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. There seems to be as many types of fear or at it’s worst. How about you? Have you ever been really afraid? Sure you have.. I’ve experienced the fears of: Not being good enough Heights Rejection Saying the wrong thing Abandonment Failure Success And many more. at one time or another experienced fear and in some cases absolute terror.” — Eleanor Roosevelt What is fear? Webster’s Dictionary defines fear as: To be afraid of : expect with alarm To be afraid or apprehensive An unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger (1) : An instance of this emotion (2) : a state marked by this emotion. courage and confidence by every experience in which I must stop and look fear in the face. We must do the things we think we cannot do. Is fear a bad thing? In many cases it’s not. I’ve lived through this and can take the next thing that comes along..Conquering Fear Introduction “I gain strength. phobia. I say to myself. We all have. Isn’t it fear that makes us look both ways before crossing a busy street? Isn’t it fear of injury or death that makes most of us use seat belts when we drive? 1 .. Personally. as the number of situations we humans find ourselves in. ..

So. but couldn’t get past the perfectly normal fears and uncertainties that accompany such a major life change. I have too and it isn’t pleasant. of which Paul’s mother is a Priestess. Paul wants to believe that his mother wouldn’t allow anything to harm him. He’s told to insert his hand. by Frank Herbert. Fears that make us hesitate when we should move and stop us from doing things that could ultimately benefit our lives. In an early part of the story. The hole is big enough to fit Paul’s hand. The term is “fear is the mind killer”. There are also those fears that paralyze us. why is it that some people seem to be able to meet these types of fear head on and manage to overcome them? Are these people so different then you and I? Is there something in their makeup that we’re somehow lacking? Here are two illustrations of what I’m talking about… In the classic science fiction epic.Conquering Fear There are many examples of fear being a useful and sometimes life saving tool in the face of potential danger. The reason for his summons becomes apparent when Paul is led to a table. but he also knows the power of the Bene Gesserit Order and the devotion his mother has toward it’s goals. Her visitor is the Mother Superior of the Bene Gesserit Order. I’m afraid of what my family and friends will say. Paul rightly deduces that his future might depend on the choices he makes right now. Paul is instructed to put his hand into the box. “Dune”. When he asks what the box contains. For instance. is summoned by his mother. She has a very important visitor. perhaps you were thinking of starting your own business. I'm afraid of failing. I can’t risk the money. Paul approaches the box and recites to himself an exercise taught him by his 2 . with a hole in the top. on which sits an ordinary looking green box. Can I really do this? You get the picture. Paul Atreides. the only son of Duke Leto Atreides. he’s told ‘pain’. Have you ever gone through this meat grinder of the mind? Probably. is a term that has always gripped my imagination.

but he sees none. like you and me. disregarding the common human fear of falling to a horrifying death. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.” Fear can also be the killer of hopes and dreams. Indi finds himself standing at the edge of a bottomless chasm.. These are fictional characters. What we do when faced with these “fear” situations. confronting fictional obstacles. So. The bridge across the precipice has been hidden by optical illusion. can I handle it? Am I good enough to compete? Fear of the unknown. he steps out. but don’t we all face the fear of what’s around the next corner? What will happen if I make the wrong decisions? Will my business be a success? Can I really succeed? If I am a success. He’s been told there’s a way across. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. His courage and faith are rewarded when his foot descends into what looks like thin air but falls upon a bridge. Fear is the mind-killer. (The Last Crusade). of course. Only I will remain. often determines how we step into our future. Indi knows that he must get to the other side or his father will die.. Do we walk in fear because we are unable to accept risk and failure? Can we trust enough in our dreams and abilities to make that all important first step through and beyond the fear? Do we have enough faith in ourselves? “Fear is the mind killer.Conquering Fear martial arts trainer. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. It begins with: “I must not fear. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. 3 .” Do you face your fear? Do you permit your fear to pass over and through you? Are you able to defeat it? Or do you. I will face my fear. What you are about to read are the extraordinary stories of some of the most successful men and women on the Internet today and also some everyday men and women. like so many others allow the fear to defeat you? Here’s another example: In the third installment of the Indiana Jones Trilogy.

among other things. at one point or another. in order to help you understand they have all come.Conquering Fear They have agreed to bare their souls to you. that they are all too human. 4 . been frozen into inaction by the thought of what might happen in the future? We should all thank these remarkable people for being kind and generous enough to share stories that show. As frightening as it may seem. All we need do is take that first step. The difference? Their willingness to move ahead. That one small leap of faith. when many of us would hesitate. right there. like so many. on the other side of the chasm. just like the rest of us. They’ll tell you their stories and explain how they managed to look their fears in the eye and take that step beyond the fear and into the unknown. to stand before the precipice. Are they a different breed? Is it something genetic that allows some to move on and others to freeze? What have you done when faced with the fear of failure. or the fear of taking a risk? Have you. To risk the pain of failure. and in our hesitation lose the opportunities waiting for us.

however.Conquering Fear “Dreams. ideas can play significant roles in our lives. you can add action to your dreams and make them real. but if the heart is strong and brave. or inspire us to greatness. entertain. visions.” — Sir John Templeton 5 . we must act! Cowardice and lack of faith can keep one from a chosen goal. To bring them into reality. They can entice.

He also began writing business articles in a style still not seen very often on the Internet. IT! Plates Partner Program as well as the start up of 2 new affiliate programs. His friendly. IT! Plates Partner Program. some of which actually 6 . Rick logged on to the Internet for the very first time. Branding YOU and Breaking the Bank.Conquering Fear Rick Beneteau Rick graduated high school and went directly into business managing a drycleaning shop that he eventually bought and built into successful multi-store operation.EZineMoney . Rick has just released what is destined to remain another his "E-chievement" Ezine .D. he sold his dry-cleaning business in 1991 to pursue these other interests which included overseeing the start-up of Ocean Records Canada. Know No Fear!! The Greatest Wonders of the World we'll never know for they were destroyed before they were even built by the great enemy of man . BrandingYourself." Nelson Mandella from his inaugural speech And one of the most insightful figures of all time sums up Fear in his normally humoristic manner: "I have been through some terrible things in my life. Power-Publicity and the I. 1998 found him one of the pioneers of the 2-Tier Affiliate Program now so prominent on the Internet with the highly touted and successful I. Interniche.D. The New Millennium finds the 47 year-old busy with the growing of his Internet company. The challenge to conquer what he refers to as the "Wild. Rick's first e-book entitled "The Ezine Marketing Machine" was released October/99 and has since become an Internet-wide best-seller. Wild Web" was too great to resist. not our darkness that most frightens us.Fear! That's my take on Fear but here's some notable and famous quotes: "Our deepest Fear is not that we are inadequate. wit-driven articles soon filled the pages of most of the prominent ezines and newsletters. Rick was responsible for the creation of many national advertising jingles and still consults larger companies on convention production. In late 1996. Our deepest Fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Involved in the music and advertising industries throughout this time.The Mirror. An internationally recorded and released songwriter. It is our light. his two powerful 2-Tier Affiliate Programs .net .

Roosevelt I will continue along the thoughts of what is a most profound truth about Fear: "To live with Fear and not be afraid is the final test of maturity. your routine). and the one that hits home hardest with me. your security. You've always wanted to start a business but the thought of putting together a business plan. getting financing and the unknown quantity of the income you'll receive scares the hell out of you! How many opportunities have you allowed to slip by because you were frozen by Fear? Do you know more about the things you Fear than the things you desire? Is the Fear of failure your biggest Fear of all? Recognizing Fear! 7 . And isn't it just at times when you have to risk something. You've had long time aspirations to change careers but you cower at the mere thought of getting out of your Comfort Zone and out from under the safety net you've created for yourself (your job." Mark Twain Perhaps the most famous quote of all about Fear. as a dream is. It is imagined." Franklin D." Edward Weeks The reason I decided to use "quotes" throughout this article is to fortify the fact that Fear is nothing but an Illusion. How sad! Fear is the minds great mortal sin. Most people fall into Fear and remain frozen in its giant grasp all their lives! They either live in a constant state of paralyzing Fear or they have lowered their expectations to a level that they never feel Fear because they have "learned" not to risk and grow.Conquering Fear happened. is this: "The only thing we have to Fear is Fear itself. But at least we wake up from a dream. that you Fear? Think about it! You've had a great idea but you don't tell a soul because you're afraid THEY won't think it's great.

is the false load of Fear you "allowed" to invade and dominate your mind. The moment you feel Fear .instantly! Every time you feel the invisible foe injecting it's venom into your thoughts STOP!! And YOU re-take control of your thinking process. Confronting Fear! How many times have you had to. or attend traffic court. for when has what you Feared ever become your reality? Fear is the greatest inhibitor to the progress of mankind. 8 . and evil! What you imagine will never come to pass. All for nothing and what needless suffering and a complete waste of life energy! Fear is the imaginary mountain that hides the horizon. A flood of negative thoughts rush in and all the reasons NOT to do something hover over you like an ominous black cloud! The truth is.face it . behind that cloud lay bright beautiful sunlight ready to nourish and grow your idea. say. and you were just consumed by dreaded thoughts of the pending event for days in advance? And when it was all over. You need to be on-guard every waking moment to deflect the invisible bullet. a huge burden was lifted from your shoulder? The event went wonderfully without a hitch." H. "Fear is the oldest and strongest emotion of mankind. appear publicly to speak at a meeting or wedding. That folks. Outa here! Fear is false. Or a high state of anxiety. Fear is a loaded gun squarely aimed to slay you and all your potential.and eject it .Conquering Fear Not a single person has ever accomplished anything of significance without first feeling scared to death! You recognize your own tell tale signs of Fear. That's ALWAYS the reality so why even think those thoughts? Learn and practice this. Lovecraft Fear is the cancer of the human spirit. P. Might be a knot in your gut.

immediately turn it into the fuel you need to keep your fire raging! You feel Fear almost always when something is "worthy" of the invading of your comfort zone. That's how powerful an indicator Fear is! And that's all Fear should ever be! At The Ice Cream Comb Story is also included at the back of this eBook." Dale Carnegie "Fear is met and destroyed with courage. USE Fear instead of allowing it to use YOU. Split seconds of time actually. then it's not significant enough to warrant your consideration. Look at it this way. The Ice Cream 'Comb' Story is very close to my heart and a continual source of strength for me. if you DON'T feel Fear over a particular situation. let Fear be but just that momentary Storm before the Calm. Children are wise beyond belief as they Know No Fear! I ask you to take a little more of your time right now to read the true story of a brave young girl named Teri. not cripple you! "Do the thing you Fear to do and keep on doing it. Bell Fear and Ice Cream? If we only opened our minds a little more often we would see a limitless source of strength in our children. that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer Fear. Make Fear your Motivator! The moment you begin to feel Fear.Conquering Fear "Fear is excitement without breath. the story is about my daughter: mailto:icecream@interniche. The key is to not feel it for long. Let Fear Fortify." James F. Fear and Prayer? 9 . Like risk for a much greater gain! Begin to recognize that the dark feeling of Fear is in almost all cases a prelude to a brighter future. See. It's a matter of twisting the irrational emotion into a usable force for the betterment of our own lives.." Robert Heller Conquering Fear! You and I will always feel Fear.

and Flourish! 2002 Rick Beneteau Rick is the highly acclaimed author of 3 top-selling eBooks: http://www. I was able to express how I felt about this in an article called The Entrepreneurs Prayer. IT! Plates: 10 . E.iditplates." My wish for you is to Know No Fear! Be The Entrepreneur’s Prayer is also included at the back of this eBook. I can not express how I feel about Fear. which I invite you to not only Subscribe FREE to Rick's popular E-chievement Ezine The Mirror: Mailto:subscribe@themirrorezine.Conquering Fear I wish to close this article by sharing with you what I believe is the "required equipment" to fight and beat Fear once and for all.htm He is also the purveyor of those famous 'traveling billboards' called I. more effectively than E.D. Eddison: "He without Fear is king of the world. or rather the freedom of living without Fear. that is a core belief system centered on those things we both deserve and should strive for. but also really think about: mailto:prayer@interniche.

" -Swedish Proverb 11 . say more. Hate less. Whine less.Conquering Fear "Fear less. Talk less. breathe more. And all good things are yours. love more. hope more.

but I am overcoming the fear and fighting with everything I have. 12 . I have been in a wheelchair since October of 2001 but in one week I will have braces and will be able to walk and out of the wheelchair. I was told that I’ve had it since I was 18 years of age. It is very scary. I take life day by day now and cherish every moment I have with my family. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). My 29th birthday. I have just overcome cervical cancer 2 years ago and now I was hit with this. My fear is that I will die young and leave my 9 year old daughter without a mother.Conquering Fear Robin Bryant Today is April 7th.

Bernice Johnson Reagan 13 .Conquering Fear "Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you. they're supposed to help you discover who you are". .

