlllPerts, Rl'cbard L tman. and Richard Kleinberg.

ibin 6 - Mike Spi cer, Leo Kornhauser. ou.naelOZ's. Stuart Falk, Bobby Stracke. t'ed Lew!a. Roger Lowenstein, Stephen Mni tzer, Stephen Mam:.

~ogUOIS .

thin 1 - Eli Feldman, Counselor. Doug ross ,Rl chard ROBe .StuBl't Hollander. arlin Goldberg, Jeffrey Goodman, Benjia atelson. Andy Simon.

abin. 2 .. Arthur Adolpb,. COUllSelor. Alan. lntz, jeffrey Weiss, Bobby Eber, Ralph Hber, George Wolreich, Walter Fessler. oug Z·inmlerman.

shin :3 - Do ... Briel, M9r Ve,lsamis, COunelors. DavldUtwin, Robert Kruvant. affrey Gind!n, Richard SalZlDBll, .Ton ross. Joel KlompWl.


~bln 7 - Hal Lewis, Counselor.. john ,allenatein, NoI:mf1.D. Goldberg, Nicky Kaz-

UJlh .. Richard Segal, Charles Nathan, Bob Fisch.

Cabin 8 - teoIlSll!d Zweig. Counoelor. Rob~ , ert Goldfarb t Alex S±eg.~;!. t Bohby Le-yy I Chuak Beleten, MichElel Mw:zlctJMohn.Muro. H1motf.

Qabi'n 9 .. Bf11 Ladner. Cou.nsp.lor.Lenn;y Levitt. Dav1d L1eberme.tI~ R..)nnie Nord. :maIlJl. Bobby IUelnwaks. Eilly Rosenbaum, Jet.f.rey Lowe.

Cabin 10 .. Darld Gnei tzer , Evan BlurmnthaI. Counselors.. Levr.1.s :s'ri~dman, Robert Rat.ner, Michael AUB!,U~t, .Paul Gold ... berg. TOIlDlW Lifland, Lar-ry U...indell.


Bunk 1 .. Sy Grossman, Dick Csstellane, Counselors. Clem Wohlreich.Richerd Goldsteln, Stephen Weiss, Norman Mass.

Bunk 2 .. Bob Brody, Counselor. Philip Zelnansky,Alan Rose, Eddie Ash, Bruce Scott.

Bunk 4 ... David Epstein. CouDBelor .. Richard Baum, Fred Siegal. Pe,te:a Goertzel, Bobby ~k. George Falk, John.Frank, J8.Y, Gerber.

Bunk 5 ... Miguel de Alvarado, Will Nal .. oney, Counselors. Martin Newmark, Paul Planer, John Flattau, MichaelG.lsse. Charles Salfela., Roger Schwartz,


BUDi(;: Clmi,s Denis. Counselor. SUlnQr.

Rettler, Steve :Klein, Donald Lewis, !.eon" ard. ZamoI9, Ralph Musket, Peter Rosenberg, Alan. Donn.

Bunk 7 ... Jerry Brooks. Frank Maze I Counselors. Ralph Heyman, Lerr,y Glassner. Alall Wolfson, J'll%lX1tY Horland, Don N.ats"o, Ri chard Ward.

Tent 1 .. 1ack Brooks, COunselor. Alan. S:llb~. Kenny 1aco080., Andy Tessler, Steve Shoenholz, Barry SIlverman.


~ 4.1951.. £ 1"5 WHO AT MAH-JOm-NlG. 1951

(Qonttnued t:zrom. Pase 2)

Ak B - Elick. ,Savage, CouDaelozt. I:Jon, lenfield, Hank Gl.~enf1eld. Do~ Donch1. Jby ~und., Robert Kaye, Ira .SalomlD:, 't11¥ G» amran.


it 2 -aurvey MaNeaae, CowlSelor. Ben .. ~" Flusaer II Michael Mlkowsky. .ronDle. se." lef'ffJtey HUe • Lee Metzendorf , arles tandeanan.

a.t.. 3 - Leo Millez, Counselor. R1'eband ~enberg" Michael Eber. Ralph Feigtn, Uy Fried, Billy Bldu, Jeffrey Ii!cht.


r...i.. 4 - Paul .Lippe t Bill n,whall, Coun .. ,lrr,s.nogeJr w..nebel. Eddie .Bendet t r~in Scbwartz._Ro~r Kem.pler.


nt 5 - HOssein. Banal" QcIw:lMlOll. Ray Istein._ RU8ty Goldatein. Larry Kabre,

"s, Bindell .. lDiok Lowenstein. R1chand ym,n.


- b~ Eddie Bendet -

SevenaL cOWlBelors who were with 1 laat ;yealZ have been called into the ~rv1ce by unole sam..

Now_ comet. the one who ,bas the dshest n.Dk of all. _ Lolly Smith, owr luzae ..blAB: retunned to the Na-vy ,NImH ~w1:th the nank. at Lieutenant J'.r,. ~mde.


- by Eddie Bendet -

Th:fa yeo. aa the &eBon got under .Yt the old oa:npers not! ced SOlD! cbaD.gea and new addi tiona aro~nd cmqp.

Three senioll bwlkSt btmks t,hree. i'atm,: and five, were moved to DeW loca.t.iona. they were elso enlarged and plumbins was added to each.

Of'" COUl!8e, we" ve. all seen the new ~-top basketball court and the two other courts '111M ohwill be used for ·a new sport at Mlh ... Kee ... Nil •• pad.dle ball.

fJaIl,y oampeI!8 have n.t :ceally noted the 12 new r.ound-top tablet!! in the dinl'ng hlill and the· 48 lie'll dihing ... room ohairs. Buttbey ue 6: gzreat improve ... ment over last year and make the dining room much mIle attractive.

Them are two De,W 16' ... fo.t lcout canoeacom1ng, together ,d:th a DeW row~ boat.

The dining hall and lotlrDBrY have both been g1 ven new coates of brown. stain and bave new painted. geen trimmings.

And. finally. there's the new base .. ball fieldwhioh was started last year .. It was oompleted .for thisaesson.


~a year Calrp Mah-Kee ... Nilc welcomes Dr •. Neville 3wres ea i 108 c:.e.n:w doctor.

Dr. James OODleS frOIrl London.En.gland where: he s:tudled at St. Thomas R~s ... p'tal., t.he S~ hospi.tal where Flore.noe Nightingale became a nurae ,

Before he C4m9' to camp 1m. J'ames interned at V8BsarBnotbe~s Hoa:pi tal in Poughkeepsie, New York. .After tile seas ... on. he plans. to visit the West Coast for tll'O !OOnths and sail for hOme in October.

Dr. J'ames served three years in the British Army during the last We!' and came to the VDited States to continue hi s studies.

Let' B hope that Dr.. James enjoys his BUIlIller at Mah-Kee-Naean4 wish him lots, at luck: in the futuJ:B.


The ealXil. season hall hardly begun !hen Dave Greitur, the music cOUllOelor. ~gan1zed the firat IGah-Kee .. Nac ADateur how on Monday night., Ten, d1tterent (cta, including a1ng1rng. ald.t., ,and mua~ ,<'lsl perf'ormnaes -.de thlli ahaw a. tina IlJener' tor the whole. ,seyon.

'To:. be gin the ahow, B:lase1n, whO baa ~l'JlI to,Uab-Kee-Nao from Ir,an, lea the ,hClle cam.P in several. ao~ The moat ,opular waa oneabou,t a, German achool ~ Who .learnedaboat ,bar 'sweat-boxer' Bad)" 'eye-w1'Dk~' (eyes) on her tiltst lay of sohool.

At'te~ the songa.Bobby Kle1'lnaks at tabln 9. .»la¥edt..o barmon1ca 1101.05. fyou ..Alta }J(v Sunshille' and 'Oh. SnMmna". ~he th1x:d' act featlU'ed the uembersiot !labin4 in a skit entitled "Hasty HarrY' rile cast of cbuaeters illcludea {)aDy Silverstein, Jeffrey Hirsch, Carl B,osen~erg •. ~tuart Martin, Alan Tes.sler. and Stephen Katz.

The next tbree numbers wel"e all inatrumental performances by the' camp'~'. tnusical talent .. RODDie Nordmann played ~n 8., fl,ute duet with David, performine .Amaryllis'. Bobby Freund then played "LoVEl f a Old SWeet SonqJ OD. hi's trQmbone and Peter Rosenberg played lSoltegettol on the plano"

'hoot the coWlBelors played string instruments tor the campers. Miguel de Alvarado playied bis mandolin and told stories abou.:t ~cq, hilS native ,country. Bill Newballplayed his guitar and led

the bO_Ys in sense- ..

lohllnf Frank· of Bunk,4'coJltributed to Amateur Night with bis recitation ot "'rile Horae' a it would be delivered by a six-year ola boy_ Hie bunlarstes also jobed in 'I'd th a ski t teatu:t:lns' Peter CJoertzel, Bobb,. 'Muk. Fred ;Siegel, J8.Y' Gerber am Georae F~. "

~ ' .. ~

ODe of theblgbligbts of tbe evenine wu the appear8llceof tbe Counselor Quartet. com,posed ot Evan .BIWl1'lntbBl, Sy Grossma.n., Dave M1nt~ and David Greltzer. Tbey Bang 8 selection ot s~ suited tor .fouzo....pa:rt harJD)ny.

The sueeeas of the first silo_ in the DBBS ball ,aaal.\l"e4"tllat .. :a8:.qy JDi!!Xl'.e would foU·ow.


Thi's year, as laat year., two counselorabaYebeen apPOinted heads at the Jun ... lor and 5en1o~ C8JII)S to help Donn. too bead counselOl". They Ce Leo Kornhauser fn the Jwrl:or Cbp and Will Maloney in the Senior Camp.

!.eo was born in Newark In.tbe late 19th Century., He bas been here at Mail· ICes-Nac. for 17 ye&r.$sDd is spendi.ng :t.ls aecond year as J'unior Camp leader. Ilu!."in:' tbe. winter, Leo teachers at a ,girls hie:· .chool in Elizabeth.

Wlll was born in e Indian town call. ed Schaaht! Coke in New York State. Will was once an Easle Scout. and 30 years air' 'fBB '8 counselor at a Boy Scout Camp. Ho haSi been at 1&b-Kee.~actor three aeaaona and this ,ear. baa ~ner81 direction of the ,Seni.Gr Camp.. Will was recently .made principal ot a Pittsfield school.

l1n.y FOtm'B'l&NS MORE TIJ.tW PlREWORKS " ' "


Man,y campers were askiD,g just a ·few days ago w~ the Fourth of J"uly 'was celebrated at Ma,h.Kee-Nac wi th6ut f1l1'eworks; 'why they weren't 'treated taa dl.splay of alcyrockets 'and roma.n candles. sndw1l;y they weren't allowed ,tob4ve t1reorsck~ era. It was explained tothtim thBt fireworks ere denaerous. They were to.~d tha:t a ape ctacular ahow of f.ireworks. ~,ast~~ tor just a short time, "sn't wort~ t~~ ,

.• isk of hurting 01' blinding ,~ny '~' ~he" ~" boys for days. or ~be years... F.~" ~,hiE!." ' ;,!, , , re8son, fireworks are against.rthS 18., ·'~If.' ..

Massacbuset,ts. ". .', .',"",,~,<.' ",

But how .uanyot the ·campe»s,'tho~@lt·., "" ahout tbe Fourth of july as t~' 17.5th . , amUve-rsary of the Declaration'of Ini,'l.ep~ aMeDeet just 175 years ago this' vree!t

tba American people., the.nthe Inhab~tants

of the 13 original, O(i)lonies ,began a revQlt1tio~ that treed this nation from the tulle ot Great Dri ta1n.

For 17.5 yeers tl::le Amn"ican people u.ve,worked to .oep th1a natl,OD free" and now the UIl1ted states is loolmd upon by ~ people the worldove1" as a leader b the fisht for world freedom. It 1s important that all campers reuember tba wol"ds of that Declaration of 1»,30:pendence. and learn to understand wbat they mean. ' .... that ell 1D!1l ere c.t:eated equal;: tb&t they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rlshta J ~t IUIIOnS these l'iighta are LU'a. Uberty aDd tl7e ~.eu:t f: .. o,r _:Htulpi tlf!I~

l-Cabin 9, 2-Cabin 12, 3-Cabin 2, acting out [heir skies at the junior Camp Masquerade, 4-Jay Gerber doing his ventriloquist act, S-Dave Ward, ourvisiring magician, demonstrating the ventriloquisr act. 6--Dave Ward reaching magic tricks to campers.

tf}(JI/, /Jla.tp

at .1eHM, A1a14.

ByEcl Bendet

Laat SatUlldey. the .Mah ... Xee .. Naccarn,pus. and oou:?\Selors. manobed up to the lundl nng for the f'1D:tce.mpt:lre ot le 1951 ,sesson+

The OWIIpf 1regot u.nael'Wa1 as Donnaxl u:l gave talkB bt greeting to the new mpens end weleoureaback the old Mah",Kee LO bl'avea~ 'T~n Dave ~ei tzar and Bill ~wball led the OaJnp 1n tbe singing of fe Wel.oOne YoU to M$h.Xee";Nac~·

rollC!>winS t'bis was'tlie bigblisht at lie eve'ning ~IM t,be initiat~oDB. First, !me ,the new eoun,.$lo~II' After they were Llndi'oldech ,uta" were painted on their rma. The Indl.an ~1tea. making them reel :lh-Kee .. N6C. Indians, \'I'e%e perforDl:l,dby, Ulaild Leo,"

Seeond1;Y~'came the aedical start.

Ilt, even thoUgh the S8tIB ICetemony Wae artied out on. them, the i'r 'macH cine was DO strong. ana 'the "Mta. would fiot ap ... ear on their &rD'lS\., F~na11y~ ali 'he new ampere be'CBlre rull,"fledged Mah .. Kee ... Nao -..(y

btavesi ae they too were1'nUle:tea. tbis t1.1:De wi th-W mft pa~:Dted on their beadB~

Fol1owins tbe initiations waa a ~di .... blowlng cO.ntest among the Bane ~as, whioh, us won by Dick Lowenstein. An a reward Dick '~eceived a piece of chocolnte cake.~

Then e'Veryone watohed BS lUokle ."ir .. tei of tbeUh,~ctawB won amilk .. drir:J::1 nil contest l;letween members of tbB Ch"C'~>i" tribe ana. the CheYennes. Maybe 11.: :tg CheyellDe wou1,d bBve won the contest '.;·~t for therect that the mi'lk had t" be drunk out of bottles Wittt n:l,pplel on t.:lem and the Choctaws probably had a 11 ttle more experiehoe in this art.

The final ev,en't ·ortb!: 'tvening weaB ceke-eaUns 6ob.testbetweeb. tbe Algon .. quin4 btl the 'Sene'CBB~ nay EpsteinwQn t.h1Bone.,

~ __ ~ __ ~ ~T~·~~._T~.o_te~m ~P~~'.~~ __

MtJ5~( H~ THf A~R

fJ'he Mah-&e.Nac ·ohoir baa alreaq il'ted. i tapleM. tor the .reat at the Iller. Bea1des alna1t1g at senice8 e.ery .day n1ght"tbe choir will take part 111 ,ley~ater this 8W1111er called. 'SiDs ou.t. let Land.'

Ch.1r relJearaals are .held every _eak ~ the rriday services_ Sob oJ: tile llga tbe choir elings are 'COme 6 Sabbath ". • Odon OlDm" 8lld. • Yiglial.· _.

Boya :1n the choU. are .TohJmy' FraDk, abyVark. P.bilip Zeman4ky. Benjle Natson, Bobby Goldlar.b. Gel7 Silverstein. , Gerber, Fred Siegal, .Peter Coertzel, or,., Wob.l..relch, ADdy Sim.:ln. George Falk a Charleu.LaDdeaman.

])7 Chuck Saletan

. Tlie ~";Nac orcheltra began 1'8'" heeraala la"t week for ·the current aeaeon of camp shews and concert8. P1ans are beina _ae for the orclleatra to partlcip" ate in future shows aDd to present a full concert la tar this SUJ!lllllU'.

J8embel!8 of the band are aa tollowaa :Rowe NordmaDn. flute J Ion Rose I' Michael Au~t. Leonara Levitt, clarineta; Jerry Grossman. semphone; PeterRoaenbera.llon .Doneb!.. Lo1dJJ Frie&Jlan. trumpets; Bobby ~und. trombone; LoulsB:lnder. drums.

Band directorstlds year are David Oreitzer and Cy Grossman. David directed tbe orchestra last year a180.


By l.Imty Schwartz

OD., SUnday DiSht. JUly 8 IIIIg10 _pared on the Mlh-Kee-Nac campua. Dave .rd, a professional magician, aupervised lIIBgi e ahow in wlU eh Dlt1D1 of our campers articipated.

PeDDies tlew and knots vani8bedae !1m L1tlend ana Steve ManBhel skillfully ~.rmed their tricks. To the laughter' r tbe audience. Ali Baba, the m:l.ndreader rom New Egypt, New J'er8e1' read names • limber. ana worda from a blackboard with

blindfold over his eyes.

~ad8 tle.~ ana bodleawere cut 8S .zing tricka were performed in il1u-~ tona. A ropO peaeed through the neck of 1.1lk Greenfield and a ribboD passed brough the body o£ Clem. Wohh'e.1ob. Clem oblreicb. a.leo.rose i~to the air later on.

But the spirits went on e,trlkeand the trick _21 recognized by the n.iay cam,pers •

lay Gerber andh1s p-1 1erry Mahoney the dUJllr(Y, did ,an act at ventriloquism. Jerry mde tbinge Imrd tor Jay with a _how ,of atup1dity. Jezrysans and told jOkes. Jay did a wonderful Job •.

