nor arrive. Oa the s;e1. upon his canoeing the
drains, he faw the rya lode and collapfed which he curetted with his forceps, without the lead date:sky, or pain to his patient. The fungus daily walled sAerwards, the wound invited well, and the lad was intinly cured on the 7th of Augull His right cyc is pettedly thong, and he has been free from complaint ever dna. The remainder of the coats of the cyc, and of the midden, bear up the eye-lids, that when uncovered he only feans to
have clofed the left iye : however . he has wore all the winter a back patch over it, to guard againd frefh cokL The cyfl, when full taken away, meafured three

inehey and half in length, one inch and half in diameter, and contained a large cup-full of water.


appared to be thc weir, kronen, was of a clear
pellucid white, and of fo delicate a texture, as fcarce

to admit of being touched without tearing ; and
when dried with an golnble care, b.11717C fo brittle,

that Mr. Hopkins could hardly preferve it in the menace I now fad it.

I. both Suannall Karie nod jam Law's cafes, the
eye was dillencled by the accumulation of the aqueous

humour, fcparated in great quantity by the repeated draining of the blood-yards in Mc whooping cough,
which might gradually relax and enlarge the agLICOLI6

duds of Sawmill Earle's eye and ploffibly by the ruptine of thole duds, and of fome hbod-veffels, at the time John Law exerted himfelf violmtly in bating

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