What's gonna happen (like rejection) is gonna happen. I've been on the Internet trying to make money most of the time since early 1997. My "self-proclaimed" mentor made it an almost daily practice to beat me up by email. It was my horrible fear of rejection.. it has nothing to do with me personally. so what if I get rejected on my offer. So I got over it.Conquering Fear Sheila Cain Wow! I'm not alone out there. I'm not afraid to send out follow ups.S. I grew up (at a less than tender age) just trying to pull myself out of the financial disaster that I had let fear get me into. One very costly program that I was in (that ruined me financially) seemed to make that fear I had even worse..NO MORE! I'm a little older and a lot wiser. Thanks for letting me vent on this. but in LIFE! My fear taught me that there is no reason to worry about things you have no control over anyway. It wasn't that I wasn't smart or didn't have the drive. I was told that I would never have what it takes to make it. And not just in the Internet Business. I'm like. Well. in fear that I might offend someone. Nothing was ever good enough. And I started buying into his B. I tried a lot of things and failed miserably at all. Sheila Cain 14 ..

" -ralph waldo emerson 15 .Conquering Fear "Knowledge is the antidote to fear.

My mind made me believe that the elevator would start going out of control going at rapid speeds up and down without stopping.Conquering Fear Asunta Covelli Hello. it seemed like more than one hundred flights of them. Until one day. anything can happen anywhere at anytime and I am not in control of these situations. Even if I had to walk 40 flights I would do it. It was then that I realized it did not matter if I was in the elevator or not. and crying. I now can go inside elevators. By facing my fear it also made me realize that I need to concentrate on what to do in a situation rather than anticipating the end. There were endless stairs . So I began going down flight by flight and all the doors in the stairwell were locked. By being subjected to a form of my worst fear I was forced to face it. About a half an hour later I began banging on the door screaming until someone finally heard me. but before I do I remind myself that there is an emergency alarm button in the elevator if I get stuck and it helps. Afraid that I would get stuck and no one would ever find me. you could open them to get in the stair well but they all locked from behind you. I was released. I began to sweat. 16 . I couldn’t breath. the door was locked and would not open. So I avoided elevators for years and took the stairs. I was dying of thirst. and you couldn’t get back out. and opened the door. When I got to the level I needed to exit at. flames would spark and I would starve to death in there dehydrate. loose oxygen due to no circulation of air and die. I took the stairs as usual and something happened. here is the story of my fears: I had a fear of the elevator ever since I was a small child.

John H.. that living on the edge... and that people who refuse to take that dare condemn themselves to a life of living death. living in and through your fear." .Conquering Fear "I believe. is the summit of life. Johnson 17 .

a mostly harmless city 80 miles east of Toronto. The very last time I had a job was in 1993. as I immediately had a "miraculous" recovery in several aspects of my health. trying to convince people to make decisions. by mid-1998 my fear of spending a lifetime working for other people had won the day . 2 weeks after I moved back. But the even greater fear. I believe that all human decisions are emotional decisions. met 18 . but it's also important to "know thyself" when it comes to emotions. It's not only important to understand that as a marketer.banneradmagic. AND. to get to your own definition of "a successful life". Moving back in with my parents in turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I woke up one morning with my appendix possibly near the bursting point. more or less. Eventually I was faced with the daunting fear of having to move back in with my parents in Peterborough because I could not afford to live in Toronto. Or simply help you along some detours you didn't even realize you NEEDED to and more recently creating http://www. Unlike Toronto. When the job ended. His stumbling direct marketing journeys began in 1990 when he graduated from University.500.Conquering Fear Scott Covert Scott Covert was born in Peterborough. That fear turned out to be true. This also came true (health problems created primarily by stress played a huge role).it had been stronger than all my other fears.or even save your life. I had the fear of not being able to replace my income with my self-employment income.perhaps a blessing in disguise . I've had fear loom over me many times in my entrepreneurial career. and finally culminated in the discovery of how to use banner ads to help his clients make money from their websites (over $2. moved into an to de-mystify common Internet marketing tools in the form of video tutorials which the public can download and watch for free.000 so far): http://www. which was always WORSE. In the end. Ontario. I was making more money than I ever had before.freemarketingvideos. So you might say one fear eventually conquered the other. Funny how the things you fear can turn out to be no big deal . was the fear of a lifetime of working for other people and ending up with nothing for myself. I had people around me to take me to a hospital right away when my life could have been on the line.

and now (about May 15 2002) I'm moving into a new house that they're building for me right now (literally). Wanna see some pictures? :-) 19 .Conquering Fear the nicest girl I've ever known.

” .Raymond Lindquist 20 .Conquering Fear “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.

He enjoys writing... 100% Guaranteed!" http://www. Virginia with his wife and four the First Jim lives in Williamsburg..getmoredonefaster. a syndicated newspaper column helping “non-technical” people use the Internet for both fun and massive profits! Jim is a frequent guest speaker nationally at conferences and seminars on such subjects as search engine and directory traffic “The TEN Dirty Little Secrets of Mortgage Financing” http://www. including: "The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business" How to Work Less. He is the author and co-creator of numerous highly successful e-books and “info-products”.com “Selling Your Home Alone” http://www. marketed and operated outrageously profitable online businesses for both himself and his clients worldwide since "How to Write and Publish your own eBook. “shoestring online marketing” and more.fsbohelp. traveling and listening to Frank Sinatra and Willie Nelson CD’s. Roadmap for Internet Success No Matter What Product or Service You Sell. can't type and failed high school English class!" http://www.even if you can't write. Step-By-Step.. get Paid More. “33 Days to Online Profits" Finally. Jim writes http://www.TheNetReporter.. in as little as 7 Days" "How to write and publish your own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable eBook in as little as 7 days .Conquering Fear Jim Edwards Jim Edwards is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who has developed.. and have tons more Fun! Learn the Super “Lazy Achiever” Mindset! http://www. Overcoming the fear of “Putting out a lot of effort and getting no reward” 21 .33daystoonlineprofits.

say only an hour or two in the evening. ignore my family. I know I’ll get some great rewards for taking action because I’ve listed them all off. you do take a risk that the effort you expend may not come back to you the way you want it to . Why? Because in one or two hours a night you can usually only devote your time to one project… and this creates an urgency or a feeling of “that project better make it or else!” That “make it or break it” urgency creates feelings of fear that can immobilize you. Doing so takes away the "gambling" feeling of devoting my time to something I'm expecting (or need) a huge pay off from. But ultimately. such as market and consumer research. there are certain things. I don't know when the transformation happened. 22 . e-class or some other online business. skip doing fun things and then. just like any business. but the way I overcame this fear (and the way I overcome it to this day) is to find many different positive outcomes for every action I take. online course. It will have all gone for nothing. I look at my time as an “investment” and I list off as many different ways I’ll benefit as possible by passing through my fear with positive action. there is risk. Despite your best efforts at preparation and research. In this case.Conquering Fear One of the biggest fears I've had to overcome in marketing online and building my Internet businesses from zero to a nice full time living is the fear of expending hours. you can do to reduce your risk and thus your fears. you are risking your time and money that you will be able to create a product and market it in such a way that you will make back all your money and produce a large profit for the amount of time invested. weeks and sometimes even months of effort on a particular project and having all that effort go to waste! My fear is that I’ll go through all this work. At times this fear of “wasting” time (I didn’t look on it as “investing” time back then) and not getting anything in return was so overwhelming that it paralyzed me from taking any action at all. nothing will happen. The problem is that if you only have a very limited amount of time to invest in your business. when I’m supposed to reap the benefits. the perceived risk is even higher.specifically in the form of money or more business! Sure. days. when you create a quality ebook. it was hard to get myself over the fear of potentially wasting the free time I could spend with my family. When I was working 50 to 55 hours a week for somebody else.

Conquering Fear
When I write an ebook I fully expect to make tens-of-thousands of dollars over the course of the book’s lifetime. But I also know that an ebook can flop, despite the best research and market study efforts. So now, when I set out to write in ebook, an article, or even just take the time to help someone with a lot of extra effort that doesn't have a guaranteed payoff, I start by making a list of all the benefits I know I will receive. This eliminates all fear in me and builds a strong sense of anticipation that actually makes me attack the problem or task that much faster and energetically. Let's say for example I’m writing an ebook that I'm not 100% certain will sell in huge numbers. I’ve done all the research and I’ve done all the market studies and my gut tells me I should move forward. When I move forward I know that the worst thing that will happen is that I will __________. Whatever it is I just fill in the blank. It might be that I will learn some new skills I can apply to my business. It might be that I will create content that at least my subscribers can benefit from. Whatever it is… I know I will get a compelling outcome from the effort. One of my favorite ways to overcome this fear is to say right up front, "this will make the basis of a great article for my subscribers". I know that no matter what happens, I can write up the results and share them with my subscribers as an excellent value-added article they can use to make their business better. Distributing this type of content always helps my business and builds my reputation with them. So if you ever find yourself gripped by the fear of expending lots of effort and not getting anything in return, simply list off all the different rewards you'll get from making a quality effort… and you will surely obtain many of them. In reality, all those “rewards” will motivate you to take all the steps necessary in order to obtain those rewards you’ve pictured so clearly in your head. You’ll build up such emotional momentum that, in the vast majority of cases, not only will you overcome your fear, but you will surpass the goals you set for yourself! You’ll even surpass that huge goal that made you afraid to take effort in the first place. It happens to me all the time. The solution is to get your mind off the fear and on to all the rewards of taking quality, consistent, immediate action on the thing you're afraid of risking your valuable time on. I find this technique works especially well for


Conquering Fear
larger projects that most people are too scared to undertake, even though they’re fully qualified to do those and much more.


Conquering Fear

“Having the world’s best idea will do you no good unless you act on it. People who want milk shouldn’t sit on a stool in the middle of a field in hopes that a cow will back up to them.” — Curtis Grant


I am an average person who figured out all this crazy Internet stuff . Fear keeps you from doing stupid things.not bad for someone who went broke at one point.000 trying all kinds of different home based businesses. Nothing worked.after going thru all I did. In a race in 26 . You're always going to have fear. but you can't let fear paralyze you either. my way of doing things might actually be slowing me down. I have a fear that this might all be over with tomorrow. I have a fear that my own limitations. I mean look at Niki Lauda. or give you bad advice. As a matter of fact. 1997. I had to get past it.000 a year . the only thing special about me is that I didn't quit. I did not give up.and I am very happy to share what I know with you. My fear of the telephone. the formula one race car driver. speaking to people and my fear of rejection. let me say this . You won't get hype or a big sales pitch. But. and come home to work full time on August the 4th. I have a fear that my brand of selling and relating to people might not always work. The fact that I'm actually here doing this is a goof because I'm nobody special. Fear is good. I am the last person in the world who is going to try to rip you off. once we got exposed to the correct way to do Internet Marketing. To this day I hate calling leads. You make your piece with it. I went from making $14. I mean some of the biggest heroes have been the most frightened at the time they became heroes. We wound up going bankrupt before things got better. but that's the business and it's making me a ton of money.25 an hour to making over $130. I never knew that I could do this. My wife and I spent over $10.Conquering Fear Frank Garon I spent over 15 years driving a truck for a living. Fear keeps you from getting electrocuted. I have a ton of fears. Now. things changed fast. That's all I did differently. I didn't talk myself out of it. you deal with it and then you just move on. Fear is always with you. I was able to quit my job. especially in Network Marketing could have broken me.

How about Mark McGuire. So.Conquering Fear Germany in 1976. you're wrong. one thing about fear is. Look around and you'll see people who are facing and dealing with similar or worse things every day. was embrace the problem and start a foundation to try to find a solution to it. Do you know how many inventions he came up with? Do you know how many people told him he was nuts and no good? Or my grandmother. back in the 1950's when most people in her situation would have given the kids up to the foster care system. Which took more guts? Getting back in the car only three weeks after he was almost burned to death. He was scarred and disfigured. I look up to him because. Lets admit that we have these feelings. If you're in business. that guy had to be scared to death to get back in that car. If you want a guy to look up to as hero. The car caught fire and he was basically deep fried. the better I get as a person and as a businessman. The more I admit my faults and my frailties. the baseball player. Lets admit that we're scared sometimes. Let's admit that we're vulnerable. who raised five kids on her own. if you think you're the only person in the world feeling this way. here's a guy who found out that his child was seriously ill. You've got to be about putting yourself in the spotlight. They thought he was going to die. I'm not big on hero worship. Then. You think he didn't have fear? What he did though. He said he didn't feel safe doing it and that he wasn't going to finish the race. He's not a hero for what he did as a hitter. Let's admit that we're imperfect. Show me the average person who dealt with their fears and made it big or did something with their life and that's who I'm going to emulate. but he did it. but in his first race it was raining and he stopped the car. Here's a guy that was on death's door and three weeks later he was back racing. All of these people had to deal with their fears. not only did he get back in that race car. his car spun out and hit a wall. You just can't 27 . These are the kinds of people I look up to. Nobody wants to talk about these things. you've got to be about yourself and about making money. Reading and learning and talking to others who are going through these feelings will help you face your fears. or having the courage to stop in the middle of the race because he didn't feel comfortable under those conditions? Or take someone like Thomas Edison.

