Vern Baker 1924 - 1992

Vern Baker was our groundskeeper and friend for all ten years that Nancy and I have owned Mah- Kee- Nac. He passed away in April and we will never forget him. Therefore, we are proud to dedicate this 1992 Totem to his memory.

Vern did many things at camp. He was responsible for our beautiful tennis facilities and rolling green grass fields. He had a smile for everyone and couldn't do enough for our camp and our campers. We will miss Vern very much. however, each year when we see the grounds come to life, we will know that a part of him will always be with us!

Camp Mab-Kee-Nac

Danny and Nancy Metzger, Directors 190 Linden Avenu,e, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 (201) 429 - 8522

THE 1992 TOTEM "The most remarkable publication in the world."


Totem One: Opening Day, Key Staff & First Week Activities

Totem Two: MKN wins Bershire Cup, Life at the Waterfront & Visiting Day Totem Three: Tri - Camp Olympics, Jr. MTV night & LSR World Cup Totem Four: Giant Photo Issue, MKN Tennis Tournament & Navajos at Riverside Totem Five: Camp Sing, Carnival & Cycling trip

Totem Six: Olympics, Tribal Trips & Final days

Bunk Photos

uly 15, 1992

Len 0 x , Mas sac h use t t s Issue

1, Vol. 561

Campe.rsswarm to Lenox, as MKN opens for 64th summer

Adam Cohen Seneca 51

The 64th MKN season began on a high note as seven community coach buses rolled down the long. winding road into Camp. filled with excited campers from New York City. Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. As the buses emptied. 300 campers found themselves on the campus for the first time since August '91. The campers made their way to their respective campuses. meeting their new counselors. and greeting old friends. In honor of the occasion. Chef Harvey prepared his famous roast beef and potato pancake dinner. For evening activities on the first night the Juniors had a campfire. the LSRs had a beachflre and bellyflop contest and the USRs played various Bunk Games. The opening ....-_--' .... day was described by many as "smooth", hopefully a Campers look at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac in awe as they unload their

sign of a great summer to come. ....b_a_;;g_s_o_ff_t_he_h_us_. -'



did various events. Alot of



Mike ·Rowin Cheyenne 27

To Celebrate MKN's 64th year. the LSRs celebrated in style. Going onto the beach after dinner. they

campers (and some counselors) dressed up in wacky costumes. Also, a limbo contest was held, a camper

from each bunk partici- bellyflop contest. was one pated. The last remaining of the most interesting campers. Mike Schwalbe events. Four counselors and Jordan Kaplan, tied in came on top at the end. the finals. The "infamous" See Beachfire, page 2

USR's open season with Bunk Games

Adam Cohen Seneca 51

Bunk games. a series of challenges that take an entire bunk to complete. was the evening activity in USR campus on the first night of camp. Every bunk had it's own "game" that it ran; one counselor stayed at the game while the rest of the bunk went out together to play the other games. Just a few of the games played included a group game of Jump-rope, a chair stacking competition. balancing ability on a rolling log and a ball

Campers pour out the bus to be met by their counselors.

counselor, AshJey takes a stand for the world's environment.

,.... -, Meet the man

" that's behind

rocks MKN into the summer of 1992

Highs in the upper 70's

to low 80's with lows in the mid 50's. Chance of rain at night early in the I


Head LSR counselor helps save Earth

Alex Oren Cheyenne 32

This year when camp started, Ashley Hammond, the LSR Head·

Counselor added a little twist. He told the LSR campers that for every fact that was read out during morning assembly, the camper that wrote it would get an extra candy day. Ashley started this because he thinks that it is important to be aware about what is happening to our environment. Also. he believes that for every idea shared, the ideas of others win be doubled. Ashley stated "if global destruction continues there will be no camp for anyone to go to."

Ashley has traveled to Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean. Some sports that he likes are soccer, baseball, football, flying and skydiving.

This is Ashley's 7th summer here at MKN. In his strike out challenge, he has already been struck out five times. He hopes to ,.--- __ --"!!!!""'!!!!""---"'!!~"____ _ _! keep it under 20 but Ashley thinks that he will be struck out about 50 times. To Andy Cole and the JR campers, Ashley has one thing

to say - the LSRs are going to sweep the Sing this year. That's light, ..__ __.l

places 1 and 2 in'92.

T,he meals, the myths,

the man behind the meatballs

Marc Sakin Navajo 25

When you're sitting at the dinner table, eating all the delicious food, don't you wonder who's behind the food? The man behind the mask is known as Harvey.

Harvey learned to cook in the U. S. Army. After he left, he went to work at Widner College in Chester, Pennsylvania. He has been there for 24 years. When schools over, he comes to our beautiful camp. He discusses what to cook with Danny and decides how much to make. Harvey's favorite meal to make is pizza, because all the kids are happy. He's been here for 18 years, and is still having a blast giving everyone here at MKN the best meals around.



Ashley Hammond and Ben Cohen wait for thier tum to play Cricket.

Fishing CAN be fun

Ben. Cohen Navajo 22

Mark Prior is the head of fishing. He is from Birmingham, England. This

is his first year here at MKN. He is a Cheyenne counselor in Bunk 27. His assistant is Malcom Graham. He is an Iroquois counselor in bunk 8 and goes to the University of Stirling in Scotland. Alex Shennan has caught the most fish so far. Lots of ' weird things have happened on the fishing dock. Two fish have thrown up on the dock, Mark and Malcom once caught two fish at the same time and another time, a counselor fell into the lake and Mark and Malcom helped him out of the water.

Bunk Games ...

tossing challenge. The results of the night showed that two bunks dominated as winners; Bunks 38 and 41. Overall. it was a fun night . though it was an unlikely choice by many for a future evening activity.

Beachfire ...

Ashley Hammond called for a flop-off to determine the fmal winner. Rod Barraza won the flop-off and won an extra night off. Ashley then lit the annual bonfire and announced the beginning of camp. The snap of the fire. smell of burning wood and the chewing of burntmarshmallows made up a wonderfu1 atmosphere. The evening ended in the singing of "Taps".

The Totem Staff

Editor - Adam Cohen Advisor - Mark Quigley Photo Advisors - Dan Pantane & Dan Galaba

LSR Writers: Mike Rowin, Louis Brucker, Alex Oren, Marc Satin & Ben Cohen

Jr. Writers: Steven Brauntach, Todd Fuchs & . Rory Lev ine

Artists: Jared Hillman, Ryan Sloane& Todd Fuchs

Bus Ride to camp helps builds friendships

Louis Brucker Cheyenne 32

On June 28th, campers from all around, new and old, boarded buses to ,reach a camp by the name of MahKee-Nac, which is located in Lenox, Mass. the trip ranged from a length of 3 & 1/2 to 5 hours, depending on how far away the bus started from. All the campers needed to bring on the bus was some food for lunch because the buses stopped and picked up sodas around noon. The bus trip to camp is really exciting and fun because it gives you a chance to meet and make friends with the people that you will be sharing your summer with ... Nancy usually travels on one of the New Jersey buses and Danny travels on the Long Island bus. They say hello to the campers and help out the counselors if

put in for the next summer. They would've been installed this summer but the town did not want concrete next to a stream that the town uses.

Danny bought the camp for many reasons. He really likes kids and sports. So he thought the best way to combine them was to buy a camp. Danny didn't like working in his office in New York or wearing a sports Jacket.

When Danny is not runnmgthe camp. he is still busy helping it improve. Three weeks after camp ends, he and the counselors close the camp down. They take an inventory of all the equipment. They clean up the camp. Danny meets new campers and shows them around the camp. He's up here until September.

After camp, Danny retires to his horne in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Danny thinks that this year's staff is great and that we are going to have a great summer.

Danny Metzger .

The man behind MKN

Alex Oren Cheyenne 32

The most well known man in camp is the director, Danny Metzger. Not only is Danny well known, he's also the easiest to fmd.

Danny was born in Newark, New Jersey. He then moved to Maplewood where he was raised. He arrived in MKN as a camper in 1959. After loving his years as a camper, Danny came back as a counselor in 1970. Danny loved the camp so much that in 1983, he bought the camp from Joe Kruger.

Since the time Danny became the director. he has made many improvements such as the new pool, the Seneca House, improvements of many bunks. and Green and White. This year, Danny got the camp a new ski boat, a Catarnaran, new lights in the fieldhouse and Kruger Lodge, and the new beach volleyball court. If campers have ideas. Danny would like to hear them.

Danny hopes that new tennis hard courts will be

Mike Roache prepares for a meeting with some of his tribal counselors.

Hustle!!! Hustle!!!

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle! That is mostly what you hear when you are around Coach Roche. Mike Roche is one of the counselors for baseball this year. He is also the Mohican tribal leader. We try our best to satisfy him. Coach Roche is a die hard Cleveland Indian fan. He must have a lot of courage to root for the Indians without being disappointed. Then again, that is Mike for you. He is very encouraging. He gets what he asks for; Hard Work!!! So clean up your act when Mike "Coach" Roche is around, and remember: Always Hustle!

Why I always

come back to MKN

Todd Fuchs Mohican 1

I've been coming here for four years and the reason why I've been back is because I like this camp so much that I want to be a counselor here. Plus, I have a lot of friends like Jeff, Jacob, Justin, Cory, John and a whole lot more who make camp a fun place to be.

Steven. Brauntuch Mohican 5

II Gee Totem,

.1 don't think that we're in Kansas

any more." -paraphrased from Dorothy in the Wizard ofOZ

Jr. Counselor Hunt

Rory Levine Mohican 5 On the night of June 29th, the Juniors had a counselor hunt. Each

counselor received a list of junior campers and their bunk numbers and they hid all around the camp. Then the juniors were allowed to go around camp in pairs, trios or as a bunk to search for the counselors. I went with Steven Brauntach, Counselors were found in the most unusual places. Howmany of you had to look in a bush to find a counselor? Well, that was where you had to look to find Josh Manton. Some counselors were easy to find but some were really hard and it was fun to hunt for them. We

What a hectic day!

had a great time.

A Junior Camp agenda

Rory Levine Mohican 5

Yawn! What a busy day. You shut your eyes and go to sleep. The next morning you are awakened by a song, followed by A C. 's voice with directions and then reveille is played. You look at your watch, It says 7:25. You yawn again before slowly getting out of bed. You pick out your outfit and put it on, then you go to the back of the bunk to brush your teeth and wash your hands. Suddenly you hear A.C. announcing the sports scores. "7 - 4, Mets." Your bunk mate says "Yes", as the others cheer or moan as the rest of the sports scores are read. suddenly the bunk is fill with talk of baseball and other sports comments.

You and your bunk then go to flag raising, hurried to your table group and ordered to form a straight line, You do so and are let in 4th, "Not Bad", you think to yourself. You get into line, grab a tray and put some silverware on it. You grab your cereal, take a plop of eggs and toast, get your milk and head off to your table. You eat, then dump your trash and leave, heading straight back to your bunk to start clean-up. You make your bed, dean your area, and help clean your bunk. Your tribe leader comes in and inspects, "Okay," he says after checking out the bunk, "Personal grooming." you line up and when its your turn he says "Hands" then "teeth", you smile and fmd out its time for first period. You go to first and the second period. Then to lunch and then continue the day with third, fourth period and Junior club. Dinner comes around and then you have an evening activity which is always fun. Time flies fast and its time to get ready to go to bed. So ends another hectic day in junior camp.

Celebrity Betting

Steven Brauntuch Mohican 5

On July 3, the Juniors had their first indoor activity.

It was called Counselor Sweepstakes. Visiting camp MKN were Wayne & Garth from the movie "Wayne's World", Cheech and Chong, Sgt. Slaughter to get us ready for Independence Day from the WWF, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, Cliff from Cheers and the world famous Buddha. The object was to bet money on one of the groups of people who would answer the question correctly .. You would start off with $100.00. You had to bet multiples often. The winners were bunks 13, 7, and 1. One of the questions was "What do you put on a letter last?" Sgt. Slaughter answered "A headlock" and Bunk 5 agreed with him totally (or at least I did). It was the best thing at that point in the day (considering the fact that it was raining outside) ..

WCM rocks

.J J1 ~


a new

j J1 ~


WCM advisor, "Diamond" Dave prepares to do a show live on the air.




commitment excellence


What's this? 1 L:45pm on Tuesday night and Mark Quigley is still typing in the Totem Office? This can only mean one thing: Totem Time! Yes camp fans, the Totem is back for another year of fun filled pages of info, features, photos and more.

A commitment to excellence. What does this mean, you ask? Well, aside from being the slogan of the Los Angeles Raiders organization, it means that the 1992 Totem staff commits itself to all of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac. It is our sincere desire to provide pamp MKN with a quality weekly paper that will inform, enlighten and happtly entertain each person ~n this campus.

