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Kunal Choudhary, Nitish Wadhwa, Puneet Gupta, Yashvardhan Agarwal Hewlett-Packard 4/4/2010

However the key advantages of the Employment Portals in bridging the gap between jobseekers and employers were so immense that it has led to an instant success of these Job Search Engines and has spawned thousands of job sites. Employment portals are the web-based portals dealing specifically with employment or careers.0) were: y y y y y y Job listings (Newspapers. Employers post job requirements for a position to be filled.EMPLOYMENT PORTALS (Kunal Choudhary. there are unfortunate misfits. career and job-search advice describe different job descriptions or employers. Magazines) Targeted Mailings (letter of inquiry) Private or public Employment Agencies Extended business network or personal network Job Fair Employment News and Employment Exchanges in the Indian Context. Nitish Wadhwa. They also offer employer reviews. Other means of Employment search/listing used in the past (pre Web 2. search current Job openings. Some of the key features of these portals are: . a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes over the Internet for the advertised position. Yashvardhan Agarwal) ³The companies that survive longest are the ones that work out ways to not only excel financially ± in terms of Growth or Profitability but also work out ways for proper Job satisfaction of the employees. there has been increasing the need for Employment Portals. These Portals are designed to allow job seekers to upload their resumes. This impacts productivity and also adversely affects performance. Often. Puneet Gupta. their ability to make people happy by putting the Right People to Right Job´ Anonymous The process of picking the right people for the right job has become increasingly complex. Through the job portal. So.

Place etc. With the increasing success of these job sites . TimesJobs collaborating with companies to come out with Job Fairs and Walkins and MonsterIndia innovating in the field of technology to give out the best search results to both the employers and the employees.) Resume Posting/Customized Resume Service Step-by-step guide for making resumes and valuables suggestions Job Alert Services according to the resume posted on website. According to the International Association of Employment Web Sites (IAEWS). Keyword. Health care. such as Information Technology.000 employment web sites. Academics and even in the Government sector. Group Apply to multiple selected jobs. Services . there are over 40. Apart from the regular features. each firm is trying to give out features that can add value to their consumers. if needed. Mergers and acquisitions have been very active in this Industry for over many years now.Education. Multiple Resumes service.y y y y y y y y y y Job Listing from every possible sector. Manufacturing. Major Players Online Job portal has seen tremendous growth over the last few years both in India and abroad. targeting multiple opportunities Help and Guidance. These sites cover general all-purpose job boards. various other sites have come up which rank them in order of their quality. Job Search Tools (Category. several private equity firms started the process of piecing together large job board networks while other firms attempted to expand through acquisition. In 2008. Many of these jobs search engines list job opportunities in a specific sector or a number of sectors. Each one of the major players is exploring the unexplored pastures and also trying to give better services to the customers. Let us look at some of the leading players in the industry and the unique proposition that they have on offer to their customers. Experience. The competition in this space has ensured that each firm is trying to outdo the other firm by doling out new features to entice more and more users to their site. Job Application History and Interview/Walk-in Alerts 24*7 availability of service. Hospital management. Salary. to niche sites that serve particular industries or audiences. . be it Naukri coming out with NaukriOnChat and Paycheck.

One of the more interesting features that naukri. It can guide you to go for a course or certification by give out the latest trends in the market. So to sum it up paycheck is the answer to the questions ³Am I being paid right? What can I do to earn more?´ Naukri. It¶s as simple as chatting.com is Shiksha. Mosnterjobs. MonsterIndia. its Magic search has been a revolutionary tool for the employers to enable the searches of high quality.com. what the trend is in the market what should he do to progress in his career. With paycheck one can get to know the salary that other people are earning with a similar profile as his.com and the only other thing that is needed is to add jobs@chat.com is another leading player in the online job portal industry in India.com has come out with a host of innovative features. Started in 1997 by Sanjiv Bikhchandani. Naukri.com to his friend list on Gtalk.Naukri.com has a presence in more than 26 countries with a collection of more than 41 million CV¶s in their database this truly shows that it is a monster. It has been rated best job site by PC World Web world awards 2007 & 2008 on the basis of . Paycheck is a tool which can help you know what is going on in the industry.1 job portal in India according to the survey conducted by HT. This portal intends to provide information and a platform to discuss various career options. True to its mission statement ± ³Every person looking for a Job should get one´ naukri. Another such venture of Naukri. NaukriOnChat is one of these features. To search for a job a person needs to be a registered user of naukri. It lists various jobs and internships for students and fresh graduates. This feature enables a user to search for a job without even logging on to Naukri.naukri. To hold on to its market leader status naukri.com offers is Paycheck.com is the no.com. It also intends to connect campuses to employers to ensure smooth campus hiring. Now when you enter the text in the text window it takes it as a search string and gives out the results based on it. This site gives out information about various courses the institute that offers these courses and can suggest you a course that could suit your interests.com lists more than 35000 employers and has a database of more than 19 million resumes. MonsterIndia uses the best of the technology. with time and seniority or with the shift of industry that he works in.com has also ventured into various niche segments like Campus Hiring with FirstNaukri. Paycheck can also help the user determine how his salary is going to vary with city that he works in.com has used the first movers advantage to its benefit and have grown rapidly.com.

