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I more improvements for tbis summer

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I 15 YEARS:Learn more about what Danny and Nancy have planned for their 15th summer as the directors of camp.

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lume 52 Issue 1 Friday, July 3, 1998

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac

o T E M::~7&

. - . Season

70th Anniversary Season Opens With Excitement

By Adam Levy Cht;Ycnne .34

As the buses came down vthorne road, and as the

ers struggl,ed to make the 90 ree turn into camp, an exploI of pure noise boomed out of huge buses, signaling that

Mah~Kee~Nac's 70th season was beginning. All of the counsellors were standing: by, waving with a smile on their face. .

A:II in all, there were seven buses that brought up the campers, three from New Jersey, two from Westchester, one from Long

lsland, and one from New York City. The buses all met at a rest stop in New York, so that they could travel to camp together.

Jonathan Gold, in Bunk 34, said, "I felt gmat to be in camp and hope everyone in camp will have the best summer ever."

e Totem Page 1

Improvements This Year at Camp

By Michael Krupen Seneca 52

Every year, Camp MahKee-Nac improves on its already phenomenal facilities. The summer of 1998 is no different For this summer, Danny made many changes, some more noticeable than others.

As the buses came down the driveway, the first thing campers noticed was the repainting of the Lower Senior bunks. This year, they are grey! This to many campers and counselors alike, is an improvement over the previous shade of brown that the bunks were painted. According to Adam Levy, Cheyenne 34, "The bunks look nicer and more modern."

If you are very sports oriented, you will be pleased with the rebuilding of the Cherokee baseball field. The infield was redone and dugouts were added, a must on the hot days at MahKee-Nac. The baseball program at Mah-Kee-Nac has improved in another way, with the addition of practice tees, and new batting and pitching cages. Moving on to the waterfront, one will see the addition of two new sailboats. The

new Hunter 14 and Holder 14 will be welcome addition to our fleet of Sunfish, DCs, Lasers, and Hobie Cats. According to waterfront director John Weil the new boats will gi;ve Mah-Kee-Nac the best sailing program in the Berkshires. Hopefully, this will mean our return to champions at the Berkshire Regatta. As you move on to our outstanding Riflery program, you will see that our range has been enlarged. Previously, their had been 7 posts to shoot from, now there are 12 posts. This is a nice addition.

The Totem would like to congratulate Anthony Richards, on his new job as an assistant to Danny. According to Anthony, "I love the new position. It gives me a chance to use my talents on all three campuses.

Campers play a vital role influencing on what can be done to improve Camp Mah-Kee-Nac.

If campers have any ideas, within reason, they can tell it to Danny or Alan. Who knows? Your idea might be one of the improvements to Mah-Kee-Nac next summer.

The Totem Staff

Editor and Chief Alex Feldms

Managing Editor Michael Krup Feature Editor Adam Levy Sports E~ !eremy Nowak

- ---

Staff Writers

Jeff Rubin Jonathan Bryer Spencer Heuman-Gutman Brett Hornby Joshua Erenstein Benjamin Gellis

Eric Levy

Sam Fanburg Joshua Goldman Kyle Sloane

Brett Kern

Russell Krupen

Ben Schein

Dustin Balmuth Adam Donato Evan Schacter Sean Hoffman

Craig Goldslager Jason Rohlman Josh Levine

Photo Adviser Neil Malik Journalism Adviser Blain Fish Owner/Director

Danny and Nancy Metzger


6 Hawthorne Road Lenox, Massachusetts 01240 (413) 637-0781

WINTER OFFICE 190 Linden Avenue Glen Ridge, New Jersey 070~ (201) 429-8522

The Totem is a weekly journal camp Mah-Kee-Nac, a summer boys camp in Lenox, Massachu

ii setts.

e oem

Danny and Nancy's 15th Year at MKN

By Alex Feldman Seneca 52

Danny and Nancy are brating an anniversary this mer. This is the 15th year that have owned and run camp -Kee-Nac. MKN was founded :. in 1929 and was run by its der, Joe Kruger, until Danny Nancy bought it in 1983.

ny had been a camper here always dreamed of owning his mer camp. "I used to. visit

p every year," said Metzger.

!n one year, in 1983, I decided JY it". Fourteen summers

! passed and Danny and

,;y have been here through-

The Metzgers have seen mers come and go. After

p ends, the camp is closed up made ready tor another

:shire winter. During the

sr months, the Metzgers and

key staff have the most work to do. From October to December, Danny visits with every new camper. In January, they begin to hire staff. Then, in the springtime, the camp is opened and the necessary repairs and improvements are made. Summer then arrives and Danny and Nancy are ready for another great season.

This summer, Danny and Nancy are very excited about camp. Both of them couldn't wait to get to know the new campers and counselors, as well as see the returning ones. The Metzgers are also excited about the improvements which have taken place here at camp, including the repainting of the lower senior bunks and increasing the broadcasting range from WCM, the camp's radio station.

The Metzgers are also looking forward to the events that will take place this summer. Fa-

Photo by Neil Malik voriteevents such as the Carnival and the Olympics will be back. 'We're also making a new camp video this summer," Danny said with a gr:in on his face. "That should be exciting."

Danny and Nancy have good reason to be excited. Danny believes that this year's staff is the best in a long time. "This year we have better teachers and our programs have been strengthened", Danny said. "We have the strongest teaching staff and that's what makes the difference." The staff includes 35 returning members.

As Danny sits on the bench in front of the chimney by the dining hall, he greets the campers going to dinner. "I remember Mah-Kee-Nac when I was a kid and there is still that same feeling," Metzger said. As he surveys the camp from his post he remarked, "Buying this camp was a great decision".

Totem Page 3

Opening Day at Mah-Kee-Nac

Photos by Neil Malik

_ The Totem Pag

I Excellent!!

. Health Center sta. ffready

to help all campers.



The TOTEM now shows the three day forecast for the area.


Kee-Nac Games Round One GREEN vs.WHITE




ume 52, Issue 2 Monday, July 13, 1998

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac





'alent Show Big Success!

By Alex Feldman Seneca 52

.merica Celebrated its Indepen-

;: Day with fireworks, parades and scues, campers at Camp Mah-Keeenjoyed the holiday by watching the

Fourth of July Talent Show.

pers and counselors from all three nises combined to form a variety of llat thoroughly entertained the


The evening started out with the ng of the Star Spangled Banner by Bryce. Bryce's voice resonated

.gh the field House revealing

otic feelings. Next came 8 year old ael Wilner playing "My Heart Win In" on the piano. After Wilner's

r performance were David

burg and Jesse Schreirer reciting a ic American comedy act," Who's rst." The entire Kahane family

ed off their talent by playing and ng "Michael row the boat ashore," wed by bunk 26 with a skit called enlarging machine." Buzzy Cohen wowed the audience with Rhapin Blue on the piano.

Next came a guitar harmonica

duet of "Knocking on Heaven's Door," by Mike Metzger and Ashley Neese. This duet shocked the crowd with their talent, playing this old Bob Dylan hit. Then came a skit by several of the Campers and counselors. Jason Feld's drum solo seemed to grab the attention of each camper with his amazing fast hands and skill with the drums. Next came two piano solos, Jeff Liffman played a Mozart sonata followed by Alex Feldman who played Cannon in D, a classical favorite.

Another rock and roll duet was performed by Mike Feld on the guitar

Photo by Neil Malik and Jason Feld on drums. The two performed the song "Everlong." Another piano solo followed by Josh Verlin who played "When the Saints Come Marching In" and "Cops and Robbers.' Bunk 22 then performed the last skit and then Anthony Richards, who hosted the show, finished the show with a solo.

The talent show was one of the best in years "Everything was great the overall performances were fantastic, Stolzar said." As another Fourth of July came to an end at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac campers came out of the talent show with a sense of freedom of expression from all of the performances.

e 0 em age


By Ben Gellis and Eric Levy Bunk 22

Today we interviewed the archery teacher Alan Rudolph. First we asked him how long he has been teaching archery? He said, "I've been teaching archery for 18 years." Then we asked him what is the highest score someone has scored this year? Who was it? "The highest was a 56 out of 60 and it was scored by Andrew Wachtenheim" Alan said. Next we asked him ifhe liked working with kids? " Yes I do" he said. Our next question we asked was if Mah-Kee-Nac was the only camp that he worked at? Alan said, " I also worked at a day camp for a few years." Then we asked him if intercamps were important to him?' " 1 like intercamps because it teaches other camps to be serious with archery" Alan said.

Photo by Neil Malik

Photo by Neil Malik The next question we asked him is how long be's been shooting archery? He said, "I've been shooting for about 35 years." And our last ques-

tion was if Allan was going to continue teaching archery? " I would like to continue to teach archery" Alan said.

Nancy Visits Totem Staff Sunday

Last Sunday, the Totem had a surprise visit when Nancy Metzger stopped by the Totem Office with two of her beautiful red birds.

While here, Nancy let the eager Totem writers hold the birds, and show us what they eat. This amazed the captivated audience ..

About this visit, Totem Adviser, Blain Fisher said "it's a pleasure seeing Nancy interacting with the campers, and making camp life pleasing for them."

Thank you Nancy for sharing your time with us at the Totem. -Totem Staff

The Totem Staff

Editor in Chief Alex Feldma

Managing Editor Michael. Krup Feature Editor Adam Levy Sports Editor Jeremy Nowak Arts Editor Jacob Levine

Staff Writers

Jeff Rubin Jonathan Bryer Spencer Heuman-Gutmat Brett Hornby Joshua. Erenstein Benjamin Gellis Eric Levy

Sam Fanburg Joshua Goldman Kyle Sloane

Brett Kern Russell Krupen

Ben Schein

Dustin Balmuth Adam Donato Evan Schader Sean Hoffman

Craig Goldslager Jason Rohlman Josh Levine Photo Adviser Neil Malik Journalism Adviser Blain Fishe OwnerfDirector Danny and Nancy Metzger


6 Hawthorne Road Lenox, Massachusetts 0124 (413)-637-0781


190 Linden Avenue Glen Ridge, New Jersey 0702 (201)-429-8522

The Totem is a weekly journa camp Mah-Kee-Nac, a summe boys camp in Lenox, Massacht setts.

The Totem Pa


By Michael Krupen Seneca 52

For evening activity on July

1 three campuses participated in 1St part of the annual Mah-Keegames, While each campus was between Green Machine and

e Lightning, the two teams each cipated differently. In Junior and er Senior camp, White won all vents except on Upper Senior

" Events in the MKN games are led by a series of challenges .. year for example.White made rst challenge. They challenged n to a game of six on six footThen Green challenged White other competition. This altemaif challenges continued until all :r Senior campers participated activity. In the end, Green and e were tied up in matches from s to basketball.

By the time that all campers calledto the Upper Senior etball court, Green had won in :r Senior football, hockey, etball, and soccer, White won iitch and tennis. The final part ~ first night ofthe Mah-Keegames was the focusevent,

. a long heated battle, Green riled and got the privilege of

19 the three leaders of the White with cream pies. "The first day ah-Kee-Nac games was a lot of iitting Greg Nell, the White

, with a cream pie was a defiiighlight, Mike Birtwistle said."

Once again the Mah-KeeJames proved to be an exciting Everyone played hard wanting d up on top, and the only thing vill seem to prove that is the day of the Green vs .. White.


