The Right Honorable Prime Minister of Nepal Singha Darbar Kathmandu, Nepal.

Re: Informing the world about the birth place of the Buddha As part of the World Peace Movement, Nepalese people living in different parts of the world last year decided to commemorate Lumbini and Kapilavastu, the holy places where Gautam Buddha was born and grew up, by observing Kapilvastu Day as a global holiday with the objectives; y to spread Buddha messages all over the world to enhance world peace, y to work together with other organizations working for the peace in the world; y to campaign to clear all sorts of misinformation among world citizens related with birth place of the Buddha. The Buddha is revered as a Messenger of Peace. He is also known as the Light of Asia who is actually the Light of the world also as his message of peace and nonviolence has become more relevant as the world is facing the problems of violence today. The world today has become more violent than ever before. Therefore, we have decided to spread the messages of the Buddha all over the world by observing Kapilvastu Day every year. Originally, on December 1, 1896, Dr Anton Führer, a German archaeologist, had discovered the Buddha¶s birthplace when he found the Asoka Pillar at Lumbini. Even though this site was first discovered by Khadga Shamsher Rana before Führer had reached the site but the latter is credited with this discovery as he made it known to the international community. Therefore, keeping in view of the discovery day of this holy site, it was decided to observe December 1 as the Kapilavastu Day. The historic Kapilavastu, located close to Lumbini, is another holy pilgrimage for the Buddhists. It is the place where the Buddha grew up and which he later renounced seeking to understand the cause of human sufferings. The result of years of excavations and researches by national and international teams have proven that Tilaurakot is the historic Kapilvastu which UNESCO should certify as another World Heritage, next to Lumbini. All the misinformation on the birth place of Buddha is due to vigorous intentional campaign being carried out by some Indian Media, writers and organizations.. Now it has also come to the light, that course books in many countries contain wrong information about the Buddha due to such misinformation spread on ill intent which was never expected before this movement. We Kapilvastu Day Movement Team together with

275,00,000 Nepalese living in Nepal and abroad, all sovereign Nepalis: intellectuals, civil society leaders, patriotic, democratic, progressive, and reasonable, rational minds of all walks of life, our peace and justice loving international friends and international communities and all the Buddhist followers and scholars, therefore, strongly condemn such unethical activities. Even the fake Kapilvastu is also reported under speedy construction and which will be completed in 2012. This sorts of activities could create misunderstanding in existing good relationship and friendship between two countries since many centuries. Such, unethical and irresponsible activities may cause distrust in the friendship between two great neighbors Nepal and India. Nepal and India should be aware of it and do whatever is required to stop such elements and activities prior to it damaging the historical friendship between two countries. To boost up the relationship between two countries, this kind of problem must be sorted out as soon as possible. After celebrating Kapilvastu Day Globally first time on 1st of December, 2009, we have organized lots of campaigns to correct misinformation on the birth place of Buddha and google corrected its mistake. Still there are lots of areas to be corrected and for this without Nepal government¶s involvement it could take years and years. We, therefore, would like to request Nepal government to deal with Indian government directly against fake Kapilvastu issue and on other issues - especially to correct course books - through diplomatic missions. Respectfully yours, Ram Kumar Shrestha Global Coordinator Kapilvastu Day Movement And, All sovereign Nepalese: intellectuals, civil society leaders, patriotic, democratic, progressive, and reasonable and rational minds of all walks of life, our peace and justice loving international friends and international communities. To sign the petition click here

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