Design. some cater to the jittery souls looking for campus placements.com Niche Segment Some of the web 2.0 websites cater to niche market of customers having specific needs.com Unique Visitors timesjobs. TimesJobs is one site. to leverage the skills of the retiring army personnel in facilitating their entry into the corporate world. Usability and Content. some are specifically made for people fresh out of colleges without any prior work experience.It has carved out a niche in the Job portal segment and this will surely hold it in good stead in times to come. MonsterIndia has come up with innovative features like Psychometric Test to help the prospective employee to select a suitable job and also Career Astrology for those who believe in luck.g. which conducts JobFairs and Walkins regularly. Some are specifically looking after people who want govt. jobs. which brings together the jobs from major consultants under one roof.com has also collaborated with the Indian Army Placement Agency (APA) in 2005. Apart from the regular stuff on other online job portals TimesJobs offer features that are unique to it. MonsterIndia was the first site to launch video resume service for the employers. TimesJobs.Site Technology. Best consultants Zone is one such feature.com Unique Visitors monsterindia. With its multinational presence and technological superiority MonsterIndia is a force to recon with. E. Timesjob.com is a site with difference. Visitor Analysis 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 Unique Visitors naukri. some specifically to those wanting .

by not catering to a vast talent pool ready to be acquired. The site with a name that goes perfectly in sync with its mission statement .to go abroad for jobs. A campus ambassador can not only help her institute have the best of the resources available for fresher¶s recruitment but also gets an opportunity to get a firsthand experience of industry functioning apart from the goodies from the site. that they become the market leaders in the segment by acting like a bible for their customers¶ needs and wants for information. . A 5 min browsing through this section of their site makes you realize this is a win . They also boast of having an active network of over 4000 companies associated with them. govt. defense jobs. GD Tips & Mocks. Apart from the usual like discussion forums and placement papers database. This site has been there since the year 2000 and they claim to have helped more than 500.000 graduates find their first dream jobs. bpo jobs. In order to let the student remain glued to this site. civil services and internship opportunities. Some might think that these sites.win situation for all. A more of an informative site. scholarships etc have been made readily accessible. are losing out on business opportunity. this portal tries to provide the banking aspirants a zone of their own. Informative articles like CV writing tips and What banks look for in job applicant gives a peak at the psyche of the future employers and the industry as a whole. It also tries to be highly competitive by providing job feeds according to domain interests like software jobs. this is about banking jobs in India. A venture of the Banknet group. Let us take a few examples of sites running on the above business model. jobs. Freshers News.To facilitate fresh graduates find first dream jobs!´. career information like Higher studies. Its discussion forums are the main medium for job seekers to get help from this site. There are also sites available for people interested in a specialized field of work like banking. The portal in return gains a huge market share and ensures that its visibility in the campus is never sidelined by any of its competitors. But actually they know their target customers so well. this site has come up with a never seen before concept of ³Campus Ambassador´.

0 features such as chat. They also provide services for building long term relationships with job seekers and candidates through email campaigns. Sites like StandoutJobs help create Web 2. Revenue Model of employment portals y y Net sales revenue of naukri. The above figures clearly indicate the meteoric rise in the use of employment portals. lucrative offering. Alternatively you can have a micro site which will have an exact look of the company¶s corporate website.Seekers : y Convenience : Easy uploading of resume. The popularity of such micro sites is so huge that a large number of companies have started these as the foundation for their social recruiting strategies.64mn in FY 03-04 to Rs 2116. partnerships. These sites can have multiple landing pages which are well-branded. Quantum Corporation and Erricson.0 enabled site or recruitment micro-site in days instead of months.com witnessed an increase of approx. polls and blogs.the companies themselves. y Resume related services : These are usually available for a premium . Hits of naukri. single resume upload targets all companies. Benefit Analysis Employers : y Convenience in hiring : Saves time and money y Wider choice : Since all candidates gather at same platform employers have more candidates with requisite skills to choose from. and can include interactive and Web 2. 185% and 160% in last 1 year. Some of the major clients of StandoutJobs include Thomas & King. This significant increase in popularity was not unplanned and off-hand . etc. diligent sales team and external factors like proliferation of internet. y Online advertisement : These advertisements directly focus on the target segment i. y Inexpensive : Basic services are available free of cost y Wide exposure : Since job portals are flanked by various prospective employers job portals provide better exposure to their resume.com and monster.com catapulted from Rs 191.e.The job portals are now being threatened by an emerging new player in the market: . it was the fallout of the meticulous planning. job-seekers since job potal websites are usually visited by them Job.46mn in FY 08-09.

