and enlarging gradually to its end. This bag is above half thc length of the body, and appears lilee
another body appendant thereto. I lhould bc intircly at a lots concernitg this bag, did not tome pat-

(ages in Mr. Turbervilk Needhatn's curious obferrations on the milt veffels of the Calanury enable nu to form tome conjeftures about its de. Having difteded feveral Calarnarks on the coati

of Portugal, without the local inelication of milt or roe, and confequently without knowing which were male or female, he N29 much furprifed (about the middle of the month of December) to find a new veiTel forming Kelt in an obvious pact, and replete With a milky juice. This was *loyal bag, in which the milt *Reis formed themfelves gradually, the bag unfolding as theft framed and difpofed them(elves in bundles. Before that time he had obferved two collateral tubes, which are alike in both keen but a regular progrefs in the expanfion of the

milt-bag and fornution of the milt-veffels had not patented itfelf before. Thofe tubes till then appeared open at one extremity, much refembling the

female parts of generation in a fnail, but did not terminate in a long oval bag extending in a parallel *ith the flortmeh more than half the length of the
Mb, as he fdtand thent aftersvarda when the-Milt eelkis that filled the whole cavity were ripe for ejtetion. The farne ducts without the bag are found in the fe-

male nIfo, perhaps for thc depofition of the fpawm Vid. Pim:Manes Microfropical Difecavrirr, rap. V. It appears Born this annotate that the male Cala'nary (at certain time of the year only) has a bag wherein the milb.velfels art contained, and that the

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