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extremely liable to error r but I prefume I cannot now be millaken, either in the goculnefs of the in&lament, or in the fairnefs of the trials, which I have repeatedly made with it. This fame thermometer I have had thrice in Me equatorial parts of Africa r as often at Jamaica, and the Well India ilands ; and, upon examination of my journals, I do not find, chat

thc quickfilver ever role in thok parts above the
8yth degree, and to tbat but feldoLn r its general Ra-

tion was between the jpth and alath degree r and

yet I think I have felt thoffi degrees, with a moil"
air, more dilagreeable than what I now feel. in toy relation of the late expedition to the north-

weft, if I recoiled right, I have obferved, that all
the changes and variety of weather, ahat happen in

the temperate zom thrmghout the year, may be experienced at the Hudfon's Bay fetrkments in .4
But I may now extend this obfervation ; foe in my cellar the thermometer Rands. at 81, in the next dory at lox, and in the upper one at lOj and yet thefe heats, violent as they are, would be tolerhours.

able, but for the hidden changes that fucceed them.

On the roth of December tall thc mercury was at 86 ; on the I I th it was fo low as 38 of the fame inftrument. What havock mull this maks wirh an European conflitutioul Noverthelefi, but few people
die here out of tlw ordinary courfe ; Mei indeed one can fcarce call it living, merely to breathe, and trail about a vigorlds body ; yet fuch is generally our con-

dition from the middle of June to the middle of

Dear Sir, Yours moll alrodionately,

Henry Ellis.

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