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Thought Power

Thought Power

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Published by: abilitytowin on Aug 03, 2010
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Every man should have a comprehensive understanding of the laws of thought and their
operations. Then alone can one live in this world smoothly and happily. He can utilize the
helping forces to serve his ends in the best possible manner.

He can neutralize the hostile forces or antagonistic currents. Just as the fish swims against
the current, so also he will be able to go against the hostile currents by adjusting himself properly
and safeguarding through suitable precautionary methods.

Otherwise he becomes a slave. He is tossed about hither and thither helplessly by various
currents. He is drifted like a wooden plank in a river. He is very miserable and unhappy always,
although he is wealthy and possesses everything.

The captain of a steamer who has mariner’s compass, who has knowledge of the sea, the
routes and the oceanic currents can sail smoothly. Otherwise his steamer will be drifted here and
there helplessly and wrecked by dashing against some icebergs or rocks. Likewise, a wise sailor
in the ocean of this life who has a detailed knowledge of the Laws of Thought and Nature can
sail smoothly and reach the goal of his life positively.

Understanding the laws of Thought, you can mould or shape your character in any way
you like. The common saying, “As a man thinketh so he becometh,” is one of the great laws of
Thought. Think you are pure, pure you will become. Think you are noble, noble you will

Become an embodiment of good nature. Think good of all. Do always good actions.
Serve, love, give. Make others happy. Live to serve others. Then you will reap happiness. You
will get favourable circumstances or opportunities and environments.

If you hurt others, if you do scandal-mongering, mischief-mongering, backbiting,
talebearing, if you exploit others, if you acquire the property of others by foul means, if you do
any action that can give pain to others, you will reap pain. You will get unfavourable
circumstances or opportunities and environments.



This is the law of thought and nature. Just as you can build your good or bad character by
sublime or base thinking, so also you can shape your favourable or unfavourable circumstances
by doing good or bad actions.

A man of discrimination is always careful, vigilant and circumspect. He always watches
carefully his thoughts. He introspects.

He knows what is going on in his mental factory what Vritti or Guna is prevailing at a
particular time. He never allows any evil thought to enter the gates of his mental factory. He at
once nips them in the bud.

By his good thinking, by watching the nature of his thoughts, by introspection, by active
noble thinking, the man of discrimination builds his noble character, forms his high destiny. He
is careful in his speeches. He speaks little. He speaks sweet loving words. He never utters any
kind of harsh words that can affect the feelings of others.

He develops patience, mercy and universal love. He tries to speak truth. Thus he puts a
check on the Vak-Indriya and the impulses of speech. He uses measured words. He writes
measured lines. This produces deeply profound and favourable impression on the minds of the

He practices Ahimsa and Brahmacharya in thought, word and deed. He practices Saucha
and Arjava (straightforwardness). He tries to keep up balance of mind and to be always cheerful.
He keeps up Suddha-Bhava. He tries these three kinds of Tapas (physical, verbal and mental),
and controls his actions. He cannot think any evil. He cannot do any evil action.

He prepares himself to get always favourable circumstances. He who spreads happiness
will always get such favourable circumstances as can bring him happiness. He who spreads pain
to others will, doubtless, get according to the law of thought such unfavourable circumstances as
can bring him misery and pain. Therefore, man creates his own character and circumstances, by
the manner of his own thinking.

Bad character can be transmuted into good one, by good thoughts, and unfavourable
circumstances can be changed into favourable circumstances by doing good actions.

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