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The 1993 Totem "Doing the Best We Can."

Dear Reader,

The summer of '93 had eight weeks of excitement, education and enjoyment for the campers of Camp Mah- Kee- Nac. It was the 65th anniversary for the camp itself, and the 10th anniversary for the Metzgers, who purchased the camp in 1983.

The special events that took place throughout the summer were very exciting, as well as pretty creative on the part of the administrative staff. The campers were involved in the annual Green and White Garnes. They were all involved in the Carnival, and the Olympics. These events were wonderful experiences for the counselors as well. They encouraged team work, positive attitudes, and good sportsmanship. They were really fun, too.

It was also wonderful to see them using the knowledge given to them in the various program areas, and succeeding with that knowledge. The counselors from eaeh area worked hard to make sure the campers were not wasting their summers away. They took every opportunity to teach the campers something about life, getting along, and being good kids. They promoted healthy relationships in the bunks, on the playing fields, and even in the Totem office.

This summer was also a most enjoyable one. Danny and N aney hope that every boy who comes here will have the best summer of their life. If something was not going well for one of the kids, they were right on the ball. They worked with whoever needed them to solve any problems the campers were having.

I personally feel this was a great summer. I didn't know what to expect when I stepped off that Greyhound Bus on June 19th at 5:45 p.m. I am so glad that I took this step in life, to experience life where the people over 18 are outnumbered by younger people two-to-one. It was great for me to get to know the kids in my bunk, as well as the kids in my classes. They are all great kids. They are highly motivated, creative, eager to learn, and very smart. It was a pleasure to work with each one that I did.

The 1993 Totem is a yearbook of memories for all that attended in the summer of '93 .. The campers who wrote the stories came up with most of their questions for their interviews, did their own interviews, and wrote their own stories. (I helped out a little on the editing part.) I feel the Totem had a very successful summer, and I am thankful to all those involved this summer. I wish all of the campers the best of luck with the challenges that ahead for them,


Sean. D. Nickell

1993 Totem Advisor

Issue #1

Opening Day, First Night Activities, Meet Danny and Steve, Marlons' Fabulous Top Nine, Mike's Memories of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, MKNs 65th Summer Brings New Facility to Camp, 3 on 3 Basketball Tourney to Take Place, 4th ofJuly Talent Show Memorable for Campers, First Brother/Sister Luncheon of 65th Summer Held, New Faces Around Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, These Guys are A Lot More Than Head Counselors, WCM Keeps the Good Music Rolling, Green and White Off and Running Again, :t\1KN's Football Program, Bunk Inspections Important to MKN, MKN's Pool Program, Cooling Off Campers on Hot Days.

Issue #2

Mah-Kee-Nac Swimmers Place Second at Kenmont, Saltzberg Wins Soccer Award, MKN Shaq Attack Updates, MKN's Mysterious Neighbor, 12.6 Soccer Successful at Kenmont Tournament, Through the Eyes of Beau, Office, Canteen Important to MKN, Advanced D and D with Chris D., New Faces at MKN, Lake Test Necessary for Waterfront Use, Overboard! The Wet Exit Test, The Writer's Corner, MKN Baseball Program Is at the Top of the Hill, Art Provides Hours of Fun For Campers, MKN Woodshop.

Issue #3

Parents Visiting Brings Many Smiles to MKN Campers, MKN Tennis Action, Junior Camp's Talents Displayed, Cheyennes Travel To Riverside, Your Ten Best Bets At Mah-Kee-Nac, Rory's Suggestions For After "Taps", Unique Entertainment Provides Hours of Fun ForMKN, Mah-Kee-Nac Team Tennis is a Smash!, Take Me Out To 111e B all Game! ,Wizards Entertain Campers, A Typical Day in the Lower Senior Camp, Navajo's Take Trip to Mount Torn, Cherokees See US Pro Tennis Match, hoq",;!ois Day Trip.

Issue #4

Lipsyncers Give Unforgettable Evenings To Mah-Kee-Nac, Shaq Attack Updates, Cheyenne Intercamp Held, Green and White '93, Mah-Kee-Nac's Carnival '93, Mah- Kee-Nac Soccer Team Placed at 11.6 Toumey, Archery Program Big at MKN, 1v1KN;Danbee Fare Well at Swim Meet, Catskill Game Farm Fun For Apaches, Profile .... Mah-Kee-Nae Photographer, NBA Day Fun For Lower Senior Camp, Tennis Tournament Underway, Rocketry Program a Blast, Star Gazing Club Brings New Experiences to 1v1KN.

Issue #5

Camp Sing Brings MKN Together Again, McDonald's Intramurais Held on Lower Senior Camp, Mohican Preparation with Brian, "What Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Means to Me" Contest Winners, Lower Senior Production a Hitl, College Day at Mah-Kee-Nac, Mah-Kee-Nac's '93 Olympic Game-s, Algonquins Go To Maine, Navajos Travel to Cooperstown, Mah-Kec-Nac Places Second at Baseball Intercamp, Cherokees See Boston, Cheyennes Take Trip to Lake George, Senecas Take Memorable Trip to Montreal, Brave Program Important to Mah-Kee-Nac, British Invasion Day Fun For Lower Seniors, Cheyennes Participate in Intercamp at Winadu, Mah-Kee-Nac Upper Senior Soccer is Where It's At, Apaches See Berkshire Sanctuary, DJ Jeff Rocks 1v1KN, Upper Senior Play Brings "Pippin" to the Stage, MKN Brings Horne Title.

Camp Mah·Kee·Nac

The Totem

July 12, 1993

Lenox, Massachusetts

Issue 1, Vol. 57

Photo by David Minert Welcome Campers! These campers were greeted by Steve Langford when they arrived on Sunday afternoon.

First Night Activities Held

by Ben Cohen Cheyenne 29

The summer of 1993 at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac started off with a bang thanks to the activities that took place the first night.

According to staff reports, the Juniors assembled for a campfire, after a hearty meal and some free play. Ap-

pearing at the Junior camp fire were Head Junior Baseball Coach, Rogers Allison, Robert Mills, Drama counselor, and several counselors who performed various skits.

Please See First Night on page 2.

Opening Day Brings an Exciting Start to Camp Mah·Kee·Nac's 65th Summer

by Eric Beaton Navajo 24

June 27, 1993 marked the beginning of Camp Mah·Kee·Nac's 65th summer. Campers came from as far south as Florida, and counselors from as far west as Los Angeles, or overseas from England, Scotland and Wales. Not to mention the number of kids from the New England area.

The campers arrived at

approximately 2:30p.m. to find many excited and smiling counselors here to greet them. They also found a brand new roller hockey facility waiting for them to use.

Will Anderson Iroquois 9, thought that the bus ride up to camp was fun. "It was loud though," Anderson added.

The buses were not the only way people came to Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, Some campers like Brett Hornby· Iroquois 9 came by car. "I would have rather come on the bus."

Both Anderson and Hornby liked the tour they went on once they had settled in. "I liked showing my brother around," Hornby said.

Both campers liked thefree time they had after dinner. They played games like baseball,. basketball, soccer, and other games.

This year, roller hockey, inter-camps, and soccer are just some of many activities that campers are looking forward. Have a great summer everyone!

I "There is in this world no such force as the force of a man determined to rise. The human soul cannot be permanently chained"

Author unknown bv Totem Staff!

2 The Tradition Continues

What Do You Like About Camp Mah·Kee·Nac?

by Danny Jackson Iroquois 12 and Craig Rowin Iroquois 11

Jordan Beckerman Iroquois 12

"I'm very comfortable in camp, because I trust everyone!"

Jonathan Lerner Iroquois 11

"I like the sports, the counselors, and the kids at camp."

Andrew Schwartz Iroquois 12

"No one says bad things about you."

The Totem

Junior Writer: Apaches- Michael Drogln, Danny Jackson, Craig Rowin, Josh Sherman; Iroquois-Craig Rowin, Jesse Sackin, Danny Jackson; Mohican- Jon Berman.

ILower Senior Writers: Navajo-Eric Beaton, Steven Brauntuch, Todd Fuchs, Oren Goldenberg, Rory Levine, Michael Nahmias, Jack Pesin, Beau Shaw, Brain Zeller; CheyenneBen Cohen, Seth Gold, Marlon LeWinter;

Upper Senior Writers: Cherokees David. Roberts, Michael Rowin.

Advisor-Sean D. Nickell

Special thanks to Danny and Nancy Metzger for this [publication possible. Story ideas should be sent to the Totem Advisor. The purpose of this publication is to give campers of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac the opportunity 'to learn something about the wide world of journalism. The writers worked hard to do their own interviewing and writing, and should be commended.

Meet Danny and Steve

by Brian Zeller Navajo 22

This summer is the start of the tenth summer Danny and Nancy Metzger have run Mah·Kee·Nac. The reason why they have been here so long is that the Berkshire Mountains are their favorite place to live.

One goal Dannyr has is to give every boy at MKN the best summer of his life. Danny picked Mah- Kee- N ac, because he went to this camp when he was a child and loved it.

Photo by David Minert

Smile Gentlemen! Here are Steve Rubin, Assistnat Director; and Dan.ny MetzQ.E e. r, Owner of Camp Mah·Kee·Nac.

tivities as there are today and the camp was much smaller," Danny commented .. Both Danny and Nancy will always love Mah-Kee-Nac,

Steve Rubin is starting his seventh

six years.

Danny never went

"Battle of the Bunks". This involved strategic planning in order to win. The winners were Bunk 25 of the NavajotribeandBunk 33 of the Cheyenne tribe. After "Battle of the Bunks" the Lower Seniors went to the waterfront for a beach fire. They had a counselors belly flop contest. The winner

toMah·Kee·Nacasa camper; he went to camp in Pennsylvania. Steve picked Mah·Kee·Nac because he likes the values and the atmosphere here ...

Steve likes the

When Danny was a year as Berkshires better camper here, assistantdirector of than Florida because Mah-Kee-Nac was MKN. He was also a it is cool and pretty. very different. head counselor for He doesn't want to

ever leave


First Night. .. (From Page 1)

was Danny Burbank.

The Upper Seniors had a bunk: competition as well. There were events such as the human pyramid and the human knot

This reporter would venture to state that all three camps had a successful first night, and each activity was a great way to start off their summer.

"There weren't nearly as many ac-

The Apache counselors performed "Do Your Ears Hang Low", and other Junior camp counselors perforrned "The Eight Days at Mah·Kee·Nac". Tills was followed by the singing of "Taps" , and a marshmallow roast.

The Lower Senior campers had a bunk: competition called

The Tradition Continues 3

Marlon's Fabulous Top Nine

House of Pancakes. way. like the Apaches, or to meet who they

Anticipation was in We pulled out of the near the clean, re- would be spending the

theair. I was so excited parking lot, and started freshing smell of the summer with.

I could barely eat. I on what would be a pool, like the Chero- 3) Will you throw

did manage to put a very long, and tiring kees. this away for me?

few bites down trip. Which brings me 7) Who is in my With all that candy, though, and wefinally to the reason why I am bunk? Everyone this was said quite ofwere on our way to writing this column. wanted to know right ten.

meet the bus at Great This is my list of the away who they would 2) Is the food good?

Neck High School in top 9 questions my be staying with. After this bus trip, I

Long Island, New fellow bus-mates 6) Can we eat yet? began to think that

York. asked along the way. Everyone wanted to food must always be

Thank goodness the 9)Doyouknowwho eat their sack lunches on our minds. Andthe

ride to meet the buses my counselor is? It and sweets as soon as number 1 question that was short. Aboutfive seemed that everyone they got on the bus. washeardonthebuses of the seven buses just had to try and get You should have seen to Cam p

were there when I ar- some idea who their all the candy. Mah-Kee-Nac was

rived. I walked up to counselor was, and 5) When do we get 1) ARE WE

bus counselor as alight what they were like. our drinks? By this THERE YET? This

drizzle was starting to 8) What bunk am I time, everyone had question was asked fall. I asked him where in? Everyone wanted realized that they more than any other I was supposed to sit, to know where they should have waited question on the bus. got on the bus to find would be staying for until they got their N ow I Marlon my seat and put my the summer. They drinks to start eating. LeWinter, would like bags away. I said wondered if they 4) Can we switch to add one more thing. good-bye to my par- would be near the seats? My fellow Have a Great Summer ents and was on my beautiful beach area, campers were anxious at Mah-Kee-Nac!

Marlon LeWinter Cheyenne 32

Early Sunday

morning I anxiously woke up ready to start my third year at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, I got up at 6:45, and went to the bathroom to wash my hands and brush my teeth. After the rest of the family was ready, we got in the car and headed to the International

Mike's Memories of Camp Mah·Kee·Nac

Mike Rowin Cherokee 38

It all started back in 1989, when I boarded the bus for Camp Mah·Kee·Nac. I really didn't know what would happen, butthat first year lead me to another three summers here.

In my firstyearf was a Mohican, so I was basically learning. I met new friends like Ian Kaye, Matt Fogel, I and many others. lean also remember the extremely fun Watermelon league, and the

flag lowering before supper was always unwinding.

There was also my first Olympics. I will

always remember the dramatic break out when our group leader came down in a heli-

copter after we thought he had been fired.

All the sports and fun

lead to my second year asaNavajo. As a Navajo, I could pick out my schedule. This would be a great year, mainly because it would be the year T went into the bunk I would be inforthenext three years. I was introduced to the gigantic baseball hill, socials (one of the best parts ofMah-Kee-Nac), the new pool (which made swimmmg more enjoyable for someone who didn't like to swim.)

The most memorable event that year

was our big trip ... almost. We were going go to Lake George, but we were rained out. Instead we went to a mall and shopped until we dropped.

Again in my Cheyenne year, I had the same bunk. Jeff Kelly made up his famous song "Mah·Kee·Nae Is the Place", and we actually made it to Lake George. I also remember Ashley Hammonds. He was theLowerSenior Head Counselor who went all out for saving the

environment. I'll always remember his famous line, "It's a scorcher!"

And now, just a few weeks into my fourth year at Mah-Kee-Nac.. I hopeit'smybestsummer yet!


is still for Tote,m

4 The Tradition Continues

Photo by David Miner!

Brand New! Camp Mah-Kee-Nac's new roller hockey rink.

MKN's 65th Summer Brings New Facility to Carnp.

by Michael Nahmias Navajo 26

Over the 309 He got the idea from days of Camp other camps that had Mah-Kee-Nac's off- street hockey rinks. season, a new facility Danny decided his

. was added to the sum- rink: would be differmer camp. This new ent. '1 wanted a roller facility is a new roller hockey rink. that was hockey rink. Not just bigger and better than any old rink, but one the rest," Danny said. close to a regulation Mah-Kee-Nac'sroller National Hockey hockey rink is 150 feet

League rink. long and 85 feet long.

Danny Metzger had According to An-

the great idea of the thony Richards, roller hockey rink. Danny hockey counselor, chose the Petricca campers who want to Construction Com- use the new roller pany to build the rink. hockey facility need

to have theirownroller blades, and a caged helmet with glass over the face, He stated that participants need the proper pads and gloves. Anthony added if campers did not have aU the equipment needed, Camp Mah·Kee·Nac would provide the necessary items.

Anthony wanted to make one point clear to those who use the new roller hockey facility. "Safety is first, You cannot have fun without playing safe. That's our motto."

Billy Harmon is the head of roller hockey at Camp Mah·Kee·Nac. He is being assisted by Anthony' Tod Masterman, and Jerry McWaters.

Photo by David Miner!

Practice! Practice! Practice! Several Junior campers prepare for the 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

3 on 3 Basketball Tourney to Take Place

by Steve Brauntuch Navajo 27

Many things happen on the Junior Basketball court. Assemblies, Green and White, just to name a few. However, this year a special activity will take place there. Yep, you guessed it, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. Brad Humphrey organized the program. Despite his busy schedule, I tracked him down for an interview ..

The low down is tllatthis tournament started on July 4th. Over the next two weeks, a regular season will take place. After the regular season, there is a week of playoffs. The regular season champs will receive a certificate, as do the tournament champs. Humphrey did make it clear, however, that everyone who participates

is a winner.

There are 16 teams in the tournament, four players per team with one sub. There will be three to eight minute quarters per game and six games per week. There will be three games per day twice a week. The teams are chosen at random, but each team will have at least two Mohicans.

