Employee Management System of LIC

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3. modify and update. 2. Objective 1. Report generation. Daily attendance. 4. delete. Pay generation.Aim and Objective Aim Our project Employee Management System of LIC aims in developing a software which can provide details of employees working in an organisation. It can perform various operations like add new. . Maintain employee information.

Manoj Grover.MATHODOLOGY: Waterfall model Data Collection Primary Data Interview ± First a personal interview was conducted with Mr. Life Insurance Corporation of India in region 1. 311. Sir is a New Business Specialist with over 20 years of experience. branch no. . Rajendra Place. Under this interview Manoj Sir was questioned on the following ground and he provide us cooperative answers.

Are you satisfied with the system which you are using? XI.What is the market position of your organization? VIII.What are your views about your trainer? IX. I. Do you require advanced features in your system? VI. What motivates you to do good job? X. Mention various problems which you want to solve with this system? XII.What is the Mission/Vision of your organization? XIII. How does your organization works? IV. If yes. storage and processing requirements.Questionnaire ± We prepare certain technical questions and asked to individuals who are helpful in gathering data required in respect of input. VII. output.Do you think that training in your organization is necessary or not? XV. mention those features.What is your key strength? XIV. What are the facilities which you require in the system? V. What are the policies of your organization? III. What are the objectives of your organization? II.What are the future goals of your organization? .

shiksha. http://www. magazines. books.com http://www.com http://www.coolinterview. 3. 4.encyclopedia. 2.com http://www. journals. The following websites were used for collection of data: 1.Secondary Data It is collected mainly through websites. etc.com .scribd.

d for each employee Name of Employee Address of employee Contact number of employee Salary of employee .Database Structure Database Specification Employee Details Field name Employee id Employee name Employee address Phone number Net Annual Salary Field code Emp_id Emp_name Emp_add Emp_phn Emp_sal Field type Alphanumeric Alphabetic Alphanumeric Numeric Numeric Size 10 20 25 15 15 Description Unique i.

of Description characters) Date MM/DD/YYYY 10 Date of joining Employee ID Alphanumeric 10 Unique ID of each employee Employee Name Alphabetic 20 Name of the employee Annual Salary Numeric 6 Total salary payable in a year Incentives Net Annual Salary Phone number Address Numeric Numeric Numeric Alphanumeric 6 6 12 20 Extra Facilities provided Net salary payable in a year Contact number of an employee Address of an employee .Input Specifications INPUT NAME:DETAILS & SALARY OF EMPLOYEES Field Name Date Employee ID Employee Name Monthly Salary Field Type MM/DD/YYYY Alphanumeric Alphabetic Numeric Field Size(No. of characters) 10 10 20 6 Description Date of joining Unique ID of each employee Name of the employee Total salary payable in a month Output Specifications OUTPUT NAME:DETAILS & SALARY OF EMPLOYEES Field Name Field Type Field Size(No.

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