The Magic Lantern by Timothy Garton Ash

1. What does Garton Ash mean by the term Refolution ? Poland: 2. What 3 remarkable events happened in Poland in June 1989? a. b. c. 3. What is Solidarity? Who led this movement? What did it look like in 1989? In what ways did it change in the months after June 1989?

Hungary: 4. What was the key event that led to the collapse of Communism in Hungary?


How did this event play out and lead to multi-party politics and then free elections in Hungary?

GDR: 6. What was the defining moment for the collapse of the GDR? 7. What factors allowed for the collapse of the Communist party? a. b. Czechoslovakia: 8. What is the significance of the title The Magic Lantern? 9. Why is this Rev called the Velvet Revolution?

10. What is the Civic Forum? Who started it? Who emerged as the leader? 11. List the 4 demands of the civic Forum?

a. b. c. d. 12. Are the Revs of 1989 more ideological or based on economics? 13. What earlier series of Revs is similar to the Revs of 1989? 14. What ideology replaced Communism during the 1990 s? 15. If there was a single date for the beginning of the end of the Fall of Communism, what is it? Why is this date key according to Garton Ash?

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