There are

some strict rules on sportsmanship. For instance, if you argue or bad-mouth anyone, you will be tossed from the game. Humphrey hopes that there will be plenty of sweat and smiles throughout the entire tournament. He is counting on all the J uniors to participate. So what are you waiting for? Give it your best shot!

6 The Tradition Continues

New Faces Around Camp Mah·Kee·Nac

by Rory Levine Navajo 27

Hi and welcome to Mah-Kee-Nac for the sixty-fifth summed We have a lot of new

New Faces are. Upper left- . Anthony Harrington; bottom leftRobert Shapiro; right-Danny

Burbank. .

faces in the crowd! So this NEW section is designed to introduce you to the new people here at camp!

Attention aU you soccer players. Meet Anthony (Tony) Harrington! He's the head coach of soccer. He's from Trinidad and has played professional soccer for eight years. While in Trinidad, he played for the under -sixteen team and the under-nineteen team. He has since played for the Tampa Bay Rowdies and England. While

trying ou t for

Luthontown of

Everton, he broke both

legs and ended his soccer career. "I used to playprofessionaUy, I love the game, and I want to help the kids develop their skills. He plans to retum to Mah-Kee-Nac after the summer of '93.

Robert Shapiro Navajo 24, commented, "Everything is great!" Robert is a Navajo during his first year at MKN! He's from West Nyack, NY about45 minutes from New York City. He found out aboutMKN through his friends, who said it was very good. He plans to play in sports andintroduce himself to both other kids and activities. He also plans to return.

Meet Danny

Burbank. He is a true Navajo from the Chinle Arizona Navajo Reservation. He instructs football, rocketry, ropes, and volleyball. Heteaches footballbecausehehas played it, and teaches rocketry, ropes, and volleyball since he has free time. He found out about MKN through the ASU school paper. He hopes to complete two months here and to get experience with kids, He really likes the MKN food. In fact it is his favorite thing .. He likes Camp Mah· Keeo N ac, and plans to return next year.

These Guys are A Lot More Than Head Counselors

Head Counselors are from left to right Norbert ~uger, Upper Seniors; Jeff Kelly, JUniors; and Andy Cole,

Lower Seniors. .

by David Roberts Cherokee 38

When you look at a campus assembly, who seems to get more that half of the attention? The answer is

the head counselor.

Jeff Kelly was the head of soccer last summer at Camp Mah·Kee·Nac. This

surnrnerheisthelIead Counselor of the Junior camp, which has 139 campers.

Kelly, as any Head Counselor has many goals for this summer. "1 hope that the Junior campers and counselors have a great summer."

On the off-season) Kelly coaches high school soccer, teaches at a prep school, and sings the National Anthem at the University of Maryland basketball games.

Andy Cole is the Head Counselor for the Lower Senior Camp, which has 117 campers. Cole has

been with Camp Mah·Kee·Nac for nineteen years. He was the head counselor far the Junior camp last year.

Cole's goal is that everyone remembers their summer the way he remembers it.

On the off season, Cole is a sixth grade teacher, and coaches varsity basketball

Norbert Auger is the Head Counselor for the Upper Senior Camp, which has close to 100 campers. This is Auger's seventh year at Camp Mah·KeeoNac. "This is my third year at Upper Senior Head

Counselor. For four years beforethatl was the Waterfront Director."

Auger's is shooting for a safe year with the trips and leagues. He also added that there are many benefits for being part of the Upper Seniorcarnp.

On the off-season, Auger is a computer science professor at Assumption College. He is also a coach of a downhill ski team ..

Camp Mah·Kee·Nac Celebrating its 65th Anniversary

The Tradition Continues 5

4th of July Talent Show Memorable for Campers

by Beau Shaw Navajo 24

On July 4, 1993, Camp Mah-Kee-Nac held the annual Talent Show. Several performers got up on stage, and displayed talent they brought to camp .. The talent show marked the first time that the everyone in Camp Mah-Kee-N ac was together as a whole for the summer of 1993.

There were a total of nineteen acts including magic tricks, gymnastics, piano performances.

Andrew D.

Horowitz thrilled the

crowd with musical clips from "The Phantom of the Opera" ..

"Mexicans on Film" was another act performed at the talent show. In this act two counselors portraying Mexicans critiqued several recent films ..

"Stuntski' from the Lower Senior Camp was anotherperlonner at the talent show. He played an acrobat who

The Show Must Go On! Todd Fuchs

(above) and Andrew D. Horowitz (right) were just two of the many performers at the annual 4th of July talent show. Photos by David Minert

was on the road lookingforajob. The Great Stuntski, Todd Fuchs, completed several hand springs, and cart wheels.

Another act was a magic trick, performed by Chris Dufault, which left many campers wondering

how it was done.

Head Counselor of the Junior camp, Jeff Kelly, performed his original Camp Mah-Kee-Nac song, and had the campers sing along with him.

The night was finished off with the sing-

ing of "Taps".

Robert Mills, drama counselor, had reasons why he thought the talent show was agood idea. "All the campers should know something more about their bunk mates, and friends around camp."

First Brother/Sister Luncheon of 65th Summer Held

by Jack Pesin Navajo 27

The first Brother/ Sister luncheon of the summer of 1993 took place on July 3, 1993 at Mah·Kee·Nac.

According to Steve Rubin, assistant director we have the Brother/Sister Luncheons with Dan bee because, " ... a number of our campers have sisters at Danbee who come here for lunch. This gives the campers a chance to be with their sisters, and let them see their brother's bunks."

Steve went on to state that the luncheons take place weekly while the campers are here.

Steve also said, "The Brother/Sister Luncheons are important because, brothers like to spend time with their sisters , and sisters like to spend time with their brothers. The Brother/Sister Luncheons are some of the good things about having a sister at out sister camp."

Welcome to Mah·Kee·Nac Sis! Several girls from Danbee came to see their brothers for a special Lunch.

"The Brother! Sister Luncheons are important because brothers like to spend time with their sisters, and sisters like to spend time with their brothers," Steve said.

The Tradition Continues 7

WCM Keeps the Good Music Rolling

by Beau Shaw Navajo 24

"And here 's the next song ... " That's what you' U behearing when you tune into AM 640 WCM radio .. Mah·Kee-Nac's way to the airwaves. Campers and counselors from all over the camp work on WCM.

Clifton Holland, WCM counselor, overlooks the campers who runthe station during their scheduled periods. Hollandisno new face to the disc jockey scene. He had worked at a radio station in Tucson, Ari-

zona before joining Camp Mah-Kee-Nac. Holland also said that WCM will play almost anything, but does have to use some discretion. "We do not play songs that contain excessive bad language. It sometimes is all right if they have one bad word or so, We do not play anything racist, or vulgar, ., Holland commented ..

Holland stated that WCM does have talk

to say, they can have a talk show." Recently the group leaders of tlae lower senior camp. as well as some other counselors, put on a sports talk show. Campers listened to the counselors talk about the NBA draft pick, and dead air. Boyd (Woody) Search, one of the voices on the talk: show commented, "We had no idea of what we were doing."

shows. "As long as Being a part of the campers have WCMdoesnotrequire something interesting a certain person to be

_ Photo by David Minert

WCM D.,J.'s hard at work.

successful. "It' s probably best if they like music, and like to have a good time," Holland added.

age to speak in public. "It is also a program campers can learn from," Holland commented."

WCM is waiting for campers like you to D.J. on Camp Mah·Kee·Nac's WCM 640 AM.

Holland also said the campers benefit from being a part of WCM by giving them cour-

Green and White Off and Running Again

by Steve Brauntuch Navajo 27

So, what is your favorite evening activity? Options? Waterfront? RoUerHockey? Green and White may be at the top of your list.

Green and White usually has taken place on Sunday nights in the past. This year, due to the 4th of July holiday and talent show, the first night was held on Friday, July 2.

Without a doubt, the best part of the first night had to be the event at the end when one of the jesters had a pie thrown in his face.

Mike Dale, coordinator of Green and White, said the pur-

pose of Green and White was to bring the camp together, "Most of the pressure is on the Head Counselors who choose the teams, events, any other activities involved.

Todd Fuchs Navajo 23, a four year veteran of Cam p Mah·Kee·Nac said, "It was fun and enjoyable."

As of July to, the White team was leading the Green team 345 to 255. The next scheduled days for Green and White are July 11, and July 25.

Green and White 1993

Photos by David Miner!

8 The Tradition Continues

MKN's Football Program

by Oren Goldenberg Navajo 24

Bluefifty-twot Blue fifty-two! Set? Hut, hut, HIKE! Football is a difficult sport to play.

A good football player needs to practice hard to be able to succeed. People learn a lot from playing football at MKN.

Brad Rubin, football counselor, said people have fun with the ten year old program because, " ... it gi ves them a chance to

play and develop some good football skills. The campers also learn to work as a team."

Rubin stated that the campers did not have to know much about football to participate in the program. "We learn skills and incorporate them when we play."

Hubin said he and the other football counselors hope to share some of the knowledge that they

oyDavld Mmert

I've got it! Campers use the pool for fun on a hot day!

MKN's Pool Program, Cooling Off Campers on Hot Days

by Todd Fuchs Navajo 23

Splish!' Splash! On hot day, where is everyone's favorite place to be? At the pooL

Steve Langford is the head of the pool program here at1vlKN He said that the pool

stays pretty busy each day. "We have about 250 campers in there everyday. We have to sort outalotof courses, and that takes a lot of numbering."

Langford said the pool staff is able to

have gained over the years, and pass it on to the campers.

The counselors working with the football program this year are Hubin, Danny Burbank and Ralph Vix.

Hubin also believed that learning to play football can bring a better athlete out of everyone. "It develops sportsmanship, character and learning to work as a team."

give lessons to beginners, advanced beginners, intermediate, swimmer, advanced swimmer, and expert. He also said MKNhas a swim team each year. "The first meet will be on July 9th against Kenmont. Anyone can join the swim team," Langford added.

The pool itself is twenty-five yards long, twenty yards wide and holds 140,000 gallons of water. Langford said, "No one is to wear watches or aqua socks in. the pool. You can only dive from the deep end of the pool. There is to be no sitting or standing .on anyone's shoulders."

So take advantage when you can of the cool water at the pool. Be safe and enjoy!

Bunk Inspections Important to 11KN

by Craig Rowin Iroquois 11

Bunk inspections are an important part of the daily routine at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac. According to Read Junior Counselor Jeff Kelly, "Bunk inspections are necessary to check and see if the areasareorgan:ized and clean."

Kelly stated, "Points are taken away to let the bunk know they need to improve in a particular category .. " He later said he looks for swept floors and porches, no trash on

the ground of the bunk. He also looks for the beds to be made, and all stuff folded and put away.

Kelly hopes that by inspecting every day the campers and counselors vigilante in organization and cleanliness of the bunks ..

When asked if he thoughtFribles were a good reward for clean . bunks he replied, "YES!"

So campers, keep those bunks clean.

Candy Day lrnportant to All Campers

by Josh Sherman Apache 13

What's an important part of Camp Mah·Kee·Nac? It's not bunk inspections, northerestperiod, It's candy day!

Candy day has been going on for quite some time. According to Head Junior Counselor, Jeff Kelly the reason why we have candy day is because, "The kids ask for it, and it gives them something to look forward to."

There are several kinds of candy available on candy day .. Kelly said there was, "Chocolaty, fruity, nutty. and licoroushy kinds of candy are given out on Thursdays and Sundays to all juniors."

According to Kelly, the candy is purchased by Danny and Nancy Metzger, Mah-Kee-Nac's directors.

Any story ideas should be sent to the Totem advisor.

Camp Mah·Kee·Nac

t65\ ~

e Totem

Jul 11, 1993

Lenox, Massachusetts

Issue 2, Vol. 5 I

The Alphabet Game! Campers jump with excitement as they play the AI'phabet Games at one of the eveninq activity.

Saltzberg Wins Soccer Award

by Brian ZeUer Navajo 22

A good attitude about what one does is important for the success of the acti vity. Each participant must show good sportsmanship if enjoyment is to be achieved by all involved.

The soccer sportsmanship award is for someone who has the right personality and positive attitude toward the

people and the game, according to head soccercoach, Anthony Harrington.

The first sportsmanship award for the summer of 1993 at MKN went to JonathanSaltzberg. "Hehad

Please See Sportsmanship Page 3.

Mah·Kee·Nac Swimmers Place Second at Kenmont

by Ross Seiden Iroquois 11

On Friday July 9th, twentyone campers from Camp Mah-Kee-Nac traveled to Kent Connecticut, for a swim meet, where they placed second against five otherteams. Theiropponents were Grey Lock, Kenmont, Pontiac, and Taconic.

The events that took place were the freestyle, the front crawl, the front and back stroke, the butterfly, and medley relays, according to' Dan Miller, Mah·Kee·Nac coach.

The Mah-Kee-Nac campers involved with the swim meet were Chris Bloom, Scott Brandwein, Craig Cummins, Jon Drillings, Jeremy Duksin, Mark Fraiden, Paul Gelinas, Andrew Horowitz (NY), Perry Kalmus, Jeff Kleinman, David Krupnick, Jake

Lesnik, Andy Margolies, Mike Nahmias, Andy Prussack, Russell Rubin, Jesse Sackin.Alex Sherman, Jason Tufo, Oliver Wiener, and Scott Weintraub.

Dan was pleased with the way things turned out. "We' had a lot of good team effort, cooperation, good spirit and fast swimmers. They did an admirable job."

Dan said three or four more swim meets were scheduled throughout the summer. "You don't have to be a great swimmer to participate, aU you need to have is a good attitude."

Dan also said practice is important to the team. "The Juniors can practice during their club period, and the seniors need to sign up for it on their schedule for fifth period."

Our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening; those which when shared multiply. Our least valuable possessions are those which when divided are diminished.

Author unknown by Totem Staff

2 The Tradition Continues

What's Your Favorite Activity at Mah·Kee·Nac?

by Jason Kessler Iroquois 9

"Hockey, because I like to skate,"

Brian Koffler Iroquois 10

"Basketball , because I'm good at it, and it's fun!" Jordan Koss Iroquois 11

"Hockey, because I like skating around the rink and taking shots at qoal." Evan Rosen lroquois 10

The Totem

Junior Writers: Apaches- Michael D.rogin, Hanny Jackson, Craig Rowin; Iroquois-Craig Rowln.; Mohican- Jon Berman.

Lower Senior Writers: Navajo-Eric Beaton, Steven Brauntuch, Todd Fuchs, Oren Goldenberg, Eli Levine, Ror ! Levine, Jack Pesin, Micheal Reed, Robert Shapiro, David Share, Beau Shaw Dram Zeller; Cheyenne-Ben Cohen, Seth Gold, Marlon LeWinter

Upper Senior Writers: Cherokees-David Roberts, Mfchael Colton

Advisor-Sean D. Nickell; Assistant-Josh Zeichner;

Special thanks to Danny and Nancy Metzger for making this publication possible. Story ideas should be sent to the Totem Advisor. The purpose of this publication is to give campers of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac the opportunity to Learn something about the wide world of journalism. The writers worked hard to do

I their own interviewing and writing, and should be commende

MKN Shaq Attack Updates

by Steve Brauntuch Navajo 27

Now, the part you've all been waitingfor: the STA TS for the 3 on 3 Mah.·Kee·Nac Shaq Attack Basketball Tournament! In the Western. Conference, the Rockets are at 4-2. The Suns and the Jazz are both at 3-0 .. The Lakers stand at 2-1, while the Heat can still catch up at 2-4. Not far behind are the Clippers at 0-3 and the Sonics and Spurs, each at 1-5.

In the Eastern Conference, the Hawks are ahead of the pack at 5- 1, but not far behind are the Hornets at 4- 2. It's a tightrace, though

with the Celtics at 3-0, the Nets at 3- 3 and the Bulls and Magic, each at 2-1. Still within the crowd are the Knicks at 0-3 and the Cavs at 1-5.

But wait, there's more! The Hornets have scored the most points in 1 game by a team, when they beat the Knicks by a score of16-0. The Nets have come close by a 14-2 victory over the Cavs. The most points scored for combined teams is 22, when the Heat handed the Hawks their only loss of the season with a score of 12-10.

by Danny Jackson Iroquois 12

In case you forgot, here are the basic details about it. There are 16 teams divided into 2 divisions (East and West). Right now, we're in the middle of the regular season, from which we go to the playoffs ..

