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furn of all the terms fo taken, will be truly obtained by fubllituting got, yr, r x, so, tee. fucceffively for x, in the given value of S, and then dividing ene fum

of all the quantities thence ariling by thc given
number a. The fame method of folution holds equally, when,

in taking every rr,, tarn of the lines, the operation begins at Come term after the firft. For all thc terms receding alai .rnay be tranfpolid, and the whole equation divided by the power of x in the firft of the remaining terms; and thcn the furn of every eel

tam (beginning at the hell) will be found by the
preceding direCtions; which fum, multiplied by the power of x that before divided, will evidently give the truc value required to be determined. Thus, for example, let it be required to find the fum of every + dot third term of the given feries a + be + + rx4,bct. S), beginning with ex'. Then, by tranfpofing the two firft terms, and dividing the whole by x', wc (hall have c + d + no' &c.
( 5) From whence having found the film of evay third tarn of the (cries c+dr +. + jot, Eric. beginning at the firft (c), that furn,

multiplied by x', will mart-Oily give the true value
fought in the pi-dent cafe. And here it may be worth while to oblieve, that all the terms preceding that at which the operation

(in any cafe) begins, may (provnled they exceed nut in number thc given interval a) be intircly difregarded,

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