Totem Page 3

Rifle Range Improvements Help Classes This Summer

By Jeff Rubin Cheyennen 28

This year camp Mah-Kee-Nac enlarged its Senior rifle range. The idea belonged to Moshe Baytel.

Baytel has been the head of the senior rifle program for 11 years. Norbert Auger, the head of the senior camp and Greg Nell one of the counselors in the Upper Seniors took on the project during precamp .. Floods slowed the project down but it was completed just in time for camp.

The range can hold twelve shooters now, instead of eight. MahKee-Nac also had to purchase a few more rifles for the range this year. Thanks Moshe for the idea and Danny and Nancy for making it a reality.

Photos by Neil Malik


The Totem Pa e

Water Front Director Returns For Seventh Vel

By Josh Levine and Jason Rohlman Mohicans 1

John Weil, the waterfront Director has came to MKN for

seven years, Weil is from

Homosassa Florida .. He said that there are two new sailboats. The Hunter and the The Holder. The 1998 Berkshire Cup will be held on July 14th. Another improvment at MKN is a canoe rack.

Wei! said, "campers need to be ready to take a water saftey test to prove to the water staff that they can stay in the water and swim".

People who have taken the test receave a white chip to prove that they have passed the test. The people who have not taken the test have a red chip. When campers go down to the waterfront every camper that

is going to be on the waterfron must have the white chip. Thos with only the red chip must hat someone who knows how to sv with them.

Most of the campers hat their white chip. Eighty-Five percent of all the people at caa have the white the other 15 pel cent have the red.

Campers can also get awards for being down at the water front. Weil said, that to I awards you have to he the mos energetic and prepared down b the waterfront.

He gave a few tips for campers who want to come do' to the water front this summer. "Campers need to be ready to have fun, Weil said."

Excellent Service Offered at Health Center

By Kyle Sloane Cheyenne 29

The Mah-Kee-Nac Health :r offers great service to the

xl, I spoke with Dr. Guttmann ie head nurse at the Health

:r to find out more about them. arvey Guttmann is the Doctor e first two weeks of camp. The doctors who work here this

ier will be taking shifts every veeks throughout the summer. uttmann is from outside Philaia. He has been helping

ers at camp Mah-Kee-Nac for years.

Anne Lamott is the head

at the Health Center, and she

8 that the best part of the Health

Center Program is working with Doctor Guttmann. She also says that there are many insect bites. This has to be because of the record amounts of rain that camp Mah-Kee-Nac has seen this spring. Everyone at MK.N should be thankful that we have a medical staff as friendly and experienced as the one this summer. I'm

sure that the staff will keep us all healthy this summer.

Mah-Kee-Nac Scores A Hole In One With New Golf Instructor

By Jeremy Nowak Cbeyenne 27

Chet Nowak,is just one of nany new counselors at Mah-Nac.Chet will be teaching in Iepartment of golf.Chet is a 'professional and gives lessons hilts as well as kids that would to learn the game.

Other than enjoying the

,e Chet sells golf clubs for Lynx : Chet is involved in a band

~d "Back in Time."Chet has

~ teaching for 18 years and

n asked if he would ever give eaching Chet said,"No, be-

Ie I like teaching others and ihing them improve."

Chet loves watching

ile improve, last summer he

ht at a golf camp in Jupiter, ida.Chet said,"As the campers s in golf improve, the activities be more fun."

Totem pa e 5

Cam er Of The Week

This week's camper of the week is Aaron Levine. Aaron is from Short' Hills New Jersey; Aarons favorite sport at Mah-Kee-Nac is basketbalL Aaron enjoys drawing for a hobby. Aarons favorite meal at camp is the calzones. Aaron has one older brother who goes to camp here at :MKN and one older sister who goes to Danbee. Congratulation Aaron on an excellent job at camp!

Monday, July 13th

Lows in the 60's High's in the 80's

Who: Aaron Levine From: Short Bills NJ Age: 10

Bunk: 1

Years At MKN: 1


Tuesday, Ju;y 14th

Counselor Of The Week

Matt Wilkes From bunk 2 is Counselor of the week. He is coaching soccer here at MahKee-N ac this year. This is Matt's first year at Mah-Kee-Nac. Matt goes to the University of Tennessee. Matt is majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Matt's favorite part about camp is being around all the kids, and meeting people from all over the world. Congratulations Matt on Counselor of the Week!

Who: Matt Wilkes From: University of Tt Age: 20

Bunk: 2

Coaching: Soccer Years At MKN: 1

The Totem Page

r .... ( ... (1, Berkshire Regi

r, l;' J "; . n

~LJJ ( fLJJ Weather

Upper -Senior Leagues Cause For Exciting Evenin~ ~ctivities

information about leagues, I Once or twice a week, each winnmg at the end of ear

Russell Krupen spoke to Norbert Auger, sport plays and each sport quarter, game, or match.

Cherokee 35 the Upper Senior head plays anywhere from one to If you would like

Evening activity is counselor. From Norbert, I three games a day. At the know the current standir

always a favorite time here have learned how the end ofthe year, all teams of the teams, check the

at camp Mah-Kee-Nac, leagues are structured and participate in a single scores. They are posted

Juniors, Lower Seniors, and played. elimination playoff'touma- the side of the shower

Upper Seniors all partici- Five sports make up ment for pizza. house next to the Kruge

pate in different types of tbe leagues. There is tennis, The teams stay the Lodge. If you would lik

events. Upper Seniors basketball, hockey, football, entire year, however trading join a league, check with

participate in a special type and soccer. Each team is may occur in order to even the commissioner for the

of game. As an Upper made up of a group of out the skill between the sport. All Upper Senion

Senior, there are leagues. Upper Senior campers and teams. Your team gains are welcome to participa

In order to find out more is led by a Seneca captain. points depending on who is

Lows in the 60 's High's in the 80's

Lows in the 70's High's in the 80's

Games & Cartoons

iestion of the week?

'ViI many people including ipers, counselors, and sum~ staff are at camp Mah-

~- N ac this year?

id you KnOW?

you know that the totem ~ by Danny and Nancy's

in was built by campers and fin 1981? The totem pole

(: all summer to build and

~ signed by all the people

) artici ated ..

lis person is always ing others feel better ..

tis person has never met a stranger.

iis person is always preading the love,

Who is it?

, person went to camp I ;re back in the 70's ..

s person has been the Totem adviser.

person has a degree in '

Journalism. I'

Who is it?

~~I}>. ... +~. '.r+ Y "7,[ <a: ~~


.~I- -

Totem Page 7

Photos Of The Wee1

Photo by Megan Inn

The Totem Page

Photos by Neil N

I TheNEWMKNVideo starts Shooting!


Who WINS Round Two In The MKNGames?


The Weather Looks Great For Parent Visiting Weekend



lume 52, Issue 3 __ Saturday, July 18, 199

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac

O T' E M· Cel.ebrating

i our70th

_ Season

White Tries To Catch Green In Round II!

By Alex Feldman Seneca 52

The second week of the ah-Kee-Nac Games proved to be :t as exciting as the first week.

ter a boxed dinner, campers from ch campus assembled on their :pective basketball courts, ready

. the games to begin. As each team epared for each event, campers uld feel the excitement building up.

In both Junior and Lower nior camps, events were preected and campers chose which mes they would participate in.

me events included soccer, foot-

U, and hockey. In Upper Senior DP, teams challenged each other to nes, some of which included lleyball, one-pitch, and basketball. each ofthe three basketball courts

iptied out, campers were ready for : games to begin.

As opposed tothe previous ek, White seemed to dominate s time .. Many of the games were :y close and very exciting. How-

er, white seemed to win most of the nes ..

One of the White captans gets prepared forround two of the MKN Games.

As usual, the evening came to a close with another exciting Focus Event. Directed by Andy Cole, the big event included such wacky stunts as shooting a basket from a stretcher and eating mystery

Photo by Neil Malik foods hidden inside tin foil. As the event began, selected Cherokees tied up the captains from the opposing team. Continued on pg 6

Totem Pa e 1

Soccer Team Wins!!

Danny Metzger congratulates the fifth grade soccer team before round two of the MKN games. Photo by Neil Malik

1998 Soccer Champs At Lenox

By Blain Fisher Totem Adviser

The 5th grade soccer tournament at Camp Lenox proved to be very beneficial for camp Mah-Kee-Nac last week. The JR team swept all four games with victories. The juniors played both of the camps at Lenox with a 10-0 win against the Lenox B team and a 1-0 win over their A team. The team also beat camp Greylock's team, 2-0. MKN's [mal game was against camp Winadu, MKN won 3-1 and claimed the 1st place trophy out of nine teams. "All our players played together the entire time, "Matt Wilkes said. The defense for MKN contained if not dominated each game. The defense only let one goal on the board for the entire tournament. Congratulations boys on ajob well done!

Wbat's the Biggest Catch?

By Josh Verlin

Two Reporters from the Totem interviewed fishing counselor Andy Lampo, of Bryan Texas about this years fishing program. Lampo said, "It's fun and it's challenging." Many fish have been caught at MahKee-Nac, including Catfish, Pike, Perch, and Shad.

The biggest fish caught this year was 11 in. long, and weighed over 1 lb. Over 100 people have fished this year. There are awards given for fishing at MKN, 1 for the

The Totem Staff

Editor in Chief Alex Feldmar

Managing Editor Michael Krup Feature Editor Adam Levy Sports Editor Jeremy Nowa Arts Editor Jacob Levine

Staff Writers

Jeff Rubin Jonathan Bryer Spencer Heuman-Gutman Brett Hornby Joshua Erenstein Benjamin Gellis Eric Levy

Sam Fanburg Joshua Goldman Kyle Sloane

Brett Kern Russell Krupen

Ben Schein

Dustin Balmuth Adam Donato Evan Schacter Sean Hoffman

Craig GoJdslager Jason Rohlman Josh Levine

Photo Adviser Neil Malik Journalism Adviser Blain Fishe OwnerlDirector

Danny and Nancy Metzger

SUMMER OFFICE 6 Hawthorne Road

The Totem is a weekly j camp Mah-Kee-Nac, a ~~I.L~"~ boys camp in Lenox, lVJ.:ilssaCll~ setts.

Senecas Boston Bound!!

By Michael Krupen Seneca 52

Every Wednesday, camp- 3 from Mah-Kee-Nac go on rious day trips to different aces .. For example, on their

st day trip of the summer, the mecas went to Boston with the el-Is-Yons of our sister camp, mbee. For those who do not lOW, the Senecas and WeI-Bins are the oldest camper

DUpS at their respective camps.

Clouds were looming 'erhead, as the Senecas were )ken up at 7:.00 in the morning. e were told that we had 20 mutes to get dressed and have

e usual pre-trip breakfast of ughnuts, After breakfast was ten, the Senecas boarded the ach bus. Before we were to go , to Boston, we had to go to

Danbee and pick up the WeI-BYons.

Three hours later, the coach bus pulled up to the Boston Science Museum, OUI first stop in Boston. Here, we would be watching the latest IMAX release, Everest. Everest is about the expedition to the top of Mount Everest led by Ed Veisturs. This llv1AX flick dealt first with the dangers of Mount Everest and what is needed to survive there. Next came the good part, the trek up Everest. This trek was exciting, but nonetheless it was very sad. I will not tell you what happened, that is for you to' see and find out. After the 45-minute IMAX picture, we traveled to Harvard Square. Here campers and counselors alike from MahKee-Nac and Danbee were able to

look around the stores, and take a look at Harvard itself. This proved to be great fun, as many campers and counselors bought different odds and ends. After this stop, we got on the coach bus to go to the John Hancock Tower. Here, from the observation deck, we were able to see all around Boston. For example, from there, one can see right down the main runway of Logan International Airport. When we all had seen Boston from the observation deck, we walked the mile to Quincy Market. Once there, people bought dinner and little stuff to remember the trip.