Brad Humphrey, tournament director, wanted to show his appreciation for the other officials that were helping out. Those officials areJ oe

Carberry, Elijah

Colgen, Paul

Kesselnnan and.~e Molloy ..

Altogether, one could say tins tournament is a slam, or even a swish.

.MKN's Mysterious Neighbor

This is news for all years old, and has the new campers. approximately Did you know that twenty gravestones. there is a graveyard Even though kids past the archery donottake trips there, range? it may be exciting to

Danny Metzger, some to know about.

Mah-Kee-Nac's co- Nancy Metzger, owner, stated that the Mah· Kee· Nac ' s cemeteryisabout200 other co-owner, has

Correction Corner

enjoyed history there with her kids. "I used. to go there with my kids, and do rubbings of the gravestones."

It is not known for sure, but there was once a rumor that JohnSmith sfather's postman's daughter was buried at this grave yard.

In "Meet Danny and Steve" on page 2 of the July 12, 1993 edition, The begining of the fourth paragraph should have read, "Steve never went to Mah·Kee·Nac as a camper ... n The Totem strongly regrets this error.

The Tradition Continues 3

12.6 Soccer Successful at Kenmont Tournament

by Marlon LeWillter Cheyenne 32

Picture it! Wednesday, July 7, 1993. The 12.6 soccer team was awakened at6:00 a.m. to prepare for a busy day atCamp Kenmont in Connecticut. The soccer team ate and went to the Kruger Lodge steps to wait for the vans to pull up. Jeremy Levy, Jeff Bartfeld, Jacob Auger, Seth Gaffney, Jon Stopol, Chris McLoughlin Ross Feitlinger, Brian Feil, Mitch Reisman,

SammyBengen,Perry Kalmus.Martlfankin, Josh Whitney, Jeff Miller,myself, and the head of soccer, Tony Harrington, hopped on the van and headed on what would be a long trip.

We got to Kenmont and started the first of three games. In the first game against Pontiac, Sammy Bengen scored early in the game to make the score 1-0, the rest of the half went score-

less. In the second half Sammy scored a goal to make the score 2-0. Perry Kalmus followed with another goal to end Mah-Kee-Nac's first game, 3-0.

In our second game we faced Camp Greylock. Seth Gaffney opened the scoring with a beautiful left foot shot into the lower corner of the goal. In the second half, Matt Hankin scored a goal into the top right hand comer of the net to

Through the Eyes of Beau

Beau Shaw Navajo 24

What are the four most basic things campers at Camp Mah·Kee·Nac do?

1) Have fun. 2 Learn ..

3)Meet new


4) EAT!!!

Three times a day, campers at Mah-Kee-Nac go

into the Dining Hall and stuff themselves with the best camp food ever to beknown.

Campers eat

Chicken Wings, Pizza, Steak, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Chicken Nuggets, Bagels, French Toast, VVaffles,Pancakesand a lot more, let alone a 7 foot Salad bar. And if you don't like what is to eat, there is always the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich you can eat

At Breakfast, there are Cereal Boxes and either Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, Bagels or a surprise waiting for you. Lunch and supper both have their surprises


When you sit down at the table, there is usually good conversation about what everyone did before the meal.

You might have a conversation about your last social, or even about the food you are having.

Every time a I camper comes out of the Dining Room, they have a smile on their face. The food is so good that the Chef even has a smile on his face when you come back for thirds.

end the second game 2-0, Mah·Kee·Nac's favor.

Only four teams were left, Mah-Kee-Nacplayed Kenmont, and Winadu played Grey

Lock. Against

Kenmont, MKN

played strong defense but could not score either. With ten seconds left in first half, Sammy had another amazing shot to give us the lead, 1-0.

We went into the second half feeling confident. But with

ten minutes left we made a mistake, and Kenmont's top player went on to a break away, and beat the goalie, making the score 1-1.

With seven minutes left in the game, Kenmont's same top player broke away again to score. The game finished with Kenmont winning 2- lover Mah·Kee·Nac.

We finished the day with a mouthful of Fribbles from Friendly's and a 2-1 record for the day.

Sportsrnansho ...

from page 1


a great attitude and a great game at the Lenox tournament."

"One doesn't have to be an outstanding player to receive this award. A player sim-

Hey Juniors!

We are the best. The best by far. We'll smoke you out like a cheap cigar. Drive on Lower Seniors Drive on. (Clap Clap) We like it. We love it. We want more of it.


ply has to have the same attitude ifhe wins or loses," Anthony stated.

The idea for the award came from the recent soccer toumamen! in Lenox. Anthony wishes the award would be given out atall activities. The award is to encourage all kids, of all ages, in all sports to have the right attitude about what they are taking part in.

4 The Tradition Continues

These smil"ng faces from Mah-Kee-Nac Junior Watern Green and WI Records, and

, Activities,

, The Tradition Continues 5

xmd Camp, e from the )n Leagues, !,World

Isr Eveninq

6 The Tradition Continues

Office, Canteen Important To MKN

The Office Staff are a big help to every day. They are part of the reason why Mah-Kee-Nac runs as well as it does.

by Jack Pesin Navajo 27

The Mah·Kee·Nac office is acentral location here at camp. It is where a lot of things happen. P.A. announcements, phone calls and the mail are just a few of the duties the office must take care of each day.

Jodi Shinner, a two year secretary, said the office is really busy

because the attendance at camp is high.

Lynn Richards, the Canteen coordinator said, "To get things from the Canteen, you have to get the Canteen slip, fillitoutand drop it in the envelope in the office. The items you may get from the Canteen are toiletries, batteries, stamps, and

other things like that."

Lynn added, "The campers and counselors get the things they ordered with their

. mail."

She also said the camp gets the various things for the canteen from stores Mah-Kee-Nac has deals with, or camp staff go and buy them.

The Canteen/Safe hours are from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. One can keep anything in the safe. "Some counselors from other countries keep their passports locked up," Lynn stated.

She also said, "Nothing has been stolen yet, and probably nothing ever will. If there would be something stolen, it would be the camps responsibility. "

Advanced D & 0 with Chris DI.

by David Share Navajo 24

Most of us already know about it. For those that don't know what Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is, wen let's get started. This is not a video game or board game. It is an extremely complex mental role playing game. It is a perpetual adventure, an on-goingchallenge. It is also abram-teaser that takes patience, skill, and anything else

needed to complete each quest.

There are two different roles to be played, the players characters (pC's) and the Dungeon Master (DM). Being OM is a rolefortheveryskilled player. He is the "referee" of the game. He makes the decisions, moves, and other actions of the non-player characters, or NPC's.

The player charac-

ters play the roles of wizards, warriors, priests or rogues. You collect treasures, battle evil creatures, and travel through strange places. "Anyone who loves brainteasers, acting, and mythology ; this is your game," said Chris Dufault, tennis counselor.

Anyone wanting to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons can contact Chris in bunk 24.



& ,!

;'Ir :~ ... ''_



New Faces at MKN

by Rory Levine Navajo 27

"I want to work on Apache counselor in my tennis playing," bunk 13. Dan is origisaid Spencer Stiefel nally from Canton Cheyenne 28. He is a Ohio, but goes to Cheyenne in his first school at the UniverMKN summer. sity of Arizona where

he studies Japanese

Spencer has a house and business. He on Mah-Kee-Nac lake found out about Camp and saw the camp M a h • K e e • N a c while riding in his through his school motorboat. His cous- newspaper. insalsocometoMKN, and Andy Prussack Navajo 23 lives around the comer from him at his home in Baldwin, Long Island. Heplans toretumnext year.

"Swim, swim,

swim," cries Dan Miller, swimming instructor. He is an

Dan likes the family-Iike atmospherehe feels from his fellow campers and counsel-

ors ..

While here, Dan hopes to have a fun and worthwhile experience. He also strives to motivate campers to do their best,

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Come to the Best Summer of Your Life!

Lenox, Massachusetts Danny and Nancy Metzger, Owners

The Tradition Continues 7

Photo by Ryan Sloane

I'm Watching You! Boyd (Woody) Search On the Waterfront Tower.

Lake Test Necessary for Waterfront Use

by Michael DroginApache 13

When you feel like taking a test, ask your swim instructor if you can take the lake test at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac.

According to the Waterfront Director, Phil Vishnesky, "The lake test is challenging and gives the waterfront staff a good way to measure swimming skills, and the ability to endure twelve minutes to


The Wet Exit Test

by Rory Levine Navajo 27

Are you tired of no kayaking privileges? Here is your chance. Take the wet exit test!

"This test includes flipping over in a kayak, tapping both sides twice and getting out of the kayak! " said Jason (Jazz) Shanks. He is the one to contact if you are interested in taking the test.

"The Wet Exit Test takes place in the small craft area (next to the fishing dock) and can

only be taken by seniors." Shanks informed, "If you can successfully pass the test, you can boat in deeper waters and have more freedom."

You can take the test during kayaking classes or specially arranged times. It is a step in the waterfront's safety precautions!

If interested in takingthe Wet Exit Test, just leave a note in Jason's mailbox at Kruger Lodge.

A Cornhusker Thank you to David Minert for all photographs (Unless otherwise noted) that have appeared in the Totem. We appreicate your time!

sustain a buoyant position."

Phil stated that the lake test is fun for some. "Others whose swimming skills are at the beginning level find it fearful. Some swimmers don't like the cold water, and that takes away from the fun of the lake test"

He also felt the lake test was important to MKN. "The whole

test helps to determine the level of swimming ability that will enable the campers to feel comfortable in deep water. Equally important the boating test allows a white chip swimmer to use a boat with a life jacket in case a boat capsizes."

The lake test takes twelve minutes to complete. "Each swimmer must swim using one stroke or combinations of

strokes for eight minutes. Immediately following the swim, the camper must tred water for three minutes. For the last minute, each swimmer must float on his back," said Phil

Phil also wanted to stress the importance of safety. Therefore, "A person without a white chip can only use the wading area or play beach volleyball."

The tiger has very strong legs. It uses them when running or chasing prey. Its black stripes look like the shadows of grass with the reddish-orange body. A tiger eats mostly deer, monkeys, and sometimes fish and birds.

Gorillas, are the closest animal to man. They beat their fists on their

by Jeremy Axelrod Iroquois 10

The Writer's Corner

The Mighty Rainforest

The rainforest has a very hot and muggy climate. In parts of South America the tiger lurks in search of his prey.

chests when either doing a mating call, or its own way of saying, "This is my territory! Stay Away!" Gorillas eat bananas of course. They also eat special kinds of fruit and bugs.

In the river you would see all sorts of fish. The fish would be pretty and easy to catch. They would probably swim very fast.

Alligators and

crocodiles eat mostly fish and water fowl. they are endangered species because, their skin is very popular and in good price. When crocodiles hunt

they keep their body under water except for their eyes and nose to see and breath with only a slight chance of being seen by its prey.

Snakes for instance are sometimes very long, and sometimes very short They can be very poisonous except for the vine snake, which is green and non poisonous. It eats frogs or small fish.

The people of the rain forest handle these things easily. The real treasures are snakes as poisonous as cobras.

8 The Tradition Continues

MKN Baseball Program Is at the Top of the Hill

by Jon Berman Mohican 5

approximatly seven other camps including

Winadu, Lenox,

Racquet Lake,

Taconic, Sommerset, and Brant Lake. The baseball teams play in many tournaments each year. They also play in the Pittsfield Mets' stadium and in the Albany Yankees' stadium.

"It is a long walk to get up the hill, but it is worth it," Bloom said. Remember to bring your glove! Baseball progress will be reported as the season continues.

The bases are loaded and you're up to bat. There's 2 outs, bottom of the ninth, and the count is full. You strike out! Your team loses. Maybe you should go to practice at the Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Baseban Program.

Greg Bloom, head of the Baseball Department, says that baseball has been here for a long time and MKN has won a lot of championships. He also said that all you have

to do to be a good baseball player is to like the game, try hard, and listen to your coaches. The main goal for teaching baseball at camp is to help players improve their skills and have fun.

Baseball teaches teamwork, cooperation, and working for a common goal. Campers are not put in groups, but in skill levels.

Over the summer,

MKN plays

Take Me Out To the Ball Game! Baseball is just one of the fun activities to do at camp. According to Head Coach Greg Bloom, all you have to do is like the game, try hard and listen to your coaches.

Art Provides Hours of Fun For Campers

MKN Woodshop.

by Eric Beaton Navajo 24

Zzzzzzzzzzz. MKN.

This is a sound Some of the similar to what you projects thatthey do might hear while inthewoodshopare you're in the signs and boxes. It

I Woodshop at generally takes two

MKN. to three class peri-

David Salgado, a ods to make these

second year projects.

woodshop coun- David also said selor, enjoys work- thatsafetywasabig ing with wood. He factor in the began teaching woodshop. "There woodworking, be- is a safety lecture at cause he wanted, the beginning of the " .... .to userny wood- year, and we reworking skills, and quire them to wear to help others make safety goggles."

things like my fa- David said there

ther helped me. some benefits to

David said one making projects at doesn'thavetohave the woodshop. experience working "They get the exwith wood to work perience of workin the woodshop at ing with wood."

by Jack Pesin Navajo 27

Red, orange, painting' ceramics, plaster masks, and the like. Where do these items belong? With the art

art, and paper mache."

Kelly said you don't have to be a wonderful artist to participate in the art program. She stated that making the Fimo Beads is one of the more popular activities among the campers. These beads are made of clay that is baked in the kiln.

Kelly stated that the art department works with other program areas to complete projects. "Campers paint things from the wood shop, and we helped make the costumes for Green and White, among other things."

program, of course.

The art program at MKN is the place to go when you're feeling creative, and artistic .. There are plenty of activities to keep campers busy during their regularly scheduled periods, and on rainy days. According to Amanda Kelly, "There's plenty of things to do! Such as p I a s t e r If you're looking for masks, fimo something fun to do, beads, using drop by the art shop, the pottery and see what's going

wheel, spin on.

Terry Wolfisch watches over some campers in the art shop.


(65\ 'C:Y

Camp Mah·Kee·Nac

July 31, 1993

Lenox, Massachusetts Issue 3, Vol. 57

Smile Kyle! Kyle Sloane, like many other campers, got to spend time with his parents over Parents Visiting Weekend.

MKN Tennis Action

by Eli Levine Navajo 27

On July 22 an 11.6, 13.6, 15.6 tennis tournament was held in Lenox. The tournament was single elimination. We were to play one eight game pro-set, with no ad scoring (when it got to deuce, whoever won the next point won the game). The teams playing were Lenox, Crane

Lake, Taconic, Camp Mah·Kee·Nac, and Winadu.

For the 11.6 team Jesse Pauker played number one singles, and Jeremy Levy played number two. The

Please See Tennis Page 8.

Parents Visiting Brings Many Smiles to MKN Campers

by Steve Brauntuch Navajo 27

On Saturday, July 17th, during Revellie, Andy Cole was heard saying this over the Loudspeaker, "It is Saturday, July 17th and you know what that means."

Yes, that's right. Parent Visiting Weekend came to Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, and for some people, wenr way too fast.

That morning, the Dining Hall was filled with thoughts about everyone seeing their parents for the first time in 3 weeks. After Breakfast, the Van Shuttle system started up as parents filed into a line to see their kids. Then, the camp was loaded with hugs and kisses to make up for lost time, while campers stacked up on junk.

From that moment on, everyone went on with their daily activities. Parents trailed along to first and sec-

and period. After an extended Free Play, the big Green and White tent was the site for a nice outdoor lunch. From there, the pool and tennis courts were major attractions ...

Assembly started off the afternoon activities. To third and fourth period, parents again enjoyed watching their children participate in activities. After fourth period, kids said good-bye to their parents with milk and cookies. For the kids who didn't see their parents, there was a second visiting day on Sunday.

"It was a good feeling to see my parents. Itmade camp feel more like home," said Navajo, Ari Grinspan. Altogether, this year's Visiting Weekend was a hit for everyone!

-Alan Friedman

"Focus on the good of it."

2 The Tradition Continues

How Does It Feel to Have Danny and Nancy Here Instead of Your Parents?

by Justin Raphael Iroquois 12

"It feels great!" Michael Arons Iroquois 12

"It feels like Danny and Nancy are

like my parents."

I Danny Jackson Iroquois 12

"It's a benefit, but sometimes I miss my parents." Ross Seiden Iroquois 12

The Totem

Junior Writers: Apaches- Dean Osofsky; Iroquois-Ross Seiden, Justin Raphael; Mohican- Jon Berman.

