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are perfeCtly circular, with edges flat on the top. and

a naund cavity in the middle of each. They arc largeft in the widefl part of the arm, and leffen as
the arm dimindhes, fill they become fo fmall as hardly to be difcernable. It is very difficult to tell their number : I counted as far as fifty in a row, but ant

entrain there are many more ; and I don't imagine the eight arms have fir few as a thoufand cm them. They tile fome height above the furface of the fldn ; and wherever they are not, the fkin of the mos (unleft on the under-fide) is granulated like thagreen As in the other kinds of Polypi the mouth is placed between the awns confpicuoufly enough. I expeded .

to find it fo in this; but the fpirits had contsaided it
fo much, that I could difeern no opening at all where I thought the mouth mull be and therefore meld not fay, with all-arena, that the mouth was placed

Under this difficulty I applied to Sir Hans

Sloane's molt valuable colleEtion of natural hillory irs

the Britiffi Mufrum, where I found Enteral (pecks of this kind of Polypi, and amongll the refl a (mall, dried fpecimen of the fame fpecies as ours, and a
much larger one in (pints, of a (pecks that comes very

new it This large fpecimen afforded the information 1
flood in need of r for though here alis the mouth was doted, and the beak drawn down into the center between the arms, fo as not to be leen at all ; yet, by the help of DT. Morton and Mr. Empfon, I had the fetisfaefion to fee the mouth opened, and the beak in
Some of the Poutivonital kind have but ana mato( fucker, co the arnu . fuch an cod I bay, Inn,, whok atm. wait thlity mita



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