This year's staff is loaded tth talented writers, phoographersand advisors .. \dam Cohen will be our

Editor-In-Chief and he will be advised by our Big Kahuna Mark "TypingMan" Quigley. Both Adam and Mark, along with the entire staff put in many hours (after hours) to bring this premiere issue to you and they will continue to do so throughout the summer,

But Camp MKN, we cannot succeed without your help. There is always something going on that the staff may not know about and anyone is entitled to write a story or take photos for the Totem. In terms of writing, we will gladly accept anything: articles, cartoons, editorials, stories about your favorite staff member ... anything you want to do! Photography enthusiasts, now's your chance! Daniel Galaba and myself can always use good photos.

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

Mariah Carey Guns 'N'

Roses Van

Halen Metallica ... Kriss

Kross Harry ConnickJr ...

Boyz II Men ... Nirvana - Just a few of the very popular bands that WCM 640 AM plays.

While interviewed, Dave QUirk, WCM teachermentioned a few of these bands.

A sophomore at college, Dave has a bit of a different opinion - Elvis and other oldies are his favorites.

It's raining outside and the kids in bunks #25 are off the wall. I'm tired, so is Dave, but the conversation goes on. Dave mentions that he was DJ in Oklahoma and was very nervous on his first time at the mike.

He came to MKN to teach the kids to be comfortable with the equipment, to listen to the music, and to watch the kids learn about radio.

A lot of kids have been

wondering what happened to the WCM room. the wiring in the room couldn't hold power so WCM moved to the library. (WCM is now in the WCM room).

Most kids like to go on to play their favorite music and to be heard.

Year after year more kids are bringing CD's and CD players so nowWCM has a CD player.

The interview moves on:

Dave talks about to days music. "Some people have gone too far. Like Ice-T. He hurts a lot of race relations."

Dave also likes MTV - which shows music videos. He thinks they add a whole new dimension to music.

Besides loves sports.


music,Dave Go Sooners! Hot Chili

Peppers Queen. .... Pearl

Jam George

Michaels ... Miles

Davis Cypress Hill ... ZZ

Top Anthrax ... If you

know it - it's on WCM.

Anyone interested in writ- nights. tng for the Totem should

contact Mark QUigley in

the new Totem office (in

the WCM room) and if you ••••••••••••••••

want to take pictures,: , 'T' . " · contact Daniel Galaba or :

myself in the photo shack. •

A commitment to excel- • IS FOR

lence. These four little. """0 te m· words will be an inspiration: .J.. ~

this summer as we work to • and towel, and toilet,

d ali c.· '.

pro uce a qu tty paper lor • and talk, and touch, and.

you. With your help, we • •

can achieve this goal a lot • teach, •

easier and poor Mark will : and twinkle, and tell, and : be able to get to bed at a • talent, and tape, and tooth- -

• brush, and tar, and tacos, and ... -

decent hour on deadline • •

- J. Dan Patane Photo Advisor



If you have any artwork that you would like to see printed in the Totem's very own cartoon page; Then bring it by our new office or give it to Mark Quigley in I


Bunk 5.

Attention all Artists




!July 31, 1992



LenQx,Massachusetts Issue 2, Vol. 56

sailing tea," floats away with Berkshire Cup

Nick Reilly Sailing Counselor

On Thursday July 16th. Marty and myself set off at 8 o'clock in the morning on a school bus containmg two Sunfish Sailboats. six campers and a lot of hope. We were headed for Camp Watitoh with the directions that it was past Camp Greylock on the left.

We arrived at Watitoh on time and soon had our boats rigged and ready to go. The organizers called a brief meeting to clarify the rules and explain the course. which turned out to be different due to a late wind shift of 180 degrees, but the course was used anyway .. At the meeting it was discovered that the contingent from our sister camp, Danbee, still had not arrived: so they were

See Berkshire Cup, page 5

Fourth of July fireworks spark up Camp

Iyan Shell Navajo .22 gleaming sight to see!

As the fireworks from There were loud booms, anglewood went off, all of and the sky lit up in daziamp Mah-Kee-Nac ran zltng yellows. purples. mtstde to see. It was a greens. and blues. And

Families swarm to camp for visiting day

; t eve n Bra u n t u c h As soon as the parents

dohiean 5 carne, every kid poured

Honk, honk! That is the out of his bunk. It was

ound of parents arriving Dr Visiting Day. Mothers md fathers bringing candy md cards and more come rp to visit their kids at amp. People from Phila.elphiatoNewJersey.from Iermont to Texas.

quite a sight. Everyone was happy to see their parents . Then, when things cleared up. kids went on with their activities for the day.

Periods 1 and 2 a success for both parents See Parents, page 6

when the grand-finale arrived. big bursts of'Iight lit up the sky along with loud bangs. You could hear the ooo's and the ahhh's from

all the campers, as well as the counselors. The fireworks made MKN a spectacular sight to see.

LSR Head Counselor Ashley Hammond talks at assembly while a flock of parents look on.

what Lower Senior Camp is all

This week's weather:


artly cloudy With. highs

the upper 70's and low I Spend a day at

n the 50's. showers the MKN

wednesday. then

to partly cloudy with in the 80's and lows


:MKN wins

Kenmont swim Page 3

meet ~------------------~--~

Super Green & White photo spread

Estelle Auger:

The canteen would dry up without her

e Rowin Cheyenne 27

Estelle Auger does more than just fllltng out canteen requests. unnmg the office, keeping money in the safe. paying counselors, elping Danny. Nancy. and Steve, and talking to parents is enough to drive an ordinary office manager crazy. but on the other hand. Estelle uger is not an ordinary office manager.

Estelle has come back for her third year as canteen manager: a very important position at MKN. Without Estelle, organization in the canteen would falter. When she's not working here. she works for a arketing department in the Wachusett Mt. Ski Area and is currently

ooking for a teaching job.

She keeps coming back year after year because she thinks that the ~~~~~~!;:=~~!!!!::=~~~~~'dls are the best.

Estelle Auger takes a moment out of her Estelle is married to Upper Senior Head Counselor Norbert Auger. busy schedule to pose for the camera, Norbert was originally the head of the waterfront, when last year, he '--------------------'became Head Counselor. Estelle described the job as "a new step."

New volleyball court is all Estelle mentioned that there have been a lot of changes in lvlKN,

.c iki including the organization in. the office.

set lor spng She said that campers get canteen requests in earlier than last

Alex Oren. Cheyenne 32 year and that there has been more neatness in the office.

One of the newest facilities here at Mah - Kee- N ac is the beach volleyball court. The court is on USR campus and is where the old volleyball court was. The old court was simply dug up and was replaced with sand. When asked on what he thought of the new court, the volleyball instructor Brtan Heath replied, 'The court is really great. In my opinion, the volleyball periods will increase in numbers since the new beach court is here at MKN."

Lower Seniors tune iln to watch commercial night

The game of Baseball:

The long and short of it

Brian Zeller Mohican 3

The average baseball game in the American League is 2:54 minutes, while in the National League, it takes 2:46 minutes. Some people think because of more pitchers, the games are longer. Between 1975 and 1992. American League teams average 6.1 pitchers per game and the National League averages 6.5 pitchers per game. Commercials probably add 30 to 45 seconds to each half inning, or as much as 12 minutes to a game. Some suggestions are: force umpires to honor the strike as it's stated in the official rules, penalize batters who step out of the box before every pitch. There should be no warmups for relief pitchers because every time you bring in a relief pitcher, he's allowed eight warm-up pitches. That should not be. Rule 8.04 says pitchers may take 20 seconds between pitches when the bases are unoccupied.

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

Raccoonrepellent ... Presidential Laxative ... L.A. tourist attractions ... You probably won't see these commercials on your TV, but that does not mean that you won't see them on the Kruger Lodge stage.

Bunks #21 through #32 gathered all of their wits, and tried to come up with a commercial for July 10th's Commercial Night at the Kruger Lodge.

At the end of all the commercials. the judges gathered up their scores and came up with these results: In third place came Bunk #32 with an assortment of commercials; Bunk #24 ,with Jay's Bar; And in first place, came a hilarious skit from Bunk #29 which imitated the camp's riflery teacher and advertising aspirin.

Of course none of these commercials will make the big time, but don't be surprised if you see an ad for mothball puffs on your TV screen.

The Totem Staff Editor - Adam Cohen Advisor - Mark Quigley Photo Advisors - Dan Galaba & Pantane


LSR Writers: Ryan Shell, Mike Rowin, Alex Oren, Ben Cohen, Marc Sackin, Jake Lesnick, Mark Prior & Jeremy Schafer

Jr. Writers: Steven Brauntach, Brian Zeller, Brian Moskin & Rory Levine

Artists: JackPesin & Jordan Kaplan

A day in the life ofLSR Camp

Ben Cohen Navajo 22

Here is a typical day in Lower Senior Camp .. first of all you wake up at 7:40 and get ready for breakfast at 8:05. After breakfast you clean up the bunk. The cleanest bunk: over a one week period gets fribbles.

At 9: 15 everyone assembles on the basketball court.

Here we have cleanup scores and the ecology fact of the day. at 9:30 we go to first period which ends at 10:35. then we get 15 minutes before second period which is 10:50-11:55. We get free play until 12: 15,which is lunch. After rest hour we assemble at 2:00 for third period, which is from 2: 15-3: 15. Then fourth period which is 3:30-4:30. then flfth period from 4:45-5:45. Dinner is 6:05. then we have freeplay until 7;15 for evening activity which is until 8:40. Then lights out for Navajos is 9:15. And for Cheyermes is 9:30.

Cheyenne trip to Riverside

Alex Oren Cheyenne 32

On Wednesday, July 15th, the Cheyermes took their first out of campus trip to the Riverside Amusement Park. When the Cheyermes got there, they had lunch and then split up into walking groups. Campers flocked to rides such as The Cyclone, The Black Widow and The Haunted Lagoon. Other rides that the Cheyermes liked were The Log Flume, Bumper Cars and The Thunderbolt. Before the Cheyennes left, they went into the candy stores and bought as much candy as they could. I'm sure that everybody had a great time and would like to thank: Chris Barker for keeping the trip organized.



Profits and losses



Tampa Bay 32.690

washington 35,139 (2,205)

Expen .... " Includes all noo-player CO.1lI .'cept taxes and Intsre.t pay.


Play,", Includes au CO.1lI playing personMl.lnduding but not Ilm!ted to equipment. travel and salaries.

Re_ does not include Il'!lerast earned.

Table may not ba.lanoa bec8u"" taxes. Intare.tlncam. and Interest expanses are not inclUded.

U.S.A. Basketball:

The dream is still alive

Brian Zeller Mohican 3

The U. S. basketball team is favored to get the gold and if they don't, it would be a big upset. The team includes: John Stockton, Karl Malone. Chris Mullin, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen. Chrtstian Laettner, Patrick Ewing, and Larry Bird. The head coach is Chuck Daily. U.S.A. cruised to a victory over Cuba, Canada. and Argentina-all were blowouts. Magic Johnson has done a great job. considering he is H.I.V. positive .. In the first game, he had nine assists. The U.S. has suffered another injury this time to their best point guard, John Stockton. The first injury was to Patrick Ewing. Despite injury or loss, the U.S.A. is still the best team ever.

Kicking back with Viv Owen Ryan Shell Navajo 22

Viv Owen was born on the Isle of Portsrnith, England and is 24 years old. He is the co-navajo group leader and is a swimming instructor. He graduated from Farnbourough College with studies in Sports. He moved on with. a career in recreational sports leisure for six years for a sports center in Deirzes, Wiltshire. This is his secondyear here and he hopes to continue working here. His favorite Motto is "Have fun!"

Why Green and White is so special

Marc Sackin Navajo 25

Every week. every kid looks forward to Sunday night.

Not because it is the first night of the week; not because their tribe leader is onO.D.; but because of the fun-filled Green and White.

Green and White is where MKN is split into two teams.

During each Sunday's evening activity, they compete in such events as One Pitch. Cricket, softball, football, soccer, tennis. and many other games. Like the Olympics and Intercamps, Green and White is the a fun part of camp.

At the end of each Green and White, there is a type of relay race in each camp. Whichever team wins the race gets to hit the leader of the other team with a pie. In Junior camp, Peter Greene keeps getting "pied" by P.J. Green; In LSR camp, both Chris Hillman and Viv Owen have been "pied"; and in USR camp, both Mike Houpe and Mike Sainz have also been "pied."

hilA ..


Lire at

Uh-oh, it looks like the waterfront staff isn't quite used to the new Hobie cat et.

Sail away with MKN's new Catamaran

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

This year at MKN, the sailing program is better than ever. Especially with our new Hobie Cat Catamaran. It is sailing well. The Hobie Cat is very complicated and is difficult to rig and dertg, We sail it a lot and try to rotate turns with which campers get to help sail it. Nick Reilly and "Woody" Boyd Search are the counselors who sail the Cat the most. The sailing staff is trying to teach the older sailers, mostly the upper seniors, to sail, rig and dertg the cat so that they can take out a few of the younger campers at a time when they want to.