Blcbard Goldstein'then 4.1d • trick. :lin .h1chpennies told fortunes, and tapped. out a1l8wera to questions and tunes in a

magic slaas. .

Spa dally picked carda from members of the, audience popped. out of a deck placed into another .ltBgic slass. Billy Sklar peIi'ormed this tri ck. He "ou1211 up '. successful and enjoyabl,t!. e~. ...,u .. p.U'CIr.IIIIMi. ~.od pre .ent.ed.

~W£Y~1~1~.~~19~5~1~ __ ~ T~-~Tot.=e~=- ~e.~~~_l_

BBA MAmOl.IS RETt[ID,.1S TO PLAN MAH-mm·~NAa·.mArJ3 by GeJ:.::i;l;'f GruB mnan

Tba wolldellful lIlIellWl we have here at II; am pl~d by our dietitian,. Bea t!golia.. She lIIlkas u~ our meals from

fella1 years ot~er1ence 88 a diet ... Ian.

Thfsfia ,Bea III. me ced year at Mah~-Nac and she be been at t-.o other ~s. Sea. will only be here until tbe i of 1uly. She tllen plans to tour Naw mpohire!, Vermont and Mdne ettera week

bel' hoD:e in New York 01 ty.

During the w1nte1" she worka as a etl tien 1n a. New Yo~ aohool. Bee. took I undergraduate course .1n diet and meal anning at Brooklyn College end a gmldite course at Columbia University.

Besides being B. diet1 tian, .Bee. is an l..around girl. She plays Bolt and ls rtereated in riding, swiJIminS. mBio and nnis.


The f1rst art exhibition of the sumr bas juat opened at tile Art Cabin .. IDY pictures, drawn or tinger"palnted by le campers. are £re.med and posted on the ttalde and inside bulletin boards •.

Pictures on eXhibition include I

"Indian Village' by Stuart Hollander 'Street Scene"by Richard R.oaenblum "The Banditi' by Richard Rose lSa1l1n,g S.hi.pl! by Charles Nathan "'The sea. ,and the ,:sk:;yftby Peter Nues.

. baum.

'Country School House" by Norman


"Wheat and Sky.' by Gerry Grossman -Hawthorne House" by Charles Nathan "storm OVer the Sea" by .Don Doncb! liThe Old Man of the Forest" by Jack

Grub in

BThe Red House· by Richard Segal

The artists ldsved above ranse from ilOctawsto seniors. other exbibi tiona t11 be .bela ,during the Stll!lZIler"art di., ~ctor Hal Lewis prom.ses.

SENIotU~ FEASl.' ON STEAK AT Fmsl' COOKOur by HaDk Ore ellt'le ld

Last Tueaday night the Seniors bad their t'irst cookout of the season. It was di1'ferent from last year be cause the cooking waa done by tri.bea.

The meal conslated at potatoes. &teak, juice. onions and cupcakes. .After the: meal there was a campfire • Son~. stories. and tricks ~ovlded the ent'ertainment.

. MEEn' THE COllNSEL~ •••

Beginn1ne; on the De.xt pa!e is a ser .. les of short biograpbical sketches of men on the counseling staff. known simply as '.Meet the Counaelor~' Th1st'eature I designed toacqua1nt campers and parents with members of the staff. 08 begun last. year and met with much success.

Each week several counselors will be introdqced to Totem readers this way. Illua·tratiQns tor the aeries are done by George Lim of the steff'.

--. -

-- ~

~ .. ~

...:=:r-~_ ----



Skipper of the MBh-Kee-Nac' 'sailing ~et. Paui L1Plle Daa been sailing and c1ng in everything from eaZloeS tb .large lhooners for 20 years. Bis, hOlDe-built laft 1e 8. familiar Blgh.t on the lake lters. Paul teaches history at Barrio~ HiShSchool in Newark and works at jGO.FM, tJle Newark Board of Ed.u cat ion' a m radio station. He. 1s a srad.uate of 1\'1 York l1nivers.1ty.


Builder and direct r of the Mah-KeeNac orcbeetra and choir !s DavId Greitzer who ,is spending his se ~cn1 year at ce;:n.ll. Duri.S the winter ,De.7{) ·teaohes in~·t.~umentalmsic 1n the New York City schClol ayatem.. For. six years he hubeen put-· tl.ng school orchestras together and haa done 'Work 'ri th the AII-01 ty bani. Da've plans to present the mualoal talent ot the ~ in "Sing Out SWeet Land.·


Proud supervisor or Mall-Ieee-Nac' B 0zI.e of three DartIJl)uth undergad ..

~w ceramics program. Hal Lewi", bas Over- -. uateB .~Olll 'W year-,a . .ptaft .•. : Ion Brief 1s. !ll direction of the C8lIlP's art activit. here tor his second season,. A pX"oduct ,at ,es. Now. in his fifth yea here ,Hal Columbia High 1n So •. Orange. Don I was a lecently coJlpleted his education COUl!ses member of tile baseball and .. sw1mming teams. ~t N!{U 8114 pIau to start teaching in the While there he anchored the state t a, cha.JD.,. all. .As.. a atudent he studied painting PloD8hip Dedley relay team. Don aasists ri th OZentant and Anton Refregier. His. tbe waterfront csta:f'f 'in swim:D1ng instrucorks have been exhibited In New York tioD and will superviaa soJ;1'lng. grou,ps.

talleriee and in group showings.. He Is e. pre-med student.

A~"; ".,. ~",~. mI" "~. ilr Illm" I./Rl' . £"

: if;:"j I~·'··('.·" CI!, ,.: lEI,. ~ :; ," ' .. I "

: '. e: I;, ~ _ '_ . f ~:.' •••• , I \ i_ t i .

tfJQ4 BtUfd-

rd .le/'tfn, Mad.4.

L. XXII No..3.

?(1Jr;::;(?~ 'nnnf.\~D !\ s;rO\\r07f\Jl,00 ~~ IJ~ Ul!!J liI~ LrJ tiri . ww

The FiArce .an<! Mignty Choctawl!! put ,1 their th~atrical talent into a music ..

extravaganza Sunday night that enterlined the entire CSfDPBDd assorted parits. In a word .tbe youngest Mlh-Keeleers were a hi U

Presenting .Faul Hind'e,nU thta "Let f B lila. a Townn• a play written tar chil'eD. tbethespians from Cabins 11 and 12 ; lighted everyone with their sone;s and .its.

The cast of characters for the music .ay included Peter .Nussbaum as the ad ..

. bblng .Narrator who added to H1ndemi th' s lD.eB wi th his own rUlllliDg cQllltIentary. ihers in the Clast were Davild Nathan. ran Kats, Jackie Grubin,Jilruce Cohen. lcleey Firtel, Richard Roaenbaum. Peter ,.,amant Gerry Kallman, IUd Sommer, Larry mtor, stephen Spitzer, Sammy Finnerman. ld Al'thur Fall.

Two Apaches. appearing by spe cial ~angelWnt, a.,Si.eted the chootaws. Fred Iwis and Bobby StrackaBdded to the play rdoing a vaudevilleroutineabou.t two ~iend8 m3etlng on the street. They're len ,geod friends tha.t Joe tells Hal he lW his painting in the m.lSeum "because ~re were such crowds around the others".

The play , "Let's Build a Town". deLets a typical town. and 1 ts Inbabi tants I ,deacribed by the Norrator, Peter Nusalum, to e. visitor I Davi4 Natban. Sever .. L. of tqe townspeopleareintl'oduced and )gether they sing etthe: fun it 1sto' 11ld a town.

Perhaps the fUDniest line. not even in the script, came when Peter NUssbaum pointed over the heads of the audience '';0 Marty Schwartz. who was standing on a ben.ch. " If you want to SO up hi ghEoI'~ I saldPeter t "why d:on't you go up there". With this .,Peter pointed to the flagpole.

stage sets tor t.be play were CDnstructed by a crew of bOYS17ho bl::l.l t cardboard houses used to represent one of the town's streets. They included Jerry Grossuen,Hank Greenfield, I.arry Glaesner, Dick Ward and Ralph Heyman.

Rusty Goldstein and Rq Epstein. two Senecae. wereamon_g the advertiseinSch.mendrl eks Brotbers and. Assorted .Nudll1,ckslll in the play. They played. babies in the beat .. t·ashioned diapers.

Before "Let's Build a Town" the C8ll!P orchestra played liThe Field ArtIllery Songn with Lewis Friedman taking a trum .. pet solo. lerry Grossman then played.

It Stardust" on the suaphone. FaRS followed by Abe the waf tel' who played a violin ee,lection by Fritz .}{;relaler.

Couneelors who di.rected the play 'were Dave Gre! tzer ,Dave Mintz and By Grossman. The Ohoctaw counselors, Sol Feinberg. Billy Glndln. Serry starr end Alan Echikson. did a rine job 01' assisting tn the production.

VI.hen the ahow ended, the audience agreed that though the Choctaws were not so' "'Fear-ase" they were"Mighty Fine" wben it C8IrB to entertaimmnt.


By Hank GreeDtleld

last Sa.turda.y night we bad our sec. a campfire. Tbeluniors and Sen1or8 ned up e.a, usual and proceeded tp tbe unci!. ring whene a. new path bas been de tbrcUgb. the woods.

The 'oa:mpflre started off with. song , whi ch all tba boy~ took part. Then ~ V.a.ze. who planned the cam,ptlre with lJl. Ladner I asked Bernie Cohen to give a port on campcratt. Bernie told tile IYs a.nd the parents that one of the most 1;!00'ta.nt things about OBq;)craft 1& to Etch campers how to take care at themIves.

At,ew boys also gave C8IDP.ill8reports .•. ey were Pbil Zemansky, .Stephen Weiss, r! Gerber, ene Paul Planer. Then Bill IWhalland Hossain led us in two· 8011gS.

Dick SavafP told a. stm:y from The Iysaey:£ela.t1ns my-ssea· adventures with Ily;phe.mus, the ene-e,yed giant. He to,ld Ie oampersthat the Polyphems MOth .th an eye on its wins. gets. its name rom. the giant.

Bill ~_wball led a .tew more songs ~ then we filed down to oureablns and ~a •.


By Mike Eber

On Tueaday afternoon 15 Seniors took ~ all-day canoe tripon Mah ... Kee-Nac Lake. bart1ng from. '08Dl.P' at thebesinn111B o£ ~1vity pericdthey went to Interlaken bd watched thewatertalls.

The .next stop was Stockbridge .Beach or a swim. and a delioious lWlCh. Atter wnch the rain started 80 the boys took over.A.t about IJ.,3P the boys started ack to camp ill the rain and eVerything pt a little wet. When they got back to IUl!P they put the canoes on the racks and ban went.backto,their tents.

Boys on tbe trip were Ralph Fe1gen, ~ck Ehrenberg. Denley Flusser. Charles andeaman. Bill Sklar., IseMetzendort I ~n Rose.> M!keUACkowsky. Silly Fried, ~ty Sohwartz, Roger Manshel. Mike Ebert oge:r l{em.pler.Edd.t. Bandet &I1d len Hare ..


For the third time Fr1a~ night Servicea were, beld oU.tdoors laet week vd.'~h tbealtar'and the choir on the r.('I:-,,,,,~ ~roh faoins tlle flagpole. David Eps1.~: i..n lei tbeServ1ce.

Fred Se18'1 opened the Service wHh the Invocation after which the ci1o·~.i.', with Bobby Kleinwaks 8a soloist,,~ ~'(jg Come 0 Sabbath Day. Jey Gerber then lead the section tor lighting of' the candles.

Peter Goer:tzel ana George Falk were' the main readers tor the evening. They led the cenp in responsive reading. Tile counselor quartet of' .EvanBlwnentbal, De.."Ve Greitzer. Sy Grossman and Dave Mintz sang a traditional Hebrew Bong.

Robert Goldfarb and Philip Zemansky' were hear4 88 soloists when the choiI:' sang .MeChoh,-MQ ... Cho.band Adon Olem. Charles Landesman was aelois:t for Sholom Aleychem.

Dave Epstein .read to the campers and p.arents from. the 34th Psalmafterwbich Jules Felek gave a short address on "What Are We Here For?· He saId we are here to have fun 8ndto, .~ this 08lDP &. happy one and an efficient one.

Tom Li.tland and Larry Mindell Sellg the last Bolos with the choir.


.By Hank Gree.nt1eld

Our neVi caJl!P nurses this summer are PeS1!3 Gibbs and Dotty Beneat. They both work at St, Lukes Hoapitaland both plan to get marrieD. atter the sUlIJD'.Ier.

Peggy 1s sPing to Florida after ,she sets married and. is going to be a floor nurse. Both Dotty and Pe!ICI took three years of training and then went to Boston where they took their teats and passed.

They have 11 ved near .here all thel" Ii.ves. Both tbeir future husbanas, plan to go into tbe Navy. They know Lolly ana RoselllU"Y. last year's nurses.

They Bre not sure it they are comins back next yeu. but 1IIe all bops they do.

~ 18,1951 .•

Page :3

MIth-&eo-Nac' a ._ cenl1ica progrrun the .Art cabin baa already .met vrt th cceaa.ln the 1'ir·atweek more theD 25 ,a took advantae,e at the new kiln to d and bake maD¥wsetul objects t.rom

~ aah treys, boWls. bookends aml dela ha"fe hen com,pleted aDd an exh1b1 t the . beat works is DOW being. planned. process for working in ceramics 1s a ~leone,. as the boys .bave found.

Firat. a boy wora in wet clay, is·b1oning an object which Bey be useful

• iiecorative. Atter the clay dries the idel :1s placed in an electric kiln which ike a the clay at 2000 degrees. 'When 1.1; ~s out of the kiln it ia bard ae brick. Ie final step 1s glaz1ngthe object. laze is brushed onto the surface and the Iject is baked again, this time coming It with a colored. glassy finiah·,

A pmla1 list at boy. who have d011e ceramic lIOrk 80 tar. tollows.

J'oel Klompuay C1\P and saucers Rich .. ardSalzman... glazed dog; M1keMakowsl!:y, figure at a man and an ashtray; J'ohn Jloe.nk. abetractpe.perweight and b':''W.l; Paul. Planer. mode 1 (':yf the EtqrJ~ re fl ;)f~'i;a BUilding; Fred Lewis, statue of a d,'sa Noman Goldber,S., an eant:ray wi tha b1rQ' 8 bed, Ph1l Zemansky. head of a man;:Rlchard Roe:e. bookend. Ge0J."9 Wohll"eieh, heart-a1.aped bowl.

~ bqya have made Bshtrays.lnclnd .. ins Richard Segal. Rtc.bard Bourn, Ra.;,ph Feigin, Milton ReitlIlan.J'on :Rose, Vic,\;('t!" GoDlPerta, AlaD Mintz, Ralpb Silber. Doug ZilnImrman and tarry Mindell. Two new Mah .. Kee-Nacers, tl:re Lowenstein brothers. have dODe ceramics work. Richard lowenstein bas made an ashtray and brother J'ohn has tashioned B. cream pItcher.

Firat reports have COlxle down from be Mah~Kee-Nac rifle range end they show l:aat severalbOYB have already BhoWD. t'omlse in bandling a rifle. Miguel De ~ve.rado. the new riflery instructor, »"sthat many boys will soon be shooting Lgh scores with JIlI)re practice.

The outstanding riflemen so tar are an Jacobson. Tent 1; Benjle Flusser. Lee ~.tzendorf • Jon Rose • Jeff Here I Tent 2 i alph Feigin, Billy Sklar, Tent 3; David arte Is;.. Bunk .3; .Paul Planer, BWlk .5;: Don ems. Leonard Zamora, Bunk 6.

Jeff Rare is. the leading shot. }j,. as shown abilt ty f~ hi8 steadiness and ,cod shooti~.H1s, tl¢'ge.ts of 46 and. 47 ~. posted on the Lodge bulletin board.

The boys inTents 1. 2 ana 3 mde great progress in the second week and nJisuel th1Dks tbeyw111improve with more practice. Gll:eat ~rovement has also been shown by the boy.s in .Bunks 3, 5 and 6 with only a few inatructions. With IDOl!e work they nay qual1fyfor pro-ms.rksman and marksman.

.Dav.1d Wartels t who couldn't score five points hiB. first t!me on. the rBllge, has oome up rapidly and is now shoot.ing good sco'res ot up to 41. Leonardf.aJo:>r,e. otle at the best .hota, regularly scores in the40·s.

Miguel says IIMUlY othershBve been 1. pr,oving 1n their shooting and some ere coming for extra instruction.

CfrCGlU.PHll m:.tm GIVES, 'flESKLY A\V.A:RIIS.


Fifty boys have alreaBy Jo,!ned the ll..JCee-Nac Photogr:aplzy' Glu'i which each ek nuda, :Rtllnta to the be,st J'un.ior and dor pictures Bubmitted. Gluh ac'tlVi .. as illoludetield trips and special inruction in film processing.

Each week the Juniora and Seniors go t on apecific ase1snmants selected by t Adolph, Photosrapby counselor. The ,t at the week is devoted to develop ... g. printing. enlarging and 1I¥lunting ,picturaa. Awards t6r tlle pest photos ~ ~de on Sundays.

Several campers have ezrerged as out·anding photographers so far this seas• Tbey include Benjle NatelBon. Ralph l.ber, David Litwin, Alan Donn, Robert tner, Don Donchi. Bl1zy Skl811, Roger oshel, Martin Schwartz" Busty Gold. ein.

other boys in the Photo Club ... Junior vision.. are l'larty Goldberg. Jeff Good .. n, Andy Simon, Jeff Weiss. Geor.ge WOhlich. Doug Zimrerman, Jeff Glndln, Nicky a:-ush, Richerd Segal.. Charles Nathan. ke Markenson. Marc Himorr. Bobby Levy. nny Levitt. David Lieberman. Billy Bonbawn. Jeffrey .Lowe!. Lewis Friedman and ay Mindell.

