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The Relative Minor by Deanna Ferguson

The Relative Minor by Deanna Ferguson

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Published by: triamazikamno on Aug 01, 2010
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spotless earth resigned by hearse and stroke
vehemence equalled, in history, in nursling oak
acts as could be not, grammar acts
semidetached or vend ed, morality mopes
to act without grammar’s natural nylon
a saying means to an end confabulates
meaning to, by transitive cliché, practicing random
herb what ever necessary, is a reason
winged and irresistible, your moral you have
believed is possession and tombed beneath
stands for what growth, letting go
moulding professor, sheets of flat thought
a tongue groove deed to all the four corners
of ideology speaking, through what lop-eared spirit
blank plaid, latitude without longitude
history’s brim by currency’s bride
sin’s vicinity less one, negative self
fallen off an idea plus puncture, is a globe

The Relative Minor

Deanna Ferguson


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