This trip proved to be a very popular one. Seneca Jordan Gellis said, "This trip was fun and exciting. I really enjoyed everything we did. Boston was GREAT!"

The NEW transmitter is in!

Mah-Kee- N ac are you ready to



AM 640

Listen in daily for all your favorite hits,

Totem page 3

By Harry Black Iroquois 8

The new camp movie should attract a lot of interesting and excited kids and more children from last year. This videotape should be twenty minuets long with fun, excitement, and

act ion packed

things to I do. The

new . video for

MKN will give

prospec- tive camp-

ers an idea of what MKN is like.

The name of the company, which makes the video for MKN this year, is "First Take Production". This sununer the prodution company plans to get video scenes from several of this summers activities.


The month before the buses arrive ..

By Blain. Fisher Totem Adviser

About a month before all the campers arrived at Camp Mah-KeeNac, a group of guys from all over the world got together to make Camp MKN what it was when the campers arrived on June 23.

Jimmy Herzog, the Head of Maintenance for the camp, planned all of the tasks that had to be done for the month. "Getting to know some of the guys before the entire group of campers and counselors got here was the best part of precamp Matt Johnson said.

Because I was on the grounds crew I personaly know it was hard work. I did enjoy the fact that I could meet new people and also get the camp back into shape before al1 of the campers got here in June. We started in May with getting the tennis courts ready for resurfacing and then painted the Lower Seniors cabins ... Some of the

guys were mowing and trimming tl grass, while the rest of us were raked or on the courts. After we g< most of that done we broke up inte groups and the construction of the waterfront began. Docks had to be put together and cabins had to be cleaned up the next few weeks of camp.

We finished up the last few days by painting and doing the details before the campers got Although the rain delayed us at precamp, there were always things here at camp to keep us :inside until it dried out.

Precamp was hard work sometimes, but it was the best get ready for camp. It wasn't only pre camp for getting the camp it was a pre camp getting the lors ready for the rest of the

Seniors Have A Night Out At Par F

many other Cherokees that went. The go-karts were a big hit and of the kids enjoyed the food. kids and counselors played out ' mini-golf course .. No matter you want to do, Par-t can be a fun.

By Russell Krupen Cherokee 35

As an Upper Senior, the amount of days out outnumber those of the Lower Seniors and Juniors. On many Mondays, Upper Seniors get nights out. The places to go to vary from movies to short trips. On the first night out, the Cherokees went to Par-4.

Par-4 is a place with minigolf, batting cages, go-karts, and bumper boating. The batting cages vary in speed and the go-karts can be a lot of fun. If you get a lot of people going into the bumper boats, you can really have a great time.

I had a lot of fun and so did

Gettin Jiggy With Danbee

By Ian Asseal Mobican3

On Sunday the girls from

ibee came over to Mah-Kee-Nac ave a social with the Mohicans hony Richards rocked Kruger

~e with tunes and remixes for

110st two hours while the everyone ie lodge danced. The Danced

ted out with the counselors playing me of musical chairs and the

pers playing right after them.

Next, Anthony got all the cers into groups and had a dance test,e It was a great eveing with 1 the boys and the girls having a dtime.

After the dance the boys and ; came outside for refreshments. girls left shortly after and went

k to Danbee,


By Danny Baneman, Mohican 1

NBA day was a big hit at

lp Mab-Kee-Nac. It took place on lnesday, July 7, 1998. It was the

: time in a few years that NBA day ~ place at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac.

st of the tribes participated in

<\. day. Most of Junior Camp staff some other staff helped to run it.

Everyone had fun. Unfortunately, Mah-Kee-Nac's beIovedNBA day was shortened some because of the rain, and we had the activities inside instead of out, which wasn't so bad, considering the fact that there was no sun that could get in the campers' eyes because the events took place indoors.

The activities were as follows. One was "Bankshot Basketball," a contest to see who could make the most bankshots on unusuany shaped basketball hoops. The winner of each of the many groups that went there was rewarded with a trophy .. The other activity was that

Photo by Neil Malik four randomly picked teams played two games each. There were no prizes awarded in that activity, but it didn't matter since everyone had so much fun.

In the morning, Danny Metzger had joked that some of the campers were going to Niagara Falls, and of course, no one believed him. However, the junior campers, with the day being Wednesday, or special day, were eager to know what was happening that day, They soon found out when Mike Malloy announced that the day was NBA Day, one of the best days of the summer!

he Totem _ Page 5 I

News Around Camp Mah-Kee-Nac

MKN Games Cont-

Then, Brad LaMotte and Dan Rosen were stuffed with water balloons by the Juniors. Then they were "deflated" by the Lower Seniors. Then the Algonquins began their event. Five Algonquins were given a mystery snack to eat completely, then they were instructed to whistle the first verse of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before the event was completed. Finally,one Seneca was chosen to be strapped to a stretcher, carried across the basketball court, shoot a basket from the foul line. After two baskets were completed, the winning team's captains were untied and got to throw a pie at the coaches. Unlike last week, the white team won the focus event

"I enjoyed being pied," said Mike Birtwistle,Head Coach of the green team, "the cream was delicious."

As another exciting evening of the Mah-Kee-Nac Games came to an end, campers can only wonder what will happen next Monday for the Mah-Kee-Nac games, part 3.

Sprint Championship

By Eric Nehs Mohican 3

On Sunday, July 5, the Second Annual MKN Sprint Championship was held. About 96 campers entered the championship. Most of the races were close but some of :the races were blowouts. In Jrs., Ramon Rubio beat Sam Nayman for the win, but it was a very close finish. In Lower Seniors, Dave Warner raced Cory Cummins and Dave won. It was a close race. In Upper Seniors Brad Lomotte raced Dave Gutman, and Brad won. When I talked to the swim coach Rusty he told me that all the finals were close races.

T is for Totem

Junior Tournaments

By Brian Brauntech Bunk 10

A lot of commotion is going on in Junior Camp. Why? F our different tournaments are going on. There is the three on three tournament. There is the the Twizzlers Shoot Out. There is also the Basketball College Tournament going and the College World Series. In soccer the World Cup is the hottest thing going. Also the tennis program has tournaments for everyone. In the ShootOut there are twelve college teams j throughout camp and they play a series of games in the summe

In the World Series about ten people are on each team with six teams. In the World Cup there are twelve teams competing to see who is the World Cup Champion of Mah-Kee-Nac. In the tennis doubles you play other doubles teams in camp. All the tournaments here at camp always keeps everyone busy with man titles to win this summer.

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac Three Day Weather Forecas

Saturday, July 18

Sunday, July 19 I

Monday, July 20

Lows in the 60's High's in the 90's

Lows in the 60's High's in the 80's

Lows in the 70's High's in the 80's

Cartoons And Games

Question of the week

IW deep is the Stockbridge Bowl (Mah-Kee-Nac's lake) and how wide is it at its widest tnt?

ase put your answer, name, and bunk number in the designated box in the dining hall. The answer and winner I be printed in next week's Totem.

Did Vou Know?

Did you know that the original Kruger Lodge was named the Junior Lodge and stood right next to the dining hall. sused art, totem, woodshop, rocketry, and photography until 1969 when the kiln caught fire and the entire building rdestroyed, The building was rebuilt in its current location. It included the theatre and main auditorium. The building

a many architectural awards because of its design and use of space. When Danny and Nancy bought the camp in

3, they added on office space and a bathroom creating the Kruger Lodge that exists today. In 1986, the building was nned the Kruger Lodge after Joe Kruger's late wife .. Today the Kruger Lodge is used as an office and a theatre.

The Totem Pa e 7

Photos Of The Week

All Photos by Neil Malik


ecas go to Cape Cod.

.....,..-_"""""-.- ........ :0"'1

FLYING HIGH: Harlem Wizards Put On Terrific Show.

On page 5

On page 6

lume _52, Issue 4 Saturday, August 1, 1998

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac

eunion Of Families

By Alex Feldman Seneca 52

On Saturday, July 18, ked cars lined the upper

ds two large tents stood side the dining hall, and npers lined up anxiously; all one reason: Parents' Visitweekend.

The week before the big

r was a hot one! As humidity els rose.campers scrambled whatever relief from the heat y could get. Finally, the

ht before visiting day, the

es opened up and thunderrIDS rolled through the 'kshires, bringing cooler,

er air and beautiful weather both days.

The week before VisitDay was also very busy. intenance men tidied up the JpUS, kitchen staffprepared a lunch, and a huge welcome

1 was created by the art staff ~eet the parents. As Visiting V rolled closer,

(Continued on page 2)

The weekend started out with theparents greeting their kids at their bunks.

Photo by Neil Malik

e Totem II _ _ Page 1

The Jacobs brothers smile big for the camera. Photo by Neil Malik

(Continued from Page 1) after third period. Such places as

two tents were set up next to the the Dakota and Bev's ice cream

dining hall. were crowded with Mah- Kee- Nac

Finally, the big day came, families.

Parents poured down the big hill The next day was similar to

carrying bags of goodies, waiting the first with the exception that

to see campers. After greetings the day ended at 1 :30. After

were exchanged, campers and campers said goodbye to par-

parents went off to first and second ents, they continued on with

periods. Parents were very im- their periods and got ready for

pressed by their childrens' accom- the Harlem Wizards game ..

plishments. the first two This year, just like last

periods, campers and parents were year, the Mah- Kee- Nac broth-

able to cool off in the pool or use ers and Danbee sisters visited

the camp's excellent sports facili- each others camp. This was

ties. After a delicious lunch pro- designed to allow parents with

vided by Mariott, campers and children at both camps to have

parents went off to their afternoon equal visiting days. This year's

activities. After fourth period, "swap" seemed to be very

campers and parents gathered in the successful.

tent for refreshments and campers Once again, Danny

said goodbye to their parents, All lucked out on beautiful weather,

Upper Seniors were able to go out making for a great visiting weekend.


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The Totem is a weekly journal camp Mah-Kee-Nae, a. summer boys camp in Lenox, Massachu setts.

The Totem Page

rhe Cup Is Back Home!

e 1998 Berkshire Cup championship team. This years team was coached by Greg Nell.

Photo by Neil Malik

By John J. Weil Head Of Waterfront

The golden rays of the sun e just peeking over the mouns when they gathered on the

IS of Kruger Lodge. Eight brave ls set out on a journey into the

{ heart of darkness itself: Camp erson. For it was there that the ed Berkshire Cup was kept, and as there that these eight would e to prove themselves in one of most grueling tests of physical uranceknown to man - a

lug regatta.

The first race began nptly at 10: 18 that Tuesday,

it quickly became apparent that

this would be no walk in the park. It would be a sail on a lake actually. Nine camps were represented, with two boats each and as eighteen boats jockeyed for position on the starting line, our eight brave and healthy campers showed their coach, Greg Nell, that they had, indeed, been listening to him at practice. For through all thetreachery and adversity that we have come to know as the Berkshire Cup Regatta, the Mah-Kee-Nac Green and White shone like a beacon for the rest of the world (well, the rest, of the lake, anyway) to see.

