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Value Chain

Value Chain

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Published by: riyazkhan7 on Aug 04, 2010
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Presentation on Value Chain Model for Software Company

. y Cost of adding value is less than the price of the product after adding value.Value Chain Model y Value chain consists of a series of activities which are carried on any product to add value to it at subsequent stages. y Firm gains a competitive advantage.

Porter¶s generic value chain model .

The value chain model is a useful tool for defining a firm s core competencies and the activities in which in can pursue the competitive advantage as : y Cost advantage y Differentiation .

Sapient. Deloitte. IBS Consulting. HCL. .Accenture. Wipro Cost . Infosys ¡   al e TCS. Stayam.

package implementation Application management and system integration Infrastructure and network management . Business process redesign Value addition as we move up the pyramid Application design and development.Value chain in a software company Business and IT strategy Business Intelligence solution.

Why move up the value chain? y Rising Employee Cost y Foreign Companies entering India y Other low cost countries developing skills y Downstream revenue generation .

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