Marty Baron the head of sailing, is pleased with the sailing program, butwants to make it better by having more kids involved. "We have no new sailboats, aside from the Cat, but there is no need for new ones as we have enough boats which are in excel-

lent condition. ~

MKN won at the Berkshire Cup this year. Marty is very pleased that everyone who went to the Cup was able to bring home a trophy. He is also pleased that everyone participated equally from MKN. This year's win makes MKN the winner of the Cup for four out of seven of the last years ..

As a camper watching around camp and a sailor myself, I must say that MKN's sailing program is pretty impressive.

MKN, meet your new waterfront director

Jak.e Lesnlk Navajo 24

This year Mah-Kee-Nac has a new waterfront director.

He is Danny Gall. Danny has a lot of experience at the waterfront and in the water. At two different Boy Scout camps, he has been the waterfront director. Also, he went to UCLA on a swimming scholarship. Danny was on the swim team when UCLA won the national championships. He also placed 31 stat the U.S. Olympic trials in 1984.

During the regular year, Danny teaches elementary school, He teaches 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. In September he will be getting married. This past July 2nd was Dan's 32nd birthday.

Danny is happy with the waterfront and will only make a few changes, He is going to change the dock system to make it easier for the ski boat drivers to park. Danny also made the new swim test to see if the campers are able to swim well enough to use the waterfront facilities. There are no other changes in the foreseeable future, he stated.

'The staff is very good," says Danny. Danny is also pleased with our buddy system and with the tower. He has learned the routine and is now running the waterfront smoothly as it has been in the past. Dan is also happy that they have a new ski boat and a new Catamaran. I'd have to say that Mah-Kee-Nac is lucky to have a waterfront director as wonderful as Dan.

Just what

The Totem would like to thank. Danny Gall and the entire waterfront staff for all their help.


is the Whaler?

Ryan Shell Navajo 22

This is a day in the life of MKN's whaler men. They are the counselors who go under the title of patrolman. They go out in lake MKN and help capsized sailing boats; people who are in need of emergency care, which fortunately we haven't had any ernergencies yet at MKN. in case you are wondering what the whaler is, it is a rectangular shaped boat with a CB radio, which enables the boat to reach any spot in the lake wi.thin minutes.


How the waterfont works

Brian Moskin Mohican 3

1992's MKN waterfront is reopening for another great summer. The waterfront procedure is first you go mstde the boathouse and get your chip. If you have a red chip, you cannot be in a boat without a counselor and you can only swim in the waders area. If you have a white chip, you can participate in just about any program that the waterfront has to offer. You then wait with your counselor until the tower says it is all clear for you to enter the steps and you place your chip on the board.

When the period is over, you wait with your counselor again until the tower says that you may go into the board are to get your chip. Once you have your chip, you wait at the top of the stairs, inside the fence and show your chip to the tower. After he has counted you off, you can return your chip to the boathouse.

The waterfront has a lot of neat stuff to do in just one big place. The waterfront is a great place to swim or play water polo. I sure love the waterfront and Dan Gall is always there to answer your questions about the waterfront. It is a great place to have fun.

The Tower man (above) radios the patrol boat to find out how everything is going. Below, an up close look at MKN's latest addition to the Waterfront.

Campers enjoy swimming and playing water polo in the lake.

Surfs up dude ... Windsurfing that is

Alex Oren Cheyenne 32

Mark Chillcott is the head of Windsurftng, He is 19 and comes from Tasmania. He goes to TSU and enjoys aU sports especially basketball, Mark feels that the MKN windsurfing program is very good. "The kids are extremely enthusiastic in the program and always try their best. ~

Berkshire Cup ...

excluded from the first race, although they turned up about ten minutes before the start.

The first race started at the far end of the lake, and as far as we could make out, our boats were holding strong. As they turned at the first mark of the triangular course, the MKN boats moved into first and second place. The second lap. however, brought a reversal in fortune as the boat which was in first place slipped into 12 th place, which was later improved to ninth place.

The final results for the first race was Mike McLoughlin and Steven Gottlieb in first place and Matt Klatsky and Danny Kempler ill ninth; putting MKN in third place overall. with only 1 and 3/4 points from the lead.

The second race was sailed after lunch with an even stronger performance by MKN,with Matt Klatsky and Danny Kempler in second place, and Jon Forman and Yale Klat in third place; putting us in the lead by three POints.

The third and final race was held soon after the second. with the outstanding result of Mike McLoughlin and Steven Gottlieb in first, and Jon Forman and Yale Klat in second; giving us the Berkshire Cup by a large margin.

This was an outstanding performance by MKN, beating nine other camps to win the Cup; making it three wins in four years. A special mention must be made of Mike Mcl.oughhn and his two wins in the only two races he has sailed in his life. Finally. I would just like to remind you that the winner hosts the regatta next year, so those of you returning next year will see the Berkshire Regatta at MKN in 1993.


MKN dives away with swim meet

Jake Lesnik Navajo 24

On Friday, July 10th, MKN won the swim meet at Camp Kenmont. We had many ribbons and medals to show our victory in so many races. Our most valuable swimmer was Oliver Weiner. Oliver had the most first place medals. MKN clenched the victory by the last three races. Even if we scored no points in the last three events, no team could have caught up. Since the judges knew no one could catch up, they added some special events. One of them was a coach swim. Our coaches, Greg Welch and Chris Felix, did not win. Greg, who is a fast swimmer swam well, but Chris was not feeling well. and tagged behind. The other event was the pyramid. This is a relay race where two simmers from each age group, 9 and under, 11 and under, 13 and under, 15 and under. swim in a freestyle (crawl) relay. At the end of the meet, the judges gave an awards assembly. There were second and third place ribbons, and first place medals .. The trophy is going to be mailed to us, because Kenmont did not have it at the time. On the way back, our swim team enjoyed a well deserved victory party at Friendly's with Fribbles.



Guys & Dolls revisited

Mike Rowin 8£ Mark Prior Cheyerme27

The purple palace of Belvoir was the second setting of the seasons of socials for the Cheyennes. Even though the music was pathetic, numerous partners seemed to dance throughout the night. Many female friendships were made, some different than others.

Jeff Gentile showed some silky dance moves, this time with a counselor, not a camper. Yale KIat ended up with a good night kiss and Mike Schwalbe and Harris Brown won studs of the social.

With another social approaching, there is only one question that remains, will counselor Chris Hillman ever dance with a girl at a social?

A member ofMKN's swim team practies before the big meet with his counselor.

Brothers & sisters; together again

We left after first period and got there 30 minutes later. We met our sisters in the parking lot. Then we went to lunch, which consisted of meatball heroes. The problem was the meatballs weren't hot enough.

We went back to the girls' bunks, and had a regular rest hour. We had to leave early because they had their carnival that afternoon. Overall. I think the boys had a good time seeing their sisters.

Ben Cohen Navajo 22

On Sunday, July 12th, some campers went to Danbee to see their Sisters.

LSR participates in

soccer tournament Mike Rowin Cheyerme 27

MKN is known for a great soccer program, but on Wednesday, July 15th, the best of the best in LSR Camp battled against other camps in the Berkshires,

In round one, MKN tied against Greylock and then did the same against Scatieo. Round three was a different story, as MKN crushed Wahnee 8- I. Lenox scored twice in the 1 st half in the 4th round, but then in the second half, Matt Waller scored from half field to tie the score and raise the spirit of MKN. Lenox then scored in sudden death to win. Sorrow hung over MKN, but had spirit for the next time.

Pictured below are some campers participating in a soccer game.

Parents ...

and kids. Then, kids with parents visiting went for lunch under the famous tent. After that, free play for kids with parents during rest hour meant that the pool and tennis courts were big attractions. Then came periods 3 and 4. After that, kids said goodbye to their parents with cookies. Then, brothers who were sleeping over came into the spotlight. They had their own evening activity with Peter Green. All together, it was a fabulous, but tiring Visiting Day '92.


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tJ'1 I '(1.\'

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-,--- __

Attention al/ Artisits

If you have any artwork that you would like to see printed in the Totem's very own art gallery page. Then bring it by our office in MKN's very own media complex in Junior Camp.



• Green White·
.. - - .
• Week #1: 33 3S·
• . .
• •
: Week #2: 1 SO 138:
• •
• •
• Week #3 188 228-
• •
• •
: TOTAL: 371 401:
• • •••••••••••••••••


Vol. 56

11, 1992 Lenox,Massacbusetts Issue 3,

The first Tri - Camp Olympics begin here at


teams ga~e:Tfr ~!h,-K_e_e_-_N_a_c ----,

lunch and then they headed to Winadu to play softball, volleyball and tennis. Afterward, the teams were off to Danbee to have aBar-B-Que. Then they had relay races, the alphabet game, trivia questions and pictionary. Then all three teams went to a camp fire and found out that the Red team had won by 5 points. Finally they all had pizza and coke before going back to their respective camps.

Eric Dellon Navajo 22

On Wednesday, July 29; MKN, Danbee and Winadu got together to participate in the first ever Tri-Camp Olympics. There was a Red team, a White team and a Blue team. It all began on the 27th, when there was a pep rally hosted by Danbee. In the morning of the 29th. MKN hosted the first events which included swimming, volleyball. war canoeing, regular canoeing and kayaking. Later. aU the

LSR Camp have a ball with World Cup Series Dav

Alex Oren Cheyenne 32 would just be a day of World Cup Series Day. Atassembly,AS1ueygave

When Ashley announced playing soccer. But since That meant that instead of out the team asstgnments. that the LSRs were going there were the Cherokee just playing soccer, the The counties that to have World Cup Day. intercamps vs. Winadu, teams would play one pitch partlcipatedwereEngland, Everyone thought that it Ashley changed the title to softball as well. See World Cup, page 2

Jrs. Go "on the air" with co:mmerical nilght

Jason Kessler and Brian Komer Apaches 12 & 13

On July 17th, the Juniors had their commercial night.

I think it was the funniest commercial night ever. The second performance was very funny, it was what people would do with peanut butter and jelly. The first person said they would use peanut butter for extra protection. Then he took a glob of peanut and put it on his nose. The 5th act was 1 - 900 numbers, and for Duncan the Riflery instructor it was I-900-wrong next question. The counselor act was with Greg, P.J., Fish and AC. It was

See Commercials, page 4

MKN runs wild in Cross Country race.

page 2

MKN serves up a win at Greylock Tennis Tournament,

page 3

See what happens when you don't wake up.

Rock, Holl & Jr. MTV night. page6

page 5

Dan Patane and his hidden identity.

The world of Soccer is changed by the addition of a new rule

Jeremy Schafer Navajo 24

This week a new rule changed in the world of Soccer.

It is called the No-Passback Rule. You are not allowed to kick back to the goalie if you are trapped by the other team. The goalie would throw the ball to someone else if he got passed the ball. If the ball got passed to the goalie, he must handle the ball like a forward beginning July 25th. If the ball is kicked by the other team, then the goalie can pick up or catch the ball to prevent a goal.

The Director of Soccer, Jeff Kelly, stated that "The rule will be played on and off here at camp." This rule goes into effect worldwide on July 25th, 1992. So for all you MKN soccer players, be prepared to play with the NoPassback Rule in effect.

World Cup ...

U.S.A., Scotland, Afghanistan, Liberia, Bolivia, Chad, Luxembourg and Lithuania. At the end of the morning, in division one, Afghanistan and Bolivia were tied for first place with records of 2 - O. In division two, Chad dominated with a record of 2 - 0 as well.

At the end of afternoon activities, Afghanistan and Bolivia were tied with 3 - 0 - 1 records. Chad would move to the finals with a 4 - 0 record and prepared to play either Bolivia or Afghanistan. As for these

two teams, they had a shoot out to see who would advance to the finals. The competition was fierce but Bolivia came out on top when Louis Brucker scored.

Scott Novack of Bolivia and Chris Hillman of Chad decided on a game of onepitch softball in the finals. It was a close game but when the smoke rose, Chad was still standing beating Bolivia 13-11. I'm sure that everyone had fun and can't wait for World Cup Day.

Dan Patane:

The photography flash

Ben Cohen Navajo 22

Dan Patane is the head of Mah-Kee-Nac's photography program. He is a Navajo counselor in Bunk 22. He is 20 years old and goes to lndiana University.

Dan. first found out about Mah-Kee-Nac by reading an ad in the campus newspaper. He thought it would be a good experience to work with kids. Dan first became interested in photography when he was studying journalism in high school and photography seemed most interesting.

When he graduates, Dan plans to work in telecommunications, radio, or televtston.

Also, you can listen to Dan on the Dan and Dave Show, every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights from 9-10 pm on WCM 640 am.