I Lower Senior Writers: Navajo-Eric Beaton, Steven

Bra~mtuch, Todd. Fuc~s, Oren Goldenberg, Eli. ~evine, R.orYI· Levine, Jack Pesin, Michael Reed, Robert Shapiro, David

Share, Beau Shaw, Brain ZeUer; Cheyenne-Ben Cohen, i

Seth Gold, Marlon LeWinter

Upper Senior Writers: Cherokees-David Roberts, Matt Colton ..

Advisor-Sean D. Nickell

Special thanks to Danny and Nancy Metzger for making this publication pos ible, Story ideas should be sent to the Totem Advisor. The purpose of this publication is to give campers of Curnp Mah-Kee-Nac the opportunity to learn something about the wide world of journalism" The writers worked hard to do I . their own interviewing and writing, and should be commended. I

Junior Camp's Talent Displayed by Robert Shapiro Navajo 24

Lights! Camera!

Action! Juniors from all over performed their talents Friday, July 16th at the Junior Camp Talent Show. Junior campers and counselors carne to the Kruger Lodge in front of the kids to show what they could do. There were many acts including rapping of Three Little Pigs, which told the story of the pork and the dastardly Big Bad Wolf. Andrew Radin played the piano, and Jeff Kelly played his famous "Camp Mah·Kee·Nac" song.

Another act that sparked the crowd was the Jamaican Doctor who came to MKN to grant the wishes for the counselors to U.lITI

I'm Losing My Hair! Junior Head counselor, Jeff K.elly leads a few of the balding staff through the opening act at the talent show.

into campers, and campers to tum into counselors. Something went wrong at the end though, and he turned a waterfront instructor into a girl.

One of the most inspiring acts of the show was the traveling magician. Chris Dufault came back afterthe 4th ofJulyTaJent Show to perform some more magic tricks ..

by Seth Gold Cheyenne 33

He made three people pick the arne card from a deck by just putting there finger on a card. Another trick that Chris did was put a quarter under a black piece of clothe, let everybody feel the quarter, and then made it disappear.

To end the show, the entire junior camp, lead by Steve Rubin, sang "Taps" to peacefully end the day.

Cheyennes Travel To Riverside

There were a lot of games and rides to see. My favorite ride was the Cyclone.

All the Cheyennes were divided into different groups of those who wanted to go on rides, and those who

didn't. Ireallyenjoyed all the games and rides.

After going on a couple of rollercoasters, I got dizzy .. We stayed at Riverside for a couple of hours. I had a fun time on the trip to Riverside. 111e bus ride was long, but it was worth itl

Come to Camp Mah·Kee·Nac.. The Best Summer of yo lIT lifer

On Wednesday, July 14th, the Cheyennes went on a daytrip to Springfield, Massachusetts .. While in Springfield we went to the Riverside amusement park. I think the trip to Riverside was really fun.

The Tradition Continues 3

Your Ten Best Bets At Mah·Kee·Nac

Steve Brauntuch Navajo 27

Face it! Without camp we would all die. We might not show it, but we nek from out parents, and they need a break from us. Plus weare not dealing with our brothers, teachers and other stuff like pollution.

Everything about

camp seems to have the title "activity". Even lunch is on the schedule as an "activity". But without activities , camp would be the most boring place in the whole world.

Of course, as in everything, there are some activities you love and some that you hate. But this IS an OPINION COLlTh1N!

This is my list of the TOP 10 activities at camp.

10) Totem! Not to kiss up or anything, but EVERYONE looks forward to reading the TOTEM every week. Besides with-

out a newspaper, you wouldn't be reading this article.

9) is .... Water Skiing. It's not quite as simple as "lean back and keep your skis out of the water". But, it's alotoffun and VERY popular!

8) WCM/Radio.

The voice of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac is arguably the MOST popular class. Getting your voice heard these days isn't quite so easy. Just askAl Gore.

7) is.... Soccer.

Toumaments cap off a great program run by Tony Harrington .. There are lots of kids who take soccer 6 times a week. Some

even do it morel

6) Roller Hockey. In it's first year open, the rink is usually packed with people learning all that they can. It's a big thrill to take a slap shot and score at least once ..

5) is .... Ropes. The Zip Line, the excitement, the suspense. It does manage to attract people. For some people, aU the more thrilling, all the better.

4) Tennis. The ladder is truly challenging. Great instruction every day puts this program near the top. It truly is a great sport.

3) is .... Basketball Everything from dribbling to shooting a

jump shot puts this program. pretty high! Fabulous instruction.

2) Baseball. It may be tiringbutit' s worth every minute. It is a thrilling, exciting and fantastic sport. From the crack of the bat to the finaJ out, every moment is full of action.

1) is ... the Evening activity. Movies, Green and White, waterfront, MiniLeagues, and a whole lot more.

It brings the whole camp together for just the right thing to close out the day.

Well campers, there is my list. Try to do everything, if you can.

Rory's Suggestions For After "Taps"


~t ...

\ 1 .• 1'- .

1\.. •

,: .. .

. ;.; .~

Rory Levine Navajo 27

Are you tired of nothing to do after "Taps"? Do you need ideas? Ifyoupayclose attention now, you might j U st learn a thing or two. Having fun

after lights out is one of the best things about camp. This being my second year at Camp Mah-Kee·Nac, I'm an expert on the topic .. The following is my list of "activities" to do to make the nights just as good as the days.

-Short Sheeting. , This is when you take

the top sheet and fold the bottom of it up to the middle of the bed. This provides a funny laugh when the poor victim tries to put his legs into their bed. (My bunk has done this to both our COUll-


-Clubs, Many clubs have taken place since June 27th. Form one in your bunk! These clubs can be used for talking about events or telling funny stories.

-Food Parties ... on Parent Visiting Day. Food was brought by the carload into our camp over the speciaJ weekend. This gave campers a special chance to devour it. Yum. YUMl YUM!!

-rsn Jokes. Why did the chicken cross the road? You must have heard at least a few of these funny

jokes. So, tell them .. Suggestion: designate an object that a person must be holding in order to talk. Thatway you can have fun, and not have to worry about getting in trouble with the OD.

-Play games.

Games areagood way to relax after an tiring day of activities. One of my favorite games

is Truth or Dare. Thi can be fun in an embarrassing way.

And if all else fails, and you are still bored after "Taps", may I suggest this?

"SLEEPING! This does not have to be your lastresortthough. Yau could even try this first.

Have fun and keep cool campers.

the Totem Staff

1 000 Thank- Yous to David Minert for the pictures that appeared in this issue, unless otherwise noted.

4 The Tradition Continues

Snapshots from the Junior Talent Show, Unique Entertainment, Parents Visiting Weekend, and Other G.reat Moments at Camp Mah·Kee·Nac.

The Tradition Continues 5

6 The Tradition Continues

Unique Entertainment Provides Hours of Fun For MKN

Unique Entertainment brought a fun filled evening to Camp Mah·Kee·Nac.

by Ben Cohen Cheyenne 29

After parent visiting day of July 17th, some of the campers from Danbee joined the Juniors and Lower Seniors for sornetllUng called Unique Entertainment,

Each group was divided into four teams which were blue, yellow, red and green.

Each team had five players play at a time.

Then they players were asked a question on topics like music and movies.

H they knew the answer, they would tum on the lights in front of them, and answer the question. If they answered correctly, they got one point.

There were also video questions and audio questions.

Teams could add ex tra points for lipsyncing, sing alongs, and team spirit.

The winners wer the red team for th Juniors, and the yellow teams fOT the Lower Seniors.

The campers enjoyed the game show atmosphere, the lipsyncing, and the sing along.

Mah-Kee-Nac Team Tennis Is a Smash!

Navajo Champs- (Seated) E. Levine, D. Haber, A. Grinspan. (Back Row) D. Rodriguez S.

Brauntuch, The Cornrnlsh-D. Star, D. Kanter, Coach-B. Brod, B. Renoylds, and S. Koenig.

by Brian Zeller Navajo 22

Don "Hollywood" Star is the head of the Lower Senior Team Tennis this year at MKN. Team tennis consists of eight teams-four Navajo four Cheyenne. For the Navajo there are nine kids on a team. The teams are the Hurricanes, the Tornadoes, the Thunder,

andtheLightning. For the Cheyennes there are seven kids on a team. The teams are theEdge, the Stars, the Smashes, and the Aces.

After Three weeks of play, the leader for the Navajos is the Lightning with 129. They are followed by the Hurricanes with

According to Hollywood, the reason for team tennis is to make an individual is-

I tic sport a team effort.

85, the Tornadoes with 79, and the Thunder with 68. The Leader for the Cheyennes are the Smashes with 103.5. They are followed by the Stars who have98,theAces with 77.5, and the Edge with 76.

Hollywood thinks this will improve the skills of the young tennis players, because of the cornpeti-

Cheyenne Champs-(seated) J. Duksan, M. Reisman, A. Koss. (Back Row) The Commish- D. Star, M. Hankin J. Whitney, P. KJamus, A. Block, and Coach-B. Empie.

tive environment, plus it gives the players a chance to learn more about tennis outside their normal period.

Some goals are to make team tennis organized, competitive and fun. In the past there has been team tennis, but it wasn't very organized. "After the first week of team tennis it looked like all the kids enjoyed themselves,"

said Hollywood, Each week each player has to put effort in his play if he wants to win.

The reason for team tennis is to make an individualistic sport a team effort. Most of all, to help all the campers realize how much fun tennis really is. If you like tennis and would like to do it cornpetiti vely, try team tennis. You're guaranteed to like it.

and 3. In the exciting bottom of the second, the Mets rallied for five runs on five hits, but the Pirates committed three errors.

The Tradition Continues 7

The Harlem Wizards! MKN campers oohed and ahhed as the Wizards did their stuff.

Wizards Entertain Campers

meaning of "Fun".

The Wizards played tricks, made jokes, and put their opposing

Please See Harlem Wizards PageS

After dragging

yourself back to your bunk, you carefully clean it for Inspection. Finally, you're ready for first period. You're really excited because you picked your favorite acti vity. After a hot first period, you run to the pool, ready to take a dip in the water. Yes! You take free play to do what you want Some kids play basketball, have a catch or just sit on your porch watching their friends. Then, another wonderful meal ... LUNCH! And, to top it off, Rest Hour where you open up

by Beau Shaw Navajo 24

First the world knew about the Harlem Globetrotters ... and loved them. Watch out Globe Trotters ... the Harlem

Wizards are in town, and they are here to stayl

The Harlem Wizards are a basketball team that adds to the

Take' Me Out To The Ball Game!

by Ben Cohen Cheyenne 29

On Tuesday, July 13th the Cheyennes went to see the Pittsfield Metsplay the Welland Pirates.

When we got there they gave us our tickets and $3 spending money, besides any extra money we brought. We walked up to the stairs to our seats which were down the first base line. The sky was blue, and it was beginning to get cooler, and the game started just after we took our seats.

In the first inning both teams went 1,2

Later in the game with a great come back the Pirates took a 6-5 lead with the help of two homeruns. It remained 6-5 until after the seventh inning stretch when we bad to head back forcarnp.

Although the Cheyennes had to leave early to return to camp, the Pirates scored two more runs, and won the game 8-5.

ATypical Day n the Lower Senior Camp

by Robert Shapiro Navajo 24

It's a nice quiet Andy Cole. You get morning at dressed, and if you Mah-Kee-Nac, when have time, fIx up your you are awaken by a bunk Then you rush, song played on the rush to breakfast for a speaker put on by great meal.

Lower Senio.r Baseball at Mah·Kee·Nac.

your letters from your family.

Third and fourth period you travel around campus to your activities and then for your fifth hour activity, you can head on down to the waterfront to cool off.

The last meal of the day, dinner. The meal is pretty good, and afterwards you have time to do what you want at free play.

For evening activity you might be lucky to have Mini Leagues, and play a sport. Or you might be really lucky to have a social. Well, it is time for bed

as you and your fellow campers talk in the dark. "Taps" is played, and everyone goes to sleep to prepare for another day.

Lower Seniors also get special days when they have intercamps or go on a trip. Some of the other benefits of being a Lower Senior are being able to choose your own activities, nottomention the socials at Danbee.

Any Story Ideas should be

sent to the Totem advisor.


8 The Tradition Continues

Navajo's Take Trip to Mount Tom

by Michael Reed Navajo 26

On Wednesday July 14th, the Navajo tribe left for the Mount Tom water park. The Navajos left at 11:30 and assembled at the picnic area to a nice buffetlunch when they arrived. They were put in their groups and went to one of three things.

There was the water slide. It was full of twists, turns, drops and was really exciting and enjoyable for


On the Alpine slide where the Navajos were to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts for a cautionary measure, so they would not acquire a burn from a metal track.

This proved also to be an exciting and fun activity.

There was also the wave pool with the deepest point being six feet The wave pool

looked and felt justlike a regular pool until a bell sounded. After this the waves started coming.

After four hours of going with the groups to which everride their heart desired, they were called back to the picnic area.

They went to the gift shop, where campers bought tlrings ranging from gum to stickers. After that they got on the bus for the return trip home.

Tennis .. .from Page 1 -------

doubles players were Ryan Borg and Blake Weinberg who were seeded number one. Number two doubles were Eli Levine and Danny Frishman.

Both the number one and two singles and the number one doubles lost in their first rounds to Lenox and Crane Lake, and

Lenox respectively. In number two doubles play, Levine and Frishman won the only match for MKN s 11.6 team. They were able to whip Taconic with a score of 8-1.

In the 11.6 number two doubles finals Levine and Frishman

were defeated by Winadu 8-1.

In 13.6 doubles action, the number one seed team who brought back the championship trophy.

In 15.6 action Bennett Brown made it to the fmals in number two singles.

Overall MKN team placed third.

Harlem Wizards ... from Page 7

team through torture .. When the Wizards came to Camp Mah·Kee·Nac they made the counselors look like the Dallas Mavericks playing the Chicago Bulls.

"On a scale of one to ten, I would give the Harlem Wizards a fifteen," said Eric Beaton. He also commented that they way the Wizards play,

having a bit of basket-stunned. From that ball, and having some play on, the campers entertainment, in- went wild every time spires the campers to there was a fabulous play more basketball. shot. One of the dunks

Probably one of the that one of the Wizcamper's favorites ards made actually was watching the moved the backcounselors play the board. The famous Wizards. In the first Rainbow missed his play of the game, one all famous shots inthe of the Wizards gotthe last quarter but ball and slammed it, sparked up in the 1 e a v i n g crowd while playing M a h • K e e • N a c "Wild Thing".

Weiner. In both matches there was excellent teamwork and excellent hustling on the court.

After the match we went to a tennis clinic where we voUeyed for prizes. The prizes were things like wrist bands and water bottles.

At the end they were giving out posters and key chains.

Once the clinic was over we went to Jeremy Hobbs' home. We went swimming in his pool and had submarine sandwiches , cupcakes, and soda for dinner.

Cherokees See US Pro Tennis Match

by David Roberts Cherokee 38

OnJuly21,1993the whole Iroquois tribe went to a bird sanctuary in Lenox, Massachusetts. There were different trails, along with a museum.

Bunk 12 wentpast a dam that a beaver had madeoutofwood, saw a dead bat, and saw a fire tower. There was also a trail to get up there, which took two hours.

On July 14th the Cherokees were awaken at 7:30 in the morning. We were excited to be going to tht US Pro Tennis match in Boston, MA .. We were all feeling great to be getting out a camp for the day.

The ride there was about two and a half hours. Bunk38 was in the van and was listening to a Greg Bloom's mix over the radio.

The Cherokees saw the number six seed Brad Gilbert win his match.

After this match we saw Shy jan and Bos e against Gimelstob and

Iroquois Day Trip by Ross Seiden Iroquois 12

The Iroquois the met on the grass an had lunch.

We left the bir sanctuary shortly a terwards and went 1 see a movie. The] was a choice betwee "Free Willy" an "Rookie of the Year

After this we a wentto Friendly's, ar got Fribbles. It is fa to say that the Iroquo had a good day.


f65\ ~

Camp Mah·Kee·Nac

Augt!st 13, 1993 Lenox, Massachusetts Issue 4, Vol. 57

Lipsyncers Give Unforgettable Evenings to Mah·Kee·Nac

Welcome to MTV night 1993. The campers from their seperate campuses gathered together on their

specific nights to produce a loud slamming evening, and to see who had the best act

for their


On July 27,

1993 the

Lower Seniors took to the stage to lipsync their way into the night It was a stiff competition between the

by the Unknown Campers

Lower Senior MTV Night at Mah·Kee·Nac.

