Atif Hussain

The most recent Apple Macintosh OS (Mac OS X) presents the same kind of complications; older versions of Mac OS were wholly proprietary, but Apple·s OS has been redesigned so that it·s now based on a Unix system with substantial contributions from FLOSS programs. Over 200 FLOSS applications have been added to the new Mac OS.

Web Server
The most popular web server has always been OSS/FS since such data have been collected. For example, Apache is the current #1 web server.

PHP is the web·s #1 Server-side Scripting Language.

OpenSSH is the Internet·s #1 implementation of the SSH security protocol.

MySQL·s market share is growing faster than Windows·

Web Browser
Internet Explorer has been losing market share to FLOSS/FS web browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox) since mid-2004, a trend especially obvious in leading indicators such as technology sites, web development sites, and bloggers.

Internet Archive
The Internet Archive -- the world·s largest library in terms of the amount of text it retains -- uses an OSS/FS operating system.

Red Hat
Red Hat (a FLOSS vendor) responded more rapidly than Microsoft or Sun.

FLOSS suppliers are 60% faster than proprietary suppliers at responding to vulnerability reports.

Intel·s IT Vice President, Doug Busch, reported savings of $200 million by replacing costly Unix servers with cheaper servers running GNU/Linux.

Amazon.com was able to cut $17 million in technology expenses in a single quarter, largely due to a switch to Linux. Amazon spent $54 million on technology and content expenses in its third quarter (ending Sept. 30), compared with $71 million in the year-ago quarter, and executives expected that technology costs as a portion of net sales would decrease by 20% this year.

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