LSRs run through the Berkshires in

Pittsfield race

Jake Lesnik Navajo 24

10 Lower Seniors participated in Matty's Run, a cross country race which was held at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield on Frtday, July 24. The campers competed in two different races. One was a mile and a half fun run and the other was a five kilometer.Two people from MKN competed in the 5K. They were Paul Baltes, a coach, and Grant Gordon. Paul placed 135'th with a time of28:27 and Grant placed 166'th with. a time of 34: 43. We f?ad 10 people from MKN compete in the one mile fun run. Our best time was by Jordon Kaplan who placed IO'th overall with a time of 8:50. Darin Milman placed 15'th with a time of9:10 and Lawrence Hunter, the other coach placed 16'th with a 9:15 time. The rest are as follows in order of placement. Fred Segal in 20'th, Steven Gottlieb in 34'th, Adam Goldberg in 40'th, Jamie Sosenko in 48'th and Seth Feldman in 52'nd, Ben Fisher in 53'rd and Lee Cohen in 5Tth. the proceeds of the race went to the Berkshire Special Olympics. It seems like MKN had a good time at Matty's Run.




LSR Writers: Eric Oellon, Alex Oren, Ben Cohen Jake Lesnik, Jeremy Schafer, Mike Rowin, Ryan Shell & Daniel Hosen.

Jr. Writers: Jason Kessler, Brian Koffler, Rory Levine, Steven Brauntuch, Zach Rentz, Evan Shyer, Shaun Glassman & Alex Sherman

Editor - Adam Cohen Advisor - Mark Quigley

Photo Advisors - Dan Galaba &. Dan Pantane

I spent the night at Camp MKN

Paul Wilson:

The chief of the Cheyennes

Alex Oren Cheyenne 32

Paul Wilson is the Cheyenne group leader. This is his second year here at MKN and he came back for many reasons. He decided that he wanted to see the kids and the Berkshires again.

Paul thinks that the basketball program is well-organized and that Chris Barker is an excellent director. Paul believes that in a game of football, the Auburn Tigers would beat the Nebraska Corn huskers 200-7. And thats on a bad day!

There is a rumor going around that Paul has cows in his backyard.

He would like to take this cruel rumor head on and say that he lives in a city so it is impossible for cows to live anywhere near him.

MKN go Aces at Greylock tennis tournament

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

Revenge is sweet. And what a great way to get revenge in a tennis tournament than to beat


the player you lost to last


Avi Kollenscher did just that. The # 1 seeded Cheyenne beat his old nemesis and won for # 1 singles in the 11.6 Greylock Tennis Tournament. Avi who mentioned that, "it was said that, Hit was great to the best tournament I ever get revenge."

Matt Hankin, the #2

MKNers come from allaround the world

Rory Levine Mohican 5

Tucson. England San Diego. These are just some locations people came from to go to MKN.. Campers come from allover to go to MKN. There are even three who came from Venezuela.

I know that in my bunk we have four people from Manhattan; two from Roslyn, NY; one from Philly:

Tenafly,NJ; and myself from West Nyaek, NY. Our counselors came from England, San Diego and Tucson. What a handful. And thatis just 12 out of 310 people. People really come from allover.

singles player, got into the semi -finals as he got beaten by Greylock.

The # 1 doubles team of Zach Forman and Jamie Goldstein lost in the semifinals to Winadu while Ian

Brawnstein and Dan Spear chalked up to the quarterflnals as MKN won another tournament with the help of coach Jon MacDonald


Cheyenne tribe leader, Paul Wilson.

Mohicans go woosh at Zume Flume waterpark



David. Brauntach Guest writer

Today I went to my big brother's camp in Massachusetts to sleep-over the night. It was a lot offun. I played in all the activities. I played basketball and soccer, and I scored six points in basketball. It was fun when I slept over with my brother and we ate candy. Everybody in Bunk Five was nice. I can't wait until next year.

An unexpected field trip in ropes class

Zach Rentz Mohican 5

On Monday morning July 21, 1992, the ropes course was too wet, so we went on a nature hike. First we went to the dam and met Ryan the nature dude's class. Then we went to the old camp site across the field and in Tanglewoods dock off the lake. Here there was a big dock in the shape of a ''T''. we then went through a big field and saw the orchestra practicing. Finally, we got to the main. road and walked down MKN's driveway and was back in MKN.

Mohican 5

On Wednesday, July 22, the Mohicans went on a day trip to a waterpark called Zoom Flume, located in the Catskills. We were supposed to go to Sturbridge Village. but we had a lot offun anyway. It was wet and wild! When we got there, we went into our groups and went to lunch. After that, it was all fun and games. There was the River Rapids and the Canyon plunge. Also, for the tired people, there was the Lazy River.

Canyon Plunge is a big waterfall Ithattswhenyour going down) that starts out flat and then just drops. At the end, you don't know what happened. It was a bit scary, but it was still a lot of fun. Then after you recovered, you could go on the ride again .. That's how the whole waterpark was.

After almost four funfilled hours, we came home and told everyone about. It was one of the greatest trips ever, and something for this years' Iroquois to look forward to.

MKN Navajos compete against Greylock in intercamp

Ryan Shell Navajo 22

It was a Tuesday, July 21 when the MKl\T Navajos, at MAR KEE NAC participated in an intercarnp. An intercamp is where one camp comes to another camp. to play sports. Unfortunately Greylock won, but there will be other intercamps. I participated in it and it was quite fun.

Some people saw mends that they know that go to Greylock, like I know Brandon Wishnow. It was a tough battle but still , "we won, we won, we wonder why we lostl"

An unitendified MKNer chases after the soccer ball in the intercamps.


Apaches travel to the wilds of the

Catskill Game Farm

JaSO.D Kessler Apache 12

On July 22, the Apaches and Iroquois went to the Catskill Game Farm. When they got there, everyone was glad that we were breathing fresh air. The lunch was good. Mywhole bunk had turkey & mayonnaise sandwiches .. When we were in the game farm, they gave us five dollars each to spend. Most of the Apaches spent it on

plastic swords and lrnives .. When it came to rides, everyone went on one particular ride. I think the worst thing was if two kids sat together in one cart. The person on the outside got stashed. When I looked at one animal, his tail was going crazy for five minutes. Later, Iwentback and its tail was still going like it was on enigtzer batteriesl After another

five minutes it was still going, going, going ... Then I got a soda, went on the bus and left.

Cheyennes go "GA .. GA" at social

Mike Rowi.n Cheyenne 27 6:05; the dinner call went out for the Cheyenne tribe. 6:10; the Cheyennes returned quickly back to their bunks with indigestion and high hopes for the evening. Who would be the "stud of the social?" At 6:45, the Cheyennes boarded the pa.sston wagon singing absurd songs and smelling like a cologne shop. When we got off the bus, most of us were searching for the girl of our dreams. Most Cheyennes went dancing with a girl, but only five came back with the "stud" award. Josh Lantos. Paul Gelinas. David Oxfeld, Brad Beckerman and Jeremy Hobbs won; Jeff J entile and Andy Saperstien won the counselor "stud" awards. The social may be over, but you can still smell all L"'Sou::r«l~.::o..=1I =1","::1.= u~=hrll=m"::.:v aI::P:::0I1:::0"":_:_:::':_'. ::.:US~A T~O[}::...A=Y_=."",=============--l_-_'9_92_doI_I."'__j that cologne allover camp.



... ...,.. IIocIIII ,.0







30 tons. aboUl tna SIze of a boxcar

Refngerator size

Desktop size

Desktop S1ze

tnslrtK:tionB processed per second



5 million

19.4 million






Jr. Camp World Records

Evan Shyer Iroquois 6

It was great for a lot of people at the record competition, Records were being made every minute, Every point or second counted, The most awesome and amazing event was the wiffle ball catch. David Zuckerburg made a record with . an amazing 19 catches, Joe Charap with ten and the Apache winner was Matthew Brandwein with seven.

Now for the broom balancing event. Andrew Prussack with a great time of 1 minute 45 seconds, Michael Metzger with 16 seconds, Gregg Hayim with an amazing time of 5 minutes 25 seconds, There were many more events. If you want more results, come to Evan Sheyer, bunk 06.

Commercialls ...

an Alpo dog food commercial. And one of the winning acts was Danny Metzger's hair club for men and at the end of the act. the Energizer bunny came in and everybody started to crack up,

A rifl'ery team member prepares to shoot.

Senecas rock at Peter Frampton concert

Adam. Cohen Seneca 51

On the evening of Wednesday, July 22nd, the Senecas boarded two vans bound for the Berkshire Preforming Arts Center in Lenox, ready for a night of music. The night started off w:ith the opening band , called The Storm, a rock group from the 80's. Then sang a few of their most popular selections and then presented the star of the evening, 70's singer Peter Frampton. He sang a lot of songs that have been recently re-made, that many recognized. Many campers rushed to the stage to cheer Frampton on. Though we left early for a quick Burger King stop, all' in all, every one had a fun night.

The day that I couldn't wake up

Shaun Glassman Apache 12

When reveille blew ran one day I was still fast a sleep .. So Brian Harris jumped on me and said "Get up you lazy bum!" But nothtng happened. So he asked Jason Kessler if he could use his eightball and asked it if "Shaun will ever wakeup from his beauty sleep?" The etghtball said that its' sources said no, and then the whole bunk screamed AAAAHHHH!!! And Greg Welch fainted, Matt Branwein called AC over to the bunk and told him what happened. AC said that he would return in a few minutes. Then they called us up to the flag pole and AC came back to the bunk with a pair of big cymbals and played them together in my ear and I was still snoring away. Dan Galaba carried me to breakfast but it was over and I was still asleep.

!MKN Riflery team:

A shoot above the rest

Down in the hills ofthe Berkshires, there is a camp called Mah-KeeNac, When I was asked to be the head of the riflery program, I was not realizing how enjoyable this camp would be. All the activities in including mine were exceptionally run. I carried many years of Marksmanship experience and specifically target shooting; which requires a lot of patience and self discipline. In MKN, there are two riflery-programs. the air rifle and the .22 caliber rifle. In the program, there is a nice English guy named Duncan, who takes care of the Junior camp shooters.

In MKN. I teach and coach the LSRs, and USRs. The lessons are based upon the standing programs of the National Rifle Association. The first part of the class we reviewed the history offtre arms and then discussed proper firearm procedures, firearm safety and the various types of firearms and ammunition used in the program.

The basic knowledge of weapons safety and the safe use of the particularweapons are highly stressed. Despite not being able to fire during the first two lessons. the campers openly acknowledge their interest in the safe use of their rifles.

As of now, basic mistakes ,the proper handling the guns and the shooting procedures themselves were improving dramatically. The results were evident in the scores of the shooters. Campers follow their scores on a day to day chart while passing various levels of skill. At the end of the camp, each shooterwill receive a certificate recognizing their performance.

This past weekend, 16 of the camps best marksman competed against each other to determine who would represent the camp during the Intercamps .. The six that were chosen are Jon Goldberg, "Brooklyn" Gelinas, Jon Cedar, Max Maranz, Mike McLoughlin and Josh Lerner. Each are shooting at least the level of Sharp Shooter. This team w:ill representMKN at the Intercarnp competitions. We w:ish our team,and all the shooters all the best in all of their events. We can not forget the gracious help of Danny Metzger, Steve Rubhl, Mike Dale and all of the wonderful team here at camp for helping us and taking care of all our needs and wishes. Let all be blessed with a gratifYing and unforgettable summer. "Kifak, Hey!" ("Cheers!"}.

Moshe Bartel, Head of Riflery

MKN golf teaml putts away at the Kenm.ont Open

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

It was a clear sunny day in. the Greylock Mountains as the MK.T\ golf team boards the bus. It was a great day for the the team.

In the Junior division, Michael Frishman came in first place and 15 shots ahead of his nearest opponent

and he also had the second lowest score in the tournament.

Aaron Frank came in fourth place in the Senior Division with a great second round score of 49.

The team, with steady scores from Jon Hirsch and Scott Wientrab came in. second place overall.

"We played well wen and had some fun," said golf coach Alex McAllister;"and we're expecting to do even better in the Ken-Men Open."

"This is definitely going to be a very good year for the MKN Open with some tough courses and good scores."

Cheyennes tough it out in Greylock intercamp

Alex Oren Cheyenne 32

All summer the Cheyennes were waiting for their first intercamp. Finally, Ashely announced that they would have an intercamp with camp Greylock.

In the morning games, the soccer B team tied Greylock 1-1. The soccer A team would then devestate Greylock 3-0. In basketball, the A team lost

by a whopping 40 potnts and the B team lost by five points.

Greylock swept the afternoon games which were two games of softball, one game of basebalJ, and one game of soccer.

Greylock may have beaten the Cheyennes in this intercamp but the Cheyennes are already gearing up for their next intercamp.

Cheyennes have a splash at Mt. Tom

Daniel Rosen Cheyenne 31

On Wednesday, JuJy 29, the Cheyennes went to Mt.