If you don't quit . She's got three kids. Getting back to what fears I had to face in Network Marketing. I was scared. It's a dangerous job and you could kill somebody. People like my Aunt Pat. I knew if I quit I'd be a loser and I also knew if you don't quit you'll eventually make it. She's got dignity. But. I had all these leads to call. never wanting to ask for anything and always unsure of myself. Some people look at me and the success I've had at making money on the Internet and call me their hero. Can your fears of making a phone call or of being rejected compare to the fears of people who're facing life threatening and life altering situations every day? Of course they can't. I had to 28 . I was shy. she's got a sense of humor. Frank Garon is webmaster and owner of http://www. she's got honor and she's got family that loves her. who has MS and is confined to wheelchair. she's never getting when you're driving a truck that's hauling a 48 foot trailer that together weigh almost 80. I thought to myself. So just do it and every time you do it gets easier. It's all about perspective. There are lot's of people who have to have incredible courage just to get out of bed in the morning. you’d better know where you're going. The greatest thing I ever did was drive a truck. I paced the floor. You'd better have confidence in your abilities. It goes back to when I was a truck driver. She stuck in that chair and odds are. I'm no hero.internetcashplanet and http://www. The fear goes away. I hate the telephone and I hate speaking to people on it. You will.000 pounds. I learned how to ask for help and direction and to put myself out there. That's a true hero. So. That's courage. here I was. they were the fear of the telephone.Conquering Fear believe what pushing yourself out there creates in your life. I stood up. the fear of rejection and the fear of being a failure in the eyes of my wife and kids. will make it. Now it was push come to shove.

” .Conquering Fear “To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.Confucius 29 .

it's an accurate appraisal of who I am and what I am. Or. but I KNEW BETTER. or more whatever. my subconscious played its part by helping me to do less than what I considered acceptable. I have left behind a number of failures. Others could see my accomplishments as successes if they wanted to. But I was AFRAID to see them as successes myself. I've finally made a conscious decision to believe that I really am worthy of success. but its even more insidious counterpart: the FEAR OF SUCCESS. Yes. I've finally chosen to accept the trophies that I've won and the accolades that I've attained for just what they are. I knew what I could have done more completely. And I can now believe that this isn't some kind of false bravado. but also one other far more important ingredient. At least they were rated as successes in other peoples eyes. No. Not the fear of failure. But that was then.Conquering Fear Frank Giambarresi I'd love to say that my story is a one of having realized my goals in life though having already overcome my fears. 30 . it's not an ego trip. You see. At sixty. And. infopreneurship. more correctly. Did I just acquire the job skills that will propel me toward my goals. If only I could say that I was well down the road of self-actualization. I probably did that about 25 years ago. But I've also left a sting of significant successes. and this is now. and all that comes with it. Conquering my most debilitating fear. But that's not so. I've been involved in public performance and speaking since I was a kid. you'd think I could at least lay claim to that. And it is a necessary starting point. or more skillfully. unemployed. So what was missing? Commitment? Well yes. since that was my thought mode. So I built a shell of perfectionism around my psyche to protect myself from becoming "successful". I really have little choice but to carve out my own niche in the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. and with nary a nibble in the job market. Nope! Did I just "Think and Grow Rich" for the first time? No. I mean after sixty years of working on it. I've finally decided to believe what my speech evaluators in Toastmasters have been telling me for several years. of course.

Conquering Fear So last night. Starting right now. I set forth a dream that I have kept hidden for years. sharing with them something that will be of real help in their own lives. And. as part of a speech. delivered in front of an audience that included Toastmasters district officers. I MUST do 31 . WOW!! I actually said it. And now. Not. NEXT WEEK. I WILL do it. Starting with writing a couple of special reports on speaking and self-expression and getting something up on my new website within the next week or so. of course. or so. The dream that I will one day stand before audiences of hundreds. and even thousands. PERIOD!!! Right on! Frank Giambarresi mailto:fgiam@adelphia.

We just never get around to pulling the trigger. — Anonymous 32 .Conquering Fear Many of us have the right aim in life.

while sustaining the motivation and excitement of your new world. You overcome this block by learning to recognize fear as a powerful ally rather than a threat. Focus and Finances -. you must resist getting caught up in the politics and reward system of a world where you are no longer a citizen. I recommend a new way to inventory all your resources. Focus requires learning time management skills and creating a career-related support system. Ph. Once you move to a new career. Your old career neighborhood changes. you are no longer the same person. not the left of the decimal point. At the same time. Some people sleep soundly with a zero-balance checking account. you may feel blocked by the 3F's: Fear. You may need to find the inner resources to keep going. "Forward!" Fear comes from giving up a cherished identity. What will your former colleagues say? How will your family greet the new you? And how do you feel about trading in your "senior seasoned" identity for the role of a stumbling beginner? The risk is real. trusting the universe to pay the rent. not just money. "I am" with pride and excitement.and you can change your 3F status to the fourth F. men with "4F" status were banned from military service. Some cherished the designation while others felt cheated out of the experience. Focus requires you to choose a meaningful goal and then to avoid the siren call of your previous life. 33 . Finally. When the United States had a military draft. After starting a business or spending a few years in graduate school. Returning home may no longer be an option. financial blocks are real. Sometimes a unique skill or a dynamite network can substitute for a bulging savings account.Conquering Fear Cathy Goodwin. face your own tolerance for financial uncertainty.D. If you have wisely chosen to remain in a job while exploring your options. Work with and through the fear. If you're seeking career freedom. A coach can help you feel less alone during the early stages. Others get nervous when their checking account falls below five figures -. you have to find a new way to say. too.

Now nothing stops you from moving full speed ahead! You need your rear view mirror only to see how far you've come.Conquering Fear After years of researching and working with transitioners.html Ezine: Career Freedom Ezine mailto:subscribe@movinglady. Ph.html Nine magic keys to career freedom http://www. career think of moving a boulder off your ravel lane on a 34 .movinglady. you gain a powerful burst of energy and insight. To change metaphors. speaker "Helping mid-career professionals move to career freedom" author. I believe the complexities boil down to transforming yourself from 3-F to F-M: ForwardMoving. As you work through each block. Cathy Goodwin.

For us is the life of action.Conquering Fear “We are face to face with our destiny and we must meet it with a high and resolute courage.” — Theodore Roosevelt 35 . let us live in the harness. let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out. striving mightily. of strenuous performance of duty.

We had met each other many years prior to our http://www. Though we were later to be separated by great distances." became the source of illumination that guided me through the darkness that followed. and then with ever-increasing speed. Websites at http://www. Mardai. I knew that there was a bond between us that spanned time. After the children came. I readily agreed. I lost my business and all of our financial security. It 36 . "When You Can Walk on Water. we were even happier and looked forward. he asked if I could also share what I did to overcome that fear. I was able to create a semblance of financial security. My greatest fear had come upon Membership site at http://www. social position. Furthermore. and the joy of my life. With our two children we finally moved to a new city and started to rebuild our lives from ground zero. Mardai discovered that she had cancer.Conquering Fear John Harricharan John is the award-winning author of the bestseller. we finally met again and were married. We lost our home and land and most of our material possessions. we built a beautiful partnership and met the ups and downs of life with strength and determination. whose very name means.powerpause. Bob Kleine. One such situation was my marriage to the princess of my dreams. But On a regular visit to the doctor. Take the Boat. There are certain scenes and circumstances in life that seem to have been arranged by others with much more intelligence than I could ever credit myself for. "light. the cold winds of misfortune began to blow across our lives. and all earthly obstacles. With her by my side and with her constant encouragement. she was only nineteen. Together. distance. but our financial losses were nothing compared to what was to happen next.html "Fear is Usually Frightening" When my good friend. Bob wanted me to tell his readers about a time in my life when I experienced one of my greatest fears. even more so.mindmarketing. Slowly at first. asked me to write a very special article about "Fear". It was as if the winter of my life had begun. At the time of our marriage." and the creator of the ground-breaking "PowerPause" system for success. From the first day that I saw her. to the future. I thought that we had suffered enough.

Both "Fear" and "Hope" usually are in the same place. "This is bad. Fear is saying. one pilot is heading north and the other is flying south. really bad. But there were other times when a quiet voice would whisper in my heart that life was not as it appeared to be. we'll see the wisdom and beauty of the plan. she could not prevail. summer's day. "Fear" was my constant companion.and I would wonder where she had gone. Mardai's battle with cancer was a long and terrible one. preventing us from leaping over tall buildings or jumping in front of speeding cars. I was afraid for my economic well-being. But who knows where the butterfly goes? 37 . Although she fought bravely. As I stood there that July day holding my two children close to me. In other ways." And though a part of me wanted to scream in pain. the loss of my business and home. "Hope" is saying. Sometimes while driving to the supermarket. I would look at the empty seat next to me -. it shakes us to the bone and brings us to a point where all we can do is tremble and cry and cringe in the corner. In some ways. my thoughts would run races between the sublime and the ridiculous. I cannot go on any longer. I started to understand. bright. However. "Fear" could not take my entire being away from me. But there is a much better plan for all concerned. the emptiness within me was so horrible that all I could think of was the biblical reference to "Is there no balm in Gilead? " "Fear" is a strange beast. Yet. There were times when I'd look around and perceive life as a meaningless mess. So with "Hope" at my side. ready for takeoff. Everyone knows where the caterpillar goes--it goes into the butterfly. Slowly. and I had no idea how I would continue in life without her. I had become afraid of almost everything. it serves as our protector. We had been married for twenty years. I was afraid for my children because they no longer had a mother. ever so tearfully. "Fear" has much more in common with "Hope" than we might want to believe. My life is over. "This is the end. One day. and I lost the light of my life one beautiful. I cannot get over the loss of my partner. Life was much more than a short span on Earth. They are like two pilots on the runway. ever so slowly. much wiser part told me that things are not always what they seem to be. I was afraid for myself because I did not know how I was going to raise two children alone. another.Conquering Fear took a while to become adjusted to such disastrous news." Ever so quietly. A lifetime was but a blink in eternity.the seat in which she used to sit -. In the days that followed.

And love is more powerful than any fear that besieges us. It is gloriously exciting where we are. Love knows no fear. Time will lighten the heaviness in your does the healing. the Hunter. love makes whole. Hope heals. love is insight. I will be the first one waiting to greet you. I sit on my porch and look into the woods behind my house. I have always loved you. love is the greatest reality in the universe. But you are not alone. starry night. I truly believe that the bonds that exist between those who love deeply are stronger than death itself. and I will be with you again one day. And have no fear for love always conquers fear. I feel your sorrow. Our work on Earth was finished so it was time to move on. and I will love you through the hallways of time into the Fields of Forever. You must finish the work that you came to Earth to do. I hear her say. Hope is a storehouse. very thin indeed. love is eternity. and I know how difficult it can get at times. I hear the voices of my loved ones in my heart and in the very whispering of the wind through the leaves. There are others here who also watch and help. "I have always loved you. Do not be afraid. but know that we will be with you every step of the way. Live life joyously and fully. As I look and listen in the quietness of my soul. and one day. love is a powerhouse. "Hope" is always ready to defend. I have known you from Forever. Hope is sight. you sometimes pierce that veil and get a glimpse of our reality. I look up into the night-sky and see the second star on the belt of Orion. "When you are sad. cloudless. and when you are happy. "I visit you sometimes in your dreams. Mardai smiling at me. "My dearest John. and then I will be able to communicate with you more clearly. my pride and my prince. Perhaps. "I watch over you and our children. When "Fear" attacks. Sometimes on a beautiful.Conquering Fear So I thought of Mardai as a butterfly of the universe and I would pray that her journey be a joyous one and that she would find some way of letting me know she was fine in her new world. even as we used to be together in the life you now live. we shall all meet again." 38 . and I can see. The veil that separates you and your reality from mine is very. I rejoice with you. if I but look more closely. Hope springs eternal. Hope slays fear. and you will always be my joy. When you are ready to come here. We are all brilliantly alive. Hope is the catalyst . In your quiet moments. You have much to do before you join us.

The children have grown up and now have their own careers. They remember the days of great pain.Conquering Fear It has been quite a few years since Mardai has been gone. but they also have fond memories of their mother and her love. these three. hope and love. but the greatest of these is love." 39 . We have learned much. madness and fear. "And now abideth faith. But the greatest lesson we have learned is that hope is the antidote for fear and that love is the answer to all our problems. I cannot help but reflect on the words of Saul of Tarsus.

not what you fear.Richard Bach 40 ." .Conquering Fear "Listen to what you know.