We sailed to victory in the first and third races, and took two of the top three places in the second

race, As these eight boys came back to camp, victorious, arms laden with the Berkshire Cup, numerous trophies, and a few fribbles as well, truly deserved to be called champions. And the legend that is MahKee-Nac sailing continues. "" The members that competed in the 1998 Berkshire Cup from 1\.1KN are Brad Rothenberg, Rob Bernstein, Buzzy Cohen, Justin Broderson, Zach Tasher, Derek Frankel, Mark Filenbaum, and Andrew Nahmias. Congratulations to all who took part in this wonderful event.

Totem Pa e 3

MKN Games III, The Winner is

Michael Krupen Seneca 52

After one false start due to rain, the third installment of the MKN Games went off with almost no problems. 'White went into the night leading 1025-959, but Green sought to change that.

Once everyone had eaten a box dinner on their respective campus, they lined up on their basketball court to find out what they would be doing. The Juniors participated in Water Polo, Archery, Kickball, and Bombardment (a game similar to Dodgeball). The Lower Seniors participated in One Pitch, Basketball, Hockey, as well as other events. Once again the Upper Seniors challenged each other in games such as soccer, tennis, basketball, One-Pitch, and volleyball.

The games began and everyone found a sport to participate in. In Junior and Lower Senior camp, both Green and White were neck and neck. This meant that it would come down to who won Upper Senior camp. In Upper Senior camp, Green won tennis, basketball, and volleyball, while white won soccer and one-pitch.

As 8:20 came, all of camp assembled in the Field House to watch the decisive focus event. First,3 teams of2 Algonquins from each team tied up the opposing leaders. Next, the Juniors had to pass a hula-hoop from one person to another. The objective was for it not to fall to the ground. After this, a team of 5 Lower Seniors standing

on cones, had to pass a basketball to the next Lower Senior who shot the ball at the hoop. If the person made a basket, another teammate had to reach into Jell-O and pull

out a hockey puck with a combination on it. Then the player in front of the lock must test the combination to see ifit was right. Ifit was the right combination to the lock that held the skateboard, the team could continue. If not, the process was repeated. Once a team found the right combination and got the skateboard, it was on to Seneca Bowling. In this event, Senecas with hockey helmets were pushed on a skateboard to knock down the pins. Regular 10 pin bowling rules were used. Unfortunately, due to unp Ianned circumstances, this event had to be cut in half from a score of 30, to a score of 15. Once a team completed this, 3 Cherokees tried

to untie their team's leaders. In the

By Josbua Erenstein Iroquois 9

This year's JR Soccer Program at Mah-Kee-Nac is being led again by Jason "Goose" Allan. Goose said, "This year's Soccer Program will have a Major League Soccer challenge and a World Cup Competi tion."

JR's are taught a little of everything about soccer. The JR soccer Staff teaches the JR's during JR Clubs. During clubs the staff offers penalty shootouts, goalkeeping clinics, and of course

• •

end, Green came out on top, and got to pie the White team leaders With this, it was neck and neck. Only when the scores come out, will we know who won MKN Games 1998.

When asked about this year's MKN Games, Mohican Adam Raphael said "It was fun because the games were well contested .. " This was true throu out the games. Everyone played hard and should be

scrimmages. Romaner said, "We decided to keep it the same as before." Goose also hopes that every camper will try and vV.<Uf.'L'''''1 the MLS challenge, and compete the World Cup Competion,

"This year's JR Soccer S is a good mixture, "Ben Romaner said. Four Englishmen and one American. The Englisbmen are Anday "Woody" Wood, Adam Pollington, Goose, and Romaner, The American is Matt Wilkes.


By Russell Krupen Cherokee 35

As the final day of visiting ekend came to a close, some of campers felt down, A few

ITS later, their feelings would lifted as that night the Harlem lards faced off in a comedy

ad basketball game against our h-Kee-Nac staff.

The match started with thony Richards introducing the h-Kee-Nac all-star team.

stin Smith, Jason "Goose"

en, Matt Wilkes, Dan Kupcho, ,b Borger, and Andy "Woody" IOd represented the Juniors in first quarter. John Hector, JB tagarama, Chris McLoughlin, Borger, Eli Levine, and Will iin represented the Lower tiers in the second quarter.

The Wizards introduced mselves through a quick and w motion introduction. They wed off their shooting, ban ding, tricks, and ball handling. the campers watched, the . gh shots the Wizards were

a to make amazed them.

The first half was fun of iks, holding, hugging, and even .ts being pulled down, The

t half combined a tough

ketball game and hilarious

cks. After the first half, the

re was 39-21 with the Wizards he lead.

The halftime show coned of a game where one of the zards would throw a ball to

. of a group of kids in a circle.

The Harlem Wizzards got kids from the crowd to help them during half time.

The kids had to catch the ball and action and the excitement. The

throw it back The challenge was comedy made them laugh and the

that the Wizard would look at one fun was at a soaring high. Maybe

kid and the ball would go to an- next year Mah-Kee-Nac might win.

other. It was fun to watch and the crowd enjoyed it.

In the third quarter, Nathan Edmondson, Tom Cander, David Bayne, Chris Battiste, and David Farrell faced off against the Wizards. The basketball coaches and head counselors played the fourth quarter.

The second half was full of dancing. The action was tighter and the final score was 77-64. The match ended with the entire crowd coming in and dancing, which really ended up being an autograph time.

Although the Mah-Kee-Nac counselors lost, the campers had a great time. They enjoyed the

The Harlem Wizards center slams it over the USR staff.

Photos by Neil Malik

o em _ _ Pa

USR's Experience Cape Cod

The Senecas went to Cape Cod on July 15th and 16th.

By Alex Feldman Seneca 52

minute ride to Hyannis, a town on Cape Cod's southern coast Senecas and Algonquins had the chance to walk around town visiting the small shops that lined Main Street. Campers could also find many JFK memorabilia, for Hyannis is the home of the Kennedy compound. After a nice afternoon in Hyannis, campers ventured to the Captains Quarters Motel for dinner and to prepare for the movies. After seeing "Lethal Weapon 4", campers returned back to the motel for a good night sleep.

The next morning, campers returned to the buses for the ride to Jordan's Furniture Store to see MOM, a Motion Odyssey Movie ride. MOM was an exciting, turbulent thrill ride which involved a trip back in time to the time of the

dinosaurs and an imaginary trip roller coaster through a coal After an exciting ride on MOM, Senecas and Algonquins went on Boston.

On Wednesday, July I yh, all Senecas and Algonquins piled into two coach buses bound for Cape Cod. The trip included a stop at a beach, shopping in Hyannis, a Motion Odyssey Movie ride, and six hours to walk around Boston. As the two buses pulled out of the Mah- Kee- Nac driveway, campers prepared themselves for the four hour drive to the Cape.

At Craigville Beach, the buses first stop, campers had a few hours to relax, build or dig in the sand, or cool themselves off in the Atlantic Ocean. The bright blue sky and cool breeze made the weather almost perfect and assured an enjoyable day at the beach.

After the beach, campers boarded the buses for the ten

In Boston, campers with counselors were dropped off on Newbury Street in the west of Boston and were told to meet at Quincy Market on the east side Boston in six hours. Campers visited the many shops on ,."""'., . ., .... '" street, including Niketown, and visited other attractions in B including the Cheers bar and the Boston Common. After the trip over, campers piled back on the buses for a final time for the trip back to camp. All the Senecas Algonquins had a great time.

Hiking To The Top

By Sean Hoffinan Cheyenne 28

On the day before nt visiting day, there a hike to Monument intain, It took almost hours to reach the mit and a little over .our to get back to the om, Since this was the first part of OUI ney we all had to

! enough energy for second half of our Bash Bish Fans was second part of our There were several

~r falls that we all

I. to get pictures of


Cheyennes at Bash Bisk Falls on July 17th

before we had to go back The day was long and it

to camp. The counselors was tough to climb at

that went were Paul times, but it was well

Leinwand and Juan Carlos .

avajos Travel To Riverside

ByEricLevy Navajo 22

On Wednesday;

y 15, 1998, the Navawent to a theme park led Riverside, in awam, Mass. It had

; ofrides and carnival nes for the whole

lily, such as roller isters, bumper

s,and the ring toss.

~y also opened a new terpark called Island igdom that had lots of les .. They also had a

ve pool. Talking about er things in Riverside, y also had some good taurants, such as endly's and

McDonalds Express. They also put ill some new rides. such as the Hellavator which is like the tower of terror,

The new rides seemed to excite everyone as well as the old favorites. Rollercoasters such as the Black Widow and a bungee jumping ride called the Skycoaster always keeps campers coming back for more.

It seemed as if all the kids enjoyed Riverside .. They all seemed to have a great time and would like to come back again,

Photo by Chris Gerber worth all the climbing we had to do to see two wonderfullandmarks.

Totem Visits The Berkshire Eagle

By Ian Assael Mohican 3

On Friday, July 17, ten members of the Totem staff went to the local newspaper. The Berkshire Eagle. My thoughts on this trip are that the Totem is hard to create, but making real newspaper is even harder. The people at the Eagle are really dedicated to their jobs. These people start working at 8.:00 AM and don't finish until

1 :OOAM. The people at the Eagle are recognized for giving you the news and if there's little news

they make subscribers happy by writing about more local events. Everyone that went to the Berkshire Eagle seemed to have a great time and learned a lot from all of the staff at the Berkshire Eagle. It was a trip that was well worth seeing for those interested in how a daily newspaper is put together.

T tern - - Pa e 7 I

Mohicans Ca

I . h .

. The Mohican basketball team pose for a photo after t e~:::eby Neil Malik:

By Ken Sanders Bead of JR. Basketball

It was hot, but it did not stop the four teams from competing in the Mohicans Basketball tournament, hosted by Camp Mah-KeeNac last Wednesday. The camps that competed were Greylock, Lenox. and a Green and White team from MKN. This was a round robin Tournament; the team with the best record was the tournament champion. AU the teams that compet~d displayed excellent sportsmanship and great ability in the game of basketball.

Each team played a total of three games ... The White Team from MKN played their hearts out, according to Coach Dustin Smith. "Although we did not win a game, we did learn from the situation and I am very proud of our players on the White team. It was an honor to .

" h coach these young men,· coac .

Smith said. The White Team members were Pedro Irnbert, Jake Gladstone, Spencer HeumanGutman, Ian Assael, Brian Polivy, Greg Mortner, lash Levine, Brian Warheit and Sean Posner. "Again, I am ve; proud of the guys and their

skills have improved since the start of camp, "coach Smith said.

The tournament concluded with a match-up between the two unbeaten teams, Greylock and 1vIKN's Green Team. It was a wellplayed game by both teams .. J\.1KN jumped out to an early lead only to have Greylock make a game of it at the end.MKN pulled out an exciting 26-19 win over Greylock, According to Coach Matt Johnson, "These young men are a good group to coach! I had fun watching them play the game." MKN captured the win for the championship trophy. Last year the Mohicans were runner-ups in the same tournament. Th~ team members were: Andy Katz, Eh Stagg, Brian Helweil, Marc Leven, Leland Snaider, Andrew Davidson, Adam Raphael, Jason Rohlman, Daniel Balk, and David Rublin.

"Congratulations to the young men from MKN! I am proud of both of our teams. I am happy we were able to enter two teams and have more people participate in the tournament games, "Danny said. Our Players played their hearts out and represented 11KN well, " Danny said.