Navajos and Cheyennes, but the overall winner for the Lower Senior Camp was Bunk 21 who performed "StarTrekin"'. Someof21 's performers were Scott Koenig as Captain Kirk, Ryan Sloane as Dr. McCoy, Zach Rentz as Scotty, and Ben Brad as Spack. It was easily seen how much work had been put into this fine piece of lip-syncing.

The winning bunk for the Cheyennes was Bunk 31 who performed Madonna's "Vogue" with Eric Dellon as Madonna.

An Honorable Mention went to Bunk 29 who lipsynced "YMCA" from the Village People. "Bunk 29 got everyone up rockin' and rollin'," commented Andy Cole, Lower Senior Head Counselor.

Bunk 23 also received an Honorable Mention as they lip-synced "You Give Love a Bad N arne" from Guns N' Roses.

Bunk 2S also received Honorable Mention for the outstanding lip-syncing done by Adam Pally and Oren Bernheim.

The Lower Senior counselors were also given an Honorable Mention fortheir performance of "Welcome

to the Jungle" from Guns N' Roses.

Andy was pleased with the way the evening turned out, and is looking forward to the next one ..

As the lights went dim in the Kruger Lodge on July 29,1993, a hush fell over the rowdy crowd. Edmund Marquez and Jason Shanks jumped on stage and instantly their groupies went wild.

The crowd was on their feet when the first act appeared on stage. Bunk 11 came on lip-syncing «Paradise City I , by Guns N' Roses .. Bunk 13 lip-synced "Losing My Religion" by REM, and Bunk 5 did Can't Roller Skate with a Buffalo Heard" just to name a few.

The winners for the Mohicans was Bunk 3 who lip-synced Metallica's "EnterSandrnan". Bunk 12 won for the Iroquois tribe when they lipsynced "The New Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The overall winner for the Junior Camp was Bunk 14 who perforrned "YMCA" by the Village People, They were lead by Joey Hoffer, and rocked the house. The evening was truly unforgettable.

2 The Tradition Continues ,~=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What do you think about the counselors at Camp Mah·Kee·Nac

by Kyle Sloane Apache 14

"I think they are OK."

Dean Osofsky Apache 13

"I think they are great!"

Matt Rothstein Mohican 2

"I think they are awesorne!" Jordan Spit.z Apache 14

The Totem

Junior Writer: Apaches- Dean Osofsky; Iroquois-Daniel Cnerkis, Justin Raphael, Ross Seiden; Mohicans- Jon Berman Jesse Krinsky.

, Lower Senior W riters: N avajo- Eric B eaton, Steven Brauntueh, Oren Goldenberg, Eli Levine Rory Levine, Robert Shapiro, David Share, Beau Shaw, Brain Zeller; Cheyenne-Ben Cohen. Jason Blejwas, Seth Gold.

Advisor-Sean D. Nickell

Upper Senior Writers: Cherokee-David Roberts.

Special thanks to Danny and Nancy Metzger for making this publication possible. Story ideas should be sent to the Totem Advi or. The purpose of this publication is [0 give camper' of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac the opportunity to learn something about the wide world of journalism, The writers worked hard to do 'their own interviewing and writing, and shou ld be commended.

Shaq Attack Updates

by Steve Brauntuch Navajo 27

Now, the article that you've all been waiting for. The final standings are finally in for the 3 on 3 Mah·Kee·Nac Shaq Attack basketball tournament.

Since all of the teams are in the play-offs, the records decide the seedings. The teams are listed below in seed order for the tournament. Here they are!

In first place with an undefeated record is the Jazz with a record of12-0. But,inaclose second, the Lakers are at 11-1.

The Hawks werenot far behind at 9-3, with the Rockets, Bulls, and the Hornets at 8-4. The Spurs and Nets are next with records of 7-5.

The Suns finished with an even 6-6, with

the Celtics hot on their heelsat5-7. Finishing eleventh were the Clippers at4-8. Close behind them are the Sonics, Heat and Magic each at 3-9. Closing out the seeds are the Cavs at 2-10 and the Knicks at 0- 12.

The tournament starts on Tuesday the 27th of July, and the Final Four will be starting August 1 st.

The All-Star game will be on August 10th. The All -Stars were selected by the Shaq Attack participants. For the Green, coached by Joe Carberry, from the Hawks are Andrew Cedar and Matt Waldenberg. On the Nets team, Billy Goldstein and Matt Rothstein, and from the Spurs are David

by Ben Cohen Cheyenne 29

Krupnick and Zach Aarons. Final1y from the Jazz the team of "Stockton and Malone", Seth Egert and Dan Haykin.

The White team is coached by tournament coordinator. Brad Humphrey. From the Lakers, Will Anderson, Mike Lavipour and Mike Leonard. From the Suns, Andy Spicebandler, and from the Magic, Evan StopoL From the Hornets.Eric "Hoops" Hruska, from the Bulls, Jon Stem, and from the Clippers, Adam Kushner.

Humphrey wanted all Juniors to participate and cheer on those who are playing. So, help out Get some excitement, and don't miss the finale of the Mah-Kee-Nac Shaq Attack basketball tournament.

Cheyenne Intercamp Held

very competitive, even though we lost both. The score of one of the games was Winadu 24 and'Mah-Kee-Nac 19.

In soccer

Mah·Kee·Naclooked great at the beginning when Matt Waller scored the first goal for the team, although Winadu came back to win 4-1.

The afternoon

brought a one and one split for Mah·Kee·Nac and Winadu's basketball teams. The first game was Mah-Kee-Nac over Winadu 27-26, with a clutch basket by Alex Block to send

Please See Cheyenne Page 8.

On July 7 the Cheyennes hosted Camp Winadu at an intercamp.Therewere eight games played in all. Throughout the morning and afternoon, there were four basketball games, two baseball games, and two soccer games.

The morning basketball games were

Green and White '93

The 1993 Green and Vhite Games gave .ampers of Camp Jah·Kee·Nac the :hance to work tovards acomrnon goal. iach of the three rights were full of fun nd games.

Games such as soc:er,cricket, volleyball, useball, and many nhers. Hours of fun vere had each night.

Green and While ilso promoted healthy .ompetitive spirits vhile having those rood times. At the mdof each event, each earn was given decourn points forpositive ittitudes on the playng fields. These de.omm points were {ery important to each eam. They may have neen the deciding 'actor when it came to final scores.

On the first two

nights of the color competition, each campus split up and played against each other. After completion, each campus assembled on their basketball courts to take part in the events that lead up to the pieing of the jester.

On the third and final night of competition, the three different campuses split up and mixed up, and competed. After that evening's competition was completed, all campers assembled in the Fieldhouse to watch and participate in the pieing events to end all pieing events. The Mohicans raced across the basketball court with various items from the waterfront. The Navajos were next to race across the court while

carrying up to eight balls, having to shoot and make one in the basket The Senecas were next. Their task made the biggest mess. They had to scoop oatmeal out of a big tub with their hands, hand it over their heads to the person sitting behind, and fill a coffee can three quarters full. After this was done, the jesters ran to the center of the basketball court to the key box. This box contained. several keys, one of which unlocked the chained box, which was filled with everything needed to pie a jester properly. This was done with great style, and with a lot of laughter.

Green and White supplied:MKN with a lot of laughs, smiles,

and good times .. I t brought the camp t a - gether to proID 0 t e teamwork and healthy com - petitive a tt i - tudes. The Green and White Games are played every summer, and leave the campers

excited for the next summer when everything is said and done.

4 The Tradition Continues

by Brian Zeller Navajo 22

August 1, 1993 was an important date on Mah·Kee·Nac's calendar of events. That was the day the annual carnival was held.

Thecarnivalseemed to be a success to all involved. Al1 the booths looked fabulous. Thecampersand counselors had a lot of work to do with a little arnountoftiroe. They worked hard though, and made it a great carnival.

The Parade

Each year, all the Junior campers and counselors have to begin the Carnival with a parade. They may dress up like animals or do skits, The theme this year was

extinct animals. Each and every bunk put time and effort into their skit, and did a great job. The parade was just the start of Carnival '93.

The Booths

There were plenty of booths at this years carnival. Every bunk made their own booth. There were some pretty original ideas too. An Apache bunk had a "Smash the Rat" booth, and there was a poker booth by an Upper Senior bunk, just to name a few. There were also some really fun professional booths brought in.

There was the sea of balls, a rnoonwalk, a speed pitch which let all the baseball


counselors show the' stuff, a football toss. There was also the al ways amusin dunktank. The bes had to be the hum gyro. Theboothswe just some of the goo things about Carniva '93.


The food court was probably one of th best things at Carniv~ '93 for most of the campers. There were such foods as cottor candy, popcorn snowcones, nachos curley hie , and ho dogs fresh off the grill I think most importantly many thank YOIlS should be giver to the Senecas for run ning the food court and running it well.



y Jon Berman Mohican 5

What was your pinion of Carnival )3? Adam Trenk had pretty good time at ie carnival. He esecially liked the unking booth where e got to dunk Tony [arrington. He also ked bobbing for pples, candybarin the aystack, and Bunk O's throwing the ball nd hitting the target.

Scott Weinberg ked playing cards at re poker booth, mashing the rat, and :rini golf. He also tated, "The food was eally good, too."

David Gimbel comtented, "Thefoodwas cod, and the parade vas cool too." Nick J gras liked the parade, he moonwalk, and oved the dunking

booth. Michael Lavipour liked bobbing for apples, the speed pitch, "I got forty-five miles per hour," Michael stated.

Zach Tasher liked bobbing for apples, and the can slam. He loved dunking Jeff Kelly too. Will Ploderson loved the gyro. Brian Koffler loved bobbing for apples, and liked the gyro as well.

The Fribble winners were (drum roll please) for the Parade, Bunk 5. Plod for the booth, Bunk 11.

Carnival '93 took a lot of preparation to make everything fit just right. It was a fun day for all who attended.

6 The Tradition Continues

Mah·Kee·Nac Soccer Team Placed at 11 .6 Tourney

by Brian Zeller Navajo 22

On Tuesday, July man roster included 27th, sixteen of the Andrew Robinton, bestNavajos played in Scott Koenig, Justin the 11.6 soccer tour- Pollak.Alex Sherman nament at Camp Dana Rodriguez, Winadu. The sixteen Brian Zeller, Jeff

Dive! A Mah·Kee·Nac swimmer dives into help out his relay team,

MKN/DanbeeFare Well at Swim Meet

by Ross Seiden Iroquois 12

On July 26, 1993, Mah-Kee-Nac sponsored their final meet for the season. Campers from W inadu, Belvoir, Danbee and Emerson came for the co-ed meet. Mah-Kee-Nac and Danbee were teamed up against Winadu and Belvoir, and against Emerson (a co-ed camp.)

The events of the meet were the butterfly, breast stroke, free tyle, medley relay, and the back relay, Mah-Kee-Nac

and Danbee showed a lot of spirit, and came in first. Winadu and Belvoir carne in second, with Emerson corning in third.

Coaches were Jon Kelly and Dan Miller, Dan was pleased with the way the meet turned out. "Danbee and Mah-Kee-Nac combined their skills to come out on top. Both teams performed to the best of the ability, and displayed superior attitudes. As a result, they walked away victors."

Kleinman, Jeff through the

Bartfeld, David Mah-Kee-Nac de-

Barash, Zach Rentz, fense, to score three Brian Zager, Ross goals.

Schefren, Ryan Borg, Nathaniel Hewitt, Jeremy Levy, and Eli Levine. Our coaches were Tony Harrington and Stephen Coutts.

In the first game we played Winadu, but lost 3-0. The problem was that the Winadu offense just ripped

OUf second game was an. improvement. We played Crane Lake and won 6-3. Jeff Bartfeld had a "hat trick" (three goals in one game) that lead us to this victory.

In the final game

against Camp

Wah-Nee every thin went right. The fm score was awhoppin 12-0. It was in tho game when everyon gave 110%.

The day ended wi Mah-Kee-Nac com ing in third place.

We topped the da off by going t Friendly'S for thei well known Fribbles

Altogether it was great day!

Archery Program Big at MKN

by Steve Brauntuch Navajo 27

One of the most drastically improved programs at MKN this year is theArchery program. Compared to last year, every thing from the equipment to the counselors have changed in a positive way; plus, it is even more popular, too.

Steve Moss, program head said that despite his crazy schedule, he teaches here because, "Nothing is more worthwhile than working with young people. You can really see a difference you are making in their lives."

With the new style of the program, any-

one (except Apaches, for safety purposes) who wants to improve their skills can and will be given the chance to .. The program is designed to improve you one year at a time, so it will take you through your Seneca year ..

Steve explained that shooting an arrow is basically like shooting a free-throw in basketball. He also likes people who are coachable. "Being coachable and being able to work together are much more important than having natural ability." Steve said that a good coach

will take an interest i your life and succes

Steve gets most 0 his pleasure whe people stay with the program even wit bad results. He feel that there is nothing like being on a tourna ment line, no martel what level you are a Steve also felt that th~ new Olympic styl format is a lot bettei and adds a lot rna • fun to the progr The program is S(i popular that someon actually went down t the Archery program with a forged note according to Steve The note stated that the camper had hurt his foot, and was excused from art.

Thank You to David M,inert for the photos that appeared in this issue of the

Totem (unless otherwise noted.) Special thanks to Chris Dufault for adding some finishing touches.

The Tradition Continues 7

atskill Game Farm Fun For Apaches

Dean Osofsky Apache 13

f)n July 21 , 1993 the laches traveled to (skill, NY, for the ecial Wednesday dvity. RyanNuccio d Toni Bloom acmpanied the laches that day.

e saw and fed the mals.We saw a at, and then I had to ise my nose, berse we saw a skunk. :! also tried to feed a rcupine, but he sn't hungry.

trofile ...

We then went to an animal show, where we saw tricks like the bear who was riding on the motorcycle.

We had lunch next, and enjoyed a hot dog and slush.

After lunch we went to the petting zoo. We petted a pig and a deer. There was also a mean goat there (which was pregnant) that was following me.

We went to an an-

tique shop after the petting zoo. Isawrabbit tails there along with rings, and other stuff. It was a pretty big antique shop.

Next were the rides.

My favorite ride was the Lion Ride, because it made me very dizzy.

We bought vanilla ice cream next, which meltedalloverus, We looked like snowmen.

The whole day was fun. We came back to camp tired, but it was worth it.

nah·Kee·Nac Photographer


. Brian Zeller ivajo 22

)avid Minert is the ian behind the ah- Kee- N ac camr," David first bene a photographer 1981.

1'e likes working th the Totem. This the biggest photogihy job of his career. the winter he isn't a otographer, though. ; is an Engli sh

teacher. David taught English as a second language in China, Brazil, and the Martial Islands.

He decided he wanted to be a photographer because he likes taking pictures and composing them.

As a kid he enjoyed photography, because of the darkroom. As he got older he liked taking pictures more.

Photography has changed from whenhe was a kid to the present, because cameras arenow automatic and computers do everything which takes away the fun.

A good photographer must be able too see the world with

their own perspective, and be accurate about it. It took him two weeks to learn the developing process, but he said, "You can never stop learning."

David went to Michigan State for two years, and for two other years he went to the School of International Studies.

David caught on to photography quickly but said, "I only like it as a hobby."

Some of the things you have to know to become a good photographer is to understand lighting, depth of field, and shudder speed.

David Minert, the man behind the Mah-Kee-Nac camera.

NBA Day Fun For Lower SenIor Camp

by Oren Goldenberg Navajo 24

NBA Day came to Mah-Kee-Nacon July2L Andy Cole, Lower Senior Head Counselor, gave his Navajos and Cheyennes the excellent opportunity to show their talents on the court.

The teams involved with the NBA day were the Suns, the Bulls, the Mavericks, the Trailblazers, the Homets,the Spurs, the Celtics, the 76'ers, the Clippers, the Supersonics, the Kings, and the Magic.

There were eight events throughout the day including two games for each team. Four took place in the morning' and four in the afternoon. One of the events was 'Team Speed' , where you had to shoot into the basket before the opponent scored, or else you were out.