They failed because of my fear. In this way. None of them failed because of a problem with the business opportunity. Even while I was running these businesses. in my twenties I started several businesses. From this background. I feel I am simply not cut out to be an employee for someone else. Therefore. this fear continued to play a part in my life by causing a lack of belief in myself and my abilities. It has been my constant. where being scared was my constant state of mind. all of which failed. As an adult. I don't believe that anyone can entirely eliminate fear. To combat this one needs to learn to focus their mind and thoughts upon that which they desire instead of that which they fear. invisible companion since I was a child. I developed a belief that the entire world was a scary place. It's taken me many long years to come to this realization but I now know 41 . fear may keep knocking on the door of your mind but can find no entrance. I have finally come to believe that I can choose what to make of my fear. You must concentrate on your dream and hold it in your mind even though you do not yet know how it will be accomplished. Since I was a teenager I have been interested in owning my own business. But if you have a dream or a goal that is strong enough your desire for that dream can block your fear from taking over. This discouragement becomes the open door for fear to move in. Discovering this became the means by which I've finally been able to move past my lifelong fears. Normally what happens is someone will imagine their dream or goal but will then become discouraged because they do not know how they will accomplish it. I realize this is not always easy. After all of these years of living in fear. but I now certainly believe it can be managed and even used to our advantage. Fear thrives in the absence of a stronger emotion.Conquering Fear Paul Harris Fear: My Invisible Companion I have known fear my entire life. I grew up in a home with an abusive father. fear often seeps in and begins to take over. I felt like I was a fraud and that any moment people would "discover" me. as long as you concentrate on the dream. The mind abhors a vacuum and in the absence of a dominating emotion or thought.

Paul Harris http://www. and proudly. Hold to your dreams and whatever you can imagine can come true.Conquering Fear I'm in control of my fear and am finally.MLMMoney4U. operating my own Internet 42 .

Conquering Fear Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. .Amelia Earhart 43 .

" My first "mentor" wrote "DO IT" and that was all . will necessitate action which causes you to do things that the "average bear" does not normally do. No Glory". My encouragement to you is that if this is the 44 . Get SCARED . or it might just be some raw excitement. Make the decision.. No Oil" (I made the last one up . take the action and carry it out. Fight the good fight and look the fear directly in the eye to continually spook it out of the mind. it is not a bad thing. must be done responsibly.-) I am practically scared to death each morning I arise. the fear does NOT decrease.. (and it happens to me) it motivates and forces decisions (and action). "No Drilling. In fact. "No Pain. dreams and highest aspirations requires a constant confrontation with the truth! The truth is YOUR deepest beliefs and personal intentions. It may be fear. Walking the walk of a person driven by some unexplainable vision. In either case. Infomercial. Whatever it is you think is your purpose in life. it is damn exciting! As each day moves forward. my encouragement is to "do it. These actions we endeavor.... when I went up after the seminar to get his signature in the Freedom Planner I purchased from his T.. "No Guts.V. Many "driven" people have failed miserably in business and life by simply leaving out the leg work to research the life plan fully. it is a great indication that you are making progress in the changes necessary to achieve the intended result. The "things to be done" each day require continual prayer to stay consistent and persistent. Being scared to death is a sure sign that you are ready to make the next step toward your chosen success. No Gain". Moving toward your goals. It is not a negative state . the discipline of planning and totally thinking through the intention and the respective carrying out of it. "You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take".Conquering Fear Ed Hirsch Does your heart ever beat so fast and hard that you feel you may die? When this happens. need not be taken on haphazardly.

. WASTED resources on those who QUIT! Eliminate the ZERO'S on your Genie report 650-872-1024 "A Networkers RETENTION Dream Come True" 45 .. "DO IT!!!" Contributed by Ed Hirsch #1 REASON stopping your business growth ..Conquering Fear case in your life ..

all other virtues lose their meaning.” — Robert Cushing “Without courage.Conquering Fear “The fact is that to do anything in the world worth doing. we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger. but jump in and scramble through as well as we can.” .Winston Churchill 46 .

I urge you to remember and live by the following motto. so you can't touch it. because we can imagine some sort of failure. To join the Free mailing your Free resource for daily motivation and inspiration. no. we have never even experienced! Isn't that crazy? You see. you can't hold it.Mark Twain 47 . False Evidence that Appears Real Most of the time what we fear. If you don't at least try. a person who is afraid to try because they fear the potential of a negative outcome. "I have been through some terrible things in my life. Fear stands for. The question then is. The problem is. such as an upset stomach. tips. we believe it will come true. send an e-mail to mailto:motivationalmessages-subscribe@listbot.Conquering Fear Glen Hopkins Glen Hopkins. and you can't show it to another person. Either way. This may be due to past failures we have actually experienced or it may be due to failures we fear we might experience. Okay then. What is it? Can you touch it? Can you hold it? Can you show it to another person? I can almost hear you from where I am or visit http://www. some of which actually happened. owns Motivational-Messages. and stories to help you lead a successful life. Often. We fear either the emotional or physical pain something may cause. We fear doing certain things because we think we might fail. you can never succeed. and then we don't even try! And that is what makes a failure.motivational-messages. you feel the physiological symptoms of the fear. no".com/ FEAR – Don't Let it Control You! Copyright (c) 1999 Glen Hopkins Fear. including quotes. why? Why do we have fear? Fear is nothing more than an emotion or a feeling that we hold in our mind. your mind has a hard time determining whether you've actually experienced the failure or just imagined it. these emotions and feeling affect the way we live our lives." . "No.

Don't let your own definitions limit you. That is. You see.Conquering Fear The question now becomes who defines what 'failure' and ‘success' is? You do right? Either you create the definition yourself or you accept someone else's definition. Don't fear the past. The more difficult your definition of success is to attain. Try thinking of every 'failure' as a success. Alex has created her own definition of what success means and that definition is relatively easy to achieve! Therefore. Just because you may have failed yesterday. who defines success as." Or Jeff. Remember that the past does not equal the future. Create your own definitions to make it harder to feel like a failure and easier to feel like a success. you have really succeeded because you have learned what does not work. rather than achieve to be happy'. Just learn from what you did wrong and change your approach. "I have to be earning at least million dollars a year before I am successful. Therefore. or even five minutes ago. Be fearless! 48 . That way you will attach less fear to what you want in life. I'm not saying that you should not set high standards and goals for yourself. Alex. What I am saying is that you have to be careful that you 'happily achieve. you are closer to succeeding the next time you try. the more fear you will attach to it. What are the chances that most of the 'Jeff's' in the world feel like failures on a daily basis because they are not yet earning one million dollars a year? Now don't get me wrong." You guessed right again. as per his own definition. every time you 'fail' at something. she is successful everyday. Yesterday's failure does not equal your future outcomes. Whereas Jeff. the definitions of others. The past is what has taught you how to succeed in the future. Or even worse. Alex who defines success as. in her mind. is a great day. Is it true then that some people create more difficult definitions of success and failure for themselves than others do? You bet it is! Who do you think leads a more successful live. cannot be successful until he is earning one million dollars a year. it doesn't mean you are going to fail again. "everyday that I wake up and I'm not six feet under. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? Image what you can do in your life with that type of belief system.

Conquering Fear “Take time to deliberate. but when the time for action has arrived.” — Napoleon Bonaparte “One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars. stop thinking and go in.” . and the world will be better for this.Miguel de Cervantes 49 .

I really think I'm too young to have arthritis (well. dealing with the anxiety of making a change. she would call in a prescription for a strong anti-inflammatory drug. And. I shut my eyes. I'm not the best patient. Little did I know I was about to get another lesson in taking a risk. Guess what I discovered? Those needles are as fine and thin as a strand of hair! And they don't hurt! If they hit the right spot. I don't like drugs. 50 . As usual. I would have been in that acupuncturist's office months ago. I got cortisone injections in my knees for the pain due to arthritis. I opted for the anti-inflammatory even though I knew I wouldn't take it.Conquering Fear Joann Javons "Take A Risk" By Joann Javons copyright 2001 I called my doctor to describe the intense pain in my right shoulder. The idea of needles stuck in me horrified me. So I decided to check into acupuncture to reduce the pain in my shoulder. Last time I was at her office. money. Watching it is something I just can't do. real tight. I figured if I closed my eyes at the acupuncturist's office. although you shouldn't believe everything you see on TV. Is the point of this story that you shouldn't believe everything you see on TV? No. This was a big decision. If someone had told me this sooner. and hold my breath. you might feel it but it's not painful. continuing to do what you're doing is more comfortable than spending time. isn't middle age too young for this stuff?) but there it is. I could get through it. my doctor suggested I come in for an injection or as an alternative. When they try to take my blood. and most of all. Why didn't someone tell me? The answer is simple: I didn't ask. What kind of 'alternative' is a prescription drug? And forget those injections. But I don't like needles either. I had seen pictures and TV shows with people having all those needles stuck in them.

like losing a job. Something you can use to get closer to your dreams. In a new job. And the truth is. Action that can remove pain or discomfort or unhappiness. let go of the old. any action is better than no action. My simple acupuncture experience was not a big risk by external measurements: all I could lose was money and time. getting into You'll be happy you did! http://www. the newsletter for your total life" at mailto:Peoplepoems-subscribe@topica. They wait for an excruciating level of discomfort. taking action. you will learn something. not having enough money. tips.private-practice-marketing. It's truly a choice. Ahhh. in a new situation that brings you closer to what you want. It keeps you stuck exactly where you are. try something new. If you don't take risks. That's the hard way to change. but the fear of those needles was pretty big. and gifts to enhance your life. in a new savings plan. subscribe to our Free monthly http://www. taking action to reach your dreams. you're staying in your comfort zone. Fear keeps your from taking a risk.Conquering Fear The point is that fear holds you back from taking action to enhance your life. You don't need to be one of them. The question is: do you need some form of pain in your life to push you out of your comfort zone? I don't think so. If you don't take risks. Life is a series of risks.peoplepoems. Fear keeps you from moving forward. Action requires a willingness to risk. you really aren't living to your 51 . No matter what action you take to make your life better. That means taking a risk. before they make any change in their lives. The only way out is in. "Just For You. Unless you like to wait for pain. Isn't it worth moving through your fear to get closer to your dreams? Take a risk today! For more resources. Some people do. Chances are that you'll stay there until something pushes you out. in my head. all with opportunities to experience the gifts that come. articles. of changes.

General George S.” — John Quincy Adams “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer. before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into thin air. Patton 52 .Conquering Fear “Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman.” .

Conquering Fear Shelley Lowery Shelley Lowery is the Executive Publisher.I hated every single minute I worked in that plant. I was afraid to make a change. Although the doctors said that I would never have a functional shoulder. Shelley is a full-time Internet Marketer. Writer and the author of several successful eBooks. Prior to starting my Internet Web-Source.. and months of rehabilitation. swinging different shifts each month really took its toll. and others. WhatUseek. I was off work for over a is a complete resource portal for the Internet Entrepreneur. NoBoss Online. WebProNews. I just couldn't -. tools and content. Afraid I wouldn't have enough money to feed my children and pay my bills. The coil struck me in the shoulder and dislocated it backwards. lost my house. I was determined that I wasn't going to allow this injury to rule my life.. As fate would have it. Editor-in-Chief and Webmistress of Web-Source. I had absolutely no background in business and was completely computer illiterate. That's when my life dramatically changed. The site assists the entrepreneur in developing a serious Web presence by providing a wealth of free information. I worked in a steel plant operating a steel rolling mill. the brake on the crane malfunctioned. Most of the time. while loading a 3. http://www. my car and then the doctors informed me that I couldn't go back to my job. iBoost.000 LB coil of steel onto my machine. After two surgeries. Add Me. I had to work six and seven days a week just to make ends meet. Sometimes it seemed as if I didn't know whether I was coming or going -.web-source. I 53 .I. Internet Magazine. The truth is.. the doctors determined that my shoulder was beyond repair. SiteProNews. resources. I was completely dependent on the regular income this job provided. And. A. Shelley's articles have appeared in hundreds of electronic and print publications including Microsoft Value blue-collar position provided. so I needed the type of income that this dangerous. But at the time. My biggest fears of what 'might' happen were now reality.or so I thought.M.fear was my biggest obstacle. I was a single mother with four children. I felt I didn't have a choice. Although I sincerely wanted my own business and desperately wanted to leave my job.