Tom. In the winter it is a ski resort, but in the summer Mt. Tom is an awesome place to visit - with an alpine slide, a flash- flood water slide and a wave pooL

The alpine slide is a cement track going down the mountain. You are in a blue cart. The cart has a lever to control your speed. There are two lanes, one for the more experienced and one for the less experienced. You take a ski lift up the mountain. It is a ten minute ride. but worth the wait!

The water slide is fantastic! One lane is Flash- Flood.

To start off, you are pushed by air like a super soaker. There are a lot of twists and turns and you get splashed with water. The other lane you push yourself off, but the drops are steeper. Both lanes are lots of fun! Lastbut defmitely not least, the wave pool. This pool shoots off its own waves. the farther up you go, the bigger they got It was a fun day for everyone, and we got out just in time for the rain.

A group of rocketeers prepare for liftoff.

The Apaches present "Born in the USA".

Jr., Camp rocks with, MTV Ni'ght

Steven Brauntuch Mohican 5

On Sunday night, July 26, Junior Camp rocked the Kruger Lodge with their version of MTV. It started off with "Good Old Rock and Roll" done by Steve Rubin and Andy Cole. Then, things got busywith"Let's Get Rocked" by Def Leppard done by bunk 3.

It went on and on with fabulous songs Uke"Everything About You" with bunk 1, "1 Can't Dance" by bunk 10, "Rock the Cradle of Love" with bunk 11 and "We Didn't Start the Fire" by bunk 7.

Finally, the results came in. In Apache Row, bunk 12 won with "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen. In Iroquois Row, bunk 6 won with "Jump" by Kris Kross. In Mohican Row, bunk 5 won with "Addams Grove" by Hammer. Then. the overall winner: bunk 5! So, they did "Addams Grove" all over again .. It was great! The Kruger Lodge really rocked when the Juniors had MIV night.

5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 Rocketry!!!

• ••

Alex Sherman Mohican 4

On Sun. July 26th there were many rockets launched.

One rocket was launched and it landed in the pump house. They got it but I didn't know how. Another launch was made by Justin Pollak. His rocket was the u.s. Army Hawk. It launched about 100 ft. because the engine mount popped out and it started gliding and then suddenly it started crashing down. When we foundthe rocket the nose cone was 2 inches in the ground.

Now lets talk about great rocket makers, I think that the greatest rocket maker in camp is Brian Moskin who has made the best Explorer Aquarius I have ever seen.

Mr. CLeCln



If you have any artwork that you would like to see

printed in the Totem's very own art gallery page; Then bring it by our office.



Ben Lo.nf05








I~' -Ell


1--- --

~UgU_st 18, _199_2 _ LenQ_~,MB_~,_sachusetts Issue 4.,_____llol.. _56

MKN hosts 43rdannual Tennis Tournament

Uex Oren Cheyenne 32

Camps Crane Lake, }reylock, Winadu, Ken- 110nt, Lenox, Wah-Nee, md Taconic flocked to ::amp MKN for the annual vIKN Invitational Tennis I :ournament .. The matches rre played 8 game pro-set 10 advantages. For each ~ame won, one point is rwarded to that camp.

The tournament was ield on July 30th and iecause of rain, some finals vere held on the 3rd of uigust. The matches were ~plit up into three ages F 0 - ps 11 6 13 6 and scores will be announced

,I' u , .... , .... , ._

l5.6. Each camp had four in following issues. earns in each division, two The participants in the or singles and two for tournament were Avt loubles. Kollenscher, Rich

The matches were a lot Kaufinan, Jason Tufa, E.R ougher than last year but Borger, Kyle Stein, Seth v1KN gritted their teeth and Gaffney, Jamie Goldstein, :ontinued to play hard. Jon Hirsch, Zach Levine,

Because ofthe rain, the Mike Kurland, Matt inals were being played Hankin, Dan Spear, Ben in many different days. Sosenko, Bennett Brown, ~he only final score Adam Pollet, Larry Spiller,

'ecorded was MKN 1 vs._an~~d~B~I~a~ke~Ze~ff:. ~~~~;;;;~~~~~~~~~~~~;;;;;;;;~~~

Navajos are thrown for a loop at Riverside amusement park.

Mah Kee Nac Invitational
c 43 M
R G 1949 1992 K T A
N M 0 E
0 N 0 0 N E
E In the 11.6 doubles, MKN 2 won their first match 8 - 1. In round two they lost to Winadu 8 - 4. MKN 1 breezed through round one 8 - 0, but ran into their nemesis, Winadu losing 8 - 6.

In 11.6 singles, both MKN teams ran into Winadu, losing 8 -4 and 8 -1 in the semifinals.

In the 13.6 singles, MKN 2 lost in. round one and who should MKN 1 lose to again? Who else but Winadu 8 - 1.

See MKN Tennis, page 4

Winadu. All other fmal

Super photo spreads']!


s weep baseball Page 4

intercamp, t-------------'---

Iroquois sweep Greylock.

Two MKNers prepare for the tournament with a last minute lesson & pep talk from their counselor.

Winadu 2 in 13.6 doubles. The team ofK'yle Stein and Mike Kurland beat

This year MKN took second place and Winadu took 1 st place. All camps and campers played well.

Alex Mcallister: a chip off the 01' putting green

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

Alex McAllister works as a PGA assistant pro at Western Park. Alex wants to work as an aerobics instructor in the U.s.. and has won the Norfolk Open.

He also has a lot of plans for the golf program. "I want the kids to be the best they can be." Alex states. "A big future goal for me is to change the attitudes for campers. Not an intense attitude. An attitude for fun."

Alex gave me a description of the program too.

"There is a skill test that campers take. We work on campers individual problems and help the campers have fun."

There is also a new chipping green, a putting range and a practice range for driving.

"Everything is fine for me."Alex says"But I would like to live my life like a David Lee Roth video!" He laughs.

It's a bird .•. It's a plane ... It's ...

It's ... It's Jr. Super Teams!!!

Iroquois sweep Greylock intercamp

Matt Harris Mohican 3

On Wednesday, July 29 Junior Camp had Superteams. Run by Andy Cole, Mike Roache, Peter Green, and last but not least, Brian Heath. Junior Camp was divided into eight pretty equal teams. Each team went to the same eights events at different times.

At the end of the first group of activities there was a tug 0' war. Matt Booth's team won the tug o'war.

After the tug 0' war, the eight teams were combined into four teams. They played a tag game where every camper got a card and when one camper got a card and when one camper tagged another they. went to an official and showed their cards. One of the campers [who ever has the higher card] gets a certain amount of points .. It was fun and everyone had a good time ..

Jon Hirschtritt Iroquois 9

On Tuesday, July 28 the Iroquois had anintercamp against Greylock. In the morning, they beat Greylock in baseball 12-2. In soccer, the score was 3- I in MKN's favor. In basketball, MKN won again 45-39. This streak continued through the afternoon. MKN won the baseball game 16 - 3; Basketball was won 40 - 11; and in soccer. MKN took the game 3 - 1. during the morning game of baseball, Daniel Haykin had a no hitter. five strikeouts and one walk. In soccer, Fred Pernetz scored two goals. Adam Lapidus scored nine points and had five steals in Basketball. Billy Goldstein and Troy Goldberg did a fantastic job pitching in their perspective games. In soccer. Will Anderson and John Stern were fabulous. Michael Lavtpor, Daniel Koeffler and Enrique Seale

I did a great job rebounding and providing defense ..


The Totem

Editor - Adam Cohen Advisor - Mark Quigley Photo Advisors - Dan Galaba &



LSR Writers: Jake Lesnik, Alex Oren, Mike Rowin & Ben Cohen

Jr. Writers: Steven Brauntach, Brett Baker, Jon Hirschtritt & Matt Harris

"Life is like an ice cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time."

- Charlie Brown

Mohicans have a ball in Lenox tournament

Ben Cohen Navajo 22

On July 24 the Mohican soccer team coached by Richard Morgan went to Lenox for a tournament. The teams that participated were Winadu, Mah-Kee-Nac, Greylock. and Lenox.

In the first round Winad u beat Mah-Kee-Nac 3-0 in a hard fought game with lots of sptrtt. In the other game Lenox beat. Greylock 3-0.

In the lower finals Greylock beat Mah-KeeNac 4-1 in. another battle with more spirit. The goal was scored by Eric "Hoops" Hruska. In the upper finals Lenox beat Winadu 1-0 in a very exciting game. Even though we didn't win, we still had lots of fun.


is still for

Campers Camp out

Brett Baker Mohican 2

This year the camp outs were great. Mohicans get to cook their own food, usually Hot dogs. Then you toast gooey, sticky but good smores. Then you have potato chips and an orange drink. Maybe your counselor will tell you a story or something. And if your really lucky, you might see a raccoon. After sitting by the fire for a while, you go to sleep.

The tents are warm, cozy and comfortable because of the heat from the campfire. If you haven't gone on a camp out yet, have your counselors sign up because its a lot of fun.

MKNers run in Adam's Aggie road race

Ben Cohen Navajo 22

On Friday. July 31st, MKN took part in the 5K Adam's Aggte Road.Race. ForMKN, four people ran. JoshLinn, who ran a 21:29 race, and finished second in the 13-18 age group. Other runners were Jon Forman, Mike Dale, and Paul Baltes, and everyone in the race took part in the fair afterwardsl

LSR basketball against Winadu

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

Going into Winadu, the 13.7 basketball team had high hopes.

Unfortunately, MKN did not go home wtth a trophy. but did very well.

MKN lost by twelve to Winadu in the first round, but won in consolation as Kenmont went down ..

Some excellent performances included Lee Zager, Mike McCab and David Oxfeld, but everyone that participated in the event did well.

"We could have gone all the way with this group of kids." Basketball coach Steven Gilboy confessed "But the shots just weren't falling."

L~lt"S -polka t)}etT ~Tai:n'S out during MTV night

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

On July 31, 1992, the Lower Seniors gathered at the Kruger Lodge for the first MTV night.

Andy Sapirstein, Dan Patane and Dave Quirk hosted the event.

Out of all the pumping songs bunk 30 got in third place with "We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions" by Queen as Matt Fogel did a hilarious tmitatton of the late Freddie Mercury. Eddie Cochren's "Summertime Blues", performed by bunk 25. came in second place and bunk 29 came in first by acting a funny skit to "Polka Your Eyes Out" by "Weird AI" Yankivic.

Mohicans shut out Crane Lake in Baseball intercamp

Steven Brauntuch Mohican 5

On August 3, 24 Mohicans specially picked went to Crane Lake to play 3 games of baseball. Mah-Kee-Nac won 2 out of 3 ..

In the first game, Mah-Kee-Nac showed their stuff by winning 14-3! The second game was close, but Crane Lake pulled it out 7-3. It all came down to the last game. Mah-Kee-Nac shutout Crane Lake 5-0! We won the intercampl

It was the first time the Mohicans had won an intercamp this year! It was worth the hard work. Mike Roche and Rogers Allison were proud of us. We hope we do it again.



Take me out to the ballgame ...

Alex Oren Cheyenne 3.2

On Wednesday night. August 5th. the Cheyennes finally had their chance to see the Pittsfield Mets. The Mets were playing the Hamilton Red Birds at Waconah Park.

It was scoreless until the 7th inning, when the Red Birds scored one run. The Mets retaliated with a tworun home run in the bottom of the inning. In the 8th inning, the Red Birds scored again, but the Cheyennes had to leave while the Red Birds were in the middle of a hitting rally.

All the Cheyennes had fun, and can't wait to see the Pittsfield Mets again.

MKNTennis ...

In the 13.6 doubles, MKN 2 lost to Winadu. But MKN 1 beat both Winadu teams and took the # 1 seat.

MKN 2 was defeated in the first round of the 15.6 singles. And MKN 1 lost the match to Kenmont 8 - Oin the 15 .. 6 singles.

In the 15.6 doubles it was the same story, MKN 2 lost and MKN 1 was over powered by Kenmont 8 -6.


Wahconah Park, Pittsfield MA

Navajos have an awesome time at Riverside Amusement Park

Jake Lesnik Navajo 24

On July 29th, the Navajos went on a trip to Riverside.

It was an awesome trip. The weather was perfect. Some of the favorite rides were the Cyclone and the Black Widow. The Black Widow has one loop that you go forwards and backwards on. The Cyclone, even though it has no loops, was a very exciting roller coaster. The food at Riverside was good, but some people ate it at the wrong time and got a little woozy on the rides. In the last few minutes, the candy stores were raided for a lastminute attempt for candy. There was also a nice refreshing shower if you got hot or you. could go on a water ride. Overall, it was a fun dayl

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . '. . . . . . . .