Another event was 'Team Hot Shots'. This was where you shot from various circles on the court to acquire points. The

one with the most at the end won.

The 'Paul Shooting Relay' was an event where one person stood at the foul line. The rest of the team stood in a line, waiting to shoot a lay-up. Once they made three lay-ups in, the person at the foul line got to shoot.

Another was the 'Passing Relay'. This was where campers would pass to another camper standing in a spot. That per on had to pass it to someoneelse. This would go on until the person near the basket got the ball, and he would shoot the basket,

The 'Three Point ShootOut'. Teams would try to make the most baskets to get the most points.

'Forty' was an event when your team shot the ball as much as they could, the first one to forty won.

Andy was

pleased with how the day turned out, "It was great." He thought every- one had a good time.

8 The Tradition Continues

Cheyenne ... from page 2

the game into double overtime.

Mac-Kee-Nac was defeated by Winadu in the second afternoon basketball game even after a great effort by Fred Segal and Michael Kabram and the rest of the Mah-Kee-Nac team.

With the afternoon

baseball, Mah-Kee-Nac lost 6- o in a shortened game due to rain.

In soccer action, a great effort was given by the Mah-Kee-Nac team. Mah-Kee-Nac lost to Winadu 3-0 ..

Even though we lost the intercamp, we felt we competed wen.

Tennis Tournament Underway

from Staff Reports thirty-nine Mohicans, and one Apache.

"J think a tournament is a great way to see who is thebest tennis player on the Junior campus. I'm very curious to see who it will be," Mike added.

Mike said once a person loses, they will automatically be placed in the loser's bracket. He also stated that five players from the winner's bracket. Three from the loser's will play in the single elimination finals.

A double elimin-

ation tennis tournament is going on this summer on the Junior campus at MKN Mike Molloy, tournament coordinator, stated earlier this week, The tournament consists of40players,

Rocketry Program a Blast

Photo by Ben Fisher

Blast off! Michael Behr and his rocketry campers prepare for blast off.

by David Roberts Cherokee 38

3,2,1 Blastoff! That could be yourrocketif you took rocketry. Michael Behr is the rocketry counselor at MKN. He is on his second year as acounselor.

"Well, forfour years as a camper I took rocketry, and I loved it. I have been teaching it for two years," Michael said. "We have the Estes model rockets. Theseengines have difficulty levels ofO,I,2or3,"Mlchael also stated.

In one day, Michael

will launch three to eight rockets. To launch, Michael said, "In the engine there is some flam able material. Wepushabutton, and the flamable material makes the rocket launch. The rocket goes up for about eight seconds, there is a slight pause, and then the engine pushes up. This pushes the nose cone off and the parachute comes out."

Very few rockets have failed to launch, "almost no rockets have failed to launch,"

Michael added.

"I really feel like the campers loveit. I think this way because when I come to the door to open it, I see the kids literally trying to knockthedoordown," Micheal said.

Safety is a big factor for Michael and his rocketry. "I always make sure that the people are standing at least twenty feet away from the launch pad. The rocket will not launch unless a key (whichis always in my possession) is in the pad to complete the circut," Michael commented.

The largest rocket ever launchedatMKN (in Michael's memory) was a rocket called "SWAT". It was about three feet talL

If you take rocketry at MKN, you can launch it. It may be a small step for the camp, butwillbeabig step for the camper.

There will be ei matches played a da They will each p one set. If they are n through with the when they bug blows, whoever holds the winni score will be the v tor. 1£ they are ti when the bugle bio they will play 0 point to see who w Mike hoped to h the final match d . rest period so eve one could watch Junior's best play battle it out to the ish.

Star Gazing Club Brings New Experiences to M'K

by Robert Shapiro Navajo 24

Look up in the sky and seethe stars. Chris Dufault of Bunk 24 is now the leader of the Star Gazing Clu b here at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, Seventy-eight campers split up into five groups and meet after "Taps". The club meets on the soccer field to learn about the stars, rather than just looking at them. Chris plans to teach the campers at least two dozen constellations, features of the moon, planets and man made satellites .. The campers will also see and know where the major meteor showers are located each year.

Each group will out for about 30 to minutes.

Dufault start learning about the when he was in j third grade. His iut est was increas when he saw Hall~ Comet (a comet ~ comes once or everyone's lifeti depending on y' age) in 1986, a hopes to see it agaii 2063.

Chris plans to having the club ev night with the exc tion of cloudy nigl

So, whenever ; are out at night, I( up into the sky. 1 might just see SO] thing neat.

Camp Mah-Kce-Nac

dust 19, 1993

Lenox, Massachusetts

Issue 5, Vol. 57

Winners! The members of the Navajo tribe at -Kee-Nac won it all at the camp sing.

cDonald's Intramurals Held I Lower Senior Camp

Jason Blejwas Cheyenne 33

ie McDonald's murals on the Lower .or Campus is an activity zh is done once a week.

activities are football, eel, and basketball. The ning teams from the ajo and Cheyenne row go to Mcfronald's.

The teams involved are the Raptors, Wolf Pack, British Bulldogs, Big Macs, Road Kill, Black Magic, W.I.T., and Dynamite for the Navajos. TheteamsfortheCheyennes are Spam, Golden Arches, Big Mac Attack, Big Sticks, and the No Names.

Camp Si'ng Brinqs MKN Together Aqain

by Matt Harris Navajo 25

The camp sing was held at to lVIKN on Sunday, August 8, 1993. Each tribe gathered in the fieldhouse and competed for the best song and the best cheer. Tribal signs were also made and displayed; these were not part of the competition, though.

The judges were Mike Dale, Bobby Vail, and Alan Friedman .. Steve Rubin was the Master of Ceremonies .. And now what you have a11 been waiting for: THE RESULTS!

Watch out "Hey Hey We're Apache's" singing to the tune of "Hey Hey We're the Monkeys. 11 Outstanding team work Apaches!

Duck here come the, «Mighty Iroquois" tapping their feet to the beat of ,"The Best Days Of My Life." You did great.

The final tribe of junior camp the, "Mohican Men. 11 The Mohicans dived into a pool of pride when they sang to the music of a "A Whole New World." Their version of it was called "At Mah.-Kee-Nac." The win-

ners for the Junior song were the Iroquois .. The Junior cheer was taken by the Mohicans.

The winner of the Senior song, cheer, and the overall winners were the Navajo Ill!! YES! TheNavajos sang to the music of "Cheers. "

The Cheyennes did a great job singing to "HoldMe"by Michael Jackson.

"Go Algonquins, and bring the Senecas with ya," yelled the Cherokees before they sang "To The Rock." Nice job Cherokees.

"Gimme an A," yelled the Algonquins before singing to the theme song from "China Beach."

The Senecas went whacky around the fieldhouse singing their version of Whacky Mah- Kee-Nacky.

It was very clear how much work had been put into each song. Original ideas were seen, and teamwork was definitely displayed. The night ended when the head counselors led the camp in the singing of "Taps .. "

2 The Tradition Continues

What wHI you most remember about this summer at MKN?

from Staff Reports

'The Lake George Trip." lee Goldblatt Cheyenne 33

liMy friends and the counselors. They were all really great!" Brett Goldslager Mohican 1

'The many times I've been in A.C.'s office." Anthony libecci Cheyenne 33

The Totem

Junior Writers: Apache- Josh Sherman; Iroquois-Ross Seiden; Mohicans- Jon Berman.

Lower Senior Writers: Navajo-Eric Beaton, Steven Brauntuch, Oren Goldenberg, Matt Harris, Jake Lesnik, Rory Levine, Robert Shapiro, David Share, Beau Shaw, Brain Zeller; Cheyenne-Jason Blejwas, Alex Block, Ben Cohen.

Upper Senior Writers: Cherokee-David Roberts; AlgonquinCraig Mestel; Seneca-Jack Hattem.

Advisor-Sean D. Nickell

I Special thanks to Danny and Nancy Metzger for making this 'publication possible. Story ideas should be sent to the Totem Advisor. The purpo e of this publication is to give campers of Camp Mah-Kee-Nac the opportunity to Learn something about the wide world of journalism. The writers worked hard to do their own interviewing and writing, and should be commended.

Mohican Preparation With Brian

"What Camp Mah·Kee·Nac Means To Me" ContestWinn

big trips like Cooperstown, NY, and lots of other different events.

As a Mohican you can only have two periods of your choice, which are options and clubs. As a Navajo, you can pick what you want to do for the whole day. It is a lot better, becau se you get a chance to try everything rather that just everyday things.

What most Navajos like are the socials with Danbee and Belvoir Terrace. As a Mohi-

This was one of the greatest moments especially in the focus event Every member of the team did their share to save the counselor from being pied.

Another memory was my first camp sing. This is when each tribe rehearsed a song and cheer, and performed them in front of the entire camp. A winner from each camp in both areas was named after the points were tallied by the judges .. There is also an overall winner who is named.

Now for my best memory.This

can, I never was to have a social, so had to wait until year. Socials are of fun.

Theonlything about Junior Camp being the oldest on Junior camp.

If you UH)'UJ."""~

like that, when become aN avajo might be the babie the Lower S camp. You still tons of fun though.

So Mohicans, if come back next you will have great summer. prormse.

memory is of Olympics. W the whole camp together before of the surnmeris At first the camp divided into eight ferent teams. . days you compete various sports. rum points are out for teamwork sportsmanship. end of the three all teams gather in field house for the nal scores. Thi followed by the ing of "Taps."

Well, you just

m from my camp. MahoKeeoNac.


are winners, and receive the same

Navajo 22

For all of you Mohicans out there, once you become aNavajo, your summers will certainlychange. You have to realize you will have alotofprivilege,. such as staying up later, getting to go on

Marlon LeWinter Cheyenne 32

Yep, this summer at Mah-Kee-Nac was a blast! I had the most fun time. A lot of memories. I'msaving

I my best memory for last ,though.

Some of these memories include my first Green and White.

The Tradition Continues 3

Ie Winners of the "What Mah·Kee·Nac Means ToMe" Contest

~ you ever think nthereasons why come to camp? -Kee-Nac must some meaning to

Do you come for the activities? LOW about for a ~from fights with iers and sisters?



.088 Seiden roquois 12

ere are a lot of s in this camp that L a Lot to me.

First Nancy ay, and Steve. :y and Danny are 3. mom and dad. :y came in many ; each week, and 1S stories. Danny :d baseball with That was better

ever. Steve dme solve all the

thoughts on what means to a second year camper like me.

VVhen I board the bus at Montvale, I know I'm 10 for a fabulous summer. Activity periods beat school by a landslide on any day. A daily schedule goes from baseball to watersking, WCM to tennis to archery, rather than from math to PE, Science or Social Studies. If it is a really hot day, you can go swimming instead of sitting at a desk.

Anotherthing about camp is that you live in a bunk for eight weeks, which helps

problems I had.

2) The Food! It is good that there is a change of taste. Itfilled us up three times a day to give us energy for the many activities we were involved in.

3) The Sports! They taught me a lot of stuff this summer. In baseball they taught me to run through the bases.

In basketball they taught me to tum and look at the basketball.

In soccer they taught me how to do better headers.

In swimming I improved on my strokes, and a became a faster swimmer.

In Hockey I became afaster skater, andimproved my shots.

make true friendships with your bunkmates. You see your friends for fifty-four days, but then you miss them for 311.

There is also sense of bonding with everyone around you. You don 'thave that as much at home. When you come here, you know you'il make lots of new friends.

Camp also means tons of special activities. Trips to Mount Tom, Cooperstown, Ri verside Park, Lake George, Montreal, Boston, and Zoom Flume are just some of the places campers

4) Intercamps .. They are a Iotof fun. Soccer againstWinadu, that was great. My friends and I had a lot of fun.

5) The evening activities like Watermelon Leagues, Green and White, movies, waterfront, and all those exciting things to do.

6) Trips, I am looking forward to going on those big trips to Cooperstown, Boston, Montreal,Lake George, and other interesting things.

N ow I would like to close this essay with a Thank You to Jeff Kelly for being a great Junior Head Counselor. Ihope he is here next year, too.

go, and have fun off campus.

Not to mention College Day, NBA Day, British Invasion Day, California Dreamin' Day, and other special events that usually happen on Wednesday.

When I come to camp, Iknow l'Ilhave to work very hard to get better at things. Camp is a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of concentration, patience and practice. If I cant' get up on skis, Ikeep trying until I get it right,

Just being on campus gives me a sense

Josh Sherman I Apache 13

I had a lot of fun and memories at Camp Mah·Kee·Nac. Here are my memones:

Green and White, Watermelonl.eagues, the camp sing, the Olympics, Wednesdays, candy day, MTV night, the Bunk 13 campout, and art. I liked these activites because they were really fun.

of pride, During activity periods, camp:is quiet. When it comes time to practice for, let's say the camp sing, pride builds all the time. There is one thing you have to remember about camp. Every single camper leaves here with a sense of confidence in themselves.

Camp truly is the way to live. So enjoy it while it happens. Now you know what Camp Mah·Kee·Nac means to me, Steve Brautuch. What does Camp Mah-Kee-Nac mean to you? Think about it for a few minutes.

I liked MTV night, because I like to sing.

I liked candy day, because I like to eat candy.

I liked the Bunk 13 campout, because I like the woods.

I liked Green and White, because I like to see counselors get pied.

I liked art because I like to do lanyard.

It was a great SUlTImer at Mah-Kee-Nac. I can't wait 'til next summer!

Thank you to , all the staff for your cooperation this summer. The Totem appreciates yourtime!

4 The Tradition C '

What Mah·Kee·Nac Means To Me

Jon Berman Mohican 5

Mah·Kee-Nac means the fun in the sun type of excitement. Thrills and

chills, especially when I had play rehearsal with Rob Mills. I like shooting hoops, but get out quickly in speed hoops.

The bunks were nice too. You could get a great nights sleep too. The scenery was just great, too, especially the mountain that overlooks the lake.

Danny, Nancy and Steve are very nice, and the counselors were also great.

Jeff Kelly wrote a song for Camp Mah·Kee·Nac. The words are, "Camp Mah- Kee- N ac is the Place where I always want to be. Camp Mah- Kee- N ac is the place where I'll find my fantasies. Camp Mah-Kee-Nac is the place where I'll make gooclmemories." This song describes just what Camp Mah·Kee·Nac means tome.

College Day At Mah·Kee·Nac

from Staff Reports

College Day came to MKN on Wednesday, August 11,1993. It was a fun-filled day loaded with enthusiasm excitement and team spirit.

The day started off with a bang. Campers awoke to find their faces painted with the appropriate school colors. Yellow for Michigan, and Red for Arizona. Atbreakfast the Deans for each school ran into the dining hall full of energy and spirit, which sparked the campers' excitement.

After a hearty clean up and inspection, all Junior campers assembled on their basketball court for their

first activity. These activities varied from one pitch, garbagecan kickball, water polo, tennis, flag football, and several others.

A soapbox relay was held directly after the end ofthe first round. All Junior campers were involved, and ran their fastest to help their school out.

After lunch, there was a Fribble Tennis Challenge on the Upper Senior tennis courts. Danny Metzger and Steve Rubin challenged Kelvin Dean and Jeff Kelly, to one set with no ad scoring. Jeff and Kelvin won the match, and won the Fribbles for the Junior campers.

After the campers

filled their tummies with the ice cream treats, they assembled fer round two of the days activities. These matches had many of the same games as the first round, but also included Beach Newcome, Roller Hockey, and other fun events.

Afterround two had ended, the campers assembled in front of the tractor to witness the ten round Rope I Pull. This was followed by the Trivia Challenge, Almamater, and the Valedictorian speech, all held in the Fieldhouse.

It is fair to say that everyone enjoyed the day. Another fun day at Mah· Kee· N ac.

Every man I meet is my superior in some way.

. In that, I learn of him. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

duction of "Grease," the actors and actresses found that learning the lines and the movements was not the hardest thing in the world to do. In fact, itwas even kind of fun.

The result was a production good enough to be put on Broadway.

Two shows were put on. One for Belvoir, and one for Cam p Mah·Kee·Nac. Both camps seemed to enjoy the show.

After the shows we went to Burger Kingand Friendly's. It was truly a great experience.

Lower Senior Production a Hi,t~

by Matt Harris Navajo 25

Some of the Lower Seniors of Cam p Mah-Kee-Nacpar-

, ticipated in the production of "Grease." There were also about ten girls from Belvoir Terracein the play.