Sure. However.Conquering Fear just couldn't accept that. but to learn from these marketers. I ordered moneymaking opportunities off the Internet. I was determined that no matter what my family and friends said ("you'll never make it on the Internet" or "Get a 'real' job") I was going to be successful. What I now realize is that the first steps were the most difficult. I certainly wasn't an overnight success -far from it. The light is now shinning brightly -. And. The more I learned. with each small accomplishment. all of the hard work is finally paying off. I am now a full-time Internet marketer and operate my Internet business out of the comfort of my own home. It was a long and difficult process. but I was totally clueless as to where to begin. I struggled from the very beginning. it was a long and difficult road.It's a great life:) 54 . However. When I started my Internet business there wasn't a lot of information available to assist me.not to actually pursue the opportunity. the easier it became. With each step I took. gave me the strength and courage to continue. the light at the end of the tunnel became a little bit brighter. I took a temporary job cleaning houses and scraped enough money together to buy my first computer. the more excited I became. TV and from magazines -. but little by little I regained the use of my shoulder. I began researching and reading everything I could get my hands on. I knew I wanted to start my own Internet business. and I made a lot of sacrifices along the way.

Ralph Waldo Emerson 55 . To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires .” — Louis L’Amour “Whatever course you decide upon. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right..” . Courage.. so he never was.Conquering Fear “He never knew when he was whipped .. there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong..

All at prices you can afford. and add CHERISH FEAR Many argue it's best to overcome fears. that place is right out front where I can meet them head on. Fear is of two kinds. then give it free rein. Embrace them even.Com is to create a resource center for wannabe and newbie webmasters in which you can easily find what you need. It is irrational (nonsense) to believe all the people in the crowded room are watching you. Harness it. Evaluate. and barriers that may need to be overcome. But rational fear is useful. it points out the pitfalls ahead and allows us to plan a way to avoid them. Expecting you to do something naughty. Further. slow our pace. Are you too close to the edge of the cliff? Back away. please click the Support link to the left or send any email to mailto:support@sitetipsandtricks. Their earnest or frivolous dialog. Listen to their chuckles and laughter. But cling to such questions until irrational fears are laid aside.SiteTipsAndTricks. to put them in their place. My goal with http://www. Their smiles and frowns.Conquering Fear Bob Mcelwain I have been marketing and consulting on the Web since 1993. For me. Listen to what it says. It's fear that keeps us from coming too close to the edge of a precipice or climbing too high in a tree. "Stuff and nonsense!" Building a business online or offline is fraught with fear. It is rational (sensible) to avoid falling off a cliff. For details. Study their faces. If it is only of goblins in the night it speaks. Rational and irrational. else ask me to do so. crush irrational fear. say the words right out loud. 56 . none of which is helpful. I can help you build a successful site or improve one you already have. so to speak. In business. Meet it head on. but think of the added confidence gained in being prepared for those that do. To the degree possible. And I can help you promote your site effectively. maybe. Why do you feel everyone is watching you? Look about at those around you. Listen to what it tells you. of problems that may beset you. It is unlikely all of this will come to pass. It will help you foresee a great deal of the future. They block our way. Are they really watching you? Do they even know you are in the room? Would anyone notice if you did do whatever? The answer is no. Lean closer if the voice is too faint.

With good plans for the unexpected. and thus to flight. Know some have not made the distinction between rational and irrational fear. Easy navigation is clearly a must. Their behavior will be all the more unpredictable. harness fears so the next action can be taken. they have both kinds lumped together. That is. Specific to your website. From making changes in a website to expanding into another area. the business will wither and die. all is laden with risk. Watch the birds in your backyard. I didn't ask them to mail anything to me?" "Why do they want my phone number?" "Who are these people butting into my life this way?" We know how important it is to build trust with the content and presentation of a website. 57 .Conquering Fear Taking risks is an essential ingredient in growing a business. Given any challenge that can not be instantly identified. A link that misleads. look at every element within your site. I suggest another step be taken. Or the deer in the foothills. An ad that may offend. I would bet good bucks that many click away in fear. But if no action is taken. These options are far too fundamental and primeval to ignore. On your website. be sure visitors do not click off from fears of which they may not even be aware. then move forward boldly. there will be no growth. Fear keeps them alive. As such. Identify every point at which a visitor might stumble. In your business. While we may have failed to achieve this goal completely. it is always fight or flight. A line in a sales pitch that is too much to swallow. "Why do they want my address. Some have reported as many as 65% of visitors fail to complete order forms. Let your fears assist you in planning a clear path around possible obstacles. you can not be seriously harmed. Since indecision and uncertainty often lead to fear. But look for less obvious things. recognize that your visitors are real live people. erase all possible points at which a visitor may stumble. we have worked at getting close. not just hits reported to log files. While I have never seen mention of it. Instead. then make sure it won't happen. they are also subject to fears.

Mark Twain 58 . mastery of fear .not absence of fear.” .” — Oliver Goldsmith “Courage is resistance to fear.Conquering Fear “Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.

This actually is ME living this life. FL. If someone had told me in my 30s I would write articles that would be read by hundreds of "The Wish-Idas" © By Jo McNamara 2001 "Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness. If someone had told me in my 40s I would have a business that involved using a computer. I would have asked them how long they had been hearing voices. I say this with absolutely no conceit. here I am.. I have written articles that have been read by hundreds of people (Okay. I'm STILL dreaming of learning how to stop crashing the computer.. I realized that the road before me was shorter than the road behind me. I would have laughed so hard I would need to excuse myself to change my underwear.Conquering Fear Jo McNamara Jo McNamara lives in Orlando." George Santayana If someone had told me in my 20s I would attempt to start my own home business at 50. sitting in a rocking chair on a front 59 . I'm more humble about my "success" because I have an attitude of gratitude.50 years old. When I turned 50. I fully appreciate what is happening to me more at the age of 50 because I know what a struggle it has been. "The success I've earned today is because of the Internet Marketing Success Arsenal. and my home business involves the computer. Well. I look at what I've accomplished with the astonishment of a 3year-old. There was something about turning 50 that made me come to the realization that I didn't have as much time to do the things I've always wanted to do. I say this with wonder and amazement..I KNOW my husband.. I don't regret not doing any of this at a younger age. I would have thought they had taken some really good (bad?) drugs. I've dreamed of owning my own business for years. I've dreamed of writing and being published for years. with 8 cats and 1 husband. I have started my own home business. best friend and mother-in-law have read them). The success I achieve tomorrow will be because of the Internet Marketing Success Arsenal. I've had dreadful visions of being 80. Jo wishes to express her gratitude to Dale Armin Miller." mailto:what_works_online1@sendfree.

These are not things you think about in your 20s or 30s." Pindar 60 . then the world will stand aside to let you pass. In your 20s and 30s. If you decide there is no such age. you have the luxury of saying. reflecting back upon all the "Wish-Idas. my fear of the"Wish-Idas" became stronger than my Fear of Failure. so be it." Never place limits on yourself. but at least I tried. If I didn't succeed at something the first time and I sincerely wanted it. at least I gave it 100%. Feel that you're too old? How old is "too old?" "Too old" is any age YOU decide it is." At 50. You have nothing to lose." "Do not aspire to immortality. Don't let it be YOU sitting in a rocking chair on a front porch.Conquering Fear porch. but exhaust the limits of the possible. It gave me the confidence to feel I could tackle those things I've always wanted to do. Turning 50 was not depressing for me. I would keep trying and keep trying. you are somewhere in Kansas (close to the Colorado border) and now the road in front of you doesn't seem so long." At 50. If it wasn't meant to be. regretting the "Wish-Idas. At 50." More and more I'm thinking when I look back on my life. Successes and failures. That is the time in your life when you tend to feel that your future is spread out in front of you. "I can always do that later. The point of this article is this: Try ANYTHING that you sincerely and passionately want to do." "Wish I'd done this. It's as though you are standing on a spot on the East Coast and you see clearly in front of you the road that leads to the West Coast. I'll be saying. my Fear of Humiliation and my Fear of Being Technically Inept. Turning 50 revitalized me. I am slowly shortening my list of "Wish-Idas. This is not meant to be a depressing article on getting older. "I've had a full life following my passions. wish I'd done that. your "laters" are NOW.

Sir Winston Churchill 61 .” .Conquering Fear "Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." -William Shakespeare “Courage is the capacity to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

" 62 . A pedestrian crossing the bridge connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia would hardly notice the slight protrusion on its edge. "Will I ever learn?" I did the same with the Internet. or brave . bridges the gap separating the average Internet business from a $100 000 income. if it weren't for the feverish crowd that perpetually mobs the narrow platform.. I jumped headlong into Internet business. Lured by promises of overnight riches by marketing "gurus".that plummet into the abyss with a rope tied around their ankles. I stared at the wild waters below. "Well.. will see money flow into the bank like the gushing waters of the Zambezi below the bridge. I survived that one. The Webmaster who finds a way to attract an equally feverish crowd to their website. But the anticipatory thrill of the dive was being overwhelmed by the intense sensation of fear as the moment drew near. A similarly tenuous and invisible medium.. It cost me a lot of pain.separating me from eternity. vision and determination.. But to create a thrill you have to jump!!! Standing at the edge of the narrow platform I was preparing to do just that. wasn't exactly the appropriate moment to think of the consequences.or a sensible decision . disappointment and money. 'What if the rope snaps?' Perched at the edge of the abyss with an inch thick rope .Conquering Fear Ante Miljak Thin air and the occasional wisp of water vapor from the majestic Victoria Falls fills the 111-meter gap that separates the swirling waters of the Zambezi and the steel-girded bridge spanning the river.always matter of opinion . It came close to costing me everything that I had worked for my entire life. While the jumpmaster was adjusting the rope around my ankles. They congregate here for the thrill of watching those foolish.jump. heartache.and thought.

1.. Remnants of the thrill were snuffed out of my mind by relentless fear. My voice shook a little. I did it.. But that's what I felt. Hidden somewhere in the pages of a capacious dictionary.." I replied.9. The embarrassment would be too great.. I extended my hands in front of me to brake the fall.8. I had no problem finding a word to accurately describe my next feeling. If there is. I had about seven seconds to change my mind... "Triumph" described it very.Conquering Fear That thought comforted me a little and shifted my mind into a more philosophical mode. The crowd counted with him.. The surging waters of Zambezi were meters from my head when the elasticity of the rope catapulted me back towards the bridge. He extended his arm towards the horizon . 10.2. "What drives a human to do this crazy thing risking death or injury for an act that serves no purpose. "Ready?" He asked.that's where I was supposed to look . "Ready.and started counting. The jumpmaster stopped fiddling with the rope and stood up.. Instinctively.bungyyyyyyy. An irrational and futile gesture. Now I had the answer to the questions that tormented my mind while perched at the edge of the abyss. Now I knew why I had to jump and why I 63 . very accurately.. I certainly missed it. 3. there is probably a word describing a sensation of intense fear and immense exhilaration. The roar of the crowd was frenzied. I leaped. The acceleration of my falling body astounded me. or to leave a perfectly good business to plunge into the hazy world of the Internet?" "Should I turn back?" Hundreds of spectators lined the rails of the bridge and the fringes of my life..

Conquering Fear had to take the uncharted Internet road. But the worst is behind me and I now have the ultimate weapon to overcome any obstacle ahead . There might be some rocky stretches ahead. To any sensible individual it is obvious that what they promise is too good to be true.The 64 . There is no formula for success.confidence and belief in themselves. if you do it right. The road to freedom and independence is now open. When you bungy jump." And I am not talking history here. It is your vision that liberates the powerful forces that lie within you. They would have unmercifully killed in me the most potent force in any person's life .a reaffirmed belief in myself. You are a unique individual. they would have. you will succeed. I was jumping out of the straight-jacket that a narrow-minded society tries to pull over my mind. On reflection I realized that they didn't con me into Internet business. You have to do some research. I am talking about the age at which society casts people into a narrow groove of outdated perceptions. I have reached a point in my life known to the unenlightened as "middle age. That's why I needed to jump both ways. Now I control the time. In Internet business you have to choose products that are not as ephemeral as the mist that floats above the Victoria Falls gorge. Whoever tries to sell it to you is trying to cheat you out of your money. your chances of surviving are greatly increased if the rope around to your ankles is chosen and tied by responsible professionals. selfaffirmation and total independence. Your life is at stake. I yearned to fulfill the deep-seated human need of freedom. That is why I had to test the edges of my courage and the edges of technology. You have to do some research. To earn a few dollars they nearly ruined my life and if I had not persevered. If you apply them to your visions and persevere. There are principles that we all use in our unique ways. It is just as awesome as the mist exploding off the mighty falls of Mosi oa Tunya . I now thank those Internet "gurus" that lured me into business by false promises. The Internet offers this. Your life is at stake. It can no longer pass me by. In both cases I needed to reaffirm myself. And this is not hype. In fact I am sure there will. They just told me what I wanted to hear and I believed it because I wanted to believe.