53mn to Rs. Advertising and promotional costs of naurkri. Staff cost for naukri. These costs are incurred on per-click basis. These include server costs.90. Job portals like any other business spend a substantial amount on advertisement. Employees are also hired to handle marketing and other tasks.933. google etc.433. 60. These are usually unit-one costs. the cost of producing first unit is very high as compared to subsequent units of that kind. Network cost for naukri.e.28mn to Rs. msn. i. The Products and Services that Naukri.com increased from Rs. It hires developers.etc. eg. Job portals also incur some cost on job fairs. y y y Clients Job Seekers Job Portals Placement Consultants Employers Sources of Revenue . Costs are incurred on creating and maintaining of networks. The major chunk goes on online advertisements placed on yahoo.20mn in FY 08-09. . network cost. Job fairs offer them a faster way to increase their portal¶s visibility and popularity among its target clients. 76.com clocked Rs.88 mn from FY 07-08 to FY 08-09. Since more space and bandwidth will be requirements increase.Cost Analysis y Web portals incur huge product and service development . As the hits of site increase the network costs also increased.com increased from Rs.41 mn from FY 07-08 to FY 08-09.com sells to clients run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

response booster services. Premium Resume. There are two main revenue generators : Corporate and job-seekers Sources of revenue from corporate clients Job portals provide space to employers to post the job requirements. Basic package entails listings equivalent to those on newspaper classifieds.eg.com allows client firm to trawl through resumes for a right match. In return. . Response booster service tweaks the visibility of the resume in accordance to the package opted for. Sources of revenue from job-seekers Job portals provide a wide array of services like resume development services. It accounts for 40 % for its revenue. Naukri did mailers for HR managers for their HR events based on the database of the HR managers it has built up.Usually 90% of the total revenue comes from corporate and only 10% comes from jobseekers. For eg. resume highlight service. Premium package offering varies from providing microsite to placing their advertisements at the home page. A better package increases the chances of getting an interview call. cover letter facilities at a premium to the jobseekers. thus reducing the logistic and commuting costs of both the employer and job-seeker. In-ex-ta of monster.com also offer career counselling services.com at the event Future & Already There These sites still have a lot of areas to evolve upon. Web portals also offer application screening facilities to employers at a premium.com came out with a revolutionary video resume development service after timesjobs voice resume service.com Resume highlight helps to attract more attention of employers by differentiating the resume from other job seekers resume. Naukri benefited from the free space given by the newspapers. RESDEX Service by naukri. Some job portals like timesjobs. Sr. Monster. This can help them grow in markets where English is not the first preferred language. Eg. the firm for which the mailer was done would sponsor naukri. Mid-career resume.level reume. The quid pro quo was that it lists their advertisements free on its site. This service boosts the appeal of the resume manifolds. For example : Fresher¶s resume. This space usually varies with the kind of package the employer opts for. y Barter Deals : eg. Other initiatives taken to boost revenue : y Promotional tie-up : Job portals land into a tie-up. The whole system of recruiting can go online through the usage of video conferencing. Resume development service is again customized according to seeker need and is charged accordingly. First they can go for various vernacular websites.

monsterindia.With virtual world intruding fast into our lives .com/hub/Online-Job-Portal-Helping-Job-Seekers .naukri. References http://siteanalytics.com http://www.com http://www.com http://freshersworld. Die has already been cast.timesjobs.com http://hubpages.banknetjobs.compete.com http://www.com http://wikipedia.com http://standoutjobs. it beckons a new era for employment portals as they would transcend from a prosaic portal to a virtual employment office which will cater to all company recruitment needs : from inviting applications to interviewing and of hiring right candidates.org http://www. since its advent.