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wgust 21. 1992 Len.ox, Massachusetts Issue 5. Vol. 56

Navajos take the 1992 Mac Kee Nac Camp Sing The three year domination by Junior Camp is unraveled.

like Rowin Cheyenne 27

Gathering at the .eldhouse for the mpteenth time, the Upper eniors watched as the untors and the Lower .entors had another lassie battle in the Camp 'ing.

Anewsystem was started his year, picking the order f the sing and cheer from . hat.

A lot of exciting songs . rose this year: The Jgonquins sang to Bohemian Rhapsody" rith some hilarious lines; he Navajos sang a very nelodrarnatlc "World in Inion ' with a speech from lake Lesnikand a moment

of silence at the end ..

The Apaches surprised the camp with a stunning "Life Goes On".: the Cheyenne tribe sang to Queen's "We Are The Champions." The Mohicans sang to "One" from the mustcal A Chorus Line. "Scenes From An Italian Resta urant" was sung by the Iroquois. And to close the night, the Cherokees rocked to an amazing "Crocodile Rock" .

Before the final judging, the Junior Camp counselors sang a funny "Raccoons ofMKN" and Jeff Kelly sang his classic "MKN is the Place".

See Sing. Page 2

Head Archery counselor, Steve Moss helps a camper prepare for his archery bout,

The Cheyennes march around the field house during their cheer.

MKN hits the bullseye in archery tournament

Steve Moss Archery Counselor

The first annual MKN Berkshires Invitational Archery Tournament was held on Saturday August 8. Although the tournament was organized at short notice eighty competitors from six camps took part, with 75 participants in the Recurve class and 11 in the Compound class. There were three divisions: 15 & under, 13 & under and 11 & under. there was also an Overall Team Trophy, and three Honorable Mention

ribbons. In the Compound class, individual ribbons were awarded for the first three places in each dtvtston.

The Lady Paramount, Nancy Metzger and the Tournament Director, Steve Moss welcomed the competitors as soon as the first visitors arrived .. The tournament was run under the direction of Steve Moss, Justin Sanders. Alec Cotton and Andy Bikofsky.

The home team lMKN] dominated all three divisions, sweeping the

MKN cyclers finish three day trip to Vermont.

i unlor campers take environmental into their own hands by paper.

is meet with success.

Page 2

Junior campers take old newspapers and tum them into new paper - board.

Ryan Sloane Mohican 2

Just a Few days ago, Mark Quigley and I had an idea for Save the Earth, aJr. camp club. It seemed to us that too many trees were being cu t down for paper; so the two of us, alongwith some Jr. campers started to recycle old newspapers inJr. club to make brand new paper-board. What we did was we took some newspaper, ripped it up into tiny pieces and added water. The mixture was then squashed into a soupy kind of substance. This mixture was then placed between two pieces of old window screen and flattened by a rolling pin to remove the excess water. After a few day of drying out the mixture made paper-board. We know that this alone won't save our planet, but its a start.

Sing ...

Danny Metzger announced the cheer scores. In second for the Jrs. came the Mohicans and the Iroquois took first. the Navajos won for the LSRs with the Algonquins winning for the USRs.

Songs were 15 points more [for a total of 30) and made a big difference in the final standings.

The Mohicans came in second for the song competition in Jr. Camp, but the Iroquois took first place and that put them in as the overall leader for the .Jrs.

The Navajos won for song inLSRCamp, making them

first in LSR overall, In the USR Camp, the Cherokees won the song and took the overall lead.

The three point leaders - the Cherokees. Navajos and Iroquois had no idea in which place they were in

"In second place ... the Iroquois!!!" Danny said. Silence suspended the camp.

"And in first place of the 1992 Camp Sing ... the ... Navajosll!" The Navajos and Cheyennes jumped up and down in excitement. And after years of domination by Jr. Camp, the LSRs are winners at last.

It's my birthday and I'll throw my cake if I want to!'!

Rory Levine & Steven Brauntuch Mohican 5

Birthday's at camp MahKee- N ac are always a major highlight. Whether it's ana Monday, Friday or any's loads of fun! To start off your camp party, your bunk (before taps) goes to Danny, Nancy, & Steve's cabin to celebrate. While calling your parents in Steve's area downstairs, the rest of your bunk awaits the magical moment of cake throwinghywatching TV.

When you're done

talking, and hang up, you go upstairs to the den, while Steve gets out the cake. you select your cake catching counselor! After

Cheyennes compete in

Winadu intercamp

you've chosen your cake catching counselor. Steve starts the famous countdown: 1,2.2 and 1- 2, 2 and 3~4. 31 He throws the cake. That's right. He actually THROWS THE CAKEl If your counselor catches it, you get to eat it! Ifhemisses, bye- bye cake.

We are writing this article, being experts on the subject, have had our birthdays exactly 1 month apart during the camp year. We can't tell you how much fun it is to call your parents, have cake and watch 1V in half an hour.

You'd love to have your birthday during the surruner at camp MahKee-Nacll

Matthew Colton Cheyenne 32

On August 5 th the Cheyennes went to Winadu on an intercamp. In the morning the soccer team beat Winadu5 - 3. The softball team triedto beatWinadubut they lost 7-6. over all we had a good morning with a record of 2-3.. Then we had a delicious picnic outside. In the afternoon the baseball team crushed Winadu 16- 4, spectacular pitching by Avi Kollenscherand a great hitting display by Brad Beckerman. We finished the afternoon 2-3. But everyone tried hard with a gallant effort. Still win, lose or draw there's always a place for you atMKN.




Editor - Adam Cohen Advisor - Mark Quigley

Photo Advisors - Dan Galaba & Dan Pantane

LSR Writers: Mike Rowin, Matthew Colton, Daniel Rosen & Alex Oren

Jr. Writers: Steven Brauntach, Brett Baker, Ryan Sloane & Rory Levine

Junior Commando Day:

It's not just a day, it's an adventure

steven Brauntuch Mohican 5

A ten-hut!!! All you young people serving our country aetter listen up to this article which took place on \ugust 5th. Jr. Camp Commando Day started off with be commanders running out with instructions for the soldiers.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Juard and the National Guard started off by running .hrough the obstacle course. Then we played Matego. iller the morning, the Army was in the lead. But there were times for change in. the afternoon.

We started off with Human Stratego. And the Army was still in the lead!' Then we had a grenade toss and trmy was still in the lead after the first round. In the second round, however, things changed.

Finally the winner was announced. The team that had von had just one ball in their triangle. The Marines had 1V0n! They celebrated and then everyone washed off :heir face paint.

You have liked this article. DOYOUUNDERSTAND??? 'Yes sir, Yes str!" Good.

Mah Kee Nac dives into swim meet with Danbee and emerge victorous

Daniel Rosen Cheyenne 31

The MKN swim meet was a splash! MKN, Danbee, Wah-Nee, Emerson, Lenox, Greylock and Taconic came to our pool to compete. MKN and Danbee were combined, with two campers from each camp on a team. MKN & Danbee won the meet. John and Chris Bloom were the two MVP's of the meet. Coach Welch was very pleased with the season, having two First place meets and one Third place meet. Great job swimmers.

The MKN swim team proudly displays thier ribbons for the photogra her.

expectations. The 11 & under division went according to form, with Brian Fell making his usual late surge to edge out a personal record performance by Ryan Shell. The performances of 10 year old Junior campers, Jeff Kleinman, David Ratner and Daniel Colish, all of whom have shot with Seniors all summer long, were quite outstanding.

The highlights of the afternoon's play came when Tige Korsmo. a staff member at Winadu, won our informal 99 & under compound division with a scoreof289,19innergolds and 11 outer golds. Some of the archers from Winadu drew quite a crowd, and the Winadu staff rejected our generous proposal to obtain Alex Okin in return for a first round pick, three Mohicans, a pepperoni pizza and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Mohicans test their balancing skills at the ropes course.

Zipping through the ropes course

Brett Baker Mohican 2

At ropes you can go on the Zip line if you want to. It is so fun having the wind running through your hair and hitting your face as you zip down. Sometimes it gives you a huge wedgie. The high ropes course teaches repelling which is a lot of fun. One thing is for sure, you will always have fun on the ropes course.

Archery ...

trophies and, with the exceptions of 4th and 6th places in the 13 & under division, the individual ribbons. There was con stderable bench strength in evidence. with the MKN team taking the flrst eight places in the 11 & under division, and ten of the twelve places in the 13 & under division ..

In both the top two divisions, First place was decided on 1 O's after scores and hits were tied, with surprise winners Jeff Fish and J effManton prevailing. These two performances are particularly remarkable, as neither archer has taken a formal class this summer, and both of them started receiving coaching in rest hours and free plays just two weeks before the tournament. Honorable mentions were awarded to Andy Schenker. Andy Manoff and Dan Pinquist, all of whom exceeded

Fun, Food, Prizes!' !

1992 Carnival

Environmental therned carnival goes over big with campers

!\lex Oren Cheyenne 32

Once again. the MKN Carnival was a blast! As usual, the carnival started off with a parade by the Jrs. This year's theme was the environment and environmental awareness. Each bunk did very well.

When the carnival officially begun. campers flocked to attractions such as the DunkTank, Speed Pitch, Sea of Balls and the Moonwalk. Every camper waited to be called to the obstacle course and to get cotton candy and popcorn.

Some booths were Pop-A-Shot, Air Doughnut. Rocket Hang Time and every card game imaginable.

Even if some campers didn't win at everything, they all had fun and that's what really counts.

Todd Fuchs is flying high in the Moonwalk booth.

Big booths bring bodacious bewilderment from campers

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

Yeah, the small booths were well. OK, but what I really liked about the Carnival was the three big booths: the Moonwalk, The Obstacle Course and The Sea of Balls.

The classic Moonwalk, is great fun for campers. In an inflatable castle. kids love to flip. dive, bounce andjump on a giant bubble. Although you could only have about five minutes at a time in it. the Moonwalk attracted a great percentage of the MKN population.

New to MKN was the Obstacle Course, which could be another Moonwalk in the making. Run by the USRs, campers would try to complete the course in the lowest time possible. You would start out by going through an elastic tunnel. run to a human spiderweb. made of bungee cords, in which you would have to go through. Another tunnel came up and when you were finished going through that, you had to wheel your way around a bunch of orange cones on a scooter. It was then under an infrared sensor, over a rope and the back under the sensor. You then went back around the cones to shoot a basket on a mini-basketball court. you then jump through an inner tube to make your way to a rope ladder that kept twisting and turning and after climbing it you finally rang a bell. All campers then received a small prize.

Another newcomer was the Sea of Balls. This was fantastic and was tons of fun for the campers. Multicolored plastic ball about the size of a tennis ball are in this room in which you could swim and dive through.

The Moonwalk, Obstacle Course and the Sea of Balls were only a few of the numerous booths in the MKN Carnival.

MKN cyclists spend three days on a tri _, state trip

Rob Marston Cycling pro

Tires pumped, headsets tightened. chains oiled, seats squared up. helmets fastened and away we went from MKN on our three day cycling trip to NorthAdams and the surrounding region.

We cruised over the two infamous hills in Lenox in the general direction of the Berkshire Mall, our lunchtime stop. Tycoon WelUkoff managing to squeeze another baseball cap in amongst the medical supplies and my camera. This was about the halfway point for the day and we left after I had my extra power bean burrito.

We continued onwards and upwards onto Adams

City. We spied our~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~t by ~:~icke;~i ~

Dobias and Rambo Chandler, we stopped for a chat. as Btll was buying yet another crazy piece of headgear but nothing to compete with the Sainz Monster Trio Cap purchase .. Eventually. we got to our final destination for the day. North Adams State College and the "Bikofsky Mile 'a Meter" read 30 miles. We shot some pool, watched some Olympics and headed for Pappas Gino's Pizza Parlor so Greg and Mike could get their Coleman coolers. Unfortunately. we nearly had to open up the medical supplies when Jon "of the tight shirts" Forman went in to a fit of laughter. Finally he managed to control his laughter and we were able to get back to see USA quarry against the Unified Team for the finals

of the volleyball.

An early night was taken by all, in preparation for tomorrow's epic journey.


At 7 '0 clock, Sainz's wake up call gave us a good early start for the day. We left our Burger King breakfast pitstop at 8:30 to head for the hills on a beautiful, sunny day. We left the state of Massachusetts at the summit of the 42 mile uphill climb. We were greatly rewarded by not only the view.

but by th~;:;;= .. following 42

mile down hill

proceeded to leave New York and entered Vermont and another meal time had arrived .. This was the day's halfway point with the "Bikofsky Mile '0 Meter" reading 33.4.

After a Bagel feast, especially important to mention at this stage is the smell originating the Bikofsky & Hattem camps of garlic, from some rather aromatic bagels. We continued through Vermont. up what seemed to be a never ending hill, stopping at the top to take on water. Then our days reward for climbing up all the htlls. a mammoth downhill ride, where Andy "counselor wannabe" Bikofsky managed to reach

48.5 MPH, only as Mike Sainz passes him in a racing tuck. I also managed to overtake a car of rather astonished passengers.