Conquering Fear
Smoke that Thunders. Ante Miljak Author of Click & Grow Rich, the business that integrates products, trafficgeneration programs and marketing strategy. All you need to do is Click & Grow Rich.


Conquering Fear

"The fearless are merely fearless. People who act in spite of their fear are truly brave." -James A. LaFond-Lewis


Conquering Fear
Paul Polanco MY FEAR OF THE STOCK MARKET I was working for one of the largest no-load mutual fund companies called T.Rowe Price & Associates in the heart of downtown Los Angeles back in 1995 when it happened. I had helped our clients with their mutual fund investments, their IRA (Individual Retirement Account) questions, and stock questions. I soon realized that many of our "wealthy" clients were asking me for advice (which I couldn't give since they are a no-load fund family). Here I was a 25 year old young man, fresh out of college, with very little investment knowledge being asked to help millionaires with their portfolios! It was completely absurd. Then it occurred to me: "If these people can make a lot of money, why can't I?" I realized that these people weren't any smarter than me, but they were doing things differently than me. I needed to find out what those "things" were. I had always been interested in the stock market but was scared to death of it. After all, I had lost my entire savings in the stock market when I was 19 (all $500 of it). I asked my father for advice, but all he could say was "it's all in real estate, stay away from the stock market." Then I began asking friends and co-workers for advice. They either said it was "too risky" or that "you don't know what you're doing." I became very frustrated. I wanted to make money in the stock market but by the time I had finished talking to my "circle of friends", I was scared silly. My fear of losing my money was great. It kept me up late at night. "What if you lose your savings again?" my brain would ask. After much thought, I decided that if other people can do this so can I. My desire to beat the odds was even greater than my fear. I almost gave it up, but I decided to set my own path. Once I truly decided, I began reading voraciously. I read as many books about stock investing that I could get my hands on. I went to seminars, listened to tapes, and began seeking out mentors. People who were actually making money in the stock market, not journalists who just write about it.


Today. but 7 years later.Conquering Fear When I felt that I was ready. I reinvested those profits for bigger gains. I'm still proving them wrong! What's even more bizarre is they STILL think the stock market is "too risky" and that I am "lucky".com 68 . and created my own system. "going short". I kept track of all my fictitious trades. one of my passions is to help people with their financial planning needs from a different point of view (I've been on both sides of that desk!) and to protect them from 99% of all the garbage and nonsense that is out there. Then I began showing small profits. I had learned of a way of "insuring" my investments and keeping my losses to a bare minimum. and "moving averages". internet marketing. "put options". with each loss I began learning what I did wrong (sometimes it was just dumb luck too since no one can predict the future). I began speaking differently. I became so good at it that I began using real money. find people who were making CONSISTENT gains in the market. Despite my very real fear of losing my savings. Even though everyone told me it was impossible for me to make money in the stock market. I decided to simply face my fear. and estate planning. financial planning. I lost a lot of phony money. using words such as "relative strength". I did this for about 6 months. I began paper-trading."covered calls". Face your fears and they will either lessen or completely disappear. "new highs". took the BEST of what they had to offer. This fascination with the stock market led me into different careers such as insurance. The first few weeks were brutal. I managed to not only prove them wrong. Paul Polanco Financial Strategist mailto:peabs99@earthlink. Thank you. Then I discovered that I could make money no matter if the market went up or down! My friends noticed a profound change in me. Closed-minded people never become wealthy. This is when you buy and sell stocks on paper and not using real money. Yet.

” .Thomas Edison 69 . I have seen many depressions in business.Conquering Fear “My message to you is: Be courageous! I have lived a long time. Have faith! Go forward. Be as brave as your fathers before you. I have seen history repeat itself again and again. Always America has come out stronger and more prosperous.

I have modeled clothes in halls full of people . I had trouble asking the kids in the playground if I could join their game. And that’s when something great happened.but I am not a teacher. I have given a solo performance.but I’m not an entertainer. my face would burn red and eventually I’d stutter an answer. I don’t know anything about it. “I haven’t” and “I’m not” thoughts. I have taught subjects to students . I signed up for a play at I’m not smart enough.but I’m not a musician.but I’m not a thespian. ‘They’ll laugh at me’ and so on and on. I’ve been on national television . I was one the last ones to put my hand up in the classroom.cgi?38609 http://helpyouto.clubmidas. I overcame the fear by applying a credo. Today. I have been in a sold out play at Town Hall .but I’m not a lecturer. If the teacher asked me a question in front of the class.but I’m not a debater. I would break into a sweat and feel my heart thumping just thinking about putting my hand up. After that I got a buzz from self achievement. ‘I haven’t done it before’. So I did. It wasn’t easy at first. I can’t act. I can’t talk. a soliloquy to a packed audience in a capital city -but I’m not a performer.but I’m not a singer. My fear had stopped me from doing things.but I am not a host.Conquering Fear Jenny Richter http://www. “Just do it and damn the consequences”. She would counter argue all of my objections for not doing it. I have broadcast radio sessions . An observer of life rather than a participant. “I’m not good looking enough. I’ve sung in front of groups of people . I did it! It became easier and easier after that. Not during and not Overcoming Fear I was a shy kid. I had learnt a lesson. She was my super salesman. She left me with no more ‘reasons’ not to try. the thought of public speaking or public appearances no longer strikes terror in my veins. I have been the whip on debating teams . I have given speeches at weddings .but I’m not a model. I’ve played keyboards in a band on stage . “I don’t”. 70 .com mailto: jenny_richter@hotmail. If my mother hadn’t strongly encouraged me I doubt I would have done any of the above.but I’m not a master of ceremonies. An introvert.buildreferrals. I couldn’t start up a conversation. Fear had cloaked itself in the “I can’t”. I’ve given lectures at University . I didn’t die of embarrassment from doing a public appearance.

I topped my major. isolation and heights (I climbed Ayers Rock). I am a parent .I have visited over 25 countries on 4 continents.I have traveled on ocean liners. I am a traveler . fear of the unknown and other cultures. I am bi-lingual . I am transient . I conquered fears of getting lost. I conquered my fear of running my own business.Conquering Fear Conquering my fear had opened the doors to achievement. I am a home owner .I have 2 children. I do. I am a restaurateur .I speak.I have a PADI open water diver certification. I 71 .I have circumnavigated Australia twice in a campervan.I have played a range of different sports.I have a Bachelor Degree in Commerce.I have moved house 14 times and have lived overseas.I have owned and operated my own restaurant. covering a combined distance of over 50.I have had a few pieces published in national magazines. Here are some examples. I conquered the fear of injuring myself. I am an investor . yachts. I conquered my fear of being away from familiar surroundings.000+ KM. I am a sailor .I have investment property. ferries and boats. wild animals. I am a writer . I conquered my fear of breathing in deep water. I am a diver . dying in the dessert.I have conquered my fear of debt. I have applied this strategy to other areas of my life when I was fearful of something. I conquered my fear of academic failure. I am a University graduate . I conquered my fear of being way out in the middle of the ocean. prove it by doing it and finally. repeat the process until comfortable. I conquered the fear of childbirth. I am a sportsperson . I have and I am. I conquered my fear of financial loss. I conquered my fear by saying I can. I have conquered the fear of revealing my personal self to a large audience. I conquered a fear of speaking differently. read and write German. The next step was to believe it. I am an explorer .

I conquered a fear of job security. educational and government bodies. I conquered a fear of moving away. in a variety of positions. I am employable .I have worked for financial.Conquering Fear have lived in 3 different states in my own country and I have lived overseas. 72 .

. so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory".Anonymous 73 .Conquering Fear "Accept the challenges.

Australia & Germany.Conquering Fear Darren Roberts So many people don't enjoy the life they would prefer to experience. Since early 1998. Why do they sell themselves short? Why are personal desires and aspirations not important to the vast majority? After years of business in Great Britain. His most successful book. they live it party fulfilled. he has devoted his time to this through his Website. This is what makes people really happy and it is Darren's goal to do what he can to help others reach this happy state of living. contentment and pleasure. "Making Your Success Inevitable" reflects this. Darren decided that he would do what I could to improve the lifestyle of many by assisting them lead a higher level of living with greater 74 . It's about the individual becoming 100% honest with themselves to pursue what they ultimately want rather than to follow the masses. It involves more than just motivating the individual. Ezine & Online Membership Area. As a result. Check out the abundance of original resources he has at: http://topliving. He has written countless reports and articles covering this topic.

The best way to overcome this is to make the unknown your own knowledge. This is a colossal undertaking . Perhaps not all of them. How do you prepare for this? How do you bring yourself to the best possible vantage point before you actually plummet to the ground? One thing is for sure. the first step is to face your fear head on and create a visual! What better way is there than doing the respective training course? Earlier. but you would be facing one of your largest fears: heights. In fact. After you've done it a few times. balance your center of gravity. You could have chosen something easier such as bungee jumping. it isn't going to happen if the thought makes you giddy and weak at the knees. Therefore. Get others to assist you by asking anything and everything remotely related to your jump.not only would you be attempting something. in Chapter II we covered in detail the value of visualization.000' free fall jump. Now. then you are learning what to expect when you're in the air. as it's obvious that you're keen on skydiving. which some people have not survived. but a higher percentage will no longer be as problematic as they perhaps were. if you spend the next three days at the training course for your 10. which will go a long way to making your jump easier. Many of our fears are simply fears of the unknown. Learn about the unknown and your whole attitude will change. OVERCOMING FEAR!" Written By: Darren Roberts Copyright © 2000 . If you panic then practice some more. A lot of your fears will simply transform into adrenalin. You will run through countless drills in advance. Visualize the earth growing before you as you fall at 120 miles (200 km)/hour. the correct way to free fall. It's very important that you imagine it all. This will be met with interest.2002 All Rights Reserved Overcoming acrophobia and deciding to do a parachute jump. Examine all of your safety checks as you fall through the sky in your mind. directional control and your descent in general. as you learn disaster recovery. 75 . So. This is a huge step in the right direction. you may want to incorporate some potential catastrophes to see how well you do.Conquering Fear "YOUR PERSONAL GOAL. learning to fly and parasailing but you've gone straight to the top. how to read your altimeter. We all know the expression "put me in the picture" meaning "show me what's going on"! Visualizing is tremendous for this. Put yourself in the picture. the unknown has a lot to answer for. a lot of your fears will be addressed. Picture yourself on the airplane strut and letting yourself fall into the atmosphere.

Pulling out is not an option. We have product knowledge. the 76 . In many cases. It is your mindset. your goal and your will. this one included. the Cessna 172 gets to the imminent point of (almost) no return. Ever so slowly. which will shortly become your life-support system. Every second feels like an hour. Quite simple really. this is all a part of starting from the best vantage point. your confidence. You're about to make your goal a reality. The butterflies in your stomach are running riot. it is almost time to take the plunge. However. This is reality.000' seems to take an eternity (it's a slow climb anyway but nerves intensify the time factor). Every thousand feet the temperature drops 2ºC but you still sweat profusely. You really are doing this! The door on the plane has been removed to avail an easier exit. What else can you do to prepare yourself for the jump? Remember. All of a sudden in one foul swoop. You're now at the best possible starting point. which you have worked through to get to this point. You climb out and stand on the struts of the plane. your desire. You're inside.. Your deep seeded desire to attack your phobia has brought about an immense plan. the preparation itself is as much joy as the final undertaking. as it gets closer you doubt your capabilities. your outlook. Your preparation has brought you this close.. We must be in the most prepared state before we hurl ourselves out of a little airplane 2 miles in the sky. perhaps arachnophobia or claustrophobia.Conquering Fear If you are someone who would never do a parachute jump under any circumstances. You know the next time you touch terra firma you won't be in this machine. You're mentally and physical prepared for the experience of your life. How would you feel if you pulled out at the last minute! Your goal would not have been achieved. This is a telling time. Your self-confidence has immediately plummeted. everything from the last three days has now amounted to naught . Now that you've trained for three days. then equate this to an example of your own using something that you might consider doing to overcome your fears. Well. let's see. This is a decisive moment. Make sure you use an example where genuine fear is involved. so do what you need to do to make this goal achievable. dressed up in your gear with a backpack strapped tightly to your back. The airplane takes off.although a thought ago it was sky high. The climb to 10.

it's behind you. There is a fully trained parachutist down below giving you instructions by sign how to hit your target. You're in the bush .only a house or two can be seen for miles. The experience of this magical moment is something you'll never forget. Slowly but surely. Its importance in overcoming your phobia can never ever be sold short. it's blowing a gale. The engine noise is replaced by wind. Your vision is enhanced. You stand up and break the silence again with a huge scream . birds circling below and afar. What a priceless bonus. You're in your own world. which you only notice by color. A few moments later. cattle grazing at their leisure. Remarkably just as in practice you fall away from the airplane. you are in for a huge treat. Man! Tons of wind. kangaroos bounding in the distance. Now. the small "X" on the ground gets larger and larger. subsequently you're not hurt. 77 . The cold sweat on your hands disappears almost instantly. crops in progress. Congratulations. You can see for miles. You have done it by facing your fear and triumphed. You need to guide yourself through the last 4.000' to the little "X". Ideas for success.a scream partially relief related that you're once again on the ground. It's only a 45 second fall. It is so still! There is no noise. but primarily because you have done it. Although you have a spare (emergency parachute) in the trunk. you impact on the turf and roll over a couple of times as you did in training. Your inner fear has now been addressed and transposed to an asset. power pylons as far as the eye can see. as you muster enough energy to push yourself from the aircraft. replaced by exhilaration and amazement. you don't expect to use it. but preparation showed you how to do so if the situation ever arises. which is marked on the field to which you're heading. You hadn't prepared for that.Conquering Fear door's missing. You even get to drop through a cloud or two. Absolutely none. There are cars on distant roads. Darren Written By: Darren Roberts Subscribe to the popular "Success and Self-Motivation" Weekly publication. All fear is gone. The excitement of accelerating up to 120mph towards this landmass becoming ever so bigger is an added bonus. Occasionally the wind blows through your parachute breaking the silence. As soon as you see it . You pull the ripcord understanding it will stop you meeting the ground more quickly than you would like. and yes.

com 78 .Conquering Fear "AAvenues 2 Your Success" and receive for free the new E-Book "How To Build A Healthy Attitude". Subscribe: http://www.topliving.