The Seniors are Stel)hen Weiss, steve nabel, Roger Seasonwein, .David Vlartels. !X'tin. NevnnSrk, .. Paul Planer, 10hn Flatt!Uj. Ndcheel Glass. Sam Reffler, steve ein, Donald .Lewis, Len Zamora. Ralph !skat, Feter Rosenberg, Ralph Heyman. uis Glassner, Hank Greenfield, Robert ~e , Ed Bend,et. Bey Epstein and .Louis nder.

,!, VE.R.'1TWfPlG 1$ F *'fI;Iti J




By Chuck Beleten

On.ruly 17th, the MoM.calls took 8. trip to the Bird Sanctuary. Pi va counselors went with us on the trip, Bill Ladner, Dave Mintz,Evan Blument.hal, .. Ber .. nie Cohen and Dave Scott. a tather-counselor.

When We got to the !lird sanctUary we started right out. We saw a t8lJle BIB.cIt crow. He sat on Evan's arm. Then we saw e. Golatin.ch, a Sparrow, an Ind!g .Bunting, Blue Warbler, and an Orange Thrush.

T'henwe went tbroughthethfck ever .. green woods and through a winding path ,along fernBnd pine. Every once in awhile. we came acros's a red salamander. Then we saw some nicotine plants.

• path took us to a beaver pond Which was the most i.nteresting thi.ng,r . Then we came back to the entrance again and had a story by Bernie and one by Bill. Then we had ,8 coke end saw the musewn. After tbat we had 1 ee c;t'eam and went home .•

I-Larry Kobre pitching agains" the counsellors. 2-Eli Feldman and cast of the counsellors' show. 3-Mike Spicer pitching for the counsellors. -I-Ray Epstein ac bat in counsellor game. S-The camp Varsity baseball ream. ·G.-The parade opening the carnival. 7-Pony ride at the carnival.

-IA - fP "'- - ~Ml mi!l - -~-

.•........ ~ :\"'1 /j>.' , ····CD~,r.c ... :. ~~, .. _,\ .. ~

, '_ lIJ'W'lj ,._.... '_ ~~, _' "'., I, , i· "';"_,' _ ;, .. .; mIt.:J' ", .W3


at .!eI!cn, MaM..

It. XXII. No.3

? (Ur;;;(? ~fW7c' non·f!l ~. ·D···· f\ ~·o·· - - . Mr\Jl 0.0

':::4~ 1J!;JA:leJ U~ lID Eb· LrJ ,tID WW

T'heF1l'lrce and 1>11 ghty Choctaws put .1 their th~atrical tale:nt into a music .. .erlra:vaganza Sunday night that enter .. Lined the entire camp 8f1d assorted par ... LtB.ln award" the youngest YAh";-Kee ... Leers: were a hi tl

Fr,esenting .PaulH1nd'errJi th' a 'Let's lild a TOwn", a pl~ writtentOl:' chil'en,. the thespians from Cabins 11 and 12 tli.ghted everyone wi th their son~ and ;lta.

The cast of oharaoters for themus1c

. ayincluaed Peter Nussbaum as tbea.d,bbing Narrator who aaa'ed to Hindemith's ~nea wi th hie Oim .. rwmlng COlFlMmtsry ... ibers in. the ca.at, were David Nathan, 1'8.D. Kate. J.sckle Gr.ub1n,. Bruce Cohen. lckeyFirtel, .Riohard Rosenbaum. Peter ISl3malh (~e:rry .Kallman, Jud SOIlll:ller, Larry intor I stephen $pitzer I' Samm;y Finnerman, IA Arthur Falk ..

'hio Apaahea, apilearing by special ~angeIrent, assisted the 'Choctaws.. Fred ~w1a.end :Bobby Stracke ad.dea to the play

r do'illgs vaudeville routine about two ~iende :u:eetin:g on the S.treet.. T.bey'.l'EI loh ,good friendethat Joe tells: Hal he lW hi,s lloint.1ng in the mlseum"because Jere wereeuoh crowds al'OUtld the others".

The p'lay, 'Let· is Build a 'Town"', de ... lets a typi.cal town and its inhabi tantB I des.erlbed by the Narrator, Peter NUBS ... ltD, to a v.lsi.tor. Dav!·4 Nathan. SeverL 'ot tJ;e townspeople are introduced and )gether they Bingotthe .tun it lsto lildatown.

Perhaps the funnieie:t line, not even in the ser1p·t I' came,wben Peter NUssbfl:.UlD po,lnted over the heads oft.he audience ·,!JO L:!arty Schwartz, who was standing on 8. bench. "If you want to go uP hi.gh6rl'l._ said Peter, ·why don't you go up t·herer.. Wi til thi.s, Peter pointed. to t.be f.lsggole.

Stage sets tor thepley were eo.ustructed by 8. crew of boys. who ht:.i,U cardboard houses used to re.pl'esent 'one ,,: the townl's etreets. They included Jerry Grossman, Hank Gl'ieellfield, tarry Glsssner , Di.ck Ward end Ral,ph Heyman •

RU8.tyGoldsteiD ,snd RayE,patel·n. two .Senecas, were among the adverti.sed '''Sch ... D1eDdriek:s Brother.sand Assorted Nudni cka" in the play. The,y p,layed babies in the be8t~fashionea dlallers"

Before "Let's Build a 'Town" the' ca.n:p orchestra played "The .Field Artillery SODS" w! tn. I.e:wis. Frlec3man taking 8. trum~ pet sole. :ferry Grossman then played "Stardu.st" OD. the saxaphone. He was followed by Abe the, waiter who played .. 8 violin selection by Frita Kreisler.

Conn-selors w.hodireeted the play were Dave Gre:ttzer~Dave Minta and Sy Grossman .. The Choctaw counselors. Sol Fe!lnber,g, Bl11yG1nd1n. Jerry Starr and Alan E,cbik .. son, ·cUd a fine job ot assistins in the production.

When the show ended. the audience egreed that though the {lhoctaw8 were not so "Fear!i"'a~· they were" Mi gJlty Flnell when i tcwmto entertail'Ul!!lnt.

F lts,.1,5J., ao COUNCn. FmE HIGm.IGHl'ED


By Hank Gntent1eld

J,aat Saturday night we had our sec. ca.upflre. The Juniors and seniors a. up 8S usual and proceeded to tbe ~c11. ftna wbeJte a new path hasbeeD. le through the woods.

The ca£;tlre atartedott with a .song

which all tbeboystook part. 'l'ben mk MaZe, who planned tbe ClUDP.fire with Lli. Ladner. asked Bernie Cohen to 81 ve .. port on. caDIIcratt. Bernie toldtbe rs and the parents that one of the most

tOi'tBUt things about O8lIlPcraft 1ato ch CElIIWer& how to t~e care of themvea.

A. tew boys aleo gave camping reports ... ~y were Phil Zemneky, Stephen Weias. r Gerber, and Paul l'laner. Then Bill whallrmd Hossein led us in two· songs.

Dick Savage told a stO%ly from The Vasey Jr~lati~g Vlyes.ea' adventures with Ji.ypbemus" the one-eyed giant. He told e C8lIJPera that the PolypheJIl.l.a Moth th an eye on its wins. sets 1ts ~ om the giant.

Bill .Newhall led a tew more songa

a. then we .tiled down to our cabIns and nIta •.


By Mike EOOr

On Tues.dey afternoon 1.5 Seniors took i 811-48y canoe trIp on Mah ... Kee-Nac Lake. ~ting trom ~ at the beginning of ~tiv1 ty period they went to Interlaken Id watched the watertalls.

The nex.t atop was S.toekbr.idge Beach 11' a swim. and a delicious lunch. Atter Il).chthe rain started 80 too boys. took rver. At about 1,.10 the bQys started lckto camp in the raIn and everything It B. 11 ttle wet. Whentbey gpt back to !lDP they put the canoes on the racks and len went back to, tbe:1rtents.

Boys on thetr1p were Ralph Feigen. lck Ehrenberg, Ben Jay Flusser,Ch_arles lndesnen. .Bill Sklar, Lee N.etzendort, ~A Rose" Mike UB.akowaky, .B1l1y Fried, arty Schwartz, Roger MaDahel .. Mike Eber. ~ Kempler.EddieBelldet and let:t Here.

- .'~~:..

. ,

For the third time Frldaynlsht Se:-vices were held outdoors last week w~:~:h tbe altar and tbe choir on tIleI,0:,;.;lS 20rch tacing tbe flagpole. David Epst .. : j .. ll led the Service.

Fred sel",l opened the Senicewi"f.;h the InvocaUonaf'ter which tbe chr.1 . .I~' with BObby Klelnwks sa aoloist, f. xng Come 0 Sabbath Day. ;ray Gerber tben laad the sectIon tor lighting of the candles.

Peter Goertzel and George Falkwere ·the main reaaers for the evenillt!. They led the C8Iqp in responsive reading. T.he counselor iqU8.1'tet ,of Evan Bl.umenthal, Dave Gre1tzer. By Grossman and Dave Mintz Bang 8 tradit1one.l Ifsbrew BODg.

Robert Goldfarb and Philip zemallSky were heard as soloists when the choir sang Me Choft-,Mo-Cboh and Adon Olom. Charles Landesman was soloist far Sholom .Aleycl:Jem.

Dave Epstein read to the campers and parents from the, 34th Psalm: af'ter which .rules Felek gave a short address on II'What Are We Here For?· He said weare hereto bave tun and to make this camp a happy one and an eff 1 cient one.

Tom llifland and Larry .Mindell Bang the last solos with the choir.


By Hank Greenfield

. Our new camp nurses thi8 aUDlDler are Peggy Gibbs and Dotty Beneat. They both work tit ,St. Lukies Hospital ,and bothplBD. to get, married after the s1IDllOOr.

Peggy .1a. acing to Flori.da after ,she gets married·· and is going to be a tloo~ nurse. Both Dotty and Pe~ took three yeersof training ,and then went to BO.ston where they toOkthelr teats: and passed.

They have lived near here all theili lives,. Both tbelrtuture husbands plan to go into tbe Navy. They know Loll,y .and RoaelllU'y. lut year'a nurses.

They are not sure it they ere comins back ~%t year. but _ all bope they do.


;fage • ...'3 .

MtEh-Kee""Nac' _ new cezudca progr.am.

tbeArt Gab!. baa already met VD:.th oceS8. In the fuat week m:>re than 2$ ~. took. ad.antap of the new kiln to ~d ,and bake ma~ ulefulobjectatl'om ~.

MBn;r ash trays, bowle. booke,ndsw dele have been com,pleted aZI4 an exhibit the best 1I'Ol':ks ,:1.8 .DOW belngplaDDId.

Ie process tor working in cerem:lcs is a ~le ODe, uthe boys have found.

Firat, a boy "ore in wet clay, Isbi.on;ing an object whicb ~ be useful 'd.ecorative. .Atter tile clay dries the del 1s placed in an ,electric ldln which ikea the clay at 2000 aegrees. When it imes out of the kiln it is bard as brick. Ie final step i,sglaz1ng tbe object. .lize is' brushed onto the surface ana tbe Iject is baked again, tbis time coming l't with e colored, gl.assy t iniah.


A partial I1st at ltoys who have done ceramic work 80 tar, fOllows.

3"081 Klompua, cup. and saucerrRichard. SalZDllUl, slaze4 dogl Mike MslQowBky.. figure at a man and an ashtray, Johll !':rank, abltract pe.perwelgb.t and bl")'Wl; Paul Plarler, DXldel of'tlJ8Emp:i re B I.:bte Building; Fred Lewia, statue of. dc's, Norman Goldberg. an ~shtray with a bir(1's bead; Pb1l ~meneky. head of a maD.;lUcharc1 Roee, bookend. George Wohlrelch, heart .. s1.e:ped\)owl.

M8:ro' boys have made ashtrays, Including RIchard Ses 1. RicbardBaum. Rs..:.rh 'elgin, Milto. Reitman, 3'on Roae. Vic:i;o:::' GOJIlPertB, Alan Mintz. Relph Silber, Doug Zimmerman and Lerry Mindell. Two new Mah-Kee ... Nacers, tbe LoweDBtein brothers. have done ceramics 'work.· RIchard LowellsteiD he _de an ashtray and brother John .bBB.tashioned a oremn pItcher •

Firat re;porta have come down from !Ie Mah .. Kee-Nac rUle range and they show Il8t several boys have already sl:lown romiae in handline. rifle. MiSUel De Lvarado. the new riflery Instructor. »,8 that ~ bOlTS .111 soon be shooting ighscores with ltDre practice.

The outstanding riflemen 80 far are an Jacobson, Tent 1; Benjie Flusser, Lee ::=tzendorl, ·jon Rose, leff Hare t Tent 2; Illph Feigin, Billy Sklar. Tent 3; DavId artels, Bunk .3; .~aul Planer. Bunk 5 ; Don ewia., Leonard Zamore. Bunk 6.

leff Hare Is the leading ahot. He as shown ability tor his steadiness end DOd shooting.. His, terge.ts or 46 and. 41 r.e posted on the Lodse bulletin board.

The boys !n Tents I. 2 ana 3 made great progress in the second: week and Mi .. guel thinka they will improve with more practice. GlZeat improvement has elsa been ahownby the boys in Bunks 3, 5 and 6 with only atew instructions. With DlOlre work they my qualif'y" tor pro .. lIIBrksman and marksman.

David Wax-tela, who could.n't score five points his flrsttiD on the range, has come up rapidly and is now shooting. good scores at up to 41. leonard Zamore. one of the best "hots" regularly scores in. the 40'8.

Miguel BayS many others have been iJD,.. prov1~g in their shootl1lB and. Boma are coming for extra instruction.

~ 18.1951.


:Fitty bOys have already joined the, ~ee ... Nac Photography Glub which each

. Bl'raEds 'Rolnts. to the best Junior and p,or pictures auhm1tted. Cllih activi ...

• S. includel tield trips and special in ... mction in fUm processing_

Each week the Juniors and Seniors go on specific assignments selected by Adolph, Phctogapby counselor. The

~t ot the week is devoted to develo.p~ ~, printing. enlarg_ing and mJuntlng lpicturaa. Awards for the beat photos ~ made on SUndays.

Several campers have eroorged as out;mding pb..otographers so far this ,seas .. o They include Benjie Natelson. Ralph ~ber, David Litwin. Alan Donn, Robert tner, Don Donch!, Billy Sklan, Roger p.shel, Martin Schwartz., Rusty Gold~ih.

Other bClya in the Photo club,. Junior ~sion. a.re UBrty Goldberg. Jett Good~ c.,Andy Simon. Jeff Weiss. George Wohlioh. DouS :Zi.n:trJerman. Jeff Glndin. Nicky rush, Richard Segal, Charles Nathan, Ice Markenson. Marc Himatf t Bobby Levy,. nny Levitt, Davi,d Lieberman, Billy Fonba1.UD.. ,Jeff,rey Lowe t lewis Friedman and r:ry Mindell ..

The Seniors are Stephen Weiss, Steve nahal, Roger Seasonwein. David "lartels, il'tlnNewmark, Paul Planer. John Flattu, .Mi chael Glass, 5a.m Reif ler, Steve ein, Donald Lewis, Len Zamore, Ralph ~kat, Peter Rosenberg, Ralph Reyman, uia Glassner, Hank Greenfield. Robert lYe. Ed Bendet, Ray Epstein and Louis nder.

EVER.YTHfpjG I~ ~t<N~ I F:OI..\(S \ 'BUT 'P\..EA,'Se. puT




By Chuck Saleton

On July 17th. the Mohicans took a trip to, the Biro Sanctuary. Five counselors went wi~h us on. the trip, Bill Ladner. Dave Mint2. Evan Blumenthal, Bel' .. nie Cohen and Dave Scott, a father .. counselor.

When we got to the H1ra .Senotuarywe started right out. We saw a taxre Black Crow. He sat on Evan' B arm. Then we saw a Goldfinch, a Sparrow, an Indig Bunting, Blue Warbler. and an Orange 'Thrush.

T'henwe went tbroush the thi.ck e:ver~ green woods and through a winding path along fern and pille. Every onee in. awhile. we came aeross a red salamander. Then we saw SOIre nieotine plants.

A path took us to a beaver pond wlti eh was the-moet interesting thing. Then we came back to tbeentrance agaln. end had a story by Bernie and one by Bill. 'The~we baa a coke and. .saW the museWJl.At'ter that we ,bad ice ~eam and went home.

q.(JIJ, B~

at .leJ1,tJ/,t, Mau.

JlUly ll, 19.51

L. XXII NOt 4.


5t ne (C~') tu Ad,,"O)l c(uc ks - By Richard Heyman -

Mah..Kee..Nac' stirn long trip of the ~l se9SO~ b~ean on MOnaey. July 2,.

10',30 that mn:;_>nlng the Senece.s and two unaelO1's eet (Jff on the first leg of a ~-day canoe trip in the FultoD chain of Ices in New York 8tate.

fl'be tive boys were Rusty Gola.stei.n. " Epstein. Larry Kobre, Diek Lowenstein a Richard Heyman. Frank Maze and Hoss. 11 Benal were the accompanying counllors. I.ou1s Binder could not sa b~use of illness at the tine. We were 1 sorry he dian' tmeke the trl.p •.

Ourfirat stop wa's Lenox where we eked up supplies. 'rhe.D we pessed tbr'U ttstield at 10155. We crossed the Yasabuaetta-.New York line at 1111S.~ Albany &: by.passeO. and we went through Troy at 100.

We took Route 66. into 'l'rQY and then osaeel tM Hudson R.iver to, the west bank. ute 7 'tOOk us to a trafi'1c circle wb.eJ"e went onto Route 9. At 12145 we had " f 1rat food -- oranges.