In the beginning the director, Kim, made us sing songs for vocal try outs, along with some really neat dances. These try outs determined the parts we had in the play.

No one was left out, and everybody worked very hard. We worked fer three days a week

I for five weeks.

During the pro-

A BIG BIG BIG Thank You ...

to David Minert for the photos that have appeared in the

Totem this summer, to Chris Dufault for adding some finishing touches, and to Jason Shanks for the inspiriational quotes .

Snapshots from Junior MTV Night, Carnival '93 and Other Great Tlrnes at Mah·Kee·Nac

6 The Tradition Continues

I Camp Mah·Kee·Nac The Best Summer of Your Life


reat Tlmes at ah-Kee-Nac

8 The Tradition Continues

pic break out take place. wondered what happen. What would be like. fell asleep with a anticipation in

And then it pened. At 4:30 that next Camp

1993 01 at Camp

by Matt Harris Navajo 25

noises over speakers, and assured them that

campers were get robe and some on, and assemble the Junior field.

When they they found an spacecraft them It blared The campers knew time had come.

The head for each team traduced, and wards the were sent back to bunks to go back sleep.

It all started on that Saturday morning with the olympl.·CC "Fake Out." There was music playing, and everyone assembled on the hill by the chimney. Everyone was psyched and ready to go. Suddenly, "It's a bird? It's Superman? No. It's a helicopter! "

The helicopter carried Olympic coordinators Alan Friedman and Steve Langford. They stepped out of the air traveler, grabbed the microphone and said, 'Olympics will be ... at

a later time.' This left the campers more eager than ever for the sixty-five year oLd tradition to continue.

So they waited, and they waited. They prepared for bed, got under their covers and went to sleep. 111ey were all wondering when the real Olym-

Games Kee·Nac

next morning breakfas t, the of Camp Nac found teams they andwho their would be.

individual assembled in meeting places they discussed names, cheers

The team were Clearly Killer Kenya Handle ~nrnlark Get Set Me,Greg's , JamiacaMy USA Today. the first

ranged from hockey, to to bombard. the

lparnctpated ill parade. wasarope when dusk the lighting of

by the Senthe end of the

first day's activites there were no more that twenty points seperatingfirstandlast place.

The morning of the second day was hot, HOT, HOT! That afternoon the rains came, and all campers started their indoor Olympic games. The indoor Olympics also took place Tuesday morning with a break that afternoon.

Wednesday morning the games resumed. There was a rope-pull, track and field events, roller hockey, and a minithon for the Junior Camp.

That afternoon each team participated in the 100 meter dash., the Senecas ran in the decathon, and the entire camp competed in the "Grand Marathon." After this the teams gathered in the field house for the closing ceremonies to end the Olympics.


10 The Tradition Continues

em The Results of the 1993

Mah·Kee·Nac O· ic Games

Kenya Handle It 700

USA Today 686

Jamaica My Day 684

Greg's Hungary 682

Clearly Canadian 643

Denmark Get Set, Go! 634

Egypt Me 594

Killer Wales 585

Mah·Kee·Nac ' 93 Olympic Memories


Memorable moments from "Willy Wonka and the Choco- .


late Factory,"

and "Let's Make

a Deal."

12 The Tradition Continues

Alqonquins Go To Maine

by Craig Mestel Algonquin 42


10th, the 1993

Algonquin tribe

boarded a bus for the six hour bus ride to Maine. After three hours we stopped at Old Orchard Beach where we ate lunch, and strolled the boardwalk.

After arriving at our condos, we went to the health club where we played racquetball, worked out in the

weight room, sat in the sauna and hot tubs, and swam in the pool.

The next morning after being awakened at 5: 15 by Alan Friedman" we rode to northern Maine for white water rafting. We rented wetsuits, and were on the river by 11:00.

The first five miles were intense as we hit large rapids such as Alleyway, Magic, and

Big Mama. Afterwards we were allowed to jump out of the raft and swim.

That night we used the health club again.

One thefmal day we went to Freeport to shop. Some popular outlet stores wereL.L. Bean and Polo. After Freeport, we stopped in south Portland for dinner, and to see the movie the Fugitive.

The exciting trip to Maine was the best by far.

Mah·Kee·Nac Baseball Team Places Second At Intercamp

by Brian Zeller Navajo 22

On Friday, August 6, 1993, Camp Mah-Kee-Nacwentto Camp Winadu for a baseball intercamp ... There were twoMKN teams and two Winadu teams.

The Mah- Kee- Nac A team played a great game. The score was close until the fifth inning, but Jacob Auger stepped up to the plate with the bases loaded. He hit a triple, andhelped Mah·Kee·Nac break: away , and take the lead.

Brian Zeller came

up to bat, and had a single. Jacob made it safely to home plate. Brian was given an RBI. At the end of our game the final score was 10-4. This took the A team into the championship.

At the begining of the championship game MKN had a rough start. In the bottom of the first, Winadu had the bases loaded. Their batter stepped up to the plate and smacked a grand slam fly ball deep into right field. At the end of the inning, the score

was 4-0. Soon Winadu added one more run.

In the fourth inning J\1KN finally got on the board with. there first run. The next inning J\1KN score four runs to tie up the game, 5-5.

Unfortantely, Winadu took the lead and the game in the next inning, scoring a run, making the score 6-5.

The final result put MKN's A team in second, and theB team in fourth place.

Everyone in the tournament played well and had a great time.

Navajos Travel To Cooperstown

I by Brian Zeller Navajo 22

On August 11, 1993 the Navajos left camp to go on our big end-of-thesummer trip. All the campers were very excited to arrivein Cooperstown. The main attraction was the new player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Reggie Jackson. Another attraction was the Honus Wagner tobacco card. There were a lot of other great things, too.

After this we went shopping

I along the streets.

They had some of the best stores you've ever seen. If you like baseball and other forms of memorabilia, you should go to Cooperstown.

Thatnightwe saw thenew Mel Brooks film, "Robin

Hood ... Men Tights." It was very funny .

The next day went to H Caverns. It was underground that had a

we were on to the Zoom water park. tunately, we rained out. So stead we went mall in Alban NY.

on, we saw Fugitive"wi Harrison Ford. wasver suspenceful.

'Ibis was by thebes Mah·Kee·Nac I ve been on. I a great time.

MKN Banquets Held

On the last two nights of the summer, each of the three camps had their final banquets .. The Lower Senior theme was Andy Cole's Wedding. The Juni or banquet's theme was

Come To the Best Summer of Your Life!

Come to Camp Mah·Kee·Nac.

heyennes Take Trip To Lake George

about 3 :00 we left to go to an amusement park called the "Great Escape." One of the rides there was aroller coaster called the "S teamin , Demon." There was also a fun water ride there called the "Black Cobra .. " We stayed at the park for three hours.

We then headed back to camp, and arrived at 9: 15.

It was a great trip, and something the '94 Cheyennes should look forward to.

necas Take Memorable Trip To Montreal,

Wednesday Au- 11th the Cheywent on their trip to Lake We were

to leave at however we 't leave until . At about 12:45

unch and went the park. The l ... viJ ........... · rides was Drop. went

. trip began on momingwith wake up. Bags we boarded with the girls

Wewentto theatre there we watched a on the huge

straight down. Another favorite was the Blue Bomber which was an enclosed pipe which spun around once, and went down reall y fast.

At about 4 : 30 we left the park, and headed on our way tothe Susse Challet motel.

At 5:30 we left to have dinner in Lake George Village.

At 7:30 we went to play mini-golf, how-

screen. The theatre used the most advanced equipment available. From there it was back to the hoat tel.

The hotel was great, Between the pizzas, the computerized telephones, HBO, the girls, the sauna, the hot tubs, and room service guy namedTimmbear, we could have just spent the whole day in the hotel.

White water rafting was by far the highlight of the trip. The rapids were amazing, and the rafting guides were great. They took us through the rapids again and again, backwards and sometimes with a flip. We did the river twice. Back on land, we

ever there was not enough time to play all eighteen holes.

At 8:30 we left the mini-golf course, and went to the movies. Most of the Cheyennes saw "Robin Hood ... Men in Tights." A few people went to see "My Boyfriends Back," though.

We arrived at the hotel at midnight and ordered pizza. The nextmoming we woke up at 8:00, and left the

had dinner, and use of the company's hot tubs, pool. and volleyball court. We also had a chance to purchase memories of our voyages.

The following day was our tour in the monumental 01 ympic Park.

We took a guided tour that included the Olympic stadium, the observatory (on top of the tower angled at forty-five degrees, defying gravity), the Olympic pool center, and the general grounds. Following this the swimming and diving pools were openedtous. To think, we swam where the champions did in 1976.

After our relaxing swim we boarded the bus and headed for La

hotel at 9:00 to have breakfastat McDonald's.

After breakfast we went back to Lake George Village to go to an outlet center. Many people bought basketball jerseys at the Champion Outlet, and Oakland A's hats at a place called the Sports Warehouse. These hats were black instead of green. Many other people bought compact discs at a discount CD store. At

Ronde, a huge amusement park that overlooked the city of Montreal. We spent the rest of the afternoon and all night there, which gave us time to eat dinner and still cover three roller coasters as well as many other attractions.

Then it was back to the hotel for final attempt at sleep, for we had a big day with. a long ride home.

The following

morning we first went totheBiome. This is a building where four different atmospheres were created under the same roof. These atmospheres included animals, plants and climate.

The last stop of our trip was the welllooked-forward-to

underground city, with an underground shopping mall covering a large area.

We had just enough time there to shop, eat and exchange back over our Canadian currency, for it was time to go.

We boarded the bus at about 4:00, passed though customs, and we were back in the United States soon after. We stopped for one late meal at McDonald's and then pulled into camp at about 10:00.

The Seneca trip to Montreal was definitely the highlight of our final summer at MKN. Although the trip only lasted four days, the fun we had and the things we did will stay in our memories forever.

14 The Tradition Continues

Brave Program' Important To Mah·'Kee·Na

The Braves of MKN are from left to right, Darryl Diamond, Matt Taback, Matt Klatsky, Josh Lerner and Josh Zeichner.

by Josh Zeichner, Brave

This year at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac the Brave program has been continued. At one point in MKN history, Braves were real campers like any other tribe. However, the brave program was eventually completely stopped when too many older boys began coming to MKN. The Brave program was reopened three years ago when Evan Fuchs (Mohican

Members of the British team the Lower Senior British Invasion Day.

Counselor bunk 1) returned. The program became more of a counselor-in -training program rather than a camper program. Last year there were four Braves, and this year there are five.

This year the Braves live in bunk 49. This is the bunk next to the Seneca house, the old cycling shack. The Braves are Joshua Zeichner, Matt Klatsky, MattTaback,

Darryl Diamond, and Josh Lerner. Each of them has come to Mah·Kee·Nac for many years. Matt Klatsky and Matt Taback started here as Apaches. However Matt Taback did not return as a Seneca. Instead he spent last year's summer at a hockey camp. This is Joshua Zeichner's seventh summer at MKN, starting as a Mohican in 1987. Darryl and Jo sh Lemer began their MKN career as Navajos in 1988.

The Braves are CIT's. Each is assigned an Iroquois bunk with which they work.

Last year, half way through the summer, the Braves moved into the bunks with the campers. However this year, due to lack of available beds in each of the bunks, the

Braves did not move into bunks.

Each Brave has a schedule that they follow, like regular counselors. They usually aid a counselor in his activity. The Braves do not usually take over and completely teach their own class. They helpoutin many areas such as tennis, art, swimming, and classes at the waterfront.

The Braves do have limitations. First of all, they only work in Junior camp, although when they help counselors in programs it is possible for them to work with Seniors. Second, Braves are allowed out of camp whenever they want, however they must be accompanied by a key staff member, and must make plans in advance.

The Braves have a midnight curfew while

regular counsel have to be back camp by one 0' in the moming.

Not anyone can comeaBrave. brave is someone is responsible, works well with dren. If you are vited back to camp a Brave you will a luncheon Danny during winter, as the had this year and year, to discuss role at camp.

The Brave was basically to provide another of camp life for adults who are in transition camper to counseiu It is a wonderful rience, but for those campers will participate, make it fun. year's Braves as

as U1U'''..., JLL V1U l(lL("

have succe sfully an enjoyable

British Invasion Day Fun For Lower Seniors

by Rory Levine Navajo 27

Easy Tiger, the B11tish Invasion Day was anything but appalling.

Do you ever think about living in the United Kingdom?

WeUonAugust5th, the Lower Seniors got a chance to!

After being awaken by British classical music, it became clear

that the British would rule the day ..

After a quick breakfast and clean up, the Lower Seniors assembled for an introduction.

Fourteams would be participating. Team Ireland was coached by Ian Butler. Team Scotland was coached by Phil Lodge. Team

England by Matt Fuller, and Team Wales by Andy Smith.

We would be participating in rugby, cricket, football (soccer), human strarego and a water balloon fight.

There would also be a tea time refreshment time, and a counselor culture quiz.

It was a long fun-

filled English day. water fight cooled down, though.

The evening followed the day two EngJi h They were" Python and the Grail," and a Bond film 'You

The Tradition Continues 15

heyennes Participate In Intercamp At Winadu

soccer games, baseball games one basketball

the first soccer e, we were deOur team as well as exunder the cirsuch as hot weather, there no available and Winadu very strong Duksin hustled on defense. Ben and Brian Feil good in the Coach Andy . led the


game was also a loss. CoachTod Masterman said, "Seth Gaffney and Ross Feitlinger played excellentin goal. Adam Goldberg also did very good." All around everyone helped and had a good game.

The only basketball game played during the morning ended up a 47-10 loss. Perry Kalmus hit a three and finished the game with five of the teams points. Chris McLoughlin also had a good game finishing with four points. Grant Greenberg hit the foul shotwbichgaveMKN their tenth point.

In baseball action, everybody played great. BrianReynolds coached agood game. MVP of the game was unquestionably Fred Segal. Segal pitched awesome the entire game. Atbat,hehada homer and went three for three his other

times. Jeff Miller played a good game as catcher. Matt WaIler also had a strong game. In the end, we won the game 9-8.

In our other baseball game, we lost 4-3. "Michael Kabram pitched well and this was the best defensive team I have ever coached, Seth Feldman had a great game as catcher and Daniel Spear played excellent at third. They also had a day good at bat," stated Coach Mike Roche.

So at the end of the morning, even if it didn't look close at 4- 1 in favor of Winadu, it was anybody's intercamp.

In the afternoon, we had two basketball games, two baseball games, one soccer game, and a little rain. The games following were all close and could have gone either way.

The only soccer

game was closer than the score showed at 6- 2 in favor ofWinadu. Coach Masterman led his team very well. Perry Kalmu had an outstanding goal by beating the goalie and dribbling in. Sammy Bengen, Jeff Miller and Craig Nyman played strong. Marlon LeWinter also played good as goalie.

One of the basketball games, coached by Paul Wilson, was a Winadu victory of 54- 32. Our team had an excellent offense. Daniel Spear was able to break the press. Michael Kabram and Josh Sands also played well.

In the other basketball game we lost 35- 18. The coach, Andy Sapperstein, used diagrams to explain his strategies which worked excellently. He said, "Matt WaIler had a strong game, as well as the rest of the team." Fred Segal, Ari Shoham, and Brian

Feil also played strong.

Coach Brian

Reynolds almost got his second win in baseball. In this game, we lost 12-8. Itstarted out looking bad as we were down 7 -1, but we came back to make it 8-7. Winadu took the lead but because of the rain, we didn'tgetouu last chance to come back. It was a strong game from everyone, especially Jon Stopol.

ill the final baseball game it was extremely dose. We were down 3-0, but then came back to make it 3-3. Adam Goldberg had a hit deep into centerthat was caught, but aman was able to tag up. The game went: into extra innings, and we 10st4- 3 eventually. Ben Fisher pitched great throughout the whole game.

MKN played strong through the entire day., If you haven't got the point yet, it was close.

Mah·Kee·Nac Upper Senior Soccer Is Where It's At

by Matt Harris Navajo 25

Andy Sapperstein, Steve Caruana and Ollie Bayliss are all Senior soccer coaches this year at MKN. Through the summer they have had a lot of success with their campers on the soccer fields. Andy thought

the campers at Senior soccer gave 100% at practice, and that the enthusiasm level is rising every day. He said the program is geared toward the enjoyment of soccer for every camper.