Conquering Fear “There are risks and costs to a program of action. Kennedy 79 . But they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” — John F.

even though my work as a Microsoft SQL Server database administrator was in high demand. new houses. I was literally creatively paralyzed. I loved that job too much. Don't assume you always know the outcome of every situation. if at all possible. You don't feel like you control your life. No paycheck. They forgot one really important business rule . It cripples your creativity. Read on. They could've been millionaires. Plan 80 . making things even scarier. The thought of not being able to feed my daughter was terrifying. A couple of companies I worked for after that did go out of business too. Those experiences taught me several things I would like to share with you. I did find another job pretty quickly. they let greed get the best of them and began laundering money out of the company and sinking the profits into new cars. Years ago. I had trouble trusting bosses and coworkers. This was eating me alive. and see if you don't see some of yourself in this article. lowers your self-esteem.Conquering Fear Lynne Schlumpf Being a dreamer for all the wrong reasons (or wrong outcomes) We as human beings like to do the old "duck and cover".I let my fear rule my life for years after that. and bank accounts. One day. to say the least. It keeps you always "working for the man" (someone else).sink some of the profits into generating more business and into staying "cutting edge". (yes. Do you do this? Here's what I did . Don't get yourself into debt. but fear often negatively influences it. and that experience nearly destroyed me with fear for years. However. Its owners were geniuses at generating business. A banker somewhere does. still trying to remind myself years ago WAS Years Ago!) I worked for a computer consulting firm that had just about the whole city in its back pocket. You can positively influence the outcome. I thought a firing or layoff were always biting at my heels. but it took years to trust anyone again. we all went to work on a Friday. I'll relay a story that may help illustrate. and it often keeps people from taking risks to go into their own business. and there was a note on the door that we needed to get our stuff and leave. I'm just now letting the positive part of that experience teach its lessons. No explanation.

It could be your favorite comfy chair. Ask them. This time to yourself will turn your fear and negatives into positives and courage. it's my front porch where I can watch the birds). Dream it and you can be it. Don't assume you know what bosses/customers/coworkers are 81 . Make it a rule you must follow that only positive dreaming is allowed in that place and time. even if others do it to you. Take 15-30 minutes of peace in your favorite place.littlewebsitethatcould. What is it that wakes you up in the middle of the night sometimes? What nags at you to do. (in my case. Dream just like you did when you were a kid. Especially don't backstab your business partner. Once you master these concepts. or anyone else in your company that has the power to make or break your livelihood. your swimming pool. boss. (and hope they're honest with you) Try not to backstab. It destroys your company. but focus your dreams towards those things you have always wanted. Dream of great things there. Fear is a tool to be used only for warning you of potential "dumb moves" you might be getting ready to make. fear in your life will only be useful when it should be. Success and peace to you! Lynne Schlumpf Author of the upcoming book "The Little Website That Could" at: http://www.Conquering Fear for the You can write to Lynne at mailto:lynne@r66cci. whether its your own company or someone else's Relax everyday. Tell yourself daily that the outcome will be positive.

than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much. even though checkered by failure.” .Conquering Fear “Far better it is to dare mighty things.Theodore Roosevelt 82 . to win glorious triumphs. because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

It was kind of a 83 .com http://www. I knew in my heart of hearts that I didn't want to continue selling medical Yanik specializes in creating powerful systems and resources for entrepreneurs to enhance their businesses. 4.33daystoonlineprofits. My Father owns a Medical Equipment Sales and Services Company.MillionDollarEmails. moneymaking web sites…and he’s only been online full time since February 2000! He believes almost everything people have been taught about making money online is completely wrong. http://www. 3. What made it easier for me was that I took it in smaller http://www. I remember talking to my fiancé at the time (my wife now) about this for quite some time.AutoresponderMagic. 5. That was a pretty interesting time. (In fact. my Dad sent me out to make "cold" calls on Doctors. The reason I bring that up is because it was at this time that I really felt fearful the http://www. His Internet success techniques only require a simple web site and you don’t even need to know how to put up your own web page.InstantInternetProfits. I had other things that I wanted to pursue. Talking about how to tell him without getting him really upset. When I was sixteen and got my drivers license. He is the author and publisher of several best-selling marketing books and tools including: 1. I worked for him on and off since I was about twelve years of age. making calls to Dentists. My fear was in telling my Father that I wanted to do something different and not carry on his business. How to just do it. A family business. That was going pretty well at the time. Sort of doing odd jobs here and there. 2. Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on creating http://www. Yanik still doesn’t know HTML). At that time I had my first information marketing project which was selling a manual to cosmetic surgeons. I wanted to start doing things on my own and eventually leave the company. This was back in 1999 and it was a real struggle. Then I was in charge of advertising and when I was fourteen he had me doing some tele-marketing.Conquering Fear Yanik Silver Just 28-years old.

My Father's response to the changes I was making wasn't as bad as what I had built up in my head. I definitely think that's something we all do. I'll think of what the worst case scenario could be. I had been afraid that my Dad would really blow up at me and tell me how dumb I was to give up the great opportunity of taking over his business. I'd be sitting in my Dad's offices explaining to Doctors what they'd be getting in the Kit I was selling for my company. There weren't a lot of expenses associated with running my new business and I didn't have any debt to speak of. If I can live with that and in most cases I know it won't happen anyway. I was only twenty five at the time and making a fairly good commission selling medical equipment. when I'm starting something new. He let me use my cell phone to take incoming calls for that business. I didn't know what his reaction was going and so created this fear of the exchange. That went on for a couple of months. I had every Friday off for about two months. We over play what we think is going to happen. That was the thing that really motivated me a lot. He asked me if I was sure and if I really thought I could make it. what could have been. Dad let me use his fax machine to take incoming orders. That was an interesting conversation. the harder it becomes to do it. I knew that if I didn't take this opportunity. The fear I had built up was the basic fear of the unknown. I remember going into my Dad's office and telling him it was time for me to go. I told him that I thought I could and that I'd still be happy to do some advertising for him. can I help you. Silver Trade Group. For instance. It was kind of funny. I guess I figured that if this doesn't work out I can always try to get my old job back. I'd answer. What I had built into this fearful situation didn't happen. Then I asked him for one day off per week to work on my own project. calling someone I don't know that I want to do a project with or someone I want to interview. The thing that really pushed me forward was. then I just do it. The longer I continue to 84 . I gradually moved from one day a week to finally. I'd always look back and wonder what might have happened. I'd be at my desk and my cell phone would ring. I find that the longer I put off something that I need to do. What I find myself doing now is.Conquering Fear gradual progression and I was lucky because I worked for my Dad which allowed me to do it this way.

You can't see the next hundred feet until you take action and walk the first hundred. you'll be able to see the next hundred feet. Your destination is still a mile down the road. The worst thing that could happen is.Conquering Fear put it off. 85 . That's not going to make me a worse person. the person could say no. Many people want to wait until they know every step in the process and that's usually not possible. I'm not going to be any less successful and before that point I wasn't working with them anyway. take action and just do it. the larger the fear and uncertainty gets. What I find really works for me is to just take action and you'll see what the next steps are going to be. It takes a hold of me and affects what I'm thinking instead of just doing it and getting it over with. A good example might be that you're walking in the fog and can only see about a hundred feet ahead of you. When you walk that hundred feet. So.

” .Dale Carnegie 86 .Conquering Fear “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

"The Power of Outrageous Marketing. by sending blank email to How Overcoming Fear Led to $21. And $1. I could be seen as a You can now get Joe's new email marketing course. as a weirdo.HypnoticMarketing. An e-mail ONLY class? That meant people would get lessons by e-mail. and author of way too many books to list here. And here I was. sitting right here at my computer." and the best-selling Nightingale-Conant audio program." which I was going to ask them to pay $1. as a con."Recession-Proof Marketing"---delivered to your e-mail box every day for a week---for FREE--by sending a blank e-mail to mailto:class@aweber." You can still have Joe's proven marketing e-course--. holding my finger over the "send" http://www. They would never talk to me or see me. that at least incorporated telephone consulting. including the new book "Spiritual http://www. Inc.AdvancedHypnoticWriting. And maybe even crazy. And daring. "Easy Marketing Secrets for Coaches.Conquering Fear Joe Vitale Joe Vitale is the world's first Hypnotic Marketer. That was different from most classes.http://www. The letter was going to invite them to sign-up for a brand new online seminar---an e-mail only class on "Spiritual Marketing. This was bold. about to ask one thousand and five hundred dollars!!! 87 .500 in 7 Days by Joe Vitale I remember two years." free.HypnoticWriting. And this e-class was on "Spiritual Marketing"? The subject alone may ruffle some http://www. He is President of Hypnotic http://www. I was about to send out a sales letter to my then small database of some 800 NEW! http://www.HypnoticWritingSwipeFile.CreateAdvertisingThatSells. Most people gave their e-classes away for free.500 per person to attend.500 per person as the price of admission? No one had EVER charged that much for an e-class before." the best-selling e-book "Hypnotic Writing.

was unemployed. I also created a new form of online coaching that others are now doing. I never wanted to make this book public because I was nervous about how the world would perceive me. I ended up making $21.500 in 7 days. She's now off welfare and doing fine." ) I admit it I never wanted to publish this book or make it available to a wide audience. I also have an audiotape 88 . and looking stupid. I knew her life could be different if she knew the five step process I developed for creating whatever she wanted. in 1997. On the other side of it is freedom---and sometimes great profit! (This is from my book "Spiritual Marketing. I hit the send key. Bonnie had three kids. She's not rich yet.Conquering Fear I was afraid. And I wrote an eBook on how people can teach their own e-classes for high profit. Fear is healthy. and only for her. Always do your best to reduce the fear. I decided I could bear that cross. but never think you'll eliminate it. I've written ten books so far. What happened? Instant success! Fifteen people wanted in that first e-class of mine. I wrote this book for one person: My sister. In short. but I think I've shown her a new way to live life. So does everyone else. I wrote this material for her. I asked myself if I could live with losing friends. But I also know that risk is part of life. I created a whole business from facing my fear! Fear? You have it. The trick is in acting despite the fear. and was on welfare. receiving nasty emails. and regretting the whole idea. It hurt me to see her suffer. It feeds you juice you can use to accomplish great deeds. receiving flames. I have it. I was scared. making a fool of myself. I feared losing my friends. It keeps you alert. for such well known and conservative organizations as the American Marketing Association and the American Management Association.

my unpublished book. At least fifty people came up and said they wanted to buy the book.Conquering Fear program with Nightingale-Conant. sight unseen! My concerns about publishing this book vanished. There was such a hush throughout the crowd that chills went up my spine. 89 . I wasn't ready for this. people would ridicule me. but they all wanted it. I stood and the crowd applauded. But then Bob told everyone about my new book. and I saw that I would be safe in doing so. I figured if I told the world about my interest in spirituality. and then introduced me to the crowd. There were 250 people in that seminar in Denver. They treated me like a celebrity and I loved the attention. clients would fire me. But in June. there's little to be afraid of and wealth and glory await right around the corner. at the beginning of one of his Science of Getting Rich seminars. Bob Proctor later said he wanted to record it. All you have to do is step forward and do the things you're being nudged from within to do. 1999 I felt the inner urge to give a copy of the manuscript to this book to Bob Proctor. Bob stood before them and read off all of my book titles. Bob read it and loved it. So I played it safe and kept this book a secret. And then he did something shocking. and these organizations would shun me. I could see that the timing was right to release these ideas. Not only did people favorably react to the book. And then Bob told them the title to it: Spiritual Marketing. And one publisher in the seminar said he wanted to publish the book. and now. about this book. I held my breath. So here I am. As with most things in life. Bob Proctor nudged me in front of 250 people. And the book “Spiritual Marketing” is the result. I was surprised.