Tennis Team WINS

By Jake Gladstone and Aaron Horowitz Mohican 5

MKNvs.Winadu Tennis Doubles intereamp

The matches were outstan mg. It was on July 20th• There w 10 matches, thus 20 kids from eac camp.

Here's a List of Who Played

L. Needle! D. Balk MKN 6-3

1. Rohlman/ A. Davidson J\1KN ~ S. Naymanl G. Newman Win. 0-6 1. Gladstone! L. Snaider MKN 6-, 1. Kaplan! K. Epstein MKN 6-4 M. L~ven I Z. Abrahms MKN 6-3 J .. Bryer! J. Levine Win. 2-6

L Assael/ A. Winkler Win .. 4-6

B. Helwiel/ M. Rabkin Win. 4-6 A. Raphael I S. Human-Guttman J\.1KN 6-0

Final Score


Congratulations to all the participants from both camps! You play:

GREAT!!!!! ! I!'!! '!!!!!!!!!!


This week's nper of the week imon Abrahms

n West Hampton in, Simon is a rche this year, his t at camp Mah:-N ac. Simon's orite sport is

hery, because it's

• ort he enjoys to Simon has one ther at camp,

h, who is also in tor camp as a hican, Congratuon Simon on oper Of The


Wbo: Simon Abrahms From: West Hampton Conn.

Age: 8

Bunk: 12

Years At MKN: 1

This week's counselor of the week is Ashley Neese .. Ashley is working on the waterfront. This

is his first year at Mah-Kee-Nac.He is also Attending the University Of Tennesse .

Ashley said the best part of being at carnp is meeting all of the new people and working with all of the kids .. Congratulation Ashley on being Counselor of the Week.

Who: Ashley Neese From: University of Tenn.

Age: 22

Bunk: 43

Coaching: Waterfront Years at l\IIKN: 1

the food was really good and they had really good souvemrs.

We really can't wait till the Pittsfield Mets come to MahKee- N ac to give us instruction and teach us some basic skills that are needed for baseball including stretches, throwing techniques, and how to run faster.

llke Me Out To The Ballgame

losing 7-1 when we left in the top of the seventh. The Mets scored their only run when the ball got past the catcher in the Sib inning. The other team got all their runs in the 6th mnmg,

The highlight of the evening was when we saw Christopher Reeves (Famous actor who was paralyzedjin the handicapped section. Another good thing at the game was that

Jeff Rubin Cheyenne 28

Everyyear Ih-Kee-Nac sends ohicens.N avajos, d. Cheyennes to go ~ the Pittsfield

ets play. Later in

: year some

tsfield Mets come Mah-Kee-Nac to

1 through drills

th the campers.

On Thursday

: Cheyennes went see the Pittsfield ets play. They were

WCM 640 AM

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac's Official Radio Station.

Totem Pa e 9


'" CJ l~ lJl \ .~ -
\J I/J., 1 f R S \\ -r I N I~ P ()
f 1: s 11 1- N Ci _( A ;1/ D ,7'IA
A ft1J L N C\ h G -; t- z_ NI')
W 1 /lL D s l R P 1 /JIG s If
~ ~IQ_ ~ ,~ ~ )'( 1i 1 K ~ 5 ~ I
2.-1/.t_ ft LA C:r R ~Ir: NIA I
D 010 \J C ::r K G o f 5 p L.
T '/ T 1 J 111 6- 6 13 L P L.
~ PIO lfJ T ~ CJ D () S ~ slit::
!lIz-- ._;(" Z- Ii T P- 1 ~ f: S L
-~ o C j\{c '\ R 1,/ sip p e A
CJ L r- P ~11 ( 1/ UU N p Q
N CIP )11- R'S () 2-IO!ll r p
r 0 III Die u G: H X ...-vI !' z 10
-L K;4 L lid. /Ii A 1 U ~ e 2.! l
l.£ /0 f E: ~ 1.4 R T A:t
~ 0 J ~ IJU f1 c P ~- , ~ I:L
rs p ;V ,[), A- S K E r, -4 eiL
1--- Question Of The Week

How tall is the climbing tower?


Did you know that the site where upper senior camp was once was a swamp? From 1957 until 1960 the upper senior camp was constructed by filling ill the swamp with dirt. The original bunks were tents, later bunks were built and the upper senior camp began to look like it does today.

Last Week's Answer: The lake is 49 Feet deep and one and a half miles long.

Who Are They?

1. This person is always walking around MKN.

This person has the best view on the camp. This person has never missed a flag raising.

2. This person is a former camper ofMKN.

This person keeps the camp running smoothly. This person interviews possible staff members.

3. This person is working before campers are awake This person fixes problems at camp,

This person knows the precampers by first name.

. ance Corner By Jacob

1998 Parent Visiting Weekend

Totem - Page 11

MKN Photos of The Weel


""'U"UL", returns for

1 page 3

lurne 52, Issue 5 Saturday, August 15, 1998

BIG SHOW: Seneca's go to Saratoga Springs for Dave Matthews show

New at WCM: WCM get's new transmitter for studio.


On page 5

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac

O T Ec-.-M----,· :~7&


[t's Carnival Time!

By Alex Feldman Seneca 52

On Sunday, August 2nd, ;e inflatable rides circled

ior field, the immense midway ertained kids, and Taco Bell

:s flew high above the dining

. No this was not a normal

at Camp Mah-Kee-Nac, it ; Carnival.

Every year during the

t week of August, Carnival entertained campers and nselors. Carnival has been a lition at camp since 1929 and 1 parts have been added every r. Just recently, different food ins have been invited to cater be hungry campers .. Last year ; the first year of the Main

mt and this summer was the

t year of judging booths for


This year's Carnival

ted with a lazy day for all of ip, After a nice restful. morn-

Campers enjoy a afternoon of games during Carnival. Photo by Neil Malik

ing of sleep, it was time for Carnival prep. Campers prepared their bunk's booth by making signs, using streamers, and getting all of the things they needed to set up their booth. Sencas also prepared for Carnival by helping to set up and organize the food court, a Seneca privilege. After the Carnival was set up campers ate lunch and waited for

the excitement to begin.

At 2:15 campers and counselors gathered on the junior baseball field to watch the Main Event, which consisted of Norbert and Anthony's spitting contest and a pie-eating contest. Matt Rothstein, Michael Krupin, Matt Weiss, Rob Margolies, Dan Rosen, and Daniel "Sumo" Shennan all participated. The blue-

(Continued on page 2)

e Totem _ Page 1

D'SH Hockev I eauue Finishing Strong

By Mike Wood Head of Hockey

The Upper Senior Hockey Leagues are now starting to finish up with just a couple of games to go. After a couple of cancellations due to uncooperative weather; three rounds of the hockey leagues have been completed. The teams in the league consist of eight players each. The names of the teams are similar to the NHL teams with names like The Big Bad Bruins, The Rangers, The Blackhawks, and The Mighty Hurricanes. Where are the Devils?

After three rounds of exciting play the Black Hawks lead the pack with 16 points. They are followed closely by the Hurricanes with 12. The Bruins have 11 with the Rangers hot on their heels with 9. The Rangers are really mirroring the real NHL teams. The next round or round 4 will see the Bruins facing

the Rangers. The Blachhawks win dance with the Rangers. The date and times will be announced at assembly. Remember, it isn't if you win or lose it's how you play the game. Congratulations to all whom have participated in the hockey league ..

Carnival (con't from page 1) berry pies were placed in front of each camper as each was tied to their chair. The contest began. All the qampers ate and ate for two minutes. When the time was up, Matt Rothstein had beaten the favorite Sumo Sherman, After the Main Event ended, Carnival began.

All the booths on the midway were crowded with campers trying to win prizes such as candy and soda. Each bunk's booth was also judged for creativity. One bunk from each camp won a pizza party.

Some favorite booths included, bean the boss, and candy in the haystack, and Coke and Pepsi .. This years Algonquins ran the big rides such as "boot camp,"

"The Velcro Olympics," and the dunk tank, all of which were crowd pleasers ..

The Senecas, as usual, ran the foodcourt, which hosted Taco Ben as well as other different kinds of Carnival food .. Taco Bell served both hard and soft tacos. Unfortunately, the cotton candy machine was broken but that didn't stop everyone from having a great time. The foodcourt seemed to fulfil everyone's hunger.

Overall, Carnival was a big success ... The beautiful weather and perfect day made for a great Carnival. "This years weather was probably the best we have ever had for Carnival," said Alan Freidman, "and hopefully we will have the same luck next year."


Editor in Chief Alex Feldrru Managing Editor Feature Ed.itor Sports Editor Arts Editor

Heidi Nowak Monica Sidwell Beth Kaufman

Staff Writers

Jeff Rubin Eric Nehs Adam Yarnell Brett Hornby Joshua Erenstein

David Kelleher Eric Levy Josh Erenstein Joshua Goldman Kyle Sloane Brett Kern Russell Krupen Dustin Balmutb Jake Gladstone Evan Schacter Sean Hoffman Ross Weisman

Ian Assael Josh Levine

Photo Adviser Neil

Owner/Director Danny And Nancy rvietzze;

tacquet Man Returns for 8th year

counselor and I saw the benefits for By Alex Feldman

Seneca 52

"Men, did anyone happen to e the tip 0' the day board?" For { people that and "Tell it to the s" are the first impressions of "Big Daddy" Kahane, the head pper Senior tennis .. Returning

is 8th year, Kahane is remem-

I mostly for his interesting

res and his love of tennis.

John was brought to camp -Kee-Nac 8 years ago. "I had to camp as a camper and a

both myself and my children," Kahane said, "I wanted my children to participate in the experience ... " John has been here ever since.

The most interesting part of Kahane's curriculum is probably his famous lectures. His Mah-Kee-Nac classic lecture series draws campers to his tennis class every summer. Some famous lectures include "the raddish," which teaches about the volley and "Bernoulli's law," which explains topspin. "My lectures come

(Continued on page 4)

John Kahane smiles for the camera.

Photo by Neil Malik

Dnce Upon A Mattress" Impresses Audience

Ladies In Waiting Stephanie Ellner Hillary Goldy Jenny Brandt Elizibeth Aguiar Jackie Waldman Kari Silbergleit Jamie Linker

By Jeffrey Rubin Cheyenne 28

In past years the Lower tors have done theiJ play with 'air. This year that changed.

I this year Mah-Kee-Nac

ded to do the play on two


This year the Lower Ses did their play with the bee girls. We did the play :e Upon A Mattress. It is a lition of Princess and the

, a story about a mute king a talkative queen. The

len does not want her son to married so she gives the cesses vying for his hand in riage an unfair test. One day incess comes and does

gs to make everybody like and in the end she passes test.

The play is a comedy with mute king making everything iy, It is a delightful play with a py ending and was enjoyed

by everybody on both nights. The cast party took place at Friendlys where everybody was treated to either a sundae of some kind or a milkshake. The party was a lot of fun.