Saratoga. Sprlnga.. where we saw the IIlDUS mineral bath houses, was reached lI05.We had gpne 75 miles trom camp SeratoeP. A s~p tor lunch UQS made 1120.."e bad bs.Jn.o.ancl .. cheeseSDnduicht b1l.lUf, pes.cbesand m1lk.

A 15o"i y (.ti\U G) Ill/a.; He,

, - By Eddie Bendet -

On Monday evening, J'Uly 2.3. the AIgonquillB',. Marty Sohwartz, Roger Kempler, Boger 1M.nB.hel ana DUself. were called to tbeNaturetoa-ge bY~DD .. There qzoo·t w:1.th Dick Save,ge' and Bernie Co.ben. whO were to be our counselors OD. ~hetrip. andtbe rumor that we were going to Maine was contirmed.

&tc! tedly we hurried to our Tent and packed all the Decesaary equipment. Tuesday-rooming we were up at 6.:;0 to finish whatever work we had le.tt to do. Then we ate breakfast w1 th too :runlora andpnp .. ,ared to depart. With Prancesar1villg the atation wason we were ott at about 10aOO.

After a long and tiresome ride we reached Portland, 1m ... here we ate dinner. Then we proceeded on our trip, and atter allooat losing our way due to tbe miscalculat1onaof ~h1~t .nav1sator Sohnrtz •. reaohed CampT8ka.jo at elSOwhere we Det :Skippy Feller I,a Mab.-Kee -Nacer last year •. Atter recalving a cordial welcome, we .entto their campcratt area and spent • pleasant niSht under the stars, em1dst the calls of nearby birds and beasts.

For the ae cond day .in a row "e arose at 6130.. lie got our gear together and had breaktast in tbemeu-hall .. The Ileal consisted of applesauce I rye breaaand


~ ~~JP.~.~~~~~.~~ ~~~.~~c.~~=.~=- Pa_··~~?

CAS TO mmmmcz:B

Now theresl tr.ip was, begun. With Dick and Bernie in the lead, we paddled down rough Sebago. Boon we C8lD9 to 01.lI" lunch site I a large sandy beaeh near the mouth· of the Songo River. Before IUD,oh, all six of us got into our smm.tru.nx;s and plunged into the cool, clear water of the lake. After having a wonderfulti;oo .swimming and playing ganes 1nthe wate!', we made ourselves a lunoh consisting of ham and cheese sandwiches, tOIll8toes,oookies, and peaches and punch.

~ ~ ~1;J ~~O:) r

'~\v7p.: e=:

, 7" ~ . .f;!ij: ~."

----_..--...l; "" .. ~~--=--

,_,_.'. -.... =-----

Having thoroughly enjoyed our stay at this place, we commenced to paddle up the Songo. How.ever., our voyage up this tw.1st.ing. tur.ning ri vel' was not without event. For soon, being tired of paddling

in. such crooked fas.h1on, Marty Sohwar"t.z After lunch on the island we went to and r deoided to take a • shortcut" • So

town of Raquette Lake ror supplies. we cut through e. small inlet in the ho;nes

lett the store at 4110 and headed tor o·f meeting the other tellows as they C!ll'lB

l1i table camping spot. The sun wea around the bend. But much to our sur-


..... ~

We started again at le.55. Passing ough Glens Falla at 2HO we saw loga p.g to the paper mill. We nrr1ved at II GeGrge at 2'30 and stoPPE"d to ITA!I ~ caras. At 2&.55 we . .,tarted agctin. ~ng covered 106 miles. By 4&10 we had relIed 150 milas trom camp. \Ve arrivat our ,destination, Blue MouDta:1n Lake ~135, 163 miles from oamp.

Mi· . ""-" ~ II 1

... -.; J\

/'--( ~~riI ~~. ~ ,«~.'~ __

L-..-.. ~~.,l~_ c: __

- . ~::::=- ---- --

Thriee alumimun canoes were taken m Collins Boat House and atter getting a, we lE:lft f07.'a c:iM!)site siz - mlles n the left ba.,nk. It was 5350 when we t Co11111O. V/oon we started down Blue nta·in Lake,. which is ,approximately ee mlles long, we found it quite rough.

went thl:'ough nSlTOWS into Eagle Lake then tbrough lWre narrows into utaa le.ke. the longest of the three lakes. 7",30 we reached our Qamp~1te. a State n-to at the end of Lake Utowand. For per we had juice., lettuce and tomatoes steak w!tboniOl1Sand potatoes. For Bert we had peaches and milk. We kept fire going and went to bed at 9=.15. day was sunny and clear.


We got up, before the sun rO.8e and I the mist rising from the leke. We rted a fire and washed 'last night's' !hes.The sun rose and. the sky be calOO deep blue. During the night som of

boys sew five zaeeecne going after food.

Fo,r bl'\eakf'ast we had jui ee , pancakes syrup, and coeoa, We broke up camp 9=15 and paddled one mdle to theMBrRiver carry. tVe earrieduntil n,oo J..ock. Then we paddled on the Marion :er to Raquet,te Lake where we ,stopped a lunch of bread,lettuce and tomatoes eee , mUk end oran89s. For dessert we 1.t up' two melons.


toast with butte,r and,jelly. cereal ,and milkt bacon and tried eggs. and. cocoa.

.After breakfast. .Frances and Bernie we t into town fer supplies t thus giving us time to kill. So. after loading our gear into the motor oat which would taJ~e us to our ,starting point, we wentlnto the lod~ and played pool.

800.n 1 t was, time to shove ott so we left Takajo without too many m1sbapa. Roger Manahel and Iloat our hats a 1(1, Roger Kempler he.d droPlled his oVe.r.nig;l'c case into Lons Lake. However, these Utl~· fortunate occurences were ,quickly rel1lr~:1" ied as new hats were obtained for Eog,1r Nanshel and IIzy'.self, and luckily the OVO.J.~ .. n.lght caee was waterproof •.

Whenw:e werea!1 1nthe boat ready to go, Ioe BlocksOlll, a counselor from Takajo, drove us to camp Highland Nature .. We motored up Long Lake I across Bran:ly Pond, and through a series of locks l..eaa .. ing into the windillg Sons River. From The Songo we proceeded across Lake Sebago to ~ Highland Nature,e girls' camp. Where we got water and our canoes.

~Dely hot. )ut thec10uGS started to Vel' the sky. We atoPJled on an ls1aml

o iP niDlllll8 and then we paddled. se'V$D eight miles to the place at ,mage. tween Raquette·I.ake and Forked Lake.

We camped on the 'bank at the lake iithout any fliea or leem".toa. This spot 8S reached at 8100 and we had a supper r franks and beans. soup .•. potatoes. ears, cookies and Kool..Ald.. \1e tried to ~ep the fire going to keep the insecta 'ey. Tuesday wsa hot and, &SUJUJy.


Everyone p up at 7;00. Lastn1ght 19ain, we saw 8n animal, this time a bear rbieh WBS estimated to be six teet taU rbsna,tandtng on its hind .. quarters. W:ben re looked tortraeks we tound those of lhebear and also 01 a deer.

ForbreBk:faet we had juice,bacon Ina eggs. cocoa. bread and jam. and milk. ft 8&30 \ftIi made lunch and t,ed aome fish [ith bread., The sky was clear and the ,un was very hot. Vie left camp, at 10100 Illd made the portage to Forked Lake where re saw an old steamboat. Two of the boys I8d to go back because they had dropped ihe floorboard out ot their canoe. When ihey returned we continued on our way.

We stopped at an island to swim and 'hen paddlec1 to the end ot the lake where 'a had .lunch. Hossein, Larry and. Richard ~eft the island early so we! could get to raquette Lake tor supplies bet ore 6: 00 'hen the store ,closed.

tie lett the island at 1130 ander~ived at the carry at 21:;0. We asked lome Den ,at a lumbarcslJU) 'Vlhatthey used ;he lumber tor. They said the lumber was ror paper and furniture. The owner of ~he camp was named Whitney_

'fIe had lett our supplies where we tmd C8I1:!Ped the night be.fore, so we pi,cked lp asmuoh as we could and went on our ~y. PaddUng co,nt1nuouely until we reached the island where we had gone !Wi.mming the ,day before. We took a. dip lnd then went on to Baquette Lake. Ue

prise and cba.gr'1n. we :toUDd that we had padaled emack. into, '" dead end. We! wal'};11d turiousl¥ to set out. but by the t1.Je · ... 8 got out of the inlet. the ot/hers were c·..;,t of sIght.

This would not haw been 80 bad 1.f there hadn't been a tork in the rive'":'o We went one WIlY. and then turned .e.l'O~L,<i and stertedto • the other "ben we !Ib'::+ up with a motor boat. We a.sked. dirf' -::t .. iOns,. found the right way, and procec;1su upstream where we round Dick and Bel'n.te who had missed us by-that time.

But wbile we were "lost· another un ... fortunate bappenine occurred. The 8QlID motor boat we had Just seen end anotbe:l' one had paseed the rest of the party. and tbel.rwake bad swamped the canoe of Kempler and Mansbel. HavIns about en in.ch of water covering the bottom. the two Rogers unloaded their boat ,dumped out the water, teloed&d. ·and we were all set to f!P.

Boon we turned otfthe Sansa and headed up the crooked River. We paddled on until 5100. Tbenwe began to laok for a campsite. At 5 .. .30 we found one that loo~ed perf'e ct. In tact. l.t looked ao perfe ct that we beached tbe canoes and started to unload. Things were SIling tIne until someone hollered.'Hey, Bernie' 'looket y.ourteetl" Qui.cklyweloaded . the cattOelJ· and prepared to disembark .. ...

atter Bernie lladrld himself 'of t.be ants. The who!eplace was just loaded wIth ants.

The !lext p!aceseeJmd ideal. We were all set to stop wben we heard tinkl1ngand Jmoing., Mter we lett the cows we came to a spot which was tine except there weXle no, trees, tor shelter and s.hade. Finally we came to a very f ioo a1 te which we che~ed thoroughly. It ,aeemd per ... feet. However, we soon spledw11dcat tracks on t.besand. Nevertheless,. we ohose this spot, completely ignoring the threat of these ferocious a.n1mals.

It JI8S pret.tywarm and tttere was no sigt'l of' rain so no one bothered to pitch pup. tents. It was lete, ac we qui al,:l,y built a tire aDd cooked a BUPpel" of SO~.

_.-- .------


J Ie H r



ved there just two minutes betore the re closed, and the .t'r·ont door was al .. y locked. We got our supplies and led to en. island. not far away.

A fire was started and terrY and R1~ ~ stayed on the island While Hossein aled out to meet the rest. They fin¥' can:e at ten 0' cloek. This 1a why if were so late:

They had beard that they could avoid Forked Lake carry by walking the can ..

I up' the re,pid-f'illed Raquette River. keep!ngtoona side everything might

been all right,but one of the canoes It into the middle of the river and mad over. They were in the ri Ter for test two hour,s.

For BllPper we had juice, hamburgers t ansI raisin bread,. milk and cookies. a.neec1ay was again 8~ and hot.


We didn - t JOOet any animals during e night but the inseds almost ate us live. ~Yben we got up we huddled around ~ fire trying to keep the bugs away. fa sky was cloudless.

Breakfast consisted of pancakes,syrI, ,juice and cocoa. Then we napped to Itch up on lost ,sleep. V:e bad no Idea , the time because Frank' a watch stopped len the canoes tur.n.ed ovel~.

J..fter pa.cking our equipment, and' )aving it on the island, we went to town i)r suppUes.. We ate lunch in the moun .. lin Villain Raquette lake.. Tij.en we pught bats ea souvenirs of the trip.

We stopped at the island for our ear 'and then beaded for Golden Beach. he water was very rough. Attims the aves were over two feet high. £Iter a

\vim we walked the canoes down to the Ither end. of the beach where we found a !ienic 81'eaand prepared a supper of ·soup teak and onions, lettuce and' tomatoes. lotatoes, corn. bread and butter, and dlk and crackers.

ateak,potatoes, onions and cocoa. After bearing stories from Dick and Bernie we all retired.

On Thursday JJX)rning we awoke late" ,at about 8~OO. Som of the more hearty prie~ took a ~iJ:.l while the ,others began to

I.. ,~... ._,., •

pre.pere breakfast Of juice. bread. butter

jelly. peanut butter, bacon and eggs tIn'! cocoa. It was getting pretty late so WJ quickly broke call1P, portaged. our c.an:;;r>Si and continued our paddling up the Crook!:':.,l River. Because we were going ypstl"C!.iUl the paddling was pretty tough. In tm.~ee places we even hit rapids.

Dick and Bernie got through all right but the rest of us tine canoeists had to get out and pull our canoes in two plaooB. But we finally did manage to get by tlwrr;. .. After paddling upstream all IlPrning Tie stopped at about 1,30 for lunch. We sw;.un in the ri ver and then ate a lunch of juice. bam and cheese sandwiches. cookies and punch.

Then we turned around and started to pad .. dle downstream. The going was mu,chetisier now be cause we were going with the current. But it was clouding up and there was a threat of rain tor the firstti:me on the trip. So ve put Bome s,team into our paddling and stopped only once for water. l'Ve bad planned to paddle down. the crooked Rl ver and C8Illp near the place where it emptied into the Songo. But we fioollyde cided to continue to take Se .. bago and spend the night there. After a few hours of hard paddling we reached the lake where we unloa.ded the ceaces and pitched cam,p. Since we were all tired. we went to sleep Boon after a. dinner of jui ce , hot dogs and beans and punch •.

Fortune..tely it did not rain. and the weather was clear Friday lOOming. Up at the usual time of 6':30, we broke camp' ~ .. tel" a hearty breakfast. of bacon and efY!IJ for the third day in a row.

At 8.30 we were off and start~-ng across Sebago,. Our goal was Frye' S Js~ land ScrOBS the lake. Reachine: tbis SlIC' at about 10130, we went in .for a dip t.::nd took sone pictur~s. Soon we left the i.s'"



We walkea through the hu&e st.te n>tng area 8Jld we .it 80m l1i-ls troll ~by. We, p.layed horse.shoes for awhile 1 then we paddled, our canoeat. Big 18- ~ fibers .sta,yed tor the night. n'8day wes cloudy and windy.

The sky was overcast. We eat up bere daybreu.k and paddled to the mouth of , Marion River where we had breakfast. atebaoon and ef,SS. julce, cocoa and ead.

We went up the MarlonRlver to the n"Y where we had to make two trips for J. the equiplIElnt. Atter the carry we nt for a swim.. We rested tor awhile Ii had a lunch of juice. tuna fiah sendcbea. milk and 1J21on. Tben we rested m3 more.

We paddled to the place where we had ,apt. the first night. There we got aone Iring water endws made Kool-Aid.Then t went to e. sea-planebaae at the end of Ike utowand where we went swimming and lW a plane that seata 12 people.

We wen.t through. the narrows into 19le .Lake and throu~h more narrows into ~ueMoWlte.1n Lake., Then back to Collina ~at House. We had ice cream in town and

~ started to rain. There was noplaca

o stay where we COuld erect a shelter. r. Collins was nice enough to let us leep in a barn where he stores bis boats o the winter.

land and beaded tor J'ordan~. By the t1.me _ found • lunch. apot ft were pretty well tired. Not oDly had 'I'le paddled e. roWldabout 'WQ' acrosa Sebago, but.hlld also traveled baCk and forth across 10~ ... dan Bey a taw t1mee looking tor a plaee to atop. So after a. lUDCh of juice. salDPD sandwiohes, lettuce and tODBtoes, punch and cookies, \Ie ,stayed tor another hour before starting apln.

Once we were unCIel' way we paddled back to Frye 1 s Island. There we found a vary ni ce spot; but we also found a sign saying INo Trespassing.' However, against the '''better judsuent"ot the counselors, we remained. It was a beautiful day so we ,Udn" t bother to set uppu,p tents,~ First we went for 8.. swim, then we unloaded all our gear and pre~ed supper. That night we had soup. ham steak, corn, baked potatoes and punch.

After dinner, DIck and Be.rn1e we,nt fishing further out ontha l~. When they returned. Bernie took. nogal' lrsnpler out.

But very shortly lout of 8. clear blue sky. a large. dark cloud appeared in just a minute. Then we did the quickest job of setting up tents . that we ·~ver .. dld. Kempler and Mansbel had already rigged up a wierd contraption usj,ng two canoes. The rest of us decided to sleep ,out on the beach,and1f' it rained we would get into the tents. After a story from Dick we all fell' asleep. About 2; 00 in the morning .Marty and I ware awakenedby' Dick a.nd marched to our pup tent.

It the rainatopped. we planned to go

o a square dance at the fire house. For The next norning, it was st111 rain-

upper we had juice, franks and beans. ing. NogerManshel had been soaked that read and jam, and milk. Atter supper we night; his shelter .not having been sUff!a.lked through town. Dave Daniels ~ c1ently waterproof. We had. planned to Ibout 8130 and be stayed at a tourist havepancekes for breakfast but the rain CUBe for the night. 80m o£ the boys'\.~c~lled that. Instead we had bread I8IIle back to tbe barn and went to bed. ·lirtth salmon, jelly and peanut butter. By Iheothers stayed intowu and watched the ',now JOOst everything was pretty wet. So Iquare dance. Friday WaS cloudy, and~e loaded the canoes, spread canvas tent

'alny. halves over the ~ar. and Bet otf.

SATmIlAY It was raining pretty hard and there

was a stitf wind .• , So we took the .long ws.r Dave C8lDe to the barn at 71'00 and with the wind bebind u.. By the time· we




~ke U8Up. Dicky and. Eppy bad eleptin

e truck. It hed b~en raining all night. ,got water from. the lake and started reakf'ast. We ate juice. french toast b.d bacon" andcocQa. Then we loaded the ruck.

