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regarded, la having no effett at all it; the refult.

For if in that part r-,71.) of the value of 5',
above exhibited, in which the firft terms, a and be, enter, there be fubilituted po. gst, r x, fuceeflively,

for x (according to the prtykript) the fum of the
quantities thence ariling will be
a a a

which, beeaufe p r, fit w 5, See. (or p' = Icy.) may be eirpreffed thus

But, that p +


o, and p

+ = o,

bath been already (been whence the truth of the genera obfervatice is model. Hence it silo appears, that the method of folution above delivered, fi not only general, but includes this fingular beauty and advantage, that in all feries' whatever, whereof the terms are to be taken according to the fame affigoed order, the

quantities (p, g, r, dm.), whereby the sefolution is performed, will remain invariably the fame. The
greater part of thole quantities are indeed imaginary

mei; and fo likewife will the quantities be that m-

ilk from then, when fubilimtion is made in the
givm esprellion (or the value of F. But by adding, as is ufual in like tares, every two correfponding ye-

Vot. so.




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