The Cast

King Sextimus: Max Leibowitz Queen Aggravain: Vickey Schussler Princess Winnifred: Lisa Raylesberg Prince Dauntless: Zach Seideman Lady Larken: Sarah Boyce

Wizard: Josh Grossman

Jester: Jordan Ledy

Minstrel: Howard Myones

Princes #12: Danielle Novick

Lady Rowena: Rebecca Flam

Lady Merrill: Ililisa Goodman

Lady Mabelle: Rachel Hess

Sir Luce: Josh Stiefel

Lady Beatrice: Jamie Rubin

Lady Lucille: Maia Gottesfeld Lady Helena: Ashley "Red" Weiss Emily: Lindsay Rothenberg

Sir Harold: Ben Schein

Sir James: Brad Gornish

Sir William:Mike Feld

Sir Harry: Alex Sheridan

Sir Studley: Jeffrey Rubin


Leana Todd & John Brice Choreographers:

Michelle Diring & Melissa Sparr Musical Director:

Kathy Meir

Production Consultant:

Anthony Richards Drama Consultant:

Carla Gerros Lighting Technician:

Sean Hoffinan Crew

Ashley Weiss Katie Kilberg Jessie Katz Richard Bravman Paul Halverson Ashley Weinman Amanda Mausner Rachel Fink

Brad Glass

Craig Ross

e Totem Page 3

DMB Rocks Seneca's

Mets Visit Camp MKN

------------. - said "my favorite thing about the I

By Mark Thigpen ployees of the Mets. clinic was the sliding station bed

Head of Senior Baseball . The ~linic consisted of. we got to slide on the mat."

different stations that stressed basic

fundamentals, such as sliding, fielding, bitting and pitchers fielding practice ..

The clinic was an opportunity for campers to get a break from their regular class instruction and work in a relaxed environment with professional players.

Each player was told by Mr ..

Lenfest to " Respect the game of Baseball by always hustling on and off the field."

The campers were given an opportunity to ask questions and get autographs toward the end of the clinic. Bryan Assael, a Cheyenne, said "all the guys were real nice" Michael Schwartz, a Navajo,

By Alex Feldman Seneca 52

Each year the Senecas have the privilege of attending a concert. This year was no different. The Senecas, this year attended the Dave Matthews Band concert at Saratoga Springs, New York. After a three-hour bus ride (including the hour it took us to get into the parking lot), the Senecas took their places on the run behind the Saratoga Performing Arts Center and waited for the concert to begin.

The opening band was Agents of Good Roots, who surely entertained the crowd with their music. Then after a few minutes DMB came out and performed their opening song, "Lie in our graves ... " The band then continued to play on,

The Pittsfield Mets recently

conducted two clinics at camp Mah-Kee-Nac,

The first clinic was held Friday 241h at the Upper Senior Baseball field. Approximately twenty upper seniors participated in the clinic.

The second clinic was held Friday July 31 st on the Cherokee Field. Twenty-one Lower Seniors participated in this one.

The Pittsfield Mets are a Class A affiliate of the New York Mets. Representing the Mets were Assistant General Manager Dick Lenfest; Players Jason Brett, Ty Wigginton, and John Mattson, along with Sean Kinne and Connel McShane em-

performing favorites such as "Satelite" and songs from their new album "Before These Crowded Streets" such as "Stay"and "Don't Drink: the Water." Dave Matthews also had time to j am and add intros and endings onto songs. Finally towards the end of the concert the band played encores and encores performing "Crash," "Watchtower," and their last song "Tripping Billies." Unfortunately, DMB did not play "Ants Marching," one of the bands biggest hits.

Most Senecas bought concessions and merchandise such as hats and shirts with concert dates on them. All of us that went, seemed to have a great time being able to listen to such a great band.


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from out of the blue at unpredicta moments," says Kahane, "Much Ii Archimedes and 'Eureka. '"

Kahane started playing ten at summer camp when he was 8 years old. He continued with the game and became number 1 single at Clark University in, Worcester Massachusetts for 4 years. He the played in Massachusetts tourname and "faired very well."

In the winter, John teaches psychology at Springfield Collegd He also is a psychologist and is known as Dr. John Kahane. John i is in the middle of writing a book he would like to put together a portfolio of his lectures.

When asked if he would retum next year, John replied, "0 never knows what is going to hap tomorrow, much less next year."

WCM AM 640

Listen in daily for special Find out the latest


By Ben. Romaner Junior Soccer Staff

G-O-A-L! MKN scores ther as the crowd goes wild.

: 1998 MKN junior soccer gram was one of the strongest vities going this year on junior ip, During the summer the

ors won the prestigious Lenox cer Tournament beating Winadu in the [mal.

The MKN youngsters also e victorious in numerous rcamp matches including the ch between Ashley Soccer

np held at MKN. Under the lance of Program Head Jason


"Goose" Allen, the Juniors were taught passing, turning, dribbling, ball control, and shooting in their regular classes.

The juniors who chose soccer as a Mohican were given more individual coaching focusing on their strengths and weakness to improve each boys game individually, Soccer players such as Graham Gering, Daniel Winston and Jason Rohlman benefited from the World Cup Tournament held during clubs. There was noticeable improvement in every junior throughout the summer by all the hard work put in soccer by everyone.

In the last ten years the

participation for youths in soccer has grown rapidly. By the 2006 World Cup the U.S. might certain have some of these MKN Junior soccer players. The 1999 junior soccer Program has a tough act to follow.

VCM Gets New Transmitter

By Jake Gladstone Mohican 5

Do you take W.C.M?

C.M, is the camp's own radio tion.

is summer we have a great igram head Robbie Molinari, lID Austraila.

The camp bought us a md new transmitter; we can ich from W.C.M (Next to the uger Loge) to halfway across : lake. And past the upper seball field.

The kids create there own lio show by running the switchard and choosing their own style isic. David Herzberg said "I rned a lot and learned how to

1 the switch board, It has been a of fun." Robbie Molinari said"

Teaching the campers how to produce a radio program, with different equipment, has been an interesting and worthwhile experience."

Next time you are listening to the radio listen to W.C.M 640 A.M during period 1,2,4,5 and a night show from 8:30 10:00.

Campers at the WCM studio try out the new transmitter

during class, Photo by Neil Malik

e Totem Page 5


This weeks camper of the week is Jared Katz from Randolph New Jersey. Jared has one sister Lauren, who is at Camp Danbee this summer. Jared enjoys hockey, woodshop, and archery at

. camp. The MKN Games were Jared's favorite part about camp this summer. Congratulations Jared on being Camper of the week.

Who; Jared Katz From: Randolph NJ. Age: 9

Bunk: 8

Years at MKN: 1

By Blain Fisher Totem Adviser

The job of cooking for over 550 people is not an easy task. After interviewing several of the kitchen staff I realized it

was much more difficult then I realized. The first shift of the kitchen staff

has to arrive around

5 :30am to start preparing for breakfast. This shift

starts and finishes break-

fast and is starting lunch before breakfast is even


Bob Farley, ~arriott Production

Manager, said, "we have six people in the back of the kitchen preparing the food and seven in the front

serving and cleaning. Farley said, that he has to work with the schedule of

his staff and also the

plan how much he has to plan to cook. Mealanie Houseworth, a Manager for the Marriott for twelve

years said, I need two to three hours to get everything ready. "1 have to look over the menu's each day to try and decide how much salad the camp will be eating." Campers will eat more salad during days that are hot." When you're talking about cooking 160 to 1701bs of meat in a meal

you have to know how many people are eating to avoid over or under cooking, Farley said."

After lunch is

served, well after 1 pm, the cooks are already planning and starting to prepare dinner .. During this time the staff starts washing up everything that was used to cook lunch. Also the areas

where people ate need to

nselor of The Week

David Bayne from Sacramento California is this weeks counselor of the week. This year David is coaching in the golf program. David is majoring in English literature and Political Science at the University of Tennesee. Davids favorite things about camp is meeting all the people from all over the world. In David's spare time he likes baseball, football and horses.

Cooking For An Army

be cleaned before dinner. Kenty Edwards said, making the deadl:ines of each day is what I like the best. Edwards has been

cooking for the camp for two years and said everyday is different when you're cooking for so many people.

After dinner is served, the kitchen staff works another two hours cleaning the kitchen and getting it ready for the next day. Most of the staff leaves around 8:30pm but the day isn't finished until almost 11 :OOpm when the counselors snacks are finished. After talking to several of the Kitchen staff, one thing is said by all of them. Making people happy with what they cook and working, as a team to

get a job done is what the

kitchen tries to do everyday.

Who: David Bayne From: Sacramento, Age: 27

Bunk: 39 Coaching: Golf Years at MKN: 1

3. The kitchen

pares over 170lbs. Roast beef during meal.

4. The kitchen

and some don't until after 10:

) PO\ C e I\J\ 0 f\ K ~ 'l

9y M C\ H Morow;t- z.


Appliance Corner by Jacob Levine

By Brian Edwards

. rooster lays a egg on the state : of New Jersey and New York, ich state would the egg belong

It day did Thomas Jefferson die?

Lt language is Trigonometry .en m,

nswers will be given next s Totem.

Totem Pa e 7


• page 3

"RtfP.~:5afI"cas .ffitVe' Canada For Last Trip.

lume 52, Issue 6 Wednesday, August 19, 1998

O T·· <E·· M· cel.eb.f._a.tin.g

, our70ili

.. Season

Camp Mah-Kee,-Nac

On page 6

The Final Games

By Jeff Rubin Cheyenne 28

Every year, Alan, Andy, 'aul, Danny, and all the Head 'ounselors put their heads ogether to think up a good and xciting breakout to fool everyody.

"Breakout was really cool nd I liked the helicopter," said .ndrew Werner, Breakout began lith firecrackers being launched .om bunk: one. Smoke poured

ut of the windows, making it

rok like a fire. Everybody was Coaches dressed up in suits prepare to get their teams. Photo by Neil Malik

old to go to the hill, A few

tinutes later, a fire engine came nd 8 Key Staff members jumped ut with flags from different ountries in the world.

Then a helicopter landed long with a limo pulling up into te middle of junior field and 8

counselors in old-time gangster suits came out. Then they told the eight that were supposed to coach to leave ..

The new campers were excited, but some of the more experienced camper knew the first coaches were part of the fake out. The gangsters were the real

coaches, Breakout was complete, and Andy Cole then announced the teams saying that it promised to be a great Olympics.

1998 Olympic Banners On Page 9

,e Totem Page 1

Closing Ceremonies End A Wonderful Olympics

By Blain Fisher Totem Adviser

Thi year's Olympics were as about a dose a a competition of eight teams could get and not have a tie. All eight teams were fighting for a strong position

tarting from day one, but none of the eight teams could ever get a strong lead to assure them first place for the four days ...

After four days of games, the scores were still too close to positively say who was the winner. The deciding factor was definitely going to be the Banner, Sing, and Cheer Competition at the Closing Ceremonie . Finally, after all the hard work from all the players and coaches and their songs and cheers were complete, Norbert Auger gave the final results that MahKee-Nac had been waiting for the entire evening. The final results were cIa e and Great Britain ended up the winner, with Brazil coming in econd, and Canada finishing

third. The entire Camp finished the night a winner, from Andy Cole and Paul Lienwand planning something this massive to every counselor and camper in camp. Congratulations to everyone in camp that participated in this wonderful event to finish up this 70th eason at Camp Mah-KeeNac.

Kevin Conrad waves the USA Flag.