We left· Blue Mountain Lake at 9'30. ~ stopped on the road to call camp and !len continued. We came to Lake George t 1l~55 and arrived in Glens Falls at ~12:S. We, are lunch tbere and: started gain at 1;35.

We took. a different route home that oak us aCl"ossthe New York ... Vermont line t3t:30.. We were in ~sachuBetts at =45. A little later we saw Williams olleAe.At,4130 we, were in .Plt.tst1eld.


We would like to thank Dave Daniels or driving UB back and forth. All the oya agree tbattbey bad a very enjoyable rip.

Sleeping in the rain

In the wood:sofllalne ...


. feaoa,d Highland Natm:e camp. a good seveD or eight miles away aJld a g.)od thr~e-and-a-halt bOur rlde. we were SOW!!edtotlie skin and very cold.

We left the canoes at the waterf.ront and were qu1ckl;y led to hat shower,s by the camp director. We' were treated like kinas. After the showers, welfere su,p .. plied with a bunk 1n which to stay, warm blankets. clean dry clothes I and a hearty lISal. After lunch, we rested up and then went to their recreation hall where we toasted marshmallows ,over a roarIng fire.

That rrl.ght we went into Naples. a nearby town, where w.e hoped to find a carni'val whi oh we had seen on the way UP. Ue 1ocat,d the carni'981 but unfortunately. itwsf in the process Of be:J.ngtaken down.

So we left there and bowled duck pins in the town. Atter that we had ice cream in a nearby Howard Johnson's. We return. edto H1glJlBDl Nature 1.n lUSh spirits at 11'30 and climbed into bed as the rain oontinued to tall.

Arising at 5l!jO 1n the morning. '119 were all slad to see that the rain had ceased. 'We bad a soodr:l.de • takIng the New Hampshire and Vermont route instead ot the Mas.sachusette way. We stopped for

, bree.ktast in Con.cord and for lunch near Plttsfield. We 8lTived in C8J!lP abou.t; 4&30 •


For five clays, from Tuesday to Sat ... urday. ,six elf us bad traveled on. the lakes and r1 'Vers of Maine. Now we were back home again, tbaDkfultor the chance we 'were g1 ven to go 9ll the trip. and full at the 'memor les of theBe wonderfu.l days.


CABIN II-Richard Rosenblum, Rickie Firtel, Evan KaC2, Stephen Spitzer, Jackie Grubin, Gerry K.Ilman, Larry Kantor, Sol Feinberg, Alan Echikson, Counsellors.

CABIN 12-Pecer Nussbaum, Sammy Finnerman., Bruce Cohen, Peter Cossman, jud Sommer. David Nathan, .Archur Falk, Jerry Starr, Billy Gindin, Counsellors.

BUNK 4-Jay Gerber, George Falk, Fred Siegal, John Frank, Peter Goertacl, Richard Bourn, Bobby Mark, David Epstein, Counsellor.

BUNK 3-Dennis Tepperman, John Lifl.nd, Srepben Man.hel, Roger S e asonwein, Donald Wel.ch, David Wa.rtels., Martin Miller, Counsellor.

CABIN 6---Stuart Falk, Stephen Schnitzer, Stephen Marx, Freddie Lewis, Bobby Srracks, Roger Lowenstein, Mike Spicer, Counsellor.

CABIN 4-Richard Kleinberg, Mikon Reitman, Richard Altman, Victor Gomperts, Jon Greene, David Mintz and Jules Felek, Counsellors.

CABIN ~Jeffrey Hirsch, earl Rosenberg. Alan Tessler, Michael Sdglitz, Stephen Katz, Gary Silver-

_ __;:... '!O:., •• .,.__ M:" __ '::... r-~i"D'6!! I itn rn .. "~II_n~

CABIN -3--Richard Salzman, Joel Klompus, Jon Gross, Raben: Kruvant, David Lirwin, Jeffrey Gindin, Don Brief and Mar ius Valsamis, Counsellors.

CABIN l-Geoffrey Goodman, Sruart Hollander, Andy Simon, Uoug Gross, Richard Rose. Marrin Goldberg, Benjie Nstelson, Eli Feldman, Counsellor.

CABIN 7-Bobby Levy, Alex Siegel, Mark Himoff, Michael Markensobn, Robert Goldfarb, Chuck Saletan. Leonard Zweig. Counsellor.

CABIN B-Chades Nathan, Noonan Goldberg, Richard Segal, John Lowenstein. Bobby Fisch, Nicky Ka.n.u;h. HaJu,.,k Couru;ellor.

CABIN IO--Tommy Lifland, Michael Augus!., Robert Ratner, Paul Goldberg, Lewis Friedman, Larry MindeU. David G.reittu1 Evan Blumenthal, Counsellors.

,BUNK 7-Ralph Heyman, Jimmy Hodand, AI"" 'Wolfson, Richard Ward, Don Matso, tany Glassner,

TENT I-Alan Silber, Kenneth Jacobson, Andy Te ss ler, Barry Silverman, Stephen Shoenholz, Jerry

"" - _._ ·,....--·_·--11_.-

ALGONQUINS-Tem 4-Eddie Bend ee, Roger Man.hel. Marrin Srhwarre, Roger Kempler. Paul Lippe, Counsellor,

SENECAS-TENT 5-Ricbard Heyman. Larry Kobre, R'·rmond Epstein, Rusty Goldstein, louis Binder, Dick Lowenstein, Hossein Banai, Counsellor.

TENT ~Billy Sklar. Billy Ft,ed, Ralph Feigin, Jeffrey Hechr, M,dlael £ber, Richard Ehrenberg. Lee Miller, Counsellor.

TENT l-Bcoji. Husser. Michael Makowsky, 1.« Meraeadorf, Jeffrey Hare. Charles Landesman, Jon Rose, Harvey McNease, Counsellor.

q(J/l, Bcup

at .1emu;, MaM..

)L. XXII !-To. S

By Charles Landesman and luke Ebor

.On Tue.sday July )0, 12 coy-sand tl10 ounselors loft for a three-d~ trip on he Connectiout River. Dave Daniels !rove us to our starting point.

We arrived thoro atl'lbout 2:hS. Af-

• 01" 15 minutes, duringuhich toTe unloaded rho trailer, "-fC started paddling dotm;trcam. After seven miles of paddling we ~ached a spot where we 1'1ont mdmming. fucn tho swim 1'1aS ovor W'epnddlcd another ~e to our campsite.

After getting our goar arranged we nado .suppor. OUr supper consisted of ~orn,. steak, l'l1ashed po,tatoosand .fruit:" ror dessert. \10 went right to bed af.'tor Ulo meal.

For breakfast tho next morning 1'10 had bacon and eggs and. cocoa which lias made by Frank Maze. Aftor breakfast we cleaned up the area and left. It rained a little that morning but latorin the day the sk:Y cleared up.

lte paddled about four miles and.arrived at the Calvin Coolidge Bridgo.

We took a swim and enjoyed it immensely. vIe padcUedacross the river and had lunch on a little island. Fo,r lunch we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Hhon 1m finished lunch we paddled the rest of tho way across and stopped. \'10 all went into the town or Nort.bhallilt.on whero tre had ice cream: and soda..,.

Leaving theto~m we paddled dOl~~ stream to find a campsito. He had a little difficulty but finallY we got permission from a farmer to stay on his land. That night for dinner \:10 had stank. After dinner "fe went right to bed •

For breakfast the next morning we had pancakes. Following cleanup we paddled further down the river. \'10 stopped. fo·r 3stM and for lunch. We had tuna

fish and salmon sandwiches. Then we paddled down to Ho~oko where Dav,e picked us up. No loaded the trailorand went back to camp.

Tb.e boys on tho trip were }1ike Makowsky~ Lee Motzendorf. Jeff Hare, :Ben Flussor, Jon Rose, Charles Lando small, Mike Eber, Billy Fried, Jeff Hecht, Billy Sklar, Richard Ehrenberg, and Ralph Fe1gen. The oounselors '\oTere Frank Mame and J ack Brooks.



The 'fotcm

G.t c/. e

Aetivity at tho Pah-Kec-Nae watcr'lt is increasing as mor-e and more boys taking and pass'i ':"lG t~10 various Red S5 slr1im!nin~ t.cst.s , J'~~_'inx,t overy son-

has passed thr; Trrtorr. ~j~_atc test and large number have past cd the S't-lilTlm.cr nlnatdone., A class of 21 boys is at k on the Junior Life S~ving requirets and several of the older boys arc king on Advanced Swimmer tests.

The Junior Life Saving class indes narty Schl1artz, Jon Rose, Ben sacr, Charles Landesmnn, Barry S.ilver" steve Shocnholz, Andy Tessler, Jerr"J ssman, Ira Salomon, Robert Kaye, Bob und, Hank Greenfield, Donald Grcen.1d,Steve Klein, Peter Rosenberg, nalph .gen, Hike Ebcr, Billy Fried, Billy .ar, Roger Kempler and Jeffrey Hecht.

Advanced Sl1immor aspirants include ·ty Schl,yartz,. Roger KeMPler, Roger lshel, Louis Binder, Rusty Goldstein, r Epstein, Dick Lowcnst.cdn and Larry Jre.

The long list of seniors who have 10 beyond the intermediate stage and t.ered the r-anks of Swimmers includes J follm·1ing: Clom Hohlreich, Steve iss, Norman n:J.ss, John Lifland, Rich:l Baum, Fred Siegel, Hartin Newmark, eve Klein, Len Zamora, Ralph T'iuskat, to Rosenberg, JUan Donn, Jeffrey Hecht, nald Greenfield, Hank Greenfield, Bob eund, Robert Kayo, Ira Salomon, Jerry ossman, Alan Silber, Ken Jacobson, ~\.ndy ssler, steve Shoenholz, Ralph Feigen, ko Eber, Billy Fried, Billy Sklar, Rog, Kempler, Ed Bendet and ITichard Heyman. . oso named above passed the St-dmmcr rc.irements this summcr ,

In the Junior Camp more than 40 boys we passed their raft tests and a large Imber have passed Beginners tests. In Idition, several have entered the ranks ~ the Intermediates.

Those rJ.fters tV'ho have paascd the ltcrmcdiatc examination include Robert )ldfnrb, Alex Si~gel, Chuck Saletan, 3.vid Lieberman, Bob Kloint.raks, Lenis riedman, Robert natner, Hike August, nd Tom Lifland.

Rafter-Beginners are Gary Silverstein, Filton Rcitm~.n, Richard Altm.:<n, Stuart Fa'Ix, Fred Lelrns, Doug Gr oss, Richard hOSO, Stuart Hollander, Jo;r Goodman, An<lY S::mon, Jeff r-Ieiss, Bobby Eber, George TJohlreich, Alan Hintz, Doug Zimmerman, Jeff Gindin, Jon Gross, Joel Klompus, John LOl1onstein, Norm Goldberg, Nicky Karush, Charles nathan, I-farc Himoff, Bobby Levy, Lenny Levitt, Ronald Nordmann, Billy Rosenbaum, and Larry l li.ndell.

Dockers who have passed the Beginners test are Richard Segal, Bobby Fisch, J affrcy L01010. Other Junior Rafters arc Jackie Grubin, Gerry Kallman, and Bru~e Cohen, all Choctaws, and Bobby Strack:'J~ Benjie rIatelson has also become a beg:' 11-' ner and I fike l:!:arkensohn has passed his Raft test.


Sy Hank Greenfield

The second annual concert by the 71ah-Kec-Nac orchestra was held last Sunday night. In addition to the Hah-KccNac talent there were guest artists from Tanglowood on the program.

First the orchestra played "Come Back To SorrcntoTl and then Lenny Levitt played Schumann's "The l1crT'lJ Peasant" on the clarinet. Abram Szuldinor, a camp waiter, pl~ed La Folia Variations on his violin •

One of the real highspots of the program was a performance of Beethoven's Trio in G I Tinor by a trio made up of Abc on the violin and tuo guests from Tangletreed; Iiiss Edith Karney, pianist, and Achilles Balabanis, chellist.

Members of the orchestra included Lenny Levitt and Hichacl August, clarinet; Jerry Grossman, saxophone; Pete Rosenberg Lowis Friedman, Alan Silber, trumpets; Bobby Freund, trombone; David Lieberman, paanc., The band was coached by David Greitzcr and~J Grossman.

~ - - ~Totem ...

Pam 3

By Mike Makowsky

Mah.Kee-Nac's Senior verai ty teem A walk led oft the Brookside tifth.

~ea an 11 to 6 vl.ctory ove:r :arookside Too next man was cut. H'ltz!s, the home~ gene Friday which was hlgnighted by run kid, doubled. Then a Bir~le seored

III rally in the fifth - af'ter the ho~ two Brookside runs to tie the score again.

!ll had made two outs. In that inning The runner took second on the play. .An ombinat1.on ofBrooksidemiacues and Mah- error by Eppy sent the third Brookside .. Nacpower gave Larry KooTe a solid run of the inning streaking aereee the

from the ,Pit chert s llXlund. plate t putting the visitors back in the lead" The inning ended for Brookside "hen shortstop Ion Rose leaped high in thea1r to ,snare a line drive.

N.ah-Kee-Nac blew the gane open in tile fifth. With two outs and a man on firat, an error put ~n on first and second. Another error send Rusty Goldstein 1n from ae eond , A walk loaded the bases and Dick LowelUltein aingled ROBe hOlIlfhRay Epstein then belted a.two .. baggerto leftwhi.ch scored Louis Binder and Ken Jacobson. Lowenstein soared the eleventh run on another error. The next batter was out.

The garrs was called beforeths re .. gulat10n seven innings because the boys trom Brookside had to leave. The Ma.h~Kee ... Nae coacheswsre Bob Brody at :first, Mr. LoWenstein at third, and, ,of course. Joe :r~uger. The umpire was Mr • Rose • MallKee.Nao bad eight hits while Xobre was touched for ten.

Atter Brookside was held scoreless the first inning, Mah-Kee-Nac dented

'platewben Billy Sklar singled. Ray te1n hom from second.. Nei therteam red in the second. the inning in which ar pulled a neat pickett to help Larry ra Olit of a jam.

The third stanza saw Mah-Kee..,Nac re three times. A walk and a fielders ice put a nen on second base. On the t play the Brookside pitcher threw d past. :first. .Ken Jacobson scored and

batter. Ray Epstein, went to second. the next play the shortstop threw w.ild

first base and Epstein went to tPird h Sklar, the hitter-, windillg up at ond.. Kobre then singled to score Epin and Sklar. The. next batter was out.

TO ,open the fourth inning for Brook .. e. Hatzis sent a tremendous belt to I Senior path for a home run and the re beeama .3 to 1. Then fa walk, a long ,pie to right ana a single p.1cked up I more rUDB to tie the soore at three

After two were out in the last or i fourth, a walk, a single and a smash .ple bY'R~ Epstein acoounted f·or two IS, •. Kenny J'aeobson an.d. Dick Lowenatein 11"1ns~ The score stood 5 to .3 at the . of four iIlllings.

'raE LImtlPl Ken Jacob,eon.2b Dick Lowenstein, 3b Rusty Goldstein, cf Billy Sklar, c

Ray Bpstein, lb

Jon Roae, as

louia Binder.rf Roger Kempler. If Larry Kahre, p


By Hank Greenfield

A1 Elsen, who was Ind!ancraft and lhery counselor two years .ago, C8.Jr)SI :k to CaIllP last Saturday.. He put on an lian.campfire in very good style.

He spent all or last year in Europe ld.yiQg the History of Art. His 'e~n .. I were 118id by a FUlbright acholarshi.p. I countries he visited :included Greece.

Italy, Austria, Holland. BelgiWD.,Eng. land, France, SWitzer.land •. and Es;ypt ..

While there. he also played professional basketball. He is now married and. has a very prettyw1fe.

While here -AlleQ. ,en Indian oouncil fir·e :ill wbich he demonstrated sellaral dances and told an old Indian legend ..

The Totem

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A sala masquerade party waa held by Junior Camp lSlit week. Every boy was ased in a COStUlll9. designed in just a rt tim;: and put together qui.ckly. But results were wonQerful and the judges a hard time picking tbe winnera.

Prizes went to the Most Original.

Fu.nn:iest and the Most Beautiful. The t Original award Trent to R.ichard Klein .. g of Cab1n 5 who was dressed as the entifie counselor with webbed feet. tty Karush won the Funniest award by ing as the beautiful girl who said, aon't understand w~ the counselors SO

every night when I've been around pall stl.I1':lIl);lr.1I The pr1ze for the Most utiful went to, Cho,ctaw Richard Rosenm, the girl who swooned when Frank atra sang.

The judges created a special ,award Group .Participation which went to in 9. All. the boys and Bill Ladner. 1r counselor, came dressed as parts or .song, 'The Blue Tail Fly." Bill

.yed the guitar while they all sang it. boys were Jeffrey Lowe. Bobby Klein;8, Billy Rosenbaum, Lenn,y LeVitt, RonNordmann and David LieberJDl9.ll.

Judges for the masquerade were our I nurses, Pe SB3 and Dot ty. and Mr. Li tL. David' B father.


The undefeated Mah-Kee-Nac tennis team, playing host to the n:enof HalfMoon, nEt tough opposition las t week and was able, to get. only a ,draw. winning three of the six matches.

Inth~ singles. Fli chie Heyman of the Senecas ,one o,t our best nen,put up a great f1 silt, but fell Victim, 3 to 6, to the slt!L~hing drives or Spike Bragg. Jon ROD~ '. the hard luck man otMah .. Kee-Nae te!J~"li.s. couldn 't .find the answer to the all around court generalship of Fred Rosenkaupf, and went -down 4 to 6.

Benjie Flu8ser kept his unbeaten record unmarred with a 6 to 4 win over Arturo Valdejuly of Chile.