At the bottom of the hill. we stopped to regroup and met up with three lonely dogs. who obviously wanted to join the MKN cycling trip. as they followed us for about 1/2 mile.

The end was near and the college was visible. the day's mileage _~;:t;68.4 .. , n d

was given by the showers, but unfortunately the acoustics weren't up to par as Jon "Bob Dylan" Forman was singing his shower operetta.

Pappas Ginos was overruled by Burger King as an evening meal venue. We returned to the College as soon as Andy had finished pumping quarters into the pinball machine and Mike. Jack and I had fmally mastered the Tenpin bowling machine on the arcade machine.

After such a long days rider, sleep seemed a most attractive choice ... at 10 '0 clock, its the earliest night any of us have had all summer long.


We were allowed to sleep in till 8 'a clock wait for a call as to whether Mad Bill was to collect our bags or we had to carry themfortunately he was on his way.

Off to the Burger King for a morning snack and a chance for Blc to earn his new nickname. then onto the road, for the final day's ride home to MKN. Yet again the weather was kind and the sun shone bright all day long.

We stopped to take on liquids to quench our thirsts in Vermont, at the Five Corners Store, a great place and we signed the visitors book, a chance for Jon "Heartburn" Forman to showoff his exceptional (???) handwriting.

"Oh no" cried the group as we saw yet another monstrous uphill climb and no shade to stop the boiling sun. This was a long and tough hill and we were all still tired from yesterday. but still managed to make it to the top and waved to some motorists, some even honking their horns back.

As Andy and I sped off into the distance. we kind missed the turn in to Pittsfield and spent the next half hour catching up with the group. Still it was lovely scenery that not all of the group got to see - well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

After being chased by a trio of women. we turned the corner to see the steepest hill we'd seen so far the last hill before


Then toward See Cycling, page 7

MKN's annual 11.6 Basketball Tournament

Uex Oren Cheyenne 32

On August lOth, the camps of Taconic, Wah-Nee, kattco, Kenmont, Winadu, Greylock along with MKN iarttctpated in the annual MKN 11.6 Basketball loumament.

In the morning each camp played the other camps and hen the top four camps went on to play in the semifinals .. .he four camps were: MKN, Greylock, Winadu and Cenmont. MKN lost to Greylock and Winadu came out m top against Kenmont ..

The final game between Winadu and Greylock was rery close. As a matter of fact, Steve Rubin would have .atd "It was nip & tuck ali. the way ... however .... Greylock reat Winadu 42 - 40.

All camps played well and in my opinion can't wait for iext year's tournament ..

Cycling ...

~anglewood and we could 1rtually smell MKN. but vhat should happen, but King of the Mountain" ;ainz's chain fell offwhen lie were but two minutes rom camp.

Hurrah, back at camp md into the pool. \.aaagrhh, the heater vasn't turned on.

We 'started off a four :arnpers, three counselors md one "counselor vannabe" and ended up lS Mike "King of the 110untain" Sainz, Greg Freeballer" Matalon, Andy Light fingered" Bilwfsky. rack "the King" Hattem, [ash "Hill Climber" Linn, vli:ke "Lost" Wellfkoff, Jon Crash" Forman and me, ~ob "Hustler" Marston.

Save The Whales

During Camp Sing, Ashley presented the adoption certificate of Mozart the killer whale to Danny and Nancy. If you are interested in adopting your own whale, contact:

The Whale Museum at P.O. Box 945 Friday Harbor, Washington 98250 ..

Also, if you happen to spot a whale or find a whale beached on the sand, can the N ational

Whale Hotline at 1 - 800 - 562 - 8832 ...

"Give me your cold, your tired, your poor, your huddled masses and your Totem."

- the inscription in the book on the Statue of Liberty


If there was ever a time to dare, to make a difference,

to embark on something worth doing, it is now.

Not for any grand cause, necessarily-but for something that tugs at your heart, something that's your aspiration, something that's your dream.

You owe it to yourself

to make your days here count.

Have fun. Dig deep.


Dream big.

Know, though, that things worth doing seldom come easy.

There will be good days .. There will be bad days.

There will be times when you want to turn around, pack it up,

and calJ it quits.

Those times tell you

that you are pushing yourself,

that you are not afraid to learn by trying.


Because with an idea, determination,

and the right tools, you can do great things.

Let your instincts, your intellect, and your heart guide you.


Believe in the incredible power of the human mind.

Of doing something that makes a difference.

Of working hard.

Of laughing and hoping ...

Of lazy afternoons. Of lasting friends.

Of all the things that will cross your path this year.

The start of something new brings the hope of something great ..

Anything is possible .. There is only one you.

And you will pass this way only once.

Do it right.



Oazzy .vance Grover Alexander Dizzy Dean Warren

Perennial strikeout artists

The New York Mets' David Cone is on pace to lead the National League in strikeouts for the third year in a row.

Pitchers who led the NL in strikeouts most in a row:



" . ,

21, 1992 Lenox,Massachcusetts. Issue


6, Vol. 56

The '1992 Mah Kee Nac Olympic Games

dike Rowin Cheyenne.27

It's 7:30 in the morning md bullet shots (a.k.a.: ireworks) go off. Runntng mt of their bunks, campers ~athered on the hill as JIympic coordinators \shley Hammond, Chris sarker & Steve Langford .ame down the road in a dKN bus. Then, before rou knew it. the Pittsfield LW.A.T. team invaded the .amp, searched through .1ohican Row for some .scaped convicts and then umped into the Kruger .odge and came out with he eight escapees. The l.W.A.T. team then took Iff the masks on the :onvicts revealing P.J. ireen: Mike "Coach" ~oche, Chris Hillman, Greg 31oom, Pat Anderson. Viv )wen, Brtan Heath. & Jeff (elly. The coaches then ~athered with their team rt their various locations md came up with team iames. Mike Roche's Iraq (1 Roll, Chris Hillman's :::roatian Cremation, Pat snderaori's Made In raiwan (MIT), the . .tthuama Deadheads were ).J. Green's, Venezuela

lengeance were Gregr-- .::======~============::;~

Inside this issue ...

Olympics, Faces, nips & more!! !

Bloom's, Viv Owen's Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) and the defending champ Brian Heath's Americas Cup, The Counselors from each team. competed in a no points tug - '0 - war. Juniors, Lower Seniors and Upper Seniors had a series of events including one - pitch, volleyball and bombardment.

For evening activity, all teams fanned a horseshoe next to the .Jr. baseball diamond. Every team. sung their cheer and Steve Rubin announced the 1992 Decathletes, The '92 Senecas" lit up the MKN Olympic torch. To start the 1992 MKN Olympics. Danny Metzger read off the MKN Pledge.

[1- Mex{cap Jumping SeaDS 1 7. Red Hot Chili. Peppers IS. Lfth§nia: De'adhea-dfl 5.. Made In Taiwan ~4. OmaHon CreamaHonJ

3. 'n Roll

Venezuela Ven

up.Jrs played various games, LSRs ran track & field and the USRs did tug - '0 - war and physical skills. Thanks to Iraq's awesome track & field team and their amazing tug - '0 - war,. the mid - day scores were changed dramatically.

Day Two Midday Scores

~ 8. Medean Jump~ng !!eansJ 7. Red Hot Chili Peppers [6. Made In Taiwan J 5. Venezuela Vengence 14. Croatian Creamation I

3. Cup

See Olympics, page 3

Pictured below i =8 the 1992 winning team in the Olympics.

In day two, things heated

Super Olympic Photo Spread,



Benecas go to Montreal,

Senecas go shopping, swimming and white rafting in Montreal

all about Antarctica .. After 1---------------------. viewing the movie, we broke up into our groups again to eat dinner, shop and take horse and buggy rides. We all returned to the hotel at9:30, tired from the fun filled day. The next morning, we arose bright and early for white water rafting. We arrived at the center and received our gear, consisting of a life jacket, a paddle, a helmet, received our raft assignments and listened to a safety lecture .. Then it was off down the Rouge River, filled with many raging rapids with names like "Sister Elizabeth, ~ "the Washing Machine," "Draino," etc. The river was much rougher and tougher when r-o rn rra r e d to M",,,'1p'

Adam Cohen Seneca 51

The Senecas awoke on the morning of August 10th, ready for one of the summer's biggest highlights - our trip to Montreal, Canada. At about 8:30 am, the bus rolled in with the Danbee girls who accompanied us on our trip. The ride was a smooth 4 & 1/2 hours, and we stopped for lunch on the way ..

We finally arrived and checked into the Pavilion Hotel. After seeing our rooms, showering and relaxing, we all ventured into old Montreal, where we broke up into groups to tour the old city and shop in numerous souvenir shops. Then. we all met in a nearby museum for an :::If'1"i'nn - nOIl'-'kf"n T".,<> .... fflrn

USR Writer: Adam Cohen.

LSR Writers: Mike Rowin, Louis Brucker, Alex Oren, Marc Saekin, Ben Cohen, Ryan Shell, Jake Lesnik, Jeremy Schafer, Eric Dellon & Daniel Rosen

IT. Writers: Steven Brauntuch, Todd Fuchs, Rory Levine, Brian Zeller, Brian Moskin, Jason Kessler, Brian Koffler, Zach Rentz, Evan Shyer, Shaun Glassman, Alex Sherman, Brett Baker

Jon Hirschtritt & Matt Harris '

Totem Advisor: Mark Quigley

Photo Advisors: Dan Galaba & Dan Pantane

"Nothing is impossible, if you set your mind to it and you have the right attitude, then anything is possible."

- Mark Quigley


Kennebec River that we rafted as Algonquins.

The run took 2 & 1/2 hours, and was followed byaquicklunch. Then we were given the choice to raft the same course again or return to base camp to relax. A few chose to raft again, but most returned to base camp, which featured a large swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a snack bar. beach chairs and a souvenir shop. After relaxing a while, everybody met up once again and we dined on a buffet dinner.

After eating, we viewed pictures and a video of our rafting trip. Later, we returned to the hotel, tired from our exciting day.

On the third day, we got to sleep in a bit later. After breakfast, we headed for a tour of the Montreal Olympic Stadium, where many of the events of the 1976 Olympic Games took place; and where the Montreal Expos play. We also viewed the pool complex, admiring the large, deep pool and the high diving platforms. The whole tour was very interesting. We left there and headed for La Ronde, a huge amusement and waterslide park. The waterslide part was filled with many exciting and fast

slides, including a horizontal straight down slide. There were also many pools to relax in, Then we headed to the amusement park. It was huge, with many popuJar attractions such as the loop roller coaster, ferris wheel, sling-shot and much more. All had fun. We then went back to the hotel and ordered really horrible pizza and went to bed ..

We awoke on the fourth andfmaldayofourtrip. In the morning, we broke up into our groups and toured Montreal's many underground malls which were identical to the mall here in the states. After shopping for hours, we all headed back to the Olympic Stadium where we toured the Biodome. The Biodome was used in the '76 Olympics as a velodrome. After the Olympics it was opened to the public as a biking facility. but it did not catch on; so it was turned into a natural mu seurn featuring certain parts of the world, that climate, and the plants & animals indigenous to that region. We then went to the pool complex and swam in the actual pools used in

See Montreal, page 7

Dlympics ...

In the afternoon, the SRs did an Olympic first y going to the Cove for llympic Miniature Golf nd Bowling. For evening ctivity, the Jrs and LSRs id Super Eight ampetttion while the USRs layed Basketball and had Tennis Tournament.

At the end of the day, the tandmgs looked like this:

Day Two Scores

:. Mexican Jumping Beans ed Hot Chili Pe ers '. Made In Taiwan

America's Cu

f. Venezuela Vengence t. Croation Creamation] i. Litha.una Deadheads

I. Iraq 'n Roll !

Anything can happen in ay three, and it did. orntng in second place in ie LSR tug - '0- war and rst place in the USR track . field. Croatia was first by re middle of the day. nher scores went as this:

Day Three Midday


Could Croatia stay in rst? Can the USA make a omeback? The answers ) these question would be nmd out in the fie1d house uring the closing eremonies.

Cheer, Banner and Song ompetitton came first as [IT won the Cheer and :aq won the song

competition. Ashley announced the decathlon scores, Iraq's Evan Kaplan wonftrst. Danny then gave out the eight year sweat outfits and then the big moment came.

Ashley hushed the crowd of anxious campers as he announced these standings:

Fina] Scores

America's Cup

Litbauna Deadheads



Iraq 'n .RoU and Croatian Cremation huddled together in the tense moment.

"It was nip and tuck all the way ... however ... " Ashley said quoting Steve Rubin's famous line, " ... in second place .. . Iraq 'n Rolli!!"

Chris Hillman and his Croatian Cremation jumped for JoY. They were the winners of the 1992 MKN Olympics.