Editor in Chief

I Managing Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Arts Editor

Monica Sidwell Beth Kaufman

Staff Writers

Jeff Rubin Eric Nebs Adam Yarnell Brett Hornby Joshua Erenstein

David Kelleher Eric Levy Josh Erenstein J oshua Goldman Kyle Sloane Brett Kern Russell Krupen Dustin Balmuth Jake Gladstone Evan Schacter Sean Hoffman Ross Weisman

Ian Assael Josh Levine

Photo Adviser Nei] Malik Journalism Adviser Blain Fisf OwnerfDirector Danny And Nancy Metzger

SUMMER OFFICE 6 Hawthorne Road

Glen Ridge, New Jersey (201 )-429-8522

The Totem is a weekly 'Icamp Mah-Kee-Nac, a boys camp in Lenox, T .... """U,'"'Uj setts.

nmtries Competing In The 1998 MKN Olympics


11 Name: British Monarchs

i Coach: Jason Allen

thlon Entry: Sam Cutler


Team Name: Brazilliant

Head Coach: Adam Pollington

USA 5th

Decathlon Entry: Jacob Levine

. Name: Morrockin Your World Team Name: America Online

Coach: Josh Cohen Head Coach: Aaron Spencer

thlon Entry: Gregg Hayiill Decathlon Entry: Brad LaMotte


Team Name: Norway Jose

Head Coach: Mike Birtwistle Decathlon Entry: Matt Rothstein



Head Coach: Chris Chater

Decathlon Entry: Evan Shyer


Team Name: French Flies

Head Coach : Will Grein

Decathlon Entry: lake Sokol


Team Name: New Zealand All Blacks Head Coach:

Decathlon Entry: Andrew Horowitz

Totem Pa e 3

Photos From The 1998 MKN Olympic

- Kee_.r. ac OlympICS SfaCisfics

Final Place For Teams Points
lace: Great Britain 1267.5
Place: Brazil 1264
'lace: Canada 1203
'lace.: Morocco 1166.5
'lace: U.S.A. 1160.5
'lace France 1124
'lace: Norway 1099
'lace: New Zealand 1093.5 ~ Joe Kruger Award Commendations
.ce Matt Aptekar,
Adam Raphael, Mick Duchon
Zealand Jon Kurzner, Andrew White,
i Michael Kaplan
Eric Hertzog, Ross Green,
Nathaniel Douglass
Zach Abrahms, John Terbell, I
il Ross Ginsberg
. Aaron Horowitz, Graham Zifferer,
It Britain Josh Rosen
Daniel Balk, Jesse Rentz,
occo Josh Brawer
Sam Nayman, Michael Schwartz,
'fay Russell Krupen
ida Andrew Davidson, Seth
Waldenberg, Billy Goldstein
I Decathlon Scores






lake Sokol


Andrew Horowitz

New Zealand

Brad Lamotte


Sam Cutler

Great Britain

Matt Rothstein


Jacob Levine


Evan Shyer


Top Three Winners of the Banner, Cheer, and Song competition


1ST Brazil

2ND U.S.A.

3RD Norway


1ST Great Britian

2ND Norway

3RD U.S.A.


1ST Brazil

2ND Norway

3RD France

otem - _ Page 5


The Senecas traveled to Canada for their last trip together at MKN.

Photo by Norbert A

By Alex Feldman Seneca 52

the top of the tower. A twoelevator that ran along the side the tower carried the group to top of the structure that offered great view of the city. After a in the Olympic pool, the .... 01.1.1'1-""1 traveled next door to the a building that hou es 6 ditrerenu environment. The next stop for group wa La Ronde, an amu park on an island in the St. Lawrence River. Unfortunately, rain closed some of the rides while, but campers still had fun the four roller coasters,

On the final day, the boarded the bus for the underground city, a group of shops in Montreal connected by und tunnel . After a day of shoppi the tired campers bade "au rev to Canada, hopefully to return

camper woke up early and got ready for a day of white water rafting. The de tination was tbe Rouge River, one of the biggest rivers in Quebec. Due to the low water level, however, some class five rapids were lowered to class 4. This did not top everyone from having fun. Rapids such as the Washing Machine and the Seven Sisters gave everyone a thrill ride. After a great day on the Rouge River, the tired campers returned back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

A day at the Olympic Park was next in store for the group. The Senecas and WeI B Yons were privileged to have a tour of the stadium which was the main venue for the 1976 Olympics and is the current home of the Montreal Expos. Following t.his was a trip to

"Bienvenue a Canada,' a sign proclaimed clearly as the coach bus full of Senecas and WeI B Yons crossed the border .. This was the first taste of French that would follow us over the next four days.

Earlier that morning, all the Senecas and WeI B Yons boarded a coach bus bound for Montreal, After a quick stop for lunch, the bus crossed the border and headed for the group's first stop, the Old Port. Le Vieux Port as the natives call it, is the oldest part of Montreal. The narrow streets and the old-fashioned buildings gave the campers a taste of old France and made for an enjoyable evening.

The next morning, all the

By Danny Hayes Jgonquin Counselor 4'0

It was time to pack our

becau e we were off to least Maine. We all love pacious cabins at Mah- Keebut the four-floor condorms of Sugarloaf Ski Resort luxurious accommodations. sugarloaf Health Club was

acked with fun, indoor ) sauna , steam room ,

~t ball courts, and an enor~ weight room.

Most folks think of Maine st lobster and lighthouses;



but more and more adventurers are discovering Maine has the best whitewater rafting in tbe northeast. There i very little on this earth that beats a whitewater rafting adventure down the Kennebec river. Imagine yourself plummeting through white walls of surging water, creaming and laughing, all the while following your guides' instructions.

In our raft, we worked hard as a team to paddle and maneuver the boat through swift flowing rapids, running 23 miles long,

The Kennebec' s upper Gorge section has huge roller coaster

waves highlighted by the legendary magic falls. On the lower half, we enjoyed sit-on-top kayaks. There was lots of swimming and we even got to see the rare osprey bird. We had a great lunch, and then at the end of the rafting adventure we were presented a slide show and video of our trip.

Just when we figured, the fun was over, it wasn't We shopped at an outlet maL1 with everything under the sun. In a nut hell, camper Dan Jablon states it best; "It wa awesome; there are not any other words for it.'

re Cherokees End The Summer in Boston

By Anthony Toscano Cherokee Counselor 35 and

RUSsell Krupen Cherokee 35

As Camp came to a close 'egular schedule fini bed, trip ~ began. The trips range from ierstown to Montreal. The okees went to Bo ton for

big trip. It was a trip to .mber in the coming year .

As we left our camp for

: days, we drove off to the

on Science Museum. TIllS .s-on museum offered exhibits ranged from illusion to

tics. After a couple of hOUTS oking around we gatbered ther at the Mugar Ornni

Iter. This theater uses a

reflecting dome to give the illusion of 3-D. We aw the movie "Everest" which was about a group that eli mbed Mt. Everest. It was an interesting movie.

We then went to the mail and the movies. We finished off the night at the hotel, where we relaxed and went to bed to get ready for the next day. We woke up to find overcast skies and our day looked bleak. Alan Friedman made the right calls and we were off to water country in southern New Hampshire. There were few other people there so we had no wait for rides like "Geronimo" and "The Black Hole", After our rain-soaked adventure, it was back to the hotel to change and off to Fuddruckers and "Sheer Madness", an interactive play where we were able to help

olve a mystery. We had a great bite and some of us asked the most influential questions of the night. Our day ended back at the hotel with pizza and TV.

On Wednesday morning, we met Danbee at Boston Harbor and toured the famous Boston Aquarium. There were many exotic marine animals such as the sea lion and electric eel. After a boat tour of the Harbor, we all headed over to Quincy Market to eat and shop. There were over 40 restaurants and twice that many stores to explore. Our trip ended in historic Fenway Park, where we saw the visiting Kansas City Royals defeat the Boston Red Sox, 8-4. It was a very exciting game, which our entire group enjoyed. And so our big trip ended, leaving us back at camp and ready for Olympics the next day.

otem Page 7

Cheyennes Off To Lake George

When we arrived in Albany we shopped and ate dinner and later watched a movie at the Crossgau Malt The mall's foodcourt enabk every camper to have a taste of something different, and the manj shop provided everything from clothes to music.

After an evening at the m: the tired Cheyenne piled back or the buses for the long ride back tl camp. Little did we know that h Olympic b.reakOut was coming t next day.

After so many thing we 1 in three days, all the Cheyennes were tired but happy, and we all a great time in Lake George.

street. Campers were also able to eat at places like McDonalds or other local establishments ... Later that evening we went to a theme park and had fun on rides for several hours.

On the second day we started off with a huge buffet for breakfast, which filled the hungry campers. We then left and went to the water slides for a few hours at a amusement park. The park included everything from huge slides to a lazy river. All this and more surely cooled off the Cheyennes.

After some of the Cheyennes were tired of riding all of the rides, we all went to the arcade at the park and played video games until we had to leave for Albany.

Jeff Rubin Cherokee 28

Every year the Cheyennes go to Lake George, New York, for two days and one night. This year the Cheyennes left on Tuesday and came back on Wednesday. The trip started off with the Cheyennes going white water rafting in class two and three level waters. This was very exciting and all the campers had a great time. Next we went to our hotel and rested for an hour while watching TV. Then we went into Lake George village to go shopping and have dinner. All the Cheyennes seemed to enjoy the 'large amount of tee-shirt and souvenir shops that lined the main

Navajos See The Baseball Hall Of Fam

have a great time, but were rea9 f01.· the next day when we ho.pe1 Olympics would be starting ..

After we finished looking through all of this wonderful collection of baseball player's memorabilia, we went and ate at a Steak House .. After we finished up a full day of activities, we went back to our motel to get some good sleep for the next day of busy activities. After we all woke up the next morning, we left for the famous Howe Caverns. We spent several hours there, got back on the buses headed for Zoom Flume. After spending the rest of the day there, we headed back to camp. This two-day trip was more than we all expected. I had never seen this many things in two days in my life. All of us seemed to

By John Terbell Navajo 24

We all woke up in Lower Senior Camp about 7:15am, anxiously getting ready for the big trip to Cooperstown. We ate breakfast, loaded up the buses, and took off for an excellent adventure. First we stopped at Doubleday Field and watched a game and ate lunch. This was an excellent time where we all enjoyed ourselves. After the game was over, we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Here we all got to see players that have played baseball and set records during their career.

1998 Olympic Banners

French Fries

Norway Jose


Morrockin Your World

America Online

N~~~i;LP"lD .1 ..