In the doubles.. Ray Eps,tein.and larry Kobre lost to Bob Torre and Bob Partrfln of the visitors, 1 to 6. Benjie Flusser t this time teamed with R.ogerManshel, made 1.U> the doubles combination w.hich went l.ntoextra games to down Bill Weber and J.,1ark Stuart. Kenny Jacobson and Alan Silber got no real test of their abil1.t1ea from Barry 8mi thand John N,endelooM in chalking up a. 6 to 0 win.

Mah-Kee ... Nac racq:uetmen are, now preparing t~ 8. return match with Tahone. Practice tor the match is being COmbined with the running off of tbe camp tourna- 100nt which will result in the selection of tribe ami camp champions.


~h·Kee"'Nacls rifle team went into ~lon against Camp Helf'-l[oon last week, 1 though. they lost their f irat ma.tchr 3 to 389. the once-green Sharpshooters re gained a world of neeessaryexper .. ace for their next match.

A team of 1eff Hare. David nartels. tljie cFlusser and Jon Rose took on. Halt:m's beat. Hare took two turns at tbe: ring line. replacing the absent LellD¥ !lOre who was out on a trip.

Half-Moon's acore of 433 and Maha-Nac's of 389.c.ae out of a possible o on regulation .sO-foot 'targe.ts.

Jeff Hare did the best shooting of e dey by turning in two Bcores of 96 t of a possible 100. His oonsistent

mark.emanship kept Mah -Xee-Nac in the match. Warte 18 ,Rose and Flusser, all firing tor the first tiRe in com.peti t!on, gained in experience and steadiness what they lost in pointsand Beginner's excitement.

Flusser and Rose each scored 76 out of aposaible 100, .ahooting below their usual .aver.a.ges. Wane ls ,who could n.ot hi t a target at the beginning of the summer, and who had learned t'o shoot anywhere from 42 to 47 out of a possible 50, also felt the strain of a first match. He scored 45 outot 100.

Miguel. Mah-Kee -Nac' s Rif~ry coach, S~YB the bOys have learned much by firing in compet1 tion and are' sure to shoot their usual high. averages in the next match.

(*l &. 2 ._·Xl"

_' 5ZE

Suteea sparkling bout_ JDI4e last kls l'1.lId0Z' oozing D.1'sht ODe of tbe Lt~pular events of tile season.. so '. :r~18hts (Choctaws). Pallerwelghts Illches) t. HODeatwe1sbta (IroquoJ.s), and 'reatweishts (UOh1oua) .lugged it out 8 aeries of one and two-round DBtCbeS It ahpwed ·the best tisbt1ne colara of I 30 camperI' involved.

In the Flyweight ca08. Jaald.e Grubln l Evan Katz fousht to. stand.till ana ~ match waa ruled a tiew after ODe Ind. J\ld Sommer and Pete Nussbaum bad

interstate clash (Jud 1s from N.Y .. ana re trom. N.J.) whicb was also ruled a !tow byofftd·al·B ,chris Denniaand DiCk stellane.

l.en':Y K&ntoF e.n4 ~Kollmmwere atured in the tbird Choctaw event.. The in· bout in this division was tought by o a1USSing beavyweights.. Bl."uce COhen ,:t Dave Nathen.. Atter at1rl11g slu&test rth fighters ere judged to be at equal ill and courage.

'The paperwelShts produced SODle of the lstest .. bouts .seen in these parta in reeIt tiDIes.. Steve Mark and Mil tRei tman. felled. with a draw aDd were followed by

Gar.v Silverstein and Rlcharc! Alt:am. who also tought to a ara ••

The lJDDestwe,lgbts presented leur

matches. Alan Mintz va., DousIJaa Grot: 5. ~ .9~·llvt tD:!lJender 'V3.1e::' Gooamu., M'1.v·ty C<:.l.dber, VB •. AIIdy ~;i!Jll')n unci 'tbe teatLt v- "".l ';!Yf.;llt. Batt-ling Bohby £"'UVP..nt agaL"'o: t JI1 r dng ;rnr.. Cross", T.be only In t-: 1'. d~ '7ision cl&'B~ot ttJe nigb.t wal3 the hi,:.hl':'ght of thi'j seetlon.. George Vlohlr·'9..i.,:h and Bob Flach. the latter a MoIl1can, bc:t:ad to e. two...roUDd. no-decle1on fInish.

Two lntra-cabinbou.ta bet_en b.;.;..'"t;l in Cabin 9 provided some of the top ~~~ tertainment of the evening. both tor H::; spectators and. the contestants. Bl1,y Rosenbaum andFlonniC) Nordmann Were 10.1 .. • lowed by Lenny Levitt and Dave Lleberma:: in two-round' combination laugh and slUE:: feats.· The four alep-happy fightere put on a wonderful bonng ezh1b1 tioD and really en.joyed being OD the program.

The McMeen division alao .bad bouts between Jon Lowenstein and Norm Goldberg, Marc mmortand mICe MerkensOD. end Sobby Levy and Alex Seigal, The last woare almost exactly the eaus height and eight corn1DS wi thin one-.halt pound and one .. quarter inch of each other.


InsUfficient wind bas &0 ter limited ~ number of time eampersmight eo ailins in the slO()p8 of tl:+e Mah";Kee-Nac leet. HoweVer" several cruises have eeD ma4e. PaulLlppe reports.

The follow1ne: ca.zqpers. have been OD. ruises sa Cl!e" zzembers, Ralph Fe1g1n • !chard Ehrenberg •. ld1ke Ebert RogerM!Ul .. bel" Roger Kempler. Marty Schwartz,. Ed eJldet. steve Klein, Donald lew"ie, llalph UBkat, .Alan IJonn, Rusty Ooldstein,Raypstein, DiclqLcnlellStein, Alan Silber, an Jacoblon •. Alan Tessler" Steve Bhoe'n .. clz.,

There are three ratings for Mah-Keerae sailors, Able SeanBJh Deck Officer" IJld Skipp~r. Testa tor each ratIng. are 11vided .into practical ana tbeoretlcal. rbeyinvolve, all aspects of saUins: f.rom IleDentary terms ,end knot$. to the at11d,y >t t'be !aft which govern movement by De8Jl4 or the wind •.

A. _l.l.Eounded Mah--Kee-Naotennis team journeyed to Canp To .. Ho-Ne la8t week and bested the opposition bl" wlnn1ng tl.ve ot the seven matches SCheduled.

In theSinsJ,es •. 10n ROBe took on ToRe-Ne' s DWDberoDe player. Rothsohild. After a brilliant tisht. durins: which Rose came trom 4 .. Oto bring the score to 5 - 4. he was defeated. Benjie Flusser played tine tennis to win h1amatch, 6- 1. and Mike Makowsky was a surprise winner in a 7 - .5, matcb.

Mlh-Xee-Nae'8 llWIIber OIlS 40ablea

team of' Ken Jacobson ana Roger Kempler outclassed the opposition wiDl1illg as they pleased w1 th a tiD81 count of' - .1 .. Alan Tessler and Alan Silber took theit' doubles at 6 - 4 ana Bank 'Greenfield and

. Barry Sil "'ennan alao won by 6 • 4-.

~h~e-N8c·8 other lOBS was sustain. ed by Donald Lew!a and Don Mateo who went down by a 2 -6 score atter e good tisht.


Pioneering and Nature are the apecties of ~ernie Cohen,- a graduate of llebury College in Vermont and now a leal stu.dent. Bernie's interests 1n niatry and Biology, his seven years of naeling, and .hia achievements as Eagle ut and Assistant Scoutmaster make hUn atural for the job., In his first year s , Bernie instructs cam.pers In outdoor ing and campcr8ft.


Sy Grossman is an engineering student M.I.T. But he admits his interests

1 to music. especially dance band JIJUB!c. forlmr COlwnbia High student (one of IY at Mah .. Kee-Nae) ., By led his own band 'ore college days began ana stUI spends m t1l1le in arranging mlus!e. As assist - : music counselor he will help in preplng future dramatic and maiesl events. uuding a camp or cbe stra concert.

One of the few counselors trom Brooklyn, Eli Feldman is a gradu.ate ot Lo::J.g Island university where he earned h1& Bachelo'r' s degree in Journalism. After tllis cemp season Eli will begin regular emplo~nt in the field of public relations. Eli brings five years ot camp experience to M8h-Kee-Nac. during which be did work .in dramatics. His special interests are sports and writing.


Much of this counselor's time is spent in the field of recreation and physical education - a Bill Newhall 1s e recreation director in Weston, Vt. during the Winter, he holds a B.S. degree(Spring .. field Co.Uege) and M.A •. (NYU) 'in pbysi.cal ed~catlon. he has taught phYsical education and be.re at camp,. Bill 18 an archery counselor. His other interests include f·olk and square dancing and group singing.

q~ Bt'J.If1-

t .!ewn, A1au.

11 No. 6

he work part came l.n the morning every counselor and boy in camp was building up the booths that circled aseball field on the Junior campus. ooths cam UP .slowly. Firat the , frames I then the deeorat ions, and ythe .s:l.gna telline; what each booth By lunchtilIl9 all the booths were ted.

lllk 1 had the Parking Lot conceasfon ,he road into camp. Bunk: 2 had Hook l, played with fishing poles. Sunk lI'ty Miller' sbunk. had a garre of le.ll. It a camper scored 30 points Lld shoot Marty with a water piatol. I pOi.nta were scored he could dump a

pail of water on him and if 100 I were made Marty got splashed with I psi 1 of water.

lunk4 had a Tennis Bsll Throw. If ler knocked a pile of tennis ball over he could dump Eppy with a pail Iter. Bunk 5 had a Baseball Throw l10h the campera had to throw balls th holee in a canvas.. Test Your ~h was run by Bunk 7. One of the It booths, a Garribling Casino, wi th garres of chance I wae at up by Bunk Ink 8' s booth was a Sponge Throw, I by throwing wet sponges at camp-

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T~ TD.~~~·~. ~~~~~--=2_

((jy@ !Jl2l rt@!lili!jlJ&7irJ/

By Ed Bendet

There ere.nJ!U'Iy boys incBD(p who are Jer1ng why a pioneering program is. iucted at Mah"l'!{ee-Nae.

"Wbv". they ask, lido we camp out in woods. cook our own food, sleep in II pup tents, end ,clean all our ~er? ~ould just as well foreso all this and

in the meashall where our food is ted for us and where we don't bave to !l dishes.. And wlzy' .not stay in our ~s and bunks where· e have nJ..ce clean 3 in which to sleep?

SOIl)3 campers see the advantages of :>Ilig):l.t trips out ,at camp but wonder

we, ha:ve cookouts and eWD.j)craft in 1>. The answer is simply that all the pcraft activities in C.aIIW are prepara- 11. and training for trips out or camp.

There are several reasons why ws a pioneering at all in Mah-Kee ... Nac. at of all. it's a lot of fun gping on ps and living out in the open. The It ot wasbing dishe,s a.nddo1ng other 11 chores is just a atr.rall part of

"DB out.

Secondly. iVa interesting to travel .d1fferent places ,seenew thin@1. and d;y .nature while 11 vins Intbe outdoors.

instance ,. on the Jal1ne trip the Al ... ,qulDawere paddling on .Tordan Bay when saw and heard a loon. We Vlere all fasated by its eerie call and by the .:1 do'Ve into the water OiVer and over again •.

Another very important reason for ing C8llIPcra:f't Is that it g1 vea one a ling of aelt-reliance.· You le~n to e ,cere of yourself' and to use' your lOOn sense wbile camping out. It makes

feel goad to know that you can build t' own fire. cook your own ltBals, and u,p your own place in Which to -sleep •.

Then there is e. certain sense of de end ach.tevellBnt in knowingthat 'va set- out with a certain objective

mindanc1 that you have acconwlished .t you've set ou.t to CliO. y,ou know that ost anybody cend:ri"'le e. .motorboat Oss Lake Sebago or drive a car to the

swrmi t ot Mount G:":"eylock.. But after you've padr:!''7t'l tlw a.ama distance.in a canoe or hl",\f;d: ~ i;b;- P-SDe mountain you get a certa.ln .1etJ":'Lif{. of satisfaction that you've done ~omattlng not everyone can do.

The same thing goes tor cooking out.

You certa5.nly appre ciat'3 a neal that you've cooked out in th~ ooen by yourself more than ;;ou would appreciate one .sel"'7ed to! you at a restaurant. and to know that you had to gather wood. and build a tire in order to eat, adds even more to the meal.

'Then, or ,course, livillg out in the open gi-vea you 8. sense of freedom. There is no set program for everything. You go to sleep whenever :your common sense tells you to. If you know that you have to set up early, you BO to sleep accordingly. You stop to tind a campai te when you e.r~ com.pelled to do 80 by the elemmts. m· ... 1s nospecitio tine to eat, You cook your m9e.l when you be come hune;ry.

Besides th1s,camping out is aebBnge from the ordinary life that we lead while in~. It otfers you e: chance to "get away from. :1 tall.·

And finally there's theexclteent and uncertainty in camping out. You never know what to expect next. It's a JOOre adventurous and. rugged 11fe. You get a ,thrill f.rom trail-blazing and seeing

things that you wouldn't see in the city or in CEUlID.

:A!ypl!t 27,1251


By Jetl Hare

x.aat _em, Mah-Kee-NAo ana. Tamel' ck llbed .ina baseball ge.zm, which, when Sll'IQke bad cleared, ended in a tie. tinal score was 5 to 5.

In tbe f1rst1nn.tng Mah-Kee-Nac went m in order. In the Tan:arack halt of I inn1ng three biG rune were scored. ~. the mext tour lnn1nsa the fi1J.rte went, ~rele8fJ. Then in thel top of tbe lix.th ting Mah ... Kee-Nac exploded with two runs

one .b1 t and three walks plus ona TEUIl&Clok alTor.

Then in tbebottom ot the s:txth, to 9 dismay at' the Mah-Kee-Nao players, lIlBl'ack cue bade wi thtwo runs. That t the score at 5 to 2.

In the top ot the seventh Mah .. KAe· e scored three runs to tie tbe Bcore. , that inning,. Lowenstein blasted a 10Dg lple that helped a lot because it CBm9 th two men on. In TamaraCk" s ball ot :e seventbthey bad ammon firs.t with \a out. Tile nextmn ldt a 11nedr1ve Ito center tie Id where Rusty Goldstein ,bbled the ball. lls8nwh11e the man On .rat lledrounded ,ee cond. beading tor ti:rd. But a very good throw by Rusty >t him out.

The next inning was scoreless but $re were ecol'lns threats by both s1de8. tus was atter seven regular innings ot ~s;y' and onee:xtra lJming. The geu.e WBB topped there because it was, .ttins late.

After the eeme the pl~yers had punch. nd c\UlC8kes. They were "err &ood and be whole d4y was a lot of fun.


Ken Jacobson, 2b :Rusty Qol,dstein,d Dl,ck Lowenstein. 3b ~ay Epstein. lb BUly Sklar. e

.:rOll Rose ,ss

left Hecht, It Louis Binder. rt Larry Kobre. p

MAN! CAMPERS VISl'1" '1'AlOLEWOOD TO liEAR .eOBrON sna:lfom:(R~ ~8

By Robert Kaye

On. Stmd~etternoon.August 13. the conductor at the Boston S,ymphony Orch - estra .. Charles Munch, directed an ell .. Brabrns program to trillS the 1951 Tanglewood season to a melOdio finale.

It _8 a successful seaBon and enjoyed by everyone including the Mah ... Kee. Nao campers who b.a.d golle to several ot the concerts during the 8'UlI11mt'. The first bis concert cane on 'uly 26 and Charles UUnch conducted. It atartedoft wi tn funeral llI1Sio In ttleDJ!)ryol Serge Koussev .. , 1 tZky. Tbere was also a sympho,lIY entitled tbe Fantastio SJlmphOJl¥ that rd.ght.

The next o.newss a. veIy ,good concert and II maure that everyone liked it. That 11'88 on July 28. I could go on nam .. ing concerts but I shall get down to the min one. It was known as Tanglewood on Parade. 'l'hefirst part ot it was GershWin" s Rhapsody in Blue. After tllet Mrs. Roosevelt was there aIldbpoke .•

Everyone enjoyed 1t very mob. And so ended the 1951 concert seBson.


By .Merty Schwartz

On Sunday .n1gb.tAu~st 12 the three oldest tribes ot Mlhi"lKee-Nac (Senecas, Alsonquil1S and Cherokees) we at off to their f1rstdance.. They went to CBD;I Danbee' wberethey ani wain tbe rain at abcut 1'.30 ana. were'll'elCOlJEd bYlingine.

The I.lIah-Kee-Ne,cwolves went tio wo~k.

Waltzes. t~ trots. r.humbaa and Jitter .. bug numberm; were the dances of the night. We p.layeda little p1~g~pong. had a last dance e._nd went hOms at 10a30, A srand time was bad by all •

On Tuesday night AUgU:st15 the SBlD' boys haft another dance. tb1a, time with. Camp Brookside at our dining ball. The s1rlsW8ree. little small .for our boya but we made the helt ot .1 t and had a sood time. Vie .bopeto have another danae betore the season end".

:zgat 27.1951

(Two groups of Cheyennes went out on 8 tri.pa t!J!s year, all in the same k..The following story 1s about the ond trip. Boys who went on the OUs ps were S~ Re1tler, Steve Klein, ald I.ewis, Lenny ~re, Ra!ph MUskat, ieRosenberg, Alan Donn, Ralph HeYl18n, tald Greenfield, Hank 'Greenfield. Don lobi,. Bobby Freund, Robert, Kaye.. Ira .omen." .Jerry Grossman, Biohard Ward and In l'iol1'son.)·'

our trip to Otis began on Tuesaay, sust 7. The trip to Otis 1a about 40 lea ana all the boyaaang songs on the

When we got to J"im' a Landing we ~t ~. other trip that had gone out first. ey left their canOes on land and took t their catnping{!jlar. Then we loaded

our canoes with food and gear and arted. Bernie Cohen, one of the ecunlora on the trip, went first, and Bill liner, our other counselor, went last.