Ollie stated that he

enjoyed coaching the campers. He liked the difference in the campers' skills, attitudes, and other variations. Steve also enjoys instructing soccer. "I enjoy coaching the Seniors. I figure they will listen, move and work to a drill program, though

it is easier to scrimmage with the Juniors. I also enjoy seeing the campers improve, and when they ask to learn more skills."

All the counselors interviewed agreed that they would like to have more intercamps and more combined sessions.

16 The Tradition Continues

Apaches See Berkshire Sanctuary

OJ Jeff Rocks MKN

bridge, Joey Hoffer fell in the stream, and scared the frog away.

Later on, down the trail, I saw the rare Berkshire Snipe. Pinaily, we made our way back to the museum. There were a lot of exhibits there. I will remember most the millions of bees they had in their bee hive, and the stuffed beaver they had on display.

by Josh Sherman Apache 13

by Robert Shapiro Navajo 24

On Wednesday, August 4, 1993, the Apaches went to the Berkshire Sanctuary for their special day. My group took a trail to Pike's Pond. While on the trail to Pike's Pond we saw some pretty flowers, several plants, and a little poison ivy. We also saw a lot of trees, and the Berkshire Mountains

overlooking the sanctuary. Once we got the to the pond, we saw Josh Zeichner's group. After this we stopped at the pond.

We started on our way back, and took a trail that followed a stream.

At one point we went over a bridge, and saw a frog. Shortly after we got off the

Nightfall, August 1, 1993. A plain, peaceful, normal day until Belvoir, Danbee, and OJ Jeff came to town. The fieldhouse was just rockin' with rap, jazz, and even the electric slide. Many of the boys were dancing with all of the girls. The girls and Mah-Kee-Nac campers even went outside to talk.

The social was special because . came after the exciting Carnival '93. After dancing, the crowd calmed down and sang "That's what friends are for.' After the social campers Danbee, B andMKNwerltm1tol the dining hall

juice and '"'V'''U''''J to end a fun day.

Upper Senior Play Brings "Pippin" To the Stage

Mah-Kee-Nac Brin Home the Title!

that the war was bad. He then heard his father, the king, provoke others to be in the war.

He knew it was wrong, so he stabbed his father .. It was done. Thekingwasdead,and the new king, Pippin, rose on the throne.

At first, Pippin was very charitable, until another army attacked his kingdom. When that happened Pippin took away ali charity to pay for a full fledged war.

After the war ended Pippin learned that he is tuming into something like his father. To stop the craziness, Pippin decided to settle down andmarry. It was the perfect way to end a musical comedy. Weli done Upper Seniors! You did a good job!

by Matt Harris Navajo 25

About 10 Upper Seniors with another ten Danbee girls of the same age worked toward a common goal this summer, The result was a fabulous Upper Senior production, The title "Pippin. "

The plot of Pippin is the story of a young prince who didn't

know what to do with his life.

He tries many things without succeeding. At one point he believed he would become a great warrior so he decided to go to war.

After the war with many deaths, Prince Pippin came to his senses and proclaimed

from Staff Reports

doubles games." Cherokees their opponents in finals of their

For the Josh Perkiel, Andy Lieb played doubles Eric Dellon singles.

Sean also "Eric Delion very well, but ran of gas in his match, and p second. He beat first two ODIJO!leJ very easily."

Sean was the Mah .n..'A~-~" players who the team title camp at the end day.

On Wednesday, August4,1993ateam of Mah-Kee-Nac tennis players traveled to Camp Taconic for a tournament. The members of the Cherokee doubles team were Matt Fogel and Scott Lang. The singles player for the Cherokees was Kyle Stein.

Their coach for the day was tennis counselor, Sean Craft. He said the Cherokee players played very well. 'Kyle absolutely crushed his competition in singles, as did Matt andScottintheir

The Best Summer of Your Life!

Mah·Kee·Nac's Upper Seniors were involoved in "Pippin" with Danbee girls.

· .

. The Summer ------

of '93 at Camp

... Mah·Kee·Nac

The Tradition Continue

Mah·Kee·Nac Memories

Summer of '93 at Mah-Kee-Nac

The Tradition Continue

Excitement, Education, and Enjoyment

Snapshots from the Camp Sing, Carnival'93, I Soccer,

I Tennis and -'-'... Other


The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues

Junior Camp



Bunk 13-left to right, front row: Dean Osofsky,Brett Goldberg,Jeremy Semble and John Moreno. Second row:

Daniel Rosenberg., Josh Sherman, Michael Drogin, Jeff Goldberg andZachTasher. Back row: Sean D. Nickell, Brian Kmetz, and Dan Miller.

Bunk 14-left to right, front row: R.ic Parks, Sam Razzore, Jake Kahane, Kyle Sloane, Joey Hoffer and Jem Smith. Back row:

Jordan Spitz, Scott Weinberg, Mark 8agust, ChuckGranville and Justin Todd.


Bunk8-leftto right, front row: Eric Fingerman, Daniel Weiss and Adam Godt. Second row: Jon Hirsch, Eli Danziger, Chad Kleiner, Drew Miller,Shaun Glassman, Evan Stopol and Jason Feld. Back row: Josh Lerner, Jason Shanks and Jason Patterson.

Bunk9-leftto right, front row: Brian Harris, Marshall Marcus, Brett Hornby, Bryan Stratt and David Krupnick. Second row: Justin Broderson,Ben Brucker, Billy Goldstein,Jason Kessler,Matt Brandwein and Will Anderson. Back row:

Josh Zeichner, Brennan Stover and Brian Heath.

Bunk 10-left to right, front row: Kevin Boone, Andrew Spicehandler, Adam Metzger., Josh l-l en r y i Ml c h e e l Metzger, David Gimbel and Darryl Diamond. Back row: Brian Koffler, Alex Goldberg, Jeremy Axelrod, Rich Sainz, Evan Rosen, Justin Bowles and Ryan Jacobsen.


Bunk 11-left to right, front row: Zach Sobie, Craig Rowin, Adam Nelson, Danny Jablon and Jordan Kess, Back row: Elijah Colgen, Andrew Cedar, Zach Cooper,Jonathan Lerner, Matt Klatsky, Aaron Nessel, Jesse Sackin and Joe Carberry ...

BUlnk12 .. left to right, front row: Mike MolJoy, Josh Rosen, Justin Raphael,Andrew Schwartz, Ari Share, Michael Arons and Steve Langford. Back row:Jordan Beckerman, Daniel Jackson, Matt Taback, Daniel Cherkis, Brian Gordan and Ross Seiden.


Bunk1~lefttoright, front row: Mike Lake, David Kwitman,Bre1tt Goldslager,Andrew Ho r o witz , Edward Peduzzi, Jesse Krinsky and Dan McDuffie. Back row: Michael Lewis, Adam Trenk, Justin Yang, Evan Fuchs, Ben Waller and Matt Aptekar.

Bunk 2- left to right, front row: Daniel Koffler, Matt Rothstein, Enrique Seale, Greg Hayim and Andrew Horowitz. Back row: Andy Bikofsky, Chad Geartner, Jon Stern, Evan Shyer, Brad Humphrey, Troy Goldberg, Eric Hruska and Mark Henderson.

Bunk 3-1 ett to right, front row: Edmund Marquez, Michael: Kaplan, Adam Ku s h n e r .Aa r on Epsteiin, Seth Egert, Adam Greenfield and David Denman. Back row: Aaron Rosenberp, Matt Rose, Mike Behr, Mark Fraiden, Matt Waldenbergand Russell Rubin.


Bunk.4-leftto right, front row:. Matt Sandler, Zach Aarons,Mark Guterman,Scott Schaffran,Daniel Sherman and Paul Kesselman. Back row:

Max Razzore, Michael Leonard,Jonathan Sinaw, Steve Langlois, Joe Charap and Drew Cohen.

Bunk 5-leftto right, front row: Nick Ugras, David Bengen, David Pinke, Shaun Teti, Rob Margolies and Todd Melnick. Second row:

Ryan Nuccio, Daniel Jacobs,Jonathan Berman, Justin Sossin, Daniel Rosen and Sammy Stolzar. Back row: Anthony Richards and Rodgers Allison.

Bunk 6-leftto right, front row: Elan Blum, Andrew Radin, Michael Lavipour and Greg Sossin. Back row: Rob McAfee, Jeremy Carples, Nick Ma, Lee Garber, Jon Hirschtritt and Rob Mills. Not pictured: Fred Pernstz and Daniel Tortoledo.


Bunk7-lefttoright, front row: Josh Manton, Sam Cutler, Jake Sokol, Graig Fischgrund, Jon Maisel and Stephen Coutts. Back row:. Ben Lantos,Andrew Wachtenheim, Dan Harrington, Daniel Haykin and Michael Weintraub.Not ipictured: Luis Bello.

Lower Senio Camp


Bunk 21- left to right, front row: Sam Harrington, Ben Meyer, Ben Brad, Zach Rentz, Lee Bressler and Danny Burbank. Back row:

Michael Brawer, Scott Koenig, Ryan Sloane and Dan Colish. Not pictured:Jason Hamilton.

Bunk 22-left to right, front row: Chris Hamilton,Andrew Robinton, Ryan Borg, David Ratner, Brian Zeller and Brian Reynolds. Back raw:

David Zuckerberg, Jeff Bartfeld, Brian Moskin, Ian Grattidge, Jesse Pauker and Danny Frishman.

Bunk 23- left to right, front row: Justin Dvorkin. Second row:

Jason Roberts, Brian Brown, Phil Lodge and Nathaniel Hewitt. Third row: Jeff Kleinman, Brian Zager and Howard Hersch. Back row: Todd Fuchs, Cory lim merman ,Andy Prussack.

Bunk. 24-left to right, front row: Chris Dufault, Robert Shapiro, David Share, Jon Drillings, Eric Beaton and Sean McGrann. Back row:

Beau Shaw, David Gorkin, Boyd Search, Josh Rowe, Oren

Golden b erg and

Robert Bader.

Bunk 25- left to right, front row: Mike Maltese, Dana Rodriguez, Brian Schaitkin, Brett Baker and Mark Prior. Back row: Matt Harris. Michael Levin, Blake Weinberg and Alex Sherman. Not pictured:

Oren Bernheim and Adam Pally.

Bunk 26- left to right, front row: Michael Reed, Jeremy Levy, Ari G ri n span, M ich ae I Nahmias and David Haber. Second row:

Josh Fishbein,. Steve Fisher, Jonathan Levy, Eric Becker and Cory Aplrian. Back row:

Steve Caruana, Mike Roche and Don Star.



Bunk 27- left to right, front row: Matt Fuller, David Kanter, Eli Levine, David Parsly, Jacob Auger, David Barash and Greg KowalskL Back row:

Michael Marino, Rory Levine,Steve Brauntuch,Justin Pollak, Stuart Schultz and Jack Pesin.


Bunk 28- left to right, front row: CUff Holland, Brad Gimbel, Daniel Axelrod, Adam Cutler and Andy Smith. Back row: Justin Orlansky, Chad Evans, Demaris Sawyer,Adam Goldberg and Spencer Stiefel.

Bunk 29· lett to right, front row: Tod Masterman, Eric Leven, Jon Cedar, Ross Thomas, Marc Sackin, Sam Bengen and Jamie Robinson. Back row:

Jordan Barry, Andy Manton, Ben Cohen, Adam Koss and Seth Feldman.

Bunk 30- left to right, front row: Jeremy Duksin,Steven Gottl.ieb, Michael Kabram and Avi Shoham. Back row:

David Feinsmith, Jon Pollowitz, Jeff Miller, Brian McGuire, Justin Pront and Adam Goldberg .. Notpi.ctured:

Bernie Empie.

Bunk. 32· left to right, front row: Craig Nyman, Ross Feitlinger, Marlon LeWinter,Mitch Reisman and Seth Gaffney. Back row: Blair Roberts, Ben Fischer, Chris McLoughlin, Jon Stopol, Matt Waller, Brian Feil and Andy Saperstein.


Bunk 31· left to right, front row, Fred Segal. Second row: Tony Toccalino, Eric Dellon, Matt Hankin, Josh Whitney and Paul Wilson. Back row: Perry Kalmus, Daniel Spear, Jake Lesnik, Sean Craft, Grant Greenberg and Chris Bloom.

Bunk 33- left to right, front row: Anthony Libecci ,Jason Blejwas and Seth Gold. Back row: Lee Goldblatt, Austin Aubin, Alex Block, Craig Cummins, Ralph Vix, Josh Sands and lain Butler.

Upper Senior Camp


Bunk 35· left to right, front row: James Hart, Jared Weissman, Darin Milman, Josh Kombluth, Mike Meyer, Mike Gerber and Brad Huelsman. Back row:

Matt Rosenzweig, AndrewChalson, James Bowles, Brian Bluver and Matt Colton.

Bunk 36- left to right, front row: Matt Fogel. Second row: Jason Andra, Jon Saltzburg, Josh Sparber and Yale Klat. Third row: Daniel Rosen,Scott Brandwein, Daniel Marx and Paul Gelinas. Back row: Mike Foster, Brad Philhower and Justin Titcombe.

Bunk 37· left to right, front row: John Kelly, I Louis Brucker, Josh Daniels, Jeremy Hobbs,

I Jordon Kaplan and Tony Ramani. Back row: Justin Feldman, Jeff Arons, Grant Gor-

I don, Jerry McWaters, . Matt LeffandAlex Oren.

Not pictured: Kevin Reilly.


Bunk 38- left to right, front row: Brad Hubin, David Roberts, Josh Lantos, Stu Caplan, Andrew Marqolies, David Shaw and Paul Barrass. Back row:

Michael Rowin, Kyle Stein, Harris Brown, Robert Boyd, Doug Cohen and Ian Kaye.

Bunk 39- left to right, front row: Kelly Axe and Billy Davis, Second row:

M ichaelSchwalbe, David Oxfeld, Avi Kollenscher and Jason Tufa. Back row: Scott Lang, Danny Kempler, Mark Rose, David Lerner,Jeff Wachtenheim and, R.ich Kaufman. Not pictured:

Adam Ross.


Bunk 50- left to right, front row: Jason Thompson,Josh Perkiel, Brad Tenem, Josh Lite, Jerome Hershey, Jared Strauss and John Weil. Back row: David Salgado, Bennett Brown, Greg Abramson, Michael McCabe,Michael Hruska, Oliver Wiener, Rob Fautz and Adam Pollett.

Bunk 51- left to right, front row: Mike McLoughlin. Second row: Rich Newitter, Eric Caplan and Matt Dellon, Back row: Lee Langley, MichaelWe II i koff, Andrew Lieberman, Matt Fulford, Jack Hatt.em, Phil Stein and Mike Sainz. Not pictured: Alex Pelaez and Steve Ross.


Bunk 40- left to right, front row: Jeff Fish. Second row: Craig Strauss, Jared Cooper and Daniel Pinquist. Back row: Jerry Wil.Iiams, Jeff Silberman, Peter Beck, Andy Schenker and Don Gilson. Not pictured:

Lee Goldman.

Bunk 41- left to riqht, front row: Rod Mack, David Katzbsrp, Lee Zager, Jeff Manton, MilKe Halper and David Powers. Back row:

Matt Jones, Jeff Cedar, Adam Wei.l, Larry Kimmel-Spiller and Josh Ramer.

Bunk 42- left to right, front row: Russell Wachtler. Second row:

MichaeI Levy. Third row: Adam Dauber and

I MichaelKurland.

Fourth row: Scott Weintraub,Craig Mestell and Adam Lippman. Back row:. Madhaven Pillai,. Billy Harmon and Marc Bayliss. Not pictured:

Steven Song.


Bunk 50- left to right, front row: Jason Thompson,Josh Perkiel,. Brad Tenem, Josh Lite, Jerome Hershey, Jared Strauss and John WeiL Back row: David Salgado, Bennett Brown, Greg Abramson, Michael McCabe,Mi.chael Hruska, Oliver Wiener, Rob Fautz and Adam PoHett.

Bunk 51- left to right, front row: Mike McLoughHn. Second row: Rich Newitter, Eric Caplan and Matt Dellon. Back row: Lee Langley, M ich aelWel1 i koff, Andrew Lieberman, Matt Fulford, Jack Hattem, Phil Stein and Mike Sainz. Not pictured: Alex Pelaez. and Steve Ross.

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