.... .. i r ..... J '" h~m:1!lf "

.. :~J r:!: ~( .. ' t." V 1.,

,Jf"'d';- .._ IG':,~)

~lL ~'~A(~~ i



e Totem Page 9

Summer Rewind

The Totem . _ Pag


Junior CaIllp



e Totem Page- IT


Bunk 11

Front Row: Max Gerson, Matt Kahane

Middle Row: Ben Julie, Eric Toporoff, Dean Frankel, Michael Fink, Matt Krasnoff, Gregory Nowak

Standing: Hayden Ormsby, Rob Shapiro, Maureen Watt, Brian Wigginton

Bunk 12

Front Row: Sean Gordon, Zach Rubinstein

Middle Row: Joey Hochberg, Josh Salsburg, Brett Duchon, Graham Gering, Todd Feldman, Simon Abrahms

Standing: Josh Cohen, Megan Inman, Jon Poole, Ryan Sloane

The Totem Pa (


Bunk 7

Front Row: Josh Verlin, Matt Morowitz

Middle Row: Corey Schneider, Stephen Myones, Adam Brownstein, Dan Schreir, Dan Morowitz, Tyler Odwin

Standing: N~il Malik, Steven Gross, Ben Ray

Bunk S

Front Row: Steve Raskin, Jared Katz, Matt Brody

Middle Row: Alex Cion, Michael Wilner Gregg Fish, Harry Black, Ramon Rubio, Brett Wender

Standing: Andrew Wood, ZachBorger

Missing: Matt Harris

Bunk 9

Front Row: Jo h Erenstein, Andrew Leff, Jason Jacobs

Middle Row: David Goldberg, Ross Peyser, Daniel Perlin, Ian Dubrowsky, Brett Parker, Evan Ludwig

Standing: Adam Pollington, Jon Drilling , Josh Berger

e Totem Pa e 13


Bunk 10

Front Row: Alex Harris, Max Ku ovitsky, Evan Brenner, Brian Brauntuch

M.iddle Row: Daniel Winston, Dillon Reuben, Justin Schacter, Spencer Kahn, Alex Cole

Standing: Mark Berenson, Ben Romaner, Matt Johnson


The Totem Pag


Bunk 1

Front Row: Jason Goldman, Danny Baneman, Marc Leven, Brian Warheit

Middle Row: Jason Rohlman, Aaron Levine, Josh Levine, Jesse Tasher, Steven Gutentag, Andrew Davidson

Standing: Jason Allen, Daniel Shaw, Chris Woodford, Logan Needle, Aaron Staenberg

Bunk 2

Front Row: Jon Bryer, Keith Petri, Sean Po. ner

Middle Row: Sam Fanberg, Brian Helweil, Je se Schrier, Robby Hochberg, Jake Floyd

Standing: Andy Thorn, Griffin Newman, Matt Wilkes, Spencer Heuman-Gutman, Rob Molinaro

Bunk 3

Front Row: Eric Ross, Julian Levine, Adam Attas

Middle Row: Jordan Kaplan, Jon Kurzner, Will Lenkowsky, Ross Weisman, Adam Winkler

Standing: Dan Kupcho, Adam Yarnell, Ian Assael, Eric Nehs, Adam Cutler, Blain Fisher

ae Totem - Page 15


Bunk. 4

Front Row: Daniel Balk, Pedro Imbert, Eric Hertzog, Zach Abrahms

Middle Row: Brian Poli vy, Adam Raphael, Greg Mortner, Sam Nayman, Leland Snaider

Standing: Spencer Steifel, Zach Cion, Kevin Conrad, Andy Katz, Andy Lampo


Front Row: Kyle Epstein, Aaron Horowitz, Willy Welt

Middle Row: Harrison Marks, Matt Zuckerman, Zach Drillings, Max Rabkin, Julian Gompertz, Bobby Bardin

Standing: Kyle Johnson, Zach Davis, Neil Alpert, Jake Gladstone, Milan Mihaylov

Bunk 6

Front Row: Adam Alovis, David Rublin, Scott Bressler, Sean Hendrickson, David Herzberg, Alex Glick

Standing: Dustin Smith, Harris Reichenbaum, Daniel Lederman, Adrian Nette, Eli Stagg, Michael Sparago, Oren Asman

Lo~er Senior Camp


e Totem _ Page 17


Bunk. 21

Front Row: Josh Goldman, Josh Grossman, Brandon Kessler, Brad Gornish, Ross Green, Evan Schacter

Standing: Dan Fox Craig Goldslager, Josh Thigpen, Mike Mclvlillion, Howard Myones, Oliver Guzman Chris McLoughlin


Bunk. 22

Front Row: Logan Hirsch, Brian Edwards, Craig Meyer, Dennis Kramer, Brian Dolphin, Jeremy Gerson

Standing: Billy Bender.Jeremy Adams, Eric Levy Elijah Duncan, Chris SadIo, Ben Gellis

Bunk 23

Front Row: Jake Levy, Tommy Cramer, Mitchell Leff, Evan Goldberg, Keith Robbins

Standing: Jeff Fountain, Evan Donohue, Jason Greenstone, Jeremy Garrett, Lee Farber, Paul Trichon, Ian Grattidge

Missing: Josh Sonstein

Bunk 24

Front Row: Andrew Seiden, Michael Schwartz, Eli Shoham, Barrett Gold, Zach Seideman, David Fein

Mid.dle row: Jake Kahane, Philip Borger, Jeff Barry, Jon Terbell, Ian Meller

Baek Row: Eli Levine John Hector, Simon Molyneux

Bunk 25

Front Row: Jesse Rentz, Mario Imbert

Middle Row: Jon Share, Mick Duchon, Michael Lehrhoff, Josh Egert, AJ. Reisman, Brett Kaye

Standing: Jason Villoria, Jordan Spitz, Zach Dauber, IE.. Rutagarama, Cory Warheit, Chris Donahue

Bunk 26

Front Row: Ben Schein, Michael FeJd, Michael Rubin, Daryn Hornby

Middle Row: Barry Finder, Button Witman, Zack Lerner, Greg Postyn, Jared Mine, Zach Gering

Standing: Rafael Gomez, Brett Kern, Michael Park, Aaron Spencer, Adam Donato, Tyson Smith


e Totem Page 19

Bunk 27

Front Row: Craig Rosenberg, Andrew Fensterstock

Middle Row: Nick Buglisi, Adam Brenner, Morgan Mindell, Jason Meyer, Jeremy Nowak, Kevin Hu

Standing: Kamlesh Nanavati, Ron Culley, Lance Polivy, Scott Rodburg, David Presley, Dave Belliveau

Bunk 28

Front Row: Andrew Werner, Jo h Petri

Middle Row: Justin Reitman, Phil N amdar, Sean Hoffman, Max Bryer, Jon Zeller

Standing: Will Grein, Jeff Rubin, Nat Gryll, Andrew Liakos, Brett Pariser, Jordan Berg, Jon Brice

Bunk 29

Front Row: Josh Perlin, Zach Rosenow

Middle Row: Ross Goodman Matt Silbermann, Andrew Cantos, Brett Habermann, Kyle Sloane, Matt DiLorenzo


Standing: Geoff Raskin, Jon Scherdin, David Kelleher, Mike McLoughlin, Jordan Ledy Missing: Sam Homburger

The Totem _ _ Page

Bunk 30

Front Row: Matt Kushner, Zach Schaffran, Adam Kusovitsky, Andrew White, Matt Carples, Adam Eisenstein

Standing: Rob Davis, Kyle Diamond, Seth Waldenberg, Mike Manno, Ian Wishingrad, Jeff Liffman, Chris Gerber

Bunk 31

Front Row: Josh Scheinerman, Michael Goldfaden

Middle Row: Ian Borg, Scott Cohen, Warren Spitz, Eli Saline, Stuart Chanin

Standing: Greg Beaton, ER Borger, Maz Leibowitz, Chris Knobel, Michael Laskin, Brian Smith, Ross Mendlinger

Bunk 32

Front Row: Josh Toporoff, Matt Hoffman, Daniel Rohlman, Jacob Kaplan, Josh Weiler, Andrew Scheinerman

Standing: Alex Sheridan, Robert Taffe, David Warner, Cory Cummins, John Latham, Bryan Assad


he Totem Page 21


Bunk 33

Front Row: Graham Zifferer, Greg Stein

Middle Row: Zach Toland, Mark Filenbaum, James Rosenthal, Craig Feibusch, Scott Kessler

Standing: Justin Todd, Juan Carlos Lopez Robert Gage, John Olmstead, Jordan Greenberg

Missing: AJ Stott

Bunk 34

Front Row: Adam Levy, Josh Steifel, Andrew Nahmias, Martin Douglas, Jon Gold

Standing: Brent Morowitz. Brandon Duong, Matthew Cohen, David Olson, Ben Schreier, Ben Gamble, Julian Packin

The Totem Pa e

Upper Senior CanIp




'he Totem Pa e 23

Bunk 35

Front Row: David Salz, Jason Needles, Russell Krupen

Middle Row: Andrew Kurland, David Guttmann, Tom Kilberg, Dustin Balmuth, Cory Julie

Standing: Jon Kilberg, Michael Litterick, Brad Feldman, Anthony Toscano, Brandon Singer, Ramon Davila, Matt Estersohn

Bunk 36

Front Row: Ricky Rosemarin, Brad Glass, Richard Bravman, Craig Ross, Andrew Feldman

Standing: Mike Knights, Paul Halverson, Steve Rossi

Missing: Eduardo Vi vas

Bunk 37

Front Row: Josh Ludwig, Brad Rothenberg, Rob Bernstein, Matt Gingher, Kenneth Ma

Standing: Eric Duchon, Ross Bently, Nathan Edmonson, Brian Ahmad


The Totem Page 24

Bunk 38

Front Row: Ben Wesley, Ben Tulis, Sam Gordon, Jason Barash, Matt Brad

Standing: Dan Rosenberg, Sam Goldman, Brett Goldberg, Richard Bailey, David Brauntuch, Jordan Weiss, Tom Cander, Ryan Kriser

Bunk 39

Front Row: Buzzy Cohen

Middle Row: Dave Bayne, Zach Tasher, Michael Gorin, Josh Sherman, Trevor Gentry

Standing: Derek Frankel, Eric Mausner, Ben Silverman, Jamie Curran


The Totem _ Page 25


Bunk 40

Front Row: David Sterling

Middle Row: Max Kaplan, Jordan Traister, Ross Ginsberg, Matt Weiler, Brad Erlich

Standing: Chris Chater, Dan Jablon, Joe Smith, Adam Metzger Dan Ahmad, Danny Hayes

Standing: Bruce U glow, Andrew Schwartz, Zack Diamond, Brian Harris, Jason Fesyk

Bunk 41

Front Row: Billy Goldstein, Jon Hirsch

Middle Row: Matt Brandwein, Jason Kessler, Dan Goldweit, Brian Gordon, Will Anderson.

Bunk 42

Front Row: Josh Brawer, David Gimbel, Stephen Gardner, Gary Rubin, Derek Green

Standing: Chris Battiste Craig Cohen, Matt Kraus, Greg Nell, Evan Stopol, Justin Broderson, Phil Hayes

The Totem _ Page

Bunk 43

Front Row: Jordan Koss, Mike Arons, Josh Rosen, Justin Raphael, Michael Stein


Standing: Ian McClelland, Michael Metzger, Scott Wesley, Ashley Neese

Bunk 44

Front Row: Andrew Cedar, Jesse Sackin, Jason Feld, Nathaniel Douglass

Standing: David Zahn, Adam Nelson, Craig Rowin, Jon Lerner, Peter Edge

Bunk 45

Front Row: Alex Waldman, Bryan Stratt, Brett Hornby, David Krupnick, Marshall Marcns

Standing: Joe Christner, Shaun Glassman, Josh Henry, David Farrell

The Totem Page 27


Standing: Shaun Teti, Mike Birtwistle, Itay BarDavid, Brad LaMotte

Bunk 50

Front Row: Robby Luchow, Jon Hirschtritt, Chad Geartner, Daniel Koffler, ] ake Sokol, Matt Rothstein

Standing: Matt Crowther, Dan Sherman, Evan Shyer, Troy Goldberg, Dean Nourse

Missing: Gregg Hayim, Andrew Horowitz, Matt Weiss

Bunk 51

Front Row: Rob Margolies, Mark Guterman, Jon Sinaw, Matt Aptekar, Michael Kaplan, Andrew Wachtenheim

Standing: Stuart Barclay, Dan Rosen, Adam Irlando, Dary Ie Smith

Bunk 52

Front Row: Alex Feldman, Sam Stolzar, Michael Krupen, Jacob Levine, Sam Cutler, Jordan Gellis

The Totem Page

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