PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT (Done post AP, July 13, 2010) Vital Signs: T= 40.

3 CR= 132 RR= 42 Actual Findings Fine Clean Symmetrical Flushed Flushed, Dry, Chapped Symmetrical Flushed Pinkish Flushed Midline Flushed Midline Inflamed Palpable Flushed Smooth Supple Hot Flushed Smooth Supple Hot Remarks Normal Normal Normal

Assessment Head Hair Scalp Eyes Lids Conjunctiva Lips Ears Earlobes Mouth Lips Mucosa Tongue Gums Pharynx Uvula Tonsils Neck Cervical Lymph Nodes Skin Color Texture Turgor Temperature Respiratory Status Breathing Pattern Cough Breath sounds Temperature

Normal Findings Fine Clean Symmetrical Pinkish Pinkish Symmetrical Pinkish Pinkish Pinkish Midline Pinkish Midline Not inflamed Non-palpable Pinkish Smooth Supple Warm Pinkish Smooth Supple Warm



Normal Due to infection Due to infection Due to fever Normal

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