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After Isis conceived Horus, she birthed and raised him alone. Thus, she became,
mythologically speaking, “the first single head of household.” And there is much in her
character and experience that many of today’s single parents could learn from.

Parental Vision and the Accompanying Responsibility

Isis was well aware of just how special her child was; that he was a child of destiny, and
had a mission in life to fulfill. And she raised and nurtured him in such a manner as to
instill in him a sense of purpose. This means that Isis had a vision of what her child was
to become, which guided her directions in his rearing. Parents are apt to be the first to
recognize their child’s attributes, and having done so, their mission is set. Their
responsibility becomes to raise their child in such a way as to insure that it receives the
best possible nurturing that they can provide for it, so that when the child’s time comes, it
can rise to the occasion and fulfill its potential.

It Takes a Night of Nurturing to Prepare for the Day of Reckoning

Isis did not have it easy, just as no parent does. Recall that Set had locked her up and she
had to call upon Thoth for help. Now Set was no ordinary person (god). He was her
brother and the uncle (double uncle at that) of Horus. Which illustrates how sometimes
one has to beware of even those who are closest to him; those whom one ought to be able
to have confidence and trust in and to rely on. That is, one (or a people) must be ever
vigilant, especially with a clearly identified adversary, particular those who are close to

African Americans have a historical parallel to this. For they have been “locked up and
separated” (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) from their ancestral
culture. And complicit in this are those whom they befriended and many who claim to be
their friends, as well as some of their own kith and kin.

Thoth’s advice to Isis was to escape and hide the child, and he further reiterated the
child’s destiny. Why hide the child? Clearly, if there is a known adversary (in this case,
Set), one should not expose one’s child (i.e. budding plans or embryonic programs,


projects, and institutions) before he can fend for himself, that is, before he is ready.
(Recall: “Don’t make your move too soon.”)

For African Americans, they must escape from the “Locked Up” (mental, etc.) , and go in
retreat and prepare themselves to fulfill their potential; much like an athletic team does
when it holds a closed practice to prepare for a formidable adversary (task). This is the
night of nurturing referred to that must be made “in the still of the night” to ready oneself
for the challenges of the dawning day.

The Role of the Extended Family

Even if one does everything right, there is no guarantee that everything will go right. Set
finds out where Horus is, after hearing of him from “loose lips.” And in the form of a
scorpion, Set stung him to death. Similarly, many African-American Horuses have been
ferreted out and anesthetized into a mental and spiritual death. While Isis was out
securing provisions for Horus and tending to the needs of other people as well, her son
gets killed. Mothers cannot always protect their children against the forces aligned
against them. They cannot be with them at all times. Hence, there will be those times
when children are vulnerable to negative influences, especially when they are out from
under the aegis of their parents.

Nothing is as painful to a parent, especially the mother, as the death of a child. Here we
find Isis, whose words and wisdom were able to help virtually everybody else, unable to
use any of her abilities to help her own child. Although many came to see what they
could do, none could help her. It was her sister Nephthys, loyal, faithful, reliable
Nephthys, who flew to her assistance with the scorpion goddess, Serqet, with the insight,
constructive advice, and words of words of wisdom that helped her in this darkest of
hours. Here Nephthys is symbolic of the extended family and her actions are
demonstrative of how it can be a vital supporting entity. (It should also be remembered
that it was Isis who searched for, found and raised Anubis, the son of Nephthys.)

Isis was told by Nephthys and Serqet in effect to lift her voice to the heavens so that Ra
(and his entourage) would hear a mother’s cries. When Isis heeded her sister’s advice,
the sun stood still at the place where Horus was. And then came Thoth who “besought
Isis not to fear, and Nephthys not to weep.” And he “spake the words which restored
Horus to life.”170

Here we have a situation that has an incredible parallel to situations in today’s life. Many
of our homes are headed by single females. And like Isis, many are experiencing great
difficulties raising their children, especially their sons. And what is even more like Isis,
many of them have had the tragic experience of losing their sons to the “sting of
scorpions,” which people “close to them take the form of.”

The actions and experience of Isis are instructive in how to deal with these situations in
which the young have been mentally, psychologically and spiritually “stung to death.”


First of all we find that it was through her sister (extended family) that she realized what
she had to do. Also, we note that Nephthys did not wait for Isis to call upon her. As soon
as she realized that Isis was in dire straits, she went straight to her aid. This is what
sisters (brother and the extended family) should do. Often the ones who are entangled in
trouble’s web cannot see their way clearly enough, and need assistance from those close
to them who are not as emotionally enthralled. Nephthys beseeched Isis to transcend
herself, that is to “lift her voice to the heavens” for help. (Note: The extended family can
help, but the ultimate responsibility and work fall on the parents.) And when she did, the
help she needed came forth in Thoth. Notice that it was always Thoth whom Isis could
count on to set things aright and save the day.

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