Conquering Fear “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.Anaïs Nin 90 .” .

knowing that I would never see a penny of it! (Lesson here for all. in that what goes around. Instead. Yes. after 2 years of loyal and enthusiastic trading. if I had not severed my association with this particular company. I knew that this would be the case. (never lets you down by the way) and am now on my way to achieving my goals and dreams. I faced my fear." Fear of losing friends and business associates. like a tornado it eventually passed and things settled down and I have been able to slowly re-build a new business.) I digress! Before I made this huge decision to leave. Fear only has power because we give it power! In short. comes around. Fear of "going it alone. (I hope he knows one of the laws of the universe. I listened to my gut instinct. I had many a sleepless night worrying about the decision that I knew I had to make. Of course. I was filled with dread and a lot of fear. Last year. Fear of losing all the money I had already made with this company. it was scary. which by the way stands for: F ailed 91 . Fear of going outside of my comfort zone. Fear of starting over. whose business ethics had become. it was very humiliating. shall we say "suspect" and I no longer wished to be associated with them. but my self esteem. well. My parting was not only painful. Read the small print in your contracts) In short. I parted ways with a very well known Internet company. but make it I did.Conquering Fear Patricia Whaley Fear lives because we do not understand a situation or circumstance and is THE one thing that we all need to overcome. the FEAR would have triumphed. So much for Fear. and the CEO of the company. took great glee in trying to ruin not only my reputation.

com 92 . Founder http://www.Conquering Fear E nterprises A re R idiculous." Patricia Whaley.EnchantedWealth.

James Lane Allen 93 . It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.Conquering Fear “Whether you be man or woman you will never do anything in this world without courage.” .

Since my best was never good enough. mentioned that I thought 94 . My Dad was not one who handed out praise or compliments for a job well done. You name it. Often they would get the best of me. paralyzed into indecision. don't get me wrong. I must admit that the strict upbringing and lack of acknowledgement caused many problems for me as I grew and some that linger with me still. Saying that. I felt I lacked the ability to accomplish anything well enough to please my employers. the average overtime per employee. almost daily. I wasn't good enough at it. Now. Since early childhood I've battled my fears. in a conversation with another of our drivers. throughout my school years. My parents were not bad people. my friends or my family. At the time. per week. A truck driver. were well above average. dishing out criticism for anything he perceived as not my best. people I wanted to meet and situations I wanted to be a part of go down in the flames of my own indecisions and fears. Growing into manhood. I had. smart enough or tough enough. my insecurities and fears kept me from applying myself to anything other than menial occupations after leaving school. I always had the fear that I wasn't good enough. you get the picture.Conquering Fear Bob Kleine My own experiences with fear were the initial impetus behind the writing and compiling of this eBook project. Every week. These guys were working almost two weeks worth of hours in a weeks time. I ended up managing the night shift in the warehouse. I was often too afraid to speak. He had no problem though. too scared to act. I started there as a delivery driver. They raised us (my older bother and sister and myself) the best way they knew how. Even though my grades. Then something wonderful happened. I was working for the distribution arm of a major veterinary drug company. I grew up in a home with a domineering father and a mother who never questioned his authority or his decisions. Many times I saw things I wanted to do. well. had reached an astounding twenty to thirty hours. A heck of a lot of criticism and very little positive reinforcement. Through a series of events.

He temporarily assigned me as night shift supervisor. I understood that if I couldn't accomplish what I claimed. and soon. I'm not saying that to brag. He told me that if I thought I could actually do what I claimed. I managed to get myself to work the next afternoon. Well. Not good enough. I defeated the fears of not being good enough using the fear of losing job and friends. Never do anything well enough. Somehow.Conquering Fear I could cut the overtime down to zero hours per week. I had to back them up with actions. He wasn't very happy at the thought of me mouthing off that I could run his warehouse better than he could. in order to stay with the company. I really liked working for this company and had friends there. Not being good enough. then I should go ahead and get it done. When faced with similar situations. I'd most likely be looking elsewhere for a job. my comments got to the general manager and he called me into his office. I finally faced my fear by using fear itself. I slept very little the night before my new assignment began. 95 . I did believe I could accomplish the task before me. Not smart enough. I still battle these types of fears today as I'm sure some of you do. but in amazement. I could perform well enough and I was smart enough. I'd worked in warehousing and distribution for a number of years and knew that the methods they were employing were in need of a major overhaul. I did reduce overtime to zero hours per week and in only three weeks time. was my fear of being inadequate. A quarter of a million square foot facility with forty delivery trucks and annual sales of over thirty million dollars. of course. For the first time in my life. The dilemma. The fear of losing that job and those friends is probably what got me to work and through that first night. as it turned out. I remember the things I was able to accomplish when I stood up to my fear and just went ahead and did the task at hand. I was terrified! I was faced with a real dilemma. I'd stood up to my fear and found that I was good enough. Within two years I found myself managing this companies second largest warehouse distribution center. but it wasn't easy. Now. I'd backed myself into a corner by making the claims I'd made. Thoughts ran through my mind of the things I was brought up to believe.

the novel “God’s Committee” and the Author. Make that small leap of faith and reach the success that is right there waiting for you. Don't let the mind killer destroy your hopes and dreams. Take that step into the unknown. have shared with you their own particular journeys through the clutches of fear and the resultant triumph when they burst through to victory. on the other side of the chasm. we hope that through the stories you've read in these pages. It can be yours. from different walks of life. Which ones do you own? Whichever fears are yours.Conquering Fear Throughout this book. you can find the courage to push your way Bob is author of “One Soul”. 96 . Fear of: Heights Falling Death Pain Abandonment Failure Anger People Inadequacy and many more. Bob Kleine is Webmaster and owner of http://www. Just go ahead and do it. many people.opportunityknoxx. a children’s eBook. editor and compiler of “The Mind Killer”. Numerous fears have been written about here.

the courage of one's convictions.Douglas MacArthur 97 . but by no means least.Conquering Fear “Last.” . The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. courage-moral courage. the courage to see things through.

that it surrounds me and is available for the taking and to be shameless and unapologetic upon its receipt. that I may be able to apply my talents and abilities to turn the power of thought into measurable advancement of my goals.Conquering Fear The Entrepreneurs Prayer As I awaken with the gift of yet another day and prepare for the tasks at hand. my full and undivided attention. I pray for good health and a feeling of well being. I pray for the wisdom to expect abundance in my life. I offer up this most ardent prayer: I pray for continued clarity of purpose so that I may hold my vision steady and keep my focus on the needs and success of others. I pray for a compassionate spirit and the patience to offer those who seek my advice and my help. I pray for the trust of others that they may recognize my sincerity and true intentions so that we may move forward together. I pray to retain my childhood wonder so that I can recognize and revel in the small miracles of each day that others may miss. be it clear or cloudy skies and that I may radiate and infect others with my positive attitude. I pray for the courage to carry forth my convictions during the battle of business and to resist temptation to a quicker monetary result when such temptation compromises these things for which I stand. I pray that I may be used as a lightning rod to collect the amazing ideas already present in the universe and when blessed with such inspiration. I pray for the strength to fend off adversity and use my desire and determination as both weapon and shield. I pray for a cheerful countenance. and the continued desire to improve those areas of my physical life I may be neglecting in the name of 98 . for I deserve abundance. strengthens my resolve and conquers the largest enemy I will ever face fear. I pray for an infinite supply of self-confidence for it alone fortifies faith. which in turn shall bring me my success.

ezinemoney. that which drives me.themirrorezine. The Ezine Marketing Machine at: http://www. subscribe to his FREE. (c) 1999 Rick Beneteau MY RESOURCE BOX Rick Beneteau is the author of the best-selling marketing eBook. I pray that today is a day of excellence and at its conclusion I can acknowledge and be grateful for the forward motion I have made and the growth I have experienced. for I am an and. my family. It is for these things that I pray. for once I achieve what I have set out in its fullest. I will become that more complete being I strive to be.Conquering Fear my spiritual and entrepreneurial advancement. I pray most of all for the understanding and support of those closest to my (c) 1999 Rick Beneteau 99 . that they will equate what may seem like endless hours of apparent pre-occupation with affairs of business to what is at the very core of my Rick invites you to partner with him in his top rated affiliate programs at: http://www. highly acclaimed Mirror Ezine: http://www.

her pace gaining momentum with each tiny step. "Sure honey. Hanging out with dad day. After all. She agreed.this huge fountain. My little "Mr. Clean" (shaven head and hoop earrings) and me driving along to our local mall.Conquering Fear The Ice Cream 'Comb' Story She was three. A few feet from the doors she broke loose and ran hands-first into the thick wall of glass. but that will be YOUR TREAT you know" I explained (gotta be firm with these kind of things). trying with everything she had to swing the big doors open. Without hesitation. can I get a treat?" As she was understandably spoiled (if there is such a thing). it was Saturday. Her eyes beamed like the Fourth of July in anticipation of that something only she knew at the time. but just ONE". can I make a wish?" she screamed as she jumped with the kind of pure joy we've all long since forgotten. the goal was set and we were in the mall! But hold on! What was this? At the end of what was just an ordinary looking lane of retail chain outlets she spied something new. No luck. "Daddy. and we arrived at the spectacle at about the same time. 100 . It was then that I asked her what she wanted for her treat. I replied "ok honey. she matter-of-factly said "an ice-cream comb from the ice-cream store". The new goal line! She ran. Just released from a far-away hospital after life threatening brain surgery. "Daddy. and began walking hand-in-hand towards the entrance. We landed a fair distance from our destination. Ok. We drove around to the new end of the mall on the normal seek-and-destroy mission of capturing a parking place. I recall her words as if it were yesterday. and I walked (don't ya just hate it when parents let their kids run wild in public?). water shooting who knows how high into the air. With a little assistance. ready to take on the world again. The turbulent noise was almost deafening. she 'did it' and tried the very same thing at the second set of doors. can I make a wish. I was happy just to have her back.

I couldn't resist breaking it. her wish. one night not too long ago mapped out all the courses she would need to take in community college. On her own this year. which I was admittedly uncomfortable with. she stood outside in line for four hours on a cold Canadian January afternoon and enrolled herself. She baby-sits a neighbors children five days a week. She never learned to ride a bike. formulating her wish. I just about lost it right then and there. And needless to say. With one year still remaining in high school. She volunteers weekly at a local hospital. But each year she showed improvement. feeling so blessed to still have this ball of energy in my life. But these aside. I stared at that little scrunched-up face and said my own kind of prayer of thanks. she is a very exceptional person and one that I admire and have learned a lot from. she got her wish. You see. on the children's floor. But she has overcome what life seemed to so cruelly inflict on her. Couldn't imagine what the shoppers thought of this lunatic laughing uncontrollably in the middle of a crowded mall. closed her eyes and grimaced. Little did I know then that my beautiful little girl would soon embark on a long road of seizures. She was teased a lot and always struggled in school. surgeries. special schools. and two treats. It is my sincerest hope that her story will have even a momentary positive 101 . We happily continued our stroll into the familiar section of the mall. with her own babysitting money. both socially and academically. to her failure was never an option. An eerie silence ensued. medications and end up partially paralyzed on her right side. She is planning a career in early childhood education.Conquering Fear I fumbled around in my pocket and pulled out what I think was a dime (big spender) and placed it in her outstretched hand. She cupped it tightly. She IS my daughter and I carry all those fatherly biases with me wherever I go. It would almost be redundant for me to explain why I wanted to share this story with you. She cannot use her right hand and walks with a noticeable limp. And then like a shooting star. It was her idea. Today. into two courses she felt she would need for college. her and I. she is almost seventeen. the coin was flung into the foaming water and with it. "Aren't you gonna tell daddy what you wished for?" She retorted "I wished I could get an ice-cream comb".

com 102 .Conquering Fear impact on you as a human being. and Rick invites you to partner with him in his top rated affiliate programs at: http://www. Just simple truths of the universe. We all have wishes and dreams. The Ezine Marketing Machine at: http://www. AND the power to make them reality. we deserve all the treats. and the multitude of good things that life can offer us. I'd like to leave you with a closing thought. that ice-cream comb. As human and. highly acclaimed Mirror Ezine: http://www. (c) 1999 Rick Beneteau Rick Beneteau is the author of the best-selling marketing eBook.ezinemoney. We can wish for. a spouse or even.themirrorezine. subscribe to his FREE. a parent. an entrepreneur.