When darkness turns to soft morning When the blinking stars give place to the purple sky And wave whispers turn to sparkling lights on the sea Let the morning come… When the sand is a bed And the sky opens its door to the sun When the shadows give way to the appearing shy light And the mists come up to veil the green horizon… As soon as the mysterious night comes to a warm sun shine… At this precise moment On this brief turning out, Let your desirous mouth Come upon the thirsty one of mine. Kiss me infinitely On a kiss to the eternity, To seal such a passing moment. Kiss me so that I neglect That the cover of the night is gone And our moment evaporated. Kiss me intensely, and I won’t forget you. Hold me passionately To make the night persist, To make the stars stay. Kiss me unforgettably, As we both lie on the sand, Bare-bodied;

Given to each other, wrapped in the darkness That’s fading… While the wind mourns The coming of the unwanted day. Never stop touching me, So that the magic may stay. Could the night never leave us; Could the stars continue over us; Could the waves whisper blindly on the sand, We’d never be apart. Our kiss would not be a dream, A fool’s dream, An insane’s delirium. Never stop kissing me In a twilight fantasy. Lisa Torcato Dec. 1994

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