The water was very rough that day I i twas very hard !)addling., The waves 1'e about two feet high and they went reI' the bows of the caaeea, We had to

D e.bouttwo miles to our C8ID.Psi te • When e got there we all wanted to crawl into ursleeping baga and. go to sleep. But ernie said there was work to be done.

So We brought our canoes up on shore nd made shelters out of them. The shelers were made of pup tents stret cbed cross two canoes. 'Then 'We started our ires. Someci' us had El Httle trouble tart1nE; tbem bu.t. finally suoceeded.

Bernie told us to ditch our tents.

But Bobby Freund was the only sens;'ble cne ... - he ditched his tent. At tha't point a lot of the boys wanted to go for a. swim. }..fter they got in up to their ankles they decided itwaa too cold., They emre.out end gptdressed in their tents.

Meanwhile it had started to drizzle

., s(!·Bernie said he had better build a tent over the aa ting table. The,n Bernie gava us our steaks to cook. We had twosteaka each and they were very good. After that we bad about three glasses of Kool-Aid. and two ears ot' corn. It was pXletty gpod.

After supper we washed our eEls kits and put them E'.way. Bernie said we couB roastmarabm'3;l,lows while he told U~ a story. I got :f'illed with only five marahmallows while seee had thirteen.

After the story Bernie said we'd have to go t'o be.d. We all went to bed. and fell aeleep until about 2 ;30 A .. M. By then every sleeping bag but mine was soaking wet from the rain. Bobby Freund's ditah had overtlowed so he moved into e. soaked tent with m. I was the only dry kid on the trip. We all got dressed ana played gin rullIIlV from 41.,30 until dawn.

Wewere,nl t too, tired, thotlgh. when we finally got up for breekf·e.st. Bernie cooked b1'eald'ast tor that morning. We had bacon and eggs and Kool-Aid. Atter that. we broke up camp and went paddling on the lake. We didn't paddle farbeoeuse it WeB very misty.

We can:e back to our C8lDPsi te. Berni,e called Dave Daniels, and when.be arrived we packed the gear in end tied the canoes on the trailer.

We rode back to cam.P in thell/Iah~enae truck. We got back during rest hour and bEtd lunch. After that we all had to take showers and we didn't have to So to activity so we slept all da;y.

.After supper, we washed dishes tor ha.l£of the actlvltype1'1od.

~1J8UBt 27, 1251

The, . Totem.

\~~~(j ~tt~~~~ ~~

...__..-___ ~ - ::;;..00-. __ - -:: --,::::::-,_~----"""",:::>-:::::=-- ..... ~.-.:;;.........,...::.

(lbte. The :following story is based :Rusty said to them, 'What'· s the mat ..

l notes made by }bssein Banai who aeeee- ter? The sea ian I t so rough. II And then n1ed the Senecas on their trip to BOB- he. too, bent. Larry Kohre aaid= -Gee,. I In" Richie HeynaD. the usual Seneca ,re- didn't e:x;pect to be saf,ezruselt.· But Irter. missed the trip due to illness.) before be realized it the color left his . faoe and iJL a 11 ttle whUI3 Jle btln~. down and covered his faee. Lateran Ray Ep,stein was lyinSdown near him.

We left catqp at 9 '45 and started )WIl Route20wh1eh was ja.rmned VIi th truck 'arfie. Wepaa,sed the town ot Stra.thirS where the paper eOlllPany of the same LIII9 is located and at 11 0' clock we were l Westfield. At 11:2.5 we reaohed Springleld and we sto:pped to have lunoh at ?;,20. .At ,2:15 we arrived in Boston.

Our first visit was to Cembridse lere we saw Harvard and M.I.'T.trom tbe Itside. Then we passed OV,er the Charles lver which has been used. traditionally :l.r years as a. p.laee for crew eOD3Petl tion r Harvard Unlversitr and M.I.T,

l1ewent frolIl. Boston to Gloucester at

and arrived at 5. We loo.ked for our :l.shillsgu.ide and the boat Which We were o use for deep-sea fishing. With our uide's reeonmendation we found two roome, ntourlst houses.

For d1.nner we went to The studio to at sea tood. The bill seemed too high. ut wl th Francia' encouragement the boy,S te up. Busty Goldstein's - skill in dIs ... ecting the lobster was outstanding. ~hat night weelept at the tourist houses.

We had e very short bre·akfast at one 'rf the .nel.ghborhood ,grocery stores. By i; 45 we were on our way tor deep·sea '1sh1ng. The naJD3 of our boat, an old Jut suitable one ,was Victor. Fran.ces lid not ,come with us. The boys were tu1et and. a 11 ttle bit scared of the sea. fe got our bait trom SOlm fishermen and rent to the deeper spots f·or fishing.

Here we go! Louls got pale. Every .. lody looked at him. What' 8 too matter? ~th1ng. Dicky lowenstein was calling dm a sissy when ell of a sudden Di cky limselt bent over tbe boat's! ,edge and )UI'rnrr. Everybody laughed. includ1ng '1~, himself. and a little later. Louie ~inder bent over the side and burlTrr.

Lowenstein again, Binder again. In leas than an .hour the bottom of' the boat was filled with half-dead Senecas.. "Hosseini,. said Louis end Eppy, 'let's go back.' They thought this was home sweet home where they could say ,'MollllItY, I w'30nt this. I want that." They didn't realize the boat had other pa..seengers. and the owner of t.he boat wanted to do business ..

In the zreant1.m;l Rusty caught a 3.5 pound. ;fish. By theway,that was the only honest f.ishing wbich took place all day_ Some of the passengers caughtSOIre 30 inch sharks and dogfisb, but no real fish. Anray, the Senecas with all their peP. particularly in the aining~ll. gave QP e¥erything they ate in. the morning and didn.' t tou.chthe ohoco1ate and cookies we had wi th us. We came back half an hour sooner t.han we planned fol' it. Frances was waiting for us.

We drove to Boston and at 2 o' clock we had haJpburgers for lunch on the shore of the Charles Jii'V'er. Atter lunch we drove over to the Y.M.C.A. to cheek our luggage and locate our bedroom.

With reservations for that n1ght"s Brooklyn.Boston gaID9. we err! yed at Braves Field a.t 6 p.m. It rtas ,a. double-header,. The first garrs ended at :3 to 1 in favor o£ the Dodgerssnd the BeeOnQ gB.11B was won by Boeton" 4, to 3'. These two ge.nes were the IOO.st exciting parts ,of the Sen .. ecas' trip.

We bad very good seats. alm:>st in front of' first base. .Among all the' Bostonianswho wen in Braves .Fi,eld we were in the very small minority who were oheering for the Dodgers. We left the field at 11 far the Y.M.C.A. That night we

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CARNIVAL mDnS FTJN TO ALL , • (con.ttlltled tr,om paae 1)

'Tent 1 had ,the B Bar Btianehta po~ flb1ch We.B "'91:1/ pC,l'lulUo 8hoot Ou.t Candles. plf.y~Ci vrlth water gur.a, wall 2'1 booth. 'I'he Min:tatu:C'e Golf bootb set u~ b:;" Tl)ut 3.()na 01' the fnvon te he, Fish a Ooke, waa run 'by Te:lt 4. could win a bottle or Cocs..Cola by

~.1nga ring over the bottle'.3 neck.

S ran a Horse Race With regUlar par,! ... ela.

'The Junior' Camp l"all. whole salt of ihe too. Follow1ns wu wbet tbe1un ... I had.

Cabin I alao rena 'rest Your Strength the3' used a board ltithnalla which to be dri~ea all the way In.. Cab1n2

e, Pbotography booth where picture8

& taken by Art Adolph, CabiD 3 l1ad a

, Game ,o'ne ,of J:Il8DY gamhllnSgaDBs used the Carn1Vl'l1. A EeanBag toss, des1pd' test tb!"owing accuracy ,118ft ,l'Wlby Cabin

Cabin 5 had the Spool Tank, and Cab1n ~ ada Bawling ~.

Pendulum :Ball, a ball auapende! on string whioh was ,swung to knock blocks s table, was J11D by Cabin 7. Cabin booth was a. PeM1 Pitching _t~p in ,eh toina bad. to be tbrown into plates , cups floating 1n water. Another gau chance. Roll Eall. was establiahed by Itn 9. Here the ball ran: down between rs of naUs and campers could bet 'on Il'e ltwoUld lend.

Cabin. 10 bad a Badm1n+,oJl Bird ThrOw.

The Choc.tew cabins, 11 end 12, ron tbe refl'eZ:((IWt:lnt stan1-. All the bootbs looked. very pretty With their signs ,and decorations"

TheCarD:i val etarteclat about 3 o"clock 'with a bans_ Fi:;:ostthere res a big parade of all the campers J.eu by a olown and the CS'llP band. The line of march yent around the ball field twice and then broke with all the boys gO.'.lJ.g to their own i;)ooths.'l'hen.balf' the hoys X'!.:11 their own booths while theothe'L' hal!' went around. thetield. play.lngthe ,o'ther gaD's.

When the Carn! val 1'188 over atabou.t .s o· clock. we all went down for a swim by bunks. After the Swim, we came bae.1.t tor our supper which was served by tr.~.h)s. Vie bad hamburgers, 'potato chi,ps. p1cAl03i1, cupcakes and cokee. That was the e.nd ot ,0"1 of our biggest days at' cBJJI>.

'1'_ ,commi t tee Wh1 ch made t.he Cerni .. val poseible ,consis,te.d of Eddie Bendet, chairman, Marty Schwartz, Jet.tre:y Hecht Eddie Ash and Henk Greentieltl. Their Job waa to meet Wi th Joe and make plane: and to get tbe prizes wblch were given to bOys who won at thevar.tOWI game ••

The prizes were Balloons,Gllderl!l, tane, teis, yo-yos, Bombers, Ball point peDS·, Kites, Rubber Ball •• etc.


(continued trom previous pap)

.pt. trom 12 until 9. The boys slept ce deaci Jrltn be cause the bedl!l were Dot aoft 8S the n1ghttl<etore.

In the morning noth1ns wwsual hap~d. M'ter a haircut the: Senecas want-

to visltln Boston. Slncethey were cit of 1m, and Fr8J)C8S 1l8.8 sick o/both !Dpers and ,counaelor, Frances lett us one and tbe boya lett me alone. Fran-

ces needed soma ahopplq. the Senecas needed to aee the center at BoatoD anA Hossein needed to aee tbeBoston Mlseum.

We "ere out tor two and a half' hours and had anappolntment to meet at the Y.M.C.A.a.t 12'30.. After complete treedom we mt again andetter a short, light-· lunch, departed for CaJqp Mah-JCee...Nac 4t exactly two o' clock.

·,..1 ,;


JAlJ..JQI:I!t.. PUlHiI' THlU.T.RB HUI)0CJ!8 tt7Q1.UE8 or '51-

The Veb..tree..u.a Puppet Theatre ~ Ute laat weu. with tbepreaentatloJl tbeJ4m.Xee.Nac FoUie. of 'S,liE ri,ea 'of ald.,ts &114. IO~ pertormrl on a tllature ·ata., bym1niature people • '" ppe.ta.

heparatlon tor tbe biS shOw baa' De on. for.eeles. Pu,ppeta Were mda. atUDes desle,ned ... sCl'lptwrltten, 1IIl81c epared end manipU.lutOl'8 1'Isbaarse4, " beIre tbe 7011168 ott 51 EDt on.

Wba,t finally emerged wes one olthO lSt hilarl:ou8 sbOws soen ct Mah-Koe.Nao l a lO,ng time. The soones involved both unpers and counselors and tho little ,ppete were IIl8.de to m:>ft and talk wt th Dazing sk1l1. They dan.cad, they Sl1D8

and tbey acted Jut lDeSlDBli bllmft~/ . pleas1ng e..udle~~a tor two l'f;1dortdJDIJDs.


,Puppeta _1'& 4Hlsoed ~ built br Phtl BHmDBky. Alan. Donn" Ral,ph ~:vn9D. DEl'dd Wartela, larry QrosBrmn, DoD ~)anfield, Rloharcl Be.uma.n4 Steve j&9bsool under BalteW1s' dire.cti.on.

The plq. vr1tten and directel>i by Dave Greltzer. ha4 R1ol111M BaWD, .ft7 Gerber,. J.m:ty Schwartz. Roser !tbDB1:W.~ ·end· Ed Bendet as am1pulators and cll t-bO : aforemnt1oned plus lerry Qro6a~.£n as volces. By GroaaDBD was 8t tbe p10:m0.

The wonderful coatUJleS were 4eslgnad and uanutacture4 by PeW. .&1100 Donn. and tbfltwo nursos" Dotty .BanMt andklSgy G1bba.

2 ImaCll BOYS' PASS ROIIm TE:7r. ~ AS Jm) atces OARSMEN

TWenty-two boyaln tbe ZuniOX' 8tlw heve· paasea thelr Red Cross Basic k.lat1118 'Teats so fer, boating eounaelor le"'le Epstein reports·. . Eppy has been addnlsterlll1 the tests during boating perlods and DIlny of tho boys have done vel')' raIl.

In the Iroquois. Douglas Gross ..Andy 3lnDn, BenJ,ie Natolscno Hi ahax'd ROBe. ~y GOldberS" BobEbor. George Wohlreich. Ralph £$11001', A.lall Mintz, Dev14 Ll twin •. Bob Xru:vant. J eft' Gindi n e.nd J' on. l1ross have passed their tosta.

Bobert GolMerb" Robby Lev;y. lenizy Levitt. David Lieberxran. 1)00 by KleinwakEl, Robert Ratner, Mt.lro A'J,f,'Ust. Paul Gold .. berg, and ''l'o~ Liflwld of too l&>h1ce.ns have passed their teCite.

The BoaUng Te:n consists of using the baSic strokes ~ ... forward, backwater endtlahernen - .. ebfll. 1;.1 to make a pivot turn, rowing a. tl'i8n.-;u:lsr oourso. launching ,and beaohing a boot. nonencls'tur$ of b08.ting and jumping out 8M oUrnb.ing bc.clc 1n,wh1Da In thenter,


By BObby Stre.cks

OnWedneaday. August 22. 17 Ape,ebes and fourcounsalors lett CSJri) tor an e.ll .. day bike to H1ghl.a:wn Farm. When we rlrs~ gottbere WEI saw soma, b1l::'ls, T.ben we sow whore toodtor tho co~s was storEHi. U .. tel" that , .0 had lunch.

For lunoh _ bad oheese se.ndwichell with lettuoe 800 bolog.'lEl aandwtotws, witb lottuCEI and milk. For deo.13grt we had oupae.kes. Than we bad a reat hOUr., Di.ll'lns rest hour we. bad apples. After X'eet hour :we aGW: the cows being m'.lJrod, Th£,n ~aw C8lim ·:In the truck and drove us bsoktp 0BJIiI,


The bol's on thetrlp we,re carl RoseL. bar's. Jeffrey H1rsch" Ge.ry S11ve!'crto1n • .Alan Tessler, stuart \.tlrtin. Sta~u '~I.\t.i U1ahael Stlelitz. Mi.l t(;n f.eltzDan. V1~~or GompertSI R10heN Al-:;;oo'\'~ Rlcbar~ Xll;)ln~ be:!'8' other boys war.:) 11'redIswie I E~uert Falk.Roger LowoDBtein. Steve .Scb.lli tz(;)l'., SteJ)ben .Mlrkend %Iff.self'.



Tbursd~, which started ott in Ie m:>rnins as La~ Dil¥' ,turned lnto a III dey at acttvlt,y .- eoepeclalljr tor U;) counaelors. So tar aaLnzy ~ went, lb.-Kee-Nac's calIlPGrs Were treated to e: )l'Ding of ,doing vM,tever they wished and

kl tchsn that senad breakfast up until ) 0' clock. MlSt ce.m,pers arOBe early f ~out 6 •. ~0 or 7, ana: proceeded on their sr1cUB woys. .Stranm:t1y enough the coun~lora arOBS early too, bu.t tor a d1ttira.tNo.son.

Tossing cau.tion and exhaustion to tle wlnds, most of the cOWJBelorstatl !UIf3 to lite bfiltore 8 topl.a.1 e ,long an· lc1pateo softball game· - between t~ unior canp Counsellors, endtheSeniF

aztI'I' 'Counae lore. ,/ .

Ooming trombehlnd 1n the tust halt t the sixth Inning (the geml was calle~ .t the end. r4 au by e. we.rn1ns signal rom the k1 tchan tbet breakfast 'A88 alm::>st rver) t tbe 1Uni,ol' Counselors soored 12 \U1lB to rin the ball gam. 14 to 4. .. Ib.eezolng erowd of 100 ce.zr;>ers with apl1t 111egiancea watcbed the 1!JilIlB.

At.ter putting clown the Juniors in the "irat inning beh1nd the pi tchlnS of :rack )rOOks., the Seniors scored two runs. ,111 Newhall led ott with a surprise t l¥ louble to 'the opposl te-tleld and scored -100g'l1l1 th Harvey McNease.

The 1\m1ol'a came right beck.l th two I'UIl8 In thail' balt oltha S6 cond lnnS:ng )11 hi ta by MarluaVe.lse.mia and Leonard ~wetG' The two teams were scol'eless 'on thalr neztturns at bat but In the last balta!' the third 1;he Seni.ora drove ovor two runs to take a 4 to 2 lead. They bald the lead tar two inninga,unt11 the top of tm s1stb 'ROOn the J'uniol's started b1ttingand the root fell right in on the JD30 of the Senior camp.

