Codename: Cafe Shark My foot’s asleep. Fuck. My brain is working. Check. Sort of. This girl just made me the strongest americano ever. Yikes. 3306 unread emails in my hotmail. I hope none of them are important. I don’t have the patience to go through these right now. This is how I got in this predicament. I guess. R L S Fenix 137: FENIX Journal Masonico de Indoamerica is now following you on twitter. Chris Shepherd suggested you like Lucky's Liquor Store. I would definitely like Lucky’s Liquor Store. "All The Traffic You Want For Just Pennies Per Click". No Way!!!!!! I just decided that I’m going to start doing yoga. Weird. “You make me feel brand new!” They always play this song here. Gym’s not open today. Just as well I’m super sore. Some people think that working out is kind of silly. I feel awesome after a good workout. Playing pick up soccer later. Lungs work. Just googled: how to build a houseboat.

Silvano Tani commented on Mariah Taylor's photo: "Sexy ... Sexy..... Sexy... Kiss!!!!". What? Hahahaha.

2928 unread emails left. Cer rap.
“Murderers receiving organ transplants while others wait... (plus other news)”. There’s a good reason to finally kill your husband I guess. Just joking. Just decided I’m going to grow a long beard and dreadlocks. I need a new look. It was either that or the swanky moustache greaser pirates of the caribean feel. How come I don’t know how to spell carribean? Do I really have to google this? Caribbean. Two B’s. Weird. I guess that makes sense. I can’t find the spell checker on Google Docs. Do I really need another 4 shot americano? Obvious answer. No. Dear MC Whiz Kidd and the Mighty Mighty Soundshapers, INFIDEL BEATS has sent you a message: Subject: ... whats up man??? if u want any beats let me know...ive worked with underground heavyhitters and currently produced the theme to way tho stay blessed!!! peace!!!

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I have 10 friends on hi5! I haven’t been on hi5 in years and when I was, I was only on it for a couple of minutes. Do people actually use hi5? Or is it a virtual ghost town? Send a message over if you want to play with me in the virtual ghost town that is the hi5 social network. Only 2878 unread messages left. This is going faster than I thought! It is hard to believe that some people still socially interact on the windows live network. Well some people still send mail via post office. It’s all good.

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Bio Transcendental Meditation is an effortless technique that decreases stress and increases coherence, creativity and total health.

If you go to someone’s hi5 profile there’s a huge button that says “FLIRT” so you can

easily flirt with them. LOL.

How hi5 Flirt works:

1. Click 'Yes' on a profile you like. ● 2. Choose a gift to send with your message. ● 3. Send your Flirt Request to connect with someone online!
Wooooo Hoooooo. There’s a tab on the side of the browser that says: “Rate People!” Like Yay! I’m finally a tweenager again! I’m going to rate everyone opposite so ugly people will feel great and hot people will be put in their place. Hahaha.

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Dina -

Bout to get another americano. Not like there’s anything else to do right now. I was going to go to the beach but it’s all cloudy today.

I just discovered a new feature in hotmail! SmartSweep or something. I deleted

all my messages from facebook now I only have 678 unread messages. Sweet. Hi Clive, It's Alex Mallett. We met last night at Ariel's open house. I'm the banjoist and bassist and songster. Thanks for the kind words and Sage advice. It was a wonderful reminder of some of priorities and visions that had fuzzed a bit. I have some links to preliminary recordings of my music. I'll be posting more as I record them and I have some videos on the way as well. I would, of course, love to come on Alive with Clive, you if there's an opening. Look forward to hearing back from you! Sincerely, Alex Mallett Alex Mallett This is kind of funny because I’m not Clive and I don’t know who is. And what is “Alive with Clive”? I’m going to google that later. I’m going to save this message. Maybe I’ll pretend I am Clive from ‘Alive with Clive’. Hahahaha. Jokes. C’mon as if. “This is no ordinary love, no ordinary love.” Some guy started singing along with Sade but then stopped. Don’t stop. You were adding a whole lot of flavour to this timeless classic.
Hi, my name is Clive Swersky, I am the creator, host and producer of Alive with Clive -Turning Your Passion Into Profit!, .

Here’s where the confusion arises. His email is Mine is These two ladies just walked into the cafe and I thought, “who are these two hot bitches?”. Then I thought, “who thinks like that?”.
From Clive, “You will also receive access to the Introduction to my new book, Quotes To Multiply Your Magnificence -- A Compilation of the Most Inspiring and Insightful Quotes of All Time! For more information about this book, go

Multiply your magnificence. I like that. Don’t just add to it. Multiply it. Operation Save Lives is now following you on twitter. That’s kind of creepy. Did they spot me and think, “Let’s follow this guy closely we may have to step in with a life saving operation at some point!”

Hi, Francois O'Haly.
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I’m in with some super serious cats now! Watch out!
Dear NaturalNews readers, I've got some news today that you'll find quite stunning. We all know that being labeled "HIV positive" has huge implications for your professional life, private life, career, health insurance and much more. And most people believe that someone who tests HIV positive must be infected with HIV, right? Wrong! Startling new research reveals that merely taking an HIV vaccine causes 50% of those vaccinated to test positive for HIV! I cover this shocking story in today's feature article:

There’s some important info! I’m about one shot over my outer limit of ability to intake caffeine about to drink another shot and a half. At least I’ll be fully awake for soccer that starts in like two hours. This 17 year old girl just asked me what I was doing tonight. Duh? I don’t know. Getting beat up by your dad maybe. Why what are you doing? No. Haha. She asked me what I was doing then we both looked at each other and laughed nervously then we she was like, “it’s Sunday...not like there’s anything going on.” Then I was like yea haha, then she looked away and I went to sit down. Hey single dads can rock! Out for now. Codename: Cafe Shark.