Cheyennes have hot fun in the sun

Mike Rowin Cheyenne 27

Boarding the bus for Lake George, the Cheyennes had no idea of how much fun they were going to have.

Stopping at the waterslide world first, the Cheyennes put down their waIkmans and slided down the Kamikaze and the awesome Devil Drop.

We then went to a bunch of outlet stores. After the stores, we rested at the Swiss Chalet Inn where we tried on our new stuff from the stores. People came back with a whole new wardrobe ..

We got all dressed up and went to the village, where

we ate dinner.

Lake George Around the World Golf was next. We didn't get to finish the course, but we came back in high spirits.

"On to the movies" everyone chanted as we boarded the bus to see 3 Ni.r]jas. The movie wasn't that great (actually. it was horrible) but I loved the food. After the movie, we returned to the hotel and had fun all night.

When we woke up, we got into our swim gear and went to the Million Dollar Beach. The village was only a few minutes away, so we went over there and shopped. We had plans for Great Escape Amusement Park. but we first went to the outlet stores.

The amusement park was great. We went on cool rides like the Rapids, Skylab, Spider and the GreatSteamin'Demon. We then ate a nice big dinner atBurger King and boarded the bus to gobackto camp. AU in all, it was an excellent trip.








Brrtt Hornb BunK)j r

Art Gallery

,::'1~ _..Ji)))4ilr ~~;, $,I .~~iP ~- '~' ~

-~--. - . ----- ... --.~

~=;:J~F :-J

~~~ b"'=----"'__'bd

t-::== :J

[" ,

Montreal ...

the Olympic games. Everybody had fun in the pool and on the high dive boards.

It was a great way to end the day. After everybody was changed, we loaded onto the bus and headed home, only stopping for dinner at M'Donalds. We arrived back in camp at 10:30. tired but satisfied from the great trip that we will always remember.






The Olympics embody the spirit of man's and woman's optimum achievements, a coalition of body and spirit welded into a moment of time .. Capturing these inspirational and creative energies lin a language crossing all boundaries, uniting the very best elements of mankind.

To reach for the g:old and strive for perfectionis what the Olympiics are all about. it is this spirit and quest for excellence that we admire the dedication of the world's finest athletes. The Olympics embellish the spirit of international unification.

The Olympic Games continue to fascinate and inspire each one of us - with every presentation of the Games, we experience that complete dedication and unshakable will to preserve that typ:ifies the goal of each competitor .. The human spirit soars, and we strive for the best within us.


United States





Ju lor Camp


•.... I __ es

Bunk 11

L to R, Front row: Billy Goldstein. Josh Rosen & Jason Feld, Back TOW: Alec Cotton, Will Anderson, Marshall Marcus. David Krupnick & Brian Heath.

Bunk 12

LtoR, Frontrow: Jason Kessler, Matt Brandwein & Evan StopoL Second row: Dan Galaba, Zach Cooper, Brian Harris & Greg Welch.. Back row: Andy Bikofsky & Shaun Glassman.

Bunk. 13 L to R, Frontrow: Ben Brucker, Brian Koffler & Michael Metzger. Second row: Jem Smith. Josh Henry. Andy Spicehandler, ----- .... Brett Hornby & Andy Fletcher. Back row: Brian Dumont.


Bunk 6

L to R Front row: Troy Goldberg, Enrique Seale, Dan Koffler & Gregg Hayim. Second row:

Evan Shyer, Matt Rothstein & Jon Stern. Back row: Simon Moores, Evan Fuchs & Kevin Sangster. Not pictured: Luis Bello.

Bunk 7

L to R. Front row: Drew Cohen, Danny Sherman. Jeremy Carples, Scott Schaffran & David Berk. Second row: Matt Rose, Adam Lapidus & Gratg Fischgrund. Back row: David Fisher & Steve Curry. Not pictured: Carlos Silverberg.


L to R, Front row: Ben Lantos, Eric Hruska, Lawrence Balter & Robbie Margolies. Second row: AndrewWachtenheim, Daniel Haykin & Danny Rosen. Back row: Peter Greene, Malcolm Graham & Ryan Haase. Not ptcutred: Federico Pernetz.

Bunk 9

L to R, Front row: Peter Einstein, Lee Garber,J on Hirschtrttt Sammy Stolzar. Second row:

Jake Sokol, Adam Trenk & Jo Maisel, Back row:

Considin.e & James BelL No pictured: Anthony Richards Dantel Tortoledo.

Bunk 10

L to R, Front row: Mark Guterman, Mike Leonard, Jon Sinaw, Daniel Sptcehandler & Sammy Cutler. Second row:

ZachAarons, Mtchael Lavtpour, Joe Charap & Andrew Radin. I Back l"OW: Greg Matalon. Jon Grodsky & Matt Sandler.


Bunk 1

L to R Front row: Jeff Kleinman, Todd Fuchs, Cory Zimmerman &JonShel1. Second row: Blake Weinberg, Howard Hersch. Brian Zager, Ross Schefren & Justin Ovorkin. Back row:

Edmund Marquez & Richard Morgan.

Bunk 2

L to R Front row: Ben Brod, Danny Colish, Brett Baker, Jason Rosen & Andy Prussack. Second row: Brian Schaitkin, Ryan Sloane, Scott Koenig & Michael Brawer. Back row:

Matt Booth, Rodgers Allison & Cliff Holland.

Bunk 3

L to R, Front row: David Zuckerberg, Andy Robinton, David Ratner, Brian Zeller & Lee Bressler. Second row: Matt Harris, Jacob Auger, Brian Moskin, Jeff Bartfeld & Ben Meyer. Back row: Mike Sommer, Michael Behr & Mike Roche.

Bunk 4

Lto R, Front row: David Parsley, Ryan Borg, Jesse Pauker, Michael Levin & Stuart Schultz, Second row: David Kanter, Justin Pollak, Eli Levine & Alex Sherman. Back row: Nick Reil1y. Chrts Feltham & Bill Bowers.

Bunk. 5

L to R. Front row: Rory Levine. Second row: Steven Brauntuch, Mike Marino. Jared Hillman & Dana Rodriquez. Third row:

Jack Pesm, Danny Frtshman David Barash, Zach Rentz & P. J. Green. Back row: Josh Manton, Steve Langford & Mark Quigley.

Lower Senior Camp


Bunk 21

L to R Front row: Andrew Maccarellt, Seth Gold, Joshua Sands, Adam Koss &JoshZalis. Second row: Chris Felix, Zach Shaptro, Anthony Ubecci, Alex Block & Ray Deleon. Back row:

Matt Carden &. Viv Owens.

Bunk 22

L to R. Front row: Chris MCLoughlin, Chad Evans, Adam Cutler, Romain Cassan, Grant --. Greenberg &. Eric Dellon. Back

row: Andy Saperstein. Alden ~ __ Penn. Ben Cohen, Ryan Shell, Chris Bloom &. Dan Patane.

Bunk 28

L to R, Front row: Avi Shoham, Jeremy Duksin, Steven Gottlieb, Jeff Miller & Jon Pollowitz. Back row: David Feinsmith, Lawerence Hunter, ! Justin Pront, Michael Kabram, I Adam Goldberg &. Robbie WaclawskL Not pictured: Ryan Taliaferro.

Bunk. 24

LtoR, Front row: PerryKalmus, Ian Braunstein, Jeremy Schafer, Fred Segal & Matt Hankin. Second row: Jamie Sosenko, Jake Lesnik, Zach Rosenberg, Daniel Spear &J osh Whitney. Back row: Jon Silverman, Kevin Brassington & Brian M"Guire.

Bunk 25

L to R, Front row: Jonathan Cedar, Jordan Barry, Marc Sackin, Eric Leven & Justin Orlansky. Second row: Seth Feldman, Lee Cohen, Andy Manton, Zach Forman, Ross Thomas & Scott Novak. Back row: Dave Quirk.

Bunk 26 L to R, Front row:

LeWinter, Erin Borger, Jamie ilii::;::;;;;Iiii.;J Goldstein. Seth Gaffney. Ben Fischer & Mitchell Reisman. Second row: Matt Waller, Bri Feil, Jonathan Stopol, Crai Nyman & Ross Fettlmger. Bac row: Rod Barraza. Ale MCGaffery & Brian Schettinger.


Bunk 27 Clockwise beginning at the 7 0' clock position: Yale Klat, Ian Kaye, Earl Wiott, Jonathan Goldberg. Harris Brown, Josh FeU. Mark Prior, Kyle Stem, Doug Cohen, Michael Rowin, Andrew Margolies & Stuart Caplan ..

Bunk 28

L to R, Front row: Avi Kollenscher, J effWachtenheirn, ScottAvram, Michael Schwalbe & David Oxfeld. Second row:

Daniel Schlesinger., David Lerner, Adam Ross, Danny Kempler & Rich Kaufman. Back row: Peter Melon & Drew Yokum.

Bunk 29

L to H, Front row: Josh Daniels, Matt Leff, Darin Millman, Jordan Kaplan & Justin Feldman. Second row: Josh Sparber, Grant Gordon, Kevin Reilly, Jeffrey Arons & Jeremy Hobbs. Back row: Mark Armstrong. Jeff Gentile & Keith Pearce.

Bunk 30

L to R, Front row: JasonAndra. Scott Brandwein. Matt Fogel, Jason Tufa & Paul Gelinas. Second row: Daniel Marx, Jon _ .... _ ...

Tescher, Mike Foster & Eric Hower. Back row: Tony 1iIIi_ .. _" Acevedo, Jon MCDonald & Kyle Autry.

Bunk 31

L to H. Frontrow: GideonElliott, Michael Gerber, Daniel Rosen. Jared WeIssman & Jon Saltzberg. Second row: Scott Rader, Matt Rosenzweig & Andrew Chalson. Back row:

Conrad Roper. Boyd Search, Mark ChiUcott & Rob Werner. Not pictured: Raphael Barroeta.

Bunk 32

L to R, Front row: Sam Charap, Josh Lantos. Louis Brucker. Michael Meyer & Alex Oren. Second row: Sean Diskin. Matthew Colton, Brad Beckerman. David Shaw & David Roberts. Back row: Rich Guttentag. Paul Wilson & Lance Britt.

Upper Senior Camp


Bunk 36

L to R, First row: Daniel Pmqutst, Jason Kahn, Brian Goodman & Danny Lerner. Second row: Billy Rubens, Aaron Frank & Jason Borg. Third row: Martin Baron. Doug Hodson & Rob Marston.

Bunk 37

L to R, Front row: Adam Lippman, Michael Kurland. Steven Song, Lee Goldman. Michael Frtshrnan & Adam Dauber. Second row: Alex McAllister, Scott Weintraub, Craig Mestel, Russell Wachtler, Michael Levy. Third row: Pat Andersen.

Bunk. 38

L to R, Front row: Jared Cooper &Todd Zamostien. Second row:

John Veazey. Third row: Andy Schenker. Craig Straus, Jeffrey Fish & Jeffrey Silberman. Fourth row: Leo Cook & Eric Homolka.

Bunk 39

L to R. Front row: Adam Wetl, Joshua Ramer, Lee Zager, -Jeff Manton & Jon Barnett. Second row: Zachary Levine, John Blount, Andy Manoff, Larry Spiller & Jeffrey Cedar .. Third row: Michael Halper.


Bunk 40

L to R, Front row: Eric Caplan, Stephen Ross, Richard Newttter & Josh Perkiel. Second row:

John Weil, Joshua Linn, Mike Berger, Jonathan Bloom, Randy Grams. Not pictured: Gustavo Bello, Alex Pelaez.

Bunk 41

L to R. Front row: Mike Houpe, Jared Strauss, Brad Tenem, Robert Fautz, Jerome Hershey. Second row: Adam Pollet, Joshua Lite, Michael McCabe, Michael Hruska, Greg Abramson, Bennett Brown. Third row: Scott Sanders. Fourth row: Oliver Wiener.

Bunk 42

L to R,. Front row: Jon Forman Philip Stein, Matthew D ell ali , Michael Wellikoff. Second row:

Mike Sainz, Andrew Lieberman, Aaron Doley, Jack Hattem, Mike McLoughlin, Duane Paustian. Third row: Jordan Kleur.


Bunk 50 L to R. Front row: Jeff Levine, Jeffrey Stein, Max Marantz, Matt Klatsky. Eric Mishlove. Second row: David Simon, Jonathan Hirsch. Blake Zeff, Evan Kaplan, Josh Lerner. I Third row: Peter Gibbs, Jerry W:llliams, Stephen Gilboy .. Not pictured: Duncan Chandler ..

Bunk 51

L to R, Front row: Eric Betron.] Ronen Segal, Joshua Zeichner, Adam Cohen. Second row:

I Darryl Diamond, Justin Sanders, David Salgado, Paul Baltes, Scott Thomas. Not pictured: .Juan Carlos Lopez.



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