In tbe sUt.h the :runiors combine4 a aeries Of Jolting hits and bases on balls to drlveacross a total of 12 runs;. J',eclc Broo.ka waa relieved by Harvey McNoe.se when he lost his control and bis fielding aUJ)port, faded. Alrea4y beh1n4by four 1'UnB. ,Ulc WfJ.6 gee.ted wi th a bombardmmt.

ot hits that tlnalqnetteA tour more

1tm1ol' runs. .

'I'be base-runn:lng :marsthon was spark. ed brthe bitting of ld1ke Bpt eel'. who pi tcl:Led a tine game. B.nd shoJ'tatop Don Brief. A number of Senior fielding errors contributed to the felling roof.

In the bottom of the sixth tbaSeo. lora cama back'illth a mild threat, but wltb Dn on first end S&co.nd J'W1tor secona-sackar Alan Echlkson caught e line drive ~o end It all.

tWICRS - Mike Spicer.» .Dave .M1ntz. It

Ell Pe 1 dIIan,3b Art)' Koppel.. ,ot

Don Bri.et '. 88 Martus VQls~s, g

lI30nerd Zweig, Ib Alan !ch1lceon, 2b Bl1q GlndS:n rt

SENICM • .Bl11 Newhall, rt Cy Grossman, ss :terry Brooks, Ib Harvey UcNease. 3b Chris Dennis. c Dick ce.stoUene .2b Dave Epstein., It Bernie Cohen, at lack Brooks,p

(Note I Mlrty Miller p.ln.obe4.b1.tt~ Epstein in the aeventh tor the Seniora t end ArtJ Koppel. a wetter, ttlled-in an open posl.tion tor tbe .J'un1,ors.)

UMPmE • .Jon Rose. Alan S11bel' ,Ken laoobson. SCORER. Rlchar4Bawn.

Laz,y Dey work tor the. counselors continued in the ,etternoOD whentbe annual track maot was run. 'l'otop 1t ott. rest period was cut sbort bY rehearsals tot tbecounselor shoW, 'Slne Out B,weet taD&'!' de acr:lbe 4 on anotberpase.However. tM annual counselor party, tosBed by los Kruger tor bls start. QBJmon. Tburs&w night: to J"OU.D4 otnB wondar1'ul.4ay.

J.~·~~B~t....:2~Z~I....:ilt..· 25,~IJ.:I:::..~ .:.ftl&=·::...,.:.'.r.:;..ot;:;::em.::::... _:~2&_.l_

'Sfns out Sweet laM- olose..d tba: easOD at the .Mlh"'IKee-NaO Playbouae on 'lrurad$y - n1sht and the oloait:g-n1g11'b au4'.enea agreed, asths)' lett tbe ou:ta,OOI' lbeatr:e •. that, tbe oounselor shew was one )t the t1neat stage productions they bad ieen,

• Pla7 With lIlUs!'o1n F1ve Scenes

Hrrmt1o.n - lee Kruger

WIth a cast or 12 counselors. plus

~tllQPElrB and nurses" 'Sing OUt Sweet Land" ;·lOlINE I - M6..OOACP..!J.dE'I'l'Sm PmITANDAYS

~rought too beat, in AIool'ican tolk mul10 Bazmab:v GOQ:dch!ltl uu, .Eli' .FeldIQrul

to llIab-Kse-Naa in tl ve scenes depicting Aunt ChAr! ty r- •• ,. •• ~ Dorothy Banea~

the progress at Am3rlcan lmlBictbrough Person nlljoy .. "..... 1Ji'lly Glnd1n this . country's. bistol'7. Produ.cadon with CN Grossman" Daveo Mintz. Evan Blwn .. B.rondway several years ago., 'Sing Ou.t enthe.l, Dave Greitzer,

Sweat Land' presented all the color. hu .. 1l'lCr; and legend of Azrerican development from the ~ssacbusetts colony to the Pro .. hlbit10n days at too 1920's.

Eli Blummtbal. cabin If a counselor, starred as Barnaby Goodchild, the rebell1oU8 Puritan who t1rstbrought gay tolk maie to the Bay Colo1l¥_ ISing Out S"17eet Land' 18 l'JlIlrkad by Baroob;yt a appearance at d1fte1"ent stages In history t. spreading bis k1tld of lW8:Lo allover the lflnd. other leadiD8 pertol'lmrs included the two ¢alI:il nurses. Dotty Beneat who played Baroob)"e protective Aunt Charity, and Peggy Gibbs' wbo appeared In several scenes" Da.ve Mintz. camp comadian. played several chfl:racter roles. one as avilla1n of the 'Ga.¥ Nineties. and one as a Bott-ooarted

i '

bear in Gold ~ush days.

Dave Greitzer directed the show for (,,1:: .• , whichtbe o.ounselors rehearsed during activity periods and their free ti.IJJe.

SeEN! II .. VIIlGnaA IN OOLONIAL DAyS Georse Washington ••••••• john Frank . Father Wasbington •• _ ... Sol Feinbel'g

Barnaby , ' ••• '. Ell Feldma::l

.Aunt CharIty Dorothy Benee:t

;!With Jay Gerber, Phil 2'eIllUlS!ty, Richard cBaUInt Frea .Slegel. George Falk.


fCENE III - CWFCIlNIA m THE OOLDRUSH ~ Maw DenniS,s, toUBh WOJIBIl,Chris Dennis

:. ~ Barnaby Eli Fe IdzInn

~g Bear ••••••••• ~ • • • • • .. Dave Mintz J~~ll 116_11, Evan Bl_nthal,. Bob


~:, Daisy...... ••••••••••• Peggy Gibbs .Tack •• ., •••••••••••••• t Terry :Brooks Vil~ln ••••••••••••••• Dave. Mintz Barnaby ••••••• 'I ...... 0., Ell Feldman

end. tbe Counselor Quartet

~ ,.


" .

itmNE V .. THE 20rH CEm"tItY

Barnaby ••• _. '. • • • •• • • • • Ell FeldJmn

In Soone I. Barnaby is put into the DD:1e. A Gwumn •• .... • jack Brooks

.tacks for singing and danol.o_g while the Ba'1'tender' ••••••••••••• Btll Ladner

1111'Hanasane; rellg1:oUB BOngs. He escapee.. lTl,scl1la ••• ' 0 •• '0.. Peggy Gibbs

and flees vith hiB Aunt Charity. BeJmaby Detective 0... Bob Bro~y

retaina his youth While his aunt ages and with 1ennyZ'lllelg, Harvey ~aQEl. 1erry in Coone II, she dies atter young George ~ooka. .

Wnshi~on protects Barnaby by telling bis

father he did "with his l1ttlebatobat' Production supervised by Dave Greitzer what Barnaby he.d really done - .. ahoP1l8d S.te.ge Sets created by Hossain BaDal. dO\11l the his tori ,Gal cherry tree. Dur.ioeGeor,geLlm and Hal lewis

the Gold Rush and in tbe Gay Nineties the M1s1calAocom,pen.immta by Cy Grossmm llero continues to sprend songs. In the: OostWill'S 8t\1)plled ,by loeKi"l:1ser

last aoene be 10 discouraged by tlls. 20th Production .Assistant. lerry Starr

century rejection 01 tolk music, but an (Songs include 'Skip to ~tou'. 'Yankee old friend, the love.ly Pr1acllla. or Col- Doodle'. "Blue Tail 111'1,. 'Fow.,7aggy 'On1al days, le_ads' him tanew halij)iDeas at Dew, "Clementine' and ot.hers .• )

1Tbe--.B.iS Rack ~ Moun:ta1n.' .

..... . .'

WDPP'wat.!m ,nt1m&e4 trcm Pa.se 10) It iWZ (OHBIENNI!S)

1. ~ !reaalerll 2. ,len ZbIII)ft J ,. Dlok 'WUdI

,"_ Ha:nk Qreeat1e14 n

IlmNG BROAD 1tII' (a.CItB&9)

1. BJlq Sklar IV 2." aW, Pried m ,. lon Rose I 4- l'ettre7 Hecht I

rraw. THRc. Fm DlS'l'ANCB (m3C1tS)

1. llfq Epate.lll IV 2. ~ Kobre m ).Ruatl Goldstein II

4e- ~lobardHeR8D I


1. Andy SDD n 2. ·:Iett Weise lJl 3. BenJle. Natel Il II 4e Bobby Xruvant III and walter Jelsler n:r


1. Rusty Golaate1n II 2. Eddie Bendetm 3. Dick ltnreD8teln II 4. Larr7 ltobre III


1.Blll.¥ Rosenbaum 12. Dov1a Natb8nU ).Bobb)" BatDDr U 4. BrUi.CG Cohen IV

r.&fAN BAOE (mma)

1, Ray Epstein tv 2. M1ko Eber m ,. Pete RoeebJ)erg II

4. lerry Gr08SD8n I

PAll. Tmorr7m ACCtN.CY (AI.,GONQunB)

1. . Rogur l4lnal:lel II 2. arty Schwartz tv ,.Iloger KeJJF1er 1 4e Ed Bendat m

9'rBAlz. Rou. REtlY c.mCAlfJ)

1. 'reem. m 2 .. Team I

~ Team II

IalIIt BEI4Yi MAR9lEL 6-3. 4::&. 6-2 Fm '1'J!NNIS 'H'l'IB B¥M1ke JIlkowdq

On tbe laat Clay at tbe19S1 season t7:yKobre CJEUIB tbrough wi tb a ,6.,. 4-6 a vlot:Ol'yover ,Hoger l4Ulabe,l to' take, a lotlhoo£ee-Nao tews t,ltle.

The tennis program, headed b)r Peul ppe t gOt under way late tbia yeer, Bretore. eeveraJ. bunka and tents bad champs. Those ,,110 wontbelr cbla.q)lonips ~e as to!l:-ows.

Bunk 2 - Bruce Scott, Bunk 3 .. DeDD¥ ppe:rnan. Bunk 4 'III Rl cb.a:rd Baum, Bl1.tik ·6. D8l.d Le'R1sJ B\mk. 7 • Don lIltao. Bunk a..

Bank Greentlo1d. Tent ... Xen .Jacobson Tent 2 .. .:romw -Rose, Tent 4 • Roser M!m .. abel. 'TeDt .5 .. tarr.r Kobre.

"'1 bel ob8!Jpere Dennis Teppe1"ll81l or tbe NavaJos, Xennylaoobson of tba Obey-ennes. lon HOle oopped tbs Oherokee ohazIiJ1.~nehip .b.UD Roser Ms.nsbal end tar~ XobrD won .Algonquin and Seue08 titles.

Teppenran and .Eobredrew b¥ea while Roger ~nsbel beat Kenny 3'aoobaon and J'01l Bose, to'rea,oh tba .t:lnels. ICobre ana. Mm .. ,abo1 played an ezcellent _tab. that ,,8,1 ezel tins all tbe ~.


A native of TeheraD. Iran, HOssein rl8.i 1s working on bis Ph.D.. in Phyei cal lcation at N.Y.U. betore returning to ~ Iranian Ministry of Education.. SInce 32 Hossein has been a teacher and adnistrator in the Iranian school system. J he br1.ngs 12 summers of' experience as chnical director of scouting in !tan to h-Kee-Nac. An outstandIng wrestler and mnast. he is also an artist.


Mah-Kee-Nac's rebel athletic coun~lor is Harvey McNease. a native of Ltzgerald, Georgia. During the other sasona of the year Mac coachea f'ootbal1 ad baseball in high achco L; A three ;ltter man with su years of pro and semi ro baseball, be holds B B.S. 1n Health ad PhysIcal Education from Tennessee ech and an IVL.A. from Peabody. rec M.S een in the coaching business for 3 years.


A recent graduate of Syracuse university where he received an A.B. in Journalism, Leonard Zweig will enter the Harverd Graduate School this fall to study for a Ph .. D.. in American Civilization. While at Syracuse. he was Editor of the Daily Orange. student newspaper. Director of Totem activities, Leonard plana to Vlri te and teach in the future. He is a reSident of Brookly.n.


1ules: Felek. Principal at p.s. 21 in Staten Island, is an archery instructor at ~~h-Kee.Nac in. his first year at this camp. Jules holds an A.B. degree from C.C.N. Y. and an M.A. from Columbia University. A resident of Brooklyn. he bas been wi th the New York Boerd ·of' Educat1.on for 14 years. Jules, born In Hungary, ia an avid chess player and devotes free tiDe to C8lD1ling.


Another of Mah-Kee-NBc's long list of rrad i ca I students. Bill Ladner fa about to enter his third year at Be llevue lIJ!..edieal School in New York. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, where he earned a B.S •. degree in Zoology. Bill has a Imoaf made,4a second career of counseling. His second year here is his eighth year as a counselor. Bill's special interests include campcraft and antiques.

George Lim, recent recipient of a N •. Y. state War Scholarship, is a third year student at the N.Y. State College of Medicine in N.Y.C .. A graduate of M.I.T. where he studied engineering, George holds a B. S. and M.S. degree. One of his most memorable experiences was a warti~e visi t to China. his parental honeland I while an officer in the U.S. Navy. TP..is is George's second year at Mah-Kee-Nac.


Man-sbout-cameras" Art Adolph makes his h('~by a year-round vocational proposf ticn.. During the winter he does COla .. merckl photographio wo]:'}: and tee.eIle·!!! photog.raphy at a Jewish Sett1emnt House on New York's East Side.. a graduate of N.Y.U •. , Art holds an A.B .. degree. Though this is hie first year at Mah ... Kee-Nac, Art haa been counseling for five years. Other intereats include languages.


Mah-Kee-Nac's riflery instructor,

Y.iguel J e' de Alvarado, was once a rrembar of Mexico's Presidential Guards. He still performs special services for the Mexican government during the winters. in addition to tutoring and traveling. M[g~' uel 301ds an A. B. degree from~xico Uni verei. ty and bas studied art and J1lUsi c in acadendes in Mexico City. He has been a counselor for more than 20 years •.

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Chris Denni~ has dovot~d a large part of his life to kids - - at Father Flanagan's Boya TOWIll at, Jcwish youth centers, ar. ~ ho will soon be ~ith Now Yor1<;:t a PAL. J. four-latter nan in coHoga ntluctics, ho holds a B.S, in FhyaicEll Education and fl71 M,S. in Educe.tion and Faychology from {_ n8 Univo of S. California. Chris is alao t. graduate of the Cooper Union Art School snu wns at M:lh..Kee ... Nao before the 'Par.


Keeper of the crnf-.s shop, ~rty MilleT' holds A.9Q and ;~r:~c d80'06a from the 1)'" ~ -,T' .rai ty of Ca:_l f _y r tAo where he wes a t~;:::\. :-_~.ng nasistElnt jJl. ,~"',i.i toct::'''~F)~ A oombhJ.e.t,.on student .. tv(h~hc_("-v;riteT'~ ;':~+;y has done inat1tutioD'!l wo:o:-k at tl~c ,:21d Stroet YM:>1A in NoVi York and played :;- .!otball at CCNY before t:!.r!l~.ng to te:- r,',·_" [l.'~ California. Mart haa uoen an 8~ta a~J crafts oounsolor for six years.

One of three Dartmouth College un-

An entering pre-lIEd atudent a~ Prin- dergraduatcB on this year's staff I Mike ceton University, Dick Caste 1 lane 1'8 a Spioer spent Beven S1.lIllm3ra at Me.h~Kee ... Nac graduate of Newark Acadonw and a Hillside as a cruJiler before turning counselor in resident. He V1Ba on his a cheal's s .. im- 1950• Mike. a S t Orange resident. is a m1ng team and last year took aecond. pla® graduato at Columbia High School !lIld is 1'n Ne\1 Jersey's Senior £AU awintning com- studying Liberal J.rta at Dartmoutb. ODe petition (ba.ckstrok~) follewing a first of Mike' B oft-too-job tizw oanslJ.Ill3l"S 1.8 place in the NJvice backstroke com,pet1- hie interost in the Brooklyn Dodgers, en tion •. A tennia and fishing enthusiast, h6 avidly pursued occupation.

1s in hie first year at MOh~~e-NQc.

Another in the long string of Columbfs High School graduates at Mili-Kee .. Nac. Dave Mintz 1~ entering Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh this year to study dramatics. • scholarship winner at Columbia, Dave was also captain of the school's tennis teem. Tennis and dramatics share the spotlight of' Dave' 8 interest and tbls season he bas assisted in the production Of several staged events.


One of Mah-Kee-Nac's three nature counselors. Evan Blumenthal shares re. eponsib:1lity for the butterfly-hunting .xpeditions.bird hikes and fishing trips • .. graduate of Crown Heights Yeshiva in Brooklyn. he also attended the }J,[lford School in Connecticut and is now entering his third year at Yale University. Evan. who pursues the hobby of raising e.rma~ 411108. elsa studied underwater lite.

lJle.rius Valsands, known around CEL-:JP as ·Val". ia a pre-rood student E\:~ C.).hUlbia Coll.ege and one of the zosn in ch£':·~~~ of Ma.h-Kee .. Nac's nature progIJJ!l.. A f"P'3rl.uate of Bronx High School of i3denct!·. \1":·,1 gives special attention to tis atudio~ ~f biology and ll~sics. Though a member :..f his bigh school track team. Val has tU!'ued his athletic attentions to fencing and

crew at COlumbi; ~iJ T.

fflS50 . ~~

~~ r> ~l '~ . .I.(J


:; ~-~

Robert Brody. Mah-Kee--:Nac baseball counselor. is a graduate of George Wes.b ... ington High School and will enter the U .. S. Coast Guard Acaden:w this Fall. A resident of Hartsdale, N. Y.. Bob bas played minor league baseball (Class C). His playing experience came witb the N.Y. Nationals, e. Cleveland Indians farm club. ThIs 18 Bob's first year of